Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 11
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 11

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 11
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rrVY, I'.M.Y 1*, TV!?. REVFN Berry's World I : 1%5 by NEA, Inc.y ' ' J J Wow! Wonder what her other shoulder looks like?" CORRAL A LIVELY MUSTANG... OR A REAL LIVE ONE... DURING RED OWL'S MUSTMG HOUKD-UP! REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2ND PERIOD GRAND PRIZE DRAWING...ONE EACH WEEK FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS AT RED OWL! REGISTER EVERY WEEK... AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!!!! GRAND PRIZE WEEKLY...YOUR CHOICE JUS VVluOOH «* "^J U* aiTss^ssstt .. ..„ In YOU! nea -MM' NoVhlWl u ' _. rr>ntes\.•"«'• ...i 1965 FORD Mustang Hardtop COMPLETE WITH RADIO, AND ALL, OR A..REAL LIVE WESTERN RUNNER-UP PRIZES.. Mariner May Help Determine Validity of Mars' Theories By FRANK CAR ICY many of his colleagues at the AP Science Writer times — was that the icy poles WASHINGTON iAP> - An melted as spring and summer Ingenious water-pumping and came to each respective hemi- canal system on thr planet • sphere of the planet — but that Mars - built by supersmart tlu " water naci to be pumped beings and powered by 4.000 • down through the mighty canal times the energy of Niagara system. Falls. And he figured the power re- A spaceport from which the mured for such a system would men of Mars long auo launched '™ about 4.000 times the energy two giant satellites that now, Derated by Niagara Falls, orbit the red planet like baby Scoffers over the years have moons and are detectable from indicated that even if there the planet earth millions of were such a system — which miles away. they doubted — the Martians Great hangars for ••flying- still would be hard-up for water, saucer" spacecraft that period- This is because, as one theory \ ically blast off from Mars and has it. if all the polar mass do patrol duty high above the 1 , melted into water there would; be only enough water to fill a! single huge lake basin — fari from enough to supply a world; about one-half the size of the j planet earth. 1 Actually, it was an Italian i astronomer named Schiaperelli; who touched off the "canal"; controversy in 1877. At that: 3 FLEISCHMANN'S Margarine 39 Mb. 2nd PRIZE 1 FAMOUS BRANDS UPRIGHT HOME FREEZERS (1 EACH WEEK) ,\rd I'RIZK 1 FAMOUS BRANDS ROOM AIR- CONDITIONERS (/ EACH WEEK) DRAWINGS TO BE HELD MONDAY FOLLOWING EACH DRAWING PERIOD ... IN MILWAUKEE. Contest open to Red Owl customers only. Red Owl employees are ineligible! •4th-lOtli PRIZES 11 POPULAR BRANDS TRANSISTOR RADIOS (7 EACH WEEK) SADDLE AND BRIDLE INCLUDED! 3 MUSTANG GRAND PRIZE DRAWINGS TO GO! ONE EACH WEEK FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS tiEn BIG U.S. CHOICE WESTERN BEEF ROUND-UP! U S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED, BLADE CUT CHUCK ROAST B 3, BLADE CUT 49< U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED STEAK T-BONE U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED ARM CLUB $119 IB. • 1 SWISS STEAK LB. earth. These are not the concepts of science fiction writers. They're the recorded ideas of a few scientists who have theoried there might be intelligent life on Mars — or at least there might have been such life in ages past. Such theories, dating back to the late 19th century, are pooh-i time, the Italian researcher re- poohed by nearly all other ; ported discovery of the Martian) scientists. But there . . . . "channels. Schiaperelli outrlghtly channels B.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED SIRLOIN STEAK R I 09 0 S. CHOtGE. RED OWL INSURED SWISS OR ROUND LB, U.S. CHOICE. RED OWL TNSURED STEAK CHUCK STEAK LB. are those them who indicate that the electronic eyes of Mariner 4 have the best chance yet of laying the ghost of such theories — or of determining if they have any validity. Since Mariner's cameras are capable of recording objects as small as I 1 - miles in diameter, presumably her most fruitful surface lines which he named among "canali," the Italian word for himself never envisioned these as being structures made by intelligent beings. Rather, he appeared to lean to The view they were geological formations. i But many English-speaking astronomers latched onto his potential target in the mystery- i word "canali" as a springboard cracking line would be what'for at least wishful thinking might be fancifullv termed The i about Martian canal-diggers. Great Martian Waterworks Inc. (Later, America's Lowell, con- The dream of this gigantic tending he had observed a project stems from a theory of a i geometric symmetry for the distinguished American astro-: strange lines, kept the subject ry, Lowell championed idea: That a mysterious network of lines on the Martian surface 1 were actually canals built by a race of superintclligent beings — to nourish the otherwise arid planet with water from the north and south poles of Mars. Lowell's idea — supported by U. S, CHOICE, RED OWL fNSURED. 6th & 7th RfB CUT Standing Rib Roast ! U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED Boneless Chuck Roast U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED, BONELESS Top Round Steak RED OWL INSURED 85< U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED Beef Rib Steaks U.S. CHOICE, RED OWL INSURED, BONELESS RUMP OR Boneless !£ Roast FRESH, LEAN, RED OWL INSURED Ground Chuck .^ 65 FOR SOUPS OR STEWS; RED OWL INSURED . $109 Beef Short Ribs. . LB . 35< Boneless Beef.. . LB . 69< 3-02. 29< natural geological ridges bn Mars' red face. At least one, Dr Clyde W. Tombaugh, the discoverer of the planet Pluto, believes the canals may have been created by fast-moving as teroids — or minor plantes —In collisions with Mars. How about that theory of artificial satellites orbiting around Mars? it was a Russian astronomer, Dr. I. S. Shklovsky, who came up with that one a few years ago. He put such a theoretical label on what other astronomers have long called the two natural moons of Mars — Deimos and Phobus — Panic and Fear ~ whose names ^tand for the horses which pulled the chariot of the war god Mars in Roman mythology. Other astronomers generally snorted at this view — pointing out, for one thing, that they have made measurements of the tiny moons which show them to be nearly ten miles in diameter. Those would be pretty roomy artificial satellites. Dr. Frank Salisbury, Colorado State University biologist, is one of a few scientists who believe the so-called flying saucers may be manned spacecraft fron Mars or somewiere else in Mr. and Mrs. James Pelko- • space. la and family, Detroit, visit e d "i am far from satisfied bj with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Issac Anttila. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Peter son, daughters, Lyla and Flor e n c e, and son, Larry, Detroit, spent a week's vacation here with relatives. Mass Personals Mr. and Mrs. Ivar Hintta, Detroit, spent two weeks here with her mother, Mrs. John Lappalal- nen, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Keskinen and family of Detroit spent the Fourth of July weekend here with relatives. Ray Malila, Detroit, sp e n t the Fourth of July weekend here at his home. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Toivonen spent a weekend with relatives at Madison. Gary Peterson, Detroit, spent the Fourth of July weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Peterson, at Lake Mine. Harvey Ahola, Detroit, s p e n t the holidays here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ahola. Mr, and Mrs. George A a r i, Minneapolis, spent a week end here with relatives. Mr. and 'Mrs. Waino N i e m 1 and daughter, Carole, Sidnaw, visited with relatives here. William Joseph Goard, inf a n t son of Mr. and Mrs. William Goard, was baptized Friday evening July 2. at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church. The Rev. A. Leplsto officiated and the sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Manning . Mrs. Tyne Veker lias returned home from the Ontonagon Mem- the pat explanations put forth by Air Force officers," says Dr Salisbury. The Air Force ha long held there is no evidenc that such things exist. While the concept of a race o Martians — either living or ex tinct — has few takers, ther orial Hospital where she was a surgical patient Tor one week. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Janka wid-fafcilly, .Buchanan,- are visit ing with relatives here Mr. and Mrs Alex RED OWL COUPON Thi» Coupon Good for 25 $ * H Groon Stomps with purchoM of 3 Ib .or larger bag of yollow oniont. Limit—On* Coupon per Customer Expires Saturday. July 17. 1965 RED OWL POTATO CHIPS 10-OZ. PKG. V i KARAVAN MANDARIN ORANGES "00 11-OZ. CANS DEPENDON, REG. OR DRIP PICT RIPE IRREGULAR PEACH HALVES 4 are many scientists who bellev some form of bacterial or plan life may exist on Mars, despit rigorous temperature variatlo and other conditions. The ten perature drops to about 150 de grees below zero every night on Mars Mariner 4 is not geared to detect life of this variety, at least directly, although she well could come up with new data on the Martian environment which could support hopes for finding such life there eventually. And if there is vegetation oh Mars, says Dr. W. M. Sinton of the Lowell Observatory, Flag- staft Arizona, it well could be that It would consist primarily Uanula of that familiar and thorny hall- of American cowboyland Wakefield, visited at the h° me i ma . r * rflrtl] , _ lant « Mr. and ld». Bimen Laine.|- tha cactus plant. il RED OWL COUPON This Coupon Good for 100 S A H Groon Stomps with purchase of o 1 Ib .or larffr »k«. of Rod! Owl Insured Ground loof Limit—One Coupon Per Customer Expires Saturday, July IT. 1MI SEYMOUR PORK & BEANS 5 RED OWL ASST'D. GELATIN DESSERTS.. COASTAL FROZEN REG., PINK OR LO-CAL. LEMONADE. . 6 RED OWL CHEDDAR AGED CHEESE. 69< SWANSON'S FROZEN, 5 VARIETIES T.V. DINNERS. 49< HAIR DRESSING BRYLCREEM . , 3 ^ 59< BE SURE TO REDEEM YOUR 3rd WEEK COUPONS i This coupon good for Regular 49)! Vacron Thermal Insulated Summer Ware WITH COUPON 12 oz. BOWL..... °r.. 29< ] You save 20«M Valid through July 17, 1965. 7^\' tf»ai***Sa«S3K»j.Jiae Limit one coupon per customer. 1 Ib. 14-Oz Cans SHAMROCK PINEAPPLE JUKE 4 s I 00 This coupon good.for 1/2 OFF! Introductory offer! Regular $2.50 "Brewster" Pattern Stainless Steel Tableware with ~4 Satin Finish Handles (knife, dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon) Jj 4-Piece Place Setting rr *1 25 \ with coupon .inc.! .my p/ULery purchase (e*':npt rnmirnum ' ^ - nuirk up or t.itr tr.i<.Je items). Save $1.25! Valid through July ?'*. 1Q65. Limit ono c.oupon per customer. BAKERY Red Owl HAMBURGER BUNS 29° :RISP, GREEN HEAD _^ MMM Lettuce 2 2B -V^>:^ltefe^»^ •• ••^^ of 12 HOME STYLE LIMPA LONG SLICERS CUCUMBERS GREEN PEPPERS ) VINE-RIPENED TOMATOES JUICY. CALIFORNIA RED PLUMS EACH LB. 6-LB. BSKT. SANDWICH STYLE OR PLAIN CAROL COOKIES- KRAFT SALAD OR HORSERADISH Mustard ^:10< CHICKEN OF THE SEA CHUNK STYLE Tuna Fish... 3 6 ^85c BATH TISSUE Charmin .. 12—4°° HARVEST QUEEN, REG. OR DRIP Coffee i» >1 39 6 COL. CORP. 7-17 j Sj&H Green Stamps -.u^ T ..., you as you shop- friendly Red OwU WEIIVE PRICES GOOD THRU SAT, JULY 17...QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. NO DEALER SALES!

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