Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 20, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 2
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DO YOU EXPECT Become a Mother? then permit us to , ihat Dr. Piercc'8 ••avorite Prescription is indeed, a true Mother's Friend," FOR IT, MARKS [Childbirth Easy ,by preparing the system for parturi- .,„ wywaru and licentious queen. For all the blood that has been shed, for every peril to which civilization has been subjected, for the shame and norrow which this country has been made to feel, and for any evil consequence that may follow this last outbreak, Mr. Cleveland is di- rcctlv responsible and will be so hold by enlightened public opinion everywhere. Lie closes the first half of his term with a disgraceful and abhorrent •^ -v^j*^ system for parturi- term with a disgracelul ana uononeiii r-n, thus assisting Nature and sbortc.-mnj? tratrcdy of his own making—appropri- • Ubor." The painful ordeal of childbirth c cu i m inatiou of two long years of j; 1 "^^v^aVbo d th»U^nd stupid ignoring of th« co-ordinate (-> Tpuutiu vi i w v*. * i wt .1, «n-" ...- „ - - -- T.r-reof jrreatlv lessened, to both motberand <-Vild The period of confinement is also j-'catiy shortened, the mother strengthened Hi-d built up, an"d an abundant secretion of nourishment for tlie child promoted. Send 10 cents for a large Hook (i6Spaj?cs), civineaU particulars. Address, WORLDS DISPK.VSARV MBDICAI, ASSOCIATION, 663 Main St., buffalo, N. Y. PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH, Mrs F«ED HUNT, of Cleiiville, N. Y., says-' "I read about Dr. Pierce's I-a- vorite Prescription being so good for a wo ,:an with child, so I — pi,t two bottles last .September, and December 13th I had a twelve pound baby girl. When I was confined / teas not sirk in any way. I did not suffer any pain, and when the child was born I walk- oil into another room :".id went to bed. 1 • l:cep your Kxtracl of Smart-Weed on hand ;ill the time. It was very cold weather •- '" and our room was MR5 - HCJ!T very cold but I did not take any cold, and never had any after-pain or any otlu-r pain. It was all due to (lot! and Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription ami Compound Extract of Smart-Weed. This is the eifrhth Imnjj child and the largest of them all. I suffered everything thai flesh could suffer with .the other babies. I always had a doctor '' nnd then he could not help me very much, but this time my mother and my husband were alone with me. My baby was only seven days old when I (rot up and dressed and left my room and stayed up all clay." CLEVELAND'S IRriu!»:iil KtTi-i.nl CLUNDERS. i>r tiiu We have had two year.", Cleveland. \Vu arc to have i, afore all is done and Uiu • :ic miifi's blunderin ;>:id perilous conceit, of 0 rover two more record of ineompetency lial'l have been closed. \Vhut will those two years l,i-ing forth'.' To what MOW dangers slialf \vc be exposed, to what fresh humiliation subjected'.' Is thoroaiiy limit to the calamity \vithin reach of a dull, jiv'U-ccnturoil autocrat, surroundoil by servile sycophants'.' Ii's,\ let us pray 'Heaven tha 1 '. it may h:ivo been reached. If not, U:t ns pray for strength imd courage and wi:,u p-.ilienco, for surely we .shall need them all, The salient feature of Mr. Cleveland's character is his limitless con- lUlcnce in hiinsc.U nnd his immeasurable contempt for ovcry other factor in the problerr, of the country\s destiny. Wonderful us lias been this man's rise out of social laid political obscurity to tlie lofty pinnaolo liu now cumbers and degrades, it is infinitely less 1 amazing t.'ian his .stolid insensibility to every l:iw, custom or tradition that conflicts v/ith his scheme pi absolute and despotic rnle. He regards congress in the light of n futile and impertinent obstacle. H<; treats his cabinet officers as though they wore mere clerks. It ho thinks of tho people at nil, he thinks of them as having exhausted their sovereign prerogatives in culling him to the presidency. His .regime, from the -Hli ot' March, 1S03,up to the present moment, has been ouo or unmitigated selfishness. He began on the Oth of that month by commissioning his man lUount to go to Honolulu nnd make a case against the American people. He has maintained that standard ever since. His secret machinations against the champions of human liberty in Hawaii; his connivance at sedition by the followers of the barbarous aud corrupt queen; his scarcely veiled invitation to riot and anarchy in a neighboring republic, then petitioning for adoption and for brotherhood; his insolent refusal to submit the question to congress until ho hud exhausted every means of establishing his policy of restora- • turn— these and other acts of sinister deliberation roveul the temper of tho man in colors that can never fade. As to Samoa, also, he has disclosed the same impatience o£ tho limitations of bis ofnce. the same contempt for tbo • obligations of which he is the solemnly declared trustee, la Samoa he found the United States bound by treaty to. a compact of protection and advantage. Of the important considerations involved iu that compact it is not acc- essary to speak. -Mr. Cleveland was not Use judge of them, in any event. TUo treaty had been sanctioned by the • power authorised in the constitution to make treaties, nnd Mr.' Cleveland was neither asked nor commissioned to interfere, llis man Orcshata made the • suggestion, ottioially, that the United States should withdraw from the tripartite agreement with Germany and Kngland. Then Mr. Cleveland, in his message to congress, earnestly recommended the adoption of Grcsham's suggestion. Finally, seeing that congress studiouslv ignored the scheme—seeing that he had not an advocate, not even •' • the humblest cuckoo'chirp—he set about the accomplishment by impudent and arbitrary indirection of that to which, as he well enough knew, congress was unalterably opposed. Ho ordered his .man Grcsharn to omit the estimate for Samoa in his financial budget and thus ; the country, defy connrcss and stupid ignoring of thft co-ordinate branches of the government, ^of de liberate usurpation of authority not conferred upon him by law, and of contemptuous defiance of the people, who, to their own undoing; have made him \vhat ho is. Uow will he close the second half, and with what miracles of infamy will he consign the chapter to a hideous im- lonrtality?—N. Y. Tribune. WEALTH *OF_THE WORLD. Great Sam of Forolcn Secarltloi Ileld In England nnd Franco. The reported valuation of all property in tho United States by the census of ISOO was $03,037,001,197, or SI ,030 per capita for the entire population. This enumeration, however, dealt with property in tho United States and-did not go into tho question where it is owned. If the estimate of Mr. Robert Gifl'en is correct that So,000,000,000 in foreign capital was invested In this country in 18SD, probably an even larger amount is so invested ut the present lime. Do-, dilution should also be made for tho high value put upon waste public la:ii!s iu the census, with the net result that tho per capita valuation of the United States would be reduced to ubont 5D.10, or ?-i,7r,Q for a family of five. Estimates made by careful economists, who come pretty near agreement among themselves, put the valuation of Great Kritain about nine years ago at S.V),000,000,000 and that of Franco at s-io,000,000,o;)0. This, says the United States Investor, would afford a per capita valuation of ?1,83S for Great Krilain and 51,081 for France, making the valuation for a family of five fO.G'JO in Great Dritain and So,.103 in France. The figures of Franco are placed somewhat higher by some authors, and tho total in both countries includes careful estimates of the large holdings of foreign securities, some of them covering property located in tho United States. The groat holdings of foreign securities, estimated to amount in Great Hrit- ain to about £8,000,000,000, explain to a largo extent the adverse balance of foreign trade constantly shown by the Uritish statistics. Great Britain would long ago have been denuded of her gold aud become bankrupt if the excess of imports over exports shown by her trade statistics were a true measure of her financial condition. Tho fact that- about ?• 100,000,000 is due her annually iu interest charges upon liritish capital placed abroad explains how she can rdl'ord to import several hundred million pounds sterling of foreign merch aildise in excess of the domestic merchandise which she exports, France is estimated to hold ?•!,000,000,000 of foreign securities, largely Italian and Spanish, and she also has been able to show a large balance of imports of merchandise over exports during the last two decades, while piling tip in tho vaults of the Bank of France and distributing through her monetary circulation a larger^ mass of coin than any other commercial country . STORIES OF THE NEW CZAR. Anecdotes SlJowluK Sonic of tho Clmrnc- terliitlcs ot Jtii-Klu'A Yeans Kiilnr. The young c/.ar seems to be doing his best to mako himself personally ac- •qnaintcd with his new subjects in a •way littlo practiced by any other emperor of Russia since the reign of Peter tho Great. He walks daily 'along the streets of St. Petersburg, generally quite unattended, and as ho is seldom recognized he meets now and then with littlo adventures which caused him much amusement. During one of his promenades ho saw a youth selling for thirity kopecks most terribly unflattering pictures of himself, which so delighted him that ho immediately bought one and gavo it to Princess Alix, with tha remark: "It cannot be so very like, as no one recognized mo when 1 bought it." Nevertheless the work of art was put in a place of honor in tho Anitschkow palace. On another occasion as he was driving slowly along the >"evski a man attempted to throw a letter into the carriage, but missed his aim and the petition fell under the wheels. His majesty immediately ordered one of his terrified servants to pick it up nnd give it to him, and, in spite of tho almost tearful entreaties of a high police official who was on the spot, insisted on opening it aud reading it himself. Calling tho supplicant to the side of the carriage the emperor promised to grant his petition, and turning'to the officials said in a loud voice: "On uo account is the man to be punished or annoyed in any way on account of this letter." It is "much commented on in court circles that so far the czar has refused to accede to the often-repeated wish of the Grand Duke Michael Nikola- jewidsch and raise himself to the rank of general, though the whole court would be delighted to see him in the becoming and glittering v.nlfonn. The reason ho gives is that he prefers to retain the grade of colonel, which was bestowed on him by his late father. times are hard. Important and Interesting News from Other Lands, 'tldCJtt tUC COUUtry, vt^ij ^vti^i^^" ~-— i t-py \ cs. tlimji ai c n—*v.- out It JS ashonor our national obligations for j aot for lucl - o f mo ncy. Millions arc the grr.tificp.tiou of liis reckless antl ar- p;i c( j on millions in the vaults and " " Dissolution of English Parliament Imminent—Terrible Battle in South America—Disaster in Russia. OgilUb tu (««-»•• , Through this amazing jumble ot inr- ; live conspiracy, studious deceit, brutal insolence and defiant usurpa-; tion has Grover Cleveland brought us tq tho half-way point of his admiais- tion. His policy in Hawaii has just, . b«en emphasized by a bloody insurrc-c- I piled on millions in the vaults ana safe deposits of every trade center. Jt is -waiting to see which way the political cat will jump. Capital is the timidcst animal that walks the earth. It vs often scared at its own shadow.—Chicago Inter Occaa Omelet—^Tulc on the road did you LONDON, Feb. 19.—There wns much gossip in political circles Tuesday owing to the fact that Lord Rosebery, the prime minister, upon his arrival at the official residence,in Downing street. In the afternoon hastily summoned a meeting of the cabinet. The measures taken to summon the ministers were rather extraordinary. Messengers were sent in cabs to tho offices or residences of the different ministers, and all camo to the meeting, which lasted fully an hour. The precarious condition of the party, as shown by the recent narrow majorities on the various questions in the house of commons, and the fact that Lord Eosebery had a long conference at Buckingham palace yesterday afternoon with the queen, soon after her arrival from the Isle of Wight, and held a long conference with the whips of the liberal party today, all serve to increase rumors that a dissolution of parliament is imminent. TVV'O 11 UN 1> 11KIJ KIT-LED. Terrible llaLtln Uutwonu Rirbels and Cov- <;rnnu)iit Troops In South Amurli-B. 2f i!\v YOKK, Feb.'I'.).—A dispatch from l-'anaina says: "News has been received here of a battle fought Saturday between the rebels and government forces near Santa Rosa, in tlie department of Boytica, Each side lost more thaa-100 men killed. "The'government reports the rebel Gens. Valdcrama and Gomez were wounded. It is reported that the op- posiii" armies will engage iu another "battle soon. The capitulation of the forces in the northern part of the republic does not affect the rebellion in other sections. It is rumored that there is disquiet and unrest in the department of Cauca. It is reported that Gen. Modesto Cai-cies, with Benjamin Ruiz and Senor C!a/.a. have left Costa Kica far Colombia. It is expected that they will hind on the west; coast. "Gen. Camargos' forces in Bogota have proclaimed Santos Acosta president." __ TJiUlUUWi ACCIHKXT IN KUSSS1A. Thirty Skaters Drowned i» tl»u Klver (it Moscow, Feb. 10.-While a number of students were skating on the Moskva, river Tuesday the ice gave way and. thirty of them plunged into the river and drowned. None of the bodies hasi yet been recovered. Old Micliliian >*cwsp»por Man Gone. KAI.AMAZOO, Mich., Feb. lO.-Guorge Torrey, the oldest newspaper man in Kiihima/oo, died early Tuesday morn- inn-, aged 00. Mr. Torrey was a direct descendant of the Pilgrim Fathers. Uis great-grandfather was the famous Dr. "Manuel Cutler, chaplain in the revolutionary army, and afterwards a member of congress. Mr. Torrey came to Kalarnazoo in ]$« and entered the office of the Weekly and afterwards the Daily Telegraph, and held every position from devil to managing editor. Another Bimies.Murder Ucfandaiit 1-ct Go, CHICAGO, Feb. 10.—Thomas Donohue, another of the defendants in the Barnes murder trial, wits discharged by Judge Freeman Tuesday on motion o£ Assistant State's Attorney Morrison. Donahue was the driver of the wagon which hauled the trunk containing the bodv of the muvclercd man and was charged with being an accessory after the fact. Moonshiners Cwptiirod. LEXINGTON, Ivy., Feb. 19,—Deputy United States Marshal G. W. Drake with two assistants, captured seven desperate moonshiners at Outon Creek in Knott county, after a hard battle Among them was Isaac Sloan, one o: tho five men who murdered United States Marshal Erastus Wierman a' the some place six years ago. LI Uaus Chans : " I'cncc Envoy. LONDON, Feb. 10.— A Central Sew: dispatch from Ticn-Tsin says that L Hung Chang turns over his oflice O" viceroy of Pechili to his successor Tuesday and will have an audience with the emperor at Peking February •2-1, preparatory to assuming the duties of peace commissioner to Japan. To Suo Owners of tlie Elbe. BUFFALO, X. Y., Feb. 19.—An notion for damages against the North German Lloyd Steamship company will be broun-ht by Siegmund Frank, th brother of Jacob Frank, the Buffalo ticket broker who was lost in the wreck of the' steamship Elbe. The damages specified win be 550,000- . - JIuilKC Yorke's Slayer Still nt I^irjte. I'lULADELrmA, Feb. 10.—Up to noon Tuesday the police had received 110 trace of the whereabouts of James B Gentry, the slayer of Margaret Dris dale, the actress, who was known professionally as Madge Yorke. Ksyaast®^^ f "Hothers' * ": Friend" If' COLVI.V. LA.. Dec, 2, ISSa—My wife! used " MOTHERS' FRIEKD" before} her third confinement, and says she! would not be ivithout it for hundreds j •of dollars.—DOCK Mnxs. ' Kr». A. C. Kedloclt Orleans, Ind.. Good Reason" for Faith Cured of Scrofula by Hood'« Icroluls permeates humanity. It Is tboronghlj Jnlused Into tha blood. Scarcelj » msa \» tree from It, In one form or another. Hood'l Siiiaparllla cures icrolula promptly, iur»ly, permanently. Thousands of people say so. For Instance, read this: I am Justified In thinking Hood's Sarsaparma ��� splendid medicine by own experience with It. I was n great sufferer from scrofula, baring dreadful sores in my ears and on my head, sometimes like large bolls, discharging all the time. My luislmml Insisted that I take Hood's Sarsaponlla. Of tho Cr«t bottl* My Appetite Improved, and I feltsomewhat oetter. So I bought another bottle, and by tlio timo It was half gone tt» iorofula had entirely disappeared. I am Cures now entirely free from scrofula and \vas never In better health. Hood's Sarsaparlua also cured, mo of a terrlblo pain in my side, caused by neuralgia of tho heart." Mits. A. C. JLEDLOCK, Orleans, Lr.tliana. Hood's Pills C' jro Ilvcr Ill3 > constipation, biliousness, jauntllco, sick headache, IndlitcstloiL JIH i-'uturc Policy. ivAX=AS Ci-rr, Mo., Feb. 10.— A lively time is expected here in the convention ot the National Reform association brunn- --, when it meets in annual session. ' Tho future policy of the populist party in rejr:inl to ttnanuial and other national questions will be decided. _ _ ___ l-J.v;:o!lc(l Troin lJ:irv:inJ. BOSTON, l-'cb, 19.— Prcscott Warren, a Harvard student of the class of '00, lias been expelled by the faculty from the coilejie for administering a whipping to C. II. Kerjyon. Thu expulsion is tho first at Harvard in seven years. Kiiiii-y oeoc'iK iccllnf. Feb. in.— Word from ani and other points ill the Hocking- valley stated Unit the desti tution was-sucii that the suHercrs were bccorains' desperate. Gov. Melvinley ordered immediate necessities purchased at Buckinshaiu and the bill sent to him. Auother EllHi I'lo^tcr Fouiirt. LOXBOX, Feb. 10.— A body of another of the Elbe's victims was picked up at Deal Monday evening. Jt had on one of the life belts of the Elbe aud upon the left hand was a gold ring- inscribed "A. Heckrnan, 1S'J2." Ko papers 01 other means of identification were found, THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'i-ovl.tions, Ktc. CnrcAGO, Feb. 10. FLOtm—Dcraaocl llffht and market dull Quotable: Winter - I'aicnis &WV- 6Z straights. Si35© •.'.SO; clears, tiljut-.-iO: Keconds.il.OoaiW: low frrailes. $1.00 (J1.S5. fcnv —p-tcriis. SI.00")8.50; str:ilnlus, SHOJii bakers', Sl.8JiJi.2S; low grades. 61.7afitl.83; KeJ DDK, f 1.(Bail."3; l£yc, 52.MI?--.50. •WBEA'iN-jroderato trading and unsettled. No. i cash, SOfiSlc; February, sO^OO^o; May "coivs-Modcnuely active and steady. No. 2 and No. i Yellow, i!SCJ-(o under May. No. .i •JO&-10J-C, and No. 3 Yellow. -lOJiQ-Hc: May, -H 1 /! aWc; July, 4-!}SiS.4-l?»c; September, -H?i© 0 vrs—Fair trading and easy. Cash No. 2 May, 2S'i'j.20«o. Samples firmer No 3 27«®28i4e: No. 3 White :; No. 2, 28Sr;a-'9i-;<:; No. i White, 31® "KYE—Demand good fo- cash rye. No. 2 la store, 52«c. Sample lots, 53tf<3-i4Jio; May delivery quotable at 53o. B *.BI.EY-—Rather dull nnd easy. Common to good No. 4, SOaS'Jc; No. 3, 6*g5-l/ s c. and No, , a. MESS PonK-Tradlnij was moderately aetive, Prices blcber Quotations raased at S10.;«3 fosiorcttsb. regular; SIO.03aiO.15 for February. and ^I0.25@10.37« for May. L \KD-Fairly active and hlsner. Quotations ranRcd at 58 47V4SO-80 for cash: «C.42;.i<a.0.45 Jo- February; $S 55^457^ for May LIVE POCLTKT— Per pound: Turkeys, .d5j; Chickens r/.'SiSo: Ducks, 8«@lOs: Geese, pef airy, 83SO.; aclvlns SMCK. 7.300. Olr s _Headlislit, 173 test,. 5e: Gasoline, S, fic-'a lOe: 7J dcg's. So; Napnta.i. 03 dcs's, TC. L-:QU01^3-\Vnlsky quoted steady at J1.22 pc gallon for bighwlnes. NEW YORK, Feb. 19 T-'LOun-Swto and western. <iuiet, easy. 2 red steady, dull lla? July, 3S 3-loi33^c; Aujast Scntbyexpre'so-iniill.onreoHpLof n. «r botllo Book "TO ilO j mailed -Iree- Sold by »11 DruggUl*. |Biuu>nxu> —No.'- quiet, firmer, OATS—No. 2*dull, steady, ^uite. SS£< Tvcsuu-n. ttailtte: May, 33.4<333Mc: BECF—Dull Extra mess. S.-aJSi-'. ily. 5S.73ai'iOa ' PORK — Moderate demand, flnn. Mess, Jtl I !2^^ liOO LAra>-QuIct, steady. Steam-rendered, id8* BUTTER-Quict. M-ealc. Western dairy, 10. 15c: do. creamery. I5ai3c: do. faetorj-. 8! ? <» 14c; rolls, &3,lx; Elfflns, 'J3o: iraitat:oa •creamery. 10317c: held creamery, ll®!Bc. CHEESE — Moderate demand: fancy, arm. Stats larse. C'Sll^c: do. fancy colored._HMQ TlKc: do. white. 10ii''.llc: do. small. O^u lie: pan skim*, 3®SHe: fuil shims, Ifitfits- ^_ EGGS—Fidr demand, nrmer. \\eitera, ..c, limed, iftaiSto. _. Livo Stocfc CHICAGO, Feb. 19. Hoes - Market active and feeling arm at -. resteriliy's advance. Sales ranced ut^tiwo ' 3.S3for"plgs: «3.603^.15 for llgav. sa.S="i"'-0' for ! rou S h pjckLig: $3.9*34.30 for mlied. and tJ.ua ! i-lo for heavy packing and shipping lots. ^ '. CATTLE— Market rather'acuve- Feeling firm ; and prices saiOc higher. Quotations ranged . at J5.0025.50 for choice to cstra so.ppcaa Steers' J4.-WS4 90 for good to cnolce QO., HOOS-iso for f^togood^^K^WMo^com- i roon to medium do.:. I3.0033.SO'™ ( Steers J2.J5 S.15 for Siockers John Brabits and his son James were killed by the fall ot a tree near ilontgomcr3-, Minn. Mrs. Sarah Hitchcock, apred 02, was atally injured by a team .of runaway lorses at Akron, 0. Will Swearing-en aud Walter Gardner were killed by machinery in McElme's mill near Gloster, Miss. Phil Dawson killed his father at Birmingham, Ala., when the latter was reprimanding his daughter. The assets and liabilities of tbe Bank of Mount Iron, Minn., which failed recently, are: Liabilities, Si(),197; assets, ;11,096. Congress will be asked to establish a uniform electrical unit to apree with that adopted by Great Britain, Germany and France. Charles Campbell, a Northwestern Breman, slipped and fell from his engine while it was running- 00 miles an lour. He was instantly killed. Richards Banker, of Portland, Ore., who swindled the A. 0. U. W. of about 82,000 by feigrning death, pleaded juilty and was sentenced to five years' imprisonment. BIDS FOR NEW TORPEDO BOATS. New Jersey, Bluryliiml, lo\v:i anil Cnll- foniln H«]>rcmMiti>(l. WASMI.NGTOX, Fob. 19. -Bids for tlireo new torpedo bouts were opened Tuesday and are as follows: The Bath Iron worlis for all tlireo bouts, Je- mriinenc plan. Did 61-12.000 crick: J. H. Dla- locuo & Son. Ciimdon. N. J., ?1M,000 each: Columbian iron works. Baltimore, modlllod plan 597,500 each ; IluKh Kiimsay, Perth Auiboy. X. J., all three, department plan. ^"8,000; uiodllled plan. b3-i,,- CKJO; Union Iron works. Pun Franelso, depart- plan. all three, fliO.030 each: modlllod Di-ic ?HoOuO each: Fulton engineering and snipbuildliiK works, Sail Francisco, department Plan, two boats. SMS.OOOcuch: Iowa Iron wc-rlif, Uubuquo, la., Ji:i:,000 each; Herrc>.htt3 ManufaciurlnR company, Newport. K. 1., modl- liedphm,>H3,sr>0 euch. BONDS ADVERTISED IN LONDON. rrlco J" U 5 I' 3 or "~ 7 1 ' in "" lM l lcr sl ' OOO—LIHIK Will Open Wi;jlno»(lny. LONDON, Feb. 10.—Tho prospects for the now bonds was issued a.t 0 p iu. here Tuesday. It is for SOJ,000,000, ono lialf to be placed in America and the other half iu London, The issue price here (London) is 1\:>14, or 2^7 pounds per Sl.OOO. Ten per cent, of tho price is payable on application. Payments are to be completed in four installments, endine; July 23. The lists will open 'Wednesday nnd close Tliursdu.y or sooner. (Signed) Bow, Jones & Co. LoncW Trolley I-liic. KEW YOBK, Feb. 19. —Work has been started at Somerville, N. .T., on what when completed will be the longest trolley road in the world. The contractors are under bonds to cbinpleto by April 10 the first five miles of tho New York and Philadelphia Traction company's proposed electric railway between the two cities. TVuH W«-U Known. MANCHESTER Vt., Feb. 18.—Col. Mason S. Colburn. one of the best known men in the state and a iiicmber of the republican national committee, died 'here. He was an ex-member~ol both branches of the Icg-i.slature. Aimed at tlie CJiUmnian. OLV.MPIA, Wash,, Feb. 10. -Mr. Campbell has introduced a bill in the senate making it unlawful for any male person to wear a queue. The penalty provided is a fine of from §100 to 5300. The object ot the bill is to drive out the Chinese. Vljriiaiit's Cup HroiiKhr Over. TS'EV YOIIK. Feb. 10. — Mr. Dailey, purser of the steamer Servia, which arrived Tuesday morning from Liverpool, has in charge the cup won by the Vigilant in the Cork rejjaUa last year. It is addressed to Mr. George J. Gould. Wuut More \Vur Money. .VsV Losno.v, Fob. 10.—A dispatcli to the Standard from Tokio says a bill will be introduced in the Japanese diet Wednesday asking for a further appropriation of 10.000,000 yen (550,000,000) for war expenses. Diners''netiirn to »vorK. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 10.—SLx hundred miners went to work at the mines of the Sawmill Hun Coal company and Hartley & Marshall, in this district, after a strike lasting one week for •higher wagcs^ April 20, Memorial day, is observed in the states of Alabama and Georgia. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and to personal enjoyment when 'gy used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, 1>7 more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced ID tun remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of. « perfect laxative ' effectually cleansing the sjstein, duelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions nnd not with itho approval of the mcdiou .profession, because it acts on the Kid- aeys, Liver nnd Bowels without wenk- 'm'ng them and it is perfectly free from •>verv obiectionablc substance. Svrup of Figs is for sale by nil drug;- iist*in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is mau- if-ictured by the California Fig Syrup • \*> onlv, whoso name is printed on every •.Hckase, also the name, byvup of 1- ig* ; ird being well informed, yon will n->. ..-•ceptnuy substitute if cfler^ In the edifice of Health Is vigor, which means not merclr muscular enprgj, Int an active discharge of the various function* of tlie body, sucti as digestion, secretion ofthft bile, the autlon of tlie bowels, tbe clrcalation of the blo»d. Nothing more actively nnd thoroughly contributes to the milled performance ot these functions than the renowned tonic and regulator, Hostetwr's Stomach Bltrens. The result of Its use Is a speedy ga'n!n sirens' h. WRi'ther with the agreeable consciousness that the tenure of life Is being strenstnening-tbat one is laytiiRUpa store of yltalityapu-nst'he unavoidable draughts wbifh old as* makes upon >ne system The fortifying Influence of the Bitters constitute It a reliable safeauart against malaria, rlieu-ratlsm and kidney trouble. Appetite nnd sleep Irapr ve through its nse, and It protects the system from the effects of cold and damp. Children Cry fo» Pitcher's C Hyour chiJd is nut growlBg or thriving. give Rinebari's Worm Lozscges Sold by B. Y. Keesling and Keystone drug store. Children Cry foi Castorla. Pi Che If you lack energy, are weak and Ured, take Blneh»ri.> Pills. One » ---. o \VheilK-r "O i li:«vecvcrRpooulnted j 2 o- noi you will find somoihmg ofg en^-'t micrest to you ill our new$ S ivinlphlet, H 1--11S S SHOW TO MAKE MONEY QUICKLYS T. ;.i "I.-'cks, Bonds, etc,, and lc sent free upon rcquiu | 5 RICHARDSON i COMPANY, | Si? WALL ST., NEWYOBK.$ I H 1111 a |frM-E'frWfr»frfr**»» THF /AI IIUDIK T PAP CALENDAR For * * « 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — ^ost convenient land of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Dcslf Calendar is brightest and handsomest O f a n—(u]l of dainly silhouctlcs and pen sketches and c'-itertaininf; thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object lo that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFG. CO., Monllon Alt nape'. H.rtford, Conn. Lock Of StrmRth asi) A|ipeUte. This its the season when we often feel Ured and week, with little relish /or food. The cause iB a torpid liver, irjp to the winter's effect on the system. A few doses of Rinehart'6 Liver Pills will soon arouse the liver and make you feel etrocg »nd like ft new perBOD. Only one a ooee; act pleasantly. Sold by B. F. KeesllDgand Keyatone drug store. When Baby «»* ««clr- we i?«w b«rOu«orl». VitxD •!>» wa» a CUM- she cried for Castari^ When sue wcaroc Mis* ato clonft to CasiortL W&ai «ne o*d CMldrcn, Wie gare uenn OMorlk. F«r Oi-i,r Flftjr l'e*r» Mrs. Wicslow's Sootbiob Syrup has been used for orer fifty years by millions of mothers for tbeir children while leeching 1 , with, perfect success. It sooib.es the child, softens the gume, alla\Ball pain, cures wild colic, and is iho best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold bydrusrglsts in every p&rt of the world. Twenty-five cent* a bottle. .Be sure acd ask for ' Mr*. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and t&lte no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca*toria. SSnnltd ClilWrfn. If your cbild is not growing, U stunted and uEheallhy, the cause I» most likely to ba owicg to the pree* eccaof worms; and uu-kss they we expelled tne child will cot improve,, but gradually grow nervous, fretful and pale. Tbe remedy to use 1» BinehmV Worm LozeBjfet. remove »ll kind* of .worme the wpnt««ilt. -.-• •W.3

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