Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1927
Page 6
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PAGfe SIX V THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 5,1927. 1 DALLAS SOON Mfiijor League Ownership ts, Problem of Meet : Qi^iiing Tuesday A. A. TAKES STAND putting of Votes May End Matter for the Association " J )allalB. tex,. Dec. ». (AP)—Major leli^e ewnerahlp oti minor league baseball clu -bif, considered one ol the most important i problems before the National Baseball asitocia- . Uon meeting, opening here lomor- ,-;row, failed to embroil the annual meeting of lh,e Amei'Ican association, i ' The first pr^scntatiou of what IH - -exi^cied Ui develop: into the Uig business o[ the iiutlonai meeting resulted iu a. iia^dedaion verdict from the Aiherican association iijub owners, who voted 4 to 4 on u| motion nbfifylng'the major leagues they itero not wanted in tfab elas-s AA league. -Thomas J. nii ^key, president .of the As.sociatiou, though strongly in favor ofthe motion, adhered to his policy of refusing to break a tie ^ on an impoj-Unt problem, and rc- - If used to Vote. The motion,'Itrouglit before the Assoclatlo^ club owners whjicf tliey were , engaged iu redrafting itheJj- coustitutioh. faiii-d even to develofi into an-argument, Air. Hickeyi said. milHar^iss May Be Coach For Kansas U . . •• • • i • • • "• KaWs Cllj, l»ie. ^ (APj The Kunsas Cftj- Star, in a dis. • imtch from a (Afiii corresiiond- rnt at j/uwrenre.; today says, thnf W. H. fKIirjHarjrlss, dl- reclor of athlrtirs: vi* the K;iii> S:JS .State TracherH college at" Km)H>riji. Trill ifwXAt the dpiitliiy . of the I'nirersity of Kansan ' football team In IAS8, a(*curd^ Ine to a Hell authcntlcateil report. DOESN'T KXOW. Emiioria. Kas., Dec .'». (AP) IV. If. (Bill) JHanrlss, alhielic director of the Emporia Stale Teachers collpire, admitted today that he had dlscossed the matter of his Itecorainp foothf^ll coach at the I'nlTerslly of Kansas with authorities there. Jle lias not lieen iippointed coiiclu however, so far as he linows, he said. HAS THIS JAPANESE IS A STAR GRIl)DER BUFFALO FIVE Allen County Quintet an; Easy Winner in 49 To 28 Clash MAN\! GAMES BILLED Chanuie, Fort Scott and 0Is6n*s Nordics on the Schedule RICHMOND CAGE SQUAD LOSES TO MILDREDTEAM Final Score ir27 to 19 in Non r League Fray i At Mildred Richmonil, Kas., Dec. 4. —Wliilo other liaguo ganics wore, being played *>Way ninlit Mildrj-d was playing the fast 'Kichmond iiuintv>t. This ganio was a iion-couference ^arac and although it did not count in the league records it again It was-hoped by Hickey and the'shows the .superiority held by the .ba ,tker8 'to: write the motionj into J Mildred team. Itichmond defeated tbe new t:onsiitution, which j)rob- ' ' - •- - a:blyMtJlI-be finished up tomorrow. Klsmor^. Dec. .'i. (Speciall-Kls- niorc ni!i<|<' its dwut iu the Sekan basketball circuit liere Saturday uiKht by overwhelming liuffalo in u t'J ti) 2)s clash. It was thf opening league game fn,- f jch . loam • and Klsniore tist'd_ ten men. Smith of Chanute refcreed the encounter. Klsniiore'.'* ne.xt league game is December 10 at Chanute. Olson's NordicH from (^otfeyvllli- will Iu- cntertaineil at Klsinore Friday iiiKht. Tli.-» next home iVjuue game lor Klsuiore will hi- D.-ceui- liei< Iti with F"rt Scott. K. .lohnson, Klsniore .forward. lool<('d ..yii'ious, • looping ten from the fieid. Willcjughby c<iuali'd six field goal.s foi.Buffalo. The box sciirr-: KlMuore IC. .(olnisciu. f .Moorf. f- . . 1{. .lolinson. I' . .Swaii.soii. i ("'. Daniels. • W. Daniels, c . it. <''>X. g III. Kiidlum, g . L. Cox. g . iii;:ginbotliaiu. Indiiinapoiis, Kansas City,; Milwaukee and Louisville favored ex­ clusion'of tJie miijors, while IViintie- apolis, St. Paul, Coiumbiia iuld To- 'ledo "Voted against the motioh. U was explained that passage of the motion would have no effect on the status of the Coluoibus, Ohio, |club. controlled by Cincinnati. Colutnbus - JH the only team in the Association, • which belongs to a majox league dab. , " j AVhile the fai^ire of the Association to definitely ai 'sert itself, has not terminated discussion on major leadership, it was generally; believed that the indecisive action ilumbolJt lai'f week on the Hum- 1 boldt court. -Milc^jred's victory last I night shows a distinct alvautage in j the league games. • ' Hutton, tlio Mildred center, was in his natural form, makinfe six field goals. har-l-tought play- | Chicailong. ing aiid a great defensive was the ' Harrington. Totals .. KufiHlo Willoughby. f . Daiiniiige'r. f . I'oole. r- feature of' the gan.e. .Mildred led by several points throughout the [ game. The box score: 3liidred • Caldwell, rf H. Mann, rf Taylor. If Hutto)!. c Norton. Ig, FG . 1 FT TP •1 A fllodgi-s.iK CIouf:h. g Totals .. F<; i"r F 1) 1 . i; 1 • 1 1 II 1 II II 1 1 1 II 11 t I II It 0 II II (1 g " II II - • Fi­ •'F (J ll 1 .0 1 II ; .". 1 •' ii .4 1 1 - - 0 1' 1 .11 II 1 ll II + ... i:! , •', 7 The only jlapanese football player of varsit)r. calibre on any a'ollege t<!am in thl.«{ country! That is tlie tribute paid Mine Voneniura, halfback of the- Chicago Y. M. C; A. loJIege football team, by H4rry Edgren; its coach: Yoneniura^was bom in this country of Japanese parents. He is 22 years old and lives at Alverside, Calif. He M a modest, retiring youth who takes his football .as serious as any -Vrjierican youth. He lntcnd.4 to enter "Y" physical wor^ aftcjr graduafion in June. COLLEGESTO BEMPOSED? Ulinois Director Says an ^ Upheaval Is Coming With j^port DRmKING~IS EVIL HARDING DIDN'T REMIT FINE OF COLOREDCHAMP C.:A. CLIFT Records Disclose That Johnson Had ' Plenty of Cash One former lola high, school student is making good in the coaching game. Kenneth Davis, son of Ed Davis, formerly of lola, coached a light and - inexperienced squad through the; most successful year in the hisfpry of Wefborn (Kansas) Fart i '"''^ Xscho'bl this year.' In nine r <tl 11 s(artjj x^am. won six games j tied two anil' lost one. AVelborn scored pijints to 24 for its opponents. Tlje Davis family, after ,. „ . I living in lola while Kenneth at- I .tavcM worth. Kas.. Dec. ... (AP), tended sc-hoi^. moved to Fredonia. ; Pre.*idt 'Ut Hardiug. did not remit • i Kifhniond iS "lliiams, f V Totals had taken the edge off the contro-! Totals :. versy temporaril.v. i - liepreseuiativcs of the Interna-i tional and Pacific Coast leaifues! - refuse to discuss the stand they I •J?*'^ • / '• may take on the matter before 'hejj^''"'"' convention opens. Texas league | ^*-""'|- S - - - | club owners, however, have fudi- ^^a 'Ti ^on. g <ated that thoy will strongly sijp- ^'^V-i';' r " • port any move to eliminate major nS'''*"' i- op-nership in aninor leagues. -Xhe'chib ojwuErs UeVoted most •of ibeir' session to a revision of" ihplr constitution. This work was not-finished \ihen thtf session finally-broke up shortly before midnight; Most of the changes are in tlie phraseblogy and Ure designed to clarifyithe language of the present docuiiient. Tbiia meeting.! with 'the meeting of the national I board to resume consideration of Oklahoma City and Tulsa's efforts toibrcak away from the Western league are the most important .<icssions whcdulcd for the day. _ tj 1 \1 FC. _ 4 . 1 (I II II » 4 ll' ,tlre $l.iiiMi fii.e of .lack .lohnson, .Vegro. former heavyweight cham- N __ ^ pion boxf]-. who \v:is :tK-aseil troni siructoil Iiy Sim'l.T:r to line detec-! , , , , , , , tivos - to spy upon, to bribe, inti- P'-""'"""n '"Iv iniiiale influoncc" tlie jurors. V''-'- TMe answer said in pari: 1 Johnson paid tlie fine iiiniselt and •The j_aid pet ition I by the prose-! j,;,,] „„„.i, „„.,., money, prison rec- 27 i-ulioni dues not allegi" facl.s show- \ j Ing or ev-'n tending to show .that _ '7 '''[^ !''"••'•''*';'"."•'•*"• lias been guilty „r i Ii':it;<'n <•! jonls disi-l(is(tl today, followius pub- i The Sek^n independent has- ketbnll lea^epromlses to lie a stronir cirt^nl& Several teams already hare counted scores of more tlran:40 poini.H In league I'ontiests, IridicatinfT that two or three team's are groinf^ to late far behind jnlien the final standinifs •Xct\ complied. siorVj piiriiorting to , . , ;Myles Pember of the Parsons Re•Jait^ or ('nndiur in apy wise: ini-ireveal the •inside" of the Harding; publicaft is al his old trick of dop- ^ ix-din^ <ir tending to impede the • ;itlniiui.strati<>ii. by Col. Charles It. | ing the way Big Seveli and Kansas 4 !i!ue ailnilnistratioil of justice.' i I'lirhes. rornier ilire .tii!- of tiii^ vet- 4 •'Tliis court is witliimt juTlsdii- l< raus liureaii. who was icloased junior colle.s^e | confarence teams will finish tlijp season. - In the jiin- "'tioT! to try this'resiuiiiileni or to i from the peniteiiiiary .Vovenilii-r 2ii. I ior college' circuit. Peiftber gives Number2 (Continued from Page One) " jjiiljiwlpe liini guilty of contempt of I In the story. Forlie.s said that at " I this "loiirt \ipou the i'.llegalKins ofja White House jiokpr party he at- saitl petition. •Tbe court is witliout jurisdiction to ejiterl.iin said petition »<r to make anv adjudication iV^reou, tended. President Hardin.g. upon being told that Johnson, about to •be released, bad no money to pay the fine, dcilared. ••ilon't let that becacs-e siid .petition is ia.r.'ng iu i worry you. Ill remit the fine."', necessary ami essentii'l alle^-.-ions ! .lolinson left the penitentiary showing that this responden' has I with more than $2.il00, received as advance imymont for services in <Coiitlnued from Page One) a & B. Cigar Store—Mrs. M. ..V Fender, Route 2, lola. » : Porter's' Grocery—Earl Shallin- ger. Route 3, lola. : Spot Cash Shoe Store — Doris Hill, lola, • _ Leader Mercantile Co.—Dorothy Towell, Humboldt. Thpse who, won prizes with e:(- aci numbers and >>-ho claimed thefr prizes Saturday were as follows: , ; Williams Typewriter Emporium —Mrs; B. M. Coutant. Ramsay Dry Ooods Co. — Mrs. Ira D.' Kelley. ' Seneker Dry Goods Co. — .Mrs. Bert Johnson, Lallarpe. ' Self Service Grocery — Lester Lee, Wheeler Heights. Brigham HHw. Co.—Mrs. L. 11. Robinson. The Evans Store — Arlene Jeffers. Fryer's Grocery—A. B. Lytle. Shannbn Hardware Co. — Adda Michael. • K. C. Eleitric & Plumbing Co.— Wr.s. A. C. Hayes, Route 1. .M. & M. Grocery—Opal Osborne. \ . Perham -Clothing Co. — .Mi's.! Vaforquef, Yatejj Center. j Atlantic &Papific Tea 'Co.— ; Henry Becker. j . Elite Theatre—Mrs. Dah Stroup. | Andersbn Bros. Shoe Store - • Mrs. R. A. Ewing. j j'.\t Cook's Drjig Store and How- 1 ard's Caiidy Shop prizes were j claimed by persons holding the ex- j act numbers but who failed to; leave their names. .• ' I .llnnj- Wllnesfies. Other wit4iesses , included Harry Jeffries, Siiiclair's 'personal secretary, four !!urns detectives and ten members of the Kali-Sinclair jury, inclu(Ung the two women. Miss Bernico Heaton and Mrs. Anna L. Bailey. ' I All of the defendants were present when court opened and counsel filed,, an answer for ^uch. Sinclair was first. Days .second and they were followed by those of the detectives. Each asked that the contempt action be. dismissed for lack of jiirisdiction and insufficient facts to establish contempt. Sinclair made general denial of any wrong doiftg in emploj-iug detectives to shadow the jury, asserting he had done nothing that constituted a crime. Xo Jurlsdirtinn J He maintains that on the allegations set up by the governnienl that the court was without jurisdiction to find him guilty of contempt: Day's answer denied he was in- ! l.'een guilty of misbehavior in t j preseuije of the court or- si> near Ibereto a.* to obstruct or iiniiede t^e due administration of justice." motion pictures, ami five new suits of clolliing costiii:; JlOO each. the edge to Jola. He picks them, like this: loin. El Dorado, Parsons,' Fort Scott. Arkansas City, Kansas City. Coffeyville and Independence. ni his Wg Seven selection, Peniher doesnt nink lola np so far. He picks Pittsburg', firs^ with the qthers trailinRr like • this: Fort..Scott. lola, Colum. Ini«i, Parsons, Chanute, t'offey. >ilie and Iiidependence. : Yale's 14-0 victory over Harvard "Frank Swift" i William M. —Wanted to Buy: Clean light ! RLshop) was the .first American' this year was the largest gridiron colored rags at the Hcgisicr. ^ | skatingclianipiou. 1 score on. Soldiers Field since IftO.I. Report of Carnegie Probe May TelLof Drinking During Games Chicago, Dee. 5. (AP)—An upheaval in college athletics is In the offing.' George Huff, athletic director at the University of Illinois, has coiiflded to Western conference coaches herb. . The upheaval will come, he said, with tbe announcement of the findings ofthe Carnegie foundation, now^ investigating conditions under which athletic departments of various big schools operate. Hufra warning, voiced at a meeting of coaches, was supported by I»resident David Kinley of the University of Illinois, who detailed the evils to which college athletics, especially football, are susceptible. Commercialism, nigh salaries to coaches, and over-excitement, in his opinion, are over emphasized, but drinking, belore, after and during games, was termed^, unfortunate, and he urged that alunini of all schools undertake the abolition of the practice. Dr. Klnley said he understands the Carnegie investigation will ftir-' nish a list of the alleged evils of athletics without furnishing names of offenders. "I favor naming of all dates, places, and concealing nothing. If there Is anything wrong at Illinois, we surely want to cJean house," Dr. Klnley said. Director HiifC said the question I of purity .in iWestern conference athletics was! discussed at last week's meeting of coaches and directors an^ I an agreement was reached to exchange information and determine facts on any rumors, i Western League Controversy Is Not At End Yet Pallas^ Tex, Hea o. (APJ— Kepresentathes o£ tlie West «m leainieL.and the Oklahoma (iity : and Tulsa clubs failed U*> reach an. sit;reenienl| o>er the request of the two clubs f to •withdraw from the league ttad Join the Texas lea«rue at a Itlng and heated session .cndfng «ibortIy after noon today. The case then went to the uatiojial board of arbitration already^in session, which had said it pd the fiicts and would rule liiSer If the Western league und c£ub owners failed to agree. Z BASKETBALL ON INFULLSWINt AT SENIOR HIGH Class Tournament Opens Today With First I Round Games i FIRST HEAVY BATTLE This afternoou starting at &:?,f) o'clock the annual high school ih- terclass cage tournament ^was started with all games of the .first round being played, today. >The tournament, will continue i-ntil Wednesday nigh.t when the one'un-r defeated claB.s teaih plays the'fac­ ulty team in the final. ^ In this afternoon's, clashes' the seniors met the sophomores; While the juniors played the freshfaen. j The first game, which was betiieen the seniors and the sophomt^res. Jack Delaney and Paul Befleiibach Will Be • Principals TUNNEtls OBJECT Delaney .Has. Chance^ of Mixing in Next Big ; Title Fight Chicago. Dec. 5. (AP)—The first step in the campaign to bring Geno Tui^ney baik to Chicago for a match in ilefense of his heavy- wreight championship w-ill be takeii Friday night when • Jack Delaney and Paul Be'rienbach meet in a 10 round affair. • . If Delaney* can register two; or three impressive victories' here, it is figured he:would become a •'logical" opponeiit for the heavyweight king in another Holdfer field battle. Both Delaney and Berlenbach are former light heavyweight cham-" pions. ;'. Tuuney is to attend a Christmas charity bani)uet here next week, und he may be signed at that timts» ijy Promoter: Jim Mullen, with De- ^ laney as the 'opponent,' if Delaney wins with a sufficfently impressive margin over berlenbach. ' 1 Delaney w'as understood to be next in the list of Tei Rickard'8 heavyweight • elimination series lii was called at .-Jrao on the setior! ".*^''*-',^?'^'f «v"'?i'"ation series in high school court where all the j ^J''^' ^'he winner of games will be plaved. At 4:.-?l..^ the 1 Jack Sharkey-Tom games will be pla> other game wa"s started. ' Tomorrow afternoon foIloKing the regular tournament stylejtho winners will meet as will thejos- ers. On Wednesday night tbe t?am which is still undefeated will '^lay the faculty squad in the main g|»me at the school auditorium. The jfre- liminary will be a g.-ynie bet^jjeen the loser in the ••winner's majch" and the winner of Tuesday's «on- Heeney bout. It win be Chicago'.-? first glimpse of Delaney, and the second appearance here of -Berlenbach. who proved too toii?h for Mickey Walker to use as: a stepping stone toward the light heavyweight title. i.olation game. AH teams have prut in a week's .work for this tournament and • should provide, some good games. —Wanted to Buy: [Clean Uubt colored rag's at the Begisler. \ GIVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH THIS CHRISTMAS ..InsI think of ll—a few weeks And Then Christnuis. ..Irranire for yuur sitting now. If you are busy in diiy llnie, come In the evening We are open until D oVn>ck IMFdltM iri :sri,T.S KK. (.'.VKJH.KSS iWE.VTI OK TIIK KK. VINNEMEIER Day and Nifihl Studio (V»cr lirlghani's ' Easl Shir Dorsett Produce Co. MOl East Streiet, lola Phone 703 Cull for Poultry ud Eg^ 'We will come after ipoultry.' Call 01 any time. ion to the lola T ODAY Nash inaugu-' rates a special-^pre-. Christtnas exhibit at Nash showrooms thr<jughout the country, atid you are invite<i! For this is "Give a Nash for Christmas " week, ^nd we cotdially urge you to come in either day or Evening and see the spedal display of new Nash modeb in oiir shp'^room. New Location, llis £. Madison. FIrtit Doot East of , Brown's J)nig Storew Phone i:l ! Come In and ask us about this plan. You'll be amazed to find how EASY it is to make % n^w Nash your Christmas ^pSt this year. Pick outyoiir Nash today for delivety bright and early Christmas moraing. Remember: There are 24 striking ne^ models, offer' a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS ingabrillialitarra^ofbody PLAN whe^by you can types and .color combina- The perfect Christmas gift give a iiew Nash car to > dons, priced from |865 to is a new Nash. We have yourfkmily at very lovir cost. $1990, f. o.l>. faaoty. NASH MOTOR SALES CO. 214 North Jefferson Phone 720 r —if you make your Christmas Gift a su Daily Register. Anyone who has ever been away frpn? home for a considerable time and has had the "Old Home P^per" come to him every day, Will testify that the happiest pait of his day was the hour he spent in reading" the paper. It was like a fetter except, that it had more news in which he was interested than any let^ ter ever did. : Doubtless many of the home readers" bf the Register ^have relatives or friends Who formerly lived IVere but are now away. ^Way not send these friends or relatives a copy of the. Registdf' for three months or six months or a yea^- as a Christmas Gift? Could you send any;other g-ift that woul^ be enjoyedfor a solid hour eveiy day, as the^egisteir vvill be? ! <i(.f|iliiiHHn[flto' For that matter, what would make a - better gift' for those who live in Allen county? - ^ For any who wish to act upon this suggestion the Register has a nicely *pr in ted card to be sent to tne recipient of the gift which reads as follows: - > THIS CERTIFIES, that a subscription^ to the lOLA DAILY REGISTER has been paid fof in the narne of : for the period of ......! .. .months by , \, who joins in wishing you a Merry Christriias and a Happy New Year.

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