Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1933
Page 2
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TWO THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 9. 1933. be no sor- . . M " il .BEEE!^ iWhyiSte iGermany Ih troikWe? Shei hak beer. Whyijhas England got It double? i She'has beer. Why is Belgium in- distress? Italy, tn such a mess? "Why; «ix)w pesos less, and less,. ^ ^ Vpere ^here's beer., ' One lyould think there'd ^ • • ;row., •; •^jniere there's beeir. The ihUlenium come toriorrow ^ere ftiere beer;] Yet ijie coiintries that h tve brought , .--iiUS ' • 1 j To the brink where, i)ow krou spot us,. ' JElalsifag bogies that have got us-r- ,j AHhave be^r!' I'd eijpiouse that, panacea, Ifoamy beeii; I'd tjelleve the:e would i be heaven [here. Were there beer— But p3e grievi^if Is. the deepest . Whe^'e the stuff hai beeii the cheap! est: T .. Koad to solvency seems ^teepest- Where thejre's beer. Were' that brew: the magic token— ' potent beer; Then: that word should soon be spoken C|ver here. But .those frantic demonstrations df ailacfc of clotihes and rations In those beer-l?efuddled nations— Whoops, my. dear! ; . . ; i • i| —Strickland Gillilan. lola; Music hlub Pro"gram is Postponed The lola • music! club program which was to haire been.'held tomor- rowjhaa been' postpioned until Tuesday! •^^ahuary' 24 it was announced by Mrs. L. W. S mhions today. • • •> Looinis-Foster Mr. Everkt. W. Loomis and Miss Doft)thy Hazel Ifoster were united .in marriage, with the ring ceremony at 2 p. m. Sunday, January 8, 1933, "i ^t thie home of the bride's parents, Mri and Mrs..P. |w|Fbster, who live lOLA, KANSAS^ This was the scene as Calvin CooUdge, thirtieth president of the United S.ates was buried beside his father and his son ih the small cemetery, near Ills birthplace at Plymouth, Vt. While a sleety rain feU, the body of Vermont's distinguished son was returned to its soil. Only members of his famUy, official representatives of the government and close friends were clustered about the CooUdge family plot as the burial service was read. Mrs. Coolidge was protected from-the sleety wind by umbrellas and a canvas windbreak. Joint Installation Services Held Friday for I. O. O. F. and Re- ixikali Lodges. • LAHARPE. Kas.. Jan. 9.—Miss Miargaret Maxam, Selma, Kas., spent jthe week-end at the home of her aunt and uncle,~ Mr. and Mrs. John Walton, south of town. There will be a business meeting heldf at the Baptist chuiich Friday evening at "7:30 p. m. to elect officers for the coining year. Art Jennings and son, Buffalo. Kas., Were in town on business Satr urday afternoon. Mrs. Prank Welsh is improving rapidly after several weeks illness Mr. and Mrs. L. M.. Collins and two sons near Bronson. were in town on business Saturday afternoon. Bert Newland. Kansas City. Kas.. Was in town calling on business friends Saturday morning. Mr.. and- Mrs. J. i B. Knepp and Lawi'ence Means, lola, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Teague, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. lieaguo and Allan and Miss Mary Stewart were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stewart. • Mrs. Harold and baby hav- iriff been spending the past few da.vs with their parents and grandcar- ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bell. Mildred, and returned to their homs hpro Sunday with Harold Roush wjio spent the day in Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Caldwell N. E. HUMBOLDT (Mrs. J. W. Brothers.) Jan. 4.— Little Douglas Wayne Benson is ill ^^-ith ^lu. Mrs. Amanda Woods and Mt^ Hannali spent Thursday evening with Mrs., Brothers. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Adams visitad Mrs. Belle Adams and Lonnle Monday evening. Lynn Brothers returned to Lawrence Monday morning on the plug, after spending the Christmas vacation with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brothers. ; Richard Gcrken was absent from school Tuesday . on account of illness. Mrs. J. B. McClelian. Ina and Lloyd visited Mrs. John Means and Kathrj-n Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Belle Adams . and Loniie spent Sunday with Mr. and -Mrs. George Cullen. Mrs. Will Hess and Miss Annri and Miss Gladj-s Schovall called on Mrs. Will Brothers Friday afternoon. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Dotson and family of California, are visiting at the home of their nephew, M. A.. Sullens and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. B, McClella.n wire Chanute shoppers Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Belle Adams spent Tuesday with Mrs. Robert Hamm and family. D. A. • Wenuncr spent the weekend with his aunt, Mrs. O. L. elites and family of lola. Mr." and Mis., Karl Gerkin, Richard and Mrs. Clarp. Duv.c -Si,;-.) and daughter..Elaine. Parsons. K?is.. arrived Sunday for a visit with Mrs. j Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Caldwell's sister. Mrs. C. W. Gregory and Mr. Gregory. Igel and Elna. J. S. Brothers and Mrs. J. B. M c- Examlnations showed that L. E.! Clellan, Ina= and Lloyd Isnent • S;in-. ENTERPRISE Jan. 4.—Those enjoying dinner at _ 'the Earl Farrell|home in Carpen- on'a'farmneaij Carlyle,'with the ter District Sunday, are Mr. and Rev. N. L. Vezie' of Tola officiating. Mrs. Elmer Peck, Dean and Clay- i Miss Grace Cornell acted as brides- ton Peck, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Pres- m£dd to the bride and Mr. Benjamin ton and daughter. Mildred, Mr. and Foster, brother of the bride, acted as , Mrs. Frank Preston and children. best man to the bridegroom. Frances Mae and Lee, and Marjorie •The bride wore k dress of blue Bariiliart. crepe and carried k lovely bouquet Kenneth Ling, son of Mr. and oft cream and pinki roses. She was Mrs. Alto Ling, north of Piqua, was a graduate of the lola high; school kicked Friday morning by a horse, with the clais of 1^30, and at pres- his skull being injured quite badly, ways taken an active part In the He was at the Nora Ling home un- work of the community and at pres- til Monday when he was taken -exit Is treasurer of ihe Allen Cotmty home. Those calling to see him 4^ club. _ The groom is an ! while he was at his grandmother's hdustrious young : were. Rev. L. A. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. man who has always j lived in- Car- j Alden Peck and chUdren, Mrs. Roy lyle. He graduateti from the , lola i Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Butter- high school with the class of 1928 field and family, apd from the lola junior college { jtr. and Mrs. Eugene Fisk called -With, the class of 1930; And at pres- j Sunday afternoon at the O. G. But- ent is assisting his^ mother with the terfield home %°oS X 'r tKr ^^ony Mr. ^TecT''' '''''' ^'^^^ and Mrs. Loomis!left for a short i , ' , Lloyd Baxley spent Tuesday in SISTER yVlARY'S ' honeymoon trip. T^ey expect to stop •aS Lawrence and then go on to Kansas City, Mo. ijhey will return, '"^^'^"'B' Bartlesv'iUe, Okla., at an M. W. A. Wednesday to thbir i many friends aind theii- home thlat the groom has prepared for his bridei in Carlyle. •niose who witnessed the ceremony were: Mrs. Elizabeth Loomis, _Mr. and Mrs.' F. W. Poster. Mr. C. G. I^mdles, Mr. and Mrs. Harold White, Mr. Robert Williiam Foster, Mr. Henry Loomis, Miss Erma Loomis, Mr. Glenn Cecil Randies, and Mrs. Madeline Ciirningham. i The remains of| the'"Peking man" dug up by archa(jologists represents : the people who lived at the eastern i Tuesday evening at the Elmer Peck Mrs. E. L. Bamhart is able to sit up this week. - Mr. and Mrs. Roy IJenny of Lincoln. Mo:, spent Wednesday at the E. L. Bamhart home. Mr. and Mrs.L. J. Baxley, / Sam Baxley and Robert spent Sunday at the Barney MeCabe home m Carlyle. S. T. Baxley who has been sick is up and around now. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beam and small son, who are here lositing friends and relatives, ate supper end of the pid World at the beginning of the" pleistocene period— 250,000 years ago .j home. Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Burton spent Sunday at the Bert Btuton home. HORIZOXTAL 1 In Rui«la. a - - council. 8 Map, 10 -GulUr I 14 nnthuslasiH.' ID iloiatlnsr wheel. '; leoinzed clay block 17 Muli'atctI- . 19 Capital of ~ Venezuela. 31 Tlavinp iocs turn iiuvavd, 22To po. j S3 Biidie slrapJ SftThe kneepan. 25 Network j 54 Slu.eplslinoss. 2CFoie ;irui boiie. 56 Remedy for 29 regoda. | jaundice. 31 lieavcnly 57 Male of red - boily ^ deer. :<5E!:gs of fishes. 5s^erf. 30 Cot i 60 I'ncomnion. aZKra. . 61 Stylish. 38 Short letter. Answer to ft'cvions Puzzle "40 Icy rain. -42 To goad. ' 43 Back of neck. 45 Caterpillar hair 4" Oily hydrocarbon 62 Small iKrring. 63 Exclamation of sorrow. •\'ERTIC.\L 1 Half. 2 Tartaric type of lancers (variant) 3 To stammer. 4 Capital of Turkey. 5 Opposed to debit. (i Mortar tray 7 Preposition of 51 Kur :;;;!)i place. . nioiintain?. S Mythical bird. 52Ila:ijn coins. 3 Merchant. .^>3 "War '.Worn. iO Stirrup bone 55Vu:y hinli ]<i .Shelter. ' 2(1 To .soak nax. 2.1 (I'rand. 2 ,'i Iiitciprpts. 2r. c-rree pot. ^amo. 2,'i Mesliof lace. .•JOTiny. .';2 Sailor .'Jo Since. :u Scarlet. ."I!) Pep •10 Mixture pro- 111! ted in snieltlns. 41 Triplet 42 Saucerlike vot-.sel 4! ."^ociai insect. iOChildl i 47 Utensil chekt. 4S;Unt::. 49 Avciiice. BY] SISTER MARY NEA Ser^dce Writer COME oi the dishes- of old New England have been handed down from generation to generation. Boston baked beans at Sat^ urday's supper and codfish cakes on Sunday morning is the old- fashioned rule still observed by many New England housewives. Economical and nourishing, such meals are particularly, adapted for winter use when hearty fare is. wanted. Boston Bnkrd Beans ' Two cups pea beans, pound salt pork, 2 teaspoons sail. 1 tablespoon molasses, 1 tablespoon brown sugj r, 1 teaspoon ground mustard, \i teaspoon pepper, ' 1 small onior, 1 cup boiling water. Pick ovei and wash beans. Cover with col i water and let stand overnight, jln the morning drain, cover with fresh watpr and bring slowly to tiie boiling point. Simmer five minutes, drain and rinse ||smootli. J)i>solvo soda in 1 tea- in cold water. In the bean pot put |f;poon cold waior and .stir into bat- a thin slice of Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Stewed dried pearhcs, cereal, crc'am, crisp toast, baked codfisli cakes, milk, coifec. LUXCllKOX: Ham and ."^pinacli soufllc, baked potatoes, canned cliorrics, suick- erdoodles, milk, tea. DI.WNKR: Boston baked beans, stewed tomatoes. Boston brown bread. chl)baKe and carrot s.nlad, l).Tked apple dumi )liMS .i Willi niillc, milk, coli'ce. DEWITT Jan. 6.—Mrs. N. Bennett, Julia and Clifford were dinner guests at the Robert Bennett home New Year's day. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Slrack and family were afternoon visitors. Miss Marie Reedy called at the Leo Fredrick home Saturday morning. Several families in the neighbor- Roush had two broken bones on his left hand which he injured week while working on the road, Mr. Roush is recovering as well as could be exnected. . " H. V. Troxell made a busin ^.ss tri 'i to Kansas City Sunday evening. Miss Lois Barker and Miss Julija Livingston were guests Friday nnd Saturday of their coUsin, Miss Nell Lewman in lola and attended the lola-Chanute basketball game in Chanute]Friday evening. Mr. Binge, Nevada, Mo., was in town ca:lllng on business friends Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Long, lola, were guests Simday of Mr, and Mrs. E. B. Hutchinson. Joint 'installation services wer- held by the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah lodges P^iday evening, after -th? rrffulnr Rebekah m=etiiig. Edith Johnson and Guy Tredway presi- c'crit ond Grand Master were the installation officers and Lutie L'' hood are havine a siege of the flu. Mrs. Strack. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wrestler called at the Harry Conklin home Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Strack spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs; Robert Bennett and children. The many friends of the Ostran- grand marshals. Due to the lllns of Lennie 0 --rn rin r-'^". grand was installed. Nolle jBurtch- r't mn>: ir^it^llpd vice -:ri'H>i ''i lithe Rebekah's and Max M^C'.'.i'e- IS noble grand with Jim Moore as •.-^ce-srand for the Oddfellows. Other Officers installed were MerdaT. "Boston brown" was made without tliera. Boston Brown Bread One cup graham finur, 1 ^cup pranuhited cornmcal, 1 cup , , uie i^:,i,fHu- Q jj Hart;ley, Hammel, TroxeP, der family were sorry to learn of ^^^^ ^^ore. Roy Brock, Frank the death, of Mrs. Frank Ostrander g ^^^j^y Q^^^. p^j^g ^has. S""i- which occurred at her home Tttes- ^^'Irville. Lutie Livingston and the day afternoon at .4 p clock. She had j^j^^gg ^^^^ Clark. Madeline Lim-s.. Other I. O.i O. P. officers were day with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brothers and Lynn. \ Mrs. Eliner-'Griffith and Misi Gladys visiteti T/fi-s. W. L. Wemmer Tuesday afternoon. You probably have something you want to sell r^nd the best way to let the people know, about it is through Register Classifiet^ Ads. Schuyler, Neb.—Last September the Colfax coimty commissioner.^ passed a resolution sanctioning the burning of. corn in homes, schools, and public buildings,: but " they've. changed their minds.: • They fotaid it. more economical? to bum $6.2fi coal than; $8 com. instead of burning the fruits of; a summer's toil,. farmers have turned to the wo (3ded areas of Shell creek and the Platte river for fuel. •• It May Warn of Ki4ne7 or Bladder Ittegularities : A persistent backache, with" bladdfer irregularities and, a tirid, nervous, depressed- feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder con.-; ditioij. Users everywhere rely: on Dpan's Pills. Praised for. morel'than 50 years by grateful- L users the county oyer. Sold by-, druggists. been in. poor health for years but her last illness several lasted Messrs. Hez Ward. Mjrie-,-.' abo«M«n weeks. Mrs. Ostrandcr was league. Burtchett and Troxell. Mi^ 54 years old and is sur\aved by her g^^^ Barker was chosen pianist, husband, seven children. Mrs. Hattie ^ gf^jai time was held after the meal. 1ti>:isi)oo:is salt, cUp molasses. 2 U ; teaspoons soda, '2 cups sour niilli. Mi.\' rye nual. cornmeal and craham fioiir with .'^alt. Add milk and molasses and mix until the salt pork and jiter. beatin,!,' Iiard for al)Otit :;0 soc- place the onion, peeled, ;but not cut,'on the. pork. Pour over hall' the beans. Cut rind tliroiiijh every half inch, liiakingr cuts one inch deep, of renuiininK pork.and put on top of tire beans. Add remaining beans, leaving rind exposed. Mix salt, pepper. suRar, molasso.s and mustard with boiling water and pour over l)eans. .-^dd fnore hoilin.c water to cover. Cover (leau pot and bake in a slow- oven I'iir six hours, removin!; < ov- ^inds. Turn into v«?ll buttered !molds and steam three and one- half lioiii '.s. Tlieii [lilt into a mod-- erate ovn- :'or ininufes,. I )i) not fill molds ; nloi-j than two-thirds full and lasien covers securely. Otherwise the Ijiead in rising niLulit force- off ihe covej'. , For sleamiiiK imt tli</in (Jld on a Irivet or an.v form or standard, such as an invcited pie pan that w'ijl el'vai.' the mold about an inch from llie liotlom of the kot- p^r the last hour of l)akini; in allow j tie. Add boilin;; Water to come the rind of the pork to become ' up htilf way around the mold, cov- l)rown and: crisp. Serve from beaiijei' clnsel.v and st.ani. addiim; more pot. IwaliT as ii< edi'd.One pound bak- lioston brown breatl always Is |nw powd"f I IO.M-;; ni:iU.> attractive steamed rather than haked. Uai-:sliaiied hiav.--.Or a live-po)ind lard sins may l)e added to salt tlir-jiiail lan be used if regulatlott modciii taste, hut Ihe oriuinal' molds are Hot at hand- of the ear. 11 Size of type.' 12 -Wine-like- 13 Examination. nmunton. 5GIii:slo plant. 5& Measure ol ,aie;t. PRAIRIE HALL Jan. 5.—Our sch(}ol began again Monday, after. the week's holidays with about all the pupils in school. Our high school students all returned to their school work In La- Harpe and we are hoping they will not have to quit for the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and children returned to their home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last Simday after several days' visit with Mr. Johnson's sister, Mrs. Elmer Hayden and Mr. Hayden and David. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Myers, Mildred, and Grandma Myers. LaHarpe, ate New Y^ear's dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers, Prairie Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lucas, Prairie Hall, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last Sunday and had as their guests,-Mr., and Mrs. G. N. Lucas. Mapleton, whose eigh- tleenth wedding amdversary it was, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gillham, Bayard, who celebrated their fourth anniversary. Other guests were; Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Stanford, Allen Center, and Mr. Gregg Wolz, Blue Mound. These anniversaries were all December 31, but celebrated January 1. lioise Tippie is shucking corn for Mr. W. C. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Baker, Prailrie Hall, entertained Mis. Baker^ father, Mt. Archie Samuels and his new bride, Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a few days. They returned to their home last Tuesday. The T. E. Stewart family and Mother Jones have been quite sick \iith the flu but are better at this writing. Mrs. Robert Stewart and mother. Hre. Keiley, Prairie Hall, spent Tuesday with their aunt and sister, Mrs. Jim McKaughan, north of La­ Harpe. Mrs. Keiley stayed over night with her sister. Mr. and Mrs- Frank Myers visited Wednesday aftemomi with the Roy Bdwatdsl family. Pleasant Prai­ rie, and with Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Llneback and babies,Oklahoma City, ho spent the Christmas holidays here with their parents and other relatives and friends. , We' are all sorry our mail carrier Mr. Kester, has had an attack of flu and been unable to go his route for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cox. Oklahoma. Mrs. J. R. Stewart, lola. spent Monday and "Tuesday at the Robert Stewart home. --RRAIRIE CENTER Mr. and Mrs...Fred Moore and children spent Sunday afternoon at the Frank Siever's .home. Mrs. J. Sievers and' Mrs. Albert Pieper and children spent Friday with MIS. Frank Sievers and Bernice. Frances Sievers spent Saturday night and Sunday with Robert Pei-^ per in Humbcidt. . i Mrs. M. E. Bamett. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn. Earnett and children spent Sunday at the Bob Bamett home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wolf and 1am- ilv were dinner guests at the Gus Wolf home Monday. Miss Sadie Benson called 'on Mrs. Gus Wolf Saturday morning. Mrs. John Elbsori and children spent Friday afternoon with her mother Mrs. Chas. Feeney. Mrs. Dan Sullivan and Jerry spent Tuesd?-y with Mrs. Wm. Feeney. • Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Feeney called at the John' Ellison home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Prank Ostrander passed away at .4 p. m. Tuesday, January 3j at her home in Humboldt. Mrs. Ostrander was a resident of this district for a number of years and the relatives have the sjTnpathy of the entire com.munity in their sad bereavement. Collison. Mrs. Thelma Cress. Glenn, business meeting., i Cllne. 'Vernon. . Raymond, and -' - yy- I Charles Ostrander, her mother, Mrs. D. A. Hutchin -^nn on- hrr >>"^"r V '?l- lace Ziegler, all living in-the vicinity, one sister. Mrs. Ben Foberds. Chanute, and nine grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Assembly of God church in Humboldt Thursday afternoon: Burial was in the Ellison cemetery. We extend our deepest sympathy to the Eonxiwing ones. Mrs. O. Michael and Helen spent Monday with Mrs. Leo Fredrick. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lytle called at the J. A. cress home Monday afternoon. Harry Conklin called at the Everett Wrestler home Wednesday evening. Mr. Wrestler has been sick with the flu. , Mrs. Henry Strack .spent a few days last week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Howell, in Chanute. Mrs. Herman Crawford called on Mrs. Robert Bennett Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. David Bryan and Mrs. Charlie Tice. Wise district, railed at the Ross hoine Tliursday morning and attended the funeral of Mrs. Ostrander in the afternoon. Mrs. Emcst Jesse and Arlene called on Mrs. M. L. Kirby Friday afternoon. Visitors at the J. A. Cress home Nbw Year's day were, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baker and Doroihy Mae, LaHarpe, Mr. and Mrs, Ross Cress and Shirley, and Miss Fem Tomlinson. Raymond Engle. Chanute, is helping Harry Conltlin shuck com. Tile pupils are taking their bimonthly examinations this week. The W. W. club met with Mrs. Les Womack Wednesday afternoon with 12 members present. The election of officers fesulted as follows: Mrs. Glen, Strack, president; Mrs. Les 'Womack, vice-president; Mrs. I. O. Barnard, treasurer; Miss Zetta Scafe. secretary. Miss Blanche Womack's name was presented to be voted upon at the next meeting. After the business meeting refreshments were served to the following members: Mesdames Ben Brown. Ben Ellis. Ed Bruenger. I. O. Barnard. Rufus Barnard. Will Krueger, Robert Bennett, Henry Strack. Glen Strack. Miss Zetta Scafe. the truest Miss Blanche Womack, and the hostess Mrs. Les Womack. The nex-t meeting iwill be with Mrs. Will Krueger January 18. While the Weather Is so Nice... WOULDN'T IT EE A GOOD IDEA TO STOP IN AT LAYLE'S AND SEE THEIR NEW ASSORTMENT 01^ BUIGE—MAXWELL—MAYFLOWER—PEACOCK Selections Recommended By Good Housekeeping: PAINT—WALL PAPER—SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT COOK'S DRUG STORE J. C. PENNEY CO.''c new Cott0m Froclts Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use the Classified columns!- ' ONE CENT A DAY PAYS JJP TO SlOO A MONTH The postal Life & Ca.sualtv Insu-- ance Co., 7082 Dierte Building, Kansas Ci^y, Mo., is offering a new accident-policy that pays up to $l00 a mciith for 24 months for disability and SI.000.00 for deaths—costs less than Ic a day—$3.50 a year. More than 150 ,000 have already bought this policy. Men, women and children ehgible. Send , no money. Simply send name, address, age. beneficiary's; name and- relationship and they Tsill send this policy on 10 days' FREE Inspection. No examination Is required. This offer is limited, .so write them today. SPRING Styles to charm— peppy 'teen ages! chic young women! smart older women! Frills and gay young prints. Tailored styles. Broadcloth accents. ComfortabJe NEW short; sleeves. Simply everything — including PLENTY or quality! "AVENUE" VAT DYED FAST SMART COLOR PRINTS Another for every dress that fades! REGULAR and EXTRA Sizes J.C.PE mmmm

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