Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1927
Page 5
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ESbAY. OI^CEMBEiR e iBy Tht Aatoitatea fvcssi ProEramj m Central (standard :tlrae. All lime 18'p. M. mleu otli«rwiTC tn- dicated. Wave length* on left of call •letters, kilocycles on richt. ' < .272.6—WPQ Atlantic aty— 1100 $':00-^onccrt t^:00—Auction 'Bridge Gaines . "'- 9:30—Orchestra- '•'285i—WBAL Baltimore—1050 HB:3iP-MaiC Quartet • 7:09—Strambcrg-Carlson Hour *:00—AVBAl--Cftacmblo S.-OO-^Dancc Orchestra i 365.«-:WEEl Ootton—820 «:30-rThe PllBrtm? 8:00—KvcriTeady Hour. 9^00—Auction lirldee Games ^ 4Si;3—WNAC B'oBton—650 SiiOrr^Icarde Chtfs 7:00—Jersey Jicc-Jaccs 7:10—Op'ry House Tonlpht *:00—Perley Stevens Orchestra 302.8—WGR Buffa 10-^90 7:30—Scaly Air Weavers ' •-'•S:0lt—Eveready Hour-. 9:00—Auction BridKe Games Si-IO—The Cavalcade 1545 .1—WMAK Buffalo—550 i ' 7:00—Beechnut Progrnm 7:no—Shea's Uuffalo Theater 8:.-!0—Old Fashioned Dance Miislc 9:15—Radio-Movie CItib . 535.4—WTIC Hartford— 5 «0 3:30—Howard Radio Hour •I:M—Symphonic Kneemble 5:20—Weymauih Lepion Band 422.3-r-WOR Newar^—710 • S:50—Holel Shelton Efrisembl^ .6;~0-—Commodore Dance Orchestra , * Klizflbeth Elks Glee Club ; 8:00—Choir Invisible f 9:10—Roy Duffleld. tenor 49-1.5— WEAF -New York—610 6:30-i-Sanka Affer-Dlnner Music 7:00-!r^ -.Moments tn History 7:30—Sealy Air Weavers , 8:00—Evdryready Hour. -9:00—Aactlon Brldce Games D:30—National Gaieties 10:3Or^anssen's Hofbrau Orchestra J *54.3—WJZ Nerw ,Vork—€60 - 5:00—iHotel Manser OrcltMlxJi 6:30—Cook's Travelogue 7:00—Strombcrs-Carlson Hour I .S:Op-^The Contiiientals . 9:00—Tr'aVers arid Bcnda 10:0p—Slumber Music-. "405i2—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 7:00—Grev Moments in History T:30—Sealy Air Weavers - 8:00—Eveready tlour 9:00—Auction Prldce Games 9:30-The Cavalcade . 315.6—KDKA PittsburBh—950 < 5:00—Btrlnirwood Ensemble 7:00—XironibcrR-pirisoJi Hour . . 8:00—The Continentals , 487.6—WJAR Providence—620 8:00—Evcryready Hour 9:00—Auction Hridije Games 277.6—WHAFi/I l1oche»ter—1080 6:43—Hotel Ten Eyck Orchestra .7:00—St rombdrsr-Cnrlf-on .Hour ..«:00—"The Cohtincnuils 10:05—J. Gordon ]5ald\<-in. orRnn . -379.&—WGY Schenectady—790 7:30—Sealy Air Wcijcrs 8:00—E\-eno.-iayHoiir; . > 9:00—Aitctjon Iiridco Games 9:30—T(ho Cavalcade . - , ' 333.1—WBZ Sprinflfield-i-900 , • S:10-iHbrt Polan'.s Orchcetra 7:00-rStronlbtrK..C.-iriKon Hour . S:no_;Tho C";itincntals 9:00-<:hct KrOst's Bostonlatis , .356.9-^KCL Toronto—840 6:00—Popular Music *:')0—Dance Ori-hCftra 9:00—Musical Projrram ' 468.5—WRC Washlnnton-640 7:00—Great Moments In History 7:20—.Scaly:Air Weavers 8:00—Kvcrcady Hour 9:00-^Auctlon EridKO Games •3:30-;-Th(> Cavalcade .' .i 516.9^WTAG Worcester—580 ^ 6:30—Studio Procram 8:00—The Daklnftfs • . 9:00—Auction Brtdffo Games . SOUTHERN 86S .^WEBH-WJJO Chicago 6:00—Psimcr House Orchestra 7:00—i-Mjfewater Beach Orchestrm 8:U0-—Tlvoli Theater Protrram 8:30r—Children's Prberkm Moooe- heart | . 11:00*-rPalmer House. ProBTam 4.16.4—WGN-Vyt^lB. Chicago—720 a :0O-^Rveready Hour 0:00—Br»d(TC l>ewon 9:30—l»hant<iim Violin T li:O0—The Hoodluins ii , 344.6—WVLS Chicago—870 ' i 6:40—CollCBfl Inn Orchewm < 7:30—Pcraottklitles in Music ' 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago-^0 6:00—J^hlcapo Theater Qrean', 6:30—Dinner Conct;rt i' 8:13—Hamilton: Club Chorus .- ' , 9:4j—Stevens Hotel Orchestra' i ' r. r ' -361.2-WSAI Cincinnati-830 8:00—Everyroady Hour' 9:00—Auction Bridge Game 10:30—Ray Miller Orchestrm 428.3—Wt.W CincltaatI— TOO 6:00—Bandbox Boys ! 7:15—Crosley Quintet 9:00—Henry Thlcs* OrehestT* 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—TM 7:30—Scaly Air Wcivers . J* S:OP—Everyready Hour 'ft .i:flO—Auction liridite Guriies / j 9:30—The Cavalcsde '/ 545.1—WFAA Dallas—650 f 7:00—Great .Moments In History * T::iii—.Sr.ily Air Weavers > , 9:00—Musical Prosram / 374.8— woe Davenport—800 t 7:00—Pbur Percent Boys' 8:00—Eveready Hour ' • J- 9:00—.^TTctlon Bridge Games f 9:30—Cornell College Program f 535.4—WHO Des Moines—560 j 8:00—I>eryre.adT Hour • ;t:00—Auction Bridge Games <- t 9:30—The Cavalrade J| 10:30—Janssen's Hofbrau Orchestra ^ 440.9—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 C:30—The Dreamers 7:00-.Strontlierg-Carlson Hour S:n<)_Manuel Cigar Girls •Si'jO—li.-<l Apple Club r-' hours) 352.7—WWJ Detroit—890 / 7:00—Great Moftients In History 7:30—Stalv-Air Weavers S:00—Kvcroady Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge Games 9:30—The Cavalciido i 499.7—W BAP Fort Worth—600 6:00—"The S'-vcn Ages 0:30—Bob Swoenc.v, baritone «:00—Universal,Mills Program 361.2—WOS Jefferson City—«30 8:lii—Vociilonal Radio School • 370 .5— WDAF Kansas Clty-^10 7:30—."^.-sily Air Weavers S:iJ0—li\-<-rpady Hour 9:00—Aurtlim Bridge Games 9:30—Kolgcr's .Serenade 405.2—WCCO Mlnneapollt -e -t. Paul—740 7:60—Minneapolis Association 8:00—Kvcri'ndy Jlour / 9:00—Aiicll'in Bridgo Games ,f 9:30—The Tnislodl.Tns 608.2—WOW Omaha—590 0;)'.0—Randall's ' Pontcnelic Orchestra S:00—Gcorgo H. Program 9>00—Auction liridt'e Games 9:30—The Cavalcado / 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 8:30—Cebhnrdt'Mexican Players 645.1-KSD St. i-ouis-550 7:00—Girat Momenta In HlstorT ^ • Wr.avers' j- i^y. Hour / f f r L.i\ PC?;- Vocal . 896.9—WWNC Ashev,lie—1010 8:00^—Keniiworth Orclu.-i;:i 9:00—Bridge Game 475:9—VySB Atlanta—€306:15—Rudy Bro»-ji Ori -lifsira 8:00—Evcrvroady ll .iui 9:0P—Auction Briili;.- Hiinio 384.4—KTHS Hot Sorings—780 S:00—.\uctlon-Bridge fJ;inic3 9;30^.Parfce Frolic 8?6.»—WJAX Jacksonville—890 6:0jl—Florid.! Tl ^i -at-r I'rn.sjram 7:00—Dinner Mus -e 8:00—^Danco JIusic 322.4—WHAS l-ouisvilte—930 • 7:30—Kentucky llofl Orchestra .. S:00—Everoady Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge Games ^516.9—WMC Memphis—580 • 8:00'—Ever>'readyi Hour . 9:00—Auction liridfc «.;.•» mes 340.7—WSM NJashviile-KO 8:00—Kver.nilv Il'.nr »:00—Au. B. Games 10:00—Studio rni ^r:iiii , CENTRAL ; 526—KYW Chicago—570 1 7:00—Stromberp-i 'iir;- III Orchestra 8:00—The Cohtiiu iit;.'-. . 9:00-s-Congr''«.s (.Mri.nril 10:30—llaiiip's i.'er ..n :i.u-r.i •1 10:30—; 7:30—Scaly Air R:00—Evcryrt-ail. 9:00—Auction Bridge Game 9:30— n .TdIo CavalcadB • 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—«60 7:00—Univ. of TuIsB Concert 7:.10—Soaly Air Weavers S:nn—I'olar Hour 9:00-Mario M.' Hine. organ 344.8—WCBD Zion—870 S:00—Organ, Mixed Quartet, Trio, irirc Trio 325.9—KOA Deriv«r-*M 7:-n_r!rown -Palace Hotel Orchestra S;30—F.nti>i •Question Box '.1:00—Anrtio'^i BrIdRO I^s.<!on 'j:30-|-Erncst I^omls Orchestra j^. -WESTERN ; 468.S—KFI Los Anpeles—«40 :00—>'Irc Department Orchestra ".uctlon Bridgo Games ,JrcrKUf >' :00—N. U. C. Program 336.9—KNX Los Angeles—890 1 :00—Blltmoro Hotel Orchestra :00—Clilneso Theater ::00^'ocoanut Grove Orchestra . 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 :30—Auction Bridge Games :00—Evercady Hour '• »\ :D0—r.ctold Talcs . U' 508.2—KLX Oakland—590 :30—Dinner" Concert ;00—Variety Hour • ' ' 491.5—KGW Portland—610 ••/. 1:00—Scalv ^m Program . • : 1 :30—Auction Bridge Games .•.'!; :00—Evercady Hour :00—Retold Tales 454.3—KFRC San Francisco—600 :00—Shell Serenaders :U0—D.inco Orchestra (3 hours), 422.3—KPO San Francisco—710 :00—Gyr.''.v. Marta. harmony "duo :30—Auction Bridge Games :00—N. B. C. Program 447.5—KFOA Seattle—670 :30T-Auctlon Bridge Games ' :nfl—liveroady Hour :00—X. B. C. Program 370.2 >-KHa Spokane— 8ta • :S0—^Auction Bridge Oamea :00—N. B. C Program :00a—Merrlck'f Orchestra (2 hrs.) 10 11 12 10 11 1 8 10 16 10 11 1 10 11 10 10 11 10 ,12 1 IS HEAVY m Early " Irregularity ; o n Wall Street Sehds . Prices Down York. DpV-. .••). (.A.Pl--Early IrrpRuIarity In toilay's .stock m'jr- ki t gavp way to a period of hea>1- ncss which was featuretl .by'tlip wide-spread llqiiitlation of tlieoil shares. SelliuB was for Iwth ac- roiints and Influenced, in-part, b.v roinmi.'-sion advi.c^.s sugge,st-> iug' a lighteninK of long accounts in some of the recently strong in- du.sfrial.'v and specialties. Trading showed a niark(?d railing off ia volume.. , ! NEWSNOTES OFGASCin >en (inraire BuiU on Ju,hii .Vnrtin l'n»|wrtjr- Frank Kesmo Hell In (Jinernment Hospitsil.' ^Yheat Market Down. Chicago, .Dec. S. (API —Profit taking sales w'ere the order, of the day ill wheat here today, and with relative weakness of LlverAool (luotations. the market went dciwn grade. Favorable weather for i'lhe' harvest in Argentina was reported and European demand for. wheat from North America, wa.s sIo\Y> Willi increased pre.^surt'. of newj Argentine grain abroad e.vldent! The United States >1slble nu ^iply dfcreused Sl.OOO bushclH, but the total is ni ,0 .'i6 .000 bn.sheis,.against 70,722,000 bushels last years. Kitnsus Clly rriHlncr. Kansas City, .Mo.. Dec. ."). (AI') — Uiiiter: C'rctimery .lie; in large (luanlitles. ifn-; packing ^Oc.. KegFi^Firkls 42c: rfcconds 2nc: candled current receipts S7c. Muttcrfat: 44c;: premium extra, quality ;!c. Poultry: Heavy hens 20c: lichl liens 14c:_ springs "17(v l<) 21c: roosters lOc to 14c: duhks i:!c tn 16c: geese 1^: turkey.s 26c to 'iac. h'. IIiiv Hv I'. S. (iriides. Kansas City. Dec. r.. (AIM —IT. S. Dept. of .Vgricultiire.l—Hay unchanged. KEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT IMlie l.Ine Compan}- Equips Tanks M IISi Kloatlnif KoofM, Adding Kconomy and ColiTen- lenw A m Well. HIT.MBOLDT. DEC. 4.—A! force of workmen has been brought here (.Mrs. A. P. Holten.) , Mis. Lydia .McD<i:iaid will leave eoon for -Qie east where she will take charge of a music department. Mr. and ilrs. FJdward Russell nio- toreii to Cljanute Friday to do some repali^ing on their property there. Quite a number from here went over to lola Thuiisday evening to see Santa (^laus. .MrsfrJeniiie Tiprple and daughter. Opal. speiH Tlianksgiving at the home'of .Mrs. Lily Moorte of Mil- dretl. : .Mr. Sa\'age went over to Nevada.' .Mo.,f Saturday for the purpose of helpiiv; his brother. John, move. He; is moving jtd Gas. \K6 are glad to reijort those on the sick-list all tmprqvfng. .Master QeOrgia May is xuM back in school :,after being absent on account orsickneii^. Frank Kesmo Del who has been in the government hospital the last, three weeks and has had a .severe operation, is getting along fairly well. Mr. and .Mrs. Earl .Moore and AatoBobllM For 8ale OAKLA.VD — I^aler.s—PONTIAC '26 Tontiac coach: '28 Pohtiac coach, like new: '24 Oak'-iuid sport touring, Ifke new; '2.'i Buick light six touring, fine shape: '2it Ford coirpe; Ford 4 -door sedan, excellent shape, cheap: Ford roadster, box on rear: '2.'! Chevrolet coupe: '25 Chevrolet touring: '24 Dodge tc^iring. good. Several otiter cheaper used cars... Cash, terms or trade. Hobart Motor Co. YOL"NC MEN—With or without car; also -boy. Call "before 9 or after •"> at 111 West Broadwa:,r. Sitnations Wasted—Male - 37 FUCrH SCHOOL BOY—Wants vork of any kind after school and on Satunrays: • experienced grocery clferk. ' AtMi-ess: "Boy." Register,' or phone .=i67. ^ 192:-. FORD ("OUPE—Extra gootl, balloon tire.<>, $22,'>. Will sell on time or trade for anything.- Boyer Motor Co.. 212 S. Jeff. Phone 23. .MARRIED .MAS—Wants K«'t.eral farm work by the year. New ^'pe- j -writer for sale. $!.->. Phone South ' fias fJarage. Peter C. Andeiaou. 'R. 3. lola. recently by the Prairie" pipe line Kieantyr of El.smore, were Sunday company to build and iDHtalli new roofs for the oil tanks at the Prairie tank fiA-ni here. The construe-lion work for this development was started last week. The roof to be used is a new type, the "floating rw>f,'' which derives its name from I the'fact that-the roof floats'upon ijthe volume of of! within thf tank. This new type of roof has been jftiiind to iio;!Hess decided advantages over the old type both a-s- to Cponbmy and convenience. The dvvelopmcht will add to the value and efliciency o fthc tank farm, and will bring a number of worltnten to this city for an extqnclcd period of time. , . The funeral of .Mrs. C'liristianu Sauor WH^ held at the Methodist Kiinsns City liar. ' '''Piscopnl churc^h this afternoon at • Al')—H .TV two o'clock, with the Rev. O. L ' • '.irti.n. D. li., officiating. Mrs. Sauer died last Friday at the Johnson hospital at Chanute after a niajor operation performed there .Mrs. SaiK^r ha.s been a Resident of Kans;i.'« City. Dc unchaiiRrd: 13!) cars. Tinuithv. .\"n. 1. ?12<firI3: Standard. jilKf.- n -..'.it: No. 2. $9 .r .0f( iO..'o: .NO. :!. $S (r »;i: I'rairie. No. 1, $10fjl2: .N.?. 2,- $.Sfr: 9..-.n: No.- ::. $fiff/7..''.o: 1 Alfalfa, clioicc $2irfi22: .No. 1.'Slilfi 2tl.r,(i: standard. $17..'.0(i/lS..-,n; .No. 2. %U (dr.: .No. 3. .«lif/13 .r.'i: Clover mixed, light. No. 1. .$10..-i(ifill: No. 2. evening callers at the home of Mrs. Jcnnio Tipple. / Mrs. Hugh Spafford of Chanufo wa.s a Sunday visitor at the homo of her mother and sister, .Mrs. Jennie TipiJin' ami Opal. Cury Shafer.'who went to Kansas City lo have his injured eye treated Mas returned home .which we art^ glad I'o.ropnrt. John Martin of (!(dony has .been making sohio improvements on his property licrp by building a fine new' garajfc. , .Wireless telejjraph messages sent In facsimile form instead of by Morsft code to th>- most distant parts <;f the world, anil chargeil at .<n Jimrh per .square inch instead of |icr wonl. are forecasted for -the nojir fuluri- by <ine of the higli of the .Marconi iromnany. ' >ollces j lA K:iiisii <i I ity (•'niin. Kansas City. Dec. .5. (API — \Vhe:it: Receipt.t 2.72! ^(ars: unchanged to '-J cent lower: .\'6. 2 dark hard. $1.46f/l ..-.7 >i; , No.. 3, iioniiniilly Jl-nn-j/i..-.riVj: .No. - liard Jl.' .No. :;. $l.'.'7ffil.44: No. 2 red. nominally .Sl.41fri.44; No. 3 nominally-$1.36>i*S 1.41. Close: Detember $1 .2 .'!!^s; -May. Jl .27%. Corn: Receiifts 366 car.*: to I'a cents lower: .No. 2 white, iioini- nallv Nif. 3. ,si<...«fj S2>{!: .No. 2 vellow. .<.-.ii: .No. 3. .S3(fi.S4; -Vi. 2 mi.xed. S3''fiS3i..; No. 3, SOffi Close: DerimlM-r .S2; .Ma.v. SS-^h; July. 91^. Oats: Receipts !<i iars: umhaii^- I'd: .No. 2 white, nominal ,'i2 »,:.«i :•.-.: No. 3. T,?,\^i: •\\ Klsmo're For Sale. By action of the Trustees of the Jeddo Church, .'the Iniletl Bretliren Church ai Elsinorc is t(> lie .sold. Sealed \ bids are to <)e mailed to J. W. Tlfomas, R. 2. Humboldt. Kanst. Agy and all bids may bo rejected at the discretion of tho Trustees. , Bids arc to "be in b.v December'-10. 1927. Also bids on bell y'pparatc. • Stnir«d,; Lost, Foofld 10 STRAVED-i-Fj-om S. E. McGlnnis, one Jersev heifer, 3 .vears old. with horns. ; Piione 1470W. AUCTIONS .Milo mai'/.e: $1.37'(» l-.:!». Kafir: ll.31«il.33. Kve: 99^1-$1. Kiin>as <Hy Mtestork. Kansas Cil.v. Dec. n. (API — iV. S. Di?pt. of Agriculture).-Hogs S.OVJO: slow, around 10^ l.'>c lower than Friday's average; mostly to shippers: big- packers going slow; stock pigs stcadx-; top $8.j65 on 240 to 260 Ib.s.: (desirable 190 to 260 lbs.. ' Anctions lOA PUBLIC A CCTIO.V -Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Biahop 's Salgs Pavilion.' GRENNAN'S MARKET Corner East Xonroe aad Elm Sts. lOLA, KANSAS We Want Your Poultry, Eggs j " and Hides. AND OUK I'HONE NUMBflB IS 376 loIuS Produce House Since 1911. C. 0. COGHILL, Manager.. Humboldt for many year.s. and was ^ very well known. Her death is a = irxirKD BRETHltBN~clrUROH— .severe shock to her friends and ac- •- • oiialntanccs. as it was not known lliat her condition was critical. Dr. J. L. Parkhurst left today for Wiciiita, Kansas, wiiere lie will at- t'-ii dthe convention of dentists He will be tliere for several days. .Mr. and .Mrs. J. H.. .\rmel rer turned Friday night after a busi- iies-! anrl. pleasure trip ot a week's duration. Over a week ago Mr j\rniei was called to Springfield Illinois, on business. .Mrs-, .\riuel p.ccompanicil him as far as Kansas City. Kansas, where slie stopped wi.ih frieiiils until .Mr. .\riiiers ^-c- turn. jMr. and ,.Mcs. J. J. :\nii>H and .Mr aiAl .Mr.s. k. H., Leitzbach'returned lust night froiii a motor trip thru ] tile south. Their trip was quite exlensive including several states i ill (he soiitli fiioiii Tennessee to I .North Caroiintf.' 'riiey have been gone ;ibout ibrce »T?eks. ' Js.3r,(fi.S.60; 11(1 to 180 lbs.. $7.75f/-i .•i.-'.•>: p:ii-king sows. $6.7.5©7.G0: slock pigs >.S.0i>ii7 S.-'.O; 170 to 23(3 ll.s^ $8.2.iraS.6U. Cattle. IS.OOO; calves ."5.500; beef Htetjrs opening slow, steady; mos* bids, however on medium • short fed.s'weak in lower; she Htock ?en- erall.v steady; fairly broad outside .demand a supporting factdr: bulls fully steady; good to choice veal- ers .=;''!' lower: • -weighty calves ."tTBdy to t'nsier; stbckcrp and feeders i fairly active, steady to 15o higher: good 1252-lli. 'steers $14.50: bulk medium to good>xhort fe^s eligible to sell aronnd $11:00®'13.00; \\o».\y steers held above $17.00; pracjicaS veal t<jp $13.00; bulk stockers and feeders $e .OO@ll.SO. Sheep, 6,000; lamfbs .steady strong; sheep steady: top fed lambs .513.60; others ?1.3.25{i 13^.50; shorn yearlings 10a0(glO.2.'): sheep scarce: a' few sales ewes $5.50<?i ?.50. 'AUTOMOTIVE ABtoinobDe Aseneiefl A USEU) dte— 1> as dependable as the deal Ac who sells U-^^ Dodge Sales and-Service. The best place to buy gtMd, dependable used cars. At present we bavo a complete line of both open and closed models, priced to' sell. Bills Motor Co.. 214 WortB Washington AntoinobOes For Sale 11 ANOTHER- FORD SPEOIALr—1926 ' Ford cottije, $425.00. We buy, sell or trade. • Alexander Auto Sales fc Supply Co.. 20:f South Washington. ' Phone 388. 1924 BL'ICK ROADSTER — Fronty toj Ford: tuifor sedan; 1925 Ford cpupeV Cljrysler "f50" sedan: 1926 Ford roadster: 1926 Iford• Sedan. All are Jni good shqpe. W'e trade. Ross Arbnckle's Garage, Chrysler dealers, phone 56. . i BUD WHITE MOTOR COl. HUDSON ESSEX DEALERS— BUICK. 1924 Touring. ; DUICK. 1923 FOUR TOURING. CHRYSLER. 1926 ROADSTER. . DODGE. 1922 ROADSTER. • DODGE, 192.'. ROADSTER. ESSEX, 1927 COACH. ESSEX. 1927 Super Six Coupe. ESSIpX, 3 1926 COACHES. FORD. 2 1924 TOURINGS. •FORD. 1932 SEDA.N, CHEAP. FORD, 1923 ROADSTER. FORD, 1921 ROADSTER. •FORI). 1926 COUPE. FORD. 1923 COUPP:. FORD. 1926 TOURI.NO. HUDSO.N, 1927 Standard Sedan. IIUl>SON. 1927 COACH. JEWETT, 1924 Touring. OVERLAND, 192.=; COACH. OVERLA.ND, 1924 TOURI.NG. OVERLAND, 192.-. COb'I'E. PO.NTI.\C, 1927 COUPE. " . STUDEBAKER, 1924 Light Six Touring. Cash, Terms or Trade.. 219 S. WASH. PilONE 180 FIJIANCIAL Mtiney to Xoan-^5forfga;K-s 4il Auto Trucks For Sale 12 FORD TRUCK—For .s:iic with dump 'hf<^ Phone 141(j\V. _ _ Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts 1.1 USED PARTS—Ail kinds, tins, tubes, batteries, starters. I61a Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. WE ARE WRECKING—A '24 Ford sedan to ^sell the parts. We ar? installingia modern battery'charg­ er. Batteries called for and de- livoied. Smith'.s Garage. 424 North .street. „ BUSINESS SERVirE Dressmakfaic and .nilMnery 21 PLAIN SEWI.NG Y And coniCor. tacking wanted.. Phone 132.S\V. FAR.M AND; CITY LOANS -^Base rate on forins, 5 ';'Vcity 6 '/J. Long or short \ime, R. M. Cunningliam. FARM LOA.NS—Quick service-and • • reasonable rates. A. D. Ilaw" thornc.' IS'i West Madisou. i FARM AND CITY LOANS^At <;ur- rent rates. Liberal terms. Prf^mpt service'; Your business appreciated. Call on The ASlen County Investment Co.. Kelley Hotel Bldg., rola,, '' , MONEY TO LOA.N—On farms or city property. Lowest rate. Stewart & F«nk. MONEY. TO LOAN—On real estat-, repayable In small monthly pa;'- ments. These loan.s never com^Iuc —betfcr Wocause cheaper and i^orc convenient. Security BnildlD^ .t Jjoan Assn.. 1st Natl. Bank I^ldg. LIVE STOCK Dojfs, Catii, Other Pets i^VJ COON AND FUR DOG*—Guaranteed A No. 1. for sale. 209 South Chestnut. . i Horses'Cattle. Yetaleles 48 WANTED TO EirV'—All kinds tit cattle .ind. hogs. J. C. Butcher. 'WANTEO—Fox Terriers, i^llles. •SpltT!, Sheplicrd puppies.. .Stfeto age..descrii>e. No mongrels waiit- ed at any price. E. A. Rigketts, KJncaid. Kans. C(1WS—Fresh purrtred Holstjins, gooil'niilk producers. C. T; San­ der:',-LeRey, Kan.-?. COWS—35 head milk cows; .3 Oerr seys, 2 years old. giving from^l'.-^ -gallons to 2 gallons milk per day. •will freshen in "January: 2 :Jerseys. 4 anJi'5 years old. nice twos, with heifer calves, giving 4 gallons milk per dayV 2 Ho>iteins. 3 and' 1 years old. giving 3 gaUons^ .milk per day. will freshen in February: '> Jerseys, will be frest in ^veek: 3 fJuernsey.s, will freshen right away, will give from 4 ?o 3 g.'illo.'is per day when fresh: ."i^red Durhamsi and 2 roan Durham's, •wii: freshen soon, will give 5 and 6 .galionsj -per day wiien fres^; 2 red Poll 'cows, will be fresh fn a few days;'3 Hol-Htein heiferg; 5 HolsteJn cows, will freshen s^.n,: 3 Shorthorns, will,freshen i?ght away. Will sell on tim'e- or ti-ade for other cattle, horses or myles. J4C. Butcher. " ? HOUSTEIN COWS — Good ones, fresh now; several good heif?rs; also' fin.' shoats. Balzer. ' .MILK COW—Good jersey giting milk Can be seen in town. Slielly illottir C<r.. IK** West Jackson. Phone 6". Moving, Tmrkliiir. Storaije i7> CALL DEAN TRANSFER — Phon-.885. wlll,niove you by hour or con-, tract, with pxpcrlenced men. WHEN YOU TrtOVE—Or store your | .^oods call Corr's Transfer. Offt-^e . 140. residence 140. ' SPRING CALVES-I.-. head,: ifive cows. H<dstein. Jerseys. Guern­ seys, wiili lalves by side: or/wll! trailo for anything. Boyer Stock Farm. 4. miles strtith I.aHarpe, phone 72fi, lyOr.NG COW—For sate. Pho.'60.".. EMPLOYMENT Hdp Wanted—Feiaale 3S GIRL—Competent girl wanted for general • hoijsework. Mrs. C. A. Swiggett. Phone 320. • ;n'OMA ?f—^^'ith one or two boys to •' work on farm. Appl .v at this office. Help Wanted—Hale :s3 TRUCKS WAX^TED—To'hanl gravel. Be at court house Sattirday afternoon at 2: or gravel pit 3 miles west and 1 south Monday morning. lola Township. WanteS—Ore .'iloeh 6V CATTLE—Wanted to buy all kinds of cattle. Phone 23 lola. or. 726 Lallarpe. r MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale SI DRV CHUNK walnut, 33.00 979-32, WOOD—Oak (r.nd delivered. Phone GOOD TRACTOR—And plows for sale cheap: excellent condition. Phone 71S or ^4. ;| ONE WIDE- TIRE WAGON—rOne iron wheel- wagon, one set .harness. J. C. Bujtcher. - SPECIAI ^^Tl. hog troughs, we^jjit S lbs., specihl. only 75c. AUen County Implement Co. •: j RURAL Tia^EPHO.NE^ ^<3pld watches, gniicars. ukulele.i. banjos: accordions, smoking stands, silverware, victrolas and radios, .'from i? $100. All make nice Chript- mas iJresenis. ^Chimney Sweep-^ Phone .OO.I. ' Basiaess and Office Eon ^lffitftJU FOR SALE OR TRADE—One Is floor show itase. 13 ft. {ohg.'llbp and side glat^s. all one piece, erac $300, w 'ln itell for $80; also r^H top desk. good, cbndttltin, pi^lce %'iT>: one fcultigraph like-liewJj at a bargain: ojie flat tap acafk,:isjl.5; See Geo. L. "VVllliams at Idia B^ly Register. . TVPEWItlTERS-fFor sale, rentjop trade. Williams Typewriter; (jo.. 113 East Madison. ^ gonwhold floods. GAS RANGBS-j-Bargains Inj. i;a» ranges. Henninger's .Fuiiiltiro. Store, lis West Madison. ' HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE — At private sale;^ Phone 771 or-<^V at 302 East .street. SOME.RBAL BAttGAINS^-KSw gaa range. 4 burner. $;f4; new coal, heater, 16-Jnch, $15; new jtrnnka, $5 K,p; new furniture at.^reitly redui-fjd price.". Call and see. Brysbn Furniture Store. ^ Wnitical Merchandlfce 1 -0? ORGAN—In good condition, walnat case. Innuirc 924 North Walntit street. ' , j- ; Wanted—To Boy REAL ESTATE FOR B^3t Apartments and Flats _ VH TWO ROOM— Housekeeping apairt- ment in modern home. 601 No " street. Phone 683W. ^ Honses For.^eat FOR RE.NT, FUR.^ISHED— MtJaem . cottage, close in. Phone 115, jj FURNISHED; COTTAGE—4 irobp,' -f modern; with garage, block.rfroan square. Phone 78. I FURNISHED HOUSE—^Fpr reiJit. Inquire 507 S. Jefferson or phone S13. HOUSE—Sevin roo^n modern, garz _ age for two cars, .tlose in. John Reuther. HEAL ESTATE FOR S'Al.E Farms and liand For .Site '88 O.VE OF THE" kEST — farms in .Mjcn County: 1! adjoining ' an . incorporated natural gas and electrlci mortgage. Will,take small ban ptoperty or western land in part payment, p.'irl if desired. See or w Roberts. IjiHarpe.j Kans. IiAproved p acres: town:, y;- no sudbar-" -wheat on J. «. T^TUS SPECIAL .FAR.M BARGAIK'S — 35- acr»-s improved, 1'mile, to high school and tow<n: 240 acr(B stflclt. farm, improved, price. $U.aO t^f acre; ;,8'< acres improved, all fine-., land, %nW cash -will handle: 160 acre stock farm, improved, -at fI~S>() per acre; 80 acres, fan--. 'pro%ed. 4'-i miles county »eat ; town, at $40,per acre: 160 acres, itnproveil. fine land, only $37.30 per acre. .These are .bargaihs- Liberal ter'ms can be arrangeld. Why rent? pther good snaps. "Call on The Allen County Investment Co.. Kelley (Hotel Bldg. 4oIa, Itos. .SO ACRES—Well improved aOd{ion main hfghway, schr.f 1 on corner of farm, a re^t snap for^ (juicrk. sale. Hawthorndr 15.'.^. West Madi^wi. Phone -27^; " " ! For Sale 8» H.OUSE-^6 iroom modern. $400 cash; balance tetms.' Jackson Realty Co.. orver-Brown's Drug Storej f ? *ftbir^saYALEBatUryfi>r^veiyBaaeryNetd'' F©r Sale Where Better X Batteries Are Sold Yate Radlb Batteries FOR SALE BY SHANNON'S

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