The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 4, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1933
Page 3
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,T * .' w 1 • • i • • ; i ^ ' • i " ' — P i ' , '' 1 , -. - •.. .. - ; • n r ..' " ' h , ' ' r » ; ' • •.-.•••••-•' * " - •>->'- •V.*""-'.-, :;'.v: .• * -•'•• = • '•--'•'•':'* - . >.' =' •' - • .-• . -V ..' ' . EDEDAY, JAUARY 4, 1933 - • -'--.'. **1 . -. . .- e. : f u;-/ I I * * \ *-. ' , ' • •• .> . *i t* Arrest ^$iAafrfiy : Government in .? T !J' '•» *f>. -" >%' '"•:•*< * " £ * ' ' L > / -I-". ' , .. j j S J rJ- 'L \ it -• ' •. v* • L .-. f* * f .- %4 ' 1 • I • > '. n \ Jr • -'.'& 886ct(itell 'Press teased Wtrc) ' XlflWAttK, Jan. 4.—. Aman'descrlbod ,";iBiii'lque ; von Buelow, oth- known'.as plain Hans Dochow, waa c -he1d Iribommuntcaclo today in con- nfctlon, with a.large scale counterfctt- infr ring.-, which operated in half a dpzfon. countries. was seized last night by BO- service Agents as he arrive^ In^n i from Montreal, A dapper, undersized man, ho*'wag,.-described-as "a 'Jy^y.. important prlsoher" by !the' atfeuts,; who instructed pollqe to let "•"""- L near,him. . • ' charged that he delivered »30,000 bogus,currency to. Montreal agonts; of a^Kow York counterfeiting ring which lias connections in Canada; Mexico, Guatemala and other countries, 'r.pechow, now grown partly bald, was Idontltled as the "Von Buolow" who first came into notice as a member'of i\l$ "nobility' 1 wlien ho married the Wealthy widow, of, former/ Al'denrmn Kj^htaH,T. Brenner, of Chicago. Tho coiiplo was robbed of $50,000 by gun- in;Chicagd In 1930. HELD AS KILLER OFN.Y. f.'^Aesoototed.-Preae Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 4.—A hupe man wrinkled his broiv and said there a gap In .his memory, : was with murdering I^arry XTay, Broadway racket chief who put the phrase "nignt.. club" into the Ian- of tho Jazz age. PARLEY „•< '. L *H • i . t. i ' VOYAGE TO U. S. A. (Untied Press Leased Wire) Jan, \ 4.—Professor Augusts Placard, balloonist- who navigated the Stratosphere, starts today In what ho called a "teal adventure," hls^first visit to t,he'United titaftQe. ' . "Of the Stratosphere I , am not nfrald," said the gclont'lat who haa been higher abovo the eanh than any other man*. "Hut' what those Now York newspaper men 4 will do to me—" Professor .Placard cxpoctrt to deliver lectures'*in various parts of tho United Slates, but' tho nmln object of hla visit is to .find financial and scientific H Id. for hiH next cScpprtmcnt, a. flight Into the Stratosphere from tho Hudson buy re'gt&n, near the nmgneUo. polo. Professor. Plcodrd Was accompanied by'lila wife and two children, both youngsters Wlio go In Brus- sols. -. ! . . . ' . GLEY LEFT ONLY N CALIFORNIA i. As these two American preparatory experts for a/world monetary 1 and economic conference, J. H. Williams, left, and E. E. Day, .sailed for Geneva, observers saw hope of rapprochement between President Hoover and President.elect Roosevelt on the war debt question. It formerly had been reported tha,t Williams'and Day might not attend the Geneva con- ferance because of Qovernor^Roosevelt's Insistence that details of the parley be left to his administration. man is Kdward Maloney, ffiant dp.orman of the Casa Blanca night club that fray managed. Ho surren- d^red . last n|ght after police had v soi|«ht hlni for 48 hours. Walking;, up. v tbi.a- traffic policeman, he uaid: ni'. Maloney. You know, tho Ma- they're looking for." Questioned all night .and far Into this, morning,, he Insisted that last Sunday, the day' of the .shooting:, was a, .blank In his mind because of enormous quantities of ' liquor^ he had dtts'nk. . ' - ;Tlie police theory is that Maloney, a; ..former state trooper who once li^ed In Syracuse, shot Fay : dead In frpnt of, the, night club after a quar- rel.i The squabble, detectives said, resulted * from a slash, in Maloney'a » salary— 1^ had been cut from $100 to J(J6 a week. 1 Wine Makers Are Looking to American Trade * • ' • ^^*^^ *, . * _ i (Vnttcd I'rea* Leaned Wire) LOS ANGHWBS,, Jan. 4.— Thp late William Wrlgloy, Jr., chowlng gum, inagnalp, left uii e«tato of only .$12,490 In California; iiltHoiitrh his entire pHtalu Apprised lii Chicago was worth $20,216,000, according to an appraisal filed In Superior Court today. The California estate was ma do up of real property In TTelmma county, valued atjS'iOOra Los Angeles hank account, |281S; sevon lots In Avalon, Catallna JslanO, worth $8000, and four automobiles valued nt $1276. Although Catallna. Island was owned by Wrlgley, It was In tho form of corporation stocks which legally ar,e part of his Illinois estate. His palatial Pasadena home was said to be In 'the name of a subsidiary corporation. died In, Phoenix, Aria,, January 26, 1932. t R HEIMS, France, Jan. 4.—-Over the celebrated • champagne fields stretching from here to Enerney, men and women, old :'nnd young, afe smil- Irig as they-harvest the precious fruits of the vineyards. For already the cheering report has spread, even to the lowliest worker: "America Is going wet. It has elected men wjto will do away with the prohibition." So, the wine growers see an end to tho sales 'depression which has made their business bad ever since the war. Wine stocks are booming on the Paris Bourse, all on the prospect of reneged trade with the United States. And besides, the district has" been blessed with happy weather conditions this year. The crop is large and tho •* j V..- 1032 vintage- promises to be of exceptionally fine uaqllly. It's a Tatk for Experta To those people the champagne business is their livelihood. Those who do not have their own vineyards work for Uve big firms, and making the wine Is'the chief• industry of tho district/. The great majority of workers in the fields are women, with -m (United Press Leased Wire) SAN PUDIIO, Jan, 4.—Grief over the young men helping- them. With special death of her husband, led Mrs. .Julian scissors, they bend over tho serried Carper, 24, widow of Frank Carper, lines of vines.and cut off the bunches 32 « coxwain on the U. S. S. Texas,, to of graphs with great care. These are fi nd her life with gas early today, po- placed In flat baskets and carried to I Hc _s reported, tables nearby. Here the talent of older and expe- The Woman's body was. discovered by tho landlord of her apartment, after rlenced women Is called upon in tho Mrs. Carper had Inserted a gas hose selection and grading of the grapes, under the blankets and inhaled the The baskets are then carried In Ions' wagons to the pressing houses, where The husband was Injured fatally the work of turning the grapes Into yesterday when ho suffered a frac- wlne begins. This is a complicated and delicate task, for grapes of several different tured skull; in a fall aboard bis ship, police Bald. In the apartment was found an In- h ' • I A Few Simple Rules that Will Put .a Person on the Side of Safety! N. Y., believed to be tho dead woman's mother. Miss Didrikson at f N. Y. Seeks Contract it does not pay to become alarmed over Flu, it does not pay either to be careless. Many a case of:Flu could have been avoided with \ fc aifew simple precautions. -Here are a few rules which may be .wisely followed: Stay out of crowded, stuffy and smoky places. Stay in the sunshine as mucu aa you can. Avoid coughers and sneezers. Dress /warmly, keep your feet dry, sleep in a well-ventilated room. Trink lots of water. tylly ot , "citrus fruits juices. Watclx .out for colds. Eat pi en ti- and their The so- called "common cold" often paves the way for flu. At the fjlrst sign* of a cold, do something about it! One of the hest things you can do is, to. take Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine immediately. These tabtets are effective rbecauBe * they do four important things. They open the bowels, combat the infection in the system, re^ lieve the fever and headache and tone the entire system. Better still, take Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine as a preventative of colds. 1 A cold is easier avoided than cured. A cold anticipated is a cold thwarted. As a precautionary measure do what thousands are doing—watch your living habits and take one or two Bromo Quinine tablets every morning and night. That will keep your bowels open and combat ge.rm attacks* All drug stores sell Grove's Laxa- ative Bromo Quinine. For more than forty years it has been the standard cold and grippe tablet, the formula keeping j>ace' with Modern Medicine. Now two sizes—30c and GO'c. No reliable druggist will try to sell you a substitute on any pretext. As a measure of safety, get a package today and keep it handy all winter.—Adv vineyards must be blended together Durance policy naming as beneficiary to secure the right quality for a higli- | Mrs._ Mollle Sverlda of Southampton, class vlhtago wine. Here tho skill : of the men workers is put to the test, and they must be experts. Tho wine Is not bottled until the spring, then It remains for years in the cool eel- lars ; where it must be handled tenderly and treated scientifically until the rich quality la assured. , \ Champagne Not Luxury Whatever -the ethics of prohibition, the workers here belfevo In cham* paigne almost religiously. According to the mayor of Epornoy, champagne may bo regarded by some people as a luxury, bub In reality It is a necessity, because it enriches the heart of mairwKh courage ^nd gaiety "without which life would bo'a poor thing Indeed." An end to prohibition would not (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 4.—Mildred (Babe) Dldrtkson, the all-around athletic star and Olympic winner who recently turned professional after a mixup with the Amateur Athletic Union over her amateur standing, today' arrived in New York to see what Bho could do about signing' a few contracts. According to her representatives, Miss Dldrlkson Is not signed as yet find tho champagne growers unpre- K° r any appearances or Jobs in New pared. They already have huge stocks York, but has several tentative of- In storage owing to tho poor market fers to discuss. during the p.iPt few years and the big | She planned to stay in New Tork several days.. Bullfrogs May Be Called Wild Game crop this year will add further to tho supply. People aro smiling 1 here because business of gathering the grapes has been good and tho prospects of sales picking up. . i Worn an Legislator Is (Associated Press Leased Wire) ALB'ANY, N. Y., Jan. 4.—For the first time' in eight years,- the New York State Legislature .convened today without n woman member. , Mrs. Rhoda Fox Graves of Gouver- - the only woman in the Legisla- slnce 1921, was defeated in tho (United Press Leased Wire) . - T __ , SACRAMENTO, Jan. 4.—Bullfrogs Jit JN. 1 . wou *d be classed as wild game in California under a bill before the state Legislature, today. Introduced by Assemblyman E. H. 551on of Modesto, tho measurp would set a bag limit of 24 bullfrogs day of a minimum size of 4 Inr.hcs. "Bullfrog hunting Is a great outdoor sport In Stanislaus county," said 2lon, 'However, the supply Is rapidly dl- a bag 11 place in the Assembly to run for the Senate. Mrs. Graves served four terms in the Assembly.- as the dlnosiAir." The bill was referred to the game committee. flah Hundred and Thirtieth Half Yearly Report THE SAN FRANCISCO BANK • A VINOS COMMKMCIAL INCORPORATED FEBRUARY 1OTH, 1«6» TRU« T 250 KILLED IN BATTLE ASUNCION, Paraguay. Jan. 4. (A. P.) — The^ war office announced today that Paraguayan forces in the Gran Chaco are continuing close contact wl*h the Bolivian troops near Corrales. In fighting-, on Sunday and Monday, the announcement said, 2GO Bolivians were killed. r>/ the Older t Banks in California, the Assets of which have never been increased by mergers or consolidations with other Banks ASSOCIATED SAVINGS BANKS OF SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA STOP w Assets- United DECEMBER 31st, 1932 ™ ), Banding on books a «HH ----Bond* and Stocks and Other Securities. Bwk Building. «,d Lou, main and branch office nanding on books at _ . ____ ,_ _____ __ _ . {value over • IMMW.H) ; . standing ' Fund ( v Ju e over *8M*00.0« ) , standing on $61,081,697.82 .- 73 f 5%,959,27 t.278,738.75 . , g on oout . • N Cash on hand and In Banks and checks on Federal Reserve and"other"B'anks 21 ,807.228.09 Liabilities— Due Depositors... Capital Stock aceutfly paid up Reserve and Coo Ungent Funds TotaL.. .*157 t 464 r 626.93 >+»VI >*•*«*•<» GEO; TOURNY, President • f Subscribed and eworn to before me (his 31st day of December, 1932. (SEAL) O. A. EGGERS, Notary Public Th* frlUvimg *Miti«t*l *tot,m9*t may to of inttrtst /. fa Dt^ t/ tkt Bank; Th* E*r*i*t* •fike Bmnkftr Mr entire Fiteml Year ending btetmktr JM 1932 win M Income , and Taxes 735.64 Net Colds in Day Don't take chances. Take two HILL'S CASCARA QUININE tablet* now- follow directions—cold vanishes right away. Millions keep well with f *> CASCARA QUININE Tlu »bve fas net imcMe Inltnrt 4me M Lions n»t yet eolltcttd. 1 -*^ Dividends on Deposits as deplared quarterly by the Board of Directors, are Computed Monthly and Compounded Quarterly,, and may be withdrawn quarterly. Depo«U» nude on or before January Itth, 1933, will earn Interest from Januwy Is, 1933. 933 Sp als PAINTS on rantee Roof cMniUtt VtrnlNitt ivtry Iron Un ited Metal 2810 este Pho -v- H 1 Franklin Glass Co. We Replace Window, Skylight •and Auto GU«s Showcases Repaired GET OUR PRICES 1404 Eighteenth Street Phone 844 I _ L I "I rock :•!* II *:* lit 1ST ':*!•• •*- :?:-!*:* ffli l! t: »!' ,-;^ ; • TV ** Hi " ** m :»i! *r*i», Siiil m & Think of Saving as Well as Getting BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Two centimes ago Betijamin Franklin the disciple of thrift, utiered many sayings that may well be heeded today. It is lilting that Brock's should link the name of this illustrious American at this time, for never was there a time when thrift could play a greater part or do more for this nation. Brock's January Clearance makes it possible fof wise men and women to practice thrift to best advantage. Huge savings are'possible and by buying wisely at Brock's you arc indeed benefiting yourself and following the precepts of the greatest economists of all time. ffiS vmgs the Talk of the Town—Our utiful j Every woman loves, beautiful linens and every woman can buy them here at prices that mean great savings. We don't kW wlicn we have ever sold them at such low Three Amazing Groups Italian Linen Banquet Sets Italian cut work bridge sets, linen cut work chair-back sets, sots of 12 filet and Venetian 6-inch doilies, pair cut work pillowcases and 54-inch Italian linen scarfs. Choice... oautlful hand-worked lluon banquet sots, consisting of one cloth, 72x90 inches, and 12 18-iuch napkins. Elaborate design ot cut work and Italian hemstitching. •* ™ ™ »» »^ ™ • • ™-» ^-f * $1.29 Luncheon Sets . . . Includes beautiful cross-stitch bridge sets and mosaic pillowcases. Very elaborate,, and many other pieces. Your choice • 54-inch cloth and six napkins. Elaborate designs worked in cross-stitch in a variety of colors. Set Luncheon Sets 30-OL1LU11 Hi $4.95 54x54-inch cloth and four napkins, made o£ good quality linen crash, with Kalian hemstitching and cut work. Sot ; i tin M, wmi S3.95 • »• ^ •» »- -^"- ' T ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ T*» W $2.29 This assortment includes cut work bridge sots, Appenzel and Madeira pillowcases, etc. Linens that soil regularly as high as |5.95 I • *<• • " » UfX« X> A « 4* $2.95 t Grass Linen Banquet Cloths Pretty cloths in sheer grass linen, all solid white embroidered in dainty designs. You must 011 see these to appreciate the value. Each * Madeira Napkins Eleven by eleven inches, fine white linen, rose scalloped edges and dainty X patterns 0 for Art Department—Second Floor Sale Stationery Here's a real thrift value—60 sheets and 50 envelopes, single or folded sheets, in ivory or j white. A big value We Wonder ,What Franklin Would Have Said About Our Regular Values to $1.39 Yard would have said unes"—an«r would r Toiletries—Main Floor Very Jikely Benjamin Franklin "Lilllc savings inuke big forlu have advised his wife to Jose no time in making such purchases as she saw fit in order to dress with elegance as became her station. You will never have a better time to buy lovely silks at these savings. Cantons, crepes, satins, prints, etc. Silks—Main Floor 11* * *t•"fc** 1 ••!«••• »V*4 ft * * - ••••••«••••«•*J•*•• ***• • v/*v*v»y* * *y*y ••••• I * 1 • • • L*' **«. •* I * • t - • «•*•"* *•'••*] i*«*r*»*«l»*l .Y/.W/.V. •'V.V.V.V.V- iooo I* l "A* it •*•* • »•**•' [*"_•• *. v/- *•••**•• L * 11 • /• * • •*••*t* '."I* 1 I* • «** • • 4 •' -4 »< ** • I*|*tl»*k|1 .**• It*. '•<•»•*« • * f \ t I • » » • t • i - -»• n ••*••••»; ,*•*! ._ t m 1 1 • • • , t » • » • » 11• • * • * * * • • + »*»' i iV* *• • l» •••• *•*•*'* • »i * • i»t_i*••• • • •*. * i t * > - '•• • i.« • f The name "Daisy 11 on outing flannel is an assurance of quality and sterling worth. Buy your winter requirements now; ,27 inches wide, white only. An outstanding value at.. *•*» y flrd V/A Where Indeed -I Such Value in ^ Extra Value $ 1.45 Pillows Wight-ounce art ticking cavorts, filled with super quulity Htorllijod foatb- ora. Slao 20x20. Iflxtru apoclul 36-Inch Cretonnes Imported Kid Gloves Regular $3.95—a .saving for you of |1.26 u pair. Good styles—Hllp-ona, one-button and flurod cuff Colors: Black brown and tan Only GOO yards. patterns. Extra value Fancy printed Extra Value Panels, 4 for . . 100 French marquisette panels with fringed bottom—in this January Clearance at a huge saving. Indian Head Muslin 30 inches wide, smooth even weave specially suitable for fancy work yard '*" **»»^* ^r+***f $2.69 66x76 Cotton heet lankets Capeskin Gloves Regularly |2.96. Fine for driving gauntlet style with flaro tops, in black and dark browu.. " * <•» » » » ***^J $2,49 n Early attention to this exceptional item is advised. All-cotton, soft and warm, in large block plaid patterns. Super value each Brock's—Downstairs Store lovers—Main Floor ^i. COUNTYJ' PRO6REIJIVE JTORE • BAKER/FIELD \V^ Sf.i- i >-• I* - ..i. -W-H i i; -V .rf -*_ ' •i. V '*, - i -i I. . r !• 1'-- .4 -I i -- . L I'H?- I -'.,-. I I-' J . - * -. . i '-a.: ^ , r v • • * * -- r '.V I .m- • - f- '. 4. f

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