Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE lOLA- DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. JANUARY 7.1938. CHANUTE TAKES illSTANGS FO^ ; NEAT TRIMMING Both First and Second S Strings Drubbed in Neosho County Qlv.imitp. Jan. 7.—Chnnute high woo its first baslietball ganic over Iota in tlirec years here last nlRht ^h ^n;the Blue Comets easily dow-n- cd the Mustangs by 24-13. The game was riot a tree scoring i affair, but Coach Dale Skeleton's i ; five showed decided superiority and I led all the way. The Blue Com- I et.s held a 13-ft advantage at the [ half"-'wny point. i H. Unsel. Chanute .sophomore cen-' ter., led in the scoring iwith eight points. .McClay, guard, scored five l)oints fpr the visitors. Tljc Ghanut* seconds were also victorious in their contest with the lola; seconds, the final count being 17=^13. Chanute led 8-4 at the half. Myers. Chanute forward, counted 11 joints, ,and liOtt, forward, led the Utile iviustangs with seven. Tile box scores: CONGRESSMAN DIES PIRATES DEFEAT lOLA Former lolaiis Lead Attack A^rainst Red DevUs In First Cpnfcrence Contest of 1933 Season Washington, Jan. 7. (AP)— Representative Butler of Oregon died at Providence hospital today of heart disease. He Had been 111 for several- weeks, pneumonia weakening hls..heart. Butler, a Republican, was 52, and was serving his third t6rm in congress. He was defeated for re-election last November. Chanute—24 G. FT. F. Willis, f, ....... 1 0 0 Mycl'-s, f 0 0 0 Kipllliiscr, f. .. 1 2 fl Ashltjy, f. 0 3 0, H. niiscl, c. .. 3 2 2 Cuiir^ngham, c. 2 0 0 Goug)i, g., ....:...o 1 1 Caldiell, g. ... 0 0 1 Trembly.-; p-' ••• 0 0 1 G. Uiisel. g. ... 1 0 0 Totals :.8 8 5 loiji—13 G. FT. F. Pinley. f ,.1 2 1 Drakfc f 0 0 1 Orim'lh. f 1 0 0 Fairwcathcr, c. 0 0 3 McClay, g. ..... 2 1 • 4 Davis.'; g. 0 0 Crick. ;g. 0 0 0 Tolials^ 5 3 9 Clinnutc .Seco Ids—17 G. FT. F. M .\'Rrs,!,, f 4 3 4 Khf\nnou. f. . i. 0 0 0 Beasoii. f 0 0 1 1 Stouel,! c. .> 0 1 1 Jones, c :.. 1 . 0 2 Shanncin. g. .'.. ......... 1 0 1 Helm, g. 0 1 o; Totals 6 5 10 lola ^Seconds—13 G. FT: F. Beach, fi .. .........0 0 0 Crick, f. 0 0 2 Lett, {1 ...3 1 1 Bixby. :c., 0 1 3 Oliver, c 0 1 0 Wil.son. g ; 1 1 1 powner, g 0 1 4 Totals 5 11 UA^KKTBALL RESULTS (By the Associated Press) NATION BOWS i IN MOURNING : FOR COOLIDGE; {Continued From Page One) smile, linked her arm within that of her daughter-in-law. In silence the congregation remained jstanding after she had left, while the muted straiiis of "Nearer, My GcKi; to Thee" came as bene- dictidn froni the organ out over .the grey bronze casket and the flowers, into t^ie jauditorium. ' A moment later President and Mrs. Hoover left the chiu-db. Rain pattered gejitly down as they passed through the waiting crowd and entered their automobile to, drive to "The Beeches" to convey their message of personal sympathy to Mrs. Coolidge.'; The funeral cortege moved slo-wly out of Northampton a few minutes after nodn. ' It escorted only by motorcycle police at the head of the line. There were nine cars, the hearse third In Hne. Mrs. Coolidge and her son and' daughter-ln-law were In the car iinmediately behind. Thousands lined the^sidewajks In Northanipton and along the route northward. College. , Georgetown 29, Colgate 26. Alabwna 28, Tulane 26. Oklahoma U. 25. Iowa State 31. Kentucky XJ. 32, Crelghtoh 26. Grinnell 31, Coe 34. ' Ottawa. N. 52. William Jewell 24. Nebraska U. 29. Kansas U. 32. Pittsbus-g teachers 38, Emporia teachers 34. Rockhurst 43. Haskell Indians ;25. lola Jr. college 27, Independence Jr. college 47. • Trenton, i>Io., Jr. college 36, Kansas City. Kas.. Jr. college 29. Western State 35, Wyoming U. 46. Colorado Mines 23, Denver IT. 25. Wichita Henry's 4V. Utah U. 33. Cof/eyville Junior College 29. El- Dorado Junior College 39. nigri School. Hutchinson 12, Arkansas City 35. Ottawa 32. Lawrence 20. Pittsburg 20. Columbus 14. Atchison 18. Wyandotte 47. Newton 24, ElDorado 25. Cottonwood Falls 26. Augusta 12. Argentine 21. Leavenworth 36. Wellington 13. Wichita East 29. Cathedral high, Wichita, 32, Florence 18. Shawnee Mission 9. t>aola 19, Rosedale 12. Olathe 20. College high, Pittsburg, 29, Mulberry 21. Arma 13. Prontenac 9, i Glrard" 17. Cherokee 21. Riverton 14, Mlnden 13. Edna 13. McCune 19. ! Walnut 33. Stark 21. i Cockerillie. Arcadla'^4. i Manhattan 33, Junction City 15.- Princeton 27. Pomona 29. I .\Tidon 17. Melvern 32. Quenemo 19; Overbrook 17. Richmond 22. WeUsvllle 26. Ellis 22, Russell 23, (overtime). • Ouinter 16. Hays 14. Wakeeney 9, Wilson 25'. Independence, Kas., Jan. 7.—Tlie champion Pliates of Independence junior college moved Into the win column of the state Junior college standings last night; when ithey adr ministered a 48-28 trouncing to the visiting lola five oii I the senior high court. The victory placed the defending title-holders on the 500 per. cent level, as they were defeated by Coffeyville earlier in the week. It was the first game of the conference season for the loscrsf Led by Howard "Fat" Sharp, former Ida high star| the Pirates jumped off to an early lead and were on top by 24-11 at the Intermission. Sharp tallirsd 119 points for the victors. Trombold, another lola boy playing forward dropped m seven points for Independence. The Red Devil high scorer was Clark, center, who accounted for 13 of the lola points. \ The Box Score. INDEPEN. 48 . G. FT. F. Sharp, f ; .8 3 1 'Horabold. f 3 I 3 Clement, c 5 0 3 Rardon, g ...3 0 2 McElvaln, g .3 0 0 Totals 22 9 lOLA. KANSAS AIR VIEW OF BURNING FRENCH LINER ATLANTIQUE lOLA 28 G. FT. F. Donaldson, f 1 1 3 Maxson, f .1 0 1 Sanger, f .0 5 0 Clark, c.y ......6 1 1 Reld, c 0 0 0 Copenlng. g 2 0 2 Brlgham, g. .. 0 1 , 0 Totals ..10 8 7 Referee—Smith, Pittsburg Teachers. TO LEAVE AID BILL ALONE. No Other Commodities to be Included in Farm Legislation. Mature, experienced and courageous, though- we may be, there still lingers ia most of us in varying degrees, some dread of the' darkness, inherited perhaps from centuries (Of ancestor^ who peopled the night with horrible shapes and forms more terrible ^or being unseen. Wa.shington, Jan. 7. (AP)—A determined stand against loading the emergency farm relief blU with more commodities than recommended by the agricultural committee was as.sured by its sponsors today in the face of pleas for the inclusion of dairy products. Chairman Jones, aufhor of the domestic allotment plan now before the house, said he would oppose the Andresen amendment for produc-" tlon. "The dairy Industry Ls not on an export basis." Jones said, "and the plan does not lend itself readily to dommodities not having a large export trade." niATHERS IMPLICATED IN JOB Oklahoma Attorney and Son Charged 1 with Recci\-ing Stolen Property. : Oklahoma City, Jan. 7. (AP)— James H. Mathers, widely known attorney, and his son, James, were freed on $2500 bail each from the county jail late today pending- preliminary examination January 20 on charges of receiving stolen property. They were charged with receiving part of the $16,900 loot in the robbery, last month, of the First National, bank of Lindsay. Both pleaded not guilty. American colleges of the eighteenth century were not much better than what would be nowadays called high schools, and as late as 100 years ago,, arithmetic was still a regular fresliman course of study. FOLGER CO. OFFERS CASH Churches; May take Advantx^re of Rcba Ic on Coffee They Biiy. The territorial representative for Folgcr coffee reports that church women - arc showing interest in the proi)osal >-hich the iFolger coffee companv ;.s making to church or- ganizatipns. The plan is being given wide publicity through newspapers and ov(»r the radio. Tlic invitation which the Folger company is making to church organizations jL -i to .save, the bands from Folger (Joia^ec cans and receive cash lu rcturii for all bands sent In. The company puy.s. diurch organizations 3 cents each for the bands from one. pound ciniis of Folgcr coffee and 6 .rent.s for each complete "two star" bund from-the two-pound cans. : No blindH lire to b',; redeemed after ,M;irch is.:1933. and no checks for . .bnnd.s .sent in will be mailed to the church . ofganizutiqn until after ;March 15/;' All church organization.s desiring to enter this money-making plan which folger is offering, first must make nppllication to the company to): participatei in the plan. Tl-»ey •write to Mrs. Mary Miller in care of the church organization department of the Folger coffee company at Kan.sasiCity. Mo. Full instructions and the necessary blanks for participatiilig in the plan will be sent to them at once. Some Short Ones npiIE W^hUe Sox deserve some kind of prize, anyway. The club win try out Pitchers Fabian Lorenz Kowalik and Leslie William Tietje. Prol>abty a couple of football olayer.s from Notre Dame * * • Tra La. Tra La! W HEN spring comfis (o bring th^ violel.s pettplns In thp woodland dell .s, and th« hlrditH thfi huddliiR tree.s. Forest K Twogood will iinllmhcr hl« joints In (lie iraininK i-amo »( HK' CIHVH- land Indlan .i * « « We're Telling You |F and wh^n Pr<mo Camera is pushffl Into the ring with Ja <'k .SharkPV. h« will rei-elve fivt- broliea rlbR for hlH oalns, and will not win the wiirld'a henvywcight rhaiiipinoHliln nt rtll * • » Rah, Rah! Technocrats! ' 'T'Eril.NOCIlATS Isn't surb a had (den rtfler nil. pcrhapx TUi>r»'. -trrnm i" hp no foul hall rnMnK •ly .H- (prn in thp plwn * • • . Gr-r-r-r-r ; ( 'yllK thn-.its.thdl Jipi-kHV JnhntlV • fJilhi-rt riM -fivi'd nr«- not HO harri to- <i[ntprstanil Therp have bo>-n ilniP .S| whf >n (elt llk<' tVir.-iitpninj; Im-lo.-.vs tiuraplvps * * • Or Maybe Sooner I F and uhi-ri Max rj ;)Pi; is pilxhpd iiilo fhp riiiK Max PohmPllnc. his tinhnns amhUmns will .suffer J nirip lolt dlDnc ^ihmil tllP I wplfl li r,)iiii(| 'j world all straightened out .^Henrl Da Glana Is world's champion jof Boston and way points; Strangler Lewis Is world's champion ot New York City; Jim Londos Is world's champion of Philadelphia, apd John Pesek Is world's champion ot Columbus. O. I Some Points /"'•OLGATE .scored 264 points ^ against thp. opponents' nothing during thp 1932 football season, but away back in ISS8 Yale scored <>90 points whll») allowing their adversaries a great big 7,ero So maybe Colgate waun i an hot after all. * * * Wrong Numbers A veRA(iES being flgures. aru not always on thu up and up. A look at the slatlstlcH shows Dale; Alexander - with 9'.li right up there at the top In flelHlng. but Date IH not ii vprv Koi )rt tlelder,' my frlPortH ' • • * He Knew Better |F Al .Simnmnd Imd obeyed an in* strnrtlon from Connie Mack to movi! In eloat .'r In the first inning of ihp came of the world series of 1931. he might have caught two Texas leaguers and the St.. Louis Cardinals nilKhl not havei hppn .•hainpions of the world Nothing remain.s of the $18,000,000 French luxury i)ner Atlantique but a drifting, smolderin'j hulk in the channel. The bpning-of this queen of the French .south Atlantic service may have;' cost the lives of as many as 30 of her crew of 200 when they were taking her wltliout passengers from Bordeaux to LaHavie on the trial run. The French government plans an inve.sligaiion' of the causes of the tragedy, thiis far totally unknown, and olliers which have recently overtaken the Fi-ench merchant marine. Above tlie ALlantiquc as she entered service 15 months ago. Lowr ur the .smoke cnveloi>ed hull photographed from an airplane, rushed to London and tran.sniitted to.the United Slates by radio. Kansas City. Jan. 7. (AP)—Kansas and Iowa State hiaugurated their Big Six basketball campaign with victories last night, but the title, defending Jayhawkers barely escaped a defeat! at the hands of the Nebraska Comhuskers. While tjhe Cyclones i toppled the highly touted University of Oklahoma quintet, 31 to 25 at Ames, the playing on their hoine hard pressed in the befdre they eked out a 32 to 29 decision over the Nebraskans. ; Making an auspicious start which put them ahead 23 to 9 at the end of the half, the champions encoim- tered a battling aggressive opponent In the last period. They were held to a single goal, while the Huskers, led by Steve Hokuf. amassed points at a threatening rate. They failed to close the gap, however, but Hp- kuf came within one point of ovejr- taklng the Jayhawkers with a field goal, followed by a charily toss. Two technical fouls were called on Mason and Parsons when they began alr- gulng with the referee,! and the points were converted, by Johnson and Gray to end the scoring. The Cyclones set the pace against the Sooners from the outset, with Franklin Hood. Iowa State guard a^ a continual menace; to Oklahoma's scoring chances. Leading l6 to 11 at the half, the Cyclones held their advantage in the last half with every member of the team Xlgurlrig In the scoring. Bross. Sooner forward, and Ludwlg, Cyclone forward, tied for scoring honors , at nine points each. ALICE JOYCE IS DIVORCED Screen Actress Wins Decree on Grounds of Cruelty. Reno.. Nov., Jan. 7. <AP)—Alice Joyce Regan, favorite of early day WAVJERLY (Mrs. Ethel Gerdsen) Jan. 2—Carl Lust and' family spent Sunday at the John and Wes Lust home. Mrs. LIN. Dickens and Daisy spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. A. movie audiences, obtained a default JE^^btwiner" decree of divorce here today from ' „, i' , , , ., James B. Reagan Jr., her second . The Elza Cheesebro family spent husband. The decree was granted » ^ew da^s this week at the Bob on grounds of cruelty. .Gerdsen Home. Mrs. Regan's first husband was] Daisy Dickens returned to lola Tom Moore, the actor. Regan is the ,(h,'is afternoon to resume college son of the late James B. Regan, i Wednesday. wealthy hotel owner of New York. { IMJ-. ancj Mrs. John Lust "spent ^ • '.Wednesday afternoon at the paren- STIMSON TO PARLEY MONDAY Williams home. ;WH1 Na:ddler spent Srniday with Conference Date With Roosevelt Named While on Train. jhis sister. Mis. Bessie Skinner and family. Bert Worden spent Monday night at I the Sam Gerdsen hoine. Caroline Thormann spent Sunday at the Lust home. Mrs. Will Ross spent Friday afternoon wltih Mrs. Sam Gerdsen. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Dickens and children, spent Sunday afternoon Aboard i Presidential Special, En Route to Washington, Jjin. 7. (AP)— Secretary Stlmson said today he would meet with President-elect Roosevelt on Monday to discuss at the latter's request continuing hi-^^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ternational problems now confront-j^j JJ ^'j ^'^^Q '^^j.^"oa^fe jord^^^^ ing the state department. Genevieve at Savonburg. Mrs. Jim WUklns spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Bessie Skinner. Mary arid Thelma Smith] spent Topcka—Selection of Elmer E. Hill. Washington county, as his as- _ _ . , sistant when he takes office as sec- iWedncsdajr afternoon at the I. N retary of state was announced yes-! Dickens home, "Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baker and John Morrison called at the Will Morrison home Monday afternoon.: terday by Frank J. Ryan. Hill served under Ryan for six years as super- iritendcm of the motor car license department while the latter was secretary of state in previous administrations. A small ad m the Cla.sslfied col- KANSAS BRI EAST lOLA AND OTHER NEWS ITEMS thflr Mrs. (By J. P. BELL) Mis.s Ruth O'Neal, who entered St. John's hospital Wednesday for treatment is improving nicely. J. C. Thomas. 323 aouth Colborn. who has been ill the past two weeks Is reported to be Just about the same. ' John Post. 113 South Ohio, visited his farm over in Woodson county, Thursday. Charles Murphy, 221 South Third, was reported quite 111 yesterday. Mrs. Charles Niurphy who has been 111 was reported better yesterday. Mrs. Edith Caler, 124 West Camn- bell, Silent Friday afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Holeman. 306 South Fourth. Miss Erma St. Clair, Melvern. returned home Thursday after sjiend- ing her vacation with her grandmother. Mi's. Elizabeth Holeman. 306 South Fourth. The new ware room at the Foster store has been' (iompleted and the city electric" connected with houie wiring running to the machinery which operates the cooling system for the meat; market. A new engine has been inCstalled to take the place of the one ruined by the recent fire. The new room is much more commodious than the old one and' the new arrangement much more convenient. ' , Mrs. J. R. Garrison. 402 South Fourth, w^s the recipient during the holiday season of a photograph from Oklahoma which she prizes very highly: The photograph Is a picture Of the children or Mrs. Garrison's grandson. Tliere are four children In the family, three of whom are girls. Tlie girls arc all of the same age, being bom on the same day. They are riow 12 >*ears of age and the one son is 14. The Rev. and. Mrs. Ezra Hood, LaHarpe, called on Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Hackett, 302 South Fourth yesterday. Rev, Hood is the new pastor at the Church of God, Fourth and Madison. The Hoods will move to lola as soon as a suitable residence can be found. Mrs. Ora Wilson called on Mrs. Holiday, 428 South Tliird. Friday afternoon. Mrs. Earnest Barnes is ill at her home, 5l0 North Cottonwood. Mrs. Eva Thompson, 620 North Tennessee, visited all day Thursday-with her brother-in-law, W. L. Sproul, southeast of town. Miss Lorene a.nd Lowell Little. 611 South Third,: motored to Inde­ pendence Thursday to • visit uncle, Charles' Capps, ' and Capps. j • -: ; James A. Da\1s, north Of Lallanpti, was a business visitor In loiii Thursday. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 'Baker M?3>| daughter. Dorotha, . and Amois Barnes were dinner guests Wedn^-s- day of W. L. Sproul, ,of town. .J Mr. and Mrs. Frank Logsdon, Rex Hcleume. Dean Vanderhoff. Ah -,i Baker. Aubrey Leslfe. Kenneth Bak^ er and Loren. Wilson spent Thui.s- . day- evcnlng-^^lh Mr. arid Mrs. B,vii Lamons and; family. 604 Soirili Third. , The Rev. and Mi-s. M.^R. BLsh'^i. 401 South First, motored- to Cof fey- vtUe Thursday on u business alid pleasure trip.; .: 'Mr. and Mrs. Lester Melrose apd children, the Rev. and Mrs. A, 'V- Howland and daughter. Misses Riijli Warren, Helen Roberts, apd Doroirin Baker riiotored to Maple GroVc church, west of Chanute, Frldfl.\ evening. Mr. Howland _ conduct^'ii the last, sarvice of a two'week's n)- vival campaign. The ^Ing Soiii: girl's quartette. Misses Robert;s. Warren and Baker and Miss Leoiin Baker. Chanute, furnished the six-- cial music. ^ • Mrs. Earl MtJpre, 620 South Tliird. who fell sometime ago and broljo her ankle is improving nicely. Mrs, Arthur Middleton and daughter. Joanne. 712 South KPII- tucky, motored to Ellis, Mo., Friday to visit relativfjs. Mr. and Mrs. Earn^istJIerriir, CM- ony. visited Thursday wl^th MT. and Mrs. D. R. Blohm and family. 1*9 North Third. . Miss FTankie Letsinger visited ^ Thursday evening with Miss Beultfti SGOviile, 16 South Ohio. Donald Rogers, Colony, visited with frien^ in lola Saturday evi'- ning. - ; • ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker, Mijs Frankie Letsinger, Dorothy Baker. Kenneth'Baker and Amo.s Barnes motored to a grove ten mXMa northeast of towTi "Thursday and cij- joyod ti picnic dinner. 'Mr. and Mrs. Chester Roggs,' Bu 'r- Ihigion, and Mr. and Mn. • k^mmety- Wilson, Mound Ciiy, Aislled Sunda^with M. O. Rowley and daughter*, Helen and Florence, 320 South Fir.^i. j REAL ESTATE TRANSFEKS 1 I O-rom the Office' of The lols ."i I Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) j « . ^ Januarj' 6. 1933 Tillie Henry and Robert F. Henrj:. wife arid husband, to Vida lola VP- Inney. an undivided 2-lUhs. In and to the SW',', of 21-24-21. $1.00. - "THEATRE OF THE STARS" <By the Associated Press) IFS Independence—The cake for the Inaugural dinner of Governor-elect Alfred M. Landon Is coming frorii the home town bakers. Mayor Ralph Mitchell and his brother C31aude yesterday annoimced they!will pref sent the new governor with a white fruit cake weighing nearly 100 pounds. They gave the dimensions as 18 by 24 by 22 inches. j Kansas City—Mrs. Mary A.. Hor| ton, 91, widow of Albert H. Horton, who was chief justice of the SUT oreme court of Kansas from 1877 to 1890. died here last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. Bi McDowell. Mrs. Horton was the oldest mem bcr of the First Baptist church in Topeka and was Instrumental in organizing the Women's Kaiusas Day nlub and the Topeka chapter of the D. A. R. Another daughter, Mrs. Ellis P. Brown, Los Angeles, also survives. umns often puts oveij a big deal. 'SILVER DOLLAR," Epic Story of Cotorado's Silver Empire Conies to the lola. Starting jTonight.! Topeka—Charles P. Hobbs, commissioner of insurance, yesterday annoimced collections made' by his office in 1932 amounted tO $1,138,015.03, a decUne of' $44 ,010.37 as (5ompared with the figure ior 1931. Hdbbs attributed the decrease in a large measure to reductions in fire insurance rates made last year. All of "the money was paid into the state treasury with the exception of $91,657.59 collected for the flreirien relief fund, which was distributed among 300 towns qualified to participate. -? Chicago-fPoliceman John Slian: non is thlrikirig about going in for _ technocracy in a big way, now that lie's had his first lesson. : "My, myijwhat'll people be. thinking of next?',' he exclaimed, as he noticed two men distributing handbills which^ read: "What is Technocracy? Come and hear Rev. Theodore C. Htibe'discuss tills interesting subject.'! : It must :be, he reasoned,, something prettj- serious, so he arrissted the two men, who spent two hoiUB and 15 minutes arguing with Policeman Shaimpn and his sergeant,bnly to be released when the officers pnme to the xoncHision that m'aj'be jrchnocracy'. wasri't a ctime after all. It Does Beat All! . I A I.(")i)K ji ih.p. pi:ii-htn!; av«r- '"^ agps rpvpiiis tliiit Danny Mar.- Kavjpn. "ho ua.-^ iriidpd ro ih.^ •Hankpps tor |vv Paul Andrews, won OOP ou' of II uaines bpfore Ipavinc 'hp Ftpd So\ for his npw job Andrews won pighl onl of I-I after i;oing to ili^ Boston tpam. whiph i.« a beltpr rppord than Mar- KaydPn madp for ilip Yankees •^'ou npver know ivliiph *av a worm will turn Did You Order Eggs? A.X SCHMELINO hails from Hanibiirg Max Baer ts trotii Lfvermore. Calif. Lots of meat tn this paragraph. P 1 I wof? M You're Telling Us? Vrn DE.MPSEY. promoter of the Baer-Schmeliiig thing, say.s ihK tight will draw $500,000. He also says he may hold it In Reno, N'ev One •>f those sentences has something wrong in, It. Send in (he answer and receive a -blond pbest wig But Why Not? ; (yHERE was some curiosity wher^ * William A. Brady dropped in at the Waldorf, tor the signing ot i the two Maxes, but the rumor ; that he had come (o challenge the : winner on behalf ot bis two O. Sal- 'former champions. Jim Corbett I^iger reports thai he has the and Jim. Jottrjes, proved to be un- Ttrestling. cliaropioiisUip . or_the 1 founded. ; _ . How About Kokomo? J ^ETROIT Operative U Topeka—The supreme court yesterday appointed R. H. Olandon. Kansas City, Kaa,, receiver for the Installment Loan Si Investment company of Kansais City. Application for the receivership was filed by Atfirney General Roland Boynton who charged the firm with requiring payment of u.'!urious Interest rates on small short time loans. In one case, he explained. It had been found the rate to be 520 per cent a year. Glandon was given authority to adjust Joans now outstaridlng on a legal basis and to liquidate the affairs of the company. THCATI JACK HOLT EVALYNKNAPP -IN"This Sporting Age" TODAY! Admission IOG to All! 'JUNGLE MYSTERY^ KRAZY KAT "Hollywood Goes Krazy" 'DESERT REGATTA' M-G-I\r H^»ORT (^HAMPS Out of the THUNDERING CAVALCADE of History COMES THE SCREEN'S MASTER PICTURE!..... —mighty saga of the Silver Empire in the West...: amazin? story of the most colorful figure the pioneers ever produced .,. "Silver Dollar" Tabor! OWL SHOW TONIGHT 11:30 Adm. 10c-25o TOWERING SPECTACLE! THUNbERING ACTION! ABSORBING DRAMA! Edward G. Robinson, Bebe Daniels, Aline McMahon and ai cast of thousands appear in Warner Bros.'; great picture based on the amazing career oi H. A. W. Tabor, the most colorful figure in Colorado's pioneer days. "Silver Dollar" ranks with ."The Covered Wagon" and "Cimarron" as an Fpic of American Historical Drama, SCOTLAND Jan. 2.—School opened Monday morning after .the Christmas holidays. Mos^ of the pupils are recovered froin the flu. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bamett called at the Ross Laver home Monday afternoon. Harley haver Is suffering from a sever* attack of the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Will Huss, MaryUn and Don, Mrs. Nettie Chapman and Mr. Ale.'c Forrester attended a party sponsored by the Royal Neighbors at tlie Leanna hall Friday night. Harry Ingles called at the R. H. Blair home, Saturday. Mrs. Harry Palet, who has been ill with the flu, is imptoved at this writing. Mrs. Cap Pugh is ill -with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moor and Delmar were callers at the Will Huss home Sunday afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. D.-Bamett. Wanda. Wanlta. and Jo Ann spent Sunday afternoon with; Mr. and Mirs. I Fred Cunningham and family. "Silver Dollar" •Into with "Cimarron" in the iield of epic American drama, and succeeds in domg what "The Conquerors" attempted.—J. C. Moiat, the Kan-sas City Star. LIBERTY MAJGAZlSfE GIVES IT 4 STARS! ADDED UNITS— Merry IHelodr "I.LOVE A PARADE" ORGAN NOVELTY "Sing With Singhi' Sam" LATEST NEWS EVENTS VAST PRODUCTION AND CAST INCLUDING EDWARD 6. ROBINSON: BEBE DANIELS ALINE MtcMAHON A First National Picture S DAYS Jan; 8 Performances Sunday 2:00—4:00—8:00—10:00

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