Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1927
Page 2
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||: ellWoM fonston: vas hert &ver I SmiSf riidtiTviia ramlly. Ht-.i^ jii ';traTaltogT, salesman, with head- rqiiarterR^at Parsons; i—Baeiar, 9:30; Chicken Dinner. :ll:3ft; TuPSilay, KdsU-i-H Hall. [- Trinfty fidiea' Aid. f i >Ira..Boy. Perkins and son Jack tTfint^to; Hiut<%1nSoti tlitH morning tO^,TtRiyi| heirjn()thcr and sisterH. I' C(;B(ii—A Rood (iKor Claude^Roe is &ere from BartlcH- VUle,r'Okla.. for an indeTinltc viMit WlOi his family. . -dOet her an Electric Iroh ifor . >Cfari8tina[s„$l.<!own. 50c per wiek. I-K. Electric. JiniJ PIunibiuR Co. Guests yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. -Glix'rPields.- 301 Soiilh Second ("street were:' Wr.v^and 11 1«. Oriey t'W^/H«len . AVpUs and Albert I WeUfl^pf Fort',Scott: .Mi. and Mrs. Jesse'Turner and'..son; of LaHarpc: Mr. Merle WilraoiHi. Ted KeHey. Al- ||'1»ert IfaBimdn. qt Carlyle. Mi .s.s ' VehnS'Tnrher, Dewey" Starne ami Colony Free Press: The e ^tor and Mrs. Hettick of The ^ee l^sa' Intended the. party given- by' ikk lola Ri^gi^r SaturdaVvnlght before ThanRsgiviiij;. <relebr«iinK the 30th i birthday of the Register. M.r. Scott's fine newspaper has pros. pered' much during these'thirty Miss PauUne Franklin left this | years, and has come tdfte a power jafternoori for AtcUlson. Kans.. to in the journalistic circles of the Visit. siaieand natioV It started with a verys-niail beginning—much less than ;ij»e Free" Press boasts right fTiow, /and so our wish Is that the Register, will prosper a.s much in thcnj-xt thirty .vears, ^ ' Oiiii little witih down In the bot- toni of our hearts I« that the Free l'rei!H van have an 0|>ehlng like; —HemHtltehinI":ind Piloting. 209 Kast i<treet. Mrs. Frank-Russelh Mr. and Mrs. M. O. O'Neil.^ Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fisher, of Ottawa, Mr. and .Mrs. Albert -McGinnis ami dauRhttr. Lucille, of I^rinceton. and Mr. R. itcKunt?.. of Lane. Kans., BK HAPPY. were guests yesterday in the home^ the proHcnt _e <lltor in of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jackson and the paper grown Into a fiinilly. of 302's6uth Buckeye Htrcei. -. Bazaar,. fl-.-IO; Chicken Dinner, il::!0: - Tuesday, Foster.s Hall. Trinity Ladies' Aid. - lliut in the next thirty years, with | charge, anti great dally. It's fun to liuild air castlejri •-' —Dr. A. JJ. Twadell,- Osteopath. Xciv (Jlobc- Rldg. F'hope ISl. Mrs. .1. .1. .Myers, of Casper, AVyo., was in lola this ninrning on her Way to .loplin, .Mo., to' 'visit relatives. .Mrs. .Myers came lliis fur^ , with her buKband-iir-t |icir car. She , says the flowers we -e In hlooir. i' when .she left home a)id tlie weath- j —Wanted to Buy: Clean white rags at the Register. Crumble? X9: what's the good? If It availed, I would; ^ • lint it doesn't \ bit— .\ot It.' ' Laugh? Yes. why not? TIs better than crying a lot: We were made to he clarl— .\*ot sad. Sing? Uliy. yes, to be sure! We shall better endure ^ '.If the heart's full of song All day long. , —The Young Soldier. jPKO Krlug>< Speaker Here .Miss :.Iessle. Pierce, a registered lence an^-. who ' responded grac- 1 ioiisly. ' : The Chfistian Endeavor socle- It ies met -ai the usual hoiir, devot- ;mI most o^ the tinie^to reportsNof jthc conveijtion which was held at Humboldt,- Kan.." November'. 25-26- i 27, and was-largely attended by inieniberrf l!roni each departmenT of • the organization. / The Wojnan's .Missionary socie /;ty Kave a pageant. "Perfect Love." ' ial. the evening service. : <: * •> At (be PrtSltyteriun Cliurch In the niornlnK worship at the First Presbyterian church yesterday, yiola Dalgariio and Mr. X. C. Kerrr sang as .i diiei "I'm a Mr. and Mrs/Klnier Smjth .U 'f 1 l"''''fc ! Pilgrim." .The theme or"Kan- li^"" .'"'ll'lr'...*!*; of 111" ser- U'.v. II. G, er w;is unusually nli e. ^Tliu. Penn- 1. '•Cre I night, cenis^Jl Cood Cigar i T^'a^ber. •Mrs, C. AV. Leiy of Yates Center, r Visitors in llie IteKisier office to- Howard Perkins. i passed llirough here lo<Iay on her ;wav to Ottawa wlier.e >iie will visit. 1>1 >TER MOSinSi. 'are^hard on clothes. Repu- dry cleaning will keep " suits and overcoats spick i and span. It increases their life,-- too. Phone Id.".. medicine. Office pvcr Coo.k's Drug Sti-re. Phone .">».4 day or night. I " j whicli^is inviting all women of t!ie! •rity to attend-the meetins. •> •:• j(i!vrs liirthday IMnner . .Mrs. Karl Hedenbendei-. of 21.=; South S.vcjinioie street, gave a si.\o'clock -jliiincr Sunday, evening fn honor of Ahleson Cleaners d.ny were .Mr." William Heiinan. of ;he I'iqua neighborhood, ^tnd his jlrienil. Mr. George O. I'ollman. of --Mildred Curti.s. M. D. General i J-af-Vgne, It is through the Register; that .Mr. Heiman keeps in, touch with the markets and lhe|'«*'' •^'••"'•'^ othei information an up-tcy-date; "lakes her home Ih^re. .Ia.s. Cunningham, who has been i f^n"*'.'; "''"kwI <V "»v«^-in '"••'«•'• i ,.iT,I'*" ''onterod .ihero vLsitinW his .hrother: A. W.I'" '"='»^«' ^' «'f '•"••''."«^"'^''-' ^-^^V I".'! . r ' Cunninghamr and his nephew. MerIi - - . LT ^ ^ '" ^'1, '^^ <^^^'^^ *i Cunningham, returned this after- -rHr. Montgomery. Chiropractor. I '.^M'''^^^^^^^ link ea.lU^ lie = |„fton to hi.s home in Richmond.! lola Laundry BMg; Photic i:!8. ^^"^ pre.sented Osl.orn with I Kansas. 1 — i' ^^^.^^ eoVers for: .Miss • * w * • *j.WiH. IVnn~.'» cents -.V (lood L.^Cov, .M p. Spociali-st. i p3„ll,„. jj^.j,,5„^^.„;(j Miss^ Kll/a'beth K::r. .Nose and Throat. SmItli..MIss Christine HenVichs. . .Mis.s "Helen. .Smith, who holds a covwiiment 'po.sltlon In Washlng- rie Di 'll sclKioIhoUsi- on the Kell- 'Bernard Flaiinery, Hiidson-Kssev imiiMman, spi^nt yc-.-terday in Cha- jnjte'With his pjirenl-'j; . ioii I), f.. .and spent the monih j iii'"Kv street mad, lunning <ine i . J .r 1 I ," ^ "I tieiober here on her annual va-l'n'''- ^^I 'urli; 10 ilic- liila-Hninl)oldt —Indian Herb Tonic for all dl'" ,...,||„„ :„„i ,i„. .m,|,K,^|ueiit ni.inih , ""wu^hlp Due. ha.-, b.-en eompleied ca«e»-of rbc slonm.-h. lilood, l.'vei. ,,„,.i„g ,,„. m,,..,,, und 1 ;'"<l» 'i---. mii<h to iho kIclneyB.I hlaidcr, ''|'": .rf!. <l<-.i!h l.f her falb.^r, liie lale .hidg.. salNiacll.m <.t" lli- ,<ever:rt families Hpeidal now, 2 for 2 ..e. W.V. L'>n«. .1 |, j^,„|,i,. r,.|„rned to Washing- »vfio ^ire served by it. lola business :~ ion yesterday to resume lier work. 1 m<-n coMlrlbnIed geneniusly to the Drw,"Frank Lenski, and his broth-j ; bulliling of ibis road and are pjeas- «r. Joe r ..i-n«kl, of Pitlkbiirg, Icti j —\Ve pay ft'; on Full I'ald atid'i' l'^"* f"''" "a- [ilhe piyer this aflerimon lor Chi-lj.,«,„„n„.,„ s„„,^ The bestinvcst- t^OicaUttl there hy the death of „„.|,„„| ,„ „„ve. llieir;:cousin, Leo Ki^lczyuskl. iSrrurHy HIHit. A Loan A-^MM-lnlloir. ; Idlii, |{»n*tiiv. j .MlKsaiora Davl.s. .Miss V<-.sta Fln- The new cravel niad from I'ral-;|ey and .Miss .MarybeJIe Padgett. ^ spir In the eveiung the choir v.-as well filled witbl^ yoimg-pcoide . and the i '• .Awakening Chorus" was sung by ;tli,?m in b|i effective way. The • pastor Iieg(in a series of serihons i l)ased on a; questionnaire sent out i,i...i„i„.. , I, . '"ito a hundiied young people of the ";!oSe "'(^sb ;:-.!r' —— "Our yoijng fojk qre a good eros.s section of our conimunity; Their motive lor 'allending worship reflecp tlic training -they' have in tlif home." One-ninth of them have "ilitth" Interest in the worship of. the church. One-ninth of tbem go. to church from habit. One-third of them go from a sense of duty and because of home en-" couragenieiii. One-third of them attend, worship because they- find- joy In It and love to do so. A number of are^tt spiri kind. <• •:• Huhorlng .Hr«. .Hiirj I'ort .Mr.'and Mrs. G. K. Cloud, of S17 .N'orih WasbliiKlon avenue, entertained at one o'clock dlimer yesterday coinpllmeiitiiry to .Mrs. ."Nlary I'ori. of Clevelanil. OiiFo. The Kucsis Included:'.Mrs. Mary Port. .Mrs." .Vitncy cloud, .Mr. and .Mrs. Hnii-r Teals and . dauglilers, Viola anil Iiene Teats, of soulh~i God lands the good Uiatls ia the jchnrch and points ont the tnid nnd calls it to repentance witlT ]^rom- ise ol forgiveness, which. ^ the only way that the church c^n be -perfected as in;Eph. 5:26-7. That iie might sanctify and cleafise it with the washing of water % the word; that he might presentf II to himself a glorious " church, not having spot,, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but it should be- holy and without blemish." ;. 's The pastor's answer to thii' oft- asked question. "What Is the-xhat- ter with the church?" was.; that there is nothing the matteriwjth the church as an Instltutioq Of which tWHat Is the head. The fault lies in. individual life, that '.•more properly the question shoulfl be. "What is .the matter . with 5ne?" Moral and spiritual corruption Is carried into the society of: the church as smallpox is carj>ied Into a healthy community. On the^per-! son (if individuals, he asserj«l, -> -:• -> *. Haptlst Temple Services Yesterday was a good day al .,the MMljtnce .s0iool Matinee 10c and 2(ic; Night lOe and 30<u Today, Tuesday and- -..Wedhesday '•in— SwrleM at Flftt XetboOlst Chnreh The' splendid intefedS manifest for BomwtgSmc^-in the Sunday school was In exl^^ce y>ate"rfay and a 'splendid) altishdance' greeted the CrstkCOliL ddij.of tti^*tater. ^ At tHe' Siindi^momlng worshio service'the pastor spoke on ^he supject. "Chrdfs Joy lii Life." emphasizing the fact that Jesiis had Joy in fellowship with God anct in His confidence in human,ty and in the consciousness that' He had obeyed' God even to^ death. In the evening the pastor spoki} on the subject. "Christian Character." In which he said- the highest ciiaracter js found in relationship with God. ; , At the morning" service the choir sang the anthem;., "The Sun Shall Be No More Thy Light." by Wood!.id. and Mrs. De 'pe Blllbe sang |"Xot a Sparrow Falleth" by Abt as the offei-tory. The evening an- I them 'was ';Xow the Day Is f)ver" by Speaks. • :"' - , • -> <• • Woman's .Wssloiiary Socfety Pageant . - „ , The woman's Missionary society . Baptist Temple with an attend}ince 1 of the First Christian church spon-icf four more In the Sunday .st^ool i sored a pageant.; "Perfect Love." tiu.n last week, at the church-yesterday which \v!is ; The pastor. Or. .1. H. Spw ^rby. annual missionary Aay. ' S : I'ogan bis fourth yt-ar wib the The missionary'women in a ,fro-j t !ii"'cb on Uecetuber L and lhe.-ser-» cessionaL "Jesus Calls Cs O'er thelmon in tlie morning was.onetfit- Ttimnlt." opened the program andj-cd to the occasion, .from Paul's ytvA. Releford gave the devotionals., •'^-Pl'eal to the Kphesians. that "ihey Mrs. Wade Adams sang. ".Vearer \ pr&y for him that utteraicp iiiSght tlie Cross." .\ large wliite lighted 'be given him to speak as he qSght cioss to-which Christianity was to speak. cnained. was the central figure. .A I" fic afternoon a .uroiip of pilgrim was seeking someone who yo-tng people went to Forf Scott could unloose the chain. Manv '» Mteud a vesper scrvic- in ton- chstracters tried, but none couhl i""''»'"" ^V''l> "iP World AVide truild tinlock the chain until the Spirit ' ntiniversaiy. of Womanhood, who held the key '•'•'c R- V. I>. r. held its uicff;in,? to perfect love, came. - the*'usual hour with a gooUj at- in \Vu. ihe merciless code or the Twenty-three girls and voiinp"t"*" »»d in-U>e evonins; >erU)rient. stepped in between the ro- married women took pyrt iii the i vice, the pastor lieKau a .series of |mance <,f East -and West. Lon pageant crowded-1 was.the With Jteiii.^ .luoree «ii(t . I^tJHlse" Wresser The sini.itf -r shadow of Mandar-:" them s-iiy the services uai help, a guide and spur to Kr'iaier offori, stlmu'lnt«^ fallh and ;i)e nei 'esHurv for oiie who Is trylijg to live the Christian llfi'. .Maiiy of our young peojtlp look upon t'jieir rell>;I(m as it, support' to rift;. A. number of ^Ihem simply ciriy It io help In ii crisis < 'Wc know Baker}^ Products are good, •But^ Have ' : You • Tried , . OuVs? .VAIf HOOZERS. - Mrs. George Cook,,of Colony. w:ls .ia.^ tmslncas visitor in ilola this 'laornlDg. •Wni .ri'enn—.'i.iwnl'i—A Good fistar Mtes Lucille Flint, of C'-:. v. as tliST gneiit of Miss Anna Riggs, 82S [ Jforth: street,-over the week-end, -Dr. l.'C-ray. .1. T. Phone homo were ! i .Mr. and Mrs. Fh.yd White ainl- jijIauKhter, ilarbara .\nn. of Topeka. .drove til lola yesterday irtornlng 'and were guests in Ihe home of} I , , , 1 I, I ,.i I .ii In. life. In their fiilth they jdearly :''. , \V " M"^'^?';' reflect 1he 'training of the Itcid,. Snrsery and | .Mr. a„d Mrs. .I.U.doud "I west j „f ,|„.,.%.,„„...-.. '^•''"''"4'':j:% I.some of the: results. —Dr. Lucy i:..l'6Ison. Chiroprac-'Royal ^elifhlwrs to Yiites ( enJer for. .N'lirthrnp 13Id;J. I'hone :!2C. I .Twinty members! ol the Royal — i.N'eiglibors of lida Iiav^- accepted;, .„,,.,„i.„„.,, Mrs. Ceorge Vosse. who for'.sev-j"." Invitation to. attend the Inltia-1 ' ' ; The Sunday school and Y. P. S. ('. K. were Well attended, aiiil the {iiieetlu;:s a )ielp to all who were 'Mr and Mrs. C. C. Helvil^ and fam-1''''='' >'""""* lias assumed iiie bur-i supper ; tonight at the il.v, of 920 Xorth Washington ave- Inite." 'Mr. White retiirneil home Inst cvenliig but .Mrs. White and (laughter will spend the week here with i her. sisters. Gold r .ptterlug. -The Register docs all '''"ds ol j , . , . freouenl lutervVls dur- "<''^''' su!)eiintenil<?nt. At. the gold lettering at moderate I'rices. j ' vear V hit" acXmt^^^is^^ exercises a .-'roun of threv ln*«,i„g leatbet-goo^^^^^^^^ ^asa —'t o ^'^'Ho if^^ Endeavor son^ ^las sifts, .'keep us in iiiilnd. , j ,,iv|,i„als and' to Uie public and | by the Girls' Clee crTib, fed •:' !Mr .s.\%..><.s;. is entitled to tb« thanks !'>• ^''rKinia Smith. Miss Ce- len'tif making a piT.sonal canvass ;Yale.s Center lodne . i —American Legion meeting M i<a>«r-inlgftt, |:00 o'clock. Initiati] ' Eyejiy- meml ler out. J D.' Buchanan. P. ( m- Dll. •Maxine Mltcliell. one of tlie.K Jatcri carriets, daughter of Mrs. pj ; aftti )ien..ol! 107 North Sycamtn-e 8tre4t, "is ill and-unable to cah-.v her ipapers. She is,a siudeiit at ' Jimliar High.- . • —ff'you want to. »uy or bnild, 'trftyor suburban property. The ir'- Bultainff &' Loilii Association -' j^B^ yotr a loan, lo* iiitercst 7 6ecretan'« at .old Register . flOntli^est corner of snuare. . .Miss PekrI Elliott, a leacheriln thejhlgJ^jRchool at .Mildred, who -iu^'ibeea 111 of apin-ndlrjlls for Hie pas^siz wi>eks. was able lo return •<p her school T\-ork this inoriiiug. ; 3ftis8_ Cla.rfbeJ (Jrover siib.-iiiuted "jTdr her during her iibseiice.. , ineeting. of the iiMvn lor the sale of Christ-l,„ ,„ ', ,,*•* * mas .-4eals,-lias again nnderiaken H"!^* ( hrlst an >erW}S)s that wearisomV and unrequllert but ,„'^'."".''^>' )f • .l^'i . "'' . "'. bigblv impoitant task, it Is ,iiru I <'"''«"<'" < bnrch HIble school Ihe sale of Ihe^e seals that money | " marked increase Hi is rais.Ml on the free tu-! "I"'"'"''': ''" '^V'""''' l.eiculosis clinics whi.h arc held ^''"'"^ Sunday. .Mr. ('has. A'ble.son lola at frequent Intervals dur- '"'•^"' supeiinteml<.nt. At. the opening e.xerclses a ki-oud of thr^y the and at- 1 Mrs. Vo.><.si' IS entitled to th« thanks ' Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Uiwrcnce left I ,Vi; the- commnnilv for her public I'^ste (.riffith played yesterday in their car for thel:-: sijfrited service In lielphiK to rai.^e Shepherd's Hey;" fund jboino in St. Louis after h visit here j necessary 1 with Mrs; Ijiwrence's parents. Mr. '.".iid .Mrs. G. L. Washburn.. Clarlbel (U'over :ic(ompaiiied them home for'a fow days visit. ! —For Real Estate I.«ans -sec the Secnrlty Ride. A; Loan Association, loin, Ks. Office in First .Sail.' Bank. \ Aid Hold LAHARPEAND ITSCITiZERS piano solo, bv Percy 'CraiilKi-r. and "Wyoming Lullaby" was suiiK by Ihe Clet- Club. The two lianner i-lasses were the Loyal Leaders with an att.ndancn of Si; and the Loyal Men's das'!, with nil prlisenl. Rev. J. I,ee Keleford preached at ,\Hen(l Ve>iper .Senlce At Fort Sfott Yesterday {at four o'clock vesper services ovef, the world were held by the World \Ylde Guilds of the Baptist churfh. The pageant. "The Light of-the World." was given at Fori Scott aiid was attended by the following ilb-rsons from th" lola Mr.' and Mrs. .-X. A. Mosher and daughter. Dorothy and Mary Mosher: Andj-ey .Matncy.- Elizabeth Lederer.- i)orls Moyer. Gwendolyn Tothl. Carnielia - Hanson. Helen Fiohinson. Mrs. J. H. Sowerby. Lucile Wagner. Beulah. Lanferman, Grace Bradsbaw, i Mildred Close. RIna Close, Pearl McKiirnin and .Viola Lewnian. ' - • •••> • •>. , I'nite«l Hretltreii Services The Sunday school attendance ami at the eveninK service j Derhv"—-Aesop'.H Fables aild Tur^'^^y^n ;Sy^o:/?'^:ra 'rvi""!' ^^Topics.of the Day. ., -n.. iy as a whol.. was o „J off: Trinity Kplscoiml Chnreh The crisp Deit Siinday morning effect on the Sunday school ai- • ,. t^mlanco, while the Siinduy .no...-1^''';"' P""*^ Ing congregation at the preachliiK j hour was fully up to standard. \ The pastor, the Rev, .1. C. Wil-i son, used as his morning iheme, "The Unlimited Possibllliy of the Human Smil in Its Lift to God." The text was from II Peter :!;!; "Whereby are gven unto irs !?r<.ii and precious promiset<: that by ihesc.yc might be ptirlakers of the •li.'Ine nature, having escaped tlii< corruptfon that is iti the worlii through lust." In the evening the services were evangelistic, the pastor iisiuK for his teitU Rev. 2:4: ".\evertIn-less 1 have somewhat against the." tenton was called to the imperfcc- 1 tion of the seven churches of Asia. ; HONEY -"FAR COMPOUND For All Cwghs and All A%es Aa Pure as It is nutiu N"s DRtro sToite: .Miss ('.race Kinuev. of department; at: Ranisays.' was tin--, able to be at; the store today onf- ;ii-count .\ •illness. I . ... I ladles* Aid H,,lds lijiz:iar lie hiiK : Chicken IMnner- Thiirsihiv Mrs , ( harles Thresher VMlIns Parents. ^ViH. Peiiii-.'» cents A (.'oimI Cigar This is a j-eminder or the Cur- i^ient Topics dinner at the I'ortland i.Mr.s Opal Mitchell I LAHARPR. I)-c. The Ladies' I Aid of the Christian i-liurcli • the worship hour on th" ".Secrets of t\\r Success of I'eutecost." .aiidiw-as lielow <J"' averaKe yesterday head lor Scripture• releience' .\cis jitthe Chiircli i.f the I'niled Breth"""12 :1-1. :'.7-.".!<. ' He save :is .re.-ssons ren In Clirist. but there were good for Ibis plieiioinei!.aI success, the I Jniliences at: liolh morning and fact of .ill being tiigetiier with one j evening prejjching services, both accord, iir close fellowship: pres- being larger: than tisiiaf. elice of the Holy Siilrit which ban- All three iof Hie Christian Rn- ishes fear. ;no man being defeated - di-avor socfejies bad interesting j wbii I.x' unafraid, and the work of I and prlrfltabli- sessloiis. , . , , •,, , ,. ^^i personal nilnlstrv earrh-il -on bv ' .\t the morning service Mr. Geo. have A hazaar and .bicken dinne.-, individual Christian. ' lllnsi ra-! Rnslev shul'; a tenor .solo. "The jihus a nutrition Investigator. Even If you. I\ave not aread.vsent in your ntinie: for rcservalloiii thci chances are ymi can get a liie tablw U .von fcill the'Porijaud lloiej right now" and ask for It. little daught'is airiv.'d here Sat - , inday eveniiic fioni Jeunore. Kas.. j There \\~ere ihiei .-.s his text. "He- wist not that the nii-nibers aiId-:Lord had departed from him"— .Mr.s. Sotlre. •'• -Ipbrmer pupils of Prairie Dell the celij-bratlon at llieir home .in I wctuJor are cordially Invited tri at- naldwin| of the Golden Wedding an^ tiend'the HomOcomingand Dedica-; niversailv of rtev. and Mrs. Charles .tlonrof ihcneVf building to be helfl j willir.m I'.aik.r. Mn and .Mrs. Ball' lieceniber 8."1927. from ll-a. m. tot.-v were', inarried in lota in l.S -jthe lio:ne of lier ih'ughter.' Airs. .ISiii^pne. near Colonv. 'who has 1 eeh ill. * ' Mr. and .Mrs. Holly .Sbacklett an 1 _,, T ,. I I , ;family have nioved to the Leq.Ox- ^'''•J>!'"'!\".*'^^-'>e!'^'": iodide; property in the nortlieast part of town. ' -^•itiJt Rread."! good as; ever. ley biing then .Miss M:'iry .\s :i .Metliodist minis- I 4 |i. m.: Everyone, bring,- Mi.... ifc. District Board. : i-'tarl\ • "'; ; iter ^l.r. Bailey held charges'' ti m^ii Mabi«" Johnson, of P.ioiisoi.. >'earhy couni'es. one of his sons ,ti | ,ii«„|.,v liinc being pastor of Ihe chiirih i ..„'.,''', :.^iiKS .ii.aiiw .luuiin.iii. "I ;.- - _ - - • • - • "!store (li«nlay. \f,„ •«-iw-in lola today enioi.te to Inde--one liinc being pastor of Hie j \„.« „ (•„ii,ortson. ''" ,j.eTid«m-e, ,Kaiis;, where sbv will'in -lola. so he i.s well know., here U , ^, .p „.„n,„p, ;,n,,| = visitiirien.i.'. ' l =.'».'' I'f. "'^"V tne.Mls «'bo «ill .e- \V.'D'„n-<ert,... attended ihe • 1) : ^'^""^ " -l'"'- "f missionary »a=eMn. ' Hveu at the I 11 , • I, I iH-ie »iTi- llliec llli-iliuers aim-..."in imn ilf|liiuru iKi... .liili for a visit wiH\ her p.irenls. Mr. j,.,,,,, (he close of the .service. ! Judges l(;:2n; .He etnphasized Ihe and MrF. <;uy TiciUvay. • j Fred Steele and .Mr. Ernest ] lack of iiower in the church: the ••- J, Q. Roberts hjis beim at j p„^j,.,. ^„„^ ., ,i,u.t. "When I Reach The End of Time," acco.n- panled by Mr.s. C. A. Barbe.-. . M""- A.-R. Sti-oup. who Is chairman of the pulpit committee, rend the recommendations of the Itoard I of chiefs and the official board of 'the church that-a call be extended This community was wcU Teprc-|,„ j. .j^p,, Heleford of Mar- se.ited In lola Saturday alternoou. • ]„„ Kans., to accept the pastorate I work." Hab. S:2, The window decorations, were all|„f ,|„. ,.hi,r <n. This reconimenda- j for his Ibought.s. very att^:^<^ive but the oi|e appeal-^^as favored and the audience ing as the most beautiful and ar-|v„„.,| ,„ etiudoy Mr. Releford. who after the com.nunio.. service accepted the (tall and introduced .Mrs. lieleford who, was in the aud- need of if and how to come into possession of it. ; ' •At the levcnlhg service fhe-djoir sang an antltcin. and a male, quar- tfitf sang a ;special number.. The stibjecl of the sermon was. "The Need of a Revival, and How to Obtain It." The pa.stor used'] the te.vf. "Oh Lord..-revive .thy as a foundation A Fine Christmas Gift For Him or For Her —^in a wide variety of. style and colors warm blanket robes. .Sfi.OO Values CHOICE ?.i.00 Values CHOICE $3.75 mirg-ht Hubby * With Oysters ;Scall0ped6r \ :i Stewedv.,^ Our' Sea Food i.s always a.s^optl as our baby beef. M.&M.MARkEI^ MedtThat. You Can Eat \ tistii i viw to the renorter's was the Sleeper point, of Furniture F. Ii. 15. LkAVKIX, 3L 1). "^Saeclal attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. • V : Elc-ctro-Physlotherapy irrice ti) ktiow titat ill spite of a 1 lont;- life of jiard work-as a sol- 'di<r for the I'nioli he piirticipated ' (b! .".1 battii's :tnd was wonndr icd,—he ('o.iie.s to-his Mitli >-t-ar vig- '.iorons in.nind and body and slil! ipreii'hes oj.ce or twice everv Si.n- •iday: ; - - 6fJtil :c lola State Bank Rldg. * : • Phones—147 and " 70.'". , *i It *. - ». • V* • * ^ V Ir"- The: members of the Best Yet 4-H j j clubipiidtheWirrensburg diii. ; of Satpnburg. kansas. xere guests ! Saturday afternoon of Georg<| L. •WlUisdns.! circulation manager of ^thfe^i^gidter and E. VanHyning. manager of the Kelley theater. | .~ They; first went to the Kelley i theiiter'to see the Carl Laemmle j L-prodWctlon Of .'"The Lone Lugie," j i afterwards comiiig to this ofi"4c>?| -Ivheri they were conducjeil * tSrdugh tlie =. plant, 'The members j ; Incltided Mfes Gladys- Roberts. Miss j : Kliia: authf Brelner; Miss Eva Riis- stfH,- IfiSS Fei-ne Russell. Miss AVa- aita>^rbett^nd Miss wanda Bar-| ietfc; ilfcs iViolet G.^ Saiiip, M*a BoSoiiies'G„ Jones. Miss LaVelle A. Jerdttn, Miss. Kathryh }X. Lead- StiartJi,Mlsii*Fio.renbe C. Leadstrom. i(i8 »:tX >nclUe C. iswanson^ .Mhw Ge- lie^iie^'T S. Joirdan. Miss Adelaide ."t: N^itfron, MIs«> Catherine B/ £ We ^el. MlsfS SteUa L;. .Johnson r'Xlyde B. gelUgren. C^oifrart E. TT^ohiUoh and Victor Kelson, leader. -.1 •'DAYS •nLI. HBlSTtvAA 'p missiimar.v paseaut L 'iveii .Methodist i hiiri h in Mriilisoii night. at| the •••I last l|lie«arfjf!JK.ppej doesn't mind Hietulc lliore's pleanne'm it MeaxA %^ you put it ofi 'Unia'lhe final mmite. /orBAKING ]>0\VDER is in The BAKING For Be^tRejulti ME THE mmm m JDdtrBI^ ACTION WHY PAY WAft P^ICB^ ? Okf Government TifeUjKniiomofMnsb . Persistent coughs and culds^ l^d to Krious trouble. You can stop them now Creomuliion, an emulsified creosote that' is pleasant to take. Creomul- . sion is « new medical discovery with two -foldj action; it soothes and heals the infldmed membranes and inhibits germ miwth. .01 alii Kn 'own drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities cs one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Crepniulsion- cfinrains. in addition lo creosote, othei healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflanunation, while.the creosote goes on to the stomach,-is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth nf tlic germs; Crrnmulsion is gnaranteecT satisfactory in the treatment of - persistent (.-ntiglis and colds, bronchial asthnia, bronchitis and' other forms ofrcspira- tory diseases, and is excellent for building up the s )'stem after colds or fln;' Money refunded ifany cough or cold is not relieved after taking accordTng to directions. AsIc your druggist, (adv.) The Fire of a Dashing Seiioiita- The Fire ot ^ Daring Caballero— Blaziog a New Trail in Screen Drama! ^ KELr^EY ' IMatincfe ]0c-20r NiRht 10c -3 .5c TOI>AY AM) TUESDAY Wth MARY ASTOR and GILBERT RCWbAND ^Idapted by Bess: .Weniljth from the story hy^iHInnn (urolin .Sraith and Kitgen- ie WoodWiird. She loved him as only. a senorita can love—and he was her father's bitterest enemy—hotblooded — impetuous.. To- whom Should she cfing;?' Which love claimed.her heart? Xerer has the^screen offered a: rbfnance of burning: love a.nd recltless youth set amid the magnificence of OW Monterey. Only the genius .of Titzma^ri^e could have given this story to the world-in terms of undying grandeur I • Added—Comedy and News Keel We have hundreds of useful and practical - gift.s at low pricesr- you are welcome at all times to come in and look. . Ta Gura a OoliiSn OneOarjfi Take' TIieE1rstancb.€)rigiBaL . Cold and Grip T^tHlxA, IVovenSedbWixioTBtiianaQaiMwof a Centaiy as'an ^Stetra- xamady- COLDS, GBIP. INFLUENZA and •» a. Preventive. FiiceSOc • -Tljeboxbemstlftjign^nrar ,\, ^--Prooen Mem Since I88S^-, WHY HOTTBr I GnaiWiptandPa^'t^e-BeK^&Bf ^J BROWN'S DRUG STOl

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