Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD* FRIDAY, OCTOBER It. 1955 DM-PA-2-4600' for * WANT AD Takers Heart Attack dan-Prolong. •« .-• • : , ~ Some/Lives ;';LOS ANGELES-ONS1-A professor of preventive medicine-says (hat sometimes a person's life is prolonged by a heart attack. •f'Tlie statement was made yesterday by Dr. Rodney R. Beard of Stanford University while in Los Angeles to attend a county heart association symposium. •: : Hc explained: Z "There is an old axiom in medi< cine that the man who gets a mild disease and then nurses it care fully lives longest. .;"It is reasonable to assume that a man who gets a mild coronary attack and then takes good care of himself may live a longer life than if he had not! had the coronary in the first place." ,The professor went on io say that heart attacks .were no bar to cither employment or activity after recovery. .He said that a five-year study of 232 men and 28 women coronary cases at the Lockheed Aircraft Company in Burbank refuted "any suggestion that those with .heart disease cannot hold and successfully perform industrial work." For the Finest MILK DRINKS ICE CREAM aiid DAIRY PRODUCTS Drive Out to THE COW Route 220, South THfrm K HIKE' SY MOON, COM'. Wt'VB PLANNED TH- OKI'* DEATH TO ICOKl/W AM ACCIMNL SO THSRS N0WT W HO HWMTISATICN THAT WSHT ^••EXPOSE vou! — YB*H,,.WMITA TAKE. V AMKICAN MV fMtiD* ON THAT 1 Cf ETIZEN5/ I TOOK A rW PAY* »i ? HOKAY, I AgO! ISrHISBNOUaH / W(L K6MMKR NKtUtA WU WHEW YOU RBTURW tj On Bridge Farm Policy Clouds GOP Clue In Bidding Leads To Sliam By OSWALD JACOBV Written for NEA Service Today's hand was played in th European Team Championships icld in July in Amsterdam. Th bidding was high, wide, and hant some, with play to match. West would have sacrificed '; six spades, going down only 700 except that he hoped to mak :ricks with both of the red king against six hearts. As it lurne out, however, the failure to sacr fice was a clue to declarer's coi rcct play.. West opened the queen spades, and declarer won dummy .with the ace. It seeme clear that West had been biddin on a- queen-high spade suit. 'Thi 'act, together with West's failur to sacrifice at six spades, per suaded declarer that West both of the red kings.' With this- thought in mine South ruffed dummy's secon spade and 'led the ace of trumps There was, after all, a fair chanci hat the king of hearts woulc drop on the ace. When nothing startling hap *( JUST CANY WAIT TO SET UNDER. MY WONDERFUL , // ELECTRIC BLANKET/ It won't be long till it's pretty chilly in Cumberland. .Get your electric bed coverings now so you'll be snug and warm these winter nights. THE POTOMAC EDISON GO, pened on the ace of hearts, South continued with the ace and king of clubs. West discarded a spade, 14 WEST A Q .1 9 7 4 3 VK9 «K742 + 5 South 2V Pass Pass NORTH AA5 VJ7642 4)83 *Q864 EAST AK10B2 y 10 • 1065 + J9732 SOUTH (D) ' A6 V AQ853 » AQJ9 + AK10 North-South vul. . Wist North East 2 A 3V 44 5V Pass 6 V Pass 3 A 5'A Pass Opening lead—A Q and South abandoned clubs in order to lead a second round of trumps. Now West was on play with no safe way to get out. If he led a spade, South would ruff while dummy discarded the losing diamond. If West instead led a diamond, South would get a free finesse. Either way South was sure to make his slam contract. Q—The bidding has been: North East South West 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade Pass 1 N.T. Pass ? • You, South, hold: 4AQ982 VI!? 65 «K102 +J What do you do? A—Bid three hearts. You have excellent trump support, a singleton, and II points in high cards. You can well afford io give your partner this itronr invitation to fame. ' • TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: AAQJ982 ¥765 «K10Z +2 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow ]hief Finds Fire BAYTOWN, Texas — tfl — Fire Chief Art Lintclman was taken to a hospital for treatment of burns. Backed against a stove. There are 1,182 different kinds of forest trees in the United States. It's NICE to save TWICE ... AT ALBERT'S YOU GET THE SAT/SFACT/ON OF DAILY LOW PRICES ...ANDS&H GREEN STAMP... THAT ENTITLE YOU TO VALUABLE GIFTS! By OVID A. MARTIN Associated Press Farm Reporter WASHINGTON MT-Tlie possibil- tyjhat President Eisenhower may lot run again has cast an air of uncertainty around future Republi can farm policies. Political and farm leaders gqn- erally agreed that as long as the President occupied the party driver's seat, most Republicans would stand firm behind the new farm program Congress wrote into law at Eisenhower's request. This law features flexible farm price supports as contrasted with Truman era high, rigid supports, greater dependence upon farm nitiative and greater governmental efforts to boost farm markets. The GOP program lias been under sharp attack by Democrats and some Republicans who con,end it is inadequate to assure prosperous conditions for farmers. Recent declines in farm prices and ncoriie have injected the program nto the preliminary skirmishing or next year's presidential campaign. But now that Eisenhower's illness may keep him from seeking re-election and even for exercising vigorous role in . determining 'uture party policies, there is speculation that the Republicans may change their thinking on the farm issue and come up with new policies designed to prevent a possible farm vote revolt next year. The position of Ezra Taft Benson as secretary of agriculture would appear to be somewhat weakened by the political possibilities of. the President's health. The President has been the party's strongest supporter of Benson. Shbuld Eisenhower decide against seeking re-election, Benson and his programs doubtless would face much stronger • opposition within the GOP. than at present. While agreeing that perhaps the present party farm policies might be a handicap in next year's election, many GOP leaders had taken the position that Eisenhower's popularity would carry the party to victory again anyway. But should the Republicans have to turn to someone else, there undoubtedly would be a strong demand within the party — particularly from Midwest farm belt Republicans — that the party greatly modify its programs so as to make them more appealing to farmers. Though it is an extinct volcano. Mount Rainier still has jets of steam issuing from its sides-occasionally. Dean Martin, Wife Parted HOLLYWOOD—(INS)-Comcdian Dean Martin and his wife have separated' but no immediate divorce is planned. The parting took place yesterday, Mrs.' Martin, the former Jeanne Diggers, a blonde ex-cover girl left for Palm Springs with the,, two Martin children, Dino, 4, anc Ricci, 2, while Martin rcmainec at the family home in Hollywood. The separation confirmed per sistent rumors that all was nol well with the Martins. The two disclosed that the comic was having irouble at home at the very same time he was embroiled in his latest and most serious quarrel with lis partner, Jerry Lewis. . Martin and Lewis have patched up their differences and are on good terms again. Layaway TOYS Now.,, at either of the NATIONAL STORES 16-18 Wineow Street 428 Virginia Ave. Try tke (iriest PM ever bottled! If you like fine iliings (and nave . a keen sense of value), you'll like the fi'nctl PM ever in Hi nanasomc new package-' 4/J.QT. BM10NAL DISTILLERS PROD.CORP.,N.Y.- 86 PROOF- 65* GRAIN NEUTRALSPUKTI (i We sell oil varieties— Now low priced! Cream of Tomato. 69c Bean Cream of Celery . . Cream of Pea Vegetable Vegetarian Vegetable... 6 For 79c Beef Noodle :. Beef with Vegetables Chkken Noodle Chkken with Rke.,. Clam Chowder Consomme Cream of Chicken... Cream of Mgshroom. Gumbo Creole Split Pea 6 For 95c 2 Fas r' Iy 39c HEINZ KOSHER DILL SANDWICH CHIPS I" HEINZ BABY FOODS Strained Junior 6 '« 57c 4 «« 55c HEINZ OVEN-BAKED BEANS PORK MOLASSES VEGETARIAN A14-ai. JQe * btb. *W 95c 43c Bliss COFFEE ± 91C Packed by the Roaitcn of Maxwell HOUII Realemon, Orange or Mambo PUNCH 4 46ol$ 100 T com I»WW Shawnee Springs PEACHES American Beauty Sauerkraut Sunshine Krispy Crackers Mb. bx Mb. bx 25c 47c •tank NOW* m«c LBERT'S It'gives you extra protection from major hazards. Ford's Lifeguard safety features include: the deep-center Lifeguard • steering wheel to cushion you in case of accident . . . Lifeguard double-grip door locks to give added protection against "doors springing open-under shock'. . '. optional Lifeguard cushioning for instrument panel and. sun visors to lessen injuries from impact .,. . optional seat bells to hold riders in their seats. Set Thunderbird style throughout the line! Every one of Ford's 18 models has the glamorous Thunderbird's distinguished flair. You see it in the.long, low silhouette ... in the sweeping line from hooded head lights to graceful tail fins. You see it in the tasteful design of its massive grille ..: . in that "hug- the-road" look. And Ford's ; fabulous new. interiors are more evidence that it's truly the. fine car at half the fine car price. And the 202-h.p. Thunderbird Y-8 Engine, too! This mighty, new Y-8 engine is packed with GO-power ... yet runs quiet and smooth as a breeze. Its deep-block Y-design makes it more rigid . . . makes the engine last longer! It not only gives you lightning "GO" ... but gives you assurance in its split- second passing power. You may have this 202-h.p. Thunderbird engine in all Fordomatic Fairlane and Station Wagon models. The fine car at half the fine car price T«st Drive_th* '56 Ford at your nearest Ford Dealer's!, ;. , '56 Font

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