Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 28, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1933
Page 9
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BITTXI IH IKES'* AMES DAILY TRIBUNE-TMO5S. AMES. IOWA FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1933. PAQIUTtll Oerrnwt BERLIN «*P»1 authoritle* ar* the campaign afain»i double Jobholders. Thc Klo i chambtr O f Commerce now ha* proposed that Pmons with two or more Job* give up all but «ne. Women whose husbands have employment must al«o give up their work. Ask for KELLOGG'S "Remember when you are offered a ftubstitute for genuine Kellogg's, it it seldom in the spirit of Aerviee." OF » TTLE CRICK Dcwitt Farmer Praises "New Deal" Program ««* DIWITT O)—Let on*. Iowa hog raiser express his opinion of President Roosevelt's "new deal" to agriculture, He Is John H. Turner Of the Pleasant Ridge farm east of here and a successful Hampshire breeder. Mr. Turner voted for Roosevelt and is well pleased with b'ls choice. He thinks the farmer undoubtedly is far better off than he was foUr months ago. "It was the dishonest dollar that ruined the farmer," be began. "High taxes and high interest rates with everything else is going pell- mell downhill The change in the administration is goiu^ to be good for us. We've already had an increasing number of Inquiries about breeding hogs from ill over the state." Turner gives his son credit for the high development of his breeding business, however. The son is an Iowa .State college graduate. $ — Turtl«s Stole Ducks WEST POINT, Neb. OLE) — When he noticed his young; ducks and geese were disappearing one by one, John Steffensmier sought the reason. Acting on tk, hunch, he Bat on a creek bank and shot a large turtle aha two smaller ones with his rifle. His fowls do not disappear now. DRIVE OPENED ON CHICAGO CRIMF Federal, City Forces Join in Ouster ifDIlS FOOD MARKET Phone 329 We Deliver WE ARE IN! It is our intention to co-operate 100% in any move- Tien' sponsored by our national or local government for the betterment of our community. BUTTER— Swift's Brookfteld, ib carton ...... SUGAR— Cloth Bag. . 10 I*. 5lC PEAS—Good quality Wisconsin, No. 2 cans.. 3 for 29c BREAD—Our regular 12-oz loaf 5c EGGS—Selected country 2 doz 26c TOMATOES—Iowa standard, No. 2 cans 3 for 25c GRAPENUT FLAKES—Regular pkgs 2 for 17c COCOA—IGA 2-lb tube 21c -&JNSQ, the large package . ZOC j MACKEREL—Van Camp's, tall cans each lOc BAKING POWDER—Clabber Girl 10-oz can 5c JELLO—Quick setting, all flavors 3 pkgs 20c TOILET TISSUE—Carol brand 6 rolls 23c OLIVES—Stuffed Manzillas, 6-02 jars : 2 for 25c PEACHES—Sliced or halves, 18-K brand. .2^ can 19c CORN—lawa extra standard, No. 2 cans .... 3 for 20c SPEQAL COMBINATION 1—lOc Campbell's Tomato Juice 1—2oc Worcestershire Sauce (makes a delicious cocktail) Both for 25C CHEESE—Pabst American or Pimento S-ox pkg 17c ftHRACLE WHIP—Kraft's new salad dressing,'pint 18c QUM—Assorted flavors 3 pkgs lOc CLEANSER—IGA, cleans everything 4 cans 19c GINGER ALE and Lime Rickey—24-oz btls. .2 for 29c Green Beans Stringiest 4 Lbt, 25c Roasting Ears Yellow Per Dozer IOC TOMATOES—Fancy red ripe 4 Ibs 25c HEAD LETTUCE—Large, solid ' ea lOc CABBAGE—Green, solid Ib 5c NEW PEAS—All green 2 Ibs 25c CELERY—Fancy Michigan stalk 8c POTATOES—No. 1 Kansas Cobblers 8 Ibs 29c No. 2, small, solid 10 Ibs 25c BANANAS—Fancy yellow fruit 3 Ibs 19c ORANGES—Small, juice 2 doz 256 Medium, Sunkist 2 doz 33c APPLES—Home grown Duchess 6 Ibs 25c PLUMS—Fancy Santa Rosas 6-doz bskt 45c PEACHES—Georgia Elbertas market bskt 79c BING CHERRIES—Finest this season 2 Ibs 35c Telephone Us Your Order Early You will receive the same careful selections as if you were here yourself. Pure lard, 2 Ibs. 15c SMALL WEINERS Ib FRESH HAM LOAF ] . Ib VEAL STEAK Ib PORK CHOPS Ib BOLOGNA lb BEEF ROAST ".".V.V.V.'.V.V.V.V lOc and HAMBURGER and SAUSAGE lb PORK STEAK lb LONGHORN CHEESE ............... ',','.['. lb PICNIC HAMS, sugar cured lb BULK COTTAGE CHEESE .'.f.'.'.'.'.'*.'.' pt HAM SALAD, for a picnic lunch lb VEAL LOAF for sandwiches '' ft, SLICED BACON 'i.' lb pkg 12i/ 2 c 12i/ 2 c 12i/ 2 c lOc lOc 19c lie lOc 10c 15c CHICAGO <U£> — Chlcafo wid the federal government joined lundg Thursday in a tremendouE ottensiy« against crime. Kidnapers, racketeers and gunmen were made the prey in what was characterized »8 "not Just another drive" but a .revolutionary linking of all law enforcement officers in a cooperative effort to wipe out major criminality. Chicago, famous thruout the land for its* works of art, its successful commercial enterprises and its gigantic world's fair, thus launched a project to become known also as a city of law-abiding citizens untrammeled by gangs. For years civic organizations. have protested the city's reputation u a glngster-haven and demonstrated with statistics the justice of their protests. Figures showing Chicago did not lead the nation in crime were presented but the reputation lingered. Disclosure of a new racket rn occasional gang killing or the murder of a peace officer served to keep alive the legend. Now all branches of major crime are threatened with abolition. The offensive comes simultaneously with a nationwide war on racketeering and kidnaping by the government but locally the situation was made more tense by the outright murder of John G. Sevick, a policeman, in a dramatic courtroom shooting. Paradoxically Sevick was murdered in the criminal courts building where the gunman had been taken for trial. Sevick was shot down without a chance to defend himself and died without knowing his death "would serve to Incite perhaps the greatest of all wars on crime. Melrin Purvis, chief of the United state* bureau of investigation; D wight H. Green, United States ristrict attorney: James P. Altaian, commissioner of police; Thomas J. Courtney, states attorney; and Chief of Detectives William Scboe- maker formed a council of war and outlined secret plans for the drive. Some of the fundamentals Include: .; 1. Exchange of evidence by federal and state authorities. 2. Agreement to turn prosecution over to vMchever branch has the strongest case. 2. Provisions for federal Intervention in cases involving men so prominent locally as to hinder prosecution. 4. Assignment of six extra judges to the criminal courts. . 5. Recall of all deputies and bailiffs on vacation. Gang Character Slain by Gunmen CHICAGO (\J£j — Co^ng as a -•iiailenge to law enforcement au- Jjorities' declaration of war on Chicago crime, Willie Carr, once a prominent gang character, was brutally slain in the first outstanding "spot" murder here in months. Standing with a companion on a west side street, C?rr was trapped by three gunmen in an automobile. One of the slayers leaped from the machin^ as Carr started to flee, pumped shotgun slugs into his head and another charge into his body and escaped. <§> The Iowa State college chapter of Phi Kappa, Catholic social fraternity, has purchased the house of the Acacia fraternity, Masonic social group, at 2110 Lincoln way. The Phi Kappa group has been living in a house at 3003 West street. The new house will be occupied in the fall. The Acacia group has not decided on what it will do this fall. The contract was signed for Acacia by Dean C. H. Stange of the veterinary division and Prof. R. L. Cochran of poultry husbandry and for Phi Kappa by George C. Decker research assistant in entomology. ®_ Gets Job, Loses Place as Head of Unemployed Club WATERLOO, (UJ!)—The Unemployed Relief club here was preparing Thursday to elect a new president. . The club Wednesday received the resignation of A. R. Locke, who had built the organization into one of the best of its kind in the state. Hs had obtained a position, Locke informed the club, and would no longer be eligible for the office. He started working for a tobacco company. ,__,_,- ^ >Js ^v Carillon Music to Be Presented Friday Evening An hour of carillon music will be presented by Ira Schroeder of the Iowa State college music staff Friday evening at 9 o'clock. The program which Mr. Schroeder will play on the Stanton Memorial carillon will include Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song," the Irish "Londonderry Air," x Elgar's "Land of Hope and Glory," a Drake university song. Victor Herbert's "Kiss Me Again," Butterfield's "When You and I Were Young Maggie," Brown's "Pagan Love Song" and a University of Pennsylvania song. n A _ .._ 166 Rescues in Four Years WALTHAM.'Mnss. (U.D— During four summers as lifeguard at. Lake VValden, Henry McNnmara, former municipal swimming chain plon, has effected no loss than Ififi rrdOUOH. One* 1 lio lonjiod from a spcoi'lng inol.orboiit to haul 11 rliild \vlio had sunk In doip waUr to an/Hy. SH01ATAGHALLF! Two motion pictures, "The Puritans" and "Peter Stuyvesant," will be shown Friday evening at 7:30 in Agricultural assembly. The presentation Is sponsored by the Iowa State college departments of visual instruction 'and history. Admission is free. "The Puritans" indicates the economic background of thei Massachusetts bay colony around 1630. The life in the primitive colony is contrasted with the court of Charles I. Thomas Morton's attempt to discredit the Puritans in England, political dissension in the colony, the capable leadership of Governor Wintnrop are well depicted. "Peter Stuyvesant" summarizes outstanding events from' 1653 to" 1664 when Dutch New Amsterdam was converted into English New York. Both pictures are of the Yale Chronicles series. Proposes Seven New State Parks DBS MOINES (ttE)—Seven new state parks are proposed in the Iowa conservation plan submitted here by Jacob L. Crane jr., Chicago engineer hired by the state to outline a program for long-time development of Iowa's outdoor recreation and nature resources. The plan also would provide state game* reserves, preservation of spots of historical interest and locate the new parks so that lowans would seldom have to travel more than 35 miles to the nearest state park. Before washing loosely woven sweaters outline on plain paper —stretch to this outline as sweater dries. Squeeze lukewarm White King Granulated sudc gently thru the sweater—do not rub or wring. Rinse thoroughly. Roll in soft towel to absorb excess moisture. There is no substitute for WHITE KING Granulated Soap "An Iowa Corporation Operated by Iowa People" Specials-for Friday, Saturday and Monday July 28th, .29th and 31st BIG FLOUR SALE! Our last Flour Sale before the new Processing Tax is applied, which amounts to 35c on a 49-pound sack of .flour. FLOUR Best Patent, j ft tl_ Hazel Guaranteed 4j7~ 1D •" Finest * ft Granulated XII (Limit—10 Ibs. to a customer) 49* a? $1.39 $1.49 490 23 1 POTATOES TOMATOES Red, Ripe and Solid 10 albs WATERMELONS JS3J £ ea ORANGES Sn S£;SS. 0 ' dozen f ^£jT7TVi ii< ^ fltlOH&l JDcJjUXCf M 11 ^»y* «<* **j\jrrCCt Vacuum Freah J." 1D , Can Palmolive Soap Biuwui J bars Root Beer Extract, T & T each Northern Tissue JX ers " s J rolls (FREE—Tarzan Mask) Gauze Bathroom Paper 6 rolls (FREE—Tarzan Mask) VINEGAR, best cider ... gal STOP! 39C Ijc 390 l§c lt)c Check up. See what you can still buy for a dime! D Monte Sardines p King Oscar Sar- Fruit Cocktail dines . 8 oz Pineapple, sliced, 6 for 57c Chili Con Carne, Van Camp No. 1 Oysters, Fancy 9 oz Fruit Salad, 8 oz Cove, 5 oz size The above prices -on most of these items will possibly never be repeated. Stock up NOW and save money! FARMERS, BRING US YOUR EGGS—WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES ALL PRICES'LOW AT THE RED BALL Red Ball Market Phone for Meat—133 RELIABLE PRICES -:— RELIABLE SERVICE HAMBURGER or PORK SAUSAGE . . . PORK LOIN ROAST, Ib .... PORK CHOPS, 3 Ibs 2§c SUGAR CURED Morrell's Smoked 5-ib BACON 3-Lb Box 2Sc BEEF BOIL 4db Windsor BACON 12 ! /2C SPECIAL! Boned, Rolled PICNICS IOC O%'onlze«l PORK TENDERLOIN . . . lb PRICES GOOD ALL NEXT WEEK MINCED HAM, 2 to 3-lb pc BEEF ROAST, Ib .... loc SIRLOIN, Round Bter.k, T-Bone... ROLLED RIB ROAST, ib .. 15C PLANK STEAK, Ib ... i§c CAKI FLOUR Swansdown Frosting Fints FREE ^ TH E Mor-i E: OF- LOWEST AYZEAdl P1I01 OWOIKATOM BUTTEft Iowa State Col. Table Brand 1 Lb 23C Hart's Butterkrust BREAD White or Whl Wheat Loaf 5c SPICES Pure Quill Reg. lOc Tin. All Kinds 8 for I9c CORN Del Monte Fey Whole Kernel Q. Bantam, No. 2 Can L gc VINE- OAR Ptire 40 grain Cider Gal Pott Bran Flakes »5c Italian PRUNES Santiam Solid Pack sr LUX FLAXES MC SILK TISSUE 1000 sheet count rolls FLOUR SALE Gold Medal "Kitchen Tested" 5 -Lb Bag 23c 12%-Lb Bag 48c Uy 2 -Lb Bag 92o 48 -Lb Bag $1.79 Omar Wonder Flour WfaLb Bag ..' 87c 49 -Lb Bag |1.69 OLIVES Win You Fancy Queen 33-01 SANI-FLUSH Cleans Closet Bowls Can 19c 1 Closet Brush FREE BROWN SUGAR Pure Cane 2 Lbs 13C PINEAPPLE Del Monte Fey Sliced or Crushed, No. 1 Dan Heinz Pork & Beans Lge tin2for2{Vc Med tin3for25c Heinz Spaghetti Lge tin2for27c Med tinS for 27c Manshmallowi Fresh Fluffy Sugar Puffs I3c Home Grown Beans 6clb CRISP CELERY IOC stalk Summer Foods—Healthful, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Shop with us and select the freshest at low prices. Fresh GREEN PEAS Sunkist Lemons Large JJC doz Blueberries, fresh Caiwulian; pint ... 20c Head Lettuce, large solid; 2 for 17c Apricots, fresh, buy a basket 59c Fresh Tomatoes, large basket 20c Sweet Potatoes, new crop; 3 Ibs 25c Cherries, large Bingst Ib 18c Grapes, new crop, seedless; Ib 18c Peaches, extra nice for slicing; basket 25c Carrots, large bunches; 2 for .-..-• 16c Bananas, extra fancy; 8 Ibs . .\ Sic ORANGES EAT ORANGES FOR HEALTH; BEST VALUES OFFERED 2 Dozen .. 33c 2 Dozen .. 43c 2 Dozen .. B9c New POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Cobblers 10 Ibs 37c 15-lb pk CANTALOUPES Sweet Ripe ^JL Jumbo cacn Size **x*x***x****x*s^^ Tea Biscuits White or Graham Dor. 12C Cbocolate Cake Each ' 1QC CERTO Makes Perfect Jelly Rrtt. AM 2T 25c Jar Rubbers Presto 2- Lipped L lOc PECAN CARMEL BUNS Doz 18c COOKIES Six Varieties Doz IOC Sardines Del Monte in Tomato 3r Mustard Sauce, Oval Tin 2 for 21c SALMON Del Monte Fancy Sockeye 1-Lb Tall 2-for 39c SUGAR SALE Pure Fine Grafiulated SEA ISLAND PURE CANE ; 10-lb cloth bag $4 15-lb cl. bag $1.35 ! 100-lb bag $5.09 i Miracle Whip Salad Dressing A New Kraft Product 8-oz jar Oc Pint jar 18c Quart jar 28c PEAS Country Kist Early June New 1933 pack Eelnz Cream of Tomato Soup 3 Cans. 1 can of Celery Soup FREE 25C COFFEE MJB 2-Lb Can. . . Quality 61c White King Gran. Soap Med size 19c Large size 33c White Kins Toilet Soap 4 bars TEA Lipton's Yellow Label %-Lb Pkg 20c %-Lb Pkg 39c Green Label %-Lb Pkg 18c H-Lb Pkg 83c Pose's Market Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET Smoked Hams, WORRELLS PRIDE WHOLE OR PART . 15c Spare Ribs 2Us. ISc | Pure Lard 2 Ibs. 19c Rolled Rib Roast, ^ lb. 20c Ham Leaf lb. ISc Veal Tongue lb.12* Hormers Sliced Bacon, lb, 20c Sliced Ham lb. 25c i Pot Roast lb. Pork Loin Roast, LEAK YOUNG FORK ib, Sausage 2 Ibs. 25c Tenderloins Ib. 28c CLIX One-Lb Cartons 2$c Hormels Hams Large Size Each

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