Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS.. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, :SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 7. • PAGE FTVf^ ^ LOCAL PRODUCB. firsts I gee -Eggs, seconds 23c >Jiiggs, thirds I8c ' Eggs, ungraded .S3c Hens, No. 1 .8c Hens,' No. 2 5c No. 1 Springs, I'L- lbs., up 6c : No. 2 Springs 4c Capons over 9 lbs. ' 11c Capons, over fl lbs. 9c X'apons. over 7 lbs. 7c Capon^ under 7 lbs. ..., i.. 6c Slips 4c BiiUc-fPt lb. • , :-. ....19c Stags, lb. : 4c Cocks ac Geese, lb ,3c G^uinoas, each J: Oc Wniite Ducks, lb. .....J;.. 4c Colored Ducks, It 3c Hide's, per lb. ,. Ic Ml.vec: Corn. bu. '5c —Yellow Corn, bu i.^S: Wheat, bu : ..25c Kafir J Corn ;.X4c THE NEWANGLES ^Mom'n Pop) \ DON'T KhiOW WHV, BUT P6P SAID NOJ TO USE VT PINCHED! By Gowan BUT IT \A«WT HUPT , vTUST TO DRIVE OVEt? TO UNCLE MIKE'S- 1 WANT TO BWNG A aoxor STurr dvEt? VOU DIDNT KNOW IT, EH? WELL, WHO'S CAR IS THIS ? IT'S POP'S ! BUT I DIDN'T KNOW ME HADN'T GOT Kansas City Produce. City. Jan. 7. 'AP Produce imchanged.. Kansas City Hay. - Kansas City. Jan. 7- No hay. receipts too light. NSWERS lAPi- Kansas, City Grain. • Kansas City. Jan. 7. lAP*—; -Wheat: 90 cars: Up r. to 1. No. 2i dark hard. nom.. 43',-53'j No. 3, i nom: 42 S -.'J S: N O . 2. hard, 43' L .-45S ; No.'3. 43'j-47: No. 2. red. ii'-y. No. I 3. nom. 41'i-48. •(.l^•t •s-i ^da^Tl.f "r>ALBO.-\ discovered the CrFIC OCKAX. "KKSS ; ELSMORE 4aD. 3.—Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Marrsi Gladys and Curtis spent New Years day at the Gay home south-, east of towi>. ^ I Mr. and Mrs. Ernest HiU havel begn quite ill with the flu. Theli daughter Miss Ellen HiU, Kansas City, spent several days with them. The h. L. club met with Mrs. Babe Squires. December 22, with ten memfoers present. Roll call was answeied with a. candy recipe. Alter ,the business meeting each member received P. Christmas present Irom their friend. Pour inem'oers wvrc presented witli, a gift;for.i)er- 1 feet attendance during the year, |F,dith Stanley, Merle Ludlum, Una ! Roberts, and Hasiel Holmes. Others PA- MK AGAIN" i.s iroiii VlCTOli UKU- BEKT'.S -MLLK, MODISTli:.- _ j-Clc-ie: May 42",: July 42'.; Sept. I akotch shows a TOTK.M POLE, t presenrWem: 'GoWa CoxrEw^ = - ,„ . : • „ i — T William, Fern Anderson and baby. Corn: HI oar.s: unchanged. No. 2,, >jtic )aUO V4T T EY 'Anf\ <^-'P Biggs and 'Barbara, Zodeen 22.',-23',: No. 2. mi:<cd. nom. 22'..- UNION ; Joan and the hostess Babe-Squires. ' b]^^-^m ^i^-'j^y25'i: lUnion School Notes. j Refreshment^ of salad, coffee and Oats: 3 cars u'nchiihgrd. No. 2. • ^Dorotiiy Fontaine .spent the white, nom.ll n-lS':;: No. 3. nom. iday Monday with the girls of Union I.'jj..-]7 .school.' . Mllo'mn/r: nom .=)0-5(i Mr; and Mr.s.-Owen Turner ^nd p ^is leg last Sunday. A heavy gate - Kafir. 4fi'i. • 1 daughter, JVIi-. and Mi-s. Lloyd Tur- 1 ^^'"S blown agnmst it. Rye, iioni.' 32-32^^. , i"'r a'^d daughter. Mr. and Mrs. El-i Edgar Halnies spent a' few days Bnricv. nom.. JI' .-24. vcrie Turner vi.sited Supday even- ! last week at the VoUnn .T noms near _1_ L I ing wit)'. Mr. and Mi-.s. W. C. Crca- | Unlontown. j .; Kar)s:is City I.ivpstpfk. 1 ^0"- | Mr. aild Mrs. Dave Ard and faih- cako were seijved. The ilttle son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Daniels; west H)f .Stark, broke . .,„.,!,. ,,.,1 I, iTi-ic'i ]'•• ' E. T. O.'^boni's cousin. Frank Cut-! iiv INew Year's day. • ^ o;/s'^9^^^^ 01 CaUfornia, is vi.siting ut, Mr. and Mi-.s. Lester Tipple and — fr h., i ,s v "4"^^^ fM ,°c.i"i;tli<^O.sborn home at present. Ho .says I.son:. Topeka. visited Mr. and Mrs. ' imvn " '''"-•', many are out of employment InjA.lM. Tippie from Thiu-sday until i raiii.. 400- c'llves 50- for the' ! Monday morning. Cattl.. 400. cal\c.b 50, tor tne , .^^^^ ^.^j gj^nford and; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knight ..• Colorado, arrived Friday 1 were New Year's dinner guests of an undetermined stay at; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Swansonf Adnms home: j Mrs. Davis is spending this week •nifi^l.e stock siAdvtd '5 low- Wilson spent Sunday j with her niece Mrs. J. L. Marrs and and Ktt .slit stock sUady lo jo lav. j^oO„ ^,,jth the Chester Taylor familv. '1•JT^'^i^^•fZ.T:^1frl.•^°^»"^i^y• , Mr. and Mr.s. Elmer Price and fnd e^h^cfs^^^^^ MLss Evelyn Potter and Gerald Kendall spent Suhday with Mr. and - • ock 'ers ste -Vcv to strons- feeders P'^^^ex^ spent Monday evening with Mr .s. Evan Price ill Thayer, Mr. and ??v w^.Pk- fo ° • r^^^",V 1 (14(1 lb i J"hn: Dorothy and Charles Pon- Mrs. Evan Price returned home with 10?^ ve^lis- S6''5- several .loa^ I ' ! thekn and spent Sunday night. ong K-iiii'-i Sb --3. se\erai lOiMs, noyoihy Loui .se Fontaine vis-' « hght steev^ and ye :u-hn!p $5.50-J5 j >^ ^^^^ ^ most wemhtv rAt -vva .S4.50 aown. idioice 13t;5. lb. stei'rs S4.8.5; bulk stockens and feedei-s $3.50-4.50; L^iOice U27 I'o. feeders $5.25. SlKcp. .none; lor the v.-een: Lambs strong lo' 25 liighcr; siieej) fully .steady; Glosin;,' at weeks higli point; lO|).lrd lambs So.7,5. Into bulk fed lots and Ijetter grade natives $5.4075; shorn lambs $5.45; :yearlings \ Evelyn Ruth Pottei'. Ml": ahd Mi's. "Hawley went to To- Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Tippie and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lester'Tipple and sou sijent Sundaj' with relatives near Uniontown. ronto Priday fdrenoon to see about: Geraldine Daniels, Starks, renting, a farm. They are planning j ,si)ent several days * last week with to move in the near future. I lier cousin. Miss Wanda Weddle. Those absent from school thi.s • Mrs. Nels Piersoh of the Wanners- weekiwere Gerald Pauletic. Leiand Denton. Leona HiU. Douglas Walden, iEugene Walden, Bemice Diet- mostly $3.9i;:4.25; top eWes S2.00 I"'^V=P <lDuane Taylor. BAYARD . Jan. 3.— Ada Meek,_;LaHariJe, spent several days last Week with Mi-s. Erne-st Baker. Dollie Adams, county .superintendent, visited our school Tuesday afternoon; Friends of the Taylor family- by the name of Carnes were np from iOklahoma over the last week-end. Howard Hidy and wife have!-teacher and scholars. '.'-named their b:iby girl born Deeem-| . ber'22. Wanda Marie. Noosho Valley Notes. Mr. and Mrs. Boa-z and .son Wil- ^'"H'""; ^e^' Year's day. berg neighborhood has been seriously il! with pneumonia for the past ten days. Mr. and Mi-s. John Cramer, Hayti, Mo., spent last week and Mr. Guy Cramer. Parsons, Tuesday and Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cramer and Obed. Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes and Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. George Squires and children, and Mi-s. Engleiiardt wijre guests of Mr. and Mrs. Martin WHERE GUNS THIJNDER AT GREAT WALL OF CHINA If Your Brakes Are NOT SATISFACTORY/ See Us— and we cure your other automoible ills satisfactorify and cheaply. '; ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLEK-PLYMOtTH Sale»-^Senice—Paris Farm Bureau ...News... ANNOUNCEMENTS FARM CALENDAR. : Mondajl. January 9. Office. TuesdajK January 10. Humboldt unit meets with Mrs. Robert Hamm for an all day's meeting. Mr. Braum will give a meat cutting demonstra­ 10 o'clock. Topic for afternoon: ."Meat Canning." and business meeting. Ttjesday. January 10. Star Valley unit; meets with Mrs. Prank Bacon at i :30. Tuesday. January 10. Elsmore I unit. Tuesday. ,J)inuary io. Jeddo unit sponsors meat cutting demonstration by Mr. Braum at 2:00 o'clock at I Mr. and^Mrs. John Tiiomas's. Wednesday. :January 11. Cottage Grove unit meets for an all day meeting, with Mrs. Baggett. Topic. I Bread rfiaking.i hominy making, clothing. Thursday, January 12, Jeddo regular meeting date. Friday. January 13. Home demonstration agent; to Par .sons district conference. Saturday. January 14. Auctions PUBLIC; SALE— Wednesday, Jan. U. 1 p. m., 1'.:; miles southeast Yates Center, Cattle, horses, hcigs. feed, implements, etc. Fred C.. Miller, owner. ' : Personals OLD MAGAZINES and books wanted. When moving or cleaning house give them to the ibla Pab- Uc Library. Phone 1405 or 382 ejnd _will get them : ': AUTOMOTIVE ~ Antomobiles For Sale Dodge Violence-that has cost two lives,^listed 14 wounded, and brought National Guard trooiJs to the Taylorville. 111., mine area, was heightened by bombing of the home of John Corbo, union miner. Wreckage of the Corbo home is shown above. The family.who were in the home at t le.time. narrowly escaped injury. Sniper's .shots killed a Iwoman and a man before Illinois troops reached tlie area. Christmas vacation with relatives and friends in Elsmore and lola. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Braden. Hillis and Kama Lee and Mrs. S. H: Bra- d^h spent Christmas with Mi-, and Mrs. Ray Ggden near Lawrence. Mrs. S- H. : Braden. remained for a longer visit in the Ogden home. Kama Lee Braden attended ti Shrine. Christmas party for childl'cn in Pittsburg Wednesday. , Hillis Braden returned to!' port Scott Monday afternoon after spending the Christmas vacation with hifi parents. Mr. Archie Bennett will arrive this evening (Tuesday) for a visit, with his mother, Mrs. Wm. Bennett. Walter Merle Caldwell and Floyd jliam Boaz and wife vLsited at Wm. . McCormack ; and family spent j McCdrd's Sunday. MrJ and Mrs. Earl Hicks and Kenneth bpent the day Simday at Scott McKiniey's. Humboldt. Thelma Peck, Howard Upshaw, Carlyle,: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cramer and] Mrs. Fred Cramer of Tola, - Thursday evening at the -Strong home near Moran. ' Mrs. McCormack and Lois called on Miss Lucy Jiiry, LaHarpe, ,Fti- -day afierr.oon and at Mbran they 'Called on Mrs; Ernest Wil.son aiid -.McGlashans. Mrs. Caldwell' spent .-..•Friday afternoon with Mrs..' McGlashan and daughters. " '; There \\-i?s a good attendance at ^'the -Watcli NiRht" meeting at the .Mildred clnircli .Saturd;)^ evening. — A bi'.shie .'^s meeting was.held, .followed by a social hour • when re: Ureshincnus wcrre served. Rev. Lane preached a fine sermon and a prayer service followed closing jast MT. 1-2 o'clock. O. J. Dunliip and family .spent ;„S)iiidayi at tlie Harry Dunlap home and MrsL Madison of Wichita jvere . Mr. Lawrence Moore, Elk City, came Sunday and took his wife-and children honte after a week's visit with relatives here. Miss Veldeva Roy. Neodesha, spent the week-end with her sister. Mrs. Ernest Setterstrom and family. - ' Mr. and Mrs. ;Alford Anderson, Sunday [afternoon callers at day-[ ^^''vA ^S^'Stromterg, Burdlck, Mr ton Hicks's. : Leona Merryman spent Sunday with the Butler girls. [ Mrs. Miller called on Mrs. Glen Balcom Monday afternoon. Mr.i and Mrs. Ray Peck and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Peck's' parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hayes, lola. : Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beahm and daughter Golda Mae. and grandson Melvih. Colorado, arrive'd - Sunday n'oi'theasl of Carlyle where ai fath- jior a vi-sit with relatives iind friends ily gathering wus held in honor of in this vicinity. Their son Hersche! tlie birthday of Mrs. Alia Dunlap, arrived Monday. A group of friends December 28. and Mrs.. O-!J^ Dun-| and relatives gathered at the Ray lap, January 1. Mildred Dunlap re- j Peck 'home and visited with the miiined for a week's visit.: . jBeahms Monday night. Bryan Caldwell and family. Lone| Gertrude Hicks visited her grand"T:im. and Floyd McCormack . and lalnily spent Sunday at the L. C. Caldwell home. pauUne Dozier spent,Sunday with J Btiruice Isaac. Lois i McCormack / u;fo a supper guest at Isaac's. MI 'S; Clias. Isaac; Mrs. Clarence T.saac and son. Earii Floyd McCor- liiiick and wife attended the' fun- —eriil of Mrs. J. M. Spawr at the M6-' raii; Christian church Sunday aft- errjoon. Mi's. Spaw was loved and! iiighly respected by all .who knew! ' hei': in her years of residence in Mo- parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hicks. Carlyle. Saturday night and Sunday and Mrs. Alvin Encson, Mr. .and Mrs. Ralph Sisson 'and family and Mr. Olof Olson were 6 o'clock dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Priday evening. Miss Dorothy Keller, Kansas City, ha? been spending the past week al the Wilbert Setterstrom home. Mr. and Mrs. Hillis Krokstrom i spent New Years day with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krokstrom. Mr, and Mrs. Aniold Albert and Bobby, and Mrs. Floyd, Everitts and children. Mr. and Mi's. Andy Ludlum. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Lander and Jean, Flossie Lander. Roscoe Cox, Ernest, Johnson, Wilma Wray were guests New Year's day of Mr. Harry Cox and daughters. Those who spent New Year's day with Mr. and Mrs': Reuben Jackson •'.V'' i''T:^"^"Tinri'J „"v .Tr»!l"" Tn"^n 'h'hvere: Mr. Olof Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Mr.s. Fi-ed Pultz has been HI ^ith|^^.^^^^ Jackson and fainily, Mr. and v; • n „i T i„ ,.!o!f.^rf „.,. I Mrs.. Harold Swanson and family, Scott iMcKinleys. Humboldt, Sun- Christmas with relatives here. Mrs. ida Higginbotham has re; turned home from Kansas City aft- i er spending a month with her I daughter and family who were in- day afternoon.—Elizabeth E. Johnson, teacher. LAGRANDE viri The svmnathv of their manv! •^"'^' 2—New Year's dinner guests | jtired in an accident Thanksgiving ."'L^Jie „?t^fJli^V K I th<" Joe Reade home were Mr. day. iriends IS e.\tended to her daughter, iT ^^i^ B;vprottn Rr-nrf^ „hri ' .VIrs. Ha Watson; and family. Several from Bay/ird attended the .sacred.,cantata at the . Methodist aild iMrs. Everette Reade and daughters Ruth and Eunice, of lola. Mr. ahd Mrs. Paul Reade and family ofj Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Har- Thcre is quite a lot of flu and a niimljcr cases of pneumonia in our community. Mr. and Mis. E. C. Moore received as a , . .- i uy ui| r^iuiumi. ivu. anu ivirs. niir-| Air. ana MI'S. U. C. MOOre : cluirch in Moran Sunday evening. . I jt^ade and little son of Nevada.! a large box of fresh fruit Miss Merle Caldweir returned to , _ j,!,. ^jr.s. Gilbert Wilkms j Christmas present from then-daugh- Praii Monday. of Biirlingame, Kas., anti Mi-, and ; ter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Van- I^ildred H. S. and .the ^country |clarence Houk and family, j over, who live in CalifomiaJ . Mr.! Earl WiUianis and mother of ; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zimmerman LaHarpe visited Sunday afternoon! and Pauline; Mr. and Mrs. John at the "L. B. Williams home. I Zimmerman and little son and Mrs. Mr.i and^Mrs. Clarence Slout and j chas. Alderman called on Mrs. Rob- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Couch and j eri Zimmerman and Nell Monday son Gary of northwest of Colony.; afternoon. were dinner guests Sunday at the J.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Goyette' and Hesseltine home. i family. Moran, Mr. and Mrs. Clar- Mi-.| and Mrs. Ira MorrLson and ! once Goyette and family, Mr. Frank family and Mrs. Parker. Mr. and 1 Goyette and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mrs. Herschel Smith. lone and Ruth I Goyette and family were gtiests of Jean were dinner gue.sts Sunday at j Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ohlfesti Christ- Ihc I: O. and Russell Morri.son i mas day. \ schools began work a'gaui Monday. The: young people attended tola •junior college do not begin work untit ne.vtj Monday. Flbyd McCormack took his daugh- ^iei' pois t!o Baldwin Monday to re- .sume her work in Baker, university. Mi's. Burnett and .son were lola \i.sitbrs Monday. THE J. F. GRENNAN ' PRODUCE CO. la, O, COC .inLL. Manager- rOUI .TRY AND EGGS .'j K KK Oiiaci^ iiiul Supplies Old :and Reliable—Established 1911 V Corner Monroe and Elm • I Just .West of the Water Tower) liomes- ' . I . MLss Rose: Pi-antz, lola,; visited Ml-, and Mrs. Clarence Lutz and j from Friday lantil Sunday with Miss family of lola, visited Sunday at the ; Margaret Gdy-ette. Earl Hesseltine home. i Dr. and i Mrs. Prontz, Rose. Don. Gladys HcsseUlne visited Monday i Wayne and Charles, lola, were New afterntoon with Jessie and Lucile i Year's guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams. i Goyette arid family. Yoti probably have something .vou want to sell and the best way to let the people know about It is through Register Classified Ads. Mr. and MS-s. E. T. Schifferdecker spent the Christmas': vacation in Girard. Miss Ersel Price returned to Kansas City Priday after spending the MONTEVALE Jan. 3—Mi.si5 Tva Mowrer spent the latter part qf her vacation in lola. Mr. and Mrs. E. C, Stickney spent New Year's night at the Charles Isaac home. C. J. Hill and wife and son Cyril spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers and helped Mr. Rogers saw wood. Mrs. Dessie Isaac and son Earl and Mrs. Blanche Isaac attended the funeira} of Mrs; John Spawr in Moran Sunday afternoon. The Spawr family were friends and neighbors of the writer and family for, many years. The daughter and family, Mrs. Jla Watson of lola haye our sincere sympathy. A long and interesting hfe spent in the service of her church and family and friends is asleep in Jesus. , , Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Isaac and daughter Bemice and son Melvin of Bayard and Miss Iva Mowser spent Monday afternoon at the Charles Isaac home. E. T. Wilson helped D. R. Hopkins butcher Thursday and Friday. Mrs! Ida Rogers visited Tifesday afternoon with Mrs. Isaac and Erwin., E. T. Wilson helped Frankie Dozier kill a beef last week. STAR DISTRICT (Mrs. S. M. Dickerson.) Dec. 30.—Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Peck and children of lola visited at the C. O; Rose home Wednesday evening'. Mrs.. Allen Jones and daughter. Miss Lula were ho.stesses to the fol- ladies at Thursday's meet- in;.,' of C. C. club: Me .sdame3 Joe Go.sha, J. E. Grinsteiid. Clai\de Walk. John Oliver. J. R. Walk, A. L. Kecwn, Mary McGiil. Howard Markley. L. M. Curtis. T. R. Curtis. S. M. Dickerson, V. J. Preston and Flora and Belle McGill. Olive Walk, Gladys Pierson. Martha Jean .ind-Bobbie Lou Curtis. Needlework for the hostess was foUo -A -ed b>- the business meeting. Mi-s. Mary McGill and daughtei-s will be the next hastesses at an all day" meeting Jan. 12. Roll call response to be "My |)lan for the garden." At the close of the nieeting sandwiches.cake. jello and coffee were served. Mr. Keown ivas a guest of Mr. Jones. Mrs. W. M. Varner and IvIrs. C. L. Dickerson are recovering nicely irom the flu. Mrs. Leona Beard and Marguei-ite were Garrtett visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gregory-. Misses Helen and Eileen^ Gregory spent Thursday evening at the .S. M. Dickerson Ihome. Mrs.' Anna Simpson iwSs a guest j of Mrs. Leona Beard Friday eveninir. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Boone and Haroldlne were New Years guests at S. M. Dickersons. Misses Donna McDown and Frances Denney and. Messrs, Clifton Dickerson and John Harrison at- I tended tlie shows at the lola theater .Satiurday night. Word came to C. O. Rose Saturday that his father Albert Rose of i;oulder, Colo., was very ill; W. W. Simpson and family are .sufferuig from colds. Mrs. Anna Simpson and Mi-s. Elza Chesebro called there Priday. Mrs. Ray Chambers and the little folks expected to spend New Year's with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Grissel near Humlx)ldt. Mr. Clianibers who is in a hospital in Hot Springs, Mo., is improving and exjiects to rome liome next week. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rose had the following guests ' 10 dinner New dear's: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerd- seu and children, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Simpson and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Elza Chesebro and sons, Mrs. Anna Simpson and Grant Simi^son. Mrs. Leona Beard and Marguerite were dimier guests, at John Mo.sings in Colony, Sunday. Mr. and Mi's. V. J. Preston spent Sunday in Buffalo, guests of his mother. Mrs. Nellie Preston. The Lucky Star 4-H club had a Christmas party and exciiange at the Guy Crammer home in Colony. The leader. Mrs. Leona Beard, was given a lovely scarf In appreciation of her efficient help. A party of 18 young folks mostly hlgh school pupils from Colony en-' joyed a-,watch party at the liom? of Miss Marguerite Beard Saturday evening. All present were outsi^oken in their pialse of the. good tlm?; Mrs. John Moslng was a of Mrs. Leona Beard. The Lucky Star 4-H club will meet .Tanuaiy 3. with Ellis Chatterton. ' Will Henderson and a eor ;3s of worl-.ers are busy taking up the old pipe line west of 73 and we under,- stahd it will be used to put in a water line to the hatchery south of Colony. Mr. and .Mrs. Dale Gear were Sunday night guests of W. M. Var- nrrs. V. J. Preston has a severe cold. Helpful Thought; It is better for your peace of mind to go two miles willingly with your neighbor than one mile unwillingly. Hou.sehold Hint: A pan of water in the; bottom part of your oven will help .vour bread to bake more evenly ahd not so dry. Recipe: Parker House Roll.s—Two cups .scalded milk; 2 tablespoons of butteri 2 tablespoons sugar. 1 teaspoon salt. 5';.; cups floiir isified), 1 cake Fleischmann's yeast. Scald milk, cool to luke warm. The butter, sugar and .salt can be =added while this milk is hot. Dissolve the yeast, In a Ilttle luke warm milk. Add the flour to liquid—beating vigorously. . Let dough rise until it is double in bulk. Roll out into Parker House rolls' Let risei Bake In quick oven about 20: minutes. SALES : Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. • P h o n e 3 0 1 ' Cash—Trade—Term.4 HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and SeiV- ice. Bud White Motor Co.. .H)9 South street. Phone 00. PONTIAC-BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. AiithoriZf^d Buick-Pontiuc 214 N. Jeffer.son—Pho. (It) Moran I'nit. The Moran unit met at the Presbyterian church for an all day meeting on Priday, January 6. Mr. Braum conducted a meat cutting and curing demonstration in the morning. The homo demonstration agent, demonstrated quick breads, by m.aking Parker House rolls that were served with the lunch at noon. Anolher feature of the lunch was a dish of soy beans prepared "Spanish Style." i In the afternoon a .short business jmeeting was held. The unit also prepared hominy. A round table discussion on breads: and canning was conducted by the home demonstration agent. Athens, ^Ga.—On the first of the month when the bills pour in, does it give you a headache? An Athens firm is enclosing samples of a headache powder with its statements of indebtedness sent out with the start of the new year. OUT OUR WAY By Williams I -M' \NORUOS, ALL tt\Gvrr. VT'S. H\M -WAT AIMT. X WMOVM 3U^T WHAT ne'^s. hF couLC) TRAOG. D UMB LOG W IKI' UTTLE. ROSIT A BGr SkAcT isj Trt' COMPAW-! AH' A T ?M-l _,eRA \M'-/ UOOWiM,'] HAMSOMe MAKi UWe ME. SLOGGllsi FER A UvJtNl'-Tk-\' TG TAWe ai-i TAL -i_, HAM'SOMtMES'^ >AnTv-\ HIM AM" UEA \ie vAfORuo AVVAT RIGHT; ^ TVAATS AUl.." ' .-THA T ^ AV.V- TrAAr4. •T^ \wo«V-0. Official Statement of the Financial Condition - of the ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK lola. State of Kansas, at the close of business on the 31st day of December. 1932., Resources. Loans and discounts ...$ 764,049.09 Overdrafts 76.67 Other real estate owned 34,450,24 U. S. bonds oh hand ... 25.000.00 Other bonds and v;ar- rants 47.054.27 Cash items and clearlng- Items 2.982.41 Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve ...; 309.997.69 Total $1,183,610.97 Liabilities, Capital stock paid In .•. .$ 30,000.00 Smplus fund 100.000.00 Undivided profits, net.. 40.602.38 Demand deposits 750.106.13 Time deposits 168.268.84 Cashier's and certified checks 23.416.99 Banks' and bankers' deposits 60.641.63 Reserves for dividends.. ' 4,575.00 Repairing—Garaires BATTERY Redharging. 50c. Ideal Garage. ^ ^_ FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities BAKER-y EQUIPMENT—Consisting of revolving oven, mi.ver, wrappii^g machine, show cases, etc., a bal-- galn. lola Land Co. ^ , LIVE STOCK ~ 20 Dogs, Cats, Othef PeU WANTED—Female canaries. Blid supplies for sale. Mrs. S. B, Agee. Gas. Kas.' 21 Horses, Caltie, Vebiclefl FOR SALE—Extra good pair mare niulesj^^ears old, weigh 270Q, well UUiltK Ira Norton, Mildred, Kansas. 22 Poultry and Supplies FOR SALE—Purebred Bronze tutw keys. Ellen _Hoyle, Elsmore, Kag. FOR SALE—Jersey 'White : Giant' . pullets and i-oosters. May arid Sept. hatch. Mrs. H. Peet, LaHtirpe. : NEWTOWN INCUBATOR—1875 capacity, good hatcher, good shape. Cheap for quick sale. Terms. T -.-I1.. ' beys. West Ga.s. ; MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed, $4.95, Ideal Garage. GOOD HICKORY AXE HANDLES, 10c, 15c. 25c. Shannon Hardware"; Phone 29. MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal'., $2.1& Ideal Oarage. Phone 174; 25 Building Materials ROOFING PAPER 1 ply. per roll ..$L25 2 ply, per roll $1.55' ' 3 ply, per roll $1.85 Roofing Paint, per gal 65c ALLEN COUNTY IMPL. CO. . 27 Feed. Fnel, FertiUzers WOOD—$1.50 per rank, "green or drj'. dellveredf any time. Phone 88: Brownie's. r Total $1,183,610.97 State of County of Allen, ss. I. G. R. Bowlus, Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement ;is ti-ue; that said bank has no liabilities, and. is' not indpr.ser on any.note or obligation, other than shown on the above .statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God. G. R. BGWLUS. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me. this 7th day of Januai-y. 1933. Rbbt. Tlidmpson. Jr.. [SeaU Notary Public. Commission expires on the 4th day of February; 1935. CORRECT; Attest; THOS. H. BO'WLUS, CHAS. W. BOWLUS. J. B. KIRK. L. V. BOWLUS. i Directors. Towards the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of nineteenth century, a number the i of investigators, among whom were I some of the greatest thinkers of the ] time, gave con.siderable attention to tlie subject of ghosts. ANNOUNCEMENTS • Auctions PUBLIC SALE—January 17. Horses, purebred Holstein cattle, hogs, farm implements, etc. See bills later, Ostrom and Searcy, 28 Hoagebold Goods GOOD REBUILT DEXTER double tub washer, less than Ms price of new. Shannon Hdw. Phone 29. USED STO'VES and Furniture. Store:^ packed. Hennhiger's Furn. Store.'. 3 USED Coal and Wood Circulators.» Priced to sell. Terms. Free deliv- • ery. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture.. 3 GOOD COBINATIONS-^as, coal and wood ranges. Dirt cheap. Curtis'. 10 N. Washhigtoh. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats 4 -ROOM FURN3HED Apartment • everything furnished. Inquire at Texaco Station on East Street and Sycamore. . : Real Estate For Rent 37 Hoosea For Renl] FOR R:ENT—Houses, good location. See Q. E. Fees. 5-ROOM MODERN, $5; 7 -robm » modem, $8; 5-room modern, furnished, $12.50; 7-room modern, $10. V. C. Archer & Co. Phone 304. , Real Estate For Sale 41 Honses For Sale HOUSE— 5 rooms, newly papered, ga.s, water, garage, clear, taxes paid for 1932, $350. Small payment • down; rest like rent. 529 South Third. 43 To ExchanB»-Real Estate HAXiP SECTION stock farm near Yates Center to trade for smaUer inS? or acreage near lola. Phone

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