Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 4, 1961 · Page 10
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 10

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1961
Page 10
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10 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, January 4, 1961 ^ttiiiitiMiiiMMMimimmmttiMiiHmitiitnmmMit^ 71 - L ! See It | I by I | C. W. D. I ^•MMIIIItMllllllllltlXII'HIIItMlllllllttllllltllMMIIll' I960 has been an eventful year. The cold war between democracy and communism continued un- aba'ed with charges, counter charges, and threats thrown from every angle. In the United States, record numbers of voters turned out to elect a new president. John F. Kennedy. In Iowa. Norman Erbe was elec'ed as the state's governor. In Postville, construction work is drawing to a close on the new community hospital. • • » « * In our community, there have been accomplishments in 1960 that were hopes of ours at the turn of the past year. A new planning and zoning ordinance went into effect providing orderly construction for the growth of the community. New home construction, while it was down from, previous years, provided some beautiful additions to the community. The community gained a new doctor and a new, modern doctor's office. Progress continued as the telephone system was changed over to dial service. Modernization of our business district was pushed along with a modern face added to the Postville State Bank. Census fig- \ires showed the community had a healthy growth in the past ten years, the population increasing by nearly 20 per cent. -•***» We still have much hope for in 1961 on the local scene. As usual, we can hope for good weather, good crops, and continued peace throughout the world. As a community we can hope that the new year will bring us some of the progressive steps needed to continue our growth in the urban life of nor'heast Iowa. We would like to see an expansion of the corporate limits of the town to allow much needed building sites for use today and tomorrow: we would like to see a home building project which would add 10 to 20*medium priced homes for use here: we would like to see more recreational facilities for the youngsters of our community, yes. even including a swimming pool: we would like to see a continued modernization of business through new stores layouts and new fronts: we would like to see more business Dartners joining the retail life of this community. A good indication of what out-of- staters think of Iowa roads is shown by a hand made road sign near Eitzen. Minnesota which reads. "Danger. Iowa mud." Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Foels saw this sign on a recent trip. BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Friday Night Ladies League ***** Won Lost Strikcttes 47 21 Funk's Construction 45 22 M McGregor Electronics 42 26 Meadow Gold 41 27 Hi-Way Lanes 38 30 Watkins Pinettes 35 33 Cook's Rollettes 31Vj 36 V- Ossian 31 37 Albright Oil Company 29 39 Sal's Gals 26 42 Hygrade 24 44 Baade's Grocery 18 50 McGregor Elec, 4—Baade's. 0 Hygrade, 3—Albright Oil Co.. 1 Strikettes, 3—Pinettes. 1 Funk's Const., 4—Rollettes, 0 Meadow Gold, 3—Sal's Gals, 1 Hi-Way Lanes, 4—Ossian, 0. High lines—Mrs. Harvey Jarms, 195; Mrs. Donald Bugenhagen, 185; Mrs. Elmer Erb, 179. High series — Mrs. Leslie Poesch, 489: Mrs. Elmer Erb, 480; Mrs. Helen Hanson, 472. High team games—Meadow Gold, 802; Strikettes, 783; McGregor Electronics, 769. High team series—Meadow Gold, 2250; McGregor Electronics, 2242; Strikettes, 2230. —Mrs. Eugene Doerring, reporter. Boys and Girls COLOR THE PICTURE AND MEMORIZE THE IDLES American League • • • • • Anderson's Clothing 59 13 Drahn Implement 55 17 Meadow Gold 52 20 Olson's Diamonds 42 30 Ky's Clothing 39 33 Marianna Propane 39 33 Hi-Way Lanes 38 34 Groth Packing 38 34 Citizens State Bank 35% 36'.£ Walnut Grove 30 42 Willman Real Estate 28 40 Hall Roberts' Son 28 40 R. E. A 27 45 Frankville -23% 48% Hygrade 23 49 Postville Faculty 15 57 Anderson's, 4—Hi-Way Lanes, 0 Meadow Gold, 2—Olson's, 2 Groth Packing, 4—R. E. A., 0 Citizens Bank. 3—Hygrade, 1 Hall Roberts', 3—Walnut Grove, 1 Frankville, 3—Ky's Clothing. 1 Marianna, 3—Faculty, 1. High series — George Eder, 613; LeRoy Thompson, 600; Fred Martin, 596; Wilbur Cahoon, 593; Charles Fishback. 592; John Palas, 586; Clarence Tindell, 586; Keith Brainard, 583: Roger Feulling, 580; Ray Teslow, 582. High line — George Eder, 259; Roger Fuelling, 244; John Palas, 242: Don Hall. 241; Gene Cahoon, 237; Gene Doerring, 235; Clarence Tindell. 225: Lyle Groth, 224; Allen Wahls. 223; Wilbur Cahoon, 221; LeRov Thompson, 218; Leo Ball, 217. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Name "Dixie" was given to the! South, according to popular belief. I by Negroes who were fond of a * * Manhattan slave owner by that j Monona E. U. B. Church League ..50 name. Church Bowlers 44 • j Monona Lutheran 41 Postville Lutheran A 40% Farmersburg Lutheran 40 Luana Lutheran B 35% Farmersburg Bowlers 34 Clermont Lutheran 34 Castalia Lutheran 33 Luana Lutheran A 31 Gunder Lutheran 24 Postville Lutheran B 21 Gunder L., 3—Postville L. A., Luana L. A., 3—Farmersburg E. U. B., 3—Luana L. B., 1 Castalia. 3—Clermont L., 1 22 28 31 30% 32 36% 38 38 35 41 44 51 1 B., 1 l>l:;l!!l..l>il';ll!t l !li:|;l|i l |»|.;l< I I, lnl:ll:ill!|l,|i!ltllllll!!lll|!|tl|.!|ll||!||;ll!llll!:l:!|!lllll;!l!!llll!ll FOR YOUR PROTECTION, REMEMBER TO: • Avoid dark and lonely streets • Know your local policeman • Ton down sifts from strangers • Refuse rides offered by strangers Farmersburg L.. 3—Monona L., 1 Church B., 3—Postville L. B., 1. High series—Gordon Kregel, 639; William Peters, 579; Roger Berg, 570. High line—Roger Berg, 239; Gordon Kregel, 236-222; John Doerring. 220; Kenneth Timmerman, 219; Al Topel, 219; Curtis Zieman, 218; Maurice Landsgard, 213; Lynn Hangartner, 210. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Town and Country League ***** Gunder D.-X 50 22 Trojan's Hy-Bred 44% 27% Ossian 43% 28% Wirkler Bros 40% 31% New York Life 39 33 Schave Garage 39 33 Halvorson's Insurance 38% 33% Postville State Bank 35% 36% G. & M. Transfer 35% 36% Luana Cooperative 35 37 Hi-Way Lanes 34 38 Riverside Garage 34 38 Taylor's Sinclair 30 42 Farm Bureau Insurance ....25% 46% Frank's Recreation 28% 43% Schroeder's Clothing 21 51 Trojan's, 4—State Bank, 0 Riverside. 4—Hi-Way Lanes, 0 Frank's Rec. Schroeder's, 0 Ossian, 3—Taylor's Sinclair, \ New York Life. 3—Wirkler, 1 L. Coop., 2%—Halvorson's, 1% Schave. 3—G. & M. Transfer, 1 D.-X., 2—Farm Bureau Ins., 2. High series—Sylvan Taylor. 645; Gunder News MRS. CORNELIUS REIERSON Correspondent LUTHERAN CHURCHES Marion Lutheran Church Rev. Henry J. Mathre Junior choir Senior choir January 5, 7:30 practice. January 6. 8:00 practice. Saturday. 9:00 a. m.—Junior confirmation. Sunday, January 8. 11:00 a. m — Worship service. 9:45—Church school. Other Gunder News. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Klingman. Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Klingman Kathy and Kent of Elkadcr. Mr. and Mrs. Olvin Olson and Vickie were Thursday night guests in the Carroll Klingman, Jr. home, to help Mr. Klingman, Jr.. celebrate his birthday. Other guests were unable to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Klingman, Jr., visited in the F. C. Tinderholt home in Ossian Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Seabrook and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sawyer of Kincaid, Illinois were New Year's day dinner guests in the Kenneth Mork home. Mr. and Mrs. DeVere Halverson and family and Mrs. Ruth Loftsgard and Sharon were dinner guests in the Lloyd Loftsgard home, New Glen Nims, 603: Gordon Kregel, 596.; Year's day High line - Sylvan Taylor 252: 1 Ml , and Mrs. Bernard Loftsgard Gordon Kregel. 224: D. Wolters, and children visited Thursday nVht and family were New Year's day afternoon visitors of the Morris Amundson family. Theodore and Sandra Kjosa visited in the Clarence Anderson homo Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Anderson and Danice spent Friday night in the Otto Gisleson home. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beren and Mrs. Helen Hanson and children were Thursday dinner guests in the John Butikofer, Jr.. home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Edblad and girls and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Op- sand were Thursday dinner guests in the home of the Bernard Hanson family. Mrs. Kenneth Kjosa and Sandra, Mrs. Helga Bilden, Mr. and Mrs. Tilpher Bilden and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henrv T. Olson, Jeffery Olson. Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Peterson and Mrs. Ole Loftsgard. all were visitors in the Mary Olson and Selma Groth home Inst week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bergan were Tuesday dinner guests in the Ben Fuelling home. Mr. and Mrs. Olvin Olson andj Vickie were supper guests in the home of the Floyd Thompson family. New Year's eve. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nyberg were dinner guests in the Ervin Nyberg home at Auburn, New Year's day. Roger Holm of Fort Wayne, Indiana spent last Friday night in the Selmer Holm home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Edblad and girls were dinner guests Wednesday of the Arthur Amundson family at Clermont. Mr. and Mrs. Arvey Berg of Postville and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hanson and family were dinner guests Wednesday of the Louis Kjosa family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waalk and Mickie Dee of Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Christenson and the Henry Christienscn. Jr. families and Raymond Lantz were dinner guests in the Louis Kjosa home on New Year's day. Betty Reierson was an overnight guest New Year's day evening in the Cornelius Reierson home. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schutte and family were Sunday dinner guests in the Henry T. Olson home. Lt. and Mrs. Paul Humphrey. Debbie and Donna and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Swenson were Saturday night supper guests of the Harvey Anderson family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wettleson. Mrs. Maryann Anderson and children of Postville and Mrs. Raymond Sehnuelle and Renee were Monday night visitors in the Christine Rypostol home. Mrs. Christine Rypostol. Corrinc and Julia Wettleson spent New Year's day in the Arthur Solberg home in Hawkeye. Last Sunday dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Loftsgard and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ole Loftsgard in the Eldora Anderson home. Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Loftsgard and family were callers New Year's day in the Lewis Butikofer home. Callers in the Emory Landsgard home this week were Rev. Mathre Otto and Meillen Mork and Millard Mork of Elmagordo, New Mexico. Dnve Schmeker (P), 3-2; 154 lbs., Dave Smith (P), decisioned Bob Roether (E), 7-0; 165 lbs., Gene Vigen (E), pinned Tom McNally (P), 1:12; Hwt., Otis Vigen (E), pinned Dave Schierholz (P), 3:25. Clermont Lutheran Parish John D. Krnnlokken, Pastor Thursday, 2:00 p. m.—East ALCW meet. Hostesses are: Mrs. Bernard Hanson. Mrs. Qnlnton Olson, Mrs. Elmer Larson. Mrs. Oscar Lien and Mr. Hildor Bilden. Bring bibles. 7:30 p. m.—Parish Youth choir at West Church. 7:30 p. m. — East Junior choir meets. 8:00 p. m.—East Church council. Friday — Festival of Epiphany. Luther College 100th anniversary year observance beginning with a "To Deum" service at 9:30 a. m. Listen on Radio 1240 KC. Dr. N. Astrup Larson speaks. Saturday, 9:00 a. m. — East Confirmation classes. 10:30 a. m. — West confirmation classes. Sunday. First Sunday after Epiphany. January 8—(Reconvene congregational meeting for read, of const.) 9:30 a. m.—West Morning service; Sunday School follows. 11:00 a. m.—East Morning service. 10:00 a. m—Sunday School. 7:30 p. m.—West Clermont Luther League. Tuesday. January 10, 8!00 p. m.— West Church council. Special notice for Priscilla and former Priscilla members: A commemorative historical meeting will be held January 1! at 2:00 p. m., as the final meeting of the society. Hostesses: Mrs. L. M. Hovland, Mrs. Louis A. Olson. Mrs. Arthur Nelson. Mrs. Roy Tatro, Mrs. Evelyn Olson, Mrs. Veldon Orth, Mrs. John Gass. Mrs. LaVerne Swenson and Mrs. Donald Cowell; program, Mrs. Lee Palmer. 224; Lyle Groth, 223; John Palas. 219; Ray DeSotel, 218; Cloy Schultz, 218; Ted Hemesath, 216: Glen Nims, ?14; Kenneth Suckow. 214; LaVern Schroeder, 210. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. National League ***** Hy-Line 58 Don's Jewelrv 46 Kneeskern Mink Farm 40 Ossian 31 Lange's Sports 31 Postville Lumber 31 Castalia 26 Heidelberg 25 Kneeskern. 4—Heidelberg. 0 Don's Jewelrv. 4—Ossian. 0 Hy-Line, 4—Castalia, 0 Postville Lumber, 4—Lange's, 0. High series—Harley Radloff, Jr., 637; Harvey Christnfferson, 577; Clarence Kirkeberg. 573. Hi?h line — Harley Radloff, Jr., 229-221; Harvey Christofferson, 224; Carroll Kamin, 223; Clarence Kirkeberg. 222: Leo Holfhaus, 218; Carlton Martins, 212; Gene Doerring, 200. For the style you'll love to live with, choose a Curtis kitchen Curtis natural birch cabinets—warm...glowing with the enduring beauty of wood—are the high style note in kitchens. And every one of these handsome cabinets is woman- designed for a woman's way of working. Shelves revolve...slide forward...swing in and out.;; are adjustable—to put everything right into your hands. All in ail, these Curtis cabinets have 53 superior features. Come in and we 'll help you plan your Curtis kitchen now! There's no obligation. Vo Sell Curtis Woodwork- heart of the home Postville Lumber H. J. MEYER, Manager intuiianiuiiiiiiiijHiiijiuHiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^i^iuiiiiiiiii:,,,,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,, State News Letter- Co. (Continued From Page One) auguration of Democratic President-Elect John F. Kennedy January 20 in Washington, D. C. Kennedy's inauguration will be eight days after the inauguration of Erbe as governor. Outgoing Governor Herschel Loveless, a Democrat, is undecided whether he will attend. Road' Committee. The legislative road study committee has voted to recommend that each county's share of "farm-to- market" and local road money be determined on the following basis ... 60 per cent on a county's road needs and 40 per cent on its area in square miles as compared with other counties. Statton and Erbe. State Safety Commissioner Donald Statton has proposed a truce in the feud between his office and Republican Governor-Elect Norman A. Erbe. Statton, a Democrat, has made public a letter he sent to Erbe in which he offered to meet with Erbe's choice for safety commissioner "in order to make the transition of control as easy as possible." Statton said "through a series of events, we have been pictured as enemies and the fact that I will not be safety commissioner under your administration probably will be in terpreted as another incident in our disagreement." Both Statton and Erbe are from Boone and the safety commissioner said he wanted to avoid any interpretation of a feud for many reasons, "not the least of which is that we have lived as neighbors for many years." In his letter, Statton offered to resign "on any date" Erbe suggests and to meet with the new commissioner "as often as may be needed." with Mrs. Helen Hanson and family in Monona, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Loftsgard were supper guests in the home of Mrs. Hanson Saturday evening. A belated Christmas party was held in the Gilbert Loftsgard home with a picnic dinner on New Year's day. Those present were: Mr. and 14! Mrs. Fred Larson, Mrs. Luann Fairbanks, Douglas and Diane and Gc- rene Larson, all of Waterloo; the George O. Larson family, Emma Larson of Clermont and the Bernard and Ronald Loftsgard families. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Loftsgard and Harold were Friday dinner guests in the Tilpher Bilden home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Loftsgard and children spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boland at Eagle Grove, Iowa. Mrs. Rodney Smith, Margrit and Marlyn, Kendra, Kaye and Norman Loftsgard were Friday dinner guests in the Old Loftsgard home. Marsha, Melody and Mavis Smith returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Loftsgard were Wednesday dinner guests in the Rodney Smith home. Marsha, Mavis and Melody Smith returned home with their grandparents, for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Orvin Loftsgard and, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peters were Saturday night supper guests in the Gerald Blockhus home. Mr. and Mrs. Orvin Loftsgard and family visited Friday evening in the Morris Amundson home. Kathleen Gisleson, Sandra Kjosa and Wanda Lemke accompanied Mrs. Lawrence Naylor to Des Moines and spent the weekend with Judy Lemke and in the Mary Naylor home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Winter and children and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gisleson and Kathleen were visitors in the Mrs. Gunda Gisleson and Milo home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Heiden and family of St. Olaf were Thursday night visitors in the Lloyd Reierson home to help Mrs. Reierson and Mrs. Heiden observe their birthdays. Richard Reierson was an overnight guest in the Cornelius Reierson home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kjosa and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker and families were Thursday evening visitors in the Kenneth Kjosa home. Kathleen Gisleson was an overnight guest there. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gisleson and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Winter and children were New Year's day afternoon visitors in the Kenneth Kjosa home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Edblad and girls of Niles, Illinois and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Opsand were Tuesday night supper guests in the Morris Amundson home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kjosa were Saturday evening callers in the Ben Fuelling home. Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Lyngass Postville Matmen Tip Elkader 26 to IS RANGE CONSERVATiOxj STAMP ISSUED Conservation leaders u looking forward to i ssw J world's first range postage stamp by the M Department in Salt id Utah, James F. Barnes, i Conseration Service satoj VNIJED STATES The commmovative printed in three colors,"^ sued February 2 at thei Society of Range Maiagai- nual meeting at Salt LaS| The stamp will the post office here on 4,1 ing day, February 3. The stamp is in two [. part is a reproduction i mous drawing, "Trail \ Charles Russell, the diss artist of western life, j part shows a modern ranj vation scene. The new stamp, Bamesi bolizes the development^ conservation from the M of the open range to tofl title management technlqa Those who are interest "first-day cover," a sum velope, can mail adcirta lopes plus a money order fled check for the ns stamps required to then at Salt Lake City, Utahj place the range consent on the envelopes, cancel special cancellation mark that day and at that $ mail as addressed anywke country, Barnes pointed u Postville's wrestling team downed Elkader 26-18 victory in their firs' away-from-home meet of the year. Curt Helium started his team off with a 2-0 decision over Daryl Will in the 95 pound class. In the next weight division, Jim Bursell and Dennis Clinton wrestled to a 0-0 draw. Bob Bollman, making his first start of the year, won his match over Elkader's Frank Whit tie. In the next three matches Les Lenth, Bruce Smith and John Wi tenberger all scored first period pins. Lenth pinned his opponent Bill Little with a half nelson and a body press in 1:29. Bruce Smith then followed with the fastest fall of the night, a 1:02 job on Jerry Anderson. Using "pancake" takedown Smith secured a pinning combination to end the match. Then John Wittenberger took a 1:26 fall over Elkaders' Bill Kill. Kent Ruttledge had too much to offer in defeating Denny Meyer 5-0. Previously undefeated Dave Schmelzer lost his first of the year to Nyzl Clinton in the 145 pound class, 3-2. Dave Smith then picked up Postville's last win of the night with a 7-0 win over Bob Roether. In the 165 and heavyweight divisions two Elkader brothers Gene and Otis Vigen won by falls over Tom McNally and Dave Schierholz. The Pirate reserves scored their fourth victory of the year against but one loss with a 31-13> lading of the Elkader reserves. Ted McNally and Frank Wickham won by falls, McNally's in -.24 and Wick- hams in :33. Curt Dreier and Jim Lenth also won by falls for the "B" squael. Winners by decision included Frank Tehel and Jim Halverson. Losers were Ron Miller, Lee Marsh and Bob Brainard. After completing a December 20th engagement with Wapsie-Valley the Postville matmen will take a recess from interschool wrestling over the Christmas holiday. Workout will be held during this period in preparation for a dual to be held at Decorah on January 10, and for the Upper Iowa Conference Wrestling tournament which is scheduled to be held at Elkader on .Tam,*,.,. 14. Are you 'stood up' by an unreliable al in cold weather? If you wish to purchasl a new or used car, an auto loan can kfl quickly arranged, tailored to fit your I get, at the Citizens State Bank. TRY US FOR SERVICE *7Ae Bonk with, the. Clock on the ComX MEMBER POSTVILLE, I0WA[ Elkader on January Ninety-five lbs., Curt Helium (PI decisioned Daryl Will, 2-0; 103 lbs., Jim Bursell (P), Dennis Clinton (E), 0-0; 112 lbs., Bob Bollman P), decisioned Frank Whittle (E), 2-0; 120 lbs., Les Lenth (P), pinned Bill Little (E), 1:29; 127 lbs., Bru<-» C_!±T- 'nned.Jerry Anden lbs., John Wittenber .J TM.» 138 lbs Ken Ruttledge o» " siM ?ed Denny Meyer (£) Eh. lbs., Nyal CUnto/^^J™ Living Room Suites Priced From $189.00 up We invite you to come in, just to see the wide assortment of living r° om comfort. There's a splendid choice d. colors and styles. Modern and traditional styles. " '» imtnmiHi """""'•'Hi IIIIIIII. MMI ii niiiiim'"""" COME IN TODAY """ ' • .....»„• , , , Louis Schutte & Sort Largest Stock of Furniture in Northeast POSTVILLE, IOWA

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