Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 9
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Dial PA-i-4t)UU lor • WAiM At) 'i'akcr EVENING TIMES, CUMBBKLANU, MU., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, Itfao NINE Mary Hawortli's Mail .KcHtort Notei Woman Is uncertain whether the ouxht to encourage romance for her sister, DEAR MARY HAWORTH: My sister Dora . is a widow in heir early 60s, who was left quite comfortable, financially. She , lives alone in a • beautiful apartment, travels a lot. is always on the go; and -looks and acts like a much younger woman.-Bui she is very icly. Cfti the later years of her marriage (which wasn't -happy) she had several had heart attacks and sometimes stayed in bed several weeks. Her husband died suddenly four years ago, and after the shock was over, she pulled herself together very quickly. I think- she now has peace of mind; she hasn't had any heart attacks since. • Two years ago she met a fine man older Ihan herself, • retired from business. They had a- nice friendship and were planning lo be married, but her doctor advised ,. , - . ,. umiuiuuiift 01 l against it, citing her heart condi- limi( , tions ... lion. 1 don't know if she relayed ™ „ Ons '" And apparently his counsel of discouragement prevailed, for the romance waned, you say. But 1 mil not sure that a jury of heart specialists would endorse the Implication thai the tedium of self- centered living is easier on an ailing heart than the exercises of fond companionship. Glenn. Clark discusses therapeutic techniques of living, in an interesting book "How to Find Health Through Prayer" (Harpers). And speaking of the heart (page 44) he says: "I have seen seemingly serious heart conditions righted in a marvelous way, when the one so afflicted learned how to love everyone without discrimination and without limit." "Poets from., time immemorial have associated the heart'with the capacity to love,", he .explains.ll "'Accepting this as our cue, let us I look behind, all troubles of the I heart to see if we can remove anyjf inhibitions of the affections or any : | one's capacity toT PRETTY THANKS-A refugee child in Laos, free Indochina, smiles her gratitude for the CARE food package her family received from the United States. Drought and severe crop losses have brought famine to the little kingdom, so the $5 food packages are very welcome. Policewomen Lose Official Powers; Mayoi* Denies Five Treated Rudely .. .-.• •/-•.•••.•• ••,''.'-''.•••' ' • . v LAUHEL, Md. Ml — Mayor ry Hardlngham denied last night that five policewomen, whose 'police powers were taken from them, were treated, rudely or, kept in the dark about the matter. A rhey knew the whole story for a couple of weeks," he said. The women, who gradually acquired police powers after volunteering as school crossing guards, said yesterday they had resigned. Mrs. Rosemary Walker said, 'The first we knew of it was when we read it in.a newspaper." Chief. Jack L. Larrimore said the women were used not only as crossing guards, but in other types liar- of police Work including liquor law violations and vice squad raids. Hardinghani said: "We didn't i n g s think it was a woman's place to go into bars at night looking for juveniles and others. "We feel the men should police the town. We have the manpower. We want to use it/' The women, he said, "thought more of wearing lliat police badge of than doing their crossing duties." Hardingham said, '.'It became apparent some time ago that some recommendation had to be made sin So have them spend more time on their crossing duties and give the police department back to the who The mayor said Larrimoro had sat in on at least two council meet- where the matter was discussed and "I'm sure he took the story back to 'them." He also said, "We didn't reprimand these ladies at all. We appreciate the work they have done." Mrs. Walker said she was aware criticism of (lie upmen among i members of 'council, but did notj know why they were criticized. On one recent occasion, she'said, had "refused to fix a ticket : for overtime parking." Bui she declined to say whether the man asked the favor was a member of council. this to the man, but their friendship waned and she is alone again. The problem is that a year ago, a:, acquaintance of mine died, and the widower is a man about Dora's age. He has' asked to meet my sister, knowing she is a widow: and she wants : to meet him. If they become frie_nds I am con- fidcni she won't mention her hear! condition, for fear of losing his interest, and 1 feel it would be unfair not to let him know. . A Stickler • For Honesty Truth and honesty are very important lo me; and I've often wondered if that is an asset in this crazy, mixed-up world. J know I could have saved myself many a heartache by covering up things with little white lies. I also wonder Doesn't this tie in with your ob-i servation—that your sister's nearti| attacks, coincidental with an unhappy marriage, ceased when the partnership ended? Maybe a happy marriage is just what she needs. In any case, my advice is: be relaxed, cooperative and non-inter- fering.-M.H. BUMPER SEVEN-MINUTE Mary Ha worth counsels through hrr column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her In care of The Kvcnine Times. fopyrichl, 1955, The Washington Post Distributed by Kin* Features Syndicate Brown 'n Serve Tea Rolls Dedication Of Dormitory Set CHESTERTOWN, Md. UV^Dedi-i cation of Washington College's new il dormitory (or women, Minta Mar-;! tin Hall, will be the feature of Ihe If . , college's joint Alumni Homecom-i how .many persons around the age jpru . D Saturday O ct. of 60 are in good health? How doj 22 \vc know this widower isn't cover-j j hq dormitory, pu t i nto opera- ing up some ailment loo? i, ion in Scpt ,. m ber. was built by Jly husband says let well enoughj funds con tribhted by alilmni and alow. He advises me to moke' cx-jf ricn(iSj and was comp ] c led by a cuscs to both of them, and not eet; g j[ t O f 575,000 from Glenn L. Jlar- mixcd into a mess thai might'ti n , rct j red Baltimore aircraft cause me a lot of remorse laler| manu r ac ( urcrp -r nc building is on. But as Dora is my sister, andj namc( i a f( cr Martin's mother, and the widower looks like a very good Ighe w m ' unveil Ihe dedicalory catch, I would like lo give her alp] a q ue . helping hand. What is your opin- • — IS'cw York Rtibbi To Conduct Services Kabbi Leon Yagod will conduct services. at Beth Synagogue on North Centre Street this evening, j • according lo Dr. S. M. Jacobson, 'president of Ihc congregation. Rabbi Yagod received his B. A. Degree and rabbi-ordination at Yeshiva University in New York. || He took his graduate studies at' Columbia University and Bernard jl Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University, where he is at prescnl || a candidate for the D.H.L. Degree. 12 to A Package For - ONLY ONLY Woman 1 * Fret Over-Carrie* DEAR N'.J.—You should be well disposed towards Dora, of course; eager to do anything constructive, within your power, lo add lo her' longevity and happiness. But on the oilier hand, it's not good to VTMSh yourself down with anxious w^crvisory concern, as regards her experiences and risks. At present you are worried lest Dora meet and perchance marry (he widower under pretense of good health, and thus take a chance on her life (from (he heart angle)— and maybe put the widower through more sorrow too. Well, in my opinion, this is an" example of worrying much loo much. H is carrying concern loo far—over into Ihc field of busy- bodyism. 11 verges on trying to play God in the lives of others, which is always a mistake. If Dora and the widower want lo meet each other, either with marriage in view, or because they have a common problem of loneliness lhal friendship mighl case, 1 don'l think you have a life-saving duly to try to prevent an in- Iroduction. or to keep them apart. Assuming, they are of sound mind, they are quite old enough lo know the relationship between canse-and-effect. and to take re- spinsibilily for the consequences of (heir risky actions or decisions. You aren't morally' required to do Iheir Ihinking and deciding for them; and you'",; no warrant for assuming that you know best what's good for them. Henri Reflects Emotional States Dora's history as described sug-. tests thai she' takes pretty shrewd j care of herself. Notice she consulted her doctor when considering second marriage a few ycarj ago. SRC Probe (Continued from Page 7) "Baltimore builder," who said he would "build colored housing even lit .1 private sewerage setup wasi ! required." Jackson added: "The i purchaser of the land engaged in|j jlcnglhy discussions with Annapolis ' officials aboul housing and finally ;j resold the land. • j "I doubl he would have done so ; had he known of Ihe stale's inter-] est in buying righl-of-ways. Cer-i; tainly. it is evident that I had no such information." Alamo is Spanish for "poplar or coHomvood Irce." Treat your family to our hot "Seven Minute" Brown 'N Serve Tea Rolls often. 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