Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1927
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_i , ' ^ J - ' ' . ' . 3 ? • - 0mCVLATlON;%9ihe only ContMditv. a Neufapaper Ha8.toSeUIt8jA4veHisers. 1 The REGISTERS Ciram Hon rean-dsopento^U^Mk inspection at any time' ''^^-ri i- VOLUME XXXI. No. 36. riu.<-issr.r I.. TBe If.lii,Dally Register. The |fi|:i I'illlv Iti-rbrd and I«1 K Dully. JOUex. lOLA, KAN.. iMONDAY EVENINQ, DECEMBER 5. 1927. The Weekly Register. &toMtohed 1S87. The lola Dally Register. Established 189>. SURVEY OF /XWAMON , HERE NOW E. HALDEMAN-JUWUS TO MOVE HIS PLANT ^ BECAUSE OF TROUBLE Kansas City, Def. 5.. (AP)—^The Karusas city Star says that Ml-, and Mrs. E. Haldeman-Julius. who \Vere remarried here Saturday at a Unitarian ceremony similar to that used at ijhe recent companionate man^iage qf l their daughter^ plan to mb\'e their publishing plant frorh Girard, Kansas, to Freeport, Illinois." y\ which he said "studied vnfrlendll- JoHephine. who isi 1|B yeai's Old. dcHs of Girard residents," caused U-as their child, him to seek a new locatio»-Tor his I .Uter .Mr. and .Mrs. 'Haldeman- plant. The statement from Mr; Haldeman-Julius also, said that • Josephine Haldeman-Julius. who married Auhrey C", Uosplle. on a i-oni- panionate basis,-' was the daughter of a,Kansas toal niiaer. He .said that while Jo«ephine had been given the f.'iniily name she was not formally adopted. This contradicted a recent an- Arrive Today ike Survey of ' .Water Plant PL4 ^T IS ~mSPE6TED- Otjier DetaSs Will Be Worked jOut Soon ]^ Two Men ^ Mr. t. fe. Timanus, Mr. Fran! G Biwjjkmann and Mr. 11. I^. McGiath fuj^eers from' the office of Burns ie- &fct>onneil, who liKye been em^ •pl.ftytfd to make a prcliminao' sur- Jvey.. Q I, the Tola water works system •preparatory to submitting plans -xnd eilttm'ateS for installlnR. a lilter ,^D(( [BoftetiinK plant, arrived i m . lola t^dayaind h^ve (>tit|>red at (^nce :^(POTi - | . •-Th^lr first step was to make a (^rnfiil inspectlon-nf the plant |iin<^ • ihejj are putting in thejr tlt^t »< that- today!Froiii lUls 'insiiecHon i»he>' vrtll. proceed to work out 11 he 7 clut^llB of .'(he Ti'oV 'isitloii to ;.bef ^; jMiUmltted for Inter (•oiisld4T :iiioii.; vi.y ^f *hc ^oundV\VX '^'intiuv "iVi Defendant Declares Two Thos. E. Wagstaff Gives -Sl^fffi Jlli'll ^tC^W.;;?:;^::' Negroes HeldlJp I Memorial.Oration Her Husband I On Program Julius were remarried here, he declared that he felt "thoroughly rebuked:" lie explained he never had been satislted with "the dog' map and theol-ies" of the orthodox ritual read at his marriage 11 years ago. "I bo] if we will be as happy during the next :;o years as we have been in It be last 20," he said as he embraced his wife following the nouncement by .Mr. Hiildenian-Jul-! ceremony Saturday. SlNCimAND BURNS ENTER THEIR CLAIM URGERTAX IS PROPOSED Oil Man and Detective; State Highway Comitnis- Say They Had Right To Shadow Jury sion Will Seek Special Session. Soon I SEEK DIS MIS S A L TO CALL ON PAULEN Lack of Jurisdiction Is Conference Late Today Is MRS. LILUENDAHL TELLS HER STORY OF MAN'S DEATH ELKS MEMORIAL SERVICES HELD INlOLA SUNDAY Claimed by Defense In : Action" . Washington, Dec. ."i. (.VP) The action of'Albert I!. Kali, former Spcretdry of the interior Musiainint^ the title of (he Slaniiai'il Oil ('ompaiiy of California, to a pDrlioii cif the Klk Hills Reserve, in southern California, nmter a grant froni the date of ("{ilifornia. was upheld today by the District of Columbia court' of ajipenls; ' Announced by John ' W. Gardner Ti.;iek.irKans.. Dec. (.\lM-.Au- i Drlier'coiiferentu with. tJovernor j i'anleu relative, to ;iio)>u.sed ' in- r rreai -hiK ;of the (.state two-cent i gasoline tax and a • of the legislature f' probabiv.will be .fpeclal session ^r that purpose Iiefd" by mem.- 'l)t«r.s of the .state hlghivay cbmm^'s- !sion lute:today, Jfihn W. Gardner. I .•'tale highway director, announced I ihls afternoon.' -Mailed' Three taeniberx of the cominls- , ,„ , . . ,, , ,,: sion iver^-attending an iufot-mal 'before th.. I)lstri<t-t.l (oliuubfa su- ..j,...,,,,^ „,.lay. Those prt'm'e ciiiisi tiMlriv i .n <harBrs'o/; iuiendi»){ wi re: fonimlss'loners R. • onl'-mpl. Iliurr^I'. Sinclair, \Vm.; W. HoU-. James A. Allen and Claud riurns aiiil their asHociates Jti- .M-p'^c. and Dlrentor (;ardiier. Was 'liiiigton. Dec-. .1. lAI'i il differiint places about low .n, In- rjilrc into the condlthm of tin: 2:taiilH, and in Other wiiys'gah 'T t le,Information whjch iheir ejtjieri i rHtniijK cqtijps them to <-oiiipile. - iilii]'wliich they know to be neiys-, ''>«ry for the planning of the i,„. i enioilon. Mrs.^sMargaret IJlIlcudahl - pjroyementp . under' coiiHidcra* i <m ! told ctn the stand today her .^tory IThyi win .probably require a mn! !of how her husbaiid w.i.s killed'bv two'weeks. The rest of their ^orkjtwo Negrecs.-' Will tbieiiibe an office job and of ! r^he flatily < i'bnrie will be. done in Kansas City i inp was «lljne Coiirlroohi, .Mays l.»indiiii;. "-N". Dec. ,5. (Al'i—Sobbing and wringing, iwr hands in a paroxism of J. Hur slMted th«'y wer<- well within the" ,, , law In bavins the jury In the Kail-i'.». S'inclair oil case plac etl nmirr sur- vptilance llenrv .Mason Day. an official iii one of 'Siuclairs .lij lompiinies. ! said he lii.i'ij. ilif Mums men to sliad 'iw llie jilry til SinduiiV n-- Governjir I'auleh recently de- onimls.-ion's re<ju">st for a- RjTeclal' session to consider. doubllngMif the iwo-<eui lax. but St Ilif- s<iiui' tlnn- outlineil condf- llon.s uuiler Ivlifch he would con<;di r caljlng sucli ii .-H'SHloif. OKLAHOMA LEADERS TO I HAVE SESSION DESPITE SUPREME COURlP RULI1«TG Oklahoma City, Dec. 5. (AP)—Leaders of a movement for a special session of the Oklahoma lefirislature. proceeded today deliberately \vith their plans for a self-convened s^siofi tomorrow, despite an dpinion of .the state jsuprenie iourt holding that the meeting could be convened only by c^ll of the governor whose office, with other state departments, it ha:s been summoned to investigate. * Claimfng that 48 nieinbers of the house of representative^ had registered . h.ere. session readers . announced that an organization caucus would meet at 7:30 o'clock tonight The house speaker will be selected, session leaders said, adtj- ing that'the caucus would be open to members of both political parties; • They reiterated their statement that the': legislature; 'wtll coavene at the capitol at nooii tomorrow. ' E. P. Hill, McAIester representative and -one of the four principal leaders in the session .movement Was mentioned among the ^representatives as a possible chofce for speaker, altbaujgb hotel; loblar discussion also suggested that ^oppor sition to him . might develop in view of some feeling th^ the speaker would not be draw^ 'from aiuong the leaders of the itisurg- ents. ! > It was point ^l out that the speaicer would be the leaderVin the invostigatioli. . '. ' Scheduled ^ for selection^ later was the investigation committee. |(|Uesl."i'.\|iIainii;K iliat the oil man I believed'.in iiu;.r4>;Mi -rforr would fouf^e ..... .-. , i ; Itjis gratifVitig , to , know, that ihere is t,0 be no unneces'sary di;lay in this important matter. If jlije consideration and; in the bjf .all the information obtainable the lieopie of lola' become lon- "iincied that their water plant ough^ lo be ;rhodernized. (hen the so.mer If can be dbiie the better. We iant vrhai wewaiit when we,want V. denied that the shoot; by Willis I3each,,her friend and'co-dijfendant About ;:oo Klk« and their friends attended the Klks inetiifirlal vices which were lield In the lodge be.niadeto idive tltui jury niurn rooms yesterday afternoon at three •»„y5"^'!.''';*...•\K'|t!'.^^ f,'/.'^ o'clock. These services' are held Club Members Will Speak at Luncheon 1 MOTHER OF FOUR AND LOVER SLAY HUSBAND;ADMITIT Woman in ' Illicit Love Affair Confesses To Kining each ya.'ir in memory of the Klks •who liaV;e died and the pu,bHc is always in\ited to attend. The memorial oration yesterday {was made b.v Thomas K. Wagstiff The wvekly lum-heon of .the Cliamlier of Commerce will offer a Before calling X[rs. Llllii-ndahl. | of Independence, one of the-best jfter Rdbert .McCarter. her trial lawyer.} known lawyers in this section'of light* called -Attorney Charles; Phillips,; the state. He spoke for about 25 TREASURE HUNT PRIZESAWARDED -<)ne-third oC. All Prizes Arfc Won>n Exact Numbers . of her defense, fhillips testified that l)efore the trial Samuel Bark, the Texas lariat man who testified fcr the .-i fessieiri!; fered fake a Phillips a statement V'hlch. Beach at the scene of the kilting and were promised .$SOt) jf the>- wou-ld do Hway with his car. Phillips said .he told Bark if he hart any such information he ought to give it to tlie prosecutor. .Mrs. iJlliendabl was in tears minutes, pajing a fine tpibute to the high t>-pa of American man iifMjd-represented in, a toll, calL of I' Almost as goon as the hearings man asked that the case be dis- the pasi-yeiir. Harry Greathcrase, w;ho. concentrated'on'baiiy -"beef, has returned from the Chicago^ livestock show as a 'guest of the .Santa Fe and JoTin Wilson, winner of the state dairy championship, secured a trip to the Xa' -Alemphis. the intere.-ts of the men on trial for conspiracy as- a ref-ult of tlie leasing of the- Tejipot Dome naval oii;"reserve by Albert U. Fall to Sinclair. - ItccesH Is Orderedv' Haynesville, lia., Dec. ",. (AP) — Mrjj, Effie .lowers, 43. mother of four children,- and J. K. Swift, 4.5, a soft drink salesman and alleged paraihour of .Mrs. •. Jowers, were charged today with slaying J. £. Jowers,' 55, storekeeper; ex-minister and husband of ^frs. Jowers." Mrs. Jowers confessed yesterday, according to W. D. Gdff,- district attorney, that on the' night of Oc- 'tober ni. she held a lamp while Swift, using il sledge hammer, struck a'nd killed her sleeping husband so that an illicit love affair between the two conspirators might he continued. -After killing Jowers. Swift is boldt. and Mrs. Ralph'Stover at the!Henry .Masnu Day W. Shermau piano. ' : |Huru>" ami Charle>- L. Veits<-h were III addition to selections by thiS the ineti citc(t to show ( «'hy orchestra, the program included i the? .should noi^bi- held in cou- the following numbers: - liepipi as 'ari 'sult <if iln- >ltadnwin:: "Lead Kindly Light," solo by (by the IJuric* men ^ Everett I.ahd. Vacant Chair," quartet: Mrs. E. W; Haglund, Mrs. Deiie BlUhe, all --.'l Kxactly one-lbird of {irizeg won in the big Treasure .;Huiit which came to. a conclusion ilast cSatiirday niglii were wop by 'persons who presented numbers ;?xactly corresponding to those.on •ibe Trfjasure Hunt' window cards. - . ' •\Vhcii' It I K remeTiibered that the nhan.ces against any pari leuI.-ii- In- «|lvidunl 'H . holding an exact jnum- i »er were exactly ItiT to 1. tliis is Jin interesting IndlcalIon as to ' th^ ipcrtfentage of people receiving copies ff the Treasure Hunt edi- I i(ia'r» ofAhe Kegivfcr wlio" actually _ participated. In the event Thursday night. • : . The thlrly-two pi-rsduswlio won "pyires *'lth a-pproximiite ntimlA;rs ark* listed below with ihi- najue of • jhf store wfrer<- tli'ii- prize l«; ViiHng for flieni These piKiple .-^nould call for their prizes as early as possible tills wi '.'k M the •illUre which nave It: •1/Style llatf Shop Miss VilKlnla ifjBnjon. Blsmore. : Mcl.,ain's — Miss Mat Kill ';t ; tioy- eltp, Blsmore. i when she took the stand. She said ishe first met Beach on Ilallowelen, I in 192fi and said that Beach be-1 Harold Kelley and Everett Land. • he j came very intimate with her hus-1 IStlll, Still with Thee,'' solo by band and all three often went for , Mrs. Haglund. drives at the doctor's request. | "Art Tb«u Weary," quartet. Anderson I'lumbltic Co. iV'i-n Wye. Vat<'s"«'in» 'r. M-'J. C. Penney Co. .1.'P.. ibiM-n. .Toronto, i ' fintnd. ; Jones Electric Woi'ks Mrs. Wm. j 1 "\s, ii'iBher, 820 East Jackson. . Questional as to what «he did on \ Septembei;'I 'l, the "day of the mur-' der, she s.Tid -she dressed her son, took him to fchool, then drove to the fiost office and home. "Did you see Beach that morn- incT "Ves. I pji'sscd him on the "foail and waved to him as 1 do lo all my neighbors. I got home about 9:20." | ' She Haid shC' and her husband left the In Iheir car at 10!20. stopped, at a gasoline station and i then.wi-nt to a bank where he drew i »2.'. in live dollar bills, which h.> gave her. State wlinesses<had te.s-, tiflcd that bloodStalps were found ; on tliree bills in her itocketbonfr. She l.'ieu udd in detail "of fhelr drive alonj; Atslon road until she salil two .S'egroes jumped on the running Iward-.. "They directed drive up that lane." she .said. "Whether I drove or one of them 1 i ^o 't re- j member. But I can remember l>e- Karl i„'g in there. My hushsuid had often . Mold me never to re.'-'ist in u holdup^ llickeu- a,„i this was uppermost in my linlnd." CoiiK'Idi'Ml Willi .!»'• in.i: the cotirl it 'lecaMie known tliai tlie jjovernmeul bail a surpri^v- w.tin-s-. (5n hand iti tlie pcrsim .if a t(irn)i-.r I'.urns. detei tive win,^'eiuellt:l.v•.hail been closely guarded. •. . I The surprise witnes.s's name was' ting life ill the state cmilesK: ^ The iynt heon this week will be held at (lie Kelley Hotel'and reser- '•aJ'o^i.' ;c:in hi- si.ciired .h.v calling 7". ,b"fi>r • 10 • o'c!o k We(lne.<day iiioni-liiv'. Mr!j..Ray L.-Koenig accompanied jsaid to be Lawientlne. and. he was all of these numlwrs at the idano. REMUS WILL NOT TESTmNCASE Alleged Slayer Announces .Plans to Court at . Session Today Cincinnati, Ohio. Dec. 5. lAl'i — C.corge Ken}US. the former "king of bootleggers," served notice uiM)n Judge Chester -H. Shook at the renewal of his niiii'der trial today that he ik'ould oot testify in . his own b«'half. . Ilemus was addres.slng the court ill connei-tion with a motion he had made to Investigate what he termed Jtbellous statements In a jie^-s- slor.v. sent to a .New York newspaper last week. . riemus asked that the corres- no came tm a halt. The ..NcRro ' pondeni who filed the story be cit- niy *ide opened the door and [ed for contempt Of court. .. . A.. M'. Beck Furniture Co.,-llii- 1 p^abbed me. As 1 w;as being drag-j Remus "asserted to Judge Shook ^ Jiss Butler. 11 L T North P.uckp>v. jg,.,i ,,111 I heard a shot that no statement the defendant K Gibson Studio—Mrs. H. B. Blair,' -Before I came" to Completely I had made since the opening of the ' trial could lie questioned. I now wish to apologize to tlje said to have left, the Burns, sipemy ; last Week and his testimony was. designed lo show what tlic shail-s owers of the Fall-Siiicaliv jury said" I on their t-etiiiu to .New York; • (flintinned on I 'jige (». No. 1) PASTOR IN lOU Rev. j. i.«e Releford to Have Charge of Work ^ ;ln City Now Gibson Studio i ilumboldt. heard sounds," she continued. "One j was 'Beat it, bo;' Before the shot j was fired the doctor said, 'For goodness sake, save ier.* %: Bart els China Store— I.u- - cilida McDowell. 504 .V. .lefferson. , Globe Clothing Co.—Mias Bettie iCarson, Route .1, Tola. _ ^^t^^t^^^^-'^^r^^ o..t to the . S^lf Service Market^.Mrs. j^u'''';,^,,!"*'^" ^'''''/'''''''''P, Everir. 618 South Fourth. :yv;- ' ^ . L ^^^"^ ..Palace-Shoe Store--M. H. Mat-"ud my jewels w. re gone.' (thari court and the prosecution for oiie _ _ promise 1 mach'/ however," roare<l "XVIieii 1 came to I rolled over on i Remus in a voice which indicated ' he had thrown off the effe<ts of a heavy cold.. "This defeuilant will not take the witnnsiJ stand." ^ _ Moran. , :R!o|>ertiii Music Co.---W. v.. Owens; Humboldt. ; Brown's Drug Store—Mrs. C. L. \ YOcuin.' jMOTanJ ; . Scarbocougb Bros. Drug Store—' IJawrenfce;H«ff. j . i . — The Htib Clo,. Co.—Mrs. Gene] .-N'e*"" York, Del-. (AP)—Dr. I.>}wman; 419 S'dikh St. , Harrv Emerson FosdicJ,- mniipm- Slfers Confectionery^Mrs. Freda„;..,7/ ?n f , "lodern- Samuels. Hutchinson. -Pf P"*'*"^ ot V^v)^ Avenue Baptist - • 1 church, was on record today' in Birth Control Is Advocated By Dr. Harry EmersonFosdick Today support of hirth control as the solution fdr over ipopulatidn. solution of the population problem except in the scientific control of birth rate. "Here in the United States we are siifficiently anxioii!? over this situation that we have checked immigration. 1 am a restrict ionist be- Bollinger Service Station — De- lorls Jones, Route 1. «lsmoro. ' - & M^arket—Mfldred Ilunt. 40.7, Nortt'^stflUt . LverxVhing off alTright if you Ik " might sa.v. 'let every:,Bassett Modern Market_ Mis. ^^^^ -^^^^.^^ population double every [body freely in' but one who faces •/seed Co—Fred sixty year.s." Dr. Fosdick told his the fafcts must see that from the You cannot trust God to brine I cause 1 am not a sentimentalist. A • Beside Cainpbell Wlshard Hdw. & Seed Co. ' Ii. JJid?. HumboldiL ! PalMce Drjig Co. —,Mrs. \\\ H. , .Bak'pf. i.HuVnboldt;: . . ; HeDninfer Fluriilfure Co. — C. : Troutwiae, 711 N. Walnut. Central; Grocery. — Olln- Rogers. BroDson. ' • 'Central ^Bi:ket—Mrs. I V.T F OW;1^. .1103 N. Jeffergbn. i • iSCaf Plo.- & Shoe Co.—Mrs. Karl -Hiirlock. 422 North Fl«>t, St. . i.• Biarclay-Shields Clo. Co. ^ Mrs. _ :iB. A- Mfll^. 4l2 .SoUth>. Buckeve. -r Perfect Bftkery— J, E. Llneba'ck, congregation yesterday; "If *e do so we will reap starvation, unfm- plojrmenfr and tihysical and moral decay.- . "Dean Inge o^f St' .Paul's cathedral. Ixindon. has taken l^is share of obloqiO'-because.he has. said-in his straightforward fashion that 'there is no hope for tlie^baBlc so- «ia| problem of population-except in 'the scientific, cotitrql of birth.' All honor to hini-. He is not a sen- tlinentalist. He Is facing.the fact.-'. "\Vc should take the shackles off the physicians, and let them tell the nation lliat,there fs no'hoipo foV the G.O.P, CONVENTION AT KANSAS CITY IS BUTLER'S PROPOSAL Washington. Dec. 5. (AP) Emilb Kuniz, Republican national committeeman f r o iii Louisiana, said today that Chairman Butler of the Repiili- llcan national committee, had authorized, him to say thai Biltler favored Kansas -City as a site for the next Republican iiailonal 'iitonvention. Women's Farm Bureau The ('ongr.'g^ition <lf tlie Christion church yesterday voted to employ Mhe. Rev. .1, Lee Releford of .Marlon, Kan.s.. as pastor of the , local church.- vTlie Rev. Mr. Relfe: fqrd; hail charge of services yes- jlerday and-will take charge of the •church /Work here at once. The Rev.. Mr. Releford wSis pastor, of the'Christian church at :.Marlonifor several, years, but dtir- ' Ing thu past few years has been i doing evangelistic work. ' As soon as the Rev. Mr. Rele- l^ord can find a suitable home, j .Mrs. Releford and their 17-yea'r- !Old spn will move to lola. re-; said to have taken the.body in his autdniobile to a point twenty-five miles away where he weighted it with a hundred pounds of scrap iron and dropped it into a creek. Then he fastened a leather belt around ihe body and tied it to a stake drivtn'into the creek bank so that the body would not rise. . Mrs. Jowers reported to police khat her husband had' disappeared from .home. The Sunday following the murder. Sheriff John-Coleman called on Mrs.. .lowers to extend , his'sympathy. He found her var- . I nishing the floors-of the house and hp noticed .several dark stains oh the wood. Two days later, while .Mrs. .fowers wa.f in Camden. Ark., arranging the rental of a rooming house she planned to conduct, Coleman obtained shavings, from the floor of the Jowers home. Under cheihical tests these shavings revealed bloodstains. .Mrs. Jowers and Swift, who had been linked to her through village gossip were arrested and .after questioning confessed. Jowers's body waS revealed by Swift's 16-year-old son. Paul, who said he was forced under threat of flogging, to aid his father in disposing of the corpse. The boy I» held as a material wltnes.s. FIRE TODAY IN ST. FATAL TO FOUR With Loss atll70,#0, It Is Feared Others ^Are Dead in Riiini St. Louis, Dec; 5; (AP^y—Four women were known to haie been killed and seven persons s'danger- ously.injured in a fire earfy today which destroyed the rear section of" the Buckinghani HoteJ annex with a loss estimated at .^170.00U. Police feared other bodies;were in the ruins.. The dead were:: ' • Mrs. Lather Hi Conn. , Misa Beefiie Groat. 33. Miss Marie'L. Slnaanka, 45. Senate Is in Sessioi^ ior^) Oiily 35 Minuter ^afel VareandSmithi : ii Lose Seats ACTION IS coanyG With Promi^of And IraurgencyiTwrc Are Denied Seats v| Temporarily Washington, Dec. 5. (AP)4-:^r - James M. Beck was seated - bi .. the hojise today as a Repnb- •; lican " representative . [frdm-fl • Pennsylvania - over the protMt' of Democratic iriepberd wBo' -contended he was not a legfalt residopt of the district trim: iwhfck he .was - elected j4pt'} month! ' Washington, Dec. 5. CpOv A new session Congref s--"- born'with every promise ^c f career of disbord and pd in-, cal insurgency—opened to iajy' with a curtain raiser in wliich WiUiam S. Vare of Penhqrl-;! vania and'Frank L. SraitI bf| Illinois were denied, at least.:] temporarily, the senate s^atis^ to which they aspire. UU- When they presented themselrgi: to take the oath of offlce .tbe 'tWdit j would-be senators .were stopped, !a resolution presented by. Seiwtih!^- \ Xorris of .Nehraskji dedlarins titem- Miss Fraser, a teacher. | , . - ^.jj kunfit to sit.itt the setwte;becanMr: of the scandal surrounding thedi* * primary campaign's. It wa'^. ag^isd. to postpone further actipn -tinUfi^' tomorrow. Three nurses,; two o^ w jumped from windows on the fourth floor,^were in a critical condition. They wire Mis« Myrtle Morris. 39; .Miss Alice .Kiresham, 34; and Miss BerthaiLee, 2l. There were IIS guests- in the; tico-sections of the annex-when the fire was discovered shortly before 3 a. m. Many ran to the' street in night clothing.' ;.Oth6rs .had to be rescued froth th^r rooms by firemen *ho used ^as. masks because' of the dense smoke: -. . Among those t sleeping in the hotel were 32 girls, pupils at the •genate Officers and turn a riaJWr' na-ntr-tl Tnctrinto Tnr fh« Tlpaf. 1... _» .1.., t„ ' - •: S i ; Central- Institute for the Deat They were;led to safety,; The hotel faces Forest Park. T> • i ¥¥ n *jj jl The local Chrl.stian church has FrOJeCt Has JtSeen Aadeaibet-n without a pastor since the ^ f^resignajjon of the Rev. J. K. Reyn- A new Women's .Farm IJiinj.'/i'i' olds seVerTTT months ago. project will . be innugurated in j ":, _ , Allen county this month with a gouUl Washington tO meeting of" home de<|iionstrution ' agents frqpi four counties with; Miss May Miles, home managemeii'; | specialist, here December 0, and 10. • Home demonstration ageiits from Bourbon. Cherokee, Douglas and Allen counties: will attend a conference with Miss Milfs at the Charo'ber of Commerce fooms in Memorial hall.. At the two-day conference, details for the opening part of the work for next year will he discussed. .\ kitchen contest will be the first part of the work. standpoint of this country "ii'e cannot handle the prcflilem either phys- ically'or. morally if. with the pres^ sure of population, we let the teeming overflow of the world's peoples flow freely in, and, lit we should. w« would not solve anj'hody else's problem'." / Dr. Fosdick applied the theor.v of a - law-abiding universe to the matter of' personal morals, attacte- ing '^the. doctrine of. the new psychologists W'ho say that a fuller^ expression, of emotional life Is de-i siratle for the health of the indir IVIdual. Dorsey to.Speak in ^ CoffeyviUe Meeting' C. A. Dorsey. secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, will go to Coffeyville tomorrow to speak at a mass meeting of-Chamber of Commerce-members there. Mr. Dorsey will talk on "Dairying." The Cof- fej-vllle group plans to make an agricultural and dair.v survey of Montgomery county and for that reason men interested In dairying are being asked to speak at the meeting. Ha:ve t)hristmas Lights — "i • The i'(M) block on South Waslt- iflfeioir will )e glowing with red and green lightt just like the eight blocks around the square tomorrow ni^ht as a result •t)f an enthusr iastic bit of promoting this afternoon jon tht^ part of Fi-ank McCarthy and Ira Kelley. ' -Mr. Keile.v and .Mr. .SlcCarthy found >«iiat the cost of the installation would he. made up an assessment list of the people in the block which ^divided the expense according to: the frontage occupied b>' each building and then went I around to each proprietor with a subscription list. In three-quarters of an hour they had a 100 pel- cent—with ^very subscriptioir paid in advance. So this block will be lighted like the rest df them tomorrow,night.. ON POLL TAXES Four Are Issued|-Today Witii Ilfore Coming ^.^Tonidrrow, J - Chei^ter Long Is New County Cow Tester Chester Long of Manhattan has been employed as cow tester by the Allen County Cow Testing association. He • succeeds W. E. Schaulls of Wakefield, who finished a year's service Saturday night with presentation of his annual r^^ port at a meeting of the association in the Chamber of Commerce rooms at Memorial hall. Bicycle Is Found by County OflScers Her^ .\ bicj'cle was found by th| rsheriff^s force Saturday night near the rear of the high school building. The ownei' may have it by identif>ing it at the sheriff's office. Four warrants were .'issued today for persons who have tailed to pay thelc poll tax, Ira 'A. Anderson, chief of police, anifounced today. ' ' Other warrants will-be issued tomorrow, Anderson said, in an effort to clean, up poll tax collections at once. Collection of poU4 tax was. placed in the hands of the police department several weeks aigo by the city coiamlssioners with instructions to m &e arrests whenever.police felt they were, not receiving the i^roper response (roin persons owing poll tax. Chief Anderson decltO'ed today that all persons have nad sufficient time to pay their tax and that he felt it was time fo^ other action. , Heavy fines will'be a.ssess- cd against' persons arrested. Anderson declared.. .Senate Iielays Work. - '< The senate also put .off untU- later- the. election of its" secretarjrif atjd other officers, around. wlllc&i| another sto^m is ^eatening.j ,AJ w^estern . Kepu1)lican , instiKMitJT group of five, who want gnariu^. tees as to farm relief and ptlier^ legislative subjects, still' wers. de^^ liberating this afternoon wbetber. to bolt the Republican ilitJB-pf- ity of the Democrats. ,^. « Tlie- senate remained, in- sissian,; only ^5 minutes after yice t ^reiH-; dent Dawes had rapped hisigai|SBl£ at noon, and the leaders wj 1 tempt overnight—.<*nferenc4 » ifo smooth out some of their diiflcolv^ ties, ill private. L 1' \ The house which had no s inilflLrV trbuble.*?: lingered much longer, ill-plotting time out of it.s firstTdajfi'. session to re-elect Nicholas [Loi^'ri worth of Ohio to the speakerslilpj and perfect other_detaiis of Its ir- £anlzatioirr-;^~^" " I • Very Bnsy. j' The iioirse roll call disclosetf^^l'^^-a of t<ie 4.15 members in their seajtf.- Afl sooii as this formality wits^ completed ^he house proceeded I to'', th^ election of speaker.- VLvsf^' sfchtative IJSawJey, of Oregon, dominated Mr. 't.ongwqrth. of Ohio,^;# Representative Greenwood, otfln- dlanii, nominated Finis J. Garrett.' illay Anderson Is Held of Tennessee, as the Democratic candidate. The voting followed part^ lines.- ! ' _^ Longworth's selection ov^Gii-- rett hail been a .foregone coinclii- pion since the last general eH when the Republicans retaiDJcdr*" safe majority in the house. The speaker, who is a sojn-In-- law of President Roosevelt, without opposition in his'ownlpar- ty. He first became the pr(>a)d&ig. officer of the,house two yearsfalfo. The vot<? today was 225-fr-fi*^J [Longworth and 187 foi- Garrett; Five members voted present';'] ' anaerson is neia , ~.t:j^ T^T.^, On Default of Bond W E ATHET ^ and ROADS • Ray'Anderson, arrested Saturday on a charge of forging Ja check, is held in the county jail> on default of $1,000 bond pending preliminary hearing in Justice .iWhitaker's court December 12. Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good CigarjWm.Penn—5 cenp—A Good Cigar Forty-Eight Sailors Owe Lives; To Life Savers of Coast Guard New Ford Car to Be Displayed Here Sunday Frank" McCarthy, manager of the McC'arthy-"Motor company, recel%-ed word late totlay to the effect, that a new Ford car w^lll "be shown here next Sunda.v and ^ionday onl.v. The car. which is one of thiiieen in tWs district, will be .on display., in tb/shdw room of the local concern. iWm. Penn—cents— A Godd Cigar Aniiiial Farm Bureau Meeting Is Tomorrow Dr. J. S. Hughes, bio-chemist of Kansa34 State Agricultural college will be the principal speaker at the annual meeting of the Allen County Farm Bureau tomorrow at the Methodist church. The-annual meeting will be open at 10.|<>'clock tomorrow morning and will continue through the clay At th^ meeting the annual reports of the' county agent, andJhe home; demonstration agent will be given Tranlt Blecha. district Farm Bureau agent.^will be one of the day's speakers.' > ^ . Wm .'Penn—.'» renta—A Good Cigar -Vprfolk. Va.. Dec. ' .'>. tAPl — Forty-eight sailors owed their lives today to life savers who brought new glory to the coast guard yes- terda.v Iri plucking them from certain death aboard two storm-^lrlven ships off Cape Hatteras. They were the. crews of the Xor- wegion steamer Cibao a84 the fireek vessel Paraguay. The latter lost "four of her personnel Saturday night while .southeast of Cape Henry, fighting the gale that eventually dashed' hoth ships on the ground off Hatteras. The four were-j working the pumps in an effort to' ke*p the Paraguay afloat when a wave washed them overboard. ••niiile a half, dozen ships, summoned b .v the Paraguay'sL jdlstress calls, searched for lier porth of Kitty Hawk. X. C. she went ashore just'before daylight yesterday. Her remaining crew of 24 climbed into the Tigging and watched ;whiio guardsmen from Kitty Hawk st^- pipces against the Cibijo's sides everytlme they ipproac^ed her. On shouted instructions froip the guardsmen, the Cibao's<|4 tn^n tied ropes around/their bpdies and threw, the loose ends into the water. When the ropes vi^cre picked up by the guard boats.'the steam' er's meii leaped. Into th^i water, to he towed the three niil^ to ahore. All wera landed safely, a'tbough several were- unconscious when pulled out oj-tbe. surf, 'y. Weather outlook for the we^ ginning today: The northern- and; i central Great Plains-^One' Or IWO-f precipitation periods likely.^ espic- ially in the north porflon-; Veek3*8'.' a whole probably will average near.'' normal in temperature. Ii i,,- ' F0KEr\f5T FOR K i MS » «^ .Mostly fair tonlfflit and Ti " sli ^tly- warmer. tooIgU fa. east ^portlo 'n. - t ' 1 ' For lola and. Tk-Inlty— Mr toi nhrhf and Tnesdnj; sllgfiftyf T ani; er tonight ' 4 ^ ij-- Temperature—^Highest yest irday: 3.^ at 4 p.m.; lowest last filg»t>^i7: at 6 a. m.; normal for toda;'..iZ;''j deficiency yesterday; 12; ictea since Januar>' lat. 330 degrees; this . date last year—highes; ; 36; lowest 29. tion launched a boai thr(|ugh mountainous waves whippedup by the gale. Several attempts; failed before the boat crew reached the side of'the Paraguay, thenvhalf filled with water, and took off her sailors. ', '. The stOriri that drove/ the. Cibao aground almost frustrated the res-, cue of her crew. The ingenuity oil the life s(averB, howeve^. won out\ over the waves that th^atened tojss per cent; barometer redneled-t(r dash the "coast guard ^ boats to sea level. 30.23 inches. - j L' .... __.._._!-5;^^^' I Precipitation, for-the '24 honrs ending at 7 a. in. today 0; total for this year to date hl.po: excess JBiace .^1 January 1st. 15.01 inches. Relative humidity at 12 nooii ^nea- terday .IS per cent; 7. a. m.-w^days 7:2;3 a. m.; set»: Sun rises p. nj. V - i r - ' Road Conditions. Hutchinson, clear, roads go^d; Salina,,clear, roads good; Arlct4« sas City, clear, roads good:_ hattan, cl^ar, 'roads goodr vllle. clear, roads good; WIcli clear, roads good; Topeka.: roads good: Pittsburg, clear, good; Emporia^ clear, roaids Wmv Penn—5 cebtsr-A Good ii

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