The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 6, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1894
Page 9
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IN HONOR OF GEN. JONES Reception Tendered Him by the Iowa Legislature. flBST UNITED STATES SENATOR from That State—Alto First White Settler on Her Soil—Ill's Ninetieth lllrtlidaf the Occasion for the Fitting Tribute—Friend Of Clay anil Webster—Enjoying the Beit Of Health—Lives at Dubuque. DBS MOINES, April 5.-^-Both houses met Wednesday afternoon in joint session to receive Hon. George W. Jones of Dubuque, the first United States senator from Iowa. Appropriate addresses of Welcome were mnde by President Dungan and Speaker Stone of the house. The aged senator and godfather of the state made a fitting response. The life and public services of General Jones were then breifly related by Hon. .J. K. A Graves of Dubuque, which was followed Tqr felicitious remarks by ex-Senator fiteorge G. Wright, Secretary of State McFarland and Governor Jackson. First While Settler In Iowa. Time has dealt most leniently with this aged man, who was a power in the United States senate at a day when most men now alive were still unborn, He was the contemporary of Clay and Webster and Benton, and the friend and associate of all of them. He was the first i Caucasian to found a permanent home 1 lit what is now the city of Dubuque; T A^e than that, he was the first white the state of Iowa, and he was the first man chosen to represent this state in the halls of the national senate. General Jones will be 00 years old April 13. The celebration of the anniversary at this time was because the legislature will adjourn before the lath. The general was born in Vincennea, Ind,. then an outpost of civilization, in 1804. Under Honry Clay's Guardianship. General Jones was sent by his father to Transylvania college at Lexington, Ky., to receive his education, and while there was under tbe guardianship of Henry Clay and N. Y. Barry, subsequently postmaster general. Five of Clay's sons were his college mates, and be lived to be the contemporary in .congress and sometimes the bitter opponent in political debate of their father and his old guardian. He graduated in 1825, and immediately sought a home in the newer country to the north. He came to tbe lead mines «f the Dubuque and Galena district and secured a grant of 1,001) acres of land on Smsinawa Mound, a few miles northeast of here. Here he established a store and furnace, buying lead from the Indians and from the few white settlers then there,- giving in exchange provisions to the whites and trinkets to the aborigines. The lead ore he smelted in his furnace and then sold the finished product at Galena, Ills. There was at that time a large band of Indians occupying the present site of Du- traque. Rich lead mines abounded west (the river and they were in undisputed lion. Jones pushed a wagon road ugh the wilderness from Sinsinawa ad to Dubuque and established a , which ho says was the first con- knecting link between Iowa and the civilization of the east. He maintained 'friendly relations with the Indians about him until the breaking out of the Black Hawk war in 1833. Young Jones enr listed and was appointed an aide-decamp on tho staff of General Henry Dodge, commander of' the Wisconsin forces, for his services iu this war he now draws a pension under a special act of congress adopted for his benefit in 1801. General Jones first wont to congress in 1884 as' a delegate from Michigan Territory, then including all of what is now embraced in the states of Iowa, Wiscon- KTO, Minnesota aud Nebraska. He was •t this time living in Dubuqne, its solitary white inhabitant, and the first actual resident of what subsequently became the state of Iowa. He was reelected delegate twice, and resigned in 18H0 to accept the position of surgeon general of Iowa Territory, tendered him by President Van Huron. While in congress he was ever active in the interest of tbe embryo empire which ho represented. Ho secured the division of Michigan Territory and tho formation of lowu and Wisconsin, lawn's First United Statue Sunator. lit 1848 the first Icgiulutnro of Iowa met Dee, 7 in Iowa City, and ouo of its first ftote wua to chooso Guorgo W. Jones United States senator. His colleague J 3encrnl A. C. Dodgo, tho son of his jiimmuder in tljo Black Hawk war. rul Jonus likes to tell how ho and Uouge were greeted by Thomas H. Bonton when they niiidu thuir first appear- mice in the Huimle chamber. The chivitl- ~\ttf was Missouriau rushed forward to greet ff > them, seized thuir hands, aud then, iu a voice, that commanded tliu attention of every individual iu Iho chamber, lw exclaimed; "Th s is too good, too goud, too guodt Hera arc iny two oldest and Imt frioiuls Come to be with we hi Uiuptmoim of their •pus," Benton had been the warm friend of tbe elder Jones mid tliu uldur Dodge, and ; \jtyjs eutotiou was genuine. Tliu iutruduc- .Dong, snys General J 01104, was ottuotivu jiyjfl eyery oue of their couUminoruries iu I to senate seamed to show uu tmpooiul iu> ! 0ftitt to tb° * iwo youthful members from 1 be new western state i'ruiu that hour, General Jones suvvod iu thu senate two terms, or until 1800. He doulluud to In be a wmdiduUi, but wits rapt-erne pity that ta should have died Without attaining to the presidency. General Jones enjoyed the friendship >f the great compromiser, and was pres- snt when he passed away at the National dotel in Washington in 185U. The sturdy veteran ia living out his lays with his two daughters at a pleas* int home in Dubuque. He has the looks md bearings of one much younger than he is, and bids fair to round out the cen- ;ury. ' In the Interest of lomi 8<jhool§. DBS MOINES, April 5.—Superintendent Sabin has called meetings of the county superintendente of the schools by sections, as follows: At Des Moines, for Polk and adjoining counties, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17 and 18; at Council Bluffs, for Pottawattamie and adjoining counties, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24 and 25, at Ottumwa, for Wapello and adjoining counties, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 1 and 2; at Cedar Rapids, for Linn and adjoining counties, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 and Oj at Charles City, for Floyd and adjoining counties, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 15 and 16; at Storm Lake, for Buena Vista and adjoining j counties, Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 and 24. ' ttanhalltown Murder C«ie. MARSHALLTOWN, la.. April B.—-The Introduction of testimony in the Bennett murder case commenced Wednesday. The coroner was pnt on the stand and told the story of finding the body, the inquest, etc. The sheriff detailed his connection with unearthing the crime and produced the bloody clothes taken from the murdered girl's body and the knife that is supposed to have done the bloody work. Ooodale Harder Trial. CBESTON, la., April 5.—A jury 'was empaneled in the Goodale murder trial. Dell Balderson and Sam Kid, the men charged with the crime, pleaded not guilty. Tbe defense will endeavor to destroy the confessions of Balderson, in which he implicates Eidd, by introducing testimony of his mental weakness. The trial will last several days. Charged With Forgery. PEBEY, la. April B.—K. Brown, a real estate agent of this place was arrested for forging a note on J. H. Shively for |2,850. When arrested he had several hundred dollars worth of forged notes in pocket. He was bound over to the grand jury. ___., Iowa Wheelmen Getting Ready. DES MOINES, April 5.—Special arrangements are being made by Des Moines bicyclists to engage in the great relay bicycle race between Washington, D. C., and Denver. Colo. John Pollister of Ot- ;umwa is manager for Iowa. Prendergiut Case Tangled Up, CHICAGO, April 0.—Judge Chotloin entered an order setting May 21 as the day on which the investigation into the sanity of Prendergast is to begin. The case is now iu an awful tangle and neither State's Attorney Kern, Special Counsel Trucle, upon whom the burden of the prosecution rcste, nor the attorneys for the defense are prepared to say what will be the outcome. Yellow Fever at Baltimore. BALTIMORE, April 5.—Two vessels, the Julia Rollins and the Josephine, both of which were connected with the recent trouble in Brazil, arrived here coffee laden. They both hod yellow fover on board and were detained at the health itation. Democratic State Convention. Sioux FALLS, S. D., April 5.—Chairman Ward of the Democratic state committee has called a meeting of his committee to bo held in this city April 25, to determine the time and place for holding the Democratic state convention. %# *MVV>1 Wft8<3 oBco sff" UNCLE SAM'S' BIG GUN. The riwuiHo 13-inch rifled cannon recently completed by the government is the largest gun ever made in the United States. It is 40 feet long, weighs 60 tons, and can shoot a half ton of steel 1C miles. The big gun is designed for coast defense. m oOttolal life by Pru»i«K'iit JSndinuiiu, Who sent him to Bogota IB minister to New Granudu, or thu United States of Columbia, WitU this uiituion owlwl tu» public career. fWt» uf HI* I'uiiU'Uiiiiuarli'H Murvlvw, But two of Juno* 1 I'ouU'inponwioa iu tbe senate iiow mirvivo. They nro Bradbury of Mttiuo ami Fech of Miohiguu. MU l»th lio wuwtitiiia ' pleasant cor- eiice. Ho in mos happy wheu of thotsu our y du, B in Washing- of Clay, W bsiur, and the other fllWite of the olUou $11 WW) b* aaiuii'% U ft Chootavr Council Adjourned. CADDO, I. T., April 6.—The Choctaw council has adjourned after being in session nearly two weeks. It passed a resolution refusing to treat with the Dawes commission and favoring holding the land in common. LATEST TELEGRAPHICBREVITIES. Secretary of War Laiuont Is in Texas and iuspectuil Fort Sum HoiiHtun. The \VliitUker packing concern at Wiouitu, Kuu., was sold lit auction by tbe receiver. Fivo i>or»ou» were injured in San Fran cisco by H cv.blo cur wbicli telescoped uu other cur, Bogus' drafts tlrawn on Klngnfnril & SOIIH, Oswugo, N. Y. Imvo been pusm-il Iu KaniuiK towiiH, anil aiv no\v turning up for collection nt OHWI'KO. Governor Peck has BIMII $.M'.:!.03 to the relief committee, at Hurley am! uoiillinl it that no inoro ulinrltublu contribuliuiia will lin iniule. Whilti lighting InuiKlniiry tUlvvt'H in II|H •luup Khnei- MHchull of Crosby, Tex., ttut/.utl it revolvtir autl klllinl hU room- IlllltU. Tlie Mound City Niitlouivl bunk nt Mound City, Kan., lnm closiui IU (luom niul thu slatu bunk examiner IH In cbari;e. An oratorical content between north collngu KtiuUtiitB IIIIH bueii ur- to taku plauu at Mucou, Mo., May 0. Charles Jenkins of Mount Carinvl, Ills,, wan arrt'Hted lit Peru, Ind for shuotlnu (!tiarlenScibulUi guiiurul agunlof tut* Dig Kour railway. Thu Northwestern WUwuibln Union ot thu Clii'i»tl»n Knduavor opeiiml iu uiinuul ttututlou ut HuUsDU, Tliu Uuv. Guorue H. Wulls dultverud thu convention mmnoii. Fruuk WllUiuiiH, thu uuuiue-ur lit Uluk's ulevutor, Quliioy, Ills., full ^0 fee) down u M'uin uml WIIH killed by Injuries ruc«iv«d I'IM.II a ohlhul he held in Ma hand. Thu Uunver ami Unit und Union Paclflo havo ruuuhvd an auileiiblu UKi'ueineut iiniint the O|jerdtiou of th« Julesburg brunch aud Uenvor yunls. The Kruu MIIMOIIH of Argentina Imvu iu teivudeil in behalf of Hnu.llliui lusur- t<euU couliiied ou thu I'oi'tiitfUesn wur»lilp» jit IHu'nou AyriM. Thu Dallas an<l 1'aleHtlne Hiillroud com- piiuy w ui* organl/A«l mid cliurtwvil lit Uiil- JH.N, Tex., to, cxtond the Hock iHluiiil'i aVsutK Uu H from Furt Worth to Dallas, theiuxt via I'uleHtiue to thuUulf. Thuro was milch exoltvuiiMit iu Spriug- Hold, JH«., over elre-uliirs (llslrlbnteil ther« pnin'orliug to glvu tliu uuuit'H of TOD or 80C in,.in burn of Uu American 1'ivtoutlvu uitfo- i.u'lou, HARD TIMES IN AUSTRALIA. A Great Increase In Crime and Destitution Due to Industrial Depression. Advices from Australia by the steamer Warrimoo show an alarming increase in casualties, crimes and acute distress. The police are unable to cope with desperate housebreakers, who swarm in the arge cities. A few that have been arrested give as an excuse that famine drove them to deeds of violence. Several >f the policemen attacked by burglars at Jydney are dying. The survivors have >een promoted and given bonuses by Sir George Gibbs. On one day last week at Sydney, be- lides a score of petty robberies, the city lospital was robbed of all its valuables iy nurses. Mercredie & Drew, mann- 'acturers, were robbed ef $50,000 by em- jloyees. F. Coxon, merchant, was robbed >y an employee of a large sum. Three young women succeeded in passing a lumber of counterfeit checks. Charles Graham, a postoffloe clerk, embezzled [300 from the postofflce. Tbe government's claim is that the'un- employed problem is too cpmplicated to solve. 4 , In Sydney (600 each week is spent in aiding 500 families. Five thousand men in South Australia have asked the governor to call a special session of parliament to discuss means to aid them. The governor refused. Then they waited on Premier Kingston, but the premier would promise nothing. He told them that though they were in want of food they had refused to break \\ yards of rock per week for rations, and ho could do no more. The delegation anid they would not break rock for food alone. Thousands are sleeping in the open air, and several have starved to death. At Bourke, Afghans and Europeans quarreled over a division of labor, and a bloody row occurred. The most tragic suicides out of 08 in one week, directly the result of hard times, are: F, W. Wilson, the biscuit manufacturer of Brisbane, shot himself; William O'Connor, lodger in the European hotel, Melbourne, jumped from tho fourth story and dashed his brains out on tbe pavement; Kate Brooks, a pretty English girl, starving, got drunk and killed herself with poison; Joseph Bancroft, a miner out of work, said goodby to his family and exploded a cartridge in his mouth.—San Francisco Chronicle. "This little piece of boudoir furniture is beautifully embossed. The exterior >r«sembles a perfectly laid out flower garden in miniature, while the interior is delicately chased. On the bottom of the tub are engrossed Mrs. Gebhard's initials in huge letters. It weighs 200 pounds avoirdupois weight. The market price for silver at present is 83 cents an ounce. In this double decked and triple riveted vessel suggestive of female syba- ritism there are 3,200 ounces. At 83 cents ah ounce this amounts to ?-2,050 for the metal alone. "Silver workers in New York who were allowed to feast their eyes on the beautiful vessel before it was swathed in tinted cotton and soft tissue paper, preparatory to being sent to Baltimore, say that it could not possibly be made for less than §3,000. This brings the cost of the jjif t up to if 5,150. The interior of tbe bathtub is fitted up with recep- iacles for soan, brushes, sponges, etc., ,nd near tho head of it is a dainty silver box attached to the side, in which is a ilver inuuicuro set. There is also a com- 'ortable headrest, with an open space for a rubber air pillow should the fair user desire to take a dolce far niente bath. Altogether this little piece of water bric- a-brac is decidedly Gebhardesque." When Dr. Furness, the nonagenarian Philadelphia!!, rends Shakespeare, as he does in a way to charm the most critical tudience, his son sits in tho auditorium and prompts the venerable speaker by raising and lowering his hand, so that he may get his voice at the ri;.;ht pitch. A ROMANCE IN IT. An Jnlcronllnif Content In the Land Odlce, •nil thu VUUIIK Woman Win*. The liual decision of tho secretary of the interior iu the land case of Francis L. Box and Jerry Dauimon against Jessie M. Sinclair has been, received. The ca»o was tried in the local land office in 1801. Thu decision was iu favor of Miss Sinclair. Box and Dammou appealed, and the commissioner of the general land office aiHrmcd the decision of the local ofllce Aug. 23, 1803. Both defeated parties again appealed to the secretary, who bus now confirmed tho commissioner's di.'Cixion in favor of Miss Sinclair. It is seldom thero is a Unroof romance 11 bout a land otllue case. Thero in in thin one, Miss Sinclair, whoao homo wan at Duraml, was a schoolteacher. Her nrt'ec HONK had been gained by a worthy young man svliono home is not far from the. Binuluirs in Pepiu county. Both were poor, tiho determined to do hur part in giving herself iviul bur future husband u start, and with this purpose nho sottled on tbe laud iu question, u portion of tho famous water reserve territory. Tho hunl she* gois is worth about $-i,r>00, having valuable pino on it. Tho young luiiy'a t'riunils state tho wedding will tiikt) jibifo in tho near future. Secretary Hold) Smith'* ileeUum has Buttled that.— Euu Cluiro (Win.) Hpcdul. SOLID SILVER BATHTUB. Krtidily <it>MmrU'» lliilijuo Autumi|itlul tilll Iu tlui l.uily Wliu |« Now UU XVil'v. A Now York correspondent says tliu 1 thu lust antenuptial preauut made b> Fred tiobbard to the lady who is uovs Mrs. Gubluml was sent to Baltimore two days before, thu wedding, This prosou is n Hulld bilvor bathtub. TJl»o oorro spondimt continues: "It is n't one o: tUoao cummou everyday German silver affairs such us Albany legislators tiro wuut to luvu in. Thu whitu uiotal ii this gorgeous antenuptial gift is withoul alluy. Thu vessel is na commodious us tho workmanship displayed on it is iu triouto aud ingenious. Tall and beuuti fully proportioned as the lady in, who wil be ubiu to disport herself in this lover'i gift without fuar of stubbing her pink toes ut oiio uml of it or ubrusiug her aoalj by budden contact with tho othor, HO FOR THE, MERRY MIDWAY PLfUSf\NGE WITH ITS ANCIENT STREETS SHOPS PANORAMAS TEMPLES. CAASTLES ENCAMPMENTS VILLAGES , THEATERS PAGODAS P AINT cracks.— It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that has been painted in the first place with cheap ready-mixed paints, than it would to have painted it twice with strictly pure white lead, ground in pure linseed oil. Strictly Pure White Lead forms a permanent base for repainting and never has to be burned or scraped off on account of scaling or cracking. It is always smooth and clean. To be sure of getting strictly pure white lead, purchase any of the following brands: "Southern," Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman. 1 FOR COLORS.— National Lend Co. 's Pino While I.rart TintliiK Colors, n onc-i>oim<! can lo a 35-|)ouiicl kcK of Lead and mix your own paints. Saves time and atmoymicc in mulching lhadn, nnd Insures the best paint tlial n is possible to piu on wooil. Send us n iwsul card and g.v\ our book un paints mid color-card, live; it will (notably save you u good many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO. S;l. Louiu llrnncli, Clark Avenue and Tcnih Si reel, St. Louis. ROSELLB POULTRY YARDS J. U.SC:il\V AL.1 F-R, A SILVER WYANDOTTK 1MHZB WINK EH. tt 0- Uruwu Leghurue, QoUtou nuiI Silver Wyuuilottw, M. U. Turkeys, Huotoh Terriwj, heat rut doge, aud Poland Otiiuua. ARABS LAPLANDERS ALGERIANS DAHOMEYANSg BEDOUINS SINGHALESE JAVANESE TURKS' ESQUIMAUX ELEPHANTS, CAMELS, REINDEER, DONKEYS, ARABIAN HORSES, DROMEDARIES, OSTRICHES. Parti I Midway Plaisance was THE attraction at the World's Fair, nud we have secured a splendid collection of views of the mu.^t fascinating scenes of this wonderful place. 300 SCENES ON MIDWAY. THE SENTINEL'S great coupon offer. No collection of World's Fair mementos complete without it. Other souvenirs may give a picture here and there from Midway, but no other treats in detail. 15 PARTS OF 20 HALF-WNE ENGRAVINGS EACH. THE SENTINEL'S PORTFOLIO OF- MIDWAY TYPES. This unique and interesting series will consist of 800 half-tone engravings divided into ten parts 8x11, each containing twenty pictures. A new part will be issued each week until the series is complete. Bring Ten Cents and Om Coupons to THE SKNTINKL olhce and the book will be handed you; or, sen^ Twelve Cents and One Coupons and it will bo mailed to your address. Famous, Fascinating Midway revived and brought back for 10 cents a week. The nmniliaritiert of race, odditios of costume, discordant music, Babel of tongues aud individuality of character which proved so inexhaustible a sourco of pleasure to millions will bo brought fresh to mind. A coupon will be published every day in TUK WKKKJ.IT and one of these coupons when presented at TUK SKNTiNKr.olUoe with ton cents will entitle tho bearer to Part 7 of the series. Next week coupons will be published for Part Number 8 and so on until the entire series is received. It' parta are to bo sent by mail bring ov send two cents more for postage. ('• °* I'ai'tNo. 7, can now A okoioe lot ot OookereU end Pullets, M. U. Touii nud Pong tor ••>* ut wluoed prices, unset be eold to make room. J. C, SCIIWAIJ-KU, IliUlmr, fa oillce. Call and examine. Address THE SENTINEL Carroll, low* oupon will be found on first pane. BEACH & HOVT LAWYERS. r-mnoA In HM» and l»dtr»l court*. OUM wo M du lire*!, a»Ulftlt««r uoilU ot F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTOUNK AY LAW. Uwil Uuiluotl lltaii- f\ noted Iu boUU »Ut« »ua f«4«Kl ouurU. <UM • —o— ovor Flr«t National Wunh, Carrol QKO. W. KORTJ8, LAWYER. Uillco on tlrnt Hour (ionium Imuk Will |ir«i<tict» Iu »(«!» uud foUvrul vaurU. t*~t>l!r<Mul attention glum to fur«olu«u(M u»J Q.BOUOK W BOWBM ATTORN EY A i LAW.

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