Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
Page 6
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FOR MEETING Minor League Delegates R€»dy for Convention: Opening Tuesday- M^OR CHIEFS OUT Birnard Will Be There lAs Will Managers of Big Leag^ue Nines ; —•. • • • » Dallas, Tex... Dec. 3.: (AP)—Minor league i;epiesentatiyes had the floor for their sessions, preliminary to'; the' conventloil or th© National AssOciaJtion of |Pro, fesjiional JJasehair boagues December 6 to 8. ,^ • 1 With American Association iand other middlewestern-knd I'acific Coast l-circult officikls cnrout^, problem^ confronting the AVeftte'rn League i^ere given priority f<Sr<the{ opening Session today, of the ua- tional bo'ard of arbitration. .T^o - Western: ).^Kud was chiefly coiJ- lerntfd -wjth the attempt of. Okla- -homa CItyi and .Tulsa .ta withdraw • and ente^ itlie Tt-xas feague. . . A sp^-I .^l train from Chicago, l>oarlng Keoe.iaw .Mountain'Liandis, comdilsstoui'r of baseball, and officials of the American Assoplatlou was due he^e Jato today. / . I'resident^ Tiibmas J'; HlcWy of the Americas A .s80clation, has indicated that\lbe question of major ~ li 'iguo ownership of minor clubs . will be f.he most Important ,dlscus- Kion --.<flated at the meeting of liis or 'gani :^iion ;i- He announced himself as opposed to such a policy, following.the acquisition of the Co- '•lumbusf club recently by the Cincinnati] ><'af1pnals. Texas league'raemBtrs have frequently prStpst«?d the cohUectlon ' l )^tw e«>n the- St> .Ixjuls Nationals anil tlie Houston club. ^Oth«?r problems »apparently assured ol a place -on the program, •were th« major league draft on tlie minors- the advisability of Split seasons, 'control of manipulation of bosebaii stoclc and several riim- ored frainchls^e shifts.. ~.E. S. Sarnard, new president of jthe Anwrican I^eague, expected to ;^'iead\a pariyt.southward .^from ChH Tcago' today. ' Wirt ' njanagers of virtually e\''ery OTsjor leaguo cluh andVmany of the owjners Ruining in the trek to Dallas,:-one of the most actiie Player markets in years was fbre- . cast. • i ^ . The. threateired split In the Western I^eague. according to President John Holland of the Oklahoma City club,; goes back to the .numerous ; efforts wlilcli the'club owners havp made to acquire a constitution and 'a pet of by-laws ifor ih© organizar itlou. VTho inability^f the league • to get ^ogethpr on a- definite organic code lias led to-, friction in several instances and ^ the two .eout^erh teams in the league bavo finally sought to leave It and enter ihe Texas league, Holland a«8erte«l. Bticausn of tho- lack of such a ronntltutlon thcqiH -filloii of-wHJ-ih- • <>i' the I wo pklahoma clubs will bo «ll«i »'cd ip rurry out thwr plnfls revolyen on no legurpolnl, (follaiid nH»i'ti«^.-ij!ii ;;l!< .merely a question iif eqully wblcti I be hoard must dc- <lde, for llif best lnti»regls of all conciprncd." lUipruKcntiitlvi'H of tlio oilier six cjubtt +n ib(« Ii'ugne aNscrt that (he Ions fof the Oklaho'n)u members would weakf'ii the Icngue materially, robblnu, it of all of its Okln- Jioma territory, taking 'out of It al. mosf 250.000 potential spectators dally and a daily seating capacity of-niore than. 13.000. To strengthen their-position these clubs owners yesterday placed their flgbt in the hands, of a c-ommittee of tliree men, authorized to act for the whole Jeagiie. IrdHarpe Boyfs . I^ew Leader 0^^^^ (jorilla Elf veil Pittsburg. Kans.. Dec,' 3.-^Ke<^ netli PettU of I^aHarpe was elected captain of the 192S football team at Pittsburg State Teachers', College in a meeting of the gridiron squad Tlnirsday-Hiiight. Pettit Is oiie of the veteraiis of. the squad, having, played three years. He 'earned a, reserve letter in his freshman year; and .the regulation "K" both last year,'and this y&r. The football men >:ere the guesfs j GEORGIA AND TECH MEETIN MAY MANAGE A 's 1928. Undefeated team Meets Georgia Tech on i " • Muddy Field UPSET IMPOSSIBLE L ofhoiior at the all-coUege party ^ fj-^acherOUS Field May in the gymnasium last night The date of the- iihnual. football ban- queVhas not.yet been announced, as-the banquet will probably ,be postponed until jhe .head coach. Dr. G. W. Weede. who is still in the hospital ^i-onvalescing from an opefatlon. will b* able/to attend. AM Seen By C. A. CLIFT Gal Woods, sports editor of |he. Pittsburg Sun-Headliglit. expressed the op.lulon of the: majority of fiK|it fans ill Southeast Kansas over Mon- Bring Trouble fdr EithferSquadj .Mlanta. fJa.; Dec. .3. (APi— A i^^ensatioiial 4^-ycrd passing I lay, cnsinQefcd by' halfbacl; Alizt'll Knd cbnverted jnto -a ton: hdnwii-iiy Dr.raiit. quartfr- ^jai-k^ pave Georgia Tech a Ijfad cf I) to 0 over-Ihe unl)vatei» l'iiiv«>rsltv'of Georgia team today al the end of the first \\u\t of.lheir cha'mpIoiiSMip cattle Iw— fore u record iTowd of close in lO .ono. fans in Southeast Kansas over Mon-,.11 ,.1^..,] .^itacks secnif day nlghtV lamonlable Incident ^11 p,,!^.,.^ .Memorial liull. . ' • • Of the Incident Wood siijs: ^''It's a new kind (if ruse In sitntheast Kansas and u . Iwid' one. Vim U rlifht In the be- , ' lief (hiK Kunavun inbtinnly shonld be barred from /I'lghl- Ini; In Kansas, bpt tiie rest of the United States as ivelL E.\> r.nses und allbts fr^'m bo.\ers.iit times Is tolerable, even e.\. cnsnble, bnt Kanaran's type of *ye.|nwishness' Is";. Ineompre- hensilile'in tlie^ manly nrt of manjried ears." KanUvan Is a disi7raee tu^tlie game lie jHuys and .s'lionid he so branded by every siMte and national or- frunlzation lliat sponsors bos- Jnir as a clean sport worthy of the public's money.**^ »Y \l,V,\S J. Gttui.n. (.\ssocIiited I' Sports.Kdllor) Ailanta. Ga.. Dec, :;. (AP)~()ii a. inuildy. niln -si 'Taitcn^d field wlierp advain"' ixpi'-ctalions as seemed likc- rsily of (Wtirgia's iinlie.-ilen elev>?n and (Jeorgia Tech. rival* since l^o:!. stood | ready to., battle for iho-foot- ball suirriiniaiy of (he-soiitli.t .The "hojies* i)f Ge<irgla foi; iia-1 Ilonal chainpiousiii]) , rvcogiiiiio.'i j also were al stake in the twviity- ; third renewal «t llieir ancient grid-| ; iron feud which, in spite of jlisinal j weatlier and -playing, conditions. 1 has aroused Atliinta to a fever : liitch of oiithu''and attrarted ! LOCAL TEAM LOSES FIRST :is great a crowd as southern fwt-| j.^.^,^. .^^ ".Manager" Kddie Collins again next year. There is , !tlVn'3"oi;.;'Ti .rr "om;"w:;:e a possIblHtV that rolUns .nay assume the ^nanagerial veins of the Ath- iplciea to* jam jllrant field. Tech's letics by next .season. Connie Alack, who has ..said often that he didn't i battlegi'oun<l. fo see this r>!xio j „i:i,iaping very m.iny more y^ears. also;teas said tliat Collins uouId be his successor when he stepped out. Collins has signed a new contract witir the Athletes. • " . . Wood hits "the monkey on. the nose.'.' .\ Ijbxer sometimes' fails- to ntalif his appearance in the-town in w^hich. he I.-i scheduled to- fight. 'That' is bad enough. But whetl a Ixixtir appears in the hall in which he is to fight and Ihen slips away, there'ts i)o excuse which is plausible. If kanavan had had a reason for reaving the hall, .-which was legitimate.', he would havc'iexplain- e(l the management ^in.^tead of I clipping away. classic. \ The steady rfiin of the past '1\ houis and coi|i-e<|ueiil convtjr.tioii (if tiie field inyo a morass, where the "brealis" / might easily turn the tide "of a liattle one way or the other, re.sulledi in a narrowing of otitis''hut (leorgia reinaineil a tle- cidcd favorite.; neverthelesg. The brilliant record of- tiie (Jeorgiaii.s ii'il .sea.-^on. tiii-ir sw'eep through nine straight game.': to'victory aiid their collection of all-star talent,. featuring Cajitain Chick Shiver' ^ Fnotlm.l .just refuses to quit Ht it.s nsaal time, this }« UJ-. By ull.that. Is proper, football - slionld hate stepped aside lust Saturday In favor of basket- .hall. Instead (lerrffia and tiejonria Tech play this Satnr. day, Jnst to Ireep. thln ^ii going. <Iola promises to have plenty of baskcthitll tills year, in addition to tho ludependeiit "Ity teniii and the Indepeiiilent Register crrew. there are^he high school and junior college teams and the <;hiir<:h .league. ,\ few more' feanis llkuljf w'lii be oiganlz<id. S^hen Colleges Kansas Join Central League •Wichita, Kans. - Dec. 3. (AP)— The- seven larger, Kansas colleges and universities which bolted, the Kansas confeirence and formed^ a cinferende^ of their own, today selected a new name for their organization, the Central: Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. This name replaces tho christening on« given the new conference, which was first known as the Mldconti- nent Ihtercolleglate Athletic Asso- ciatioti. : . i • . ' Coaohe-s and faculty representa- •. lives of the conference, gafJieiet: in-Wichita to adopt a constltutjou and to arrange athletic schedules for the coming year, expect to ' close their sessions today, and will re-cdnvene at the time of the state . track meet in Wichita, May 18 and PRAIRIE CHAPEL •*;(J.. D. Mattock».) ."Nov. .3iWT. K. Hall lielped Gus i Thdmitson- butcher ix hog-Wednesday, .r - , : . H 'Lplber Alderman tihucked corn for n. 11. Bacon a part of flik "w-eek. I ^ ^ .W. ,A. Perkins. Walter Wright cille'd on L,: W." _ How.ell Bunday. wfornlDgX . i : Mrs./'Hager of J^aHarpe spent [", &&v<^ral days this week with .Mrs- :^fatlocksand Mrs.. C. F. Max- Mr. and Mrs. lyeslle TwadeJI and daughter spent Sunday .with Mr. aSid .Mrs. I.. W. HowelL ^-. Arthur Boyd and family spent Sunday ev'ening at O. H. White's fn Moran, ' . ^ ' .Mr. and .Mrs., CP. .Maxwell and family, lilr: and -Mrs. I. E. Hoke and family ^f Fort Scott-and'Mrs. Hager of 'Laparpe. itook dinner Sunday at D. Mattocks"s. ^ Mrs. .Iaine« Bovd called at Ar- 'thur. Boyd's Saturday evening. The sai^ at Lawrence Marr s last LEANNA . DISTRICT 79 (.MJss Gladys Kohorls.) .Mr. and Mrs: O. C. Cunnlijgl and family'spent Sunday with and Mrs. l ..ehUT lloiinian and family. .Mr. and .Mrs. Cecil Arnctt spent Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs- Roy Boggs and family. •Mr. and -Mrs. KImcr White called on Mr. and Mrs. Tloy Roberts Sunday evening. ' , ' Miss Deiores Cation spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. bscar Johnson. . The members of the Sunrise club imade a trip to lola Saturday afternoon. Those who went were: Two Lassman boys. Miss. Blanche ICuppei. Vern, Lyie. Misses Delores and Mildred and Mr. Evans Mynatt, Ralph' Roberts and Lester Rob-, crts and Earlin Cation. They "re- porfed a good time. Gladys Roberts visited Boman school Friday. .Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Cunningham end family. Mr. and Mrs.".Marion Alf^rd spent Sunday evening with •Mr.iand Mrs. Dave Cunningham. •Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krickson and^baby spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson and family. Grandpa Scantlln spent Sunday with Mr^. and .Mrs. A. W. Rohcrts. .Mrs. Westly Jewell and. children brought (Jrandma Roberts, down Sunday afiernobn to spend a few da.vs with Roy Roberts and wife. .Mrs. Tom Scantlln. .Mr. and .Mrs. Archie Spench and baby sjtout Sunday with'.Mr. and -Mrs. Lewis Oil- more and. ifitrally. Vyrl'Roberts spent Sunday afternoon with his cousin. Karl Lud- liim. from Baldwin I'nlverslty. A. 'rW. Roiierts' finished toping kafir corn Monday. 'Tiie Ix-anna ht'hool h:ul a two <'a.\v-va.<'alIon. 1 fBy the Assocjated Press;. Huston—Dick (H^neyboyi Finne„\\n Boston, won from Tod Morand Tom -Nash at the ends, offered i j;.,,,' Seattle. Wash.. (10). iduvincing evidoftce in favor of the 1 . ouimji. Minn.—Billy Pelrolle, bulidog.s. , . j nuluth. defeated Harry Kahn.'.Mll- Cenrgia. the ••xperts agreed, "fig- , vpuke.e Wis-.. (Ifrtr-Al Van Ryan, ured to win with a team on. edge | ^\ knocked out Sammy UH )n- to end !L great season snccessfully.; .jlj.^, Minneapolis |2). Joey Thom- Tecli, the Ullderdog, uevertliele .''S, had its biekers. hoiK-fyl that their team wo il(.l gi'l the J |iim|t or the . ••breaks." or sutp- CeoilKia's versa-! tile attack with an adnilitedly I as, .Miiwankee, Wis., defeated Howard Mayberr.v, Duluth, (10). St. Paul. Minn.—Jock Malone, Paul, outpolnte.l Osk Till, Syra- iu .se, .V. y.; (101. Hilly Light, St. ..r..ngf.fwardl.i,.^_^^^^_^ . . , Gcorgid not oiil Impressive retonl but It ais'. lias | a much greater siorlng pum i. to i jiiilge froni utatistles whiili hfiow j Hurt the. Bulldogs have rolled up | points In nine games while Tech has tallied only 11.1. .Xeither has been defi'ated in. the South find Tech'sOnly reverse was at lh( Dnluth t2>. , San Francisco- "Lefty" Cooper] MliiiieaiM )lls.- .Minn., and "Frisco" •MelJale. Sail KrniKlsco, drew ( ). I'atsy'Holihiiis. Snik Fninclscn. and Tut Seymour. .\'ew (Jrleaiis.Drew (1». Krie. I 'a. lluck.r Lawlesu. Syra• hands of .Voire'Dame on a dnyjcuTHe. .V" Y.. defeated COddy do .when Knule lto<»kne'rt llooslers 1 Marco. Pittsburgh (10). SldGol- Iwere al the top of Ihoir stride, j dl.>. New York, won from Joe Si­ mon. Cleveland. (6)., Ray Collins, Warren, Pa.; knocked out Jack .Martin. Buffalo. ,(6). Oniaha.. .Neb.—Billy Alger. Phoe- i nix. Ariz..-., and Johnny Jones,! Omaha, drew (10). Micky Durane, Omaha, and'Joe Greb, New York, drew (10). 'Tommy Orogan. Omaha, knocked- out Eddie Debeau. St. Paul. .(.'>). . I Ak'roii. O.—Jltumy Slatter.v. Buffalo. -V. .Y.. .defeated Joe Lobnian. Toledo. O.. (10). Harry Crisp.; Cleveland. O.. won froin .\ndy Tomasky. McKpesliort. Pa., (S). (Continued from Pa^e One) • Beach. .saW his letters 'to Mrs. f^llllendahi Werre chiefly to ask cort- cfrnlng Dr.: Lllilendahl's health and her Jetters were replies to suJh queries. ' : ' i • He said he "ran. away" tp the; Parker home bccaus«« "Ihe third' degree" methods of county detectives made him fear that resulting emotion .would bring on a heart ntUck and possibly end his life. He was subject- to sncii atucks. Saturday was well attended and almost'everything sold .well.. .MJhS 1,iiclle Hall returned Sun- da.v' to her school work' at Lawrence, -after liirving spciit Thanks- iglvlng with iier parents. .Mr. and •Mrs. T. K, Hall. • .Mr. and Mrs.' Austin Sloan wfre lola vjsltors Tuesda.v. i Mrs! I.,oitle Gillis aiid daughter of FJ. Scolt are visiting with her sister. .Mr.s. Joe .Harclerode and family. .Marvin Bacon has a new pony. Jesse 1.^ Rue has a new car. iFears that anti-gHinhlijig jeijis- 1s(iion.—may_l^ave a detrlmetital effect, on the: future, of greyhound racing have 'caused the prompters of many raclnj; cimceVns in England to insure their undertakings against loss from this cause. i. lor All-Ame ^ican Gravel, clay and concrete. • Come in! See the All-Ameri- Hills, vaUeys, plains. Always can Six. Step in befainidf the interesting—al.ways new—al- wheel. We'll give you a ciir to ways luring you on! That's the drive fipr an hour—and you'll . charin of American roads—but never bring it back!' • what a test for a car! '. . ' • ' . And that'*why *tiii8 big neW;., NEW UJfW PRI(^ !ic Lanila«CeBpa 'l(l OaUand was biiilit the waiy it!^ is—whj it was given All-Ameri^ «-D~'9-"can endurance for All-American roads. Masterful power . . . th« extra strength of ovcr>-size viia)l part«.. . . a ruggcdness' that cp ^es yoU.on where lesser cars It'll ft fail. Humboldt Defense Proyes Too Much for lola Aggregatipn lOLA LEi!Ss"AT HALF Register Falls Before the High School Five in '12 to 8 Fray The lola Independents fell, before the Humboldt town team last night in tho opening ' "Sekan" league game here, 31 to 27. Rhodes of Humboldt cinched the game_in Ihe last few minutes of play with a long shot froni near center. lola had the lead in the/ first half 12 \o 10. In .the second half Humboldt slo^^•ly crept up on the locals and soon tied the score. Several times lola would draw off with a seemingly good margin only to have tho Humboldt team again even the score. At the end,of the third quao-ter 'lola was .still leading 24 to 21. However. Htimboldt used all its powers in the last period with Ibta-not showing any fight with the result that Humboldt ran the score to .29 for its sqikad while lol^ only raised' its score to 27. Then Rhodes of Humboldt made .a long shot from! near center and put the game on ice for Humboldt as the time was too short for lola to score. , The W'oods brothers of Htimboldt shoxved up well. ' ^ ( Humboldt had a defense that proved hard for the lola team with the result that most or tola's s<:ores Ihe last period w^re made on long shots. Humboldt rushed the lola team before the locals w^uld get Its defense set and scoj«d short shots often. Both teamsHiave 'good material and with liractice botfi teams should show real power before the season is dver. In the preliminarySthei lola high .school senior team defeated the Register icrew 12 to 8. Box scorb: lo.u (27) FG. PT\ P. TP Lee, rf. .--2 Henderson. If. (7—4 Synines. c -.2 Kentticky Der^y Set for May 19 For Louisville ,. French Lick. Ind.. Dec. .;S. (AIM The 192J5 Kentucky derby, ^America's historic racing clasfsic at Churchin Downs, Liiuisvil^. will be run/Saturday.. May '19. 'it was annouiiced by Co\: Matt J./:Winn. executive director of tlie Kc,ntucky Jockey Club toiiay.^ilr. Winn is here for a short^rest. ;f The naming 6f May the Derby, date, liowever. is informal as this date, selected, by Coi. Winn and other executiyes of tli^ Kentucky Jockey dub. mi^t |ie submitted to and sanctioned officially by the Kentucky racing commission. HIGH SCHOOL tAGE LEAGUE 2 H Funk.._rg. 2 Slaytoii, Ig. .1 Totals 11 Humboldt (31) FG. FT. P. Gaudern. rf 2 1 1 Woods, rf. 2 0 . 0 Bridges. (C), lf.--l 0 •) Woods, If. 1 1 1 Rhodes, c. ---4 1 Junkin, rg -..:) •4 t'pdike, .rg. — „,tJ 1). 1 Bridges, rg. 0 0 0, Kelley, Ig. 0 0 0 ^ Totals : 13 .0 12 27 VALLEY WILL BE CONTINUED WHEN SCHOOLS RESIGN • . Four Remaining Will Be In Action Despite? Six Leaving I •' St. Louis. Dec. :,. Faculty representatives oV the Missouri v'alley , conference here today voted to hohf th<' valleV outdoor trax-k met..t :it I>lncolji. Keb..'May IS-lft; instead of June 1-2 as had V3).-..ii tentatively set. . J , . —^ i Sl.^ Louis. Dec, 3. (AP) Mis- .sourl Valley 'conference ' >jaculty representatives in executivS ^i ses- j sion today iinaniniously votet^.down al motion to <iIssolve the jjonfei- ence and voted In favor of tlfe four scliools reiiialning after sefces .sion of the "big six" being aiIt >Ved to form a new conference audiretain , the conference name if d .e.slred. i The "Big Six" will meet;again May l.S-19 at Lincoln. Xeb.. to complete their organization antt adDpt- a constitution and Iiy-Iaws. 5 This annouiicenient was ;niade iby Dean T. .1, Thompson r>f .Nc- j braska L'nivarsity. chairnian*of the j .Mis.souri 'Valley conference faculty ; organlzatitjn. . / • ] i\ meeting wa,s called. fj)r Dej cemlier 17 at Kansas Gity tj) select i football ofW'cials for 'next geason. The' faculty representatft -es expressed approviil but took ao definite action on tht rct;on'inienda- jtion of Dean Thompson thsil repre- I -scntativps of tlie .Mrsjisourri Vallpy conference.' the "Big Six."yand the 'stale conferences'-in Ihe ^lissourl Valley states semi deleira-ies for -'-a meeting to be held arihiiali)' in De- .c'ember. • This would lie'jfor "Ihe purpo.'-'e ni' stabilizing' pihletics. discussing ethics and correcting j misfnkes. ^ ' , It,was voted to serid twy) repre- ; seiitatives to a meetlhg or the in- j lercollegiate athletic association in I .Ncw V-ork. December 2.'<-^9 -:{ii. ' i Dean W. J. Beyer of loi^'ii Stale will represent the "Big S?x" und ,Dean Walter K. McCpurt i|f Washington I'nlverslty will i-^present BYGH 4 Will Open Season Late So Teams May - Get in Shape i;^ PLAY ROUJ^ROBm First Gam^?Billed for January 20 ^by Officials Humboldt. • ilec. 3.—The balsket- ball schedule' for thV? BYGH-4 league has just, been compleledv^ The league is-toniposed, of the high schools in Burlington, "Vatea Centw', (larnett and Humboldt. llumlKiidt won-tho trophy last year after', a race with Burlington. The- league-season-does not start until late so that the teams wlllibe more experienced and the ga*ie« will iie faster. The schedule L 4 si "round-fobln one with each t«ank jilnying six games. Thtf ..scheduio lor the 1927-28,season Is: January 20^—(iarnett at Burlington; Yatt -3 Center at Humlioldt. January '_'". .—Burlington at Yates ("enter: Hurniwjldt at Carnett. . February :;.— Yati-s . Cent'er .at'- Carnett; Bnrllngion at'HuraboIdt.' ; February li).— Yates Center aiiyv. Burlington; Carnett at Humboldt. 1 February 17.—Humboldt al Yalvs.* (*enler;. Burlington at Garnett. February 24.-^HumlK)ldr at Bur Ifngton; (Jarnett at Yates Center. I A Humboldt-Iola game will be pla.vod again this year, but a date has not been fixed. The game Will prol)al)ly lie in inla. as it wasat Humboldt last, year. the remaining four .schools. liut they will go together as representatives 't /f tht? present .Missotiri Valle.v organization. .i No fireworks developcfi at; to-| day's'^ Ke .^sion. Dean Thomji-son ba:d.i -•Ml i.-isnes were'settled peacefullj. >ew Location, 10 i E. Madison. Flr4t Door Efcst of ffrown'g Drug Storew , Phone • tSTASUSMED SPEED TRANSMISSION WHEELBRAKES (lOCKHEED HYDRAULIC ) - Pnccs 2'Too(6«yUnder)$1595 2'Ton Dump (6«rUnder) . 1645 IVi -ToBi - - 1245 l-Toa&Boy . 895 >4*ToaComiiierdaI 670 (CfcoMb »f<e« /...b. Octraii) i^Ton Panel Delivery . C«r (Complete) $770 Enthusiasm of owiiers and steadily mounting sales indicate ythat in this new truck Graham Brothers lhas achieved one more trimnph of engin^iing and manufacture. Never before vhav^ you xbeen able to puf- chase such a 6-cylinder i-ton truck at a price so low, J , Whatever your loads—from a half^tipn to two-tons—the«re is | fast, poiverftil, dependable Graham Brothers Truck or Commercial Car, complete wit$ body, that exactly fits your needs. ^ ? r Carefiil buyers inve|t in 60,000 of .them each year because they arfe proven money makersl 214 N.WASHINGTON -iPftONE 301 .

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