The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 15, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPT. 15,1939. THE DAILY NEWS-LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE NEWS BRIEFS The nicest cuuricsy you can show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. HU-aso call the society editor,, telephone 106, 1927 Low 51.U U5.3 61.8 01.8 William Lee Andzack, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo And- Choir—The choir of Emamiel \ zack of 721 Lutheran church will rehearse avenue, died tonight at 7:30 o'clock in Luther morning in the Hospital at THE MARKETS . LOCAL MARKETS Light red kidney beans ............ S2.75 Dark red kidney beans ............ $3.00 Dnrk cranberry beans ............ $2.50 Light cranberry beaiiR ............ $2.50 White pea beuns ____ •• ............ $2.00 Yelloweye beana .................. $2.75 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Iba. and up ........ lie Hrtivy hens ......................... 14o Plymouth Rock m 4-H Boys Have Fine Time at Fair hull. Rehearsal — The choir of Bethany Lutheran church will rehearse at 7 o'clock tonight at the church. Surgery—Chester AiiRU.sline of Walhalla wa.s admitted to East Ludington early Thursday Traverse City. He ill for a short time. had been The baby was born on Feb. 21, and was seven months anci 18 days of age. He is survived by his parents and by his grandfathers, Frame AndzaeK Stfinm hnstiitnl thi« mm-M ! uf ^udington and William J. bieaui.s hospital itn.s mom- . Bracken of Manistee and also by several uncles and auius. mi or rice v Tno Hork winKera ........... " C 'll ] • f* • O 1 - • "> Colored HpringerH ................. '. I5o Grain Shelled corn, cwt ................. $1.05 Rye, cwt ............................ 85c OatH, cwt .................... A... $1.00 i Wheat, cwt ........................ $1.00 Produce Kggfl ................................ 190 Hides Beef ................................. 4c h ni Th< wil1 be returned to meet for _ practice at 7:30 oVloi-k th l s °,y, en V 1! '.V; w diurch. lo Mcel— -The Mendiii . . Interment will be made at Mt. Smeclley, Ludington, j Carmel cemetery, Manistee. MARKETS AND FINANCE Snglnaw Beans (QunlaUaiiH in Dollars and Cents) SACIINAW, Mich., Sept. 15.—1/|>|— Michigan. Shipi<:|'s' ' I NKW VOHK STOCKS j (2::tl) I'. M. KMT) Ailnins K:\prrss i All) SllU'lt .V Ki-l : Am T.'l .S; Trl j Armour of 111 . . 1 Auljurii Auto . . . . | Avint ion Curpotiit j <'!llllllli't it HlTlil I Clirs it Ohio this noon lor her home Huron. at Port. The Mason-Manistee Health Unit Says: Int T,-l it UVI Kcniircott, (Airp . . . I.IKK vSc Alyrrs H . . . Mur-h.ill Flckl Masoiiltc C-\»rp Moli'lli'tncry Ward . Mutoi \Shccl NitMi-Ki-h Ululor NulK.ii;il I'.iM'iut .. N'atl I'DWIT ,* l..i|(lu Ni-w Yuri: Xi.t th Aim IVte 1 iilliimu HlKllu H.Kl.u Ki-Hh-Oip l-.«.i H public SU cl -I. l.-Hiin l-'nin . . .V'UIh C:il Kill Mill .Sliiiuluril lirjuuls . otiiiiduiil ( iji-. ^ Kl Oil I .1 .Sl.imliifd Oil Ind rit-iUUl Oil N .) SllKll-bllker I ndi rwuud Kl UliKill (,';u-b!llr L'tiluii I'acllio I'niii d c.'urp . U H riterl .... \'Hlu.v T .V, C Stork Ax'crayi's, Sept. (t'ompllrtl IJy The Associate is Nc t change .... A ;i , Tuiluy ', :> !> . Previous <lay .. 7,'j.ii I Month UKU .... ijti 4 ! Y<-ar J1&/O iilt.1 i i'j:! c .i iin:ii Vi'.u i iwj i.o\v MM) ' 1!K)8 lilKh V'.l :> i 1»38 Low •)»:> Unch :M.I! ::|.8 17. \i 10. G la B l.'i.V 10',', iiu 1 . 5V H 4 HTii :i ; ':l « ; !,i •ii ti'u-l, 'I : 'a •11 71 •nu 43 «•' 211 IM ' 4 44 n .!n ( ' h - ^''l 1 ! lno Andzack home late this nfi- "'"' ''• crnoon, where it will rest until '"• j the time of the services at 1 p. f r, ,. o. , -- Kroup m. Saturday in St. Stanislaus | of Paulina Stearns hospital will Catholic church. Rev. Josepn ineel, Monday afternoon at 2 u 1 - Koss will officiate at the ser- clock at. the' home. vices Announce Birlh Mr. and Mrs Julien __ Route 5. announce the birth"of a .-:on, at Paulina Steams hospital on Thursday. Notice Bowlers—Any {;lrl interested in bowling is 'invited to attend a meeting Monday, 'i'-pt. 18, at 7:15 p. m. at Smith's Kcrreat.ion alleys. Announce Birth--Mr. and Mr.s. Richard Hakanson. 804 East. Foster street, announce the birth of (# .son. Roger Lee, at home on Kept. 11. The baby weighed nine and one-half pound.* at birth Itettirning _ Ernest Subora.,.,._,,. will return this afternoon to his Ouiun, o * "KI". nnme in Appleton, Wis after <-'«"i'wiiii south visiting for several clays at the '.i,'"','?..^" 111 " home of his parents, Mr. and :u,n,-.;.i MM-"."' Mrs. Alex Subora, 402 VVest' clc " ^«'^ Tlnkham avenue. " j I; 1 ' 1 !"'-' 1 '\ 10 , 1 •••• Announce Birth — Mr. and ' ml. iiT, vVst .:: ". Mr.s. John Gillian. 700 North i 1 ," 1 Nlck c "" James street, announce the birth of a son, born this morn- inn;, at home. The baby weighed niMit and one-half pounds at birth. (inuiKe Notice -The Pere Mar- fjuotte Orange will hold its I'UUlar meeting on Sept. 25, the la.-t Monday of the month, in.• trad of on Monday. Sept. 18. a; wa:; previously arrun«t>d. it \va.s announced by Emanuel Anderson, lodny. Ki-lurii Home - Mis. s Virginia Buckley of Dew Drop Inn <-ot- ta;:e, Epworth Heights, and Mr.s John Burns of Riverton motored t» Orancl Rapids on Thursday and spent the day in visit ing friends Miss Biu-klcy will close her cottage today and will leave l-'rlclsiy prices: Handplckficl pen btmns, per cwt., 3.50; liantlplckeU reel kidneys, ilk-IU,. :i.50; dark, a.50; hnndplckcd yel- loweyos. :); Imiiclplcltcd choloo ivi-leimed (MaiihcriUis, light, ;i,50; dark, 3. Detroit, I'ruilucp (Quotiitlon.s In Dollars and Cents) DETHOrr. Sept. 15. --(/I 1 )-- (Unllcfl Slnl.cs Depiil-tincnl of Agriculture.) — Orapen: Mich Concords. 4-qt. climax baskets mostly. 13, few fair condition, !(l-12. lli-qt. climax baskets mostly, 29. Apples: Mich. bu. baskets nnd eastern mites. 2*j In. min., Weulthys and Wolf Hivcrs. liS-SO. poorer low as, 25; Mcln- 75-1.(.0. poorer, 50-05. Orubapples, nyslops. G5-75. Va. bu. baskets Jonathans. 2'-.. in. min.. 85-90. Celery: Mlirh. bunches do/.ens, extra liinti'. !i. r ). medium, 25. small. 22. Onions: 50-lb. sacks. U. S. No. 1— Mich, yi Hows mostly. GU-05, few higher; whites, few. 90, | . I-Yiichis: Mich, bushel baskets Elber- 11 Ijis. 2 in min.. 1.00-1.25, 2'.i ill. min.. \t 1.25; Hales. 2', in. min., 1.25-1.50: Lush' 1 ! crates Elbertas, 2 in. min.. 1.35. ! rotates: 100-lb. .sacks. U. H. No. 1 — | Calif. I,onu, mostly. 2.35-2.40; Idaho IiOiip, Whites. 2.35: Russets. 2.35:>.'10 Miilnc Chlppewas, 1.95-2.00. Mich, i Round Whltis. unwashed. 1.40-1.05, washed. l.KO; New .Jersey Cobblers 1 901.!" This year.for Mason county have their own the first tinite 4-H club boys bunk house on the Western Michigan fairgrounds. Newest of the fair buildings, it is located at the end of the midway. Good use of it has been made this week, with representatives of —Dally News Photo. each club assigned places in it. The upper berths, filled with straw, feel like goose down by the time the boys finally get to sleep at night. Shown above, left to right: Estel Christmas, Arno Eschels, Eugene Eppard, Clarence Rozell, Bob Eppard and Richard Mann. AT THE CHURCHES Pi-sirs: Mich, bu 1>:iskets, II. S. No. 1, In. mill.. 1.00-1.10. Detroit I'miltiy (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT. Sept. 15.--i/l'i—Poultry weak. liens. 5 His. up. 18; under 5 Ibs., '()-,,, l(i; cocks. 10; leghorn cocks, 8; leghorn tuL ! hens. 3 Ibs. up. K' Hock sprin'H'rs, 4'^ i Ibs. up. IK; undei 4' : . Ibs.. 1C; colored | njrliiijrrs '•'• cents under Rocks; leghorn j broilers. 2 Ibs. up. 15: yinmt; white ducks. i 5 lhs. up. 14; yount; lieu turkevs. 10 Ibs. ! up. 21; yount; torn turkeys, 15 ubs. up. 21; rabbits. K. (Contlniii'cl from Page 2) .strength of my heart, and my portion forever." Among the Bible citations is this passage (I John 2:15, 17): "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. And 10 a. m. with classes for all ages. A guest speaker is being solicited for the Evangelistic service to be held Sunday evening. Everyone is welcome, to attend these services. lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever" Porrpln t ivp rvi^nppc tn 6 XL1 ' S Detroil Dairy (Qliat;itlous in Cents) Kept. 15. i-l',-. Hutter, best namery in tubs, 2fi' i; -27 1 ;.. EIJIKS. cur- lent receipts. 10; dirties, 14; cliecks, 13. Chicago I'otatoos (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO. Sept. 15. —</Ti—(United States Department of Agriculture.) — I'otatoes 77. on track. 1ST', total U. S. .-lilpments. 553; sllyhtly weaker, supplies moderate, demand very slow account .Ii wish holiday and hot weather; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Bnrbanks, U. ft. No. 1. washed under initial ice and ventilation. 1.95-2.00;. Minnesota Hollandale section Cobblers. U. S. No. 1. 1.20-25; North Dakota Red River Valle Bliss Triumphs, 92 percent. U. H. No. 1. 1940; WlK- ci.nsln Cobblers. U. S. No. 1, 1.22":.-35. ^ r • read from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health j with Key to the Scriptures," by ! Mary Baker Eddy, include the following (p. 356): "So-called St. Simon's Adds Journalism Course Sister Mary Concilium, principal at St. Simon's high school, announced recently that a full time course in journalism has 'been added to the curriculum this year. Journalism had been offered material existence affords no .previously as a half-year course. in' , Press) GO evidence of spiritual existence and immortality. Sin, sickness and death do not prove man's entity of immortality." UNDENOMINATIONAL THE UNDENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN—At the Sunday morning .service on Sept. 17 at Undenominational Christian church, Rev. William H. Rittenburg will .speak on the topic "The Gospel of the Kingdom.',' During the past week Rev. Rittenburg has been attending a Chicago Poultry (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO, sept. 15.—Li'.—Poultry, live, convention of the Anglo-Saxon uUer"^: r'W'l'pVi-UsrV'/bs'^I^^^M 0 " n »" «"«"«H.T 0 ,» tf l and British-Israel . , Rot:k. 15. Rr.c'fe. 15. undt-r 4 Ibs., rolorpcl. 13. Ply- iiiuiith Knrk. 15. White Hork. 15; other prim's Rails U U Stocks 1'J 1 A.I 8 :' B.I H.G U ;> uo 3.7 v.a 2-1 it (Quotations in f.'ents) Sept. 15 .— i.-l'i—, 47.1 . . . rn-uin.'ry- -!I3 sroro. 28'Jj; : S'.). tralt'/ed rnrlot.s. :>'!. ..>".} I P.P1.0-18. linn: creamery y'.'r, !)l. 27; IX). :!<;'.i: 8'.). ?5'.j; fl«, M 00 cen- Movi'ineiu in Kocenl Yrars isi32 ixnv ...... iv. ij ii.v ^:i y I'.'W ..... Hi!. 1 .' l.MI.U 1B-J.3 G.9H3, weak; fresh praded. extra tirsts local. 19';.. cars, 20' : .; current iTo i r «' c " ei P ts . 1(i ; other' prices unchanged. 54 .V 33.7 10.9 I'j'l.'l DIPHTHERIA Although rases and deaths from diphtheria have become rather rare in recent years, it. still must bo considered a dangerous disease. More than live hundred deaths in Michigan the past 10 years seem to prove tliis point. These deaths have b(M>n needless because diphtheria is both preventable and curable if taken in time. More than 80 percent of these flying from this disease are less than five years old. Diphtheria is caused by a | germ called diphtheria bacillus, j These germs are directly trans- ! ferrable from one person to another and frequently healthy persons act as carriers. That is, though showing no symptoms of the disease themselves, they harbor the germs and transmit them to others. The germs are given off in the discharges from the nose and throat. Diphtheria antitoxin will cure Imost 100 percent of cases if vcn the first day of the clis- ase. The state department of health is now recommending I two doses of toxiod, one month apart, as a preventative measure. About six months later a schick test should be given to see if the child is immune. Both giving the toxiod and schick test are harmless. Children between the ages of six months and 10 years should be lmmunlzed_agalnst diphtheria. Bread, Crackers, Cereal, Form Diet of Houston Man HOUSTON, Texas f/P)—Fran- cis V. Davis, 34, of Dallas has never eaten meat, vegetables or fruits. "I don't .jlke their odor," he explained. The former Carrplton, 111., man said his diet, since he cut his milk teeth, has consisted of bread, crackers and cereals. "I * have "ever used a knife and fork," he added, Apparently, in perfect health, Host on Wool (Quotations In Cents) BOSTON, Kept. l!i. -</T. The com- niirrhil bulletin will say tomorrow: "The wool msirket took on added strength this past week nnd prices now lire !!() (o :i!i percent, nbove the level Davis weighs 135 pounds and is prevailing, in this market, just prior • - . - . . | (| tll|l ( | ( . ( .] !lrn tion of win- on both fine :ind medium wools. Activity both In futures uiul the actual commodity have )»en heavy, ulthuuiih there is a degree ol .<UeptU'l'sni concciTilm; tl'p ability of these higher prices to hold." The bull, tin will publish the following <|iiotiiflons: Michigan fin-res: Delaine, 3H-37; V.> b!M»l combing, :(. r )-37: :I B blood comb- IIIK, 'l.'i-'IG; '.i blood combing, 45. federation, irj progres^ nj. Del^ojt cuicT Windsor. Orit; ' Tiler 'sermoirT to be preached at the Sunday morning service will deal with .some of the high points in the messages of these meetings. The Sunday school will meet at ! Its increasing popularity' had prompted extending it to a full year She also announced that a verse choir will 'be the major project in the speech department. Resident of Mason County for Many Years Passes Away Wednesday Night OUSTER.—Funeral services for George Franklin Shaffer, 71, who passed away at his home in Eden township Wednesday night following an illness for some time, will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Stephens funeral home in Scottville, with interment at Center Riverton cemetery. Mr. Shaffer was born on June 20, 1868, in Lowvillie Nebo, Mahoning county, Ohio, and was united in marriage to Miss Lizzie Thiede on Jan. 23, 1900, and to this union eight children were born, one child passing away in infancy. He was preceded in death by Mrs. Shaffer 10 years ago. Mr. Shaffer came to Mason county when a young boy and had lived here since that time. Those left to mourn his passing are four daughters, Mrs. Mary Jensen, Mrs. Nellie Struve, Mrs. Alice Thompson and Mrs. Grace Hajrrington; three sons', Harold, Howard and Edward Shaffer; 13 grandchildren, four brothers, John Shafffer, Ouster, David and Edward Shaffer, both of Ohio, and Sam Shaffer of Ludington; a sister, .Mrs. Margaret Baker of Ohio and nieces, rephews and cousins. PT-A Committees for Morton Chosen MORTON SCHOOL.—The Morton school Parent-Teacher association committees for the year 1939-40 have been selected as follows: Ways and Means: Mesdames Joseoh Albrecht, William Hemmerling, Earl Farrell and' John Bigsby. September: Program, Mr. and Mr.s. Holgar Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brye and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sibley; refreshments^ Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berg- ib feet and 9 inches tall. Some native males of South Africa work just lon}>, enough to buy a few wives and cattle. They then fea.-.e, and their well-being depends on how well their wives work. EXTRA SPECIAL Delicious — Sugar COOKIES FOR GREATER COMFORT AND LOWER COAL BILLS INSTALL A Mand Automatic Stoker SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY WE CAN PLEASE YOU WITH OUR LOW PRICES! Holland Furnace Co. Office at 607 W. Ludington Ave. HEiRM ATMAN, Local Manager. MORRIS 5c, lOc to $1 STORE Read THfK acna r ° r a FREE IVtJUU LflKt SAMPLE COPY Wall Street Journal 'JJ 1 Complef* Markets and all BUSINESS—FINANCIAL— ^...^f INDUSTRIAL 'News A The Newspaper of Successful .. g«»{"JSM Men and Investors 14 BROAD ST., NEW YORK, N. Y. That Burke's Central Market at 122 West Ludington Avenue Has Been Sold and Is Now Operating Under the New Management of C. M. Waal and Will Hereafter Be Known as WAAL'S CENTRAL MARKET 122 West Ludington Avenue Phone 15 We extend a most cordial invitation to everyone to visit us at our new place of business. It is our sincere endeavor to merit your patronage and good will by courteous, conscientious service and reliable quality products at "Economy" prices. Groceries GKAHAM CRACKERS, KH1SPY CRACKERS, FIG BARS, TEA SEFriNGS, 1 lb. pkgr. SUNLITE PASTRY FLOUR, ff lb. Z 1-lb. boxes 2, bB 19c lOc MORNING GLORY S lb. | Qf» PANCAKE FLOUR Meat Dept. FRESJI DRESSED CHICKENS, 3 to 4 lb. average lb. BONELESS ROLLED HAMS, 5 to 7 lb. average ..... X '.' 'lb. PORK STEAK, lean cut lb. PORK ROAST, lb. shoulder cut f BEEF POT ROAST, tender cut ib. RING BOLOGNA, juicy ib WE CARRY A FUiL LINE OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. WATGH FOR OUR "GET ACQUAINTED" SALE! man, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fargo and Mr. and Mrs. Mannlere Dawson. October: Program, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Oriffis and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ryder; refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lundberg, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Olsen and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Magnusson. November: Program, Thelma Hansen, Marjorie Brye and Doris Hansen; refreshments, Carlene Hemmerling, Marian Albrecht and Doris Hansen. December: Program, Mrs. Roy Peterson and Miss Joyce Reed. January: Program, Donald Buck, Gerald Magnusson and Leland Cutler; refreshments, Luther Ryder, Fred Wright Jr., and Bill Brye. February: program. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wrigh* Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cutlet and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Morton; refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stadler and Mr. and Mrs. James Blundell. March: Program, Mr. and Mrs. James McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. John Goos and Mr. and Mrs. Chesley Anthony; refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wicklund, Mr. and Mrs. Peters and Mr. and Mrs. Blucker. April: Program, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sellner, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Harley and Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rinkevicz; refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sellner and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bigsby. May: Picnic, in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wyant, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Norgaard Falconry/ was so popular In the days of KnigTithood, that- laws were passed limiting use of the best birds to : kings and dukes. Lesser nobles had; mediocre birds. - ••• The Risk of The Road A sickening swerve — a CRASH! Dependable Automobile Insurance is your only protection. VW.VVVVWW Meny-Washatka AGENCY Phone 58 110 E. Ludington Ave. BUYER'S INDEX READ f THE ADS Your Progressive Mer chants Show You Where top Shop and How You CanW Save Money. m LOOK THE ADS OVER ..'% YOU CAN'T AFFORD ^ TO OVERLOOK THEM! ^ ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Bills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. I.oomls Street HAVE YOUR * Gas Tank Filled * Oil Changed * Car Lubricated * Battery Charged * Tires Repaired * Gar Washed * Accessories' HERE Right and Reasonable SUBURBAN SERVICE STATION Ludington A,ye. and Lewis St.—Phone 570-W. PYROFAX Trade-Mark GAS SERVICE Cooks—Heats Water—Makes Ice in Homes Beyond the Gas Mains,' CHARLES PETERSON West Filer St., Ludington Phone 680 -i'^ WORLD OF PLEASURE SHOWS and Watch for them! Best-sellers from our regular stock. Reduced! Save extra I Women's and Misses' 7!C Skips 6ft e Sale Price! reasons why they are famous I They hug narrow ankles, give more support. Have slant-top for better fit. 'Cushion insoles for comfort. And reinforced soles. SAVE I r .(„••»* ..\AiP^JVJV I • "* I ./ Men's, Boys' 7.98 Work Shoes 77 Sale Price! I Emphasis on WEAR I For men, roomy bluchers with leather soles specially processed fan' extra strength. And the boys' are made just like Dad's, with double leather soles. SAVE! MONTGOMERY WARD 103-109 E. Ludington Ave. Phone 158 WESTERN MICHIGAN FAIR ASSOCIATION Announce a Change in Price for SATURDAY ONLY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT On All Rides Children and Adults Alike Here Is Your Chance to Have a Great Big Time. 10 RIDES To Choose From. World-Famous ELLA CARVER high diving act into tank of fire twice daily, afternoon and evening. Free, come and see it, no charge. . ' '• ,.i ' , ' > . i Bring the Whole Family and Enjoy a Real Time in the Midway.

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