Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 28, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1933
Page 8
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' T BBTTZI HI AMES* ^___ American Ytwl It Probable Winner in English Race CO WES, Isle of Wight, England ""W~Doraae, American yawl own- e d by Roderick and Olln Stephens B 'as apparent winner Friday ot the annual British-American yacht race from Cowes to Pastnet Rock Ireland, and return. Dorade arrived at 11:23 a. m. C. B. Nicholson's British cutter Flame arrived first, at 5:15, out Dorade'a handicap was sufficient to put her ahead of Flame and other yachts not reported so far. The yachts left here last Saturday for the 720-mile race. AMES DAILY TBIBUNE TIMES. AMES. IOWA, FRIDAY, JULY 28,1933. 'NOT CHABITY, BUT WORK AMES CAMPAIGN SLOGAN (Continued from Page One) winter; or permit them to remain idle,.and .support them next .winter thru public charity. To Organize Dealers » To carry out the spirit of this campaign, there is to be organized early next week the Ames Home Improvement association, with a •membership composed of all established Ames business concerns dealing with materials In the field of construction and repair, and of all established contractors who employ labor. The 'meeting Thursday night was called by the group of lumber and building material dealers who are forming the nucleus for the permanent association, with the cooperation and support of the Ames Building and Loan association. Oscar N. Johnson, manager of the Schoeneman Brothers company presided over the meeting. In his preliminary remarks, Mr. Johnson revealed some pertinent facts in the Ames situation: That the building industry in Ames normally has the second largest payroll in the city (Iowa State college holding first place); that some of the best mechanics in the state of Iowa reside in Ames; that at present there are about 40 vacant houses in Ames, and only about 10 of them are to first class state of repair; that six months ago there was double that number of vacant dwellings; that by tne middle of September, it is believed every vacant house in Ames will be occupied. .Describes Bldg. and Loan Prof. I. E. Melhus, vice president of the Ames Building and Loan association, delivered an address in which he outlined the position of the building and loan organization in relationship to tHe general prosperity of the community. He explained the association's membership In the federal home loan bank of Des Moines, and how ample funds are made available for new construction and repair work on Ames homes thru this channel of supply from federal resources. Pro- fefsor Melhus' address will be published in the Tribune-Times Saturday. James A. "Webb, vice president and treasurer of the federal Home loaff'bank^f Des Motoes," spoke on the^ organization and functions of the home loan bank, which thus far in its'work has dealt' only with building and loan associations in the five states comprising its regional Jurisdiction. Eighty-one local associations have been accepted for membership in the bank at this time. Contractors and building tradesmen present were especially interested ia the talk by 0. W. Ctowley, Des Moines, executive secretary of the central branch. Associated General" Contractors of America; Never Better Time "There was never a better time to launch a general repair program, and labor needs the work," he said. "One out of every 10 families in the United States is dependent upon the construction, trades for its livelihood. "It is up to the business men and to the tradesmen- in each community to see that construction work as done to the credit of the community, that poor qualiy work is eliminated, and price cutting practices avoided. "Competition can he much more dangerous than a monopoly," he declared. "Uncontrolled competition has -wrecked this country'in the last three years.'' Mr. Crowley called upon the small independent. contractors to seek to obtain regular employment •with regularly established contracting firms at a. fair wage, rather than seek to underbid established contractors on construction work • and then-fail to put quality into their work. Contractors Code He. explained the provisions of the .-contractors code, with, the formulation of which he had .much to do. The code will require all contractors to keep books; to pay for materials on a job when the job is completed, rather than use the money "to pay last year's bills;" to furnish better evidence of responsibility and ability to complete a construction job according to the terms of the contract. He specifically stated that the code would stop a practice among small contractors of obtaining prices on materials from one dealer, then taking those prices and demanding that other dealers undersell in order to obtain materials at low cost. The code will require that a contractor "must be qualified to un- dertake the job on which he has bid," Mr. Crowley said, "Business men must insist that work be done at fair prices, and that fair wages be paid for labor." City Manager J. H. Ames spoke briefly on the unemployment situation in Ames, and warned of a far more critical condition to be expected next winter unless Ames labor Is given a chance-to work this summer. Work, Not Charity Mr. Ames paid "a high tribute to the splendid fortitude and endurance of the Ames unemployed last winter." AS administrator of the civic relief board's resources he had to deal directly with the situ* tlon thruout the winter. He declared that aid was given to many men with families "who ought to have been able to obtain work but could not." "Let us have not charity, but work for Ames labor," he pleaded. If every resident of Ames will find now some piece of work and hire someone to do Jt, we can overcome the situation that faces us for next winter. Some men had reserves last winter upon which they could draw for their support These are now used up, and next winter they will have nothing unless they obtain work this summer. "Last fall, the Ames relief board Pledged the mayor and city council •flat no person in Ames should go hungry, or suffer for lack of cloth- °g or shelter. This winter, the My should go even farther. The :ommunity should pledge itself : £at next winter every man shall be entitled to live without charity." State Deputy, Speaks C. J. Burns, deputy in the office of the state auditor in the division having supervision over building and loan activities in the state/was present and spoke briefly of the work of his department He paid a compliment to the Ames Building and Loan association for its high standing and fair practices. He added that he believed the proposed home improvement campaign will prove of real benefit to Ames, and that it is directly in keeping with the national recovery drive. Chairman Johnson in closing expressed the gratitude of the group sponsoring the meeting for the use of the theater. Joe V. Gerbrach, manager of the Ames Theater company, contributed the use of the theater, provided the motion picture 'operator and obtained the films for entertainment, all without charge to the group. The films Included two subjects for entertainment, and one special educational film entitled "Inflation" showing graphically how inflation starts the wheels t>f Industfjr turning. IONA PEAS, 3 No. 2 Qans DEL MONTE CROSBY CORN, No. 2 Can FRESH TABLE BRAND BUTTER Lb 25c SUNNYFIELD Gushing Market Red Arrow No. 1 325 Main Phone 39 BACON SQUARES, SMOKED PICNICS v lb ....... BEEP ROAST, VEAL ROAST, 4 - ib...;..; I4c ROLLED FRESH HAM RIB, RUMP, ^_ lb *SC PORK SHOULDER ROAST, PORK LOIN, lb MEAT LOAF, WEINERS 2 pounds FLOUR, $1,39 IONA FLOUR, $1.29 BUFFALO DIAMOND MATCHES 19c SULTANA BROKEN SLICED Pineapple 1* $1.75 Cheese and Cold Meat SULTANA Peanut Butter, 2 & 19c EVAP, MILK, Pet, Borden, Carnation. .3 tall can 18c SLICED PINEAPPLE, Del Monte...No. 2% can 22c MOLASSES COOKIES, John Alden... pkg 15c QUAKER MAID BEANS, 28-oz cans 2 for 15c T & T ROOT BEER EXTRACT pkg 13c BALL MASON JARS, pint, doz 63c; quart, doz 73c GREEN BEANS, fancy cut, No. 1 cans.... 2 for 19c KIT-T-RATION...., 2 cans 25c NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE 3 rolls 19c RAJAH SALAD DRESSING, i/ 2 -pt 9c; pt 15c; qt 25c RAJAH SANDWICH SPREAD pt jar 17c GRAHAM CRACKERS or Premium Flakes, Uneeda Bakers 2-lb caddy 27c MACKEREL,»Van Camp's, No. 1 tall 3 for 25c GRAPEFRUIT, Dromedary, No. 2 cans.... 2 for 25c FUJI CHOW MEIN NOODLES No. 1 can lOc FUJI CHOP SUEY VEGETABLES....No. 1 can 12c BLOCK SALT each 39c JARR!NGS SpkgslOc YOUR MONEY BACK Tf its rich, creamy smoothness does not satisfy you and your family. RAJAH SALAD DRESSING « Pint 15c— y z pint 9c THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. M,ddi ? 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Gulf of St Lawrence. 2. Viola. 3. ValladoHd, Spain. 4. Kiln. 5. Colorado. B. Antoine De la Mothe Cadilla<\ 7. New York politician and Journalist. S. Missouri. 9. Thrco. 10. One 'hotisand. Country Sausage . J lbs Ground Beef . . . J lbs Veal Roast lb 10C Veal Round lb Sliced Liver Ib Sliced Bacon . . . . lb Smoked Hams ™$? ltm lb Cottage Cheese ptllc BEEF ROAST ]b 12V 2 c SHORT RIBS lb lOc ""•——••"——•»«»•, Pork Roast, choice . . lb Beef Steak, choice . lb Rib Roast, rolled . . . lb Veal Patties lb lie Corn Beef, fresh . . lb tifyfo Beef Boil, lean . . . . lb Jc Swiss Steak lb 14c Sirloin Steak . . . . lb ICC WEINERS, choice lb 12V 2 c PORK TENDERLOIN lb SPRING CHICKENS, country dressed T..!.'.'.'! ."ib 25c No. 1 325 Main Phones 6041 22c SUGAR Pure Granulated 10 lbs . . . 5Qc 100 lbs . . $$ C QO 100 lb cane $5.ZQ FLOUR Gold Crown, Guaranteed SOAP Crystal White, Large Bar 7 for 25c TOMATO JUICE Libby's PINEAPPLE No. 2y 2 , Whole Slice, in Syrup, Each — I8c PEACHES Y. C. 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