Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1933
Page 3
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TQLA. JLANSA3 T; and Mrs. ;Earl Frost, who have becil: guests of Mrs. Cora Grltzner the past few days, returned today to tfaielr home in Wichita. •Guyet of Bayard entered St. Johh's hospital this afternoon for examinatfon and treatment. CO^nmlssioner I. E. Bartlett re- tunjed to his office this morning aftet; being confined to his home by llln(E6 the past.two ft'peks. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. JANUARY 7.1933. Mrs. P. J. McGratb, who has been spending the winter with Mr. and ^ Mrs. J. E. Kaufman, will leave to- j morrow night for St. Louis, Mo., for a visit with relatives before returning to her home in Chicago, 111. Mrs. B. F. Draper arrived today from Neosho Falls to be with her mother, Mrs. T. M. Slack, who is Ul. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Slack arrived today from Wichita to spend the week-end with Mr. Slack's, mother Mrs. T. M. Slack, who is iU. Mr. and; Mrs. M. C. Langlej' went to Kansas City Thursday afternoon on business. They will return tonight. C. E. Lehman proprietor of the 1 Lehman pool hall arid barber shop. PLEASANT VALLEY (C. E. Berkihiser) Jan. 2—Well the wind blew very hard and was quite cold the first day of the year, but the farmers around here are verj' thankful for a supply of stock water. This locality was blessed with a fine rain on December 24. and Christmas was a joyous affair as far as those were concerned who had to haul water. Stock is doing fine and. lots of feed and water here are available. , Clarence Abbe who has been shucking corn in Randolph. Iowa, the past two months, returned home December 23. after shucking 3500 .bjishels, and reports lots.of;com yet to be shucked. His best day's shucking was 108 bushels. Mrs. H. J. Bagby and daughter. Beverly Bagby. Coffeyville. visited an opera'tion for the removal I with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chris j Thursday with their of her.tohsils Thursdav morning at I Troutwine. St. jQhn'd hospital. 1 — j:; . Mr. and Mrs. John. Brazee and January Store -Wide Clearance; will undel-go an operation Monda'j- Sale "Of ferins unnsual values in every morning at St. John's hospital, department Ramsays. ; J — ' , 1 —Dr. D. D. DeNeen. Surgery, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Parker arrived o>-necology and T. B. Phones: Office Thujr$day evening from Clifton 429; Residence 956F12. Office over called, by the serious illness of heri Ramsays. mothjr, Mrs. L. L. Ponsler. ; _ i Miss Christine Troutwine. a teach- Irene Sullivan.* young daughter of j er in the Newton city schools, came , Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Sullivan., under-! home last night for a week-end visit Wenr. nn nneratinn W tho romr.f!>l '.-arith hpr nArpnt .l Mr anH XTr<: /-VIT^C Mp.: an^ Mrs. George L. Slawson were in Parsons Thursday on business; Greenhouse. FArLTLESS ELECTRIC WASHERS New Shipment! FREE—2 handT rqll-a-tubs with each purchase of a Bonded Faultless Washer daring January. Easy Payments. Tryout. W. H. WOOD FINE FURNITURE ' 202 S. Jeff.—Phone 190 R. H. Vaughn will return Sunday from Ottawa where he has been relieving the Santa Fe yard foreman the 13^1 week. • in Connection with the lola i "^ute. their sons John and Richard, and Blllie Reed spent Friday in Cha- from! motrier, Ul. ' will L.; Ponsler will arrive tonight :?CKCO . Texas, to be with, his Mrs. L. L. Ponsler. who is FriincLs Stroup and Clair Sigler return tonight from Ottawa Mrs. E. H. Andrews of" Kansas City is spending the week-end with Mr. Andrews, proprietor of the Andrews & Son store. FOR SALE: Double barrel! .20- gauge shotgun. Would trade for pigs or calves. Phone 962F2. Roger Rej-nolds. young son of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. RejTiolds. who imder- went an operation Thursday morning at a Mayo hospital in Rochester, Minn., is getting along nicely, his father said today. A meeting of the Southside Bible class was held Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. .E. W. Arnold, with Mrs. Ila Watson leader of the lesson. Thirteen members were present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Clarence Watson Jan. 13. father and I grandfather C. E.' Berkihiser, Charlene and Mrs. Berkihiser. The Progressive club will give a play and program in the near future. Watch for the date. Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrsj David Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Spencer who were married during the holidays. Mr.^and Mrs. B. F. Spencer invited a bunch of their friends in for a watch party Saturday night to see 1933 arrive. All had a dandy good time with games and music, with a good midnight lunch. Here is hoping this year will give us just what we want. Claus Thonhoff had the bad luck to lose one of his fine mules by getting kicked by the other mtile. These mules were formerly the J. B. Kirk smelter mules. . Wm. Klotz was a business visitor in lola Saturday. Mrs. Berkihiser, Charlcne and Clarence Abbe were shopping and visiting relatives in lola Saturday. BOMBING, KILLINGS BRING TROOPS TO MINE AREA whe^e t^ey attended the funeral of 1 theiii. grandfather., Burr Laj-mon. —fconsiderate of the costl Funeral: Home. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Bixby went to Emporia today for a visit with ! their daughter Mrs. Russell Car- Waugh; lisle and her family. PAGE ITHBJBE NEWS OF LAHARPE Miss Jaanlta Stevenson anid Miss Margaret Ilatton Guests of Miss . Wanda Greene, i Nola It was here that Chinese and Japanese forces recently staged a thriUing engagement, with the Chinese garrison t3f Shanhaikwah for hours repelling the steady fire of the Japanese guns. The Japanese Hnally occupied the city as they did last year when this:picture was tak.>n showing Japanese troops parading across the Great Wall, during their invasion of Shanhaikwan. SPRING VALLEY Jan. 2.—The farmers that had to i haul water lost their job when the i big: rain came for which they are j very thankful. The Christmas program at Sprin school today fJanuary 2) after one Mr.' arid Mrs. J. W. Bbbmgaam went to i Burlington this nidming to be W^ek-end guests of Mrs. Boom- gaarh's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henrj- Whiitler. Mrs. C. A. Anderson. Mrs. Paris Frasbr arid her son Richard, and Mrs.j LawTence Gorden. visited yesterday with Mrs. Clyde Gorden. who resides north of town. "FR.\NK SEZ": Often we can save you money bv adding many; months of service to an implement you think is worn out. Our Farm Machinery Service is complete—try it. Frank Lawyer's Repair Shop Blacksmlthing. Welding, Machine and Woodwork 12 N. Walnut Phone 119 James Eaton of Pond Creek. Okla., has accepted a position with the Ida Greenhouse. He is a brbther of MJ|. and Mrs: Harrj- Thompson : Mrs. George L. Slawson. announce the birth Monday of a j — "'• • • • thevj T. H. Coblentz returned Wednes- I day from CoUinsville. Okla.. where . he has spent the holidays with rela- i tives and friends. 7'i--pound daughter whom have named Joyce Colleen. FAIRMONT'S Pasteurized >lllk 'Health in Every Bottle" The flavor is particularly dc- jlicious. Children prefer it. Ask your grocer or phone 91 week's vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Abbe and children and Paul Abbe. lola. were dinner guests at the parental Berkihiser home Christmas and New Year's days. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snider and Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snider and Evelyn went to Garnett. Kas., Sunday afternoon to attend the funeral of Dennis B. Lardner Sr:, an old friend of the Snider family. Despite the bad weather. Pleasant Valley had a very nice program and tree with treats for all. December 24. and then at the close of the program Miss Dorothy Gullett and David Brj-an were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. Wilson. It was a pleasant surprise to a great many to be the guests at a wedding they did not know of. from Miss Frances Goodell and Miss •Jeanne Denton of Colony visited Friday with Miss Ruth Dean. Mrs. T. M. Slack, who has been ill with pneumonia for several days, Mrs. G. F. Drake, is recovermg i ^-^an attack of influenza. Mri. W. H. Scheff, who has been! .""^"f' arrived, new THOR. $49.50, quite three Mii •Mr.; They noon. ill ;.ith influenza the pa^t j Radio Service _Shop. daj-s. is somewhat Improved, i „ her^sister Mrs. H. W. Ukena said ^ "•Zt;^°7„?^!f ^"o.!'^^ J^!^ tnrin'v ' i evening for Fort Scott where (.uua.» ^ I ^j^g ^..jj ^p^^^ jj^g week-end with Ethel Andersoni will arrive j'"^'^''^^^' _ Won, 918 East street. | f.^ -'^^ ^"^^^'^ and Mrs. Paul Reed went to! Kansas City yesterday on business, j ^ and Mrs. W E Dulinsky will will return tonight. E.;B. Smith who has been ill with 'the :fl)j the past few days, was able to retjurn to his work at the Mc-^ Carthjy Motor company j-esterday have as their guests tomorrow Mr. land Mrs. C. A. Gordon and their children of Neosho Falls. ' Miss Helen Gates is entertaining Miss Clare Hamer of Howard and Miss Majorie Morrow of Parsons. BRAKES RUINED Winter brings an added strain on the brakes—more stopping, more jamming on the brake , pedal. Have your brakes tested, adjusted, or rellned today. Be Snrel Be Safe! SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214'N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Mrs. John S. Bass and her cousin Ursrrt, Kaufin^'durin/'ti^ 1 ^1-1 Everett^TT^ —All mercharidise marked in plain '' selection made easy. Sleeper! Mjss Naomi McKinney and Dean' MitiSibll of Chanute visited yester-' dayjw ith Miss McKinney's parents. Mr. ahd Mrs. W. B. McKinney. William Mitchell, who has been the giestfof his parents Mr. and; Idays. Ing to ; Mr- drlvp to' vis quite Mrs. wHi l"e7vc"cIrl >"i ;mda;-morn: i 'l^is morning for Montezuma to be ,1. viL v.r>n^.^ In Triorf c r> I with Mrs. Bass s father, |A. J. Elliott, it- his home in Lead, S, D. ^^.^^ ^^^^^^ly ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ nis win; paralysis. ^ ^n^h.v'K' Mrs. W. E. Dulinsky and her """daughter Miss. Marvel returned this morning from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Neosho Falls. W. P. McFaddcn and, her son Jalck. |vho have been ill with the flu the ip^st week; are now able to be bed and about the House. out pfl Mrs, air. and Mrs. John Den 0 Chanute Sunday a t Mrs. Lee Lasater. ;11. C. G. lies, and her daughter ' —Close-Out. Prices! Circulators. : wood and combination heaters. 1 Trade in old. Curtis'. 10 N. Wash. » Barbara will return tonightj from a! E . Van Hj-nirig, manager of the K?^^ Mrs^Hess par- Kelley theater, was in i^nsas City j,wo4w cntsi Mr.: and Mrs. C. B. Mead in; Centraiia. yesterday on business. Why Not the, POLLY ANN Foi: Dinner Tomorrow TURKEY DINNER! Complete, Soup to Coffee -—35c and Mrs. B. D- Smith and, Q Gray. thetr sons Lawrence and are spending the week-end at ville, I|Io.. as guests of Mrs. sister familyj Mrs. Keith Richardson returned last night from Wichita where she • • has been: receiving treatment at the : Southwestern Osteopathic hospital the past few days and is feeling ' much improved. , ' Miss Leona Gray, instructor iri { the Newton city schools, arrived last night to spend the week-end ' with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C DIAMOND Jan. 3—Mrs. Will Grieve entertained the Willing Workers class at her home Sunday. Miss Velma Ryon was a dinner guest at the Frank Ballard home Sunday noon. Misses Alma and Mabel Jones spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. James Ryon. Jack Babcock has returned from the hospital and is much improved. Mrs. Will Grieve and family spent Tuesday afternoon at the James Ryon home. : Glenn LajTnon visited at the Miller home near LaHarpe Sunday afternoon. Miss Velma Ryon and Mr. Lloyd Ballard were supper guests at the Lester Cassel home in Garnett Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parish were business callers in lola; Tuesday. Miss Velma Ryon returned home Saturday evening after spending the past week With her aunt, Mrs. Gordon King, in Tola. evening until 2 o'clock FYiday. on accomit of the rain. Those that were able to get there report a fine entertainment. Walter Stafford helped Will Ermel fix an engine on one of. the leases where he pumps recently. Our high school girls are ready for school alter spending a week's vacation with home folks. ' Mrs. Mike Hoggatt and girls were , over near Ft. Scott to see her par- i ems who are quite sick with the flu but since coming she and girls Francis and Mai->- Evalyn have been quite sick with the flu. A phj-sician from lola was called Saturday evening to see the sick at Mike Hoggatts. They are some better at present. Edward Sisson and family and Ed •youngs and wife spent Christmas day at George Sissons. Ralph Ross came home the Tuesday evening after Christmas from WiAT TAZ fim Gm ro sua J (Answers viill be found on Page 5) JEDDO Jan. 4—Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dick Nebraska, wiiere he has been shuck- 'and famUy returned Friday from mg corn. Mr. and Mrs. Fate Ross spent Lincoln. Nebi, where they spent the holidays with their sons, Willis and Christmas day with-hci-mother and {A ^'sry and also a brother, Everett sister near Blue Mound. . iDick and Mi-s. Dick. There was a family reunion at! Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jackson and the parental J. D. Jaclaon hom-; I-amily .of Humboldt. Mr.'and Mrs. Christmas day. , Ralph Marvin and family, RusseU. Mr. and Atrs. Frank Jacobs and I and Alma Jackson, Grandma Shig- daughter Mardel of Bronson wore I ^ey, James Shigley and Pearl were family «Tre Simday dinner guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. H. Smoot enjoyed the New Year, having their cliildren and grandchildren with them for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smoot and childiyn sp>ent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Baker and Miss Wanda Baker visited Sunday in Moran with her mother and sisters. Mrs. Marj- Manbeck and daughters Misses Neta and Ida Manbeck. entertained at the Harrison Heaton home Christmas. Velt Stafford. Lawrence, s^nt the holidays with home folks. Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. t. Shigley. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Strubhart's were business visitors in LaHarpe Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hadlock! 'Tuesday afternoon. ' Bennie and Miss Eihel sijent New i Miss Evelyn Thomas. Kansas City. Year's day with Ed Youngs and jis spending the holidays at the, home jiarto ^rNew •-y^'s^dinner ^aT the wife. iof her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John 1^?,^ We home.'"'''' FAIRVIEW Jan. 5—To correct an item in last week's Fairview news, the following have been flu victims lately in this vicinity: Mrs. W. L. McKeever, Geo. Teague, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson and L. D.. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell McCullcy, Mrs. Roy Stevenson, Keimeth Litteer and Mrs. Charles Stewart. Grandpa and Grandma: Teague called at Charles Stewart's Thilrs- day afternoon. Marie Flack. LaHarpe, helped Mrs. Oscar Johnson with her work last week. Mrs. 'McGuire and Bemice, Mrs. Strong and son called on Mrs. Chas. Stewart Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wright and son. Kansas City, are at the parental Ora Parker home for an indefinite visit. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Limes and sons of Manchester. Kas.. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders and son. Oxford. Kas.. spent Tuesday with.their sister, Mrs. Geo. Teague and family. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Teague':and Al- . Mr. and Mrs. Ben Low and Ray i Thomas and family, other relatives and Miss Blanch WilUts drove down and friends. and ate New Years 'dinner witli' Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kalm spent Riley Low and wife and brothc: 'New Year's day at the parental WiU Prank Bacon, New Years day. jRoushhome. Fred Laver called in Walter Stafford and father L. A. i the afternoon. Stafford sawed wood for Ben Low : Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shigley and and Tom Fisher last Thursday. James Jackson were New Year's Miss Lola May Sisson spent her-dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs; Ar- vacation with her uncle Edward Sis- !thur Jackson and family, Humboldt, son and family helping care for' Miss Evelyn Thomas spent Sun- the flu patients. ; day with Miss Ruth'Schulze. Mrs. Ralph Stewart. Mrs. Mc-' Mrs. Will Rush and Fred spent Queen. Mrs. Harrison Heaton. Mrs.!Tuesday night at the Ross Laver George Sisson, Mrs. Mauk and \Css!home, helping care for the sick. Blanch Willits attended club at Mrs. i Ben LOW'S, last Thureday.^ GOLDEN VALLEY .o^'^n. ?• ^ .f- '^^''"M ^' ' Jan. 3.-In a popularity contest fn^. l .^„h ".f T'?'" 1 driven by the Ideal shoe store, lola. 1H . ^ . 'MISS Marguerite Hawkins won sec- Miss Ada Joan Heaton was out' - • - First Methodist Church. All Methodists are urged to be faithful to the church in its revival program. Sunday will be a full day and you may help much by your presence at the morning and eveiji- ing service. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shirk of Neodesha. who are assisting, have plans and announcements^ „,y„»» iivawn wus ""'':ond place, the prize was a pretty for the week of imusual interest, j of school one day last week with ,rritt ^.-nt /^v. The Sunday night supper for all the ' - ' young people of junior, senior high school and. college age will be served at 5.45. This is to be the last week of this meeting and you are missing something that wiU be of help to you. if you are not attending. Start tomorrow j— and the invitation is to all. ' Have you a hoiise for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? the Cla&sified colmnnsi |Eugene j Smith-! —Special prices on Potted Plants. Smith's: lola Greenhouse. Phone 104. Mrs. Charles : Barber and her' — Arthur R. Murphy of thei Ellis ! Motor company, who underwent a Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Laredn and ! major operation Monday morning at their son Lewis Larson, en rbiite St. Marj-'s hospital in Rochester, irojri St. Joe, Ark., to theur hlome in Minn., is recovering satisfactorily. Liriooli. stopped in lola ^onday' evening for an over-night visit witli Mi^. apd Mrs. Lester Melrose. Mrs. ; Af^lroie is a niece of Lewis tiarson. -Mrs. R. H. Vaughn aind her'child- reh returned Friday frorii Eriiporia where tiiey have spent the past few days yith Mrs. Vaughn's brother, Harlan iDille and Mrs. Dille,i and , Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Warner. 1 Mr. arid MIS. DiUe accompanied: them toj Tola foi" an overnight visit with Mrs. L. L. Ponsler, who suffered a paralytic stroke Thursday morning, is improved, her daughter. Mrs. Allen Parker, said todaj|. She is resting easilj' and is able to take a little nourishment. Mrs. D. M. Shelby, bookkeeper for the K. C. Electric & Plumbing Co., who has been confined to her home by illness the past ten days, is much improved. She expects to return to work Mofaday morning. ; . , - .wrist Watch. a bad cough. | Mr. and Mrs, Charles Kohler and C'fiud Stout was a caller at Ben; claries Jr.. her sister, Mrs. Park- Lows New Year's evening. and Dr. Parkhurst and their Frank Hoffman had a tussel witn ! ^^.^ s^^ll sons were New Year's the flu last week, , dinner guests of ' Dr. Parkhursfs Mrs. George Sisson received word i papg^ts, Mr. and Mrs. John Park- last .week that her sister's lius-; hurst near lola. band at Lawrence was ver>- sick, i _ ^nd Mrs; Gimlin. Mr. Guy Mi;s. Sisson went up Sunday to Qimiin and . Mr. GarrpU Chaffin spend a week, with them. y,.«.nt New Year's day ^Rith Mr. and A Farmers union man from Col- jj^g g H Manbeck. soliciting a. creamen- 1 Christmas program that was prepared for, Christmas eve, was postponed because of muddy roads and so much sickness in the neighborhood, until New Year's eve. A good program, a pretty tree, and, treats for the kiddies made a very'i plca.-^ant evening for both old and Miss Dorothy Curtis, lola, spent Saturday and Sunday with her friend, Miss Winifred McKeever. Miss Winifred McKeever gave a New Year party Satiurday evening to her friends. Mrs. Edna Peet. of LaHarpe. spent the first of the week at Harry Peet's. Oscar Pierson- was called to' Savonburg Monday morning by the. critical illness of his mother. Miss Effie Stevenson of LaHarpe was a Sunday guest of Roy Stevenson. Miss Waunlta Stevenson who works in lola enjoyed a vacation Monday. She visited school in La­ Harpe Moriday afternoon. Orln Wifens and Lillian Parker. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson '' were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McVey New Year's day. Albert Smith vLsitcd at Neal Ford's south of Moran Simday. Miss Nadine Smart and Kenneth Litteer attended the alumni play at LaHarpe Friday night. I Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Smart. Char- He and Wilbur spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smart and RusseU. Missllsia Elder of lola spent last Thursday afternoon with the Misses Dorothy, and Fern Meliza. Misses Dorothy arid Fern Meliza and Earl spent Wednesday with their brother Robert Meliza and vrife at; Colony. Miss ; Dorothy Meliza returned to her wcirk at lola Monday after ,a week's vacation. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Smart. N.-i;- nrttl * rr^ . ' young._ Tlie'many friends of the E. R. I dine and Wilbur spent Thursdav ev- {Stewart family will be sorry to learn ening with Mr. Smart's sister, Mrs. I • The new Clara Bow is hailed tn, her return to the screen as the production of *JIim^Thatfer's.8en8ation^MlLSfJhejiamjmie:i. of the .<*rious illness of Mr. Stew- i art's father, who lives at Chanute. ' Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Baker entertained viith a Christmas dinner. Their guests were his mother, Mrs. Gertie Baker and--her; family, Mr. jancl Mrs. Everette Baker, and Mr. anh Mrs. E. R. Stewart and family, and h^r mother,, Mrs. ;Berr>-. i Mr. and Sirs. Willis Walker were 1 supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim ! Andruss. Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Skinner vis- • ited Sunday v^ith her parents in • LaHarpe. Miss Nora Jones .who has been ' visiting at the Skinner home has j returned to her home north of La- iHarpe. I There is one less chore on the farm these days since: the 3-inch rain which fell the 22 of December, filling irullies and ponds. Lolo Manbeck vislteid Maude Evy- illn HavFldns during the holidays. I The school children are taking a I bi-monthly examination this week. Mr. and Ntts. John Stuteville visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs; Cliff Isaacs. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd BCnapp. Colony, w4re New Years day guests of his sister. Mrs. John Manbeck and Mr. Rtanbeck and Delbert. , Mr. and Mrs. Ira Morrison and Hattie Smith of Moran. Mr. and Mrs. George iTeaguc entertained at dinner Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Limes arid children. Mrs. Iw. K. Smart and Nadine called on Mrs. Maxvi-ell McCullcy Thursday. Mrs. Charley Sanders and Allie of Rising Star district spent Wednesday with Mrs. W. K. Smart and Na- dtae. i j Mrs. p. M. Templeman visited at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Ben Pennington in Moiran Monday. Mrs. G. M. Templeman attended her Sunday school club last Thursday at Mrs. Dave Landon's. BRAKE LINING 75rc DISCOUNT Chevrolet Rear 1926-8 Per Set .89c Ford A Liner Shoes Exch. each 25c 1% inch, foot 22'.<;c 2: inch, foot 25c i% Inch, foot 27!4c ANDREWS & SON 14 Sooth Washinstoa. (Beverly Mallory.) LAHARPE., Jan. 7.—Miss Moss'held a New Year's party at her home northeast of town. The even- in !T was spent in playing cards arid refreshments were served. "The following guests were present: Misses Margaret Stewart, Caroline Thormann. Ruby: Your.g, LucUe } Davis, Dorothy Steriitt, Nola Moss, and Ralph Stewart, Howard Lust. John Dunham, Harvey Bogan, Gas City, Kenneth McVey. Scott Morris. Russell Stenriltt. L«e Folk and Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Moss and faniily. Mrs. Etoma Owens received word of the death of her brother-in-law. Eugene Koppenhavpr. Marrian. la., Jan. 2. Mrs. Owens was urikble to attend the funeral. The many friends of Mrs'. Tom Slusser are glad to hear of her improvement after a long serious illness, j Ed Danforth was in lola i Friday afternoon on business. ! . Mrs. Chas. Venable and children spent Thursday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Laver. iHarley and Clyde Laver are quite ill with influenza. Mr. and Mrs. Will Roush and Mrs. Earl White also i calletl Thursday evening. ! Mrs. Jess Turner drove to Chanute. Kas.. today to meet Om?r Tur-' ner who has been to Bartlesville, Okla.. on business. | Harry' DePointer returned j to his work in. Bartlesville. Okla.. Friday, after spending, a few days at home with hh wife.and family. Miss Margaret Hatton left; today for her work in Kansas City after a two weeks visit with Mr. arid Mrs. H. V. Troxell and family. i Willis Kerr is improving after being ill with influenza. j John Canatsey. Moran. 'was a business visitor in LaHarpe |Friday afternoon. Mr. arid Mrs. F. A. Cooksey had family. :LeRoy.will spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marthi. Harvey Bogan. Gas City, was visiting friends in town Friday afternoon. Mu« Juanita Stevcn.son and Miss Margaret Hatton were 'all night guests Friday of Muss Warida Greene. ' Harry Stansbury. Neodesha. Is spending the week with hisi parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Stanaburj*. Mr. Stansbury has been ill for- some time. Many of the community extend sympathy to Mrs. E. A.SBoycr whose mother. Mrs. T. W. Anderson passed away at her Jhome in California at the age of 92. recently. Funeral serv- ice."j will be held at the Waugh funeral home. lola. at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon and burial will be made in the Moran cemetery. ' Mrs. Frank Welsh, who ha!s been ill the past se.veral weeks, wks improved sufficiently Friday to; make a business trip to Mildred. \ The chapel program was presented by members of the Alumni association under the direction of Keri- neth Pettlt Friday morning dn the high schc«l: auditorium. Tfte following numbers were I given: "All American^ Girl" and ! "Shirie On Harvest MoMi," sluig; by Howard Lust arid-Delbert Johnson: "Sweethearts Forever." sang by Miss Julia* Livingston and Miss Lois Barker, and two piario numbers played by Nigel McDonald. ' M. K. Nel?on, Topcka, was in town attending to business, Friday afternoon. . • | Chas. Shelton. who has been ill for some time, was not quite *EO well Friday. : j Bill Dreher. lola, was. in tftwn ,on busUiess Friday afternoon. ' LaHarpe was defeatbd in • basket ball games . with Mildred - Friday evenhig here by the fcJllowlng scores: Bpys 48 to 13 and Klrls, 22 to 18. ^ I t Mrs. J. H. Culbertson arid Irvin Baptist drove to topeka Tlaursday to visit their; mother. Mrs.: E. I'B. Baptist. Who I is a patient In the Methodist hospital, and whose cbri- dltion still remains, serio^. , Geo. Glazebrook.' who his been ill for several daj-5 remains, about the same. < ' Miss Margaret Hatton an^ Lockwood Lacey were dinner guests Friday evenirig of Miss Wanda Greene. David LaHue, south of jMoran, was in tovvn ori business Thursday afternoon; and called on friends. Johnny Appleseed. ; Jonathan Chapmdn, better known as "Johnriy Applestied," was' an eccentric but estimable Individual who performed valuable scout service for the settlers of the,Western, Reserve during the War of 1812. |V3r ten years before the war and fo^ a long time afterward his fehief' ocdipation was the planting of apple seeds over an area which included the entire states of Ohio and Indiaria. His sefeds were secured from cid<;r mills in Pennsylvania. • Trinity Methodist Church. Sunday school at 9:45. . Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Theme. "Be Strong'.'in the:Lord." Joyce Wilson will sing. Finance committee i will riieet at 2:30 at church. Epworlh Leagues at 6:30 anc? evening .service at 7:30. Theme ''What Doth the LdrU Require of Thee?" ' > i Boy Scouts Monday evenlfig at 7 o'clock.; Annual meeting of Boy Scout Area at Neodesha Tuesday evening. Mid-week service <Vfednes- day at 7:30. Fourth quarterly conference and annual meeting Tuesday w^eek at 7:30 with Supt. R. E. GordoB. W. E. VAN PATTEN. Pastor. a house for reflt? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? CTsp the criusified co]umn.<il KELLEir Showiric! the Greater Pictnres ENDS TONIGHT- OUALITYat Quantity Prices! lux DfSTRYRiDEI With ZASU PITTS—CLAUDIA DELL MONARCH OF ALL: THRILL STARS • Hear him. .see him. .his First Talker..and the most exciting picture of his brilliant career crammed with drania, thrills, action. PLUS—iCOMEDY—CARTOON—NEWS—SERIAd — •• ^ • SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY^ SHE'SBACK greater than ever A Clara Bow never beford reveoled. Given htW scope fb display her dramatic genius, retaining hei' vivid personality. . And coming through with a performance ; so sincere, s6 forceful that it again ploc^ her high among the screen's great. C LARA CAll Hii •* From the travel by Tiffariy Thoyer ARTHUR TRACY in "Romantic Melodies" BETTY BOOPS in "Bamboo Isle" PARAMOUNT NEWS

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