Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
Page 5
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•ntE lOLA DMLY^ f JtiCfKV. DECEMBER 4? IBi Th0 Anoeiatea Hrei*} - Pro«rani»tiri Central- htandard Hina All'Umrw'P. Mi unless lothprwJfc lo' dlealeiii ' w;av<p' letifcthft on left o/ cal> . IMiew Trttecjrcle* on richt- 272.fri^Wl^ AtUntic City—tlOO • 4:1 a—TxvlIlBht iConwrt »:«0!—Orchcwra 9^00—Sunday Cvenlns Muslcnie S»3—WeAL,'.Baltimore—10S0 6:31)—Mudcal. Utpraiura 7:15—Bu P«er*'Choir 365.S-WECI Boston—820 1:00—Soger Musical ilour 3:00—M*n» Conferrnce l.NY) &:30—8l«i<ion Parade L.fsfon Band 6:3«-i-L.cTouraln* Co«I«<r Goncprt 8^15—Atwotcr Kent Hour 46t.3—WNAp Boston—650 2:1>Q—SyiniMionlc Hour 3:00—0on Voorheep Band ' 6:30—.Park Street;Church '8:1>0i^Sirei<vescenV Hotir S^30 —Amertcan^Stnscrs »:00~-tIntlmate Hour in2 .s >-wGR "offaio— 6-31>—Weymbotb Lesion Ban* <.-30.ii-Ceattal Fresbjrtenan Cbureh f:fS—Atwater Kent Hour WMAK BuWio— 590 Z:00—Same .a»-WOB 12 tan.} ' g:00—EServeacem Hoar 8:30—Ataer4i:an Singer* - 9:00—Coluii>)aiB< Intimate Hour 5SV.4r-VVTlC Hartrord-:-S60 6:30-^VPaidor(-AiBtoria Orcheetr* 8:00—^Manning-Bowman Concert 9 :Q0—Auction Bridge Uaines I0:00-Club Worthy BHIa Ortbeatra «22^WbR Newarlt- 2:90'—jJyiDphonlc Hoar , >:00—Vodrhees Band B^45—Bombard LcwltoWa Mnslcale ' 8:00—^EOervefeenr- Hour . 8': 30—American Singera 9 :QQ—Columbia Intimate - Boor 491.S^WEAF Nev» York—«10 4:0O^Dr. S. Pacices 'Qadoisiu, 6:0*-:-Go'»eptrt:JU BtenedettoTSenor S2ft—KVW Chicaoe—STO •J:00-Roxy Siroll «:30—Naitonni Radl6 Veapera . ?:I5r-Colller» Hevjew ,>:U—Don A mi uo^ the Wizard . 36S.6—W EBH.Wj/o' Chicago—SSft 6 :«0—Theater OrSnn~Itccllal 7;3U—Nonihor* Th«ut*r . 8:15—Edgeii^lrr Beach Orcoeatr* SpUO—Pnlmer HOUM Prosram *ie:*-rwcfi.wue Chicago—720. ibla -710 9:1&—Blblfcal prama'; 48«;3^-WJE New Yorkr-eeS. , 1:00—Roxy Stroll 4:30—National Kadio Vcsptra c 6:30—Musical; Literatore 7-: 15—CoIIier'a Review -8:15—WlbmntlMelodlca : 8:30—Ijotitse Htmminc contralto 8:45—Utica JUdtlee Singera 5 . B:I5-^Pcn Aniaizo, the Wizard 4<J5^WiF|-Wl.lT Phl|adelphU^740 :4:30—MsUonal Concert Orchertra OrSO—Arch'St^ Presbyterian Cburcb 8:16—^Atwater Kent Hour 9:15—Biblical Drama i 31S.6—KOI^A Pittsburgh—950 ,. 8:00—Little Symphony'Orchestra .7:16—Collier'* Review 8:15—^Musicali ProBram 8:43—Utica' Jubilee Singers , ' 9:15—Don Amaizo, the Wizard 4S3.e—V/JAR Providence—4S20 , ^ 6:3Q-^Stetson Parade 'I>Blon .Band 8:15—Robert W. Powers' Orcbeatra - 27r.»—WHAM Rochester—1080 *:J0—ISastm^n Pop Concert A -, • T:15—Rochester Strins Quartet ,8:lR—Vibrant Melodies' 8:45—Utica Jubilee Slncera ' 379.8—WOY SehenecUdy—790 > $:30—Weymouth' Leelon Band , 7:20—Capitol Theater ^>Im^l» i , 8:16—Atwaier Kent Hour i 9:15-^BIblicat'Drama 833.1—WBZ Sorlnflfleld—900 . l:6\)—Roxy Stroll 4:30—^WatfonaiRad/o Vespers t:l«;==Colller'B Rev-lew -9:00—104tb Infantry Band 46B4^WRC Washlnaton—640 • *:S9-7-W»t!«mai Conccrt'Orcl^-sira . S;20^:-C»pltal Theater Famity -t-. 8:18—AftwitCT Kent Hour *S . 9:15—Blbireal Drama B18.S!—WT Worcester—580 • . 3:'00—Men's Oonrtirrtice <>;ew Vork) 4:30—Saine as WEAF 5:30—Weyraouth Leelon Bnr.a 6:20—Capitol Theater Family- _ •.' —' SOUTHEPN , 296.*—WWNC Ashcvllle-IOlO 6:30—Church Service . - ' 475.9rrWSB Atlanta—630 5:00—Vesper Services ' 6:20—Capitel Theatre Pro^ra'm 8:15—'Atwat^r Kent-:H6ur .". ~ 384,4—Kl^HS Hot Springs-780 " 8:00—-Chai Dombercr'•.Orchestra i9:00—MuslcVLovers' Hour 10:30—Dance \FroIic : SSB.S^WJA'X-Jacksonville—890" '6:30-r-'Dlnn«r. M usic 7:0O-<-Chureh Services 9:00-^r8an . S22:4r-WHAS-4.4urtville—930 ' 2: o6-^Stoune • People's "fcSnfejpcnoe ~T 6i20=eCaEitol Theater .»amlly • 8:15—BanRPr-tsonth-Oreliejttra, Stejt— WMC Memphis—SW 'ouni; Pcopic'^a ConTcrence a-x&—w»jB Trio . ; I "tfSO^Drake Concert Hnsem 8-: 16-i-Attvoter Kent H6ur .; 9:15—our MUSIC RoAm ^ 11:00—The Hoodlums . 344.6—WLS Ctilcago—8W) 1:0.1—Concert 1:30—Cro.«ii Roadsi Sunday School 6:00—Utile Urown Church. mu»jc 447.S—WMAQ.WQJ Chicago—«» 2:00—Columbia Chain'-, Program (S hrs.) 4:30—Whitney Trio 7:00—Sunday Bvenlne Club 9:IS—CoUunbta Chain' Program (1 BTSJl- 4a.3—WLW Cincinnati—700 »: 16—First Pre8h»'terlan Cburc|i 7:16—Collier's Risvlew 8:15—Crosier Bandbox Hour 399.8—wh'AM 'Cleveiat d—750 6:30—Stetson Paraxiel^eblonBabd 7:00-:—Church Services 8:16—Atwatei; iCent Hour M5.1—WFAAOajlas—SSa 6:00—Bible Class' 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour. 11:00—La. MarlliuiUi and Orchestra, 374*-W0C Davenport—8001:00—Roxy Stroll 7 :«0—£dwards Congregational- CtC 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour 9:15—Biblical Dranu , 535.4—WHO Oes oiloinea—560 6:20—k:apltol Tlieater Family 8:00—DaSid Lawrence 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour 9:15—Biblical Drama < . 440.i—WCX-WJR Detroit—680^ 1:00—Roxy Stroll , 6:30—Central St B. Church. Pooilao 7:15—Collier's Review 8:15—Organ Recital J 352.7—WWJ Oetroit—850 .6:30—Capitol Theater Family 8>15—Atwater Kent Hour - 499.7—W8AP Fort Worth—600 4:00—Sacred Concert 5:00—Vesper Services 9:30—The Seven Aces (UA bra.) 370.2—WOAF Kansas City—810 2:00-^ young Ifepple'a Conference WIABLB uKe" TOP'S ^ aim- MCNeSiM ^OMYAj GOLLY.. SOMM SURE KNOMSMISI^OPES \tHEN if? eyening. December 3.1927. THAaPSDIFFE «ENT. \ . _ ME THE tWftfH \ fWOlM* iFAOLT^AlNi uAwslqui: OF eiq.-) Biuis MOT soch k' IvMfe HAS MOI ^E Bff> WD -V^ JUST tHKS'AliC—HE' C30T<S(jb*rF«S J !#MJMi$-SfOO EYPECr HUNVAN NATORfe DOESN'T KOMTHATViftV-rnS :35srr as easy To PEOPLE AS AT \S -mEBAD V(Ovr-AS^fTW ^T YESTERDAY? YOUSMC »(ED0 »iE •ANDvmoscrr 'the re^? aU, 9 •nucr \#.WE toeSKft ALOME. 3?LL-- Monday's Radio Programs 7:15—Colller'a 8:15—Atwater 2:0^-i-TonnB <NY) 6:20—Capitol Theater Family 8:15—Atwater ..Kent Hour • 840.7-Wsii Nasnville—880 6:20—Cap.ilpi? Tliealer.' Family 7 !15—First l^resh.vteriaii Cbnrcb 8.;16-^Atwater Kent .Hpur ' . 249.9—WCOA .Pensacola—1200 T:36—Flral M.eiiiodist Church Review Kent Hour 405.2—WCCO Miiineapolia.Sk Paul—740 7:15—CoIlier'B'Review 8:15—Atwater Kent Hotir . 9fl6—Don Amaizo. the Wizard 9:45—St. Paul Municipal Organ 806.2—WOW, Omaha—590 1:00—Roxy Strort 4:30—Same as WEAF 6:30—Capitol Theater Family 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour ; 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 T:i»-4;entral Christian Church MS.1—KSD St. i.ouli4-»80 3:30—SL Louts Symphony' 4:45—Same as WEAF 5:30—Stetson Parade Legion Band 6:20—Capitol Theater Family 1:15—Colller'a Review 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour 348.S—KVOO Tulsa—860 . 6:00—Old Faahlttoed Gospel Hour 6:30—Centenary' Methodist Choir 7:00—Classical Recital 8:15—Atwater K^iit Program I- S44JJ -WCPP ZIon /O 8:00—Ma 1^ Chclnis. Doable Trio. Bells I \ , ^ 325.9—KOA Denver—920 6:30-r-Churcb Organ Rocllal'i 7:30'i-BrowB Palace Hotel Orchestra 9:00-r-Flrst Church oC Christ, So. WESTERN . 468.5—KF^l Lor Angelaa -^-eiO 10:00—Atwater Kent Hour , ;ll:00—N. B. C. Program / 12:00—Packard Six Orcfaeatra 83C.9—KMX Loa Angei«*^-«8ft ; 9:00-^Firat Presb. Cli.. Hollywood 10:00—Cirds Theater Orcbestra > ll.:O0—Calmon LubovisU, violin' .384.4—kciO Oakland—780 6:00-r-Urace Cathedral Vespers 8:30—SUindarU Symphony Hour .10:00—Atwater Kent Hour ll:00-i^reat Moments In History '491.^KGW Pjirtland—610 8:30—Standard Symphoiiy Orchestra 10:00—Atwater Kent HoUr 11:00—Drug Store Hour 12:00—Public Service Orcbeatra 4S4 .8—KFRC S'fn Fnanclseo—600 8:30—Hotel Mark'Hopkins Utiale 10:30—Balconades Ballroom Orchestra 12:00—Danes Orchestra (X bra.) % 422.3—KPO San Francisco—710 8:00—States Restaurant Orchestra 8:30—Standard Symphony Hour .9:30—Uds Waldrop, organ- 10:30.^Falrmont Hotel Orchestra 447.5—KFOA-£eattis—670 8:30—Standard Symphony Hour 10:00—^Atwater Kent Hour 370.2—KH9 Spokane—81ft . 6:00<—Kolstcr 'Radio iHour • ' '• S:30.^tandard Symphony Hour ' 9:30^-Cburch of the Truth XljQO—E B. S. A. Program , MONDAY, DECEMBER S iBy The Aaaoctatea Pre**] • Progirams ita Central Standard time. All' time is P. Mi-^mleas otherwise In- llcated. Wave lengths on left ot'call '.ettei^; kilocycles on right. 272.8—WPG Atlantic City—1100 8:00—Studio Program 9:30—Orchestra (J hrs.) 285.S-r,WaAL Baltimore—1050 6:30—^^Dtimer Orchestra. <:34>—Roxy and His Gang 8:00—Staff Concert ^ 9:00—Dance Orchestra: :»5.»-WEEi. Boston—820 S;00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra 7:80—A and P Gypsies . , t:S0—General Mojors Party 4813—WI4AC Baston-7«») 5:30—Joe Rihes Orchestra 9:00—Captlvators Orcbestra : 10:05—JImmle.Gallagher's Orchestra j 302.8-^WGR Buiralo—990 T:00—Alonzo Mallon. oarltone 8:00—Berry Hawaiian Ensemble . 8:30—General Motors Par^' 9:3(>—Hazel M. Williamson, soprano ' i 545.1—WMAK Buftalo—5S0 (-.30—^Temple Music Makers 7:00—Salamanca Girls' :61ee Club 8:00—Captlvators Orchestra' 9:00—Musical Album , 83S.4—WTIC Hartford—660 7:30—A. ft.P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—.Moon Magic ' 10:00—Casa Lopez Orchestra ,«22.3—WOR Newark-710 ', 8:00—BeTnhard LevltotVa Enschihlo 7:35—ICrueger's Lledcrs 8:00—Captlvators Orchestra . 9:00—.Musical; Album • 10::,'0—R(»ie!and Orchestra 10:45—Seville Troubadours 491.5—WEAF Nevi> York—610 3:00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra fi:l(i—Ki«*>ov:i>. 3!Hng Quartet f:tM —Air Proilca 7:30—A., ft P. Gypsies I 8:30—General. .Motors Party 9:30—&Ioon Slaeic 10:00—Casa Lopez. Or^t|?stra ' 454J^WJZ New York—^660 3:00—flotel Manger Orchestra i 8:30—Roxy and His Gang - 8:00—Vaughn de Leatta:' pianos 8:30—Bonnie I.iaddles: Sax. Quattet '9:00—Mediterraneans Dance_Band; 4bsj—WFI-WLITPhlladslpltla-740 5:30-Adelphla Whlspertng'Orcbestra 315.6^KDKA PMtsburgb—«S0 CENTRAL 826—KYW Chicago—SIO 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 7:00—Same as WJ2 9:00—Congress Carnival 10:30—Hamip;s Serenadera 365.S—WEBH-WJJO Chicago— Jt(( '. 6:00—Palmer House Orchestra 4:16.4—WGN-WLIB Chleago-4S0 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 10:30—Ambrose Lsi«e'i>- organ 11:00—Studio Prognim 344.6—Wlis (Jhlcago—870 6':40;—College ;tim Orcbestra 447.5—WMAQ .waj Chicago—<70 6:00—Chicago Theater Organ 7:30—Musical Calendar 8':00—Columbia Chain Ptegram . hrs.) ' .•• 10:00—SteVena Hotel C^rchestr* '42a ^wLw Cihcinnatl— TOO 7:0Q—Monitor Program 8:15—Henry Thtes" Orcbestra 9:30—Studio Program 361.2—WSAl Cincinnati-^ 6:00—Lincoln Institute of Ky. SJtig- ers .7:30—A_ and P. Gypsies 8:30—General Alotors Party / ^10:00—Lopes Orchestra - ' 399.8i-WTAM Cleveland—750 7:30—A. and P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Musical Prpgram 645.1—WFAA Oallaa—550 7:00—Baker Hotel Orchestra 9:00—Belcanto Male Quartet 37^.8— woe Davenport—800 T:00—tfusieal Program 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—General ftlotora Party 9:30—Voss Vagabonds SOUTH ANDERSON (-Mrs. Anna McDow^'lI.) Close to 10,000 sheep, fi-om Oregon and N^yoniing are novrtin their way to Russia. They wlU teke ship y and go^ Ivia the Anto Tracks For Smie TORD TRUCK—For sale -with dump bed. Phone 1410W. Anfo Aeeesserief, Tlrea. Parts IZ TlRBS-^OxS truck tire; 34x4. Ford starters and. generators. lola Auto trtl Wrecking Co. Phqne_782. BUSINESSSERVICE / 536.4—WHO Oes Moines—580 f f 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 7:30—A. and P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party , 9:30—^Moon Magic / 10:00—Casa Lopez Orchestra / 440.9—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 6:30—Rosy and His Gang 8:00—Thomas Ha'wailan TWo 8:30—McKlnney's Cotton Picker* 9:30—Goldkette's Breeze Bkiwers 352.7—WWJ Detroit—BSO P 7:00—Studio Program 7:30—A. & P.. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Moon Magic / I,;. V. ciaxton, .\. w. Draw, Krani Hentoti, Ray <!arrllioii titid Wad Mosing, and ihpue taking- part li vrnnrn mTAr|i|in amusinfeishot^t plays and excclient Jlr WN >Illl orchestra music. Those com posing llU If U 11V AMU thi orchestrir wcT ?i -Merle Hollis, C. C. Claxton, N. R Draw, Frank 1c Jn iJiejiiflys were .Mlssb; Heleii Balyeat atid Oliver Rwvei Mis. -Lyle Jackson ami C<(il Bi'^wii', L-cc Scul- k'y. Krank i'oat, Hetherl liender.- X , . = ; , 86n' and Harry Bertholf. The fj (Mrs. W. E. l'nyt;nn> C;. A. A. should,tharRe artrofFalon • at' ihcir M\t onlertainm«fut y.-hifii "would nvl them nionj mout-y. C.-N, Trtnjtih had.Uic ond ot his thuiiib lieurly sevtted, by catching It in a tar door aiid wi'.l be handicapped about his Work for awhile. ." Mr. and .v^rs. Thos. Longstrcth acLonipauied their sun Guy and wife home to DeSoto for a short \1sit. ^lF^•. Chas. Ewt -n. who.had been thought to be, convalescing- nicely uLiSt. Johns hosi)ital and whd.had • •been." making plans _ for; coming iiomc, di^tl suddenlj'-or!' hWrt iall- •ure about noon Tuesday. Mr. Ewcn had gone down to visit her acad 'was there at the time of her death. Resitle ' hor h-asband. she leaves her intant ami not yet two u'eoks old, and other relatives near Togeka, where her home was before tier mariiage to MK JEwen. Ivifs. W. E. Payton i^ntertained thr ladips of the Kensington olub I 'NVedne.sday . afternoon. Christinas faniy v .oik occupied the t,imeL :>n<; a, iwo /rouvfe luncKeon w-j-, crved. s=^=,. . ij ..[.• tbo lidics reparing to the realaiir- r1 ?3F «r."Kf AN'S'"Mi4RlQET '"n'-rtinins ^l"""? they were -j ^Gltftpf'-lf iWAIfclVEii ..^.^atcd at prettfly arraiiged tables; ' • — ' •~- Misses Lucile und Ruby Spcecc alid Frances Swickard assisted M 'ftti the serving and the invited guests were: Mr-s. A. W. Paine, Mrs. Artie Smith. "Mrs. Jiihii no^JSl•l iind Mi»s Anna FiancJo.' FROMCOLONY Kcs'^vi Rroriieix nnd FarnierK' !"ii7ini SMpHtiH'Uitw KansHN niy -Market. • —— > (Mrs.' W. E. Pa.vlK>n> ' . (•giX).\V. Dec. 1.- ;UVfe .Mason Jijjg been spendinR a c/>uple of wj'ckH wiib . his daughters. Mrs. tJJon K«»r»fu«on and Mrs. Asa Stcckcr, in Iowa. ' Rcssitf Bros, iflii^lpbd a fiul- bi in'h qfTfuII fed steers to the Kaii- s;i3: ttty liiarket Tuesday "and the Kaifmers' Union aljio : liipped i» ni xcd car of stock. The Colony - Athletic, at sociation gUvp a •pie supper and t tcrtain- mciit at the Garden thi>ato Tuesday evening which drew - larAe crowd and Tiettcd_^ the boyt about iV.a for their treasury. Xo :'ilmis- sion wii» chnrged for the entertainment which consisted o.' two Ddrsett Produce Co. 1202 East Street, lohi j Phoae 708 Cash for PonKiT •*»"Bwr» We-trni corns after pOidtty. Cali'n8 .aB7 time. 8:30—Bonnl^e Laddies; Sox. Quartet 483.6—WJAR Providence—C20 7:nO-TA. ft P. G}-i^8les 8:30—General Motors farty 277.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 5:45—Huehle Barrett's Orchestra (:30—Roxy and His Gang 8:00—Bausch & Lotpb Hour 379.6—WOY Schenectady—790. f: 10—Air Frolics 7:30—A. ft P. Gypsies 8:30^-General Motors Party 9:30—^Moon.MsEie 383.1—WBZ Spflngfleld—900 5:15—Hotel weldon. ^embls 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 8:00—Aleppo .Drum Oon>9 i 8:30—Arcadia Ladles'.Quartet 805.9-WHAZ Troy—080 T:00—StMoarans HaWalfan Trio' 7:45-Trojan Healths Crusaders 8:45—Quackenbush Orchestra 488.6—WRC Washinotop^MO. S: 00—Waldort-Astoria Orchestra 6:30—Roxy and His Cans 7:30—A. « P. Gypsies ' 8:30—General Motors Party - 9161*—WTAQ Woreestei^-5S0 8:30—Capitol Theater Program 7:30-f!wTAG.Little Symphony 8:30—General Motors Party ;j . 'SOUTHERN : 29«.9-^WWNC Aahevllle—1010 ;:00—Kenilwortta Orcbestra • • / :30—Happiness^ Girls 8:45—Old Tims Muslo . 475J9—WSB Atlanta—«30 (:30—Roxy and His Gans' • 8:30—General Motors Party ., 884.4—KTHS, Hot Sprinos—780^ 8:00—Roanoke Harmony Kings- . 9:00—Chas. Oornberjcer OrcUeftra SSS-O-WJAX*-Ja^isonvllle-890 7:30—ilelody Malikn 8:30—General Motors Party iO:10—Orsan Recital 322.4^WHAS loulsvllle—930 7:30—Carl.Zoeller's Melodists' 8:00—Kosair- Hotel Proitram '8:80—General Motors Party 6i6.9—WMC Memphis—580 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Musical Program 340.7—WSM Nashville—880 . 8:30—Roxy and Bis Gang > 8:30—General Motors Party 10:15—Tennea-eeans Orchestra 322.4^W8MB NeW o /leans—930 . 8:15—^rchestr.TS and ~WSMB Special". .(2 hri.) 849.9—WCOA Pensacola—1200 8:00—KIwani! Night 10:00—Ann Galry. organ . 254.1—WRVA RiehmoDdr-1180 7 :bo —F. F. Harker, organ 8:10—Melody Boys: Rsy-O-Vao Twins 18:00—Hotel Richmond Orchestra 499.7—WBAP Fort Worth-r<00 8:00—.Sunflower Girl 8:30—Clyde & Florence Massengal*, 10:00—Sunilower Girl 1»:4S—Mfra. Assn. Program 3«li—WOS JeSerson City—830 , . .9:00—Studio Program / 10:00—The Ramblers f 370.2—WDAF Kansas City—810 7:30—A. t P. Gypsies 8:30—General •Motors Party f 9:30—Power and.Light Orchestra ' 11:45—Nightbawk Frolic 405.2—WCCO Minnrapolla-St, Paul—7(0 6:30—Curtis Hotel Orchestra - 7:30—Vagabonds' Orchestra 8:30—General Motors PartT 9:30—Third infantry Band E0e.^WOW Omaha—890 6:30—Roxy and .His Gang, —8:00—rottsem Tyrewelder rwloa 8:30—General Motors Party 10:00—Casa Lot>es Orchestra 648.1—KSD s:. Louis—590 6:30—Rozy'and His Q*ng 7:30^^eneral Motors VattT 8:30—Moon ilagic 9:00—Casa Lopeic Orchestra 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—860 6:00—Vocal—Instrumental Muale 7:30—Old Time Music 8:30—General Motors Party 11:00—Oustav Brandborg, baritone 325.9—KOA Oetiwer—920 7:30—Brown, Palace Hotel Orchestra 9:00—Scheuerman'a Orchestra 9:15—Choir, Ch. of Ascension' , Mortas. Trncfclng, Storage 25 CALX. DEAN TRANSFER .-r Phone S85, will move you by hour or can.^ tract/ with erp^rienccd '^^nSnr WHEN y0lMlfroVB— -Or store year at Jeraey City and go Alediterranean' sea and Black sea to Odessa, a disUnce ot 85.90 miles. They .were secured by the Soviet government for stock. " it "la the longest.'haul on record for suoh.a large npmber. Corn is pronounced heavier jWlth less fatten ears although lighter in yielrf than -iaat ye&t." Every little shower seems help the wheat, proving it needs rain. • , ... A pie supper at Mulberry Grove school, was a pleasant, event of Wedheajlay, Nbrembeir 23. Miss Nelson -had prepared a program which" was enjoyed by all present. The Kroiind is In very good condition tori .putting out hulfa^tif ihiis section it is possible^ plant them wpll on through December. The stiow that fell on November 30 perhaps measured U inch in depth, but in other years it would not; stop corn husking. The ground being- tlry it was not enough moisture to dampen the husks. . - . Texas has more farms than atiy^ other state, 465,642; Ngrtb-eaTo^l iina comes next and Missouri next. Eighteen degrees Is quite a cool atmosphere when compared with Tuesday's temperature. The migratory birds seem to have all gone on but tho . crows ami they can exist Jiere, at least a few do each.year. Hist pf marriage^The savage TgjjcKg-lVAXTBD— To haul Rrav husbaniL of Sumatra isn't-pc«ntt--f-^j ge at court house SaturdaA AUTOMOTIVE AfltomoUles for Sale ANOTHER FORD SPBCrALr-.1926 F<frd coupe, $425.00. We^buy, sell- or trade. Alexander Auto Sales & Supply Co., 2ff? South Washington. Phone 388. • UVE STOCK ifEgCHANgfS# Heraeg, Cattlfa YeMrteaj 4& 13 call Corr'a Transfer. Offt.'» 140, residence 140. __ CO"WS—35 head milk cows:,f Jerseys. 2 years oid, giving frotm IV^ gallons to 2 gallons inilk pA- day, will freshen in January: ^ Jer- 'seys, .4 and 5 years old. nicej ones, with heifer calves, giving % gallons milk p^t day;^HiQ(;»t«ins, 3 and 4 years okT.. giving 3 gallons milk per day. will freshen in February; 5 JerseySr -wIU be fi^sh. in W^eek; 3 Guernseys, will fpeshe^iLJ right away,^ will give from 4 to 5 gallons per day when fresh;? 3 red Durhkms in^,.2 roan. Duihams, will freshen soon, will give.;5 and t galloni^per-day when fresh: 2 red Poll coysr-wlinbe tresi in a few ^daysfs Holsteih ,hetf ^s: 5 i-l-Hoisteiniciows, will freshen ^^dn; ^ -a -V^ttofthorns. JwUl freshen* ttgUr away. Will seJl pn time dr^ trade for other cattl^, horses or mules. .T.. C. Butcher. . \ EMPLOYMEJVT. Help., lyantcd—Female ' 83 GlRl.— For general housework. /.Mrs. J. .M.'Clayton. 225 S. Fourth litroet. Phon^-12S'JW. GIRL—Competent i^irl wanted for general _housowork. Mis. C. A; • Phone :i>((: le<l to live with his wife at all, bht can^only pay her visits where she dwells -with her paternal relatives, that being the custom of his clan. . > Amos Alonzo Stagg, 66-year-old mentor at the University of Chicago, hopes to continue cdachiQS fooiballat least four years more. He says he will be ready to-retire at TO. • ' LADIES —Reputable manufacturer offers you opportunity to make extra money, spare time, experience '• unncccssarv. No selling. World Mfg. Co.. 346 6th Ave.. JfJ f • WOMAN—With one or two boys to work on farm. At>i>ly_at this office^ SPRING CALVES—15 head:; five cows,' Holstein, Jerseys, fjuern- so.vs. with calves by side-: or will trade for anything.' Boyer .*Stofk Farm, 4 miles south Laltarpc, phone 726. t , : ^ MERCHANDISE S Articles For Sale DRY CHUNK walnut, 13.00 61 WOOD— OalT^nd delivered. TIk >ne OA'S RANGES—Bargains itt. 4 ^s. ranges. - HenningerV-"Puriittir»; Stored lis , -West MadisoB." : i:": Wanted—Tdi WANTED TO BUY-^ cattle an* hogs. 'jyc>Wi(A VTANTEIl— Fox ' - Terriers/;GO1J§B9).\A' _^.^itz, ShejAerd puppif^ -StitO;^ age, describe. riomoBgr^ warit -'ji, ed at any price. £~ A. Hi^ffa, TI Klncaid. Kans. : r , . ROOMS ANB •a sij;EEBj^^-?5ooE§to^^^%fc square. Phbne^Si -I;' SfLEEPING adOM — Con Sleejiirig ro«>m .in modem- , re.isonable. : 2lg, N. C&ttonw^ogd;» • REAJL ES'fATE FORBENTl^ FOR RENT, FURNISHBIi^MtAteiat^ cottage, clo^'in. Phone fiS; ' ^ " FURNISHED^ COTTAGfi- GOOD TRACTOR-^And plojirs for sale cheap; excellent—conUilioii. Phone 7: =qt>NK WIDE TIRE WAGON — 0«£ iron wheel wagon, one act har^ nes.-j. J. C. Butcher. •dav aftertioon at 2: or eiavellpit 3 mileR west and! south" Monday morning. lola] Town.'-hip. ANNOUNCEMBNTO StJrired, Lost. Foiiod 10 STRAYED tify. Cha.«. Route 2. lack police dog. No- Sprlngston, LaHarpe WANTED—A Farmer or Farmer's Son over 21.~Opportunity to connect with million dollar institution and earn good; money right from the "start calling on our customers in your crtunty. Hotresty and ambition nocessar.v. - Capital or expetience not neco-ssar^-. Write Dept. 124. John Soxton & Co., Box HH, Chicago. Situations Wanted—»ale 37 AUCTIONS 1«A PUBLIC: AUCTIO .V -Public auction every Saturday aM:00 o'clock at Btafaop'g SiUey PavlHon. AUTOMOTIVE t WESTERN 468.5—KFI Los Ana *ts»-<40 ' 9:1^0—5Iuslc Box Hour 10:00—N. B. Cr Program '•' 11:00—Musical AfastenXeces 12:00—Packard Eight OrcUestrs. 336.9—KMX Los AHBsl«S 880 '9:30—KNX Players 12:00—Blltraore Hotel Orchestra ' 1:00»—Cocoinut Grove Orchestra 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 10:00—Spotlight Hour <N. B. C.) 11:00—J. IL Jackson, Book Cbat- G08.2—KLX OaWanJ' 890 8:30—Dinner Orchestr*'. ... 10:00—Special Program . if. 11:00—Lake Merrltt.Ducks ' 491.5—KOW* Portland-«IO 10:00—(Spotlight Hour 11:00—Venctun How 12:0d—Multnomah Hotel Orch. (2 hrf.) ' 454.3—KPRC San Francisco—800 9:00—The Ifawaitans 10 :o6 —nkie Monday Jamboree 12:00—Silvcrtown Cord Orcb^rs 422.3—KPO San F'ranclseo—710 8:30—S. * WT. Concert Orchestra 10:00—K.. a. C. Program 11:00—'White King Qrehestr* 447.5-KFOA Seattle—«70 9:30—Sunde & d'Ev^rs Trio 10:00—Spotlight Hour (N. B. C) 12:30a—Coyotes Frolic 370.2—K HQ Spokane-^0 ^ 8:0.0—Davenport Hotel Orchestra ?:30—Smith * Co, Organ <1>4 hrsi) Antompblle Agencies BBD WHITE MOTbR CO.—HudBon- Essex dealers. Everything in high class i^aed cars. . You will find what ypuiwant here. All priced worth the money. We trade or give liberal terms. 219 S. Washington.' Phone ISO. ^ IHIGH SCHOOL BOY—Wants work of any kind after si^hool and on Saturdays; experienced grocery clerk. Address "Boy," Register, or phone ,567. MARRIED .MAN—Wants general farm .work by the year. -Yew tj-pe- !- writer for sale. 11.=;. Phone South Gas Garage, Peter C. Anderson. R. 3. lola. , RADIOS—Musical instrun^euts of all kinds, guns,.watches, t^lothing, shoes', furniture of all kinds, milk goats and fox terrier dog*. Phone 903. Chimney Sweep. : S.ATITRDAY . SPECIALr—2 ft. ho& troughs, weight S lbs., 'Saturday special; • onjy 75e.- AUeii County Ininlement; Co; i " 4. room, moderftr with garag^, block fBoiaTj • square'. Phone 78. . FURNISHED-- HOUSE^For renL; Innuire 507 S. Jefferson or phi ^ne SK. ; . - ' HOUSE-Seven rofiinjnotleri^^^ttrr-J age for two^cars, close In. vJohn-' Reuther. 4 ROOM HOUSE—Electric li^ts and water -in house.. Wfl^^- chaiige rent tor work. Phgne I't^fcC REAL ESTATE FOB Farms an4 Isnd For Sale : 8S WELL-IMPROVED 80 .A^CiiB »:::L _a And well eSlablUhed filUng. sta- " tlcn on mainUrall north and'soilt1x >k ^Prlce 116,600 for both. M. A.Schlfcki. Bnsln^ss and Office Equtsinenf &i FOR SALE OR'TRADE—One large floor show case. 13 ft. jlong, top atid side glass, all .one iSece, cost $300, wil'j sell for $S0;; roll top -desk, good condition, pVice $2.'>r one* multlgraph Ifke new; at a-bargain; one flat top'desk. $!.=>. See Geo. L. Williams at loIa-Daily Register. . - . ~ FINANCIAL Business Opportiinitles . .18 DELUXE SANDWICH SHOP^llO East street, for sale. CaU at shop or 1201 North S.wamore. iiiteiBobfles For Sale IJ O. K. USED CARS—1924 Ford roadster; 19*4 Ford touring: 1923 Ford roadster: 1922 Ford coirpe; 1921 Dodge bouring; 1921' Dotj&e roadster; 1996 Chevrolet touring; 1926 Chevrolet 'sedan; 1924 Chevrolet touring; 1924 Chevrolet ton truck with grain body; 1921 Overlsad touring;: 1919 Oakland touring; nearly pew International grain body ton truck. . Shelly. Motor,Go'.; lis West Jaokson. Phodie,«0, OAKLANP — Dealeri —k)NTIAC '26 Pontiac coach: '38 Ponttac coach. like new; '24 Oakland sport touring,.like new; '25 Buick light six touring, fino shape; 'SSi.Fbrd coupe; fy>rd roadster, box on rear; •2fi Ghevrolet coach, like new; 'i^ Chevrolet coupe: '25 Chevrolef touring: 'Jii podgft touring, (good. ' Several other cheafior used' cans Cash, terms or trade. Hooart-Motor Co. /. 1925 • FORD COUPE—1924 Bulok roadster; Chrysler •60" sedan: 1926 .Star coach: 1926 Fowl /oad- ster^ 1926 Ford sedan. All are in good shape. "We t Ade. Rosa Ar; buckle's Garage, Chrysler dealers. Phone 56. 3Ioney to Loan—Jfoilgages 40 TYPEWRITERS—For sate, rent oi trade. - •Williams Typenfriter Co.. 113 Eas\ Madison. ^ Honsehold .6oo48' 59 HOUSEHOLD; FURNITUjlE — At private sale^ Phone 7'el .or call at 302 East street. • < .' 160 ACRES—Near CVIoran; proyed SO acres near lola";! Im- P^in'e'd' 3ft acres near L^i rij(e;u Improved 40 acres; 160 acids'ii«ar Fredonla. iihptoved; Vi^ ftreR"^ near Lafontaine, improve^; 8ij acres near Hjimbpldt, unimproved; 160- acres near' Lonei Errii.:: iin-X;; iproved; "320 "acres near lol^^jiiti-- prored. .4lf--tbe above are priced to sell; call i^ive good terms "'Vf^h- reasonable' Interest. |If -ypu| «re—; I in the market for:.a farm or "|crfr. -^f age tract see Hawthorne. |1! ^ West Madison ivenne. . ( ''Houses For Sale .LI HOUSte—6 room inodern. |4fiO cai b, baJa:nce ^terni8. Ja.cksqu BpalJ,y- •Co.v ojer Brdwn'? Drug Stor/O. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms, 50, city 69f. Long or short time. R. M. Cuhningbam. FARM LOANS-rQuick service and reas^onable- rates. A; El. Haw- thorny 15'^ West Jtadi>!on. MONEY TO,LOA.N—On farms ,or citv property. Lowest rate. Stewkrt & Funk. MONEY TO LOAN-r-On real estate, repayable In small monthly; payments. These loans never come due -^better because cheaper and more convenient. Security Buildint; .V: Loan Assn.. Ist Natl. Bank Bldg. .r LIVESTOCK Dogs, Cats Other Pets 47 C0O.N; AND FUR DOfJ — Guaranteed A No. 1, for salo. 209 South Chestnut. Horses, Cattle. Tehlcles 48 OOWS-^Fresh purebred Hoisteinri, gooil milk producers. C. T. Sander.-?, lyeRcy, Kan.-"- C0WS|-2 Holsteins, one 5 years old, fresh in a week: 3-year-oM heifer giving three gallons per day. 212 S. Jeff. Phone 23... YOUNG COW—For sale. Pho..605. DejXendable 'Used G^rs . A_ Used Caf^ Is as Dependable a$ the ^ Dealer Who Sells W i 1»27 BOIMIK .SEIJJ^', like new. ... ] =• . . 1D37 DODGF SPOi^ R0AOS;|¥B. : I I8JM liOW;!-: TOdmSa, xlnter t»i». 1921$ FORD ImAfit /fiB. like nw. 19S7 H1IF3H)BILE$IX SEPAN^ same as new. 193fi lIUI>.SO?r RR^rGHAX. like new. ^ 1W7 ESSEX COAC3I. same as new. ' I0« BHSK.V (;«AC&, cheap. ^ 1034^ KTCBKBAKEg ROADSTER, a real hn^: . t. 193S D01)GK TOU^.NG, a rralrvalne. 1938 OOliciE TOir^i.NU, exceptfonar value.: las; lufiCK TOUiMsc. 1W5 FOBI» TBlCi^ Mfce new. Reronditioned IH-fon Graham Brothers 'Eruck,-gnaranfeeidt. .We don'tj have so r^any used cars. 'There's arcaaon.. Some: good, servicciiblo used cars cheap. ' We IradeorBCirois:; easy terms. ; ; ; Dodge Brother^ Cars—Or^am Brothers Truck^ ELLIS M^OR^]\0tANY •' . (0pen |Eveiiing8 and-Snitda7«> ^ 214 H. Washington raonetU- FRECKLES AND HIS. FRIENDS tBAT"S OUT. * •• • i' J Comer i»ist M«ur<w nnd Elm Sts. We Wfii'tt Your Poultry, Eggs id IIi(le.s'., OM Nirniii R 18 876 icie Huuse !*hn \e mi. 0. 0GBILL, Jdabager. —\Vantea to Bay: Clean trhite rags at the Register: . . POR VoO =VlOJJlERe' OIX-Z WAS CWER MLVHAVS CMER PtAYIN' |^ID=.VWM.V? ;( ONJgGlTUEpeAtLTJJl' ;^/AAA AvwFCJL - Is J* w • IJ

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