The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 6, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1894
Page 7
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(011 DAILt AND WEEKLY, ALL HOME PRINT. • ttt» 8fcNl«BL Is the only newspaper In Car toll county that la printed nil at home and It con 1 Bins more locaUiml coimtp news than nn; otlie i t*o papers id this count;. POWKBS & Cotoi.0, Props, FBIDA*, Amir, 6, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Slippers at Moore's. Pine shdes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. Tho best 11.00 work shoes at Moore's. ; Canned sweet potatoes at Kempker S Coolidgo's, Shell oyster crackers at Kcmpker & Coolidge's. Store room to rent. Inquire of Wm. .Trowbridge. , Stoves stored for the season. Call a' lartin & Clovis. Do not buy Oxfords this spring unti you see Moore's line. Wilson Bros.' fine underwear .jus' opened at MOSKS SIMON'S. Schubert's Male Quartette nt the Baptisi Church Saturdav evening. Oaae&Hnber threshers mid engines Jat Woodward, Dickev & Oo.'s. ^•tomorrow afternoon tho library wll lApenonly from 4 o'clock until 7. Eolipae and Grain wind mills, pumps and tanke at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. Wanted, 150 bushels of oats. Inquire , at the wholesale house of Letts, Fletcher 'Co. Disc harrows and Dies cultivators at boUom prices at Woodward, Diokey Co.'s. Hatton is now ready for business 1 with a fine spring stock of curtains and fixtures. WANTED, a competent girl at once. Inquire of Mrs. M. E. Robbins at "The Hub" Tickets for the Schubert Male Quar- 'tette are now on sale at Hatton's drug Store. Champion and Standard mowers, and Champion binders at Woodward, Dickey &Co.'e. A good six room house for rent in the southeast part of town. Inquire of Jno. P. Schaefer. The Schubert Concert quartette will appear at tho Baptist church tomorrow, Saturday evening. . Fancy and staple groceries of all kinds at Kempker & Martin's, first door west of Wetherill & Guam's. Lirge Btoak of carriages, snrreye, , buggies and spring wagons nt Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. [ The county clerk issued a ense yesteiday to J. E. Coloway au B. Sharp, of Pleasant Valley. War! on scrofula aud every form of 1 in pur r blood la boldly declared by lloud'H MtriapurUl. 'tbe great conqueror of all blouu discuses, Now you are about to get ready to tbe spring cleaning call and see Button' stock of wall paper, curtains, fixtures etc. The. King's Daughters will hold a spe • cial business meeting Saturday afteruoo ' at the home of Miss Malie Wetherill, am ' all members are urgently requested to b present Colds, caused by the sudden changes o < temperature at this season of the year make Ayer's cherry peotoial indlspensa ble. Do not spoil your shoes with Jnferio ' dressings, but if you would like ome thing good and nico, you will find it a Moore's. Hiss N. M. Camp is now prepared to do all kinds of sewing at hor homo, twi blocks south of the college. Children' clothes a specialty. Ready for tho sprinu trado with the belt stock of curtains, fixtures, decorations, wall paper, etc., ever shown in Carroll. J. W. llatton. Prof. McEwen's test was genuine and we, after seeing him perform three diffl cult o LCI, take pleasure in recommending 'Mn at a groat mind reader. (Preserved teat tickets for the Schubert concert at the Baptist church next 8«t- urd*y evening for the benefit of the public library are now on gale at J. W HattonV Those having horses to sell will do V«ll IQ bring them to Carroll Friday or Saturday, April 18 and 14, for Delahunt 4 Campbell will be here then and will pay the bin beat market price, . Carroll ji to have a now drv good* f (on. Jpbn Guild of Oniaba baa arrived i*the city with a stock of goods and will open up lowe time next weok in the Wright building, tint door west of the "Tired! Oh, so tired Ml tbe lintel" Mrs. Smart, "Well, so I \uaed to be until I began to take Ayor's ,, aaria.parilla»»la spring medicine, aud now 4 4ou't know what It IB to have that tired , <WlJug, Try It, my dear; only he sure ,jM»ug*tAyerV board of Bupervuon completed Ml Work (or the April wailou aud ad • Jpuroed today uoou. The board had a large •mount of work to dispose of Imt • tbe member! were all desirous of getting through wllli it us speedily ui possible and beld evenlug Deuione, B t will be an agreeable surprise to per- lubjeot to attacks of bilious collo to fit 4|i«t prompt relief way be had by I Chamberlain's collo, cholera and remedy, lu many luatuuoes the attack may be prevented by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear, 26 mid 60 cent bottles fors..le by J. W. llatton, drugRist. Don't tail to see that graudly bred trotting stnllion Lakeward, 19060, by the mighty Onward, 141). Will make season at Carroll driving park. EUOBNB MrjNSoN, Owner., Kcmpker & Coolidge hava moved their grocery across the street and are now located on the north side of Fifth street the first door west of Wetherill & Guam's hardware store. They'have a fine room and everything fitted up in nood shape for a first class grocery. They have put in a lot of now goods and ttaeir store is as clean as a whistle and they would be pleased to have their friends Chll on them in tneir new quarters, The evolution o£ medicinal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and elective liquid laxative; Syrup of Kigs. To get the true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading druggists. Wilson Uros.' fine underwear just opened at Mosus SIMON'S. SPECIAL NOTICE. In order to meet any and all so called clothing peddlers who are canvnsing this town and vicinity, I' have made special arrangements and ain now ready lo show to the public a iae of samples frrm which lean make suits from $18.00 and upward, and pants from |4.25 to order. I will guranlee a perfect fit. Call and see our samples'arid prices. MOSES SIMON of tbe famous. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ingwersen are in he city and will attend the reception to 30 given by Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Lee at 3urkc's hotel this evening. They ei- :cct to remain in the city a few days visiting their friends who are very glad o see them among us again. Mr. Ingwersen is at present cashier of one of he strongest financial institutions in Clinton and looks as if the world was using him well. Their many warm riends in this part of tbe country are >leased to hear of his prosperity. The difficulties under which the Acme knitting works has been sailing' for ome time past have been adjusted in a manner satisfactory to the parties con- erned and the factory will soon be run- ing again. Mr. M, Simon has been made trustee of the concern and will ave charge of the business, while Mr. 'etlig will superintend the manufacture if the goods. We are glad to learn that his enterprise will again start its wheels nd hope that nothing will occur in the uture to stop them. Mr. Simon is now us? taking account of stock and expects o havn the factory running in about wo weeks. Chose who never rend the advertise- cuts iu their newspapers miss more than they presume. Jonathan Kenisou, of Uolttii, IPorth county, Iowa, who bad been troubled with rheumatism lu his back, aims and shoulders read uu item iu his paper about how^a prominent German citizen of Ft. Madison had been cured. Ue procured the'same medicine, and to use his own words: "It cured uio right up." lie also says: "A neighbor and his wife wore both sick In bed with rheumatism. Their boy was over to my house and said they were so bad he had to do the coorfiug. 1 told him of Chamberlain's pain balm and how it had cured mu, ho got a bottle and It cured them up in a week. 60 cent bottles for sale by J. IK Uatton, druggist. Geo. W. Jones, of Dabuqne, lowa'a first aettler and first United States senator, was honored by a joint session of both branches of tbe legislature. Tbe twelfth of this month Hon. Q. W. Jonee will be 90 years old. At ibis occasion appropriate addressee of welcome were made by President Duugan and Speaker Stone. Tbe aged senator and godfather of tbe atate made a fitting response and waa followed by Qov. Jaokaou^Saoretary of State MoFarland, ex Senator Qeo. Wright and Bon. J. K. Graves. ._ is-«"•"- THREE NEW EVENING GOWN8. , At the left is nn evening gown in shell pink taffeta with brocaded pmk coral around the bottom. The front ia of crepo do cliirie. Two other gowns tor grand functions are also shown in the accompanying picture. .ttcrn of bition at Music hall aud we cheerfully recommend bim to all, knowing that his work is genninaaad that he will convince all that he is what he claims to be. Boiled Peas Excellont. An ancient 8t<iry, ot two unfortunates who were compelled to make a long pilgrimage with peas In tlvelr'shoes. The feet of one of them, at the end of the journey were terrible sore and swollen. HU companion's were not hurt In the least. Being asked the reason he replied, "I boiled my peas." Wise man. Why should men and women and children make the pilgrimage of lire with pains and aches troubling them, not only thoirfoet.butallover, when a simple remedy will 'effect a cure. Dr I'lorce's Uolden Medical discovery is potent to euro dyspepsia, "liver complaint," skin diseases and kindred troubles arising from same source. tho Store Booms for Bent. I have two store rooms for rent under Music hall, one facing ou Fourth street and the other facing Fifth street. Apply to B. U. DREES. Horses yranted. Delahunt & Campbell will bo at Wil- raer i&Sbollenberger's "East End" livery barn, Carroll, Iowa, Friday and Saturday. April 18 and 14. They will offer the highe'st market price fur all classes o: horses from 5 to 8 years old, weighing 1,000 pounds and upward. NOTICE. Tho undersigned will let tho contract to grade approaches to the Hobbs bridge on Saturday April 7, at 2 o'clock p. m. Amount of grade made known at time oi letting contract. Wiil sell a lot of old bridge lumber at same time. WM. SEXTON, County Supervisor. How's Thlal We oiler one hundred dollar* reward for aujr eaw of catarrh that cannot be cured ujr llull'i catarrh our«. V. 3. CUKNKY * Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the uudernlgued, have known V. J, Cheney tor the paat IB jears, and belluvo him perfectly honorable In all bualuem trauMolious aud nuau- clallr able (o carry out any obligation niude by their flrui. Wott it Tumi, wholeiale druuuti, Toledo, 0. Waldlng, Klnuau A Marvin, wholesale drug- Out*, Toledo, O. Uull't catarrh cure 1* taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood aud luucotu lurfuoeu of the system. Price 7o& per bottle. Bold by all druggist*. Twitliuouittl* free. No HOMUOO, Juat alter 19 o'clock today Prof. Mo- Dwen came into TOR SawiNit office and volunteered to undergo any t*at of mind reading we might rtquire him to make. B, B. Woodrlng and a Bwmmu, reporter eeourely blindfolded bim, OOP- looted bim to another room then bent a >iu and bong it on a nail on th* window MMmeut. Ha took Mr. Woodriog by b« buud and oondaotad bim to the win- law and told bim tbepiojpa* on • nail n tbe window and ia a few momenta ound it. Tbe reporter thin got tbe ledger, opened it at page 880, and a»- ud lb» name of Jai, Wattle* out of m ttfty name* ou the page. Prof, Mo- 9weu iu it very abort time found Ibe mue and wblle blindfolded and with- ut touching any OIM read tit* uame. [e also found a secreted envelope aud •ad t he uime while blindfolded, 'f fail veuiug tb« professor will give au eth> IOB. Ico season has now begun and tho wagon is now out. Leave your orders at the office of A. U. Quint orM. Simon's slore. , ! For Sale! Oue young short horn ball subject to registration, JAMES Moiipny, Carroll, la. CORRESPONDENCE. (Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them «o they will reach our office Wednesday. J VAST LIBBUTY AND BUCK HUN. Measles still prevail. Wllke Jacobs has gone on to his farm in Ualhoun county. JPoJves are quite plenty iu the vicinity of Coon river. Christ Smith has sold his chestnut team to the horse buyers. Those who observed tho old custom of planting their potatoes ou Good Friday are extremely anxious now. The grade approaches to tlio Hobbs bridge will bo lot on the 7th and a lot of old lumber sold at the same time. Bros. Big Four; aud Santa must consider that In qulot rural communities like outs, that some weeks there Is nothing occurs of sufllolent Importance to write about. If wo had tbe gift we might manufacture some spring poetry. __________ JIM. UNION TOW«BUn>. Work has begun lu the fields again. S. E. Arblugast hauled hay last week. Frank Durlam and wife visited at Ded- haiu last Friday. Uls Harris Is back shaking hands with old friends aud relatives again. U. 0. Kuthr-uf I* expected home soon. Ills father Is some hotter. Mrs. Arblngast and children visited her parents at Dodhaiu last week. Davis & Audoraou aawed wood for Mr. lihodeglastPrlday. Frank lUri Is traded hla turkeya for* calf. Mrs, Lefllugwell 1 * brother aud wife have returned to their home after a pleasant visit here. AaaSmltU'a friends will be glad to learn that ho expooU to return to Iowa for a visit this suuimersome tliuo, There are 150 scholars enrolled, most of whom are small, and the work was too much for the two sisters who had them iu charge. , Misses 'Bohnenknnip and Reasbery, of New Vienna, who have been visiting here, have returned to their homo. Henry Mormon and family have loft for Oklahoma and we wish them success. Mr. M.'s neighbors were all sorry to see him leave, as he was a first class man and a good citizen. The creamery, will be ready to receive milk in two or three weeks. U. Whitt and Charley Long, two prominent young men, Sundayed in .our cabin. The wind has'been blowing very hard and it has been very dusty. IFe' long for rain. IKiu. S. began plowing for corn. He must be ouo of the early birds, We have not been writing very regularly of late, but will do bettar iu the future. PLEASANT HILL. F. Kibble was up from Tuttle's Grove last Sunday. A son of A. Bedford, 01 the Valley, was very sick last week with tonsilitis, or scat throat. A. B. McCurday has been moving his hay to the farm ho leased lately. Uncle John Grove made a Hying visit to Guthrle county last week. John Oiveii has been laid up with rhuuiatism most of the winter but is but again. Miss Mary lloxton, of Dedham, will teach in the Byrely district this spring. K. By rely, of Carroll, has moved to the farm house recently vacated by K. Ossman. Misses A. and E. 1'omeroy, or Dedlmm, were social callers at tho hill last Sunday. We learn that tho next quarterly meet- Ing of the U. B. church at Carrollton will be held there April 21 and 22. The township "Dads" had their regular powwow lost Monday to propose good tilings for us and to haggle with the assessor. A prominent fuult with us when making copy is to talk about "our selves and relatives" In nearly every Item, but It's only ouo way to become conspicuous and ask pardon of the other correspondents who are not gifted that way. NKBVOUH debility, In either »ex. however Induced, spuydily, thoroughly and permanently cured. Addrow. with 18 cent* In aiainp* for roplyam book of particulars, World's DUpen- ww UudloM AMoolatlon, DOS Alula SJ.,Bulfalo, a long shelf of rock protending frotn the Bide of a mountain. There was no pnow here, and the father lost tho trail, but he now urged his dog, which up to this time he had compelled to remain with him. The dog took the lead, and the man followed, fully expecting to find the entrance to the wolf's den, from which he could hardly hope to get the baby alive. But his fears were groundless. He soon came upon his faithful dog wagging his tail and looking down at a little white bnndlo at his feet. It was the baby, sound asleep and most frozen, apparently unhurt otberwise. Brown took off his coat, and wrappin the infant snugly in it started hastily fi home. He soon mot his wife and two t three of tho neighbors to whom she ha given the alarm, It was a most remarka ble rescue. Tho mountaineers say tha it was only a freak of the "inad" well but the little one no doubt owes its lif to a drenching of petroleum given it fo some cutaneous affection by its mothe just before it was -curried away. Th odor of -the oil was too much for hi wolfship. He probably sniffed abou the child after laying it clown under th rocks and preparing to make a deliciou meal, then left in disgust.—St. Loui Globe-Dumocrat Special. JAPANESE SUPERSTITION. Saving iho broptt of Walcr Tlmt W tho I'rfcst Who Died Ilccently. The latest event in the religious work 1 is the death, funeral and cremation o the cbiefest priest of the largest anc most powerful Buddhist seot in Japan The funeral was attended by many tens of thousands of people from all over Japan. The person of this priest is so very sacred, and anything that has come in contact witb it so very precious in its merit and powerful in its efficacy to save, that every drop of the water that was nsed in washing the body after death was eagerly sought for and gratefully received by the priests and laymen alike. Little bamboo joints were nsed as vials in which to receive and carry away the precious fluid. This water will be used as drops of saving elixir when the body of some believer is washed for ite burial—as a few drops of the attar of roses might be used in a bath—and the one receiving this washing will be insured a safe and happy entrance into the Buddhist paradise. Sad, sad, unspeakably sad, and yet millions of theso people believe this to be true.—Correspondence Independent. it tip at the sale of the other household effects. It was started at $10 and run up rapidly at $20 a jump until it was awarded to the youngest son—Peter—at f 1,870.—Reading (Pa.) Dispatch. Carroll Market Report WUKAT-44oto 47o COHN-230 OATS-aao UOC.S-84.il6 l'OTATOKS-40 HUTTKH-lSo KGOS-To CATTLiK-83.00 to 2.60 llaril Lines for •That interesting member of the British aristocracy, the Marquis of Ailcs- bury, will bo adjudged a bankrupt if within a mouth he does not pay $1,250,000 due to creditors_above certain doubtful assets. The marquis has been gallantly endeavoring to prevent this consummation since 1800, when bankruptcy proceedings were first commenced against him, and tbe delay secured is a rare tribute to his cunning or that of his lawyers. His lordship's chief lament is that he is married, and therefore unable to wed an heiress. He has no doubt of his personal attractions or of the commercial Value of his title. Yet these splendid assets are unrealizable because, years ago, when he was young and had plenty of money, he married Dolly Tester out of a music hall at Brighton.— London Cor. New York Sun. lively Bidding- For an Heirloom. The sum of $1,370 is rather a high price to pay for a turkey dish, yet this is tho figure at which one was knocked down to a purchaser in Penn township at the •ale of personal property of Levi Geiss. The dish is a rare old piece of chinawnre, beautifully ornamented, and was purchased 80 years ago at a sale by Mr, Greiaa for $3.50. Each of his children expressed a desire to have it, and as they coold reach no agreement; as to who should be tho gvruep tbey decided to put What They Thought of Child*. A press clipping bureau has just completed a collection of 8,600 newspaper comments on the life arid works of Gr. W. Childs. The two volumes in which they have been carefully and chronologically pasted are beautifully bound In black morocco. Among all the clippings there was only one that made an unkind teuark regarding Mr. Childs. A MYSTERIOUS PICTURE. Story of a Strnngc Coincidence Which Look! like tin Answer to Prayer. We have in our possession a photograph of one of the strangest and most remarkable accidents that ever came to our knowledge. It lies on the desk as wo write and was handed to us by M. E. Allen, a photographer by occupation, who told us the interesting little story connected with it. The photo represents a saucer, in the center of wbicb is a distinct likeness of a human face. It i« the bust of a man, with curly hair and (lark beard, mid several to whom it has been oxhibilid at once recognized a resemblance between the engravings usually seen of C'hrist. It seems that some time since a Mrs. Timrnerrnan of Piedmont, S. C., where young Mr. Allen has been in therphoto- graph business, suffered tbe loss of a favorite daughter. The bereavement left tho mother broken hearted. She is a Christian woman, and she prayed that God would give her some token by which she might bo comforted. One day, while cleaning the dinner table, in gathering up the dishes preparatory to cleaning them the settlings of a cup of coffee ran into a saucer which had not been used. In taking up the saucer to wipe away the settlings she saw, to her intense astonishment, that the coffee grounds had a perfect .profile of a human bust, ind, what was yet more wonderful, that head and face formed the ideal likeness of Jesus Christ. She recognized it as such instantly and accepted the strange coincidence as an answer to her prayer. The grounds dried on the saucer and yet retained the shape they first assumed. The dish has been photographed by our nformant, and any one so desiring may see it at our office. Mr. Allen assures ns that no human hand has touched tho remarkable production, and that Mrs. Timmerman is a reliable and truthful .ady. To say the least of the occurrence, it is a very remarkable circumstance.—Gainesville (Ga.) Eaglo. 'Coffee is intoxicating if taken in enffl. lent quantities, though differing in ite ffects from alcoholic stimulants. The icrvea may be disturbed in a degree ap- iroaching delirium tremens. WELCOME WORDS TO WOMEN. Many time* women call on their family phy. •toluu, luScring, u they imag-ino, ouo from dyipcpiU, another from heart diseaie, another from liver or kidney ddeawu another with pain; hero or there, andi in this way they >U] present to their cur-going doctor,; •eparatp dlfeaied for which he pr*>l Nrlbea. wuralnjr them to be tuoh, when. In re»Uljr,j ^ „ they are all onC . , . tvmptom* oauaea. by tome womb disorder. The suffering, pa-' tient gets no better, but probably worae, by reason of the delay, wrong treatment anai consequent complications. A proper medj. cine, like Dr. Plerce's Favorite Inscription. directed to tne cause would have promptly' cured the disease. Hn. HARRY TAPPAN, of Reynolds, Jtfftrt** Co., Keb., write*: "For two years I waa a •ufferer. A part of this time baa to bo carried: From my bod. Waa racked with pain, had] liyitcrta, waa very nervous, no'appetite and! completely discouraged. A few bottle* of 'Favorito Prescription' effected • perfect cure." Bold by all dealer* lu medlciaoi. CARROLL DRY 00005°" Vx ,»«— ,-.. - /^rkinri-»Tr «r«r . _»•. COMPANY A free Indian show U lu our city for tho next two woeks. Heeding U uuurly all completed lu tltlu locality. Tbe Klooko Uio»>, of Moaello, favored us with a pleaimut eall last Sunday. How does the new liquor law ault you V John Sohllote returued from Chicago Sunday, where he had been with stock aud struck n good market. SUter Gerouiu, of La Cfosan, \Vls.,haa, an'lvud aud will touch the third room, Children Cry for Fltoher't Cattorla. CARRIED OFF 8Y A WOLF. A Baby RMOUUII After It IU4 HMD Carried Two Ml lot by lit Captor. Last Saturday a big wolf which haa torroriwiil the jwople of the Buuipaa cave region, iu North Carolina, for the luat Iwo or throe yours entered the cabin of a mountaineer named Browu during the momentary absence of the houaewifo, Mid, soizlug the only occupant, an infant I mouths old, by the clothing lit the region of the cheat, lifted it from tho rude cradle and bore it uwuy into the mountain*. When tho mother returned to the houso and missed the baby, she rushed to the door just iu time to aee the wolf and (tepreoioua burdon disappear into tho neighboring woods, Tho distracted woman began to so ream. This brought the husband, who waa 0)1011- plutf wood uot far «way, to tho nuoiui iu • high statoof excitement. Tho story from tho Up* of the hysterical mother al- uott drove the brave follow daft, but he •aiced kit a*, culled his dog aud started iu hot pursuit. There were about two inches of tmow ou the ground, aud it prov- Identiully enabled the d«bporut« father of tlu> klduayvd infant to itrlko tUe trail of the wolf inuuvdiatoly after leaving uUJoorywd. Ouuo upon tho truokof tho boast, ho rushed through the mountains with u nueed bora of dUtructiou, azpeotiug every moment to uoiue upon tue old aaaasiiu lloking big chop* red with tho warm blood of his viotiu, About two uiilea from hla cabin tho &• wolf 1«4 the, juraufl- under Dry Us, Notions, Ilillinery and Cloaks BUTTJSRIOK: We are showing an exceptionally nice Hue of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a largo assortment of Ladies Skirt Waists. Hjj Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodery. An Excellent Stock, of £>ws Trimmings In the Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet tho requirements of the i Spriug Trade in Millinery. We have what will suit ! you, aud judging by the amount of work we are turning out, the pi-Joes are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR,TRADE. You make no mistake in making your purchases here, Kvorything is sold with tho complete understanding that per- t'eot satisfaction is guaranteed. are tlio Low Price Makers on our line of goods, Yours truly, CARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY. 'J V V, ll

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