Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 12, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 6
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SIX IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 1961. Hurley Presents Spring Concert Thursday Night Hurley High School's Mus I c Department will present its annual Spring; Concert at 7:30 Thursday evening in the J. E. Murphy Gymnasium. The public is invited to attend Included on the program will be selections by the band and choir and numbers by vocal and instrumental soloists and ensembles. James Gustafson is the instrumental music director and Mrs. Lucille Dahl directs the v o c al groups. Accompan i s t s for the concert will be Miss Mary Hambey. Mrs. Norma Kinnunen and "Since I made one sad mis Barbara Barto. itake in trusting my steady boy Following is the program: i friend, wouldn't it be a second The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Polly wonders what do do when her baby is born out of wedlock. Should she try to keep it or let it be adopted by a devoted but childless couple who crave a youngster? How can you decide such a dilemma? Just use the "moral yardstick" outlined below. Memorize this yardstick for use in other situations, too. CASE v-487: Polly G., aged 17, is the high schooler who will soon bear a baby out of wedlock. "Dr. Crane," she began, "as I think about my baby. I can't bear the idea of giving it up. "Wouldn't that be cruel and heartless? Band—"Star Spangled Banner" and "El Chaco March." Vocal Triple trio— "Whither" —Jeanette Sunie. Jeanne Cal-j vetti, Mary Jo Traczyk, Joanne |. Ciotti, Jo Ann Aimone, Cheryl' 111 Huotari. Angie Leitza, Jean Tarro and Peggy Young. Tuba solo—"His Majesty the Tuba"—Eugene DaR o n c o. , . . . ,, Vocal solo—"But the Lord i s l ngnt Mindful of His Own"—Barbara Bartp. lari'n e t quartet — "Cand i d Clarinets"— Jo Ann Aim one. error to let adopted?" ETHICAL my baby be YARDSTICK The usual yardstick to employ facing ethical problems is I! this: "That which does the most good for the most people over the longest period of time, is ght." Be sure you analyze all three component ition! parts of that defin- Sandy Tuominen, Donna Soine and Christine Mezzano. Vocal solo —"Non so piu"— Jeanette Sunie. Clarinet choir—''Divertimento'' —Karen Saari, Jean Tarro, Mary Lou Aimone, Sandy Tuominen. Donna Soine, Christine Mezzano. . Mary Lou Flateau, Briclgette Away"—Mary Lou Flateau, Marilyn DeZur. Kathleen O'Leary, Doris Saari, Barbara Ba r t o, Sandra Peterson, Karen Saari, Mary Lou Aimone and Linda Tiradani. Brass sextet—"Polonaise No. 4"—Robert Genisot, June S u 1 li- van, Paulette Gulan, Eugene Da- White, Betty Zanutto, Glo r i a! R o n c o, David Schimke a nd Peltom a k i, C o r r i n Raut i o . Dongas Collins. Jo Ann Aimone and Elizabe t h! Choir—"It's A Most Unus u a 1 Brecke. Vocal duet—"Come and Trip It"—Lucinda and Elizabeth Ros- tollan. Percussion ensemble—"Drummers patrol"—Sandra Peterson, _ Marilyn DeZur, Doris Saari and "Douglas Forslund. Vocal solo — "How Beautif u 1 Upon the Mountains"—Mary Lou -Flateau. WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Tenor saxophone solo-"Rhap-j James G o - Hara rtrf t £* 1T\ U II t A' ' T\s\v* nlft TUvtrtrirtlf T . I Day," "The Lotus-Flower" and I "Madame Jeanette." ! Band—"Ruy Bias Overture" jand "Symphonic Prelude." Bill Would Repeal Taxes The Russians made a big mistake when they decided if they looted the wealth of the Czar and the white collar class, and then drove the latter into exile, they would be doing the mo s t good for the most people. For we could then pass around among the poor the: wealth of the ruling class," they! argued. Alas, this fallacy is still ad-i vocated by many ignorant Am-i ericans, too, failing to realize' that millions of the poor are too stupid to hold on to wealth, anyway. Any confidence man, gambl e r or policy racketeer can wheedle them out of their money within a few days. Thus, they'll be back on relief again within a week or so! "The poor," said Jesus, "ye'll have with you always!" Jesus recognized the sad fact that not only will we have idiots, imbeciles and morons by the niil- lions in society, but many folks of high I. Q. worship at the shrine of "Lady Luck." They think they can win success by a roulette wheel, policy game, or even playing the stock market. Russia found out its sad mistake, for after the engineers, business executives and doctors were liquidated or exiled, it had no leadership for b u i 1 di n ? bridges, erecting factories, or treating the ill. So Russia frantically beg g e d American engineers and other experts to migrate back to Russia. In the late 1920s, therefo r e. Russia coaxed such Americ a ns with promise of double pay. The engineers got a full salary in Russia, for living expenses but a 1 s o h a d a similar s u in banked in their names back here in America, so they would have it when they returned. Applied to Polly's problem, it is not smart for an unwed mother to try to hold on to her baby, especially when millions of wonderful homes are eager for such a youngster. A baby needs TWO devoted parents and the security of so- 5435-H sodie in Blue''-Donald Prosek l introduce d' a bill Monday tolcial approval, plus good food Vocal solo— Dawn —Marilyn pnase out most federal excise' and other necessary items. DeZur.' ..: Clarinet quartet—Karen Saari. "*'. Jean Tarro, Mary Lou Aimone . and Mary Lou Flateau. ' •'' Vocal solo — "C o m e Ye Blessed" —Angie Leitza. Saxophone quartet — "Hungar-1 _„_, ian Rhapsodic" — Doris Saari,' v Joanne Ciotti, Cindy Anders o n and Donald Prosek. Vocal triple trio—"He's Gone Card' of Thanks We wish to thank our friend s, neighbors, and relatives for their kindness and sympathy in our bereavement, the death of our dear husband and father, John Halvorson. We are grateful to Rev. Lend for his comforting words. Dr. Franck and Staff at the Divine Infant Hospital, to the pallbearers, to those who sent flowers, to those who offered the use of their ears, and to those who aided in any other way. Mrs. John Halvorson •nd Family generally to taxes not earmarked for the highway construction program or other specific purposes, would carry out the rein three equal reductions over the next three years. Some U. S. officials have indicated that repeal of some of the major ones—such as those on automobiles and phone service —might be carried out over a much longer period, perhaps five to 10 years. Lansing Woman Named Auxiliary President GRAND RAPIDS (AP)—Mrs. Lawrence M. Jarrett of Lansing was installed Tuesday as president of the Michigan Women's Osteopathic Auxiliary. The organization was meeting here in conjunction with the 66th annual convention of the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons. Mrs. Jarrett succeeds Mrs. William Athens of Trenton. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS For a Limited Time Only! HALF-PRICE SALE! famous TUSSY DEODORANTS ITS RpLl-Oli SSBSf Your Choice CREAM ROLL-ON STICK Reg. $1.00 Ocam smoothes on, absorb* quickly to rhcck perspiration and banish underarm odor. Roll'On covers quickly, completely to check perspiration and l>ani.«h underarm odor. Stick is i'orliiind with Hcxiu-hlnrophcne to kill odor* If Polly keeps her baby, it will be less happy and Polly will also cry many times at the disadvantages her chid must face If she lets it be adopted, the baby will be happier, its two foster parents will be happier, and only Polly may be less happy. So THREE people will be much happier via the adopt i o n plan, where FOUR people will be unhappy otherwise, including Polly, the baby and the two foster parents who would then be deprived of the infant! (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to coyer typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) EASY STITCHING! — Home fashions are going formal in rich embroideries! Why not tempt your needle and skill with these lovely bluebird and butterfly motifs for linens? You'll find them fascinating to do. Pattern No. 5435-H has hot- iron transfer for 8 designs; color chart; stitch illustrations. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lUc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! Mass Personals Memorial Day Plans Are Made At Watersmeet WATERSMEET — The Watersmeet American Legion Post 417 held its meeting at the town hall. Final arrangements were made concerning the Memorial Day parade. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. and all members are asked to meet at the high school and march as a unit. Milton Hupp will direct the color guard. The Watersmeet High School Band will particip ate again this year, along with other local organizations. The parade wil start at the school and proceed down the main street, then along to the cemetery, where services will be held. The Rev. Albert Sto v e r pastor of the Watersmeet Baptist Church, will give the main address. At the annual class day to be held at the end of May in the high school gymnasium, Patrick Cestkowski will present the honor medals to the two top honor students of the gradual i o n class, who this year are David Kelly, valedictorian, and Nancee Madson, salutatorian. Also at this time Cestkowski will present two citizenship awards to the two winners who will be announced at a later date. Discussion was held concerning the 4th of July parade. All business places and organizations will be contacted to enter floats to make this year's parade even bigger than last year's. Walter Radzwilowicz will again be parade marshal. The 4th of July parade will be discussed more fully at the next meeting. Plans will be underway for the second annual Legion Carnival Day which is tentatively set for the second Sunday in August. A nominating committee consisting of Cestkowski, Dom i n i c Corsi and Joe Kuker has been appointed to present a slate of officers at the May meeting. Commander Neumann adjourned the meeting. Merriweather Personals Mrs. Jack Lillis has reurned to her home at Lincoln Park after visiting here. Gary Pequet and Donald Abrams visited with friends in Watton. Mr. and Mrs Eric Huotari, Kingsford, are the parents of a son, Jerry Allen. Mrs. Huotari is the daughter of Mrs. Clara Abrams. Prank Raymond and Henry McPherson were callers in Park Falls, Wis. Mrs. William Zwick, White, and Mrs. Ernest Keranen, Trout Creek, visited their mot her. Mrs. Frank Raymond. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellsworth were business callers at Ontonagon. Mrs. S. A. Western, Mrs. Clara Abrams and Mrs. Jack Ellsworth attended a belated birthday party at the Stan 1 e y Lackie home, Bergland, in honor of Mrs. H. C. Lund. Mr. and Mrs Marvin Sain were Wakefield business callers. Mrs. Clara Abrams and grandson, Elton Borns, were Wakefield callers. Mr. and Mrs. Deloyd Bee b e have moved here from Bergland. Mrs. Clara Abrams was a business caller at Ewen. Mrs. Clinton Weber and sons, Ewen, Mrs. Ernest Salonen Jr. and children, Bergland. visited at the Paul Roberts home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sain and Mrs. Lloyd Cook Jr. were Ironwood shoppers. Mr. and Mrs Paul Robe r t s were Wakefield shoppers. Lowell Ellsworth and son The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. ; a large, noticeable blackheid Q-My husband Is 43. Recent-j Inside her earls there any way ly he quit drinking coffee for|to get rid of it? milk. Friends told him that older! A—There Is no satlsfact p r y people can drink too much m 11 k | way to get rid of a large black- and that it causes Hardening of; tiead in a location where tnt the arteries. Is this ;rue? skin is tight. Since the victim A-Although it is now known »s a girl, why not; cover her that cholesterol and relat e d ! ears with ner hair? components of the so-called sat-! Q-When I have a diffic; u 11 urated fats and not calcium are! stool It Is followed by bleeding, responsible for hardening ot the i Is this in any way related to arteries, oaseless rumors about j cancer? the harmfulness of milk persist. | A—The most likely cause of The. average adult should get your trouble is piles, out a fis- about one gram ->! oaiclum dai- SU re or crack in the skin or mu- ly. Milk, cheese and the leafy cous mernbiane at the outlet vegetables are che chief -sourc-, may be the cause. Cancer of es -j( tras calcium Because cal- j the rectum Is certainly a possi- ciurn is poorly absorbed from jbility. Your doctor can easily the digestive tract. It is neces-1 determine the cause, sary to take more than t h e ; Q _, an , 60 g nd te el fine. Can minimum requirement every a doctor discover a prostatic day Unless a person is aller- cancer even though I don't havt i gic eo milk he should drink a j symptoms of prostate trou- ' pint, a lay and twice th i s j b] g ? amount would not narm him. | A _ w you nave a cancer of Q—Would tt be safe foi me . tne prostate that is just starting, to have eyebrows tattooed on?jit will cause no symptoms, but I'm tired of using an eyebrow' jt can be felt by the doctor. pencil. Prompt removal of an early A—There is always risk of in-. prostatic cancer followed by ap- fection and ol a severe allergic i propriate X-ray and hormon a 1 reaction after tattooing. , treatment gives the best chance Q—My teen-age daughter hasjfor cure. Cheryl Turpeinen, daughter o; Mr. and Mrs. John Turpeinen was a medical patient at Bar aga County Memorial Hospital L'Anse, several days. Mrs. Pearl Siren, Mrs. Sylvia Lescelius, Mrs. John Hois k a and Herman Wentela of Mass and Mrs. Jenny Kemppainen of Bruce Crossing attended the Upper Peninsula Spring Conference of the Knights and Ladies of Kaleva at' Ironwood on Sunday, May 2. They also visited at the Wayne Salonen home, Bessemer. John Liuska, five mont h s old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Liuska, is a medical patient at Baraga County Memorial Hospital. L'Anse. Mr. and Mrs. Emil K a n g a s have returned from a two month visit at Las Vegas, Nev., where they visited their son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kangas, and family. Mrs. John Kulppi and son spent a weekend in Marquette with her son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Elno Kulppi, and family. » % ansn«r Reg. 2.00, siM Dessert Flower Hond & Body Lotion HALF •RICE SALII 1 AA *••• 4.00, A AA allU 16-ei. sise A*UU Tpmcr^'c fTlilcRS ^^ri Downtcwh Ironweod This is a|le To Attend Convention SAOINAW (AP) — Some 300 delegates are expected to attend the 15th annual general assembly of the Michigan State Em- ployes Association here this weekend. The delegates represent more than 13,600 state em- ployes. Rodney Jr., were Ewen shoppers, i Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kibbyl have returned to their summ e r | home here after spending the 1 winter at their home in Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haskins were Ironwood shoppers. Please send your qucsti o n • and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt, M. D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters ol general interest in future columns. HURRY! 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