The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 3, 1933 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 13
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'## W ..- f ? Hi.': -»T f I MH £*-' yj-.-fl, h.;$ A- M & I" o - I '!]' »*R{-J : :P 'SciWJ hJrt-Ttf tftf *' I' ' C i- fF* i.W» "H*fc ^- r ' 4 v-P' Xvi - x^u * m M ;& ^ I" * ^I^Wma *-'-• ",<,'••' -V \{"< r '—ri- J > ;. F-- >•• i >i- ¥• j J * pi ; -,..^.;.j^j^V i .- jF^ F _ _ L .U ,M V •l llj 1 M^ VV ; ->' • iAC, 1-- .*, ft;. Bids at Sales Meld to .' ' • r =;^. - Press Lttstd Wire) ' Iowa7 ^an. 8.— The Iowa farmer who oen tered natlonM attentton on himself last fall by a ;iarm strike was back into the limelight If ain today ,. with a new form of protest— t*sslve resistance tax sties en .delinquent taftt ta£es I H ,• • I T <. '- ^ , . :,;Th6|jb8lstnncft was successful enough postponements of three sales by, i-Harrlaoh, Monifomery counties, Jt consisted .merely AI t6 make, bids when th« treasurers put the* land ahd J un for sale to satisfy back f h*j farmer 19 , seeking and obtaining Vecrults from among his clty" neighbors, officials said. A 1 crowd of some :400 -pernonH .was on hand for the sate i? Harrison oountii; v f '• , '•'• "They might-es. well call it off," said a bystander,. "there .won't be any -•bids." * '" • \ '~ ' "'• ' ' -'•''.-'' • • . '•• There were no biofs. County Treasurer Jv -iC. l Jiafhniond postponed the -sale -until February '27, At Red 'Oak" In Montgomery county, .Treasurer Harry Mayhew had a slm- -. ilkr croWd.; He delayed the sale until Pebru'riry 6. litnn county also had no bidders, saw an orderly demonstration /of protest, and postponed the sale until February fiO. \ PHOT NOMY APPEAL Would Save $69,000,000; Also I L ^Paints Picture of State -\ - • ^ Distress * "* * . • ,. . --- ---•-_ (Associated Press Leased Wire) - HARRISBURG, Pa,, .Jan. 3.—Tracing-'a panorama of economic distress, Governor 'Plnchot today appealed to the Legislature to. cut state and local government costs by $60,000,000. Heading his biennial message to the one. hundred and thirtieth session, ho •proposed, in addition, to finance $20,000,000 for unemployment relief by Improving the methods of collecting taxes. He advocated abolition of tho emergency sales taxes. and turned \humbs down on any new forms of taxation. . Broad economy and "far-sighted legislation" in tho Interest of the "common man" formed tho keynote of the message the executive delivered. ' j Outlining hts three-point plan, 'he suggested; 1. A state budget of $158,000,000 or $34,000,000 less than in the current bienhlunu • 2. A $20,000,000 unemployment relief obtained by^ collecting personal property, Inheritance and mercantile taxes through the department of revenue, i <l »k- V Vi O , j i . . -S **»'*.,'. .'''", 5'. ,', .1V '-.'.<•• T i '-. 11 I r ' v '«' • . fc 1 . > :"'' L i * i " J < •I',' "^V. 1 .. .•* T ? t, ^^?pp • '. - .;•,•*,-:•'•'.,i>-* ' ' . I F ' I 1- * • T"^ '"F •»*' "• - ' '^il'^/S "''rdvitors THE BAKERSFIELD ^CALIFORlAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1933 . " .A; , ? . * Jdi - * . T V^ -J .'; ^ - "-'- ^ -•'...>- • .,.-...-, , : * .,/-*,.,- , ' •* * - - - ' - , - -*t^ - » • • , . " 'V V 4'i.^ V'* I* t.t! HER i Pres, Hood Voices Optimism Despite Unfavorable *' Conditions x (Associated Press Leased BOSTON, Jan, 8.^-ffirnest fc. Hood, president of the National Aovoolation of cottort manufacturers, BOOS "encouraging signs on the horizon 11 for the cotton industry, "despite the unfavorable conditions which B unround us." : Hood, who also is treasurer of Pe* quot Mills, Salem, Issued a statement today reviewing the year. Just closed. He noted less severe suffering In tho cotton industry during 193U than In hmny of the nation's'other Industries, despite the fact t!>e cotton industry "operated about 77 per cent during 1982 us compared with'86.4 per cent lit: 1931," His figures'were an average of a sttfgle shift basis. ; "Unsettled condfUons in tho raw cotton market," he said, "which have been aggravated by various legislative proposals offered In a vain attempt to control production and prices, have greatly added to the difficulties of merchandising our products. "... Despite all of the unfavorable conditions which surro'und us, there are some encouraging signs on the horizon. There still exists an overcapacity to produce in practically every line of textiles but also' there has been a Tj|g improvement in* this regard. Cotton spindles available for production in this country are now at tho loVest point in eight years. . . ." At a party on the French Riviera, the engagement of Jcanette MaoDonald, Amartoan motion plctura actreaa, and Hobert Rltohto, her manager, was announced. They ar« shown above. The engagement announcement set at rest romantic rumors' concerning Miss MacOonald and Maurice Chevalier, with whom MUs MaoDonald has appeared In motion pictures. and revising taxing methods on foreign corporation capital stock. 3., A reduction of $35,000,000 In Ideal taxes. Governor Flncjhot suggested thai election laws be amended to provide r for the defeated candidate taking of- i flee In cases wfcere the winner Is convicted .of fraud In the election, ISN'T LOVE GRAND? PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 3. (A. P.)— The love of Rose Wittenberg and Irvln Victor may or may not prove deathless, but anyhow it's starting out to be sleepless. Determined to obtain the first marrlnge license of the year, the blissful couple appeared at the marriage license bureau ID hours ahead of time. .They had only two small stools and a hard marble floor upon which to wait, but—that's Jovo, ' , BLUECOATS LEND HAND CHICAGO, Jan. 3. (A. P.)—Chicago's police department Is to be used as an empployment exchange. Mayor Anton J. Cermak directed that the city's forty district police stations be used a& agencies through which bona fide job seekers can be Put In touch with householders who ar looking for reliable workmen to do odd jobs. PRICES GOT $6.85 TO $6 ^ (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 3.~HCigarette prices were back today where they were two years ago as a result of cuts announced by most of the leading manufacturers. From a price of 16.85 per thousand, the R. J. Reynolds, American Tobacco and Liggett & (Associated Press Leased Wire) •WASHINGTON. Jan. 3.—Savings aggregating 3411,766,000 amiually In veterans' relief costs wore advocated today before a joint congressional committee by the national committee for economy In government. The organization, functioning under the auspices of the National Association of Manufacturers Huggested decreases as follows: In administrative costs $19,848,000; giving Spanish American war vet- eranm pensions "only on account of deatli or disabilities directly due to war service/' $104,757,000; reducing expenditures for World War veterans $287,110,000 divided UH follows: Hospital, construction, $12,877,000; Myers. Companies have lowered their | re Mrnm*nf'«« v Y«~q«a"/inA. hV" f 7*":r"" quotation to $6. Tho new price is ir? tirom «. n LP n .y'^ 6 ' 33 «.000; hospltaliza- subject to the usual discounts allowed Jobbers. Under this reduction, the retail will be reduced to a basis of two packages for a quarter as against n price of-16 cents per package under the previous manufacturers* price. It was reported that American Tobacco and Liggett £ Myers had discontinued the practice of giving a "bonus'* of 900 cigarettes In flat tins with the purchase of 6100 cigarettes. The price reduction by Liggett & Myers applies only to their leading brand. L V I. n n rr :. r .. f Your i * Dollar N » • ! uction .U' • j YOUR DOLLAR is on the auction block, Perhaps it's a Shoe- dollar or a Food-dollar or a Clothingrdollar. You want to'sell it to the highest bidder-4to get the most shoes or food or cloth- as easily and quickly as possible. How? I - fl Just read the ad\ f ertisemehts hi these pages. There, the most trustworthy bidders have recorded their bids black and white. They offer you the fullest, finest return for your dolla commodities that have.been tested and proved many times over—that had to be, before they could be advertised. : * * : ** - ' Choose from among them—and sell your dollars with complete confidence. , M i ADVERTISEMENTS BRING YOU THE BEST BIDS FOR^YOUR DOLLAR tlon, $80,534,000; (liability allowance, $104,278,000; disability compensation, $108,136,000; war risk insurance, $25.000,000. . . Ring Nearly Costs Farmer One Finger . '(United Press Leased Wire) PORTBRVILLB, Calif., Jan. 3.-A. T. Henderson's big signet ring, of which ho was very.jproud, nearly cost him a finger here recently. The ring caught !n~tho 'door of his truck; he slipped; the ring held him suspended until Jt scraped all tho skin irora tho finger and broke the bone. <» »• CANDIDATES INITIATED TAFT, Jan. 3.—Initiation of a class of candidates will mark the regular meeting of ( Taft Chapter, No. 837, Qrder of the Eastern Star, to be held Tuesday night in Masonic Temple. Mrs. Ruth LeGar, worthy matron, and Thomas Hillary, worthy patron, will preside. Announcements will be made of plans for the visit of the grand worthy matron of the State of Call- fornja, which Is to take place on January 24 In the Masonic Temple In Taft with the Maricopa chapter as hostess. S ANNOUNCE MARRIAGE TAFT, Jan, 3.—The marriage of Miss Helen Barr and Mason Elder, which occurred October 3 at Heno, Nev., was announced today. The bride formerly lived at San Jose arid is a graduate of the state teachers college of that city. Mr. Elder is a graduate of Mnrlcopa High School arid is employed by .the North American Consolidated Oil Company. The couple will reside at the Orloff apartments in Taft. TO INSTALL STAFF TAPT, Jan. 3.—Taft and Midway Masonic lodges will hold Joint installation of officers Wednesday, January 4, Mn the Masonic temple. A turkey dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock, followed .by the installation. The installing officer will be Willlam A. Bitton of Sacramento, senior Krand warden of the ffrand lodge of California. L ENJOY FAMILY PARTY McFARLAND. Jan. 3.—Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chanley were hosts at a recent dinner nt their home here when they entertained for members of their family. 'Places were laid for Mr. and Mrs. "William' McKenney and Mural Chanley of Bakersfield. Mr, and Mrs. T. O. 'Hale, Mr. and Mrs, H. Chanley, Mrs. n. P, Ca«ebolt of Delano. Albert, Glen and Alvln Chanley, and tho host and hostess, PJEWS FOR BLIND FOLK NEW YOKK, Jan. a. (A. P.)—Another of the problems that bother blind folk has been solved. The first check over written in "braille" lias been panned by tho Bank of Manhattan Company. Augustine J. Smith, philanthropist, who wanted to con» duct tho experiment, had the check drawn In tho ralsod writing and bank officiate decided U was "Jn writing 1 signed by the maker" and therefore was legal. DENIED 100 SAILORS LOST MOSCOW, Jan. 3. (U. P.)—Tho crow of the Soviet Icebreaker Maly- ffln, which ran aground In the arctic, in safe, the government was advised today. Reports abroad that the Icebreaker had collided with an iceberg with-a loss of 100 men wore denied. m q SEWELL APPOINTED JUDGE SACRAMRNTO, Jan. 3., (A. P,)— Harry P. Bewail, Whlttler, former Ktate assemblyman, was appoint ml by Governor Rolph today as a superior Judge in Los Angela* county, suc- ciaadlnir Albert Lee Stephens whom the governor recently elevated to the Appellate bench. U. .S/ OFFICER DIES SAN .DrEGO, Jan, 3. (A. P.)— Lieutenant Commander William T. Davidson, 40,'of the dentkl corps of l he United BtatcH Navy, dlod of heart dlftcaHO can]y today .at his apartment. UuvlUson hnil b«on stationed ul tho destroyer base hero for two years. . "' '"-'if n "•& •—'r'-. 1 ','-'.'.'. '« ••••••-» V •..•;: \> -.'.'•'- •!•< i '.-'•': I *** Cotton Futures (AssocfaieA Press Leased Wire) • NEW yORK, Jan, .8.—Cotton fluctuations .were -narrow today. Thex'o was sufficient trade buying to absorb some southern soiling during the early trading and prices held fairly steady later. •After easing to 6.97 March rattled to . l «.03. The mid-aftornoon market showed net gains of 3 to 4 points on the more active positions. ' The cotton market eased toward tho close under increased hedge selling by the south, futures" closing barely steady, 2 higher to 4 lower, January, 6.94; March, 6.99-6,00: May, 0.11; July, 6.24; Octobe'ri 6.41-481 December, 0.6607. Spot, quiet; middling, 6.10. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLiKANSj Jan. 3. (A. P.)— Spot cotton dosed steady and un- cnungod. Sales, 1657; middling, B.OD. ^ j COTTONSEED OIL •*' DALbAl, Jan. 8. (U. P,)—Crude cottonseed oil, H •• v -^^ m mm m i CENTER ERICA IS Stockholders Battle to Keep Issue t Its Closing Price of 1932* (Atsoclntcd Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 3.—-World cotton consumption in November, while slightly under the October level, continued above the corresixmdlnir months of 1981 and 1930, the New York cotton exchange service reported today. November consumption amounted to 2,027,000 bales, It stated, ngainst 2.005,000, revised, In October; 1,981,000 in November, 1031, and 1,010,000 In November, 1930. In .the flr/st /our months of the present season, world consumption of all cotton approximated 7 t S36,000 bales, against 7,755,000 in the same period, of last year and 7,173,000 the preceding year. The increase was attributed to a,better demand for American cotton. i GRAIN: VI6IBLE SUPPLY NEW YORK, Jan. 3. (A. P.)—Tho visible supply of American grain shows the following changes In bushels; wheat decreased 2,681,000; corn increased 726,000; oats increased 35,000; rye increased 80,000; bnrley Increased 40,000. Citrus Market t Choice $1.40(3)2.20 t * 2.70 • 4 • * * • * * 4 • *» * * • (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan, 3,— Keports from eastern and middle western auction citrus centers today guvo the following prico range per box: Oranges Graded above Choice Now York ....... $1.00^3.70 Boston ......... 2.35^3.35 Chicago ........ 2.351&3.30 Philadelphia .... 1.6Gffi>2.65 Pittsburg ...... 1.90&2.GO Baltimore ...... 1.95(^2.85 Detroit ......... 2.40@2.75 New Orleans ............ Lemons Graded above Choice v New York; ...... $6.2fi@1.00 Boston ---- '..... 0.50 --Chicago . ..... . , 6.30 Philadelphia .... 6.05 Pittsburg ....... 6.15 HuK I more ....... 5.80 Detroit ......... G.SO New Orleans. 2.50 ... 2.20(0)2.55 * • *• 7)6.50 0.60. * « • * * • « » * • * t Choice $6.00<@6,55 5.75 5.10 5.40 5.55 5.85 .. * • * • • 4 • • 5.40 6.40 5.25 * * * t • • *• • ** * CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Jan. 3. (A. P.)—Influenced by liberal curtailment of the United States wheat visible supply total, grain prices averaged higher today, but the wheat market ran into wheat quotations closed 3%c n bushel over Chicago, tho largest premium In more than two montliH. Railroad reports suggested likelihood that 33 per cent of Kansas wheat Acreage this season would be abandoned. Wheat closed unsettled at the same as Saturday's finish to %c off, corn unphanged to H<S>V4o higher.' oats down, and provisions 2c to 2o up. CHICAGO, Jan, 3. (A. P.)—Wheat, No. B red, 44cr; No. 1 hard, 45c: new corn, No. 8 mixed, 22%®23c; No. 3 yellow, 28<S»23%c; No. 3 white, 23o; old corn, No/ 2 mixed, 23%c; No. 2 yob low, 24V6©2Uc; No. 2 white, 24U<8> 24%c: oats t No, 2 white, 16$P16Uc; No. 3 white, 15c; rye, No. 2, 38c; barley, 24®U6c. ' •^•^^PVfe^^^^HBMAM^V GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK, Jan. 8. (A. P.)—Liberty Bonds closed today: 32-47, 102.12. •Ui8, 32-47, 103.16. Fourth 4V4B, 33-38, 103.23. Fqurth 4Us. reg., 33-38, 103.18. Treasury 4^4s, 47-52, 109.24. Treasury 4s, 44-54, 106.19. TroaKury 3&H, 46-56, 104.21. Treasury 394s, 40-43, Juno, 102.8. Treasury 3%s, 43-47, 102.9. Treasury 3%s, 4W43, March, 102.0. Treasury 3^s. 46-49. 99.20. Treasury 3s, Gl-GC, 07.23. COFFEE MARKET XlflW YORK, Jan. 8. <U. P.)—Coffee; Rio 7s on spot, 8%c; Santos 4s, lOc. ^^ - — ^^^^— l • ^^^^—^^^^— *—r^^^^^r l — l l ^^^^^ KILLS FATHElk j Beatings the »ald she had received from her father culminated In the fatal attack Mlec Pranota Laa*lt«r f 10, made on her father. A. M. La»ilter, at their home at Newport Newa, Va. He died shortly aftei* 1 being shot and the pjrl said the father not only had beaten her but had abused her mother. Press Leased Wire'), SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3.—Trarm- amorfCA shareholders engaged In a battle today to hold the- stock at Us 1932 closing price and that fight monopolized the attention of tho stock markets during tho forenoon. The aiannlnl etock turned over In Hvefy fashion, though tho 6700 shares sold In tho first two hours failed to impress veterans who had seen the Issue in the vortex of tho J92D swirl, Tho price toward noon was t»H—right where It closed Saturday. Pacific Qua common and Occidental Insurance also held even, while throe stocks moved up—Caterpillar, Los Angeles Gas fls, and Western Pipe—nnd threo lost ground—Pacific Telephone 2, Fireman's Fund 2 and Union Oil Curb stocks wero inclined to sell down, American Telephone loslnpr 1%, General Motors H. tjlncoln Petroleum 6 contB, and Noon Electrical Products %. Claude Neon rose 1 cant, and Goldman Sachs G cents to |3.CO. • i i TREASURY RECEIPTS WASHINGTON. Jan. n. (A. P,)— Treasury receUita for December 2ft wero $3,454,460.52; expenditures, $31,670,420.17; balance, $G69,S44,199;i2. Customs duties for 29 days of December wero $19,021,562.02. S. F. Stocks (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 8,— Stock— Bid Alaska Juneau Atlas Impl. JDsl, "A"'..,,.. Byron Jackson Calif. Vucklns 9 Caterpillar Tractor 6 Consd. Chem. "A" la Crown Zel, com. vto 1 Crown Zel. pref. "A" 7 Crown Zel. nref. "B" 6% fireman's Fund Ins 43 Golden State 37i Honolulu Oil 8 Lesllp-Callf. Salt.... 12 L. A. G. & E. pfd 92 Mngnln com a tVbk. 10* Mnrchant com North American.... P. G. & IS. com 309i P. G. & 12. CU% l»t pfd.. 2214 Pac. IJffht. com 38" 7 Pac. Pub. Svc. 1st pfd.... 4 Pacific Tel. & Tel. com.. 78 Pacific Tel. & Tol. Paraffino com ". 8 Ple'n', Whls. pfd... Richfield com. S J L&P 7% pr. pf rt.... HJ L&P 6% pr. pfd.... Schloaerr "A* 1 com Shell Union com Southern Pacific Standard Oil of Calif.... 24 Tidewater com ' 3 Tidewater pfd 38 Union Oil of Calif.'."....... 0% Western Pipe com 7 85 1 31 23 39 *....» • t t 70 110- 10VS 105 90 • » 43 10 L. A. Stocks Ask. 2 7 11 18* 30 * • * * 27 (Utiittd Press Leased Wire) LOS ANOIflLES, Jan. 3.— Industrials Stoork— • Bid yron Jackson l Claude Neon Klec.....-.,.. 6 Doufflns Aircraft... 10 Kmaco Derrick com 3 Globo G. & M. com 6 Qoodyenr T. & R. pfd 30 Taylor Milling 4 Van de Kamp 0 Western Pipe 7 Banks Citizens Nat. Bunk. Sec. First Nat. Bank Miscellaneous L. A* Invest, Co..,;..,.. pacific Finance Co 5'/ Pac. Mutual Life 25', Trnns/tmerlctt .., '. Western Air Express. Public Utilities TJ. A* G. & J21. pfd P. G. & K.- coin P. G. & 13. 1st pfd Pac. Lighting com So. Calif, Kalson com.... So, Calif. Edison 7% pfd.. Ho. calif. EdiHon fl% pfd.. So. Calif. Kdlson 5%% pfd. 80. Calif. Ous 0% pfd Southern Pacific Oils BarnsdaH BolHa Chicn Pacific Western Republic Pet*. Hlchfleld Oir. Richfield Oil pfd '. Standard Oil of Calif 24 Union Oil of Calif 9% 7% * * * * m 92 * t • t t * * f '/* 24 10 LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3. (A. P.)— Hog*— Receipts 50; fow grain feds sharply higher at $3.75. Cuttle*— Hecelpts 2700; sters Blow, steady to weak; Hho stock fully steady; medium to good steers and yearlings $4.00^5.00; common down to $3,10, common*, to good COWH $2.8&1TJ) 3.7G; cutter grades $1.CO®2.75; bulk mostly $3.3fi down. Calves— Hecelpta 000; wtronff, unevenly higher; medium to good calves $4.25in>G.4<E Shoep — necolpts 1G50; lamhH strong to JCo higher; medium to choice SOUS poundR $5.00(^5.06; ewes 1G-l J 5c higher; 91-144 pounds $2,60. SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3. (A. P.) — Hoff« — Receipt H 425; (rood under 200-pound California butcher* quoluhln around $3.6C@3.90; BOW« quotal)ln $2.2r.(fii2.GO. Cattlo — KeoolpU 3^fi; stferH fairly active, Htronjc to lOe higher; K*>od flG4- f>60-poiind fml Utah HtnorH $n.00ffrr..10; hulls $2.00d/'2.75; cnlvefl. rocolplH none. Hheflp — TinrTlptn 125; )nmb« fully 2Bt» higher; medlutn to low good 76-pound woolcd Cnllfnrnlna $G.3r>. Hlnilght; ItO- pound local fod hhoru $fi.50. METALS MARKET NEW YORK. Jan. 3. (£. r. t Brief of (Aaioctafert /Vow £efl*e<t IVIro^ N13W YORK, Jan. 8.—Loadings revenue freight on the railways of tho country in 1932 are estimated at 28,100,000 cars, tho lowest for any year slnoo the* tribulation of such reports, started 'In ,1918, according to R. H. Alshton, president of the American Hallway Association, This la a reduction of 9,068,100 cars or 24.4 per cent from the total for 1031. Preliminary reports show that class ono railroads had aggregate not operating Income In 1932 of $324,000,000, or a return of 1.31 per cent cm-property Investment, compared with net operating income of $531,000,000 or a return of 1.98 per cent in 1981. . , • r f Year-end statements of machinery builders and distributers In the leading Industrial centers Indicate little expectation of much business Im* provement in 1933, saya the "American Machinist." SLUGGISH HALTS j- * Prices at N. Y. Open Higher but Cannot Make Headway N . an. . . .— op- per qulot; elertrolytlo ppot, 5o: future. fi^o. Tin barely ntencly: Hpot nnd nearby. $22.Gf>; future, $22.70. irnn quiet; N<>. 2. f. o. b. canterii Honnnvl- vanla, *l2.r»n^J3.00; Buffalo, $14; A);*- bamu, $10^711. T^orul steady; spot N«w York, S?,; Kast St. T.oul^, $2.R7. /,ino dull: Kant Ht, IjoulM npot and future. J3.12. Antimony, $5.40. Qulcknllver, $48^49, FOREIGN EXCHANGE N'KW YOllK, Jnn, S. (A. P.)—For- elffn exehanyre steady; Great Britain 1-n dolliirtt. othcra in cents: „ Qrent HHtnin, d«mand, 3.33^6: cables. 3.33^; 00-day bllln, !U2-%. France, demand, S.&OU^ cables, 3.90 5-lfi. Italy, demand, D.1JW; cables, C.12. Demnnds: Belgium, 13.84^1 Oftr- many. 23.79V4: Holland, 40.17*^; Toklo, 20.BfiVa: Bhiinglml, 87.87^; Monti-en 1. .57; Mexico City (silver peso), 31. SO. LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 3. <A. The ttock market began the new year manlfeatly uncertain of Itself today. After opening a little higher, the lift drifted slowly lower and oloted with numerous loatet of fractions to more than a point. The final tone was slightly heavy, But the turnover was only about half a million shares, or tome two.thirds of the volume of the first day of 1932. Travel on local electric railways and bug lines In tho United States during 1932 was about 12 per cent below that of 1931, tho American Transit Association estimates. American Brass Company HUH reduced the base price of general brass products 1H contH a, pound, while copper products have' been cut cents a pound. ,dors of 'United States Steel Corporation common stock numbered 190,284 on October l. \Qn December 31, 1931, there were 74,507 holders. Car Loadings Drop 22216 Durin W (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 3.—Car loadings decreased by 22,210 during tho week ending December 24, tho American Hallway Association reported today, Total revenue freight for tho -week totaled 404,580 onrs, which while lower than the preceding week, was an increase of 53,681 cars above tho corresponding weok In 1031. It was a reduction of 41,713 cars under the corresponding woolc in 1930. LOS ANGELES PRODUCE MARKET LOS ANQ1SLES, Jnn. 3. (U. P.)— Fruits tind vegetables found a mod- orate demand on this morning's produce market. Central const artichokes, froHt-free, $4.00^4.1)0 per box; slightly frosted, $3.25<U>3.60; badly frosted, $2.00. Avocados, Fuertes, 16^>lfic per pound;, Pueblue, lG<£ploc. * Kentucky Wonder Beano, 20c per pound; green pods, lie, hampers of green pods, $3.60. tJood central coast Brup«ol sprouts, Otfi 1 lOo per pound; poorer, 3<fr&c. Local cabbage, 30Q lOc, few fancy, CO^OOc. j Snowball cauliflower, 8Gc©$1.00 per | field crate; Pour), 50<&>76c. Imperial volley cupumbor«, $1.00® 35 per lug, poor GOfa<COe. Eggplant from Coacnellu' valley, $1.15 1.26 per pound. San Jouquln valley Cornlchon grapes, 80®40u per lug; ISmpcrors at imperial valley market pack, unwrapped grapefruif, $1.26 per box. Lettuce, Imperial valley, dry pack 4s, $1.CO per crate, few $1.76. somo low HS $1.25; Jocnl 4s, ordinary quality, 60I07&C, bettor stock, $1.000)1.25; San Diego county, 40@50cr Local aiiU LakevJotv Spanish onions, 60lf65o per hundredweight. Pens, Orungo county, !i<6>6o pot* pound, poorer 34jp8&ir, San Diego county 8(g>10e. fow 19o; imperial valley Imrnpera, $2.00®2.25. Local persimmons, 4c per pound; fair quality «!®2MtO. Now crop White nose potatoes from BukerHfleld, COO>6Gc per lug, .fow 7&c; volunteer offerings from San Diego county, OOc per lug on No. 1, and OOo on :No. 2s. Summer squash, San Dlogo county, $1.60 per lupr, few $1.75; Imperial valley 4-bauket crates, $2.00; wan Diego county Italian squash, $l.2&(f£l.a& per lug; yellow crooftnock, $l.GO<i>1.7G. Local Jersey sweet potatoes, 460JGOc per lug; Coacholla valley, Nancy Hulls, (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 3.—The* stock market put its best foot forward at tho start of tho new year today, but was unable to mako headway against a alufffftsh current of selllngr. After opening moderately higher, the list slid off during the morning. Prices stuff en od a little after midday, but showed scant recuperative power. Traders generally remained apathetic. Losses of a point or so appeared in such iHsu'en as Allied Chemical, American Telephone, Cose, Texas Corporation. United Aircraft and others. Thcso losses were reduced to narrow fractions In several Instances, however, and declines of a point or SQ In Union Paolflc and U. S. Steel were fully regained. The announced reduction in cigarette prices brought short cover- intf into tho tobaccos, and American Tobacco "B" and Ligget and Myers "B lf pushed up about a point. North American Aviation was at fractionally higher prices. Renewed uriaottlement in tho petroleum price structure continued to bring some soiling; Into tho oils. NESS FAILU ON COAST DECLINING v m (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3.—Business failures In leading Pacific coast cities averaged fewer in the last week of the year than in. tho preceding week, Bradstreets reported today. Snn* Fran Cisco recorded 3, with Ha- bllltleR 'of $14,275, compared with 7 arid liabilities of $44,243 in tho preceding week. Oakland had 3 with liabilities of $40,127, nffalnst one of $14,400. Los Angeles had G and $1,143,720, $714,040. ' 3 and $12,075 against^ against 11 and Portland had 4 and $4€,023. Seattle had not reported. H 1 P. S. S. & L. Co. Net ncome 1932 $969,547 (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Jnn. a.~Paoific StateH Savings and" koiin Association reported Ift32 net income Hf $009,547 was the largest In the company's history. Tho loan company's $08,751,833 assets wero claimed the largest of any building loan company in tho country. «> NewY close 3914 Tomatoes, Orange county, $1,00<(D 1.25 on fair quality Cx«s, and 75c®$1.00 on 6x7s. 26 Caterpillar Tractor : Cities Service Columbia Clan......,....,,,....,. , ardH, 27c; checks. 27c. 25c; light dirty, 24o. L. A. BUTTER, EGOS, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3. (U. P.)— Butter h Extra, 23c; prime firsts, 22c; standards, 21o; firsts, 20c, Eggs (Candled) Large—Clean extra**, 31e; light dirty extras, 30c; clean standard*, 30c; light dirty fttuiidnrda, 29c; check**, 2Do. Medium—Clean, 80c; light dirty, 29c; clean Htundnrdit, 28_c_; light dirty Htand- |consolidated Gas Corn Products... , *««, »B«I. u»i.j, *»«. j CurtlSB-Wright Poultry and Rabbits Hena, Leghorns, 2^ to »V4 Ibs., 12c. llcnH, Leghorns, 3U to 4 lb«. f 13c, Hens, LeghornH, 4 IbB. and up, 18c, Henw, colored, 314 to 4 Jbw.. 16o. HeiiH, colored, 4 lb«. and up, 18c. Broilers, 1 and up to 2U Iba., I2c. liroflera, 1% to 2V* Ibfi.. ]£c. Fryerw, Leghornn, 2',i to 3 Iba., 14c. FryevH, colored, 2^ to 3V& H>H., 16c, HoaHLors, soft bone, !1H IOH. up, 16c. KtugH, 13c; old rooHter«, 8c. DuckllntfB r Pftkin, 4 Iba. and up/llo. Other than Pekin, 4 Ibn. and up, lOc. Old-duckbj lOc. Geeaa, 12c. Younjc torn turkeys, 18 IbH. wp, I3o. Young tomu, drvBKed, 12 Ibs. up, 16c. Hen turkeyF, 9 Ibs. and up, 13o. Ken turkoyH, dreBtied, S Ibs. up, I fie. Old torn lurkeyH, 12c; drefined, I5o. tiquabH, under 11 Ibs. dozen, 1Dc. Kqunbh*, 11 Iba. doKon and ui>, 20c. CapoiiH, llvo, undur 7 Ibs., 22c-, Caponw, llvo, 7 Ibs. anr] up, 2fir, CnpoiiN, clreBBed, under ti lb«.. 2(Jo, Cupona, dressed, U Ibs. una up, 26c. JlHbbits, No. 1 white, ;i ttj 4 fb«., »o. Rabbits, No. 2 white, II to 4 IbB., «c. No. 1. mixed rotors, 3 to 4 Ibb., DC. Rabbits, No. ], old, Cc. (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jnn. 3.— Railroads- Stock— * Atchinon Baltimore & Ohio Chesapeake & Ohioi ........'.'.]]'.'. Illinois Central MlKHouri Pacific „ New York Ccntrn.1 17 Northern Pacific 13 Pennnylvnnia 14 Southern Pacific n6& Union Pnclfio 71(4 Great Northern pfd ; 7ifc Industrials - • American Can...... ,,, 54u American Tol. & Tel * 103 • • **»t*l»**«**i **»**t*»*t*t*««*«t • • « 9 59 63* 14 13 30%i ' CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Jan. it. (A. P.)— Hogs— Receipts 18,000; tidlve, 10-20o lilghor: top Ifl.L'O for choice 100-110 pounds; bulk 140-180 pound** 73.0G(u^3.l&; HOWS HccflpiM 7000; little done; nil weihty steorw weak. undertone lower oelier kJJllng fucMrig soft market ftlzeable supply medium to good heifers curried over Monday; up In $7.00 paid for frtrlrtly choice 850-pouml mixed steers and heifers. fC.50; yearllngH 94 ( OU^ vealers around $0.00, few HleerH 4.70; choice mostly Sheep — UocelptH 11,000; slow, few salwH fat unlive lambn $r>.BO f a'"^75; around stmuly; general ntirket prospects for nil fe<] Jambs about steady, most light native thruwouU $3.00® 3. GO; Hheep steady, feeders slow. ^^^- ^^ ^^ ------- ^ — vvvvvV**V Famous Players Fov iriimu "A" 1UA.J.IIIIIIH .tt. ., Oenernl Kleotrlc General Foods » Gold Dust Goodyear Tire & Rubber International Jlarventer International Tel. & Tel , Montgomery "\Vnrd North American Pacific QaM & Kloctrlo.... Radio Corporation .'.," 5 Safeway Stores i S«ar«, Roebuck Co... IT. S. Rubber Union Carbide & Carbon 25V" United Aircraft *5 Warner Brothers 3 WestniT. Union 2tf ,. WeHtlnghouHo Klectrlc 2?4S \Vool\vorth Stores n5% J. C. Ponney Transamorlca First NatlomJ 8toroH. Metals American Smelting Aimt'oticlrt Bethlehem Steel liiftplnttlun Copper InternutinnHl Nickel Kennecotl Copper I * • k? f r^lf** 1, •.•.,,»*>»,, -t *»tt Republic Sto**l Tobacco and Sugar American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco "B" Oroat WcHtern Sutfiir..., 1 . , R. J. RcynnliU "H" Uiittud CMgurs. * * 12 14 Mi 27 * * * •»••••••**• 27 • •*••« * * * • •••t*«ii t «»t» • ••»ttt*i • « • • ttttfttttitt • «*••<* • * • t * • • * t Oils Mexican .^onboard.. Pan AnioritMin "U". PhilHlw Shell r Sinclair Conn, nil. Htnnrlfircl «<f <'nllfoniiu. Stiinditt-a of New Jerncy Ktandanl of Nu\v York. Texan Company Tiilewutor Assoolallon Motors Auburn Auto Chrywl'-r i'orp'n ^ ^ fe ^ m 19 12 t t * t * * * * * • • ••••••••t 24V, 30 • •*• • * * • • • i * • * t • • • 49 **«tttttt4t| <$> L Aiureles H BAR SILVER VOnK, .Tan. .'{. (A. J'J—JJ« Hllvcr .steaUler, %c higher at 2 t'Asnoetated Prats i.citacd Wire? LOS ANOKLKS, Jun. 3.—Hu'y per ton, f. o. b. Tvos Angeles: Choice barley,. $13.00® 14.00. Cholt'fj oat, 514.00^15.00. Alfal/u, dellveroa llyrica or Kl Alonto: U. H. No. J, $1».DO«'14.50. i;. s. NO. i 1 io«fy, |ia.r*o%/i3.iO. U. H- No. • > * • 13' • !••« r*>»t**»«**l' * * t * •• •*t«BlBt««t • • * 4 * * 4 t 14 Motors. MotOI'H. Studebuker Corporatiun ,... Tlnikun Roller Benrlni;.. Equipments Amorlcnn C'ar Foundry 7 Locomotive O*,M Ixioomotlve 4% Gonernl Tank 16 Stowart Warner 8 SUGAR FUTURES NU\V VOHK. Jan, :t. (A. l\)-*8us;aY i'.s cloKtMl hluudy, I (o 2 his/her; tiGOO lout*. January, «8; Murith, 7»; May, 7S; July, 82 bid; September, 87; Ucct'inbur, 91. I'L ••-•- I - .! •(- i - : , I i- i. • 1- ••-1 '•* ',•• i r*. -* T 9- v, ".' *,::.: - i -: - • •'I --* ^ *;£ Li. - > I .- *' *. 1 *• ,_ i * - -,a

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