The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 6, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, April 6, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. Uy POWERS & COLCU). SffOSCRll'TlONH. 8»ngl60opy,»nynildre88, per rent ........... 12 00 RldtunrtRnce ........................... l eu TBI 8KNTIHKL IB a stwlgUt-out Democratic ewspayer working for tlie advancement of the terents of tlie cause In Northwestern town. ADVERTISING. ine circulation of THK SKOTINKL exceerte that of an> rnper on the C. A N. W. Hallway west of rfMBhalltown. Our lists are open to nnj advertiser. We luive good lists In every town on nil branch roade, lists reaching the best farmers •nd business men In every community. Bates on molasses ot advertising reasonable. Schp-'ule of ratee I'irnlshed on application to the oraofc. Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, «nd have your letter reach us early as Wednesday evening. Address, TUB SENTINEL,, Carroll. Iowa. Enters at the Carroll, Iowa, postofllce, as SBD ond class matter. Published weekly. tare of Iowa! It is going! Goiogl! And when the snn shall start on its journey athwart the eky on the oomiug Friday, if it only knew how eager the people were to see the close ot the day, old sol would make the quickest run on record.—Clinton Age. FBIDAT, Aram 6, 1894. ffice preceding page tor late telegraphic news.] Let the Republicans speak, the debate on the tariff in now on in the senate. Little "Rhody" went Bspnblioan at the election lost Monday by a good mnjority. Iowa's first United States senator was "tendered a reception lost Wednesday by both branches of I he legislatnre. ', Monday was the 151st birthday of Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the .Democratic party and the author of the declaration of independence. Gov. MoKinley is becoming BS dear to •the^Republicans as the late James G. Elaine was. The Republicans must have their idols to worship and they are not always very paiticnlar as to what kind ot stuff they are made of ejther. The long drawn out poatoffios fight at Ft. Dodge has at last been disposed of -and John F. Danoombehas the soalpaof •all his opponents dangling at his belt. •Otms.Dunoomba was named for the position and will make a first class official. Secretory Morton ot the department of agriculture has shown his usual hard sense by refusing to make any further appropriation for the rainmakers. Ha is willing to let ambitions experimenters in this line proceed with their endeavors to nil down the clouds and make the light- nings subservient to their nod and beck, but he does not think that the resalts thnt have been so largely anocessf til as to guarantee the deportment in making any further appropriation in that interest. And the sensible people of the country are with him.—Davenport Democrat. Yeomaiis Named. President Cleveland did B handsome thing for Iowa when he named Senator Yeomans, of Woodbury county, as a member of the inter-state commerce commission. Iowa was fortunate iu securing so favorable a consideration at th s hands of the administration, for this is one ot the most • important oommissioas in our country. It had been filled previ onsly by an Iowa man and the vacancy was caused by tbe death of Judge J. MoDill of Oreslon, and it was proper that the work should be carried on by a man from our state. 3enator James D. Yeomans^is peouliiirly qualified for tha important position and probably no man in oar stute could fill the position with the same credit and ability aa he. His natural bent of mind, his training aud bis line cf work through life, have all conspired to moke him a strong man in the place. He was born in Oattarau- gus county, N. Y., 48 years ago. He will be treated to sensation onoe a week at least. Crisp is eaid to be the only man in the house who can call time on Reed, and the way he does it ia exceedingly clever. Reed has found his tmiteh in Crisp ,and it greatly annoys him. The seigniorage bill was returned to Hie house after being vetoed by the president nnd an effort to pass it over the veto tailed, thus praotioilly ending nil hope of securing the coinage of silver bullion now stored in the vaults ot the treasury at Washington. Some Views on tho Woman Question Just before his departure for London to take chp-rgo of a society for ethical culture Dr. Stanton Coit delivered a parting shot at the feminine sex in America, Then he cleared off out of the country in a hurry. • Dr. Stanton Coit says that women are inferior to men in education, character and moral life. That they are thus inferior ia the fault of their education. The doctor is kind enough to indicate his belief that tho sex have sense enough naturally. Their defects are therefore no- inherent in the nature of the sex, bu only in their education. That this is so is, moreover, not their own fault, bu the fault of their master—man. Woman has been trained through all the ages ti believe that her first duty is to pleas< her master—man—whereas in Dr. Coit' estimation her first duty is nothing o the kind. It is to be a responsible human being, and the first step to that enc is absolute financial independence fo woman. 0 "She must earn a living. Insist tha woman shall be free so far as regards th purse strings, and she will take up th vocations of life and astonish the old fo Gov. Tillmau, of South Carolina, is having as bard n time keeping order in his saloon as the ordinary bar tender, Bed it he were running as disorderly a place here in Carroll as be is in bis own elate our big marshal would ran bin) in the first day. There is a Democratic editor by the name ot Will Welle at Alton who gets up « good paper but ot nil the living monstrous cranks it has ever been our privilege to hear ot he takes the lead, •nd the most unfortunate symptom of bis mala:!; is (hat he thinks he knows something. Our Republican legislature proved itself true to the railroad and insurance companies when the boose defeated the bill providing tor the manufacturing ot liquor and the same day the sen ate killed the valued policy bill. The insurance companies and the railroad lobbjes are on top. Judge L. G. Kiuue, of the supreme bench,baa moved hisJamily from Toledo to Dea Moinea where they will make their future home. A public farewell reception was given them at the U. B. oharou at Toledo. Judge Kinne has been a resident ot Toledo for thirty years and the people, very [reluctantly gave him np. P. M. Maclean has changed hia morning daily back to an evening publication. Paul got out a first class paper bat the expense incurred in publishing a paper of, this kind was more than a city the size of OrestoD would wairant. The • ' Gazette is still a good paper aod we welcome it ae one of our beet exchanges. Speaker Crisp was .appointed senator from Georgia to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Oolquett but he refused, for bis servioM are greatly needed in the house, Ik requires Crisp to bold ex-Speaker Used down and u'o one in the bouse oun do it so effectually ae can Speaker Crisp. • The people are just learning his worth. The jury returned a verdiot ot $25,000 against Russell Sage and in favor of Loidliiw the man Mt. Sage held between himself and the dynamiter Naroroas. The mnlti • millionaire escaped with eligbt injuries bat Laidlaw was severely injured. Sage baa pUnty ot money and be will uot bi placed at inuoh inoouveni- in paying the judgment. (or favorable had the advantages ot a fair common and high school education. His first experience in the railroad business was ae on office boy when be was 18 years old. He rapidly advanced to the position of • superintendent, serving (is brakeman, conductor and all intermediate grades. For several years be/was superintendent of the" Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad company. Daring the war he served in important positions in military operations, his abilities in operative work being highly valued. In 1870 he became a member of tbe railroad contract ing firm of Oragie, Raffer £ Yeomans of Buffalo, N. Y., which built many lines of road in Michigan, the ore docks at Mnr- quette and other important works in the northwest.' He located at Sioux City in 1889 in ordei to look personally after bis property interests in the weat. He is an extensive farmer and stock raiser. Two years ago he was elected to tbe state senate from Woodbury county, although his residence bad been short. He is a lifelong Democrat and was prominent in New York politics, having been an intimate personal and political friend ot Grover Cleveland and Postmaster General Bisaell. His acquaintance among Iowa politicians is large, so that, for tbe position which be now graces, be bad strong inducements in the weat aa well as in New York and the east. Cloning Hours. The past week bus been an exceedingly busy one tor both the bouse aud tbe senate and a large number ot bills have been passed, tbe greater portion ot them however being of a local nature. Tbe senate Thursday passed the bouse bill giving women a right to vote at all municipal aud school elections when they are held tor the purpose of issuing bonds, borrowing money, or increasing the tax levy, and, will become a law when signed by tbe governor. The bouse bill regulating tbe insurance companies known as tbe "Valued Dr. Coit continued further: "Nowom an lives for herself. Man is her master her god. Suppose man were brought u in the same manner, where would man splendid qualities be?" We give it up Not even the so called progress of worn an in America amounted to much, sal the doctor, because it only increased her charm and grace to please man. Woman had not increased in common sense. American women could not manage their, servants. "Women are not earnest, honest and conscientious in the rearing ot children. I cannot see that in this respect they are any better than men." Women, married and single, must have an independent income and take the consequences if they do not spend it right. Wives should have their stipend regularly paid to them. If a man is a day laborer, "a certain percentage of his wages should be withheld for his wife." The faults of both' men and women are due to the fact that woman is in slavery to man, especially financial slavery, "1101 can men rise till women are liberated." Woman should have the right to vote, but the main point is their absolute financial independence. He dwelt on this most of all. " " Whose Fault Was It? Of several ugly scandals at present oc- iupying the attention of this nation none is uglier or more disgraceful than hat of the armor plate find gun carriage rai.irts. The facts in the armor plate matter seem to be that the Carnegie 5teel company succeeded in foisting up- m the government and making it pay 'or armor plate that was almost value- ees, an article fur inferior to the plates which hncl passed inspection in the In- lian Head tests. The inspectors at the •nrnegie company's plant are supposed to watch every step of the process of manufacturing the huge plates, and they place their mark upon such as aro con* sidered perfect. These are placed in a pile for final trial. Through means known to somebody who as yet hns not told how it was done the plates for final trial at Indian Head were up to the mark and beyond it, while those of which the trial plates were supposed to be merely samples were wholly worthless as a means of defense against shot and shell. The worst of the matter is that the Monterey and the New York have been fitted out with this worthless armor, It is nothing less than a national disgrace for which the perpetrator should be made to pay to the uttermost. It cannot be that the fraud was committed with the knowledge and approval of Carnegie himself. Or is it possible that this is tho usual style of doing business at\ steel manufacturing plants, and that the men merely forgot and went on turning out the same kind of cheap commercial work, that they ordinarily do? In case of tbe Pittsburg steel gun carriage castings that split to flinders on the first trial there is also a mystery. It is claimed that a discharged workman played a trick on the manufacturers and substituted worthless castings for the good ones made for the government.. But how could such a thing have happened? Moreover, how many of these "tricky" steel gun castings have been paid for at a high price by the government and are now actually mounted on board the ships of our new navy? A committee from the City club of New York, in conference with another from the trades unions, have drafted a plan for reformed city government. The plah is to be presented to the constitutional convention of New York state in May. One object of the framersis to separate state and municipal elections entirely, thus divorcing city govern* ments from politics as far as possible, State elections are arranged to be held in even years, city elections in odd years. The legislature will be forbidden to do more than enact general laws for the control of cities, Special laws for any particular casr- must be submitted to the people theriselvos of a city before such acts finally become operative. Any city containing '00,000 inhabitants is entitled to prepare mid adopt* its own charter, subject to the general laws for the gov ernmeutof cities. The/charter is to be adopted by vote of the citizens of that particular place. A very important feature of the new scheme is that it makes all privileges, licenses and franchises, such as gas and waterworks and street railways, belong to the city itself under the constitution of the state, and this cannot be changed except by amending the constitution. A city may lease gas works or street railway privileges to a private company, but not for a longer period than 80 years, and then not unless a majority of the citizens vote in favor of such lease. The company leasing such privileges may own its operafr ing plant, but never the franchise itself which is unalterably in the city's hands Buoklen'a Arnica Salve , > The hei>t salve In the world for Cute, Dfntswt borne,UloefB, HaitKhettm,l'overSorei,t8Uef, ' Chapped Hnnde, OhllblMns.Oorm Mid tit Sklfc ,; Krnptlous, and positively cores Pilel or no '" pay required. It Is gaarnnted to give perfect ia»lsf action or money tofnndcrt. Pr!''e»tc»n»» n«r'">x. For sale h J. W. llntton. Thousands of horses nil over the coun- ;ry go into winter quarters fat and sleek and comu out in the spring too poor for tny use. Aro yours some of this number?, "Orange Blossoms" Is a pnmless cure tot all diseases peculiar to women. Sold fresh by J. W. Hiitton. There is a Spanish proverb which, being put into English, says, "He who would travel by a perfect ass must go afoot," ^ Karl's Clover Hoot will purify your blood, clear your complexion, regulate your bowels and make '. your head clear as a bell, 25c,, OOc. and $1,00. Sold b?C. H. Westbrook. Tho leading question nmoug all horsemen is how to make money. There is no use in denying tlie fact, it's money, money, money everywhere. CaptolnSweeney, U.S. A., San Diego, Cal. snys: "Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy Is the first medicine I have ever round that would do me any good.'' t'rloeGOc, Sold by C. H. Westbrook. "He lacks road qualities"—a common' expression which explains many a low sale. v Bhlloh's Cure, tlie gre-it Cough and Croup Cure Is in grant demand. Pocket size contains twenty-five doses only 2So. Children love It, Sold by C. H. Westbrook. The Kansas Methodist conference has taken a practical and effective way to discourage brutality in football games. It has passed a resolution declaring that henceforth it will not lend its aid and influence to colleges that allow flying and mass football plays. "Jfjcret service Agent u'bonnell urreste^ Thomas Hughes at Basic City, Va., for counterfeiting 5-ceut coins. He is thought to .IjfiteTj- to a Michignji, gang of coiners. Any American born citizen past 85 years old can be a candidate for president. There is no law against it. Doubtless that is the reason some men are put forward as candidates. Policy" bill was killed by the senate and the same day the house killed the senate bill to allow the manufacture of epiritoua liquor in Iowa, thus giving tbe people a double dose in one day. Both ot those bills were opposed by the corporation lobby which won two decisive victories against the people of the state. Tbe senate concurred in tke action of the house in passing a resolution resubmitting tbe prohibitory amendment to a vote ot Ibe people. Tbe legislature after remaining iu session three mouths adjourned] this afternoon. For Debate. The Golden Rule, organ of the international societies of Christian Endeavor, has instituted au admirable plan of stirring its readers up to thought. Thinking ia the main thing. But most people mistake their prejudices for thought. Some others do not even think they think. The Golden Rule offers prizes for the best short essays on topics about which there may be several opinions. A few of these questions for debate aro along lines which the majority of mankind would regard as narrow, but except those which persons differing' from, the Christian Endeavorers might object to on theological and sesthetic grounds they could scarcely be improved. Some of them are such us these: "Should the United States and Canada be united politically?" "Do you believe in Gladstone's home rule policy?" "Should women vote?" The debating season is well nigh over. Yet here are some themes which might well occupy the attention of our future statesmen and social philosophers during the few weeks remaining. The engine which develops the best intellectual powers is tho school literary society or tho country debating club. There ought to be one iu every school district, and young and old—men and women—ought to belong to it. Turning Paupers Into Farmers. Holland has perhaps come nearer than any other nation to successfully solving, the problem of what to do with city paupers. Usually they are herded into great poorhouses and fed at public expense. The only work they do is that required to keep the premises where they are boused in order. They aro a miserable, ungrateful lot. The charity they live on is doled out to them grudgingly, and they are a heavy expense. Political corruption and private jobbery creep into the management of the establishments where they are kept. That at least is the American system, and it could not be worse. With the thrifty, wise Dutch tho idea is not to herd them together, but to scatter them. They axe taken from, the city slums and distributed upon public farms. Professor Peabody, who gives in The Forum some facts concerning the Dutch ystem, says there are no great poorhouses and few ablebodied paupers in Holland. There is a tract of public land containing 6,000 acres. It is divided into six model farms, and to one of these ia sent tho poor person applying for public relief. If he voluntarily serves till ho learns agriculture, he is allowed to rent a small farm for himself and be what is called a free farmer. Every pauper who is thus reclaimed to honest, regular industry is BO much gain to the state. There is also a forced labor colony, where beggars and vagrants are sent and made to do farm and other work whether they want to or not, An invention has been made which promises' much for the finishing of houses internally. It consists of a process by which marble dust from quarries aud yards is collected, mode into a paste COUNTY GOVERNMENT. AUDITOH'S OFFICE, CARHOLI, Co.,lA.) Carroll, Iowa, April 2,1894. J Board met pursuant to adjournment, members all present. Minutes ot previous meeting wer» rend and ou motion same wore ipiitM/jil. Petition of C; A. Beitenmnnn for one McClain's code, for use in mayor's office was on motion rejected. Heportsof L. A. Jennincs'. justipe of the peace, and E. J»I. Parsons, mayor, were read and on motion same were 'ordered filed. ' The'following official bonds were on motion approved: ! Stove Flnnegan, township clerk. M. S. Thorn, township cleric. Dana Earl, constable. A. F. Malen, justice of the peace. V. K. Jackson, justice of tho peace. M. 11. Schaefer, constable. Claus Clausen, justice of the peace. Report of J. Jr. Kennebeck, clerk of the district court, of fees collected from January 1 to March 81, was read and ordered tiled. Amount col looted, SS3t,05. Treasurer was on motion Instructed to abate $2.92 on tax of G. U. Waltersdorf, ou uccountot tree exemption, Also $5.56 on tax of Adam Brust, on account of tree exemption. Also 88.S1 on tax of William Urust, on account of tree exemption. On motion auditor watt instructed to redeem from tax sale lot 13, block 24, Manning, ou account of sale being erroneous. Treasurer was ou motion Instructed to abate $2.88 on personal tax of IK. W. llau- by, on account of error lu assessment. Also S3.10 on the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 7, township 83, range ill, on account of crrouuous assessment. Petition of O. G. Onen, for a grodo on north line of section 2, township 85, range Si, was ou motion referred to G. v. Glau. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. In the race for the dollars satan mates the best time when disguised as a reformer. Specimen Oases. S. H. Oliftord.New Oassol, Wis.,wastroubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach was disordered, his liver was effected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and ho was terribly reduced in lleeli and strength. Throe bottles of Kjloctrlc Hitters cured him. Kdward Shepnrd, Harrlsbnrg, III., Imd a running sore on his leg ot olghtycars' standing. Used three bottles of ElectrlcBilters and seven ooxes of Ducklon's arnica salvo, and his log is sound and well. John Speaker,Oiitawba, O., had five' largo fever sores on his leg, doctors said ho was inerrable. One bottle Electric Bit tors and one box Bucklcn'a arnica salvo cured him entirely. Sold at J. W. nation's drug itoro. 3 Alex. Koss has pleaded guilty at Pierre, S. D., to an indictment charging him with embezzling &£>,0(X) from thu First National A Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, otCannJobiirla, N.Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's Now Disuovery In the house and his family liiisiilw:iyB fquud tbe Yet}, best results follow Its use; lliut lin would not bo without It, if procurable. G. A. Dykeman, drug- BlBt.Oatskill, N. Y., says that Or. King's New Discovery lsuadoub*edly the best oough'remedy; that he lius used lu Ills family for eight years, and It has never failed to do nil that is claimed lor It, Why not try u remedy so loug tried and tested. Trial bottlns free at J. W. nation's drug store. Begulur size OOc uud $ 1.00. . It was only uhout a dozen years ago 'that Bourko Cockran, tho Tammany or ator, used to wonder where he would get enough money to pay his car faro up and down town. Now he is the private counsel for George J. Gould and William Waldorf Astor, and his law business yeadily yields hira $100,000 u year. Woon Baby was r/,ck, we gnvu bur Cucorbk When Ehe WM A Uiiilil, »he urlud for Caatoria. When tho became Mlu, »lie clung to Castor!*. When die bad Children, ihe j;a vo them CMtorl* pait week baa been trad* «ud all markets are aoliv* audbigber. Tbe Prover'fl Journal ot Omaha wye that Oftttl*, bog* and all olaaaw of lira etook ••ul 16 to 80 cents higher during tbe vf*k W>4 lh» markets are stronger aud more aollre than they have been any 'Mme Ma spring. Sharp udvauoes were wheat and porn uud a marked along (be line in tbe provie- Jcw majhet, Thj»ii Wfdwpdaj., Tomorrow will i« Thurida/.. panel) day oomee Friday — and that wiil brMw «»4— nottbe eud ut tUe world, but M» pel ot tbe legielw- The tariff debate has at last opeued in the senate. Yoorbees opened the debate ou the Democratic tide aud Allison on the Republican. Heuator Feller was to speak today givlug hia opiuiou ou the bill from u Populiatio standpoint, Tu» time during the week has beeu occupied with the discussion which has just cleverly beguu uud the eud is u loug way off. The house has beeu trying tbe greater port ot the time to ueoure a quorum to vote ou unseating a few Uepublioau congressmen aud installing Democrats in their place. Hpeuker I'riep eud ex-Hpeuker iieed furnish Ihe whole oouutry uud so The king of Italy is BO poor that he is going to sell some of his royal palacea. Here is the chance of his lifetime for Borne millionaire American, Humbert will still have enough left to change around in, however. Derides the royal headquarter*) at Rome ho will rotuiu five palaces and a few hunting park* in dif* ferent parts of his kingdom. An assortment of houses IB a necessity to kiuys, for a king cannot pick up any day and run off uud quietly go around the world whtm ho is bored to death and iasufturing from nervous prostration at homo, That joy is reserved to tho private individual, A writer calls attention to the foot that uu ounce of silver uud a bushel of wheat rise and fall together uud u»ve done BO for »uuuy years. Tho ouly exception to this rule was during the famine in BusBiu, when a bushel of wheat woo higher than un ounce of silver. When silver wus worth $1.9030 an ounce, wheat was worth $1.80 a bushel. Now, with silver in the neighborhood of 00 cents au ounce, u bushel of wheat U there too. ____ | '_ Neul Dow writes u firmer, bettor hand ut DO years old than he did ut #B. Jis tUat with water and cement and then put under tremendous pressure. The resulting substance resembles marble in a marked degree, but it can be molded into any shape, Inkstands, workbozes and other small articles are formed from it as well as mantels and panels, ft can be pressed into very thin slabs, tho paste of which it is made being colored and voiued iu imitation of any desired kind of marble. It con to a great extent replace wood in tho inside work of buildings very iulv;i: • tagoously, Hooches, rain and otlu-r vermin that infest wood could find no Ltd- iug place or nust in this artificial nmrbla. It would be cleaner, safer uiul more wholesome than woodwork almost everywhere. In tlio Hawaiian Islands are many Portuguese. They latoly hold u mass weuting at Honolulu for tho purpose of giving public expression to their views on the political situation. They passed soiuo resolutions, of which the following was oue: "Tho seutimtint of the Portuguese colony is unanimously in favor of the annexation of Hawaii to tho United States of America." Another was to the effect that the Portuguese colouy would remain unalterably loyal to the provisional government uud follow it through any transformation it might undergo. <ug ua (be? aw iu the house the people bucuuse he hus been u The United States government hau taken its stand with reference to uu international silver uoufereuce. It is that, while this country will take the initiative iu no uior» stiver uoufvri-iicus, it will bo ready to join European powers in such u meeting when they invite it to do so. Colonel Bredfhmdb't) took his lluu of from the 13ible. It wus that by Adum iu the gurdeuof Edeu, Treasurer was on motion Instructed to abate the penalty on tlio delinquent tax on one acre In northwest quarter ot the northwest quarter, suction 21, township82, range 84, for the years 1881) to 1801 Inclusive. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. APRIL 3. Itoardmet. Members all present. P iMIon of ottl/am oC W.IVMII tun hip for bridge on section Hue between sections U and 10, said towutmlp, was on motion ro- i'errud to H. K. Darglu with power to act. Jiopurt of W. P. llombach, of fees collected from Jan. 1 to April 1, was read and en motion same was ordered filed. Amount collected, 807.26. Auditor was on mutton Instructed to redeem from tux sate the following (Inscribed laud, towlt: The southeast quarter ot the southwest <iuartur,the northeast quarter oUlio southeast quarter, tlie northwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and thu uortlii'ast quarter of tliu southwest quarter, all lu section 21, township 88, range 1W, on account of said laud being exempt (rum taxation at the time the sale occurred. Treasurer was on motion Instructed to abate 814.80 on pursomt! tax of Tiumms flukes, Dodlmiu, on account of error on part ot assessor. Alto 827.01 on porsoual tax of Pat Kla- uu, Dedliam, for sarno reasou as above. Also ftft.lO eu personal lax of Jos. liut- ter, Dodlmiu, for same reasou as above, J'etlltoii of J. T. Smouso for vnoatlou of highway, came up for hearing, uud upon (lueeoimlUeratlou tho vacation was granted as prayed tor, ou condition that poll- oiiiM-s pay coet wllhlu sixty days. Treasurer was ou motion Instructed to tax ou southwest quarter of tlie north west quarter, section 18, town ship 86, range BJ, ou account ot error ou part of usBmor, Ou motion proceeded to audit bills. Ou motion adjourned to8 o'clock tomorrow morning. ut, •iiToux-i''i:;<H,*S. '15., has grunted uu absolute divorce to Mrs. ISmtle Voogtlin from Arthur Voegtlin, the scenic pu! liter. Hood's is Good Makes Pure Blood •orefula Thoroughly "0, 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Muti. i "U U with i>loa»uro that I «lv» you tttf (M«W of our llttto May'* sickness and lier r»tufO to W«»ltU by the u»o of Hoou'i Sw»»p«rtU». M* WM tek«u dowu wltU v Fever and • Bad Couohi Following Uiln a toro oame ou b»r rlgut lift* I* twMU Ui* twoloww rlbi, In a snort tllMH> etaw krok* ou tuo left vide, eu* wool* ' •Mils cf ior« mouth aud when \ M In overcoming thfi tu« woul IMki •! high- fever and o*m)| MHUPtlon. . Her he»u w«s uffec uiu Mr MTI. Hood's'^ C •UMvorMMdin tre»tmeui fall Smii untiTtff b«Juu to uiu floqjn After ib» lura Uiiw out-ljuU bottle , ike waiWUer. W« ooutlu] token tflr«» Lottlei, Now s 1 10 w».. „.. uuod, until sU« Iwiw TJ» Bloom of HMlth Ut «*,» pii. w* (Ml grftUJul, and < wittYoi oTuQBd'i r iuMs, iwmn.Teuuciise 'i Pllll »«t e«illy, yet promptly intf ouitoUvtrMuitwwtli. Iff.

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