Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
Page 3
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LeeJshultz, son «l{ Mr. and MrSr J.' W. 'Sbxdtr,! sout^' of LaHarJte. returned home , Wednesday fr^m ; Kitn&as Gity wh^re he underwent a very seHous mastoid operation two weeks lago Yapldlv -i' He ik rijcuperatlng . ' ,,?iotlcP kilV. A. —Electiod of officers Monday, Dec. 5.. Godd attendance desired. >y. a ELDER, V. Cj. The second degree team of - the I, O. O. P. lodge went to Humboldt last nlgl ^t to piit oq the second de- ^ee wbrk. .After jth^ .business i session k progjam was' presented t by the >toran ladies, and the meet- InglwM jopen to everybody. in^ Cards 'at Cook's. • Mrs: Katie Squires; r of Galena, -and Mrs." Sadie B. Holmes. Of Oswego; are visiting In the home of MrM. Holmes's son. W. W. Holmes and family-flf 408 South Walnut >_Btreet, • . . • -^-C+'nuinp Lighin, $1.00. - PlamlJinK c ;o. KviT -Ucady FlaHh K. C. Kieclric aii-l ~i After two monrlix of continued • effort. Prof, Waller .McCray, director of niusJit ai tbo I'lttsburg Teachers' cglioKP. has succeeded . in Kignfnjj Igna<'<« PadprwRki^ .vorld'a pri'mlor and Polloh T K'atcsman. for a concpri at the jpoilpirp oti February 2:5. —Pip supppr and _ proi ?rarir~R "t Orescjjut Valley, jii-hool Wednesday -nlghT. Dec. 7. l-otia Yowell. Tiea-jlifer. : Prank Lawypr. retiimpd .homp last nigl^ from Kansas City where ~lije~wpnt several days ajio to have his eye.s e.^camined. ..; HolMfl) Specials. —Every hat in the shop Rreatly reduced. See u.s now. Edwards Millinery. I Lew liorville returned home last night from a business trip to Kansis City. - -. —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor. lolaLaunUry Bldg. Phone 138. i'Six-now members were inltiatedi _ itilothe Security Benefit Aasocla-j tion lodge night and six roo'rcJ names were approved. Visltora • from the lodges at Chanute, Humboldt and lolA were pre.senL Following the ^business session, a dance was held with music by the , jKemiherer- orchestra from Hum'-' holdt. - ] Does Your Orercoat Cover a wrinkled, grimy ipuit? If .NO let us clean lind press it. Phone lOn. Mrs, C. H. Arbuckle, who has been confined to her home for the past eight weeks, is. still unaible to be but. Mrs. jVrbuckle is 111 of bronchitis. " - —Special Snndar dinner dt Fort' land Ifntel, ftic. Jfouni, 1^:15 to -J. Mrs. Chas. Tice and son, Jtinior. of Madison, Kans., who have been visiting'^ tliGlr parents and grandparents,,Mr/^and MrJi. D. A. Spafford, of Moran, were vf^ltors In lola today enroute home.- ' —Ilunte's Hard Candles, In bulk or in glaxs Jars, at Cook's. iilfa. Leo Webster and son, Martin, of Oronijon, left today for Sqnta Anno. Toxas. where they will make their home. THK PUBLIC In cordially invited to attend the Elks Memorial Servil-e to be held in the lodge rooms at .'l p. m. i^undaV. •l)ec;eniber 4. FR.\.NK M CCARTHY, 'Kxqlted Ruler. AWeson Cleaners • » » ^iiiis Jluth kump. bookkeeper at the Sheilv Motor Company, returned home'from Kansas City yestw-.J - day': afternoon where she. spent pie week In attendance upon the' eheSTOlet Accounting School for all GHe^TOlet bookkeepers in this zone, ' - •Mrs." C. F. Duga'n went to Clia- nutc this afternoon to spend the week-end with Mrs. Clyde Bisl^p and family. —Greeting Cards at Cook's. Mrs. C. B. Loyd. of Quapaw. Okla., who has heen here helping care for her father, J- E. Ball, ot 14 North Third street, \tho is ill, returned home today. ^Chicken. Dinner Kranse's' Cnfe. Sdndar at The address id Current Topics next Monday evening promises to be of quite unusual. interest • and importance. The speaker Dr.'J. S. Hogheh. of the State Agricultural College. He is One of the foremost nutrition •ex'perts in the country, a regular consultant of the. Mayo Clinic and recognliied nationallv as an- authority in his field. ' His lectnrb will be illusi trated hy pictures thrown by a lantern on a screen and will doubtless be of personal value frbm the Ktandpoint of jhealth to every man who hears it. The club will meet at the Portland Hotel and as there' may hot be room for all who wlsn to attend reservations should be made early. Call i'phone 286. —A car of dependable Lump Coal on track at;$5..';o per ton off car, $6.45 per ton delivered while on track, lola Junk & Coal Co. Phone 317. First door north Katy depot. Mrs. D. L. Brown, of Hutchinson, spent the week-end with her brother. J. H. Taylor and family, of North Kentucky ptreet. —Greeting Cards in an*'cxccllent asBor.tment at Cook's. R. Wf Donovan accompanied hi4 son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Rube Donovan, of Chqrry»ale. Kuns., .to RoBcoe, Mo., for a. visit wlilr old friendrt. • Attenlinn 0. K. S. —Ronulur mceling^^.Monday eve- nlngr, S'-o'clock. Election of officers.—Jessie A. Bartlcs, Secy. AlVm. Larson..otElsmore. sloppeil In at the Register office toda/ami i;cnewed his subscrlptloi^ to the Uld Home Paper for another year. —Dr. J.' T. Rcid, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 3.'7. '' Rdbert Triout left on the late afternoon train for Joliet. HI., on .-i businesfi trip. —0. L." Cox, .M. b. Specialist, Rye, Ear, Nose ind Throat. J. F. Fergijson. of Kincaid. called at the offlce-this morning to renew his subscription to' the Regi.ster. —"Van's Bread." good: as ever. Mrs. Barney McCabe. of near Carlylp. was a pleasant vi .<itor at this office today. —We pay 6''^ on Full Paid and rnstallmenlj Stock. 'The best investment, the best method^ to .«!ave. Security BIdir. & Loan Association, lolfl, Kansas. Mrs. !J. H. Campbell returned to her home in Kansas^ City yesterT •lay after spending two weeks here withTIicr brother, C. Cr Ausherman. K21- North Walnut street and with her sister, Mrs. Ella Moore, of 210 South street. " ' —If you want' to buy or build, J city or suburban property. The lola Building & Loan AssociaUon •will make you a loan, low interest rate, fao commisslo i. See G. B. Pees. Secretary, at ild Register building, southwest corner of square. . Mrs. Lucy A. Hull, of 618 North Elm street, passed away this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. OIlie Updegraph.;of Claremore. Okla. She haft been there for sometime visiting. Miss IMary Armstead. of 618 North Elm street, •went to Claremore today to attend hor sister's funeral. —Special Sunday Dinner, noon iind evening', aOc, I 'tc. Kelley Hotel. .Mrs. A. H. Wilcox, of near Mora ri, was a caller at the Register office today and renewed her sub- Fcription to the Old Home Paper. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor. Northrup Bldg. Phone 326. Rosalee Taylor, three year old daughter ot Mr. and .Mrs. Roy Taylor, who has been ve.ry ill. is reported a little better today. To Badio listeners. —.TJidge Rutherford will broad- rast over station WGY (Schenectady, New York)! during* the hour beginning 5:30 ,!p. m. Sunday, Dec. 4. Wave length. 379.4 meters.— E.. W. Botleman, Secy. ' Lloyd Klimeck. of 924 North Chestnut ptreet, who has been ill, is reported improving. THE The Lallarpe Farn^ Bureau club hiel Wednesday ^afterinoon. December 2, in the homo olj Mr.s. CiffoVd. The lesson subject \yas on Christmas' suggestions and was led b^ Miss Josephine Weith. The members present were: Miss Weith, Mrs. Uifford, Mrs. Roe, Mrs.- Wal- iis, Mr^. Mitchell and) Mrs. Laura AVood. The guests were Mw. .-Vn- drews and Elna Reeves. The ne.\t meeting wi)i be a contiimance of the Christmas work and' will be held in the~Ebm'ei)i Mrs. Wra. Newman.—Club reporter. We know Bakery Products are good. But , Have ' Y'oii- . . ; Tried / > " 1 Ours? VAN HOOZER'S, !\liss .Martha llaflanhas accepted a position with the Ramsay store and is in .charge of th^ Notion department. (.•old LeWriiig. —The Register'does all kinds of gold lettering at' moderate prices. In 'buying leather goods, for Christmas gifts, keep u.s in tntnd. B. E. Lawrence arrived on the Sunflower Spei'jai last night.from Wichita, joining his wlfQ here jn^ visit with her parents,/ .Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Washburn of 70C South Washington avenue. They will leave for their home in St. Louis tomorrow. —bependaible . Liiniti Coal on track. I^.-^O per ton iff car. J6.25 per ton dellver< I w hilf on trac4j. Viola Junk & C" il To. I'hoUe 317. llcken dinner, "like h:)::i •' cobk^C" every Sunday, and Thursday: at "Lewmttn's CaXe^ Mi^. Susie Cornell, who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. Mary | Mr. :iii<l, .Mis. .1. U. I.Meeks, of Derbiy;and family of 217 .Smith Baitle-^ville. Okla.. will arrive In strtet,; and' with relatives- .•iniljthe moi^ning to he gue .«t8 tii Mr. friends; in l-aHarpp. returned this j ami Mr.4._ Karl Bcdenbinder ,of 21.'» South Sycamore .street severa! days. • afternoon to her fjome in Chanute. -^ip 'or Real Estate Loans -see the Seiiirfty nidK. A'Lonn Assnriafinn, lofa, Ks. Office jii First ^'atL Bank. " iHumboldt Union: Tho appoipt- meiit of Tra>is~=.Morse 'meets the j^pproval of tl^e L\llen county bar, as well as citizens. Mr. Morse has been a resident, of lola and a member of the bar for many years. He ha«| acted, as a rule, as counsellor -~-ri tiler ! than that ofadvocate. •Judge Morse Is a native of Ken- ttieky. ;A man of the highest In­ tegrity''and enjoys tho confidence of the legal fraterJiitiLand his as- ^laing; of the • duties of^Probate -Jiidge 6t Allen County meets with ^api'roviil. er- of COKREtTIO.N , . 4'^ ^• :_• .• - through a typographical " * for in the airtvertisement •, Greene's Cash Grocery ~ ' Thufsday's Register Nutpla • ^was iquoted at 2 pounds tor • ^ 37c..' This line .should have / r • :read: ' ' .'Nut f)\en. :.' •i.Kinil.'' -.S"c —(Jrecting Cards at Cook's. . Artliiir Shannon will be home tonight ifroni Wichita where he spent ihe week on business ^nd in attending the Frigldaire service school. • .VoOce. —Former feaf hers and pupils of Prairie Dell school are cordially invited to attend the Homecoming and Dedication of the new building to be held December 8, 1927. from 11 a, m. 40 4 p: m.—District Board. i- r — •Mr. and .Mrs. J. W.. Reynolds, of tlve Reynolds grocery on West D^uglai). are taking a short v;ica- tlon, C. C. .\ui -herman is in charge of the store <luring their absence. ^For Sale: 1925 one ton Ford truck, equipped with good^Jir^ new cab and Ruxteli ajrfe. South Street Oarage. " Little Bobbie Cripehlng. of S14 North Washington uVenue, who has been visiting his mother. Mrs. Marie Copenlng in Chicago, has re- inrned home. .Mrs. F. J. Billbe accompanied him home, \- ^ .Mrs. ."lolin Hii!;i.iiff...) p.iiiiini, :U Sr...Joliu'.s hospilui itir ilii- 'unt'Mti — months., accoiupauieii by. .Mi.-UaT-I toug will leave tonight on tlie Siin-' Tlo'wer Special for Columbus, Ohio, _ wjfei-e she wfill remain a while in ~ ihethbrae of her brother. It will be remembered that both .Mr. aiid .Mrs. Hartong wi?re seriously injur- -. >d on the highway near .Moran last summci^ when a bumblebee stung .Mr.' Hartong in the eye causinij him - f<> lose, coutroi of his car. Mrs. - Hartong was so seriously Injured that she. Still fs unable to walk * more than a few steps at a time, fijiring ; her stafi at the hospital, has endearred herself to "many <*JieopIe who have been solicitous of her. and her room has. been flllwl ~ .Tvlth flowsers .awst of the time.. .Mr- Hartong has made hi? head's quarters at the Hotel Kelley await- i:^ ,the> recovery of, his wife. The b«st wishes of their many lola .friends will follow them wherever •jhey-go. . : . • ' MORE TOLA DAILY R^GIS'!rER..SATURDAY E\^ENING, DECEMBER 3.1927. I Winter/aiiQ Spring Arb. Wed [we Dotfr' Advance ^FoSay on . -Wall Street -New 'York. I)ec. 3. (.AP)—BUOK- ish enthusiasin in__tDdaVs^ ^stock Bi'arketcoBtinuerl at fever pitchr yatirffie rails maintaijuing-leader- shipof the adKUic? which they as, sumed^yesterday. Early gains ran 4 -from 1 to nearly 8 points with the bi:>-ing stimulated by gigantic pool f;perations and^steadily ihcreasing.| public, participation. With the ticker nearly 20 minutes behind the market at the end of the first hour, stock- exchange authorities tried out their experiment of^sliort— eiiing the quotations in^n^ffort 10' speed up the ticker machinoryr Closing was strong.^-TOtal sales Trpproxtluated 1.500.000 shares. What Jlarjorie Wanf.S. Dear-Sania ClausT . ; l_ am a^Jiylei^girjirfc yeaiTS'lald. Please -^brmgTIie a; cabinet,^ a_ set of dishes- and a ;dbll. I I trj .to__b«-«-'good girl .„i-.- ' • WARJORIE W.A.O>KK. lower than tHe,average. No ship-is pers in. Top^^JS .es to packers on 225 to 235 lbs.;- desirable 390 to'' 250 lbs. $8.45@8.65; packing sows |7,0p@7.75. . . . .s. - Cattle SOtt; calves - 200. ^ Beef steers uneven: desirabie kind 1200 lbs. up, strong to 25c higher- Others 15c to 40c iowerj:|-.Goo^ light weights off-most; shefstoclj. bulls .qnd;.-vealers steady; weightjrr caivesj Steady to 25c higher ".JbetteB grade Lshowlng -liitle change. 'WeeTc's topt \ Martin L. Wheeler. 76-year-old Florence,. Colo., hotel owner.'was lonely and Mlis Madge Glenn. 20. of Evrrton, Mo., was tired of farm ' life. They exchanged a few letters, met for the first time In Pueblo and.were married an hour later. Wheeler has-nine children, having married .the first time 56 years ago. Ho was the boyhood, cbom of 'fadrp's'aiidfother. Grain Prices Up. Chicago. Dec. :!. (APt — festlmales toilay on the Argentine exportable surplus of wheat did a good deal to help general buying : which developed in all the grain 1 plt .s. New unofficial figures placed ;tii«,' Argentine wlieat HurpIiH*' at 1.17.0(»O.OUO bushels to 140.»t(j0.000 hnshels compared with a recent British entlinate of l »>S .nOO .(MjO hu. Grain advanci-.s: today were al."" aKsisteii by reporlfi that consumer demand fur corn li.s far in.'excess of d.iily rec^'lpts iTnii ))y the fact jtliat.May oats today loiiched the 'Iiigliest pric" yet lliis .season. $15.40; vealers steers |11.0ggl5.25: -^few- light weights al»v $13.75; stocfc^rs and feeders $8.75#il.00. i Sheep none. For week: I.ambs 25c to' 35c lower; sheep .sti-ongto j 25c higher. , In IS.SS-the Washington , Good heavy steei?? $16.25; yearlii^sjjj^ Natioriai League hit for ^207; $1.^.50r^rbuBc^-fed^Twhjj.j^ the lowest battiiig averr ago ever re«irde<tifoir~ a., major league teani for an' entire season. -=Wanted to Buy^^ CLeflDJlght-^ kolored\tne "Register. McCarthy's Public Reception Is Attended by 961 Visitors Here A complete descHption of the new, line of Ford i/uiomobiles was ma^le public iu lola yesterday. When the reception closed at midnight, by actual count 961 |x>u- ple had visiteil Uic show rooms ot' th'e -McCarthy Motor Co. and had hawiigd the details of this revolu- tlonar>- cur which is to siicceed the famous Model T after more than nineteen yj^ars of leadership in the loA -priie light car field, and the dealers had secured ten signed orders .With deposits, i The sales force of the local dealer was kept busy tliroughout tlie day andi evening pointing out the features of this new car. Even before the display was opiiied. thei^e was a line of visitor-s oil hand to be the first to get the s';ory of the new ran On all sides were heard coiliments of surprise at tlie striking change in the ap- pearani 'P of tliis new Ford line. Even more impressive to the visitors, however, were the details i of performance. Fmd factorie.s at Detroit and liFiiiK 11 plants in (I'lier secti«ms of il,e coimtry are now preparing- for <ai):ully profluHion and it is ex-;inallv $1.3C'-'fj 1.42^j. flOKnT—iTT-ev lalers will be'able i$i.24 '3 ^i; .Mav $1.2S''<i. Kansas ritjr Produce Kansas city. .Mo.." Dec. .1. r.\P» I'nidiice: unchanged. 'Kansas Illy Hay. Kansas fity. Mo., iJec.\:!. (.fPi — Hay unchanged. ReceiptW fiS cars. Kansas tity Grain. Kansas City. .Mo.. Mcv. 3. fAP) Wheat: itecejpts 105 cars. ViWlV-c higher. No. 2 dark han'l $1.40{? l.GO; .Vo. 3 S1.41: .No. 2 hard $1.^ Iff 1.42: iCo. :! $1.27'-i: -No. '2 red peitt-d that alLdua to nieci ih«,'tKiyand UAf/V^SAl-'S LYMOND KEANE^ to niei-l lh«, tieiuailc next few weeks. / Tlio (U-.sipn of /irt- II within the ! nominally 1.41 '-l.*! 1.45: No. :>. riOT ^^J^,.^•^^:^'^/,J^\^^^^ rfr/HftH*? /o): .??/perx|^ air thrills created bii thv dariun of Lr^dberah^Chdvi-j'^ hcrlai)! and Bijrd! -^-^ ^ • Corn :• Receipts .lUii cars. No. 5 j white 8:;«4if/s.ic:— xrr":! .S2(ri .s:{c-: new line is so ; \o.- 2 vellow iinminallv .*i5rt»S7c: l distinctly different fv<mi tbat of i .\o. 3 .S5»rrS5'-'.c. Close: l>e<-. .SIc: ; | the .NJodelT that the Detroit fac-i May. !tfi5ic: July n:{V4c. !• lory and branch plants have liiid { O.-its: 4 cars." Cnchanped-—NfC^g to undergo a complete equipment | white nominally .'>2 'i 'ri ."..^ii-: No. Inl chaifte to produce tht new cars, j nomitiaily 51'i;'!7.".4c. - il It is expected, howevw. that the [ y\\\o maize $1.3.Tfi leM few weeks will see.all former i Ford production records broken. . In the meantime Henry Ford an- j nounces that manufacture of re- 1 placement parts for Model T Ford j (il-:: will continue to be an import- i;iiit part of the Ford busim/ss. ' F. I- B. LEAYEIiL, M. D. Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy ^..Dffice lola'State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 70'. •.\' •••• • Mrs. Donald Guess, of Augusta, will be a guest tomorrow of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Guess, of 92:i Nortli Chestnut street. Mrs Perry O. Hanson and daughter.-Miss Margaret Hanson went to Indeiwiidence, Kans.; today .where thoy will, be guests over Sunday of the members of-the C. V. Dennis Sunday school (lass of the First Methodist church. They will hiive charge of all the church services at the .Methodist church there tomorrow in the absence of the pas.tor, the tend 811 ry DaniWl (Jriniin. of Oeijev.a. was a pleiisniit caller at the Register office tpilii.v. Vf-fnia. tho two old daugh- j ter of .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Davi.s • of Fredoniii. is reported quite ill. j < '% • i —TM-. A. H. Twadell. Osteopath. I New Glob^- ni .Ig. Phone 191. i Tlie Barclay-Shiehls special salej adv#rtsed in the Reeister, seems to be going over big. Anyhow when a Register rei>ortPr tried to the Kaffir $l.30fil.:'.:{. Rye: Barley 77(f/7!ic. KansasjWtrT^ivf stock. Kansatr-City. .AIo.. Dec. ;!. (.API— ^PrlT Dept. of Agriculture)—Ho^s noO: around steady with the Fii-- day packer marker, or weak to 10c -A: IrV-mendous (lra:ii:i ot rrghring .planes and leiirless men in the Worlrh: W:rr. _^tml<led with mighty thrills. Romance and daring-Jiope'ami desiian^^jxuch. .mU) your heart «nd lili yo^i^wUi-the—-pnTsiitTng- tlirob of lighting lit lU »t -frffliT''line ol'-flie air! ; ADnKl >-H:-MKI»V. .\EWS .i>U SKRlvU.. MOSUAV A \y TIKSIIAY I I Mary .\stor and Oilbwt "Rose of i he Gulden West ^j.^ Rev .Mr Prile;. who %sMU /"l'-^' ^ound the d tl/e golden wedding anniver -l "['"1"» 'Towded and 1. clerks busy y of parents.'- ] showing and .selling goods. -Hemstitching and Picofing. 209 Kasi' street. . . Ifj you .havven't started reading the Register's new serial. "The Blazing Horizon,^' you would better jump into It right away. It is a story laid in Kansas and Oklahoma, about the time of the Grand Opening in 1889. and the tale is woven around real characters like Dave Payne and Pawnee Bill and . , , , ,. Wild Bill and a lot of others whose I -"PP" ""^^'^'^ names were in the papers nearly every day 35 "or 40 years ago. This story alone, if you bought it in book form," would cost more than the subscription price of the Register during the time it will run. Lucille Flint, Anna RIggs. Mfiry Blodgel. Vesta. Wilmoth and Bertise McGuire. employees of the overall factory, wearing overalls, hiked Friday evening to tho I'nion Vchoolhouse and attended a i)ie A major league baseball record that has stood unbroken for . 33 years is that of the' Pittsburgh nationals in scoring four home rutis in a single Inning. Miss Cleta Johnson, who has beeii visiting .Mr. and fllrs. Roy Tayior. has returned to her home southeast of the city. RJ J. Childress, who has bepu working in Colony, will bp home this; afternoon ,to yisit over the week-end with homjefolks. Mi-, and Mrs. C.N: Wil.son^of 607 East" Lincoln street, were In Els- tnore yesterday on -business and visiting with .Mr. and .Mrs, Robert ZimmernUm. Mrs. Wilsion's parents. Mr. iand^rs. T.*nt Curtis, of near Geneva, left on the aftleriioon Santa Fe for kan.«as City where they/will fake The Missionary tjor'California to spend two months With, relatives. H. F. flitchcock and H. C. Bur- tisB were in Yates Center Thursday locking after business and attending the S. E. X lodge meeting. Miss Bertha Hunt, the Register carrier on ^outh ^Walnut street who has been ill, is reported better. Mrs. Ella Moore, of 210 South Buckey* street, who has l>een in the Johnson hospital at Chanute for treatment, has returned home. Admission 10c-20c Adifiis-sion 10c-20c TONIGHT BUCK JONES —m— "THE WAR HORSED Thundering hoofs and the rattle 6f machine gun.s and a wes'terjn cowboy ride.>< to love and adventure. ^ThriU.-^'— susperi^e -r -humor—and a love story that grips. Comedy. "Honeymoon Feet"—fitlTEpisode of TjieJCinsr of the Jungle—Krazy Kat Karjoon Komody *~ tOMIXi MOMIAV .Mullnee IDc-ith-: Mght lt»r-3»c ^ I ^Vllli Renee Adoree ahd Mnlse Hresse^ I>on Chaney. the man of a thousand fqce.s. achieves his greatest tiHumpU now as a sinister Chinese maiidarin. .\ masterly exhibl* tion of actini5--a strange, thrilling romance of East a"rf^^VVcsi:=-- a glamorous, colorful production, with all the lure of rhe-tDffient. Cnmedr. ".Hllllon Dellor Derby^-^Aesoirs Fables and Topics of the . We^re Proud to Be the First iii lOLA to show this long awaited Special!- \ KELLEY M0NDAY1"&-TUESDAY iMatinee 1 Oc and-^2()c Night lOe and :33c Here is a rajtiance^f Old Umtcrpj — told-^with the. boundless magnificence of Qeorge EUznwtr- , ice-—plus'the passionate portrayal of the screen's most-glorious lovers. Jlt's-mie of-.ttiy^u^r^xgreat- est' pictures. Katurally thg- Kett^i sho ws~ first. - —^ithi Mary Astor and The breathless: beauty of Astor—the fire of 'Gilbert Roland, the in- —^trig"ue of California-of old . ^pain—t h e splendor of the Golden West—alUvov- ; eri into a thrilling' and 'mig-hty sji^tacle by the hand of America's pre-^ mier director! ADDED: "Weddingr Yells'^ Also Paramount^News "WE'LL MEET ^ YOU * INTHELOBBX!" •5 By .soniir lucky chance of ^irithmetic you multiply the ^)lea.sure of a \great .show by ilividing it with fi-iend.s! i; I Any picturej<ji_better.:4iic«-' |ure when, your request at the•^ox. otlice i.s'"Six" - There;s_-HO'tIate place. like Jhe'ltheatre lobby for tTie be- .ginnhig^of^a-great'tmfe. The screeiTgl-maeic-swrngs you V^tU-of-tlfip 'lKwkaday mood . from •^he liist foot of film. ah(L when it's .$vcr the stars shine brighter on the _ %ay home, and the party went big i-a nd once- more the Kelley turned iiut to be the best show in tov«n!^ 'j.Heet theiii In the lobby tonfehtr

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