Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 3
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Mai PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker RVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MDw FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1955 THREE' , Assignment: America Phyllis Proves Hypnotist Can't Influence Her-She Fights Back (It,. U. i. fat. OH.) : ly PHYLLIS IATTEUE : got might i at to her among NEW YORK-(INS)-Pat Morris, the 'demure little coed who herself hypnotized out of a $100,000 fortune on TV, must have been in _a heck of a transfix! V Not since Trilby has a sweet young thing been duped so royally by a glistening eye and cottony . voice. She was sitting there, see, with a-tableful worth at last $67,000 in taxes on a tray beside her. Then a man named Arthur Ellen put his hand on head, mumbled the voodoo words "Nena, Zena, Rena" over her, and what happens? - . "Iknew the money was there, 11 she said afterward, "f could see it, and 1 wanted to walk over and pick it up. But 1 just couldn't get up." She said she felt fine anyway, because she'd had a nice rest. Furthermore, NBC—which sponsored her flirtation with a fortune di —had given her $1,000 and a car and a refrigerator for her surorily kitchen at USC. To tell the truth, if she were any less naive-looking, and any older than a college freshman, I might suspect a rat in Pat's sudden sleep. The reason I say this is that I have had run-ins (or is it look-overs?) with hypnotists before; in fact, some of my best friends are hynotisls in a way of (peaking. All the hypnotists ' I have run Into have tried to put me in a trance and make me do silly things, but the most any ever accomplished to get me to say "this is a frightful party" to'a hostess. I do not consider this much of! an accomplishment, as it was the kind of affair where' a person just have said that anywaf. "Ah, you're fighting 'me," said the amateur hypnotist who urged me to bark like a dog. I snarled girlishly. The most professional one who ever got hold of my eyes was a fellow in Dayton, 0., who claimed have hypnotized servicemen on the battlefield during World War II. He learned his talent, he said, the Yogi set in India. This boy used the hushed-voice- and-glazed-eye technique and was considered quite good, frequently hypnotizing large groups of Day- lonians at one sitting, for a fee of $50. But he couldn't get to first base with me because, like always, 1 fought it. When he would say, "Now, Phyllis, you can hear "no other vice but mine," I was sud- lenly keen—able to overhear con- 'ersations in the next room which ordinarily I would never have noticed. He made me lazy in the body, with that drowsy monotone of his, but my powers of percep- :ion were better. Finally, he agreed that I was beyond him. And he conceded that if a strong-willed person resists, indeed fighis, a hypnotist, it is virtually impossible for him or her 0 become entranced. If this is so, and I believe it is 1 popular'conception among Has 1 nitin followers, then poor Patty las only herself to kick. She simply vasn't being strong and willful. Remember, dear, for next time: If anybody says "Nena, Zena, Rena"—don't .just sit there. Fight! Your Horoscope LooK in the legion In which youi birthday comes and find whfcl your outlook Is. according to the liars. For fiftttirda?, October IS. 1BW * MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Artec) — More auipicioui aspects than ye*terd*y'i. II work U on your jchedutc. accept il • chMriuIly »nd know ih»t you can do » Rood job If you are persistent and efficient. APRIL at to MAY 20 (Tauni*) — Your Vemii Is not very stimulating, n hich means that caution and tact will be aeccjMfy In handUnx ariMic jnallw*. Industry, Uadct, all tcund activities can advance, ! MAY 21 to JUKE 21 (Cemlnt) — This! day's influence! tneourace mental acuity, but lUgRcU temperate action. Ktne rays lor study, writing, jcscarcn, chemistry, ln»p*cUon of new and valuable invcn-, IJons. Also rut. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) — A fine Moon Mpect today, with other planetl well positioned. It can txj a very productive, Interfiling period. Avoid! »orn'i enjoy a hobby in free time, • •ccrealc In another healthful way. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo) — Your Sun U Inactive In tendency but the sood vibration* from-Mercury. Moon,,' Mara and Neptune cm b« helpful and promote benefits with your cooperation and sturdy effort, Helix, too. AUGUST 13 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) — Heed Gemini now,. You can accomplish tn your ipeclal IntcrciU or develop something new and unique in an allied field. You should be mentally keen, capable of following beneficial leads. SEPTEMBER 1* lo OCTOBER 23 (LJ- bra) — Perwnal and artiitic matten may have to tjfce second place iron- but that does not mean lo abandon them. Put forth your bed effort*. All worthwhile interest! are iponsored In *C)CrOBER 24 to NOVEMBER « (Sco- plo) — Show your true worth today. Be as willing to take advice as to give ft and don't delay in urgent matter*. Thus, JDU can have latlsfactory *nd pleasant ' mulls. Enjoy *omc healthy diversion. NOVEMBER 13 to DECEMBER 22 (Sn- jtilUrius) — View plani and schedule for the day, then proceed toward objective! with faith and determination: Promising helpful Indications for worthwhile endeavors, healthy recreation, hobbles. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn) — Interchange of ld«an, conferences, community and state affairs among top sponsored activities now. Be mindful of obligations but don't crowd yourieU with work when needed rest and FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) — Neptune, among the well-aspecled planets today, indicates that you are In line for gain, fresh benefits, perhaps some unexpected and lively lurprise. Don't anticipate too mbch, however, and you happier with results. YOU HORN TODAY are magnetic; *rc fair arbitrators, amenable and Innately capable In mcehinlci,- artistry, v at law, the Judiciary. You have many assets that should be cultivated. You can be a patient, efficient teacher or manager of croups of people since you have true sympathy for the underprivileged and value character above wraith or position. You are alio inclined to stubbornness about having your own way. Correct this fault NOW lest It smother your finer qualities. Blrthdatc: Virgil, Homan poet. (Copyright, 1955, Kin* Feature* Syndicate, Inc.) fun are due. JANUARY 22 (o FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius) — A iOrt of tn-twtwren day. The demands of your schedule and your obligations should determine your activities. Enjoy tome restful diversion. Former Follies Slar Fooling The Experts OSHAWA, Ont. to—Blond, statu-j csqiie 'Gladys' Glad, one of the;! famed beauties of "Zicgfeld Fol-lf lies" in the 1930s, is proving Broad-1| way know-it-all guys can be wrong. Formerly the wife of the late Mark Hellinger. Broadway column- nist and Hollywood producer, she later married wealthy Arthur Gottlieb.- producer of Canadian films for television. "When Gladys and I were married, the Broadway wiseacres predicted that we would be split up in six months," Gottlieb said. "They said we were too temperamental." Gottlieb and Miss Glad celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on their 102-acre estate near) Toronto. The Keating Memorial Day Nursery operated by the Sisters of! Charity as a Community Chest j agency was filled to capacity during the past year. When packing perfumes, lotions, and other liquids, for a trip, tape the fops securely with Scotch tape. MAKE MARK TWAIN'S WHISKEY YOUR CHOICE! The greatest name in bourbon—historic favorite of famous meji—now in a lighter, milder lower* priced 86 Proof bottling as a. companion to the '. world-renowned 100 Proof Bottled in Bond! NOW-TWO GREAT BOTTLINGSI BOTTLED IN BOND 100 pnoor ' Bnih Kentucky Straight Bourdon Wtiiiklei ' Aik for OM Crow ol your .Imtlti (own/. -•irw - - - - ....... THE.OUj CROW' DISTILLERY CO.. DIVISION Of-NATIONAl LltRS PRODUCTS CORPORATION. FRANKFOHT. KENTUCKY Shop and save Sat. Nite 'til 6 ••"t£ A DEPARTMENT STORE IN ITS 108th. YEAR ' THE TULIP-PLEAT Proportioned to fit you exactly 7.98 Sporteens tailored this all wool walker for your very own size and height. There's smooth, smooth fit from waist to hemline, without costly alterations. Pleats will stay in through repeated cleaning. Select in charcoal grey, charcoal brown or black. ... SHORT 4'11"to5'2" 10 to 20 MEDIUM 5'2" to 5'6" 10 to 20 TALL 5'6" toS'll" 12 to 20 SEPARATES SHOP — SECOND FLOOR BEVEE CASUALS AND RANGER SPORTS SHOES Values to 7.95 4, 2 days only Sat.-Mon. Special selling with tremendous savings on the season's: most wanted' styles and colors. .You'll want .several pairs at this low, low price. Compare then .shop here Saturday or Monday-and save! .''SHOES'—-STREET-FLOOR'' " ALL-PURPOSE CORDUROY COAT Matching /Hat • Temp.resisto lined to give you warmth without bulk. • Cravanetted to shed showers. It's water-repellent,. • Deep turn back'cuffs and lots of high style details. •', Sires 10 to 18. • COATS—.SECOND FLOOR FUR SCARFS that add your wardrobe at lowest prices. Wonderful values In three and four skin arrangements. 4 skin dyed Japanese Mink ... 63. 4 skin dyed Kolinsky 59.' 4 skin Nat. Ranch Mink ... .. 135. 3 skin Nat. Baum Marten 170. 3 skin Tipped Amer. Sable .'.. 170. 4 skin Nat. Pastel Mink 180. 3 skin Nat. Stone Marten 210. 'Prices plus tax. All fur products labelled to show origin of country of imported furs. FUR SALON — SECOND FLOOR SWINGY, PRETTY LITTLE WOOL DRESS Budget Priced I4.9S Smooth little dress with self fabric ruching on ; the flirty skirt—a dress that's delightfully adaptable to every hour of your busy fall and winter life. Black, navy and purpl*. Sizes 12 to 20; THRIFT BALCONY DRESSES

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