Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 14, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 2
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TWO K.VtiMN(J ThMKS, CUAlUkiHLANJJ, All)., KUiUAV, 14, Dial f**.**-- Knight Says Calif ornians Cannot Win Kuowlmul, ISi.von Couldn't Succeed Ike, He Declares By MORRIE LAN'DSBERG SACRAMENTO, Calif. UV-Gov Goodwin Knight was quoted • yes lerday as saying he didn't believe either Sen. William F. Knowland (R-Calif) or Vice President Nixon could : win as the 1956 Republican presidential candidate. The Republican governor, a strong supporter of President Eisenhower but embroiled in a hot political fight wilh Nixon partisans denied "flatly and without equivocation" that he ever questioned Knowland's electability. He did not reply directly to a request at a news conference to confirm he had said he opposes Nixon because "I just don't think Dick can win" if President Eisenhower doesn't' run, "I'm getting a little weary of being misinterpreted in this mat- ler," he said. lie replied, "oh, no," when asked if Nixon lacked any of three prerequisites Knight enumerated for a Republican presidential nominee — integrity, stability and eleclabil- ily. Charles Cleveland, political editor of the Chicago Daily News, said: "The facts are that T interviewed him (Knight) and he said everything he was quoted as saying in the story." The governor, in lhat interview, 'reiterated his plans to head'Cali- fornia's delegation, to the Re- JJCll , Ji , ulmti u . „. 0 . .,,. „, _ publican national^ convention^ next Bri(jsh navy tars are j, iving Lenin . grad ils biggest IhriU since the The sailors are from a visiting flotilla which received a clamorous ovation yesterday as the six ships, headed by the aircraft carrier Triumph, entered Ihe Neva River. THAT'S A LOT OP BULk-Henry and Horace Richardson, 2-year-old twin sons of If. R. Richardson of Kissimmee, Fla., sit beside "Emperor Manso 24" (he 2135-pound American Brahman bull declared champion at the National Brahman Show at the Texas State Fain The champion, calved in 1952, is owned by A. Duds and Sons, of Cocoa, Fla. . (AP Phototox) August if Eisenhower withdraws as a candidate, even if it means a primary election bailie against * Nixon slate. . "If the President asks me," the story quoted Knight -in regard to Nixon, "J'11 tell him just what I'm telling you. I'll tell him that he may like the boy, but we jus can't elect him." Knight was quoted as saying Nixon "can't win votes from the other side," that "labor will spenr more money and manpower to English 'Tars' Given Ovation At Leningrad U. S. S. B. Ifl — beat him date.' than any other candi- Knight, increasingly cool toward Nixon, has shown .nothing but friendliness for Knowland. Knight and Knowland teamed in the past lo fight off pro-Nixon attempts to gain slate party control. Benson Given Free Rein T o Revise Farm Policy By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON Ul —Adminislra- .ion leaders were reported today to lave given Secretary of Agricul- ure Benson free rein to draft proposed additions to GOP farm >olicies designed to speed recovery of farm income. The emphasis was on the 1 term 'addition" — because Benson has t At least a million R u s s i a n s declared there will be no retrea. jammed the river banks to wave from present Republican' policies which feature flexible farm price supports as contrasted with high, rigid price floors of the Truman and cheer. Sailors who went ashore had Market Drifts Lower NEW YORK Ul — A lower drift j! 1 in the stock market today look" prices down moderalcly in early dealings. their own shore patrol oC 20 picked seamen — Ihe first foreigners ever lo patrol Liningrad's streets. One group of Britons, attending a circus were a bigger .attraction than the performers. At nightfall the British 'vessels were floodlit, and sailors still aboard burst into song. The Russians on the bank took up the lines, with a festival of British and Russian songs ensuing. The visit is part of an exchange of "''rtesies. A Russian flotilla am s important base at Portsmouth. Envoys Meet In Geneva GENEVA — (INS) — American and Chinese Communist ambassadors met for the 21st time in Geneva today. Eisenhower (Continued jrom Page 1) been asking for one for days. 2. He waved his right hand from his elevated bed on the sun porch of the eighth floor to patients and photographers on the lawn below. Mamie Visits Her Mother 3. Mrs. Eisenhower felt it safe Strikers Face Suit By State ST. I,'OUIS Ifl-Slriking AFL streetcar and bus operators, with one court suit filed against their union and the threal of other legal aclion facing them, decide again oday whether to continue three-day-old walkout. their administration. These reports came on the heels of a conference Benson held wilh Vice President Nixon yesterday. They also followed talk in farm circles that top administration officials were split on whether the government was doing enough to help farmers. Sources close to Benson, who asked that they not be named, said the secretary was "quite lappy" with recent developments, including his meeting with Nixon. Benson declared after his session with Nixon lhat "there is no split" within tiie . adminislralion over farm policies. "The Cabinet is solidly behind the administration," he said. in advance that Benson speak for me." Benson has said he is not satisfied wilh present farm prices, which are 5 per cent lower than " lev were a ago, and that he will have some proposals for Nazi Death Mill In Poland Turned Into Public Museum By TO.M KKEDY OSW1EC1M, Poland Wi — Auschwitz • Birkcnau, the concentration camp where the Nazis exterminated four million persons is open to Ihe public—the Poles ha've i turned it into a museum. You drive past the little black gibbet where Rudolf 1 loess, the commandant, was hanged on a scaffold-so small it needed four steps to reach the ground. It stood halfway, exactly, between his fancy villa and the biggest crematorium. The Poles didn't waste much.wood on it. You come to a swampy meadow. At the far end is a stagnant pool, bubbling from lime to lime. The Polish guide says: "This was a mass grave. Nobody knows how many bodies were burned here in the open and buried." Not far away one sees the rows of barracks which made up Birke-j nau, Ihe real dealh mill. It stretches slarkly ahead, miserable n its sameness. ' One barrack is like another. After one has seen the three .tiers where humans lay like catllc awaiting death, there is no point to repeating the process. In the Auschwitz headquarters building • one sees a mountain of human hair takcii from victims to be used for. mattresses and for weaving textiles and rugs; ' a mountain of shaving brushes: a pile of children's toys and shoes: a weird collection of wooden legs.. The victims were Jews, Poles, Gypsies and others the Nazis considered undesirable. Handiest Locations in PITTSBURGH! In the heart of the Golden Triangle • 400 outside room i • bath • television •Air.Conditloning MTVa/i/ic 2-6970 Hotel Pittsburgher MOTEL Opposite Greater Pittsburgh Airport • 56 air-conditioned rooms • tile bath " television • privata phone • Courtesy car to and from motel AMh.nM.5I52 . . JOS. F. BUDDY, GEN. " J Mo«.y Mounl Rainier wns .named tor Peter Rainier, British admiral, who figured in the • American revolution. Former President Diet MEXICO CITY W-Manuel Avlla Cimiacho, 58, president of Mexico from 1940 to 1'JW, died yesterday. | Penefrafing relief from pain • of arthritis and rheumatism NEW 'llirt Did liiil lilrj DEEPHEATm* NEWMENTHOUTUMli* -gets right to whm it hurts! DEEP HEAT. It's • new and different penetrating relief for .arthritic pain and misery. And it's greaseleae and stainless. Just massage Deep Heat Mentholatum Rub on tlie sore spot 83 needed. In 30 seconds th . muscles" are relaxed. Soon nngging arthritic or rheumatic pain is soothed. Mentholatum Rub include the latest discoveries for rewi ... a combination of active ingredients for extra-deep »kin penetrating power. Guaranteed by a laboratory with 60 years experience, you must feel relief deep down—or Mentholatum will refund purchase price. • • • Stuffy head cold? Use trgulcr Mentholatum. Soothe split li[» with Mentholatum Stick. • PEOPLES Service Drug Stores On Sole At All Refugees From Red Areas Show Steady Decline MONTREAL, Que. Hi — Only about a third as many refugees are reaching Western Europe from Communist countries as came through the Iron Curtain three years ago, a U.N. official said here. Dr. G. J. Van Heuven Goedharl, high commissioner for refugees, who is on a Canadian lecture tour,! told conference last night' Communist countries now guard- their frontiers more closely. About! 5,000 refugees now come to West-! ern .Europe each year, he said, as!| compared with 15,000 in 1952. Some 70,000 persons in camps and 130,000 outside camps are still awaiting settlement in permanent lomes, he reported. NAACP Hits Fair In Texas BROWNWOOD, Tex. a _ The Nixon did, not comment. He said slate fair of Texas at Dallas was under attack today for' ils desig- lalion of Monday, Oct. 17, as Negro Achievement Day. Q. \\'. Washington, secretary of .he local National Assn. for the; Advancement of Colored People,! said such a designation raised They voted Wednesday to' defy|C°ngrcss next year. But he has! rolhcr lhan lowered segregation Gov. Phil M. Donnelly by shouUngj'ndicaled he opposes going as far bi 'rs. down recommendations of their union officers for a return to work. Yeslerday, Missouri's Atty. Gen. John Dalton filed a Circuit as some GOP .congressmen pro- pose—sueli as raising price support levels and offering farmers substantial payments to take surplus ] Washington said that Gen. Benjamin Davis, chosen to receive the National Negro Achievement award, has refused to attend the to leave the hospital for the first Court suit for $30.000 against theiland out of crop production unlil! fair - But Jonn w - Rice - "lanager time, spending 90 minules in a union-410,000 for each day of (he presently held big surpluses arei_ lhe Dallas ?! e B ra cllamb er «f| drive in the sunshine and visiting at the home of her mother Mrs.' John S. Doud. 4. The President's cardiogram "now shows well-advanced evolutionary changes," and his "pro- thrombin time continues to be maintained at the desired' level." The first has to do with the pattern of healing. The other means, Hagerty said, that the anticoagulants being given lo prevent formation of a new clot are doing fine. walkout so far. That action came under the stale's King-Thompson law, which bans strikes against a public utility. British Agog I'Continued- from Pope 1) princess and Queen Mother Elizabeth?" "I can say nothing." "Did you meet Princess Margaret?" "I can say nothing." "Do you expect to know soon what the future holds for you?" "I cannot say." "You realize how excited the public are about all this?" "You can't imagine the slate 3 em in myself." disposed of. Mystery Girl Flees Hospital CHEVERLY. Md. in — A "Mystery girl" whom authorities had been trying to identify for a week- slipped away from Prince Georges General Hospital last night. Sheriff J. Lee Ball said lhe girl apparently put on her street clothing under her hospital gown, then Commerce, said segregation not practiced at the fair. Probe Started In Automation | WASHINGTON Wi-A Senat.e- Ifouse Economic suhcommitlee set out today lo explore the economic effects of automation—new auto-j : matic and electronic processes and other technical developments in industry. The group is inlercsted in such things as the probable displacement of factory and office workers because of automation, possible NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT AT WOLF'S! ONLY AT WOLF'S IS IT POSSIBLE! Pain escaped through a rest room win-jsWIs in mass purchasing power, dow. ;how In distribute anticipated gain TTie girl, apparently an amncsiaiin productivity, and lhe effect victim, was about 20. Arrested in up"on the business strucltire. liyatlsville Ocl. 6 on a vagrancy charge, she had been committed /- T T> i .• i>lo lhe hospital for observation. < Coal "'OilncliOH Rises Police, said all she would lelll WASHINGTON IXi — The Nalion- them'was lhat her name was Ter-jal Coal Assn. today estimated bi- ry Palmer, that she lived somc-! l ''n'"ous production in the week where in Maryland and that she "Will rumors of a royal romance!haled "cops." be cleared up by the time your « . ft ._, T leave has ended and you relurn io : UlllCCrS NdinCfl Brussels?" "I do not know." "Are you happy tonighl?" "Yes," he said promptly with a grin. That.last answer did it, and the! SEOUL Ml—The government to- ndcd Ocl. 8 was 9,800,000 tons, ompared with 9,580,000 tons-the revious week and 8,417,000 in the orresponding week of 1954. In Plot. To Kill President Rliee reporters sprinted for lelephones. day said lliree army officers were amons eight Koreans recently arrested for planning to assasinale President Syngman Rhee. The public information office said (he men planned the sination for Ocl. 3 or the following day when Hhee was lo make speeches in ouldoor ceremonies. Vote Delayed (Continued jrom Page 1) lulion saying the government lacked the capacity to carry oul lhe reforms mentioned. The crisis blew up unexpectedly afler three days of relatively calm| r '' Th 7"" arm y' counler-inlelligencc riebale. It had been generally cx-| corps said lhcy wcre p i anl ,j ng to peeled thai lhe government would ]kill nhc(! wi(h hand grcna(Ics . manage lo squeak through. j By the French constitution Al-j^- cg ,i II .j| Ioll g C |>| UII , g gena is an integral part of France 1 ilself. The French rcjccled'acC Walkout T discussion of Ihe issue as interference in the Internal affairs of France. •PITTSBURGH-(INS)-The In- lernalional Union of Electrical Workers warns that ils 44,000 work' crs in 29 Wcstinghouse Electric iiisia home"rule." and"is"promlsing Corp. plants will he. called out on The government is in the process of giving the protectorate of Tu> some steps in that direction to the other protectorate, Morocco. But Fnurc has declared the only possibility for Algeria is "Integra- lion" wilh Franco. He never has defined that word precisely, but appear* lo mean lhe gradual raising of Ihe economic and political status of Moslem Algerians, strike at midnight Sunday it the company does not radically change its position in wage bargaining. Adenauer Improving BONN-IINSl-The contlillon of West German Chancellor Konrnd Adenauer wns reported further Improved lodny. There are 679 windows and 554 oorways in the U.S. Capitol at Vashington, B.C. fundomenlal buimrtt. BB independent —Be in biniiiHI, (=' younell. —WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE DEAI-- ERS-JfflO STRONG-nK ivcctuful becouia they tflll what paaplt NEED, TODAY ond TOA\ORROW. 4& year) in 'mochandiiinq qualified u» to train you in aggi*ti!v« ialcv —Good locat/onl AvailabU far as lit)], os S8500 if you^ eon qualify. our plan enables you to receive maximum remits from a minimum investment. —See, toll, or writ*: D. W. BROWN WtSTSRN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Bvlllf, Pennsylvania Phont: 72721 Or Don Ciolli 470 W. 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