Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
Page 2
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(^^l^i^iiiAj ^^L^^ was tel fpfotest poured the tor- '^^JTI ^^bric^ 'h^cU^^ toNr^ "^^^^J^^^Sf^t^H^^^^^^^^Si^^^^' '^^u^' v^-^?}^^it\u^^-^^!^ ^^^T^^^^ ^^^^ J J L^"^ a w (clt *d cow towiu close to the mented one 's lips. . ^^ey were In Breadon 's" itext assault. When it , ^H ^^^^^HT "^J ^M^liB!^^ < niUt-Mns.Oilo^wwiwirr-ra ' ^^^^ / r wT' J- "' ' * ' horiler or .the Indian territory, the Indian tongue, and • uniut.elll- came,* he :teshbd out'.jlinuly with , Zr ^^^^^^BK ^T '^^^^^^^B^Sl ^JfSS ^^nj ^i^* • tltrtnger to^non tor- - • I : - - ^ , - - Thee GORDON \V. UU> R. lat-- Ri^le to hU audience: therefore, his rljsht arm and had the'eatiafac- ^^^^^^^^Ki' "Aj^^^^^^!^^2'-^-^i^HF^^ ^ .TreirtliWBl. . " - ^"^^ ~ ' ~ ^ "~ «;r t ) be widely known ar \i\V- higlil.v amusing. .'•^ttoB^f feeiirig nls »st connect gol- - =^^^^^BB8L >#^^^^»^--^!dO!^!^^J»b=r::r . . ,„ "i'• _i FBIETDL*, THINftS General :M:ork;*jrS6eletj'Meets ^EI BILL,, was waiUrig-Qa* ta- J.illle edged Into' (h<^ group, idly H *i(th Cesh-and bone. TJie blbw =:i^^^^Bi ^^vV >*^^^^M^^E ^*P »?^PI^ ^ r-'.iiVoo?; i??^ 5-1 \ „-j^ ^ . "T"^ " " * -The General Working sotielynt ^ .• ble In a restauraiit. when .ICE frftwnlng. f'nVho-fe walch is it?" clieclted Breadon 's onslaught; and ^^^^•ET"^ \j^^^^^m^^<Se^r^^,S^^'^^ '...".^^^ AJ^: 3—The J^adie.s The peace that crowds Joriy morn- the First Presbyterian church was ' Cte; IGl foreman^fClhT5-1h«r-4C. hd :!sk^^^^ l.illic became a tiger. lulhatjln- ^^^^^^ V^C Isa^^^Bl^iJ^ ^E?"^!"*". .K"",. "It- '"^r - - entertafned by the -ladies of the_ raD <;h in the ' Checokce Strip, i The mpil p'ext to hira answered. Btant h«j discarded defense for at- ^^:::^^^K^^^'r?^'*!ii^^^^^^KS^'^^%S~-^^'^^ l^ursdAy afternaott at. theh^ijfi-«f The jby_ lliat noon.layTjbrings ^Jiurdpiti .sliMi Thursday afternoon a, V canVe to town and^uarrelcd ini "It W^onpl to tlic- hidian. Brea- tncU. He leaped at the other ike -^^^^^Kmti ,T-!:S >^^^^^^^KKSSk0^^^ Mra. Otto OhlfeatJoiua-^pCcJalftes-. The comfort of my e.ven|rt&--^ in iTip rhur.h .social rooms, "'•"thf: restaurant wlUi TOM UEX-i don*? tPCsJlnK him. tlintV all." «' wUd Turjr and Ijoat hiih nc^ss ^^^^^^•kt. '^^^K ^^^^^M/ rJ <^~'"^mliy* 8lon^jnd,4 »lanir -«ere made to liave Is born^ot-frlepdlvHlIInHS. A reiMirt. of the .succe-ssful an- -mfri; "I ,„,a,oi,e he thinks h -'H having the improvised r^ng in u/Kurjyrlsing '^^KI^Kmt^^^^^K&'^!^MM^^-^-%i ^'J^ M , ' i'uul bazaar the smnety siwnsored • sUrling uwlerMbe .Quanrah- a lot of fun." Llllle spoke bitterly, and relentless r'ush. born cf his Hi^^^^HHlP ^f ^^^^^iPM^ ^^Z ^l ^\^^X ?^-^nJ^;^^^^^ gjvou and .i Mier from .Mrs, BeWton later ithat nichtntckaii H „i. , ., u sudden simre-nf nasaiori KW'^ ' ^B^^H^^^^H ^HBI^SiSM^-*^^^^'^^^^ r buHdlng, formerly occupied-by ^Qie. A dog's demed eyes, ,1 > -V.ernon LA'iiiast.Ts. who. resides in 3Mriiapoki^^^^^ ur "MWS ^^B ^^i^ftkL^S^'^'/ Itah8om^groc.ry.-lJlnner And blue smoke cutUng igpward ^;<.bu. .Ir.<-,lb.-.l aM„rzuar held^ H A M I SON^ U^^^^^^ I';-' 7 rer'jmihelsnimin:t6.amuHu •^•f/'"" ^^"''^^^^^^ •^^^•K^l^lffllk^^J £ H«.}.ved:TJrrom- 11:30 o'clock on.-- 'ro warm Ihe winter sitfes: (here h^.l i.™TPh .-he a.ssl.sted. wXwho taHt^om^^^^ Why don't you speak to m.fOt it. Their positions had HmaJ!^ .^^^•Kml^ »"/li^*^ .Those:attending the me?l|ng were: . . .Mrs. H. li. .Mathis .omluct .d the " ^ W^i hfs H ^lf^n -^ONY af >d him if you dpij 't JIke ft?" lie Hpok,^ ngly reversed. A.moment he ;. K ,^|bj^^BB^^»«'i^pWe^^^ .Mrs., Hall..Mrsr-Anna Moore. Mrs. A book with-open covet^i. Me^llonal i,„i; rea.llne Alitl -Hhothln.-- as one dlhd liming all responslbll- hud heen. the aggressor; now I.« ^^^^^'C i^^^^^mmmtrM^ A white hand's soft -ca ^ss- Aiik'Oortnrtr Hroen acrV^mpabled A^fter tite 1 <inir <r Bonlon rode ^'•'''•k''"R ««>• «nt«rruption •ff^"K ^"jV^ir'^L^'"* • ' ' A"*^" Kl^haWlsou. Mrs. Jweoney, Just .these. . They need ia> riches H .Miss DarJem- C^uam ^y. played Lid rra L I'ook T^^ H«r! t »««U -niisht tkart jva argument. He f.<ll *ack mjalnsl.the nhg of ^^Vt ^iBK^^^^B ^^Mi ^U^ 1 J- M. Plummcr. Mrs. O.- Mtl^ ^ Who dwell with frieSdlncss: "The. Holy City :rfii .te soio. ' • riS to he n'^r rrajTwh^^^^ will."*-!!., lur.vod ai,rui.C.y f,-^'""" T wf./. H '^h T.^^^^^^ ^Hk^ "^-^^^^^^KteAwfe'^^i' • '•"••Mrs. Will. Wagner, Mrs.- Koy.--Ke |Cn_Fi'azee-Bower:i»-the New Miss-Lucile. Wagner gave a planV cToVElf TIT'S M^^^ «o'^'>'-'' "roadon just as n»wh'^ Aten and Mrs Ohlfestr^ ^ York .Sun.- sele.tion. .Mi .s.. Higgins entertain-V or of the h^^^^^^^ itie latter wps extending tlie watch the,^«nter_ and Slarl^^^^^^^ ' ^^•fe- ^''4 ^^^^^MiM; ,: Mrs. Nancy} Cloud and' niece, ed with a reading and .-«iss Pa^' TL?omhai^l'boy *^»^°'»«"' for the fourth or fifth t^me. Brea-. / ."f "f rfin.r.s B ^^Ki ^^^^ B^HH^WWTI -"'^ ^-^''' Susle ^«"»ell. were dinn^ lA.yaI Leaders ClisS:: .1 - . ine Billbe gave a-miSsical reading.. - In^S-dirdon llllie is don. hadn't seen 1dm Sming and "placed, the grin on his features. ,\S^^H ^^^g ^^^^K^^^SmmfJA ^-:i^ guests , of Mr. and Mrs.. George Chrhlmus Party ; ? The game. "Match a Proverb," was^ ' ^ • m^otlilir l>^VVin p^^^^ Lll I le'jj tljigers had closed about "Tw" to one on the li «,tle feller.'v , '/^J^P ^P ^^^K^^M^BBBI^^Km Malcom-Thursday. .Mrs. Cornell The annual Christmas- party of played and the Iiostesses.served ' nr^MiP j^^^Tmont to nVnn ^h^^^^ the tlmc-plecC before ho was aware, scmeone called. It wa< all tliaf • ^C^T^^^r'Jli^^B^^^J^^MW^g^l^^''^'^/ g ^ will gp to, lola. Saturday to visit: the l^yal Leaders ;'cljis« of the, refreshments: - •'didn?>Writorr for ^S of what was happening. Lillle Heede<l. It was his figh( now '^^Clilll^^^^^^^awBSe^T _Lr^ -» her daughter. Mra. John Derby and Flratff^chrisliah church.'with exr- ' •'•--^m^ thinks somevvbat of join- "I hat?." said Lillie calmly as he and he'd finish it. He rushed in .; „ ^, abruntly;' for theseUwo 19-year-old Eau Clair*; other: relatives before returning-^to- change b?'gifts, was 'held yester- —Special .Sunday Dinner, noon, - , % At-the postofflcc Gonion L.Il.e ^g Vay Xn I Jee som^^^^^ :P"» him down to; stay. football giJme started '.J .er ?<lventy ;j.Ava Smith U ^,11 stop.of r for>^restrrnd. Gdy, Oliver. Mrs. Farii Praser, > The member.s of the Inter Nos / - '^°":°t?..J5"?'jf'-°'?,h>s father. En: bc 'ng pSl ."n " T ° Ami Breadon. turriing panicky in « car from one of her boy friends yn4 she ts her Cook (^^ with jelatlves-en -fSuTe. to Nor- Mrs. Carl Manhi Mrs. J. 1?. Littrell. club held a in.etine last nighfin - ylc«ed,aii'thcjnvek ,pe W«B another "P^'j^ P'^*^' ^n- . > deliberately fa<=e of 'I'is yot.thful tiger. "tarted on their way. In Ija .l at fe.h«»-Ava said her fo^ksjcoura;. ton^K^^^-^ere Miss Rachel will Mrs. Wade Adams. Mrs.'iL. B. La- the Girl Reserve room of the high ^ St .'%r „Tlf .t ,°nHi^ provide bend for.them. but sne/didn know wh^ther-tbey ,wo9l^^^^ ho ^pitak for ^ treatment, mons and Miss Carrle^alt^rs as school buildiig. • ' • ^L," " ^ Indian agent at on thn^nmazed and stayed. WUie, stepped back. . . . j or /noU- • • • . ThU Httle-glrl has had, to remain assistinrhostesses. ^5 A ."then and now" program was : Pawnee. Okla. I-, ,ho india^ who thlXd ^h^^^ to =— '| ,-- = .. ' In bed for months, and while slow- _ The house was . decorated in given. Miss Esther .Vndersonr«!SC<t . VThis-Onfr conuined real news. It 1^^^^^ "You'd betW rise, and the referee lleaned over FOR RR^ FREE ' avAn 1 AT mrnnrn gaining It was thought advlsa- Chrislmaa colors and Saibu Claus ^n article on "What Customs WJ . announced thirftift post .of te*acher ^h^-^v a Wke^if vouV^ Breadou with a question. If UK BHifi) 1« KHiIji ,. IfApAM NpW^ bleforher to receive more thor- distributed the gifte. ^ft ^r a pro- Obtain from ThTTtomans." i MisX in the]Indian .dlay scffool at Pawnee l"^'"^;^^^^^ Tbe referee raised his head "He ••••••ISHIHn i«vlUlil illi ff.U ' ough t/eatment, The many friends gram ' and victrolk' Christmas Lucile Wagner in costume, gave a wa%open «nd Lillje misht .have the f°^„"^^\,t „ishi^ down ^^to the -avs he 'rhad enougn? he an! S^^ffi^^B^BS ' ^Tf winw^ A ^ope she may soon be restSF- carols. . : • i L Roman r.ea.ling. and a modern . - job ,a :he,acted.quicklyl . V-rt w^LfwU^^^^ IV K TRl? !|A:Y ed 'to health. . Membei^ of the Southeast Dftis- treading was given by JAde- . rrit looks ;to me, Mk^.a rearop- ^;;'eRS ' Mr.-and-Mrs. H.. N. Bessey and ion of the .class, with «&s. ^. A. iW P ^d.- A Roman-weddlnc-.i-' . wrtHnity',''his father wrote, ftor h.? Jus, •'tenV -hoa^^^^ You've whipped I^^HMiMliHH * __ , - . children left Wednesday for their Snider, chairman, were charge was P^^^^^ Had;'opened the letter tjefoi'e for- ter=%pingpiish^ a bigger: man and given mo con- •^WB^^^^^^MM HniTv l'miilireT--l -^nnTlTf .Irtlves In "^^'f°°' ?*°^" I -png. -served. ^ — • >ai-dfng'ir. to his so^i. "You t^n Rrp. ^on-siond T^^^ sidera 'bie pleasure doing it li'm l^HHi^^^^HffiK "^L -vi ^fc^^nTpJ^Mi^^^ visit, with the lattcr's aunt. Mrs.: gave., two readings. Mys. John . Mrs, Hazel Maxson. ,the Latin= - do; wh ^t '4 -u =liH or xourse. but inS^ Sf ^t^ locked.'tS^^^^^^^^^ iS%e6SrZ\ou£^ ^•^•WIK- '^'^uSS Hc^l^R^V ^'^"^^T^^'''. v.. r' ,.^rgmaa played; "Day^oU^ teacher., is' sponsor j>f the club.;;, : things at tlie -mill rfre slow and arc to knock Lillie down again the mo- his ann in Lillie's and ^ralked off. ^•FTI L T^HK " inhxns (J IvTsS: " ^^f .M"- Garvcy and piano- seect .on Mrs. Wiae. Adams r—j- - not I likely ^to.fe'ct much-better." n.ont he scramhlell to his feet. But ".My nam.e," he: informed the ^^^^L aMj le^la^^JlneJ,HIlpe^. son Jackie have returned home sangJ 'Silent Night''with Sirs. John y^^t. ^^^^ L .^iii ' 1 Tlife .letters In-his liamr; Gordon othera had been attrattod to tlie wildcat as they stood before Mag ^^•^BL '/S^ (Mrs G H Ford) ^ .^^ Kansas City the .Bergman accompan>nng .jTh ^Mi ..s- §/fj«|%'|T^l fl'Wf 1 :j:iJJlie -walka down the street and LsL^ouo.. by now. and-^o^^^^^ WB^^^ -Ki^^ vV^n^\ n^^ . L r!. ^^^^^ ,^?f^ •wtWAI'VWIW^M' .: ST.faS^ul'&e'^^^^^^^^^^ l "!;:"wa ^'mildl. astonished/ "^Wf^f M ^1^' KsT» Tuch^ln" S* 7^-"^^^ T "^ISUS^^ 'Durin^biisfneSsi;^.! whicii > ' r•ry,i^^^^-^— •.xlm^kb flerjr-8Pe«-h of David a„ywav.' . > sort of IhoUplit." he said sfowly. 4 «»^j . '...1.° ^"^^ ^"^^ l ^^^^^S^^^-^^ preceded the prog.rametection of vre<ieEkk^Kr imer wn^ horn in ^ -r ^v^io still rihginViu -his oars. hv. Broadoii.. the: firs, flush, ^f lu* "that wildcats took their meat raw ••fe< j ^ ' /flll ?S Iverto the T.V ^3 PT'*^'^ O *T off cers. took place. rfeSalting- as Airten£^0™y Tu^W^ rg^S . ^hd a nuicH decision difficult, anger .one. assente .l willing- aiv. and tl.eir Uguo.- neat However^;. fgHy^ 1 :J^A S^r ^u ^.^^tsSyS ^"r ^r"'WaKe ,^,S?&.^^^^^^^ ^ ; The jnan's enthusiasm wa .s <ou- stopped bade, grinmng with antici- and he shook his head. / ^^^^^^Bh^^ls '^^R ^MHC neil-ahe move 11--^^^fi^^^ neni .Mr.«,. uoiier^^byjmwir-^ sas. ^at the ace of GS years loup- tagiois::,besidt-s. now that the i.(h pati <ul ?r^i -^q) and Wit." W Tliatnight Gordon L^lie ^aVe , Mm^^^gSiMMk "^^W'''' "''"^e- ed bir the likeness of , Old Sant president^; -.Mrs^^pAr^ffith, set-j ^^^^^^^ - he had i^uKht-was in his grasp it iled. \ • notice to his employer that W was •MSMmaSSB- ^^V't'^-V ^^'^'^J' -^'"^^ ''^^ f .:V lacked some of the allure it had He ioo^.slrlpju'd himself of sun leaving. • ,/ ^i^^i^Hi^^t-^r"T ^^^'Jl.°" .^^^^^ , „ ^trt^etary: and M.s^^ ^^*'"4 »<jW of am^ -SO.^^. he .rk ^n byS 'Vl.rwii ^.diln ^Xil .^daSe The h«;;;r ;7:iK ^.r K «,.- ^WB ^UKF S.ig'tl^.r-S^lJXt ST S''!^ joining Payne, aurl his H<.«nieis? oj .eti .«pi ...e lor the combatants. „^ar« on the n^iie In the iiexl ^ ^^^^^^RT T oir old rlen^^^^ .h^^^T&ra CT Harris made a busi- eVized '-°""»"K' i'^'-'^ ..eno. To this union nine childrt^ / ^ They might .iouvcrt hniulieds ,o Fi^i.^ the doors of the Jted Light. J«>(„|l„„nl. /' , >^^^^^K/^ hut wil w^^^^^^ The euests were- M^'^' j^jnie ^"''^ Fri'Chen-^^ their Uiiusc by tluiir e.vhoit.ations. not ftfly .vaids beyond, .men came ; .X ' ^ ^^^V/ .V ^oV,, ^ fT^. . X a^ Mr^ Nkfc K^^^^^^^ buti-U^ould tholrVrrorts hasten, the running, for iiothlug cnierraincd : ^ ^'^-k W W wmm ^ ^^^m/ . Stickley. who vis ted his „,,/;J"^„e b"^^ ^« O Poh jVS; I^^^^^^^^ Kramer. ...Mr.C - opcnius of louiuhoma? wiHil 't CahlwelLJiko a good tight. Mag /%\/f/f^J ^ ''''^^"^^'^*''^''^ JI^ H I^^^ Mr. H «fm™-' Homoihing olsinieshle-. men- rebel- .Woods, herself poked a curious ITI'WfVl ^ . , . ^> c , * ' '^•"{'t"^".*' ^.'""•'"u" -The ?evlvarmeeting8 nt .the11<^ inrmS. -cW ^^w^^^ ^'''""'^ ""^ '"'"^ ^-''^I'lfl - -Hon needed t< fom:e-th.> bund of head out and llu-n J O I IICM I their X < ''l'»'l<r «• Forbes, former colk-ge. reports Jbat the .annual --L ehurch S^^^^ Fllh ^ G ^io ^ve^^^ Ws Hirks of IlumlM.Idt: Krtn.-rMrs.- - iho govcrnmciil? raiik.s. ^ JfUtiliuJtimitldLii^aU^ director of, the Veterans' Bur- ThaiUcsglvlng football game b». ness church nave cmtmutu r ;''7''i,^/f;^i^ On the whole he thought it "Goiillomeii," announced the r^f- —-f- X eau. Is shown upon his release twoeif. the Teachers' college and ' . . n,e M ;/.. -n^e A J^ In- iii: ,^vo«ld b ^betS to. a^^^ cree importantly, "this- Ije're fight "RosC of GoWeil Wcst" ^"9"^ "'" federal penitentiary the Presb.vterlan college of Em- j^A^o ^^d ^J ^y ^^^^^^^^^ > ?vtdJ^ Idamrf M ^tw^^^^^ ' : ' ' !«!» Jlchl- rr iirivtlilnB^ ..Hue nf it will end when on<> of the wind- ,rTi J a' Lcaveuwoilh. Kausas. after poria was attended by eleven thou- K*"*""" ami Otiuf CHOWS loiiges Mrs.. Wade Adam!f.Mfa._^\V. .--^j.^ moved to Libertv nef«h»^ • : ij ffio wi ^^fcVio ted ing wl it PalH h" s Vi" nlf.e. he. has had PlayS KcIIcy Monday i.avjng serve, a. sentennc for sand people and the |amo although Tlit^^dS'^^, r ^'l ^^^^^^-ZiZ '^lnf, n'"^«i;V''''i^.^ M^^vt '-iTV ^n* :'"orh6oV where they Jiv-!^ for"X^^ L ^^ght %ad u 'i -perh^^^^^^^^ c.nou!;h or iVunahle to, Oon.ii.ue.' - fHu.d in'tlie .warding of con- a tie was Intensely Interesting. tl^T ^ SVc oo.l «ii4riir ^-^t^f v^^^ 'hen to ?hMr home pU< e - ^4hm.Tl"rdia uigS^ Shrewdly he stze.l up .he.respectiv. One of the largest casts In re- tracts, (ol. iforhcs. . H Har.ling Henry Broui^arU of Zwingle, la., "fw Bi ^annrcut a large gSsh. S^^^Tr« Lal^'lin^ "^J^f E^^^ ""-^'"^ they romainc .l until Jalii^ --).«Jv6uid be, Inf nitely bell r off "f the two conibiitants. his cent years usetfln a motion picture appointee, deilaie.s he means arrived h^ie Tuesday for a visit ,„\,, Th"rXv wwt/ """^ "27. wlien they came to wlVnb^^^PiiyS o cer'tainlv eyes lln .^cring -ymputhelkally on not dealing with \ the war was to clear tliefornier president's «ith his brother. Charles Broull- ^^^'^.''frf Jj';;!:?^^^-^,^''.,!^ ^"^^r'•p^l '^i V VAwe^t.^' ^ola. About five years ago VTri >^bukl iS "ifer C not iS UIHe as he did HO. ' drafted for the flltUing of "Rose of name of an • stIgma which may aid who has been __very 111 but Z'essUatJd t ^elSfby th^^^^ Mr SWrtock Mr^ nl7e S' ^'^^^^y. ••'^alth began to.faJi ,|Sd *id him • uoi. iiaMus ..jj^gjnj, how there's quite a the Golden West." George Fitzmau- have result -d front h.s coiivie- • who is much improved at this time. ne?.esaltated treatment py tlie rtoc Mr. jJCarlHuflock. .Mrs. I%ve Long, g^g^ gradually .worse nntjrilpaj* ~ He wondercil! what it would he difference ih weight.- he contin- rice 'js epic of California in the ro- tion. I.- Mrs. Sarah Umphrey received a vp,„_,__ rhflmher^'^ fath Hlv=k„ %,^h^^^ relieved hini^rhi-^-iinfreriTigrT;^- • likTteSg Indianfi maiii ' m" ti*^d.'"this will be strictly a rfist mantle days (before-.the gold -rush » elegram Tuesday from her son. o7 MHo uln' t' _H^-J««ver^ his loss his whom4ould^^ with .strangle , holts and whei ^it was under Spanish ^rule. -^.^ ' ; "^'""'"-^ f ^^ni'^ stating fJ'J^^Saun^^^^^^ Lra ^t ^o the S gou^in'barred." He eyed the throng, MoVe than 3.500 persons kppear yT^yi^T^.^^ that they had arrived safely in New ' tZfld-- death is not H ^rtan Mrs^ J^\^^ „.,tgr nWes, X Sass.Sf :nobU^ed m'en. than his opponent w ^as ^grateful JSn^'Trips ^V. H. Keith was born ini Ver- JLir'rng ^SeTrTlfomr'' Mr'f L ^wt rSand>^'inS%kTa! w «n«n's fteHef C'T^s fli^et.s ^^Jfi^MfcT^" He thrust tl e letters in his pock- that II ^^^^ ""^t^to be^^r^t^l »f were ledVbv Di?ectof F^^^^^ ^''^^^o"''- neqeniber T L Entrf Nous clTm^^^^^^ to-^heir-gSine the Hrst .McCook Woman's Relief Corps ^^nM^^m. ' V : et Thpn it was that he caught strength. He was a shade ^nder *pre j^^\Hy- iO.~lS.J6. tuwl pas.sed away at the neX- -afternoon with ^« wvl' of the week after spending Thanks- met yesterday at headquirters in ^ fiy«—/ sight oc.the 1 ttle knot of men' jus: medium height and his y^uth ul J™"' ^^^^^^ homo, of his daughter. .Mrs. Ruby S at^nurtVe w^^fe^^fn' giving with J the former's parents. Memorial hall.- .• , - : rX ^i^fi ^MOflKk ' ahead of him There was^a scuf- frame had not •>:et * I'W out. ""^^f"^' \^^'»°^ Collins. St. Pa .U; Kan., .\ovember Si^^ a "rfoVrk^^rs F^^^^ Mr. KnA Mrs. ^V. S. Ford. Sam ^Us. Ida: Huff.:presid^ni vref^- nVV9HHP |l • Hfng going oj inthe center of tho Brcadon, was very little taller, ,bnt hisVoiical \spots throughout me j^,?. Ho was married to klice * Ford and wlf» and daughters^Euth--^ver-the-fi^Hng and aftw the 8 VW ^^^^S-P - group, and UUie heard -rough h«> -"Iked larger and seemen ay.te state. \ \ Amanda McFall February 22. 1888 Sm,^^ ?hf bSne los ^lls^^^n^ andjars^nrf^- rit ^lfsticTwi^thl ^elertiDu of of- ^^^^-J^^^T^^ . voices: raised ii lou,naughtor. Evf4 l>o«;ernil. ^ The featuVed Playern In Rose of Ne%^^^^^^ She died at lola. i - ;dently some ^mg waspleashig "Ready?'^the referee asketl iT*''*' "rim^^^ place with the^ folloll^ result: ^^SS ^^^SS ^l ' ^ them. He hakened forwa-M. Lillie nodded grimly, and Brea- Aslor, as th^ heroine, Gll^^^^ eight children, presidedrT«rs. His eyes 4t an all too familiar < on stepped : forward, a confit^ent end as the >ot-blon.led youthful survive. They are: Mrs. Ruby "I!! "S '^^"f^ *fr \P««ent. M^^^ Is herM^ spend the week end with \fery Freiermmhr'^eninr -^(56^^^^— • ; sfene: some,i &lerswere having fiin K"" on his face, flsts swinging, hero. .V.ontagt.e'Love Gustav von Collins. Mrs. Sadie Lit.Ieioh... Mrs. T S II Mr,' Ant/vf;i,^S^^^^^^^ Miss Btaelah Keyser arid friends. SdentrMrs^lpia ^^^ey. jun-' YoU Can^t AflFrtrH- With adrnnrien Indian. Although Deterinlnedtto get the fight oyer Seyffertitz and^ Flora Finch. L-elle" Itamey. Mrs. Sylvia Stroup. nm^^r Efi/rai ^^L iS^^^ -Mrsi. John- Walton went to Par- L vSrfsid ^nU '^^s^^K^^^^ • ^ AHOFa— -thfegpyernmekfrowned on thesale with, he Ittunvhed a vicious swm^ ^ _ A ^ p ^ i Mr. Jesse Keiih. Mrs. Wilma Crou- MaT"^"*",?."^^]'^^^ sons yestefday to visit her niece,' DIle.tre ^rerrMrs. Sarah J .Cof- _to foretro thV P ^A- J T - of, whisky ti the Iiidians. sUll at the youth. -bUt L.Uie sprang ba^k ChaneV at BcSt theJ-, Mr. Andrew Keith an.l Lewis ^^"^T'l^^^Jl^I^^'^^^ Mrs. Gerlrude Zlnk who Is ill. field chaXin: Mrs.: Oinie^^ Wilson. ^Jf^f^^S^^^ t ^e^eH ^a those, aborigines who craved their to safety and then closed in quick- , Rlitp 's Feature SAIlef. Keith. He' was again mar- .^^'Y; ^ Messrs^jCarrollton, Pruitl^nd conductor- Mrs Rhodl^ Mercer satisfaction and- quality . Ilrewat^r'ha 1 very. little .r9uble l-V- His fist smat^ked squarely on ^" '^"^^ ^ - rle .1 >» (n >ra H.mley at Independ- tf'^."'^' found in our bal^jtrbeef-^— . -geti^itig it (ince a month the red HreadoiKs moiitb and the .arger —^"^ . encc.,Kan.. October :{. ini'O. She Vadc ^ bi«^^^^ roa .Sts. Especially when mail was in Luds. and it was not. caught off balance, staggered Lon ChaiieMan of a thousand survives him: also two broth- J^*"" -^'""day. returned home to- ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ . ^^^^ anV Mrs. Pearl liompkins: nriced al:=^^-^\ -/ hard to wa4 int.. Oldwcll. flash I'ackward. shook his heaiH and. I^ace.s-lias gi ^*n jthe screen a new L.' E. Koilih of Girard and ""I. ^ ., , „ ^ days. • • wore elcctV deleeates^nd Mr-r^^^ lourorfive ioUars on a man with ' glared balelullv; disguise. He has disguised a hu- p ^an^ Kei.h of City: one , ,"1^^"".? ^/^^^' The Rev. A. P. Sherman and ^Ucc vSff Mrs M M|^*^^ 0A>. ^ an easy confcicmce and get t>Jos of apriSva! u.uit up frtiih man soul instead of a humafl face „HU>r. Magg^ I'ate of Burlington, '^hf «unnpr Th.^^^^^^^^^ children of Osawktomie were visi- Sand al- . - ^ ZITC ; turn a bot.lf of whisky which the'rou-d. /or the -smaller man -this is the secret of ".Mr. Wu i Ran.: and one stop-son. Wni. Hen- ^^'L «v?.^v ?.n^l*^ evening at here this week. His son. Lin- t^?natl ^^eTSWto ^tha \:<Sv^^^^^ . *-vrv. . ' u'nprincipMone co .,1,: purchase In.l-ad cau^hMt.^ sympathy. Hut they C laney transformed himself Into , „f ,^0 h <?me address.' -««y«" *^ P™" ton Sherman.who goes to schooL -^^r%raaX«r4 'fflc^^^ I 'cr Pouild any saloSn for a dollar or a dollar "ut 'wi.h alarudng M.ddenneKs. a Chinamai, in the stupendous new ^ • ^'?r ^,,r„^/Xe /.H '!,"/;^ Pr^V^""' returned home with--WTrt^ ^^,hti ;f '^ad "^n? K ' and a ojiactbr I I'.i-eadon had gathered hiniKelf "To- drama coming to the Elite theatre ,.„,„„L-„ Monmouth . '"<^ ^"»rpe Presbyter- ^^^^ iI .„V.fioM„n ^/^^^ M JCr IMF "ItTA JJITW 'T < iis-^ liS was staggering aii.l ^ethl-r and ha.l. coine 0„ i.i a hulU Monday Tuel^day and Wednesday: ^;'«» -J-^T 28 ' ^"/^thif so ^aT^fLl^^^^^^ rw ^Bl ^S^Zj ^ouisJs^^ ms'TajSt ,S?etlnriim -si M.^&J^. MARKET Kc..sil<rulaii..g wildly. Tijiposlte him like n.Kh. His .-.rms,were swing- he used his uncanny tricks of 13 _ 'V' I"''^ T^.^'uTW/xTTrLy V,.» r'^., ij*;., - Kiood his ioV...en.oV a .. <iKh look- iiiK li!;e flails. He mouibed curses make-up. of course—but the sig- .i groups of church folks with Jbo- ^^ri^'.u Meat That J OU Can Eat^ . - fn* ..,,'haI".."X^^ :i:,;,!:hl . .n.V —• f^-'• .V—;;' <!"«•" ""I"""! fact was not in his face » .> .> « .> .> .> .> « «,> <. <. -^^^ l »a «tor may bo^ fetter' ac- '^j,f:^''l^^l^^^^^^^ Sil'JX\Z^c%^^^^r ^ ' - •theraiycoTi^mmp. He held a walcliihis n .lu fro.., bin b.'oken Ips painted to portray one of another «^ . : • • "'^ii ".'"i^;, . ^^^-^TC , Kox are expecting Mrs. Blla Sick- ^ y^"*^"*^, f-"*^' ^ . • ini his iiand 4,n.| as ihe Indliiu' .N-; i.illle I. leu to spring hack ,race.. •>; lOLA 1>A1I,Y AB.STKACT- •> «'";„?^^'^*' ^^"'^y "^cro *rith Wal- ,y-^3^^ _ h.icli<-di lowJtid reached l">ii "f harm 's wio": ••bi'i to have His walk, his every little action « ins .ied from offlcn of ltda * ""r V""? "» manager Is making J ^ , ' • . " . • / ——^ , rw it he s^^^^^^^^^ very, pbrsonallty •>. . Abstra.-l Company <- preparation for the picture demon- ^"^'^ ' - • . • • H --r ^^^^^ - , . . extended liiliid ...Id' wllbll!^ othei-iHWlMpl.iK fist-, would have r.'Miulrcd I • M rill Ion of the long lo(*cd ror New - " . ;_M.ii ^=sag .A -" ^ " I— nave iliT/ vi «ie .M -p^^^ ,,ohHe.sKed. Is Hiild thiit ho did it by studying Ford Car on Friday ovijningiln • ROCKLOW - '^-^m ^M g <^^k C^i^ ..lia.HNji iiiin M-pnnvli.ig iulo the !<>..'• ofihem high upon rhliiese c..Ht...ns, phll^^^^^^^^ . "r.l^n.-c with the same plan.) be- (Mrs -Will Bugiran ) ^^'-""^"^ -^ISCv^JCTl "ITl* ' - diis • / i.lie arm. tpliini..u him- halfway .dure, until he actually though! L'. ll.JT. Ing made by all Ford agencies over (.^irs. \viM_i )uggdn.) Yp\ jF^^^^ "(•,HM /AM. Lliift- Wolf .r ai-..u..d.jj..d the arm felt suildonly from a Chinese standpoint. F. C. and wife Klleene. the country. -The show rooni Wllj Nov, .W.^^pMrraM \ %^iVt~^ W \ \M,V,^^?^^ After seeing "Mr. Wu" this Is to ^Ved H.M.vier. lots S aiid ;i. block h*--"«ed for this display and -Will" .ft«ww^ r^flW-- f//ilt ' he ;M I V.|- 10^ .•,V„;V an.ihn IN. chest 1 .M i 91. City of Humboldl. $1 .00. aec..i^imodate. in wmfort ?ll whp Ing dinner:^, and Mrs. M Stew- ^ffeV' - ^. . /t .-Jv^^ -n^ vol stop. He would - It Is a mighty chal-acler-thi(< may .,-are to attend arid get their--»rt and family. Mr. and .Mrs. Fred 'W^^' T a indiaiK SCI ambled to" his feet have fallen on him an.rbcatou him Chinese mamiarin. wise In the ,, ,. „, first glinJpso of the wonder auto- Stewart and famlly^Mr. and Mrs^ '? Jl^^-^tri.^^ ^ ' " -r- . j/r^-- --—^^^^^^ Of doom, the Ramo fr<>rt her husband, who is ^,WUI Tiy UlffiCUft SWHll lertairied at Thanksgiving dinner: . TF!^ H ' - A ' . i - J^^^VT.TIHE JvEIJ>KY TIIEA-TRF. MONDAY A^TUESDAY. Engu^ 1 . Mr. and" Mrs-Arthur Duggan and . i kr*. ••--^.•>r^i =5-"; - J: WM lljB suffered wrong. of Europe.i R. cently she icgipter- lionjdon. Dec. 2. (AP)—Two: J^n- Delaine of Ft. Scott. .Mrs. Frankj _ ffl M • J L ^»«*'"^C ' ' M B ' .jdiaSlil ^'-V . "* dim .slcnographers, Mercedes Clety i^ach ajid-JIrs. Jiedl-^^Webc^^ \ M ''^-M-.mL j^^-^ WTTW 'm:' J^J^k^— - ^ ' ic^^'. t"--- * i&fPH^BpA ' ' Congressional Leaders '^o .second lastest time ever a .id MllUe Hudson, both applicants- P • • • "^^{^^^f^^^^-^-r-^^^•'^ ^ , |y ^^IR^ F SI^ • J>reaKiaSt Wltn COOlldge ^, lef y for Southampton today^egroute waiter Puggan and Clair.:^:;:ir::::--'X^ *' -fl' - ^ ' WtH^ fii III ^BMM' ' ^ngton.-^ 2. 'AP)-A r-r7;g^ :^BiFSv ' 1^ •^'SPB^^B^ """?*""• Reptrblican and Demo- X H.l/H 0< f ^^C. 3 Yrora Tangier and it te quite poUl- lalterV ^orh^T M.^^^ C^^^ .^-^V'^ W'V^XCC CV^i^- . - j^^BK/F f ^ml ^HI^^ cr.itic .congressional leaders were A| IJ^^J ^JU f IJ 22 D.,.^ , b 'eithat T"^ • • i^E ^^^Hr-. IE'-' Jl'.*^^-' ' ^S^S^^BR^'' guests of President Coolidge today C'M\f%J^^ *<» ^ ! a i^ce between the-twQ.: al^ugh , —""^""^ • CnTTUC -^•^^^•^^ fm lit ^ N*^B»M^B^^L at the resun»ption^f th-;! White "^^JL*' ^5^^»^ Mlas Gleltz already has decl^^ Mrs. Jfeke RearrlckcntcElai »ed -r O I^UfO J^B^^^HH .-i ^B^^^BHlM House breakfast conferences inaug- Wffl ' ^ ' challenge from MU.3 Hudson, the the fonbw^_j :ucstB=STinday m -/itVx * . ^T V« X-.X-.*^ • — ^ ^^^^^^•fc.. ^ :L| • v ^^^HBW urated during the .session of 11^8^. latter. hWever. W said that she hpnpr^of\^;^Rei^n-lck8^^1id^ C T UARANTEEDU- ' I^^^H^^HK f t "v ^.^Piffi ^^H ^^B • , / ^AlS9l ^^V& irO • intends to enter the w;ater at tUe Mr. ^l"tMr8rCh^rley ^5earric1t and _ —^ ^^^•^^•^••^^> ^''WaifSlf ^^^mK ^^^^KBfW^ Those participating -vvere Sena- VjlgpflRt^ flr^ <^3rV' same tlm? as Miss Glelts tp fln^ "•""y-•^fv^S-**"-. .^iiy ;>Bk .^-^ V'^- — ^ r 1 —J^^^^^^BK C T TT '''''^Hl^^^^a ' 'tors Curtis of Kansas. Watson, oif ^Sj /^S^f ^M^ I ^k ^X ^V •^thtt; who will get across llrst. and lamiljrMlU.and Mrs. Lee Deer . 1 • »fc ^V J . . — ^ i^iflHi 'J M M^JMHB Indiana. Smoot ,of Utaii and War- A^WSSSctSWJ/ v ' ^ - M^dl^nffly. Mr. and-Mrs. Will Deer ^ — ^^1^ ' ftW^MMSr'^ • nlWiyT^ ?aH^B ren of Wyoming: Republicans: R O V Nr**ffr »^flMF^ SU KanwM* Cif v' Dnir ^^RsiW •fW -l^^'ir T^Xw MS " - ^'^^^^^^^^|H|^^^H|^B|^::^^P^ '1^^ of Mississippi. -Democrats: Repre- ^^By98SS^^§^ ffml'' ^^^V^^^^ ^^^^J^^*^ '^^^^^rw-U '1^? /^Jtelll ^^^il ^^BB^^^B^^^'^l- ::-:^^^^^E-il^^^Hl •' Gree'n of%war Snell o* New YbrV, ' /HA H^^lMi^j! F 'Jeffierson CIty,-Mo.. Dec. 2. .(A P V Dnss*^ heipe^ Roy Wray- head —-^i^l^^'li ' .4 : l-.l|^»HH|H ^^^^^^^^^»£^gS ^a^^l ^^^BB Burton! of Ohio. Republicans, and ' V -MiJaSMm ^BBg a\ \ Quo Warran ^to wUs; retumatile la k^nr corn Tuesday. .; W ^-<l ^.t^'%i<W ^n -'j\ Garner; of Texu.4; Democrat. Li^ " J^fJS \ I 30 days, were issued today by ttie Mrs. Roy Wray^rs. Ross Kit z- WL'-^fi \MJl -^\^^^M^' , lflH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^»rV/ ^ '"^ - 'k I- I I • • ili - Missouri Supreme court aKainst miller ^^aiul-—KIon Bnnn «pent '^-^^-/-^^-^S'J'^jf^ .S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^Hu^K^ In Syria It Ihi> custom, when, mimmmmmmimmimmtkmmmmSmm the four dog race: »rackB near: St Thaitfcsglvtng art Will KilzmiKer's ' ^sSkflaflKsESaBaE^M . — \ MvH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bl^lSfKSy^ a boy j baby .cuts hie fir^t-toot^. The early'shJpper bttys LUds and.., Kaosaa-City agsMet' Kutan. Kansas. \^^\)^fii>iiMU,^Sior» m • -^^^^^Wl^^^^MPBWi^^^^^^^^^'BBP*^-4ftf^ to prepare a specjal cooked wheat and always iboys Chrirt- • wMch attorney-general N. T. gen- > ———" ^--Tiir^soTL/<Voo H >.* i ' J ^fc?**'""'-?"!;' V V^w-X^^^ " dish to aend to- the friends and niai Seala.. nr recently filed ouster sultf In —Wanted to Buy: awnrTTihi Get J^OlJr 1928 Itex^^^ ^ • KM^jlSBdli*l'<£-Cf^Mr6*^'>'*!!''^'^'^''" ^^tf'J'^"*'""^'*'^ [relatives.^:.- • * * * "'fr'-''""' '•""''» colored mi^-i .ot the. BeplRtpr ^1—^ ^ . ,^ V V

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