The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 3, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 12
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**: •I" - • .;*, nn - •t 'if r v ,-?' 'I** •V ttf ><- •t*' ;>.-•* f «r A f. \ K^fcwtfTOi^ ir ^,^'^^^mm U^f^ltffi™!.^,*^*! :;^!y ;,•%-• ''^ '••• /f^r 1 -i' --'• -i^; •>'•£."' v- j V :;?,-', "•' •'• " •>;• . .. •;:, {••*::••"' •',?' ' -'-.-'.jA [ '\ •1'.^>:^»3'-?-*7 ••' •', V : V'- '' '•' " '- S -"- J '*^' •'";*."."'*; A* ' •' •:-'">-.'' 1'V '- -'- :• ' : '. : ^ 1 • ' * :: \ '*/'•£- i; ' ! -'jV/.'-'A'' \ •--•*." y ',: • T •••'.':='>.' /•.--'•• '-"'"*,. .-, •,.-'». '. • •; " ' ' v • ' -. r.-v.k "''•.,.!'• v?;;-? 1 * r-~ • 12 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, i • F OU convenience of patrons The BftkorsfleM Cnllfornlan ngentu listed below will receive classified advertising and subscriptions at the regular rates: OILDAL.T3 OUdale Pharmacy ARVIN IS. Dawson Store TAFT Marlposa Cigar and News Co. MAIUCOFA Gate City Pharmacy McKTTTRTCK Templeton Drug Co. Waggoner News Dealer SHAFTER Shafter Drug Co. WASCO W. C. Thomas News Stand McPART^AND August Chandler The Callfornlan Carrier DELANO Mitchell Bakery TKHACKAPt Tehnchupl News Stand GRAPEVINE a Store LfEBEC Coffee Shop REWARD C. Christian TUPMAN Elk Hills Mercantile Co. For Rent — Houses ^i^^j^^^fcj^.^— _^ fc _^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^i»^^^^^^_^ fc j^jt^^jifcj^^ji^ w^^f^^f^^f^^^^f^^f^^r^^r^^^^^f^^f^^'^^f^^f^^f^^f^^r^^f^^r^^r^ r FTJRNtSIIED complete. 8 -room cotti«». $12.30, p«irt. Apply 1&20 Q ROOMS, unfurnished, 1824 EUfhtfeenth street. InclUcloa garage. $36.00 month. Soo Claude R. Blodget, ProfeBBionnl building. _ 138 FOB KKNT— Unfurnlihed 4-room houie. Water piUI. Inquire of owner at 618 Lincoln street. _ _ _ 335 POU KBNT or itl« ( 4-room houie ftt 1111 Or«*on. 188 For FOR &ENT— tttctlf furnliltsd, modern 7-roow houie. Ali(» htlf duplex, In AH a Vista, $27.50. Water r>tU1. Gall R21 1 Btroet, hcfljie anrt ileniilnir porch. Comfortably furnlthed. Oai'affe. 003 Cheiler arenun. For Rent— Apartments FT;nKIHJ(BI> apartmenti. NMnetoenth and D. OTtritufftii furniture, FrUldilr*. fi-roomhouw. lOlfl orance. Apply 20Q1 Nln«t«onth itr<«t< «ro- ttfr liore. Phong smi-J. JACK PRICE OP EVERY CAK HHJUCKD! lf»29 Ford truck, now rubber, I10G.OO. 1931 Ford Victoria, clean, $345.00. 1926 Ford roadster, good transportation, |25.00. * 1927 Dodge «cdan, new rubber, $120.00. 1929 Plymouth sedan, clean, J2GO.OO Lots of othisrft. PAT'S CAR MARKET Phono 1724 B316 Cheater Avenue Jack Sundy, Manager ,1S8 FOR 8AI/&— l?5o I>e Soto do luxer Modan, to nettle estate. &aoriflce. l>hono 4471-H. ___ 186 1929 WILLYH-KNICUIT 70-B coupe. fender weM nnd trunk rank, pood paint, nlmoftt new tires* A-l rnecnnn- Will aacriflco /or quick sale. Phone 4482-M. MH. FARMBU, we handle Oliver Implements and parts, Mollne^imple- mentt* and partw, Avery implements and parts, Fordaon tractors and partfl. Bargains In used nnd new machinery. Grain and poultry feed, alfalfa seed. Al Berchtold's, 830 East Nineteenth Btreot. Phone «00. O. W WlbUNOHAM, nouie moter. Office 2RU Chester avenue, B alter i field. FOU HALK — Orapefnttt, 11,00 per box. Bring con- taineri. At Bdlaon. I'hona 83-F-4. 108 BEAUTIFUL 6-paMHenKer Butck 0 HO- dan, original finish, uflally muHt bo NICK1UY fum!»heiJ 2-rooro apartments with prvate batlu, '$20 and $22,00 month. LJilil, BUI. water. llnnni, electrlo waihlni marhlnft furnished. Oa- rase If requl«d. Th« Woodrow, Baher and NBWLY r«nofa«l. furnlihed apartment, llont reduced Two bMlrooiM, bath, hardwood Hoori, tile »lnk. cmriturfecl furnitur'e. Oaraitfl. gardener. Water paid. 1925 A itreat. __ FTHNINHKD apartmenti. Cl«an. Thrw Tonms, bath, two iirreen porehei. Uara«e, water free. Adulti. $15.00. Inquire lUnd, Tvrenty-rourth nnd K to be Appreciated; one of the bot«t buys wo hnvo ever hnd. $150 will handle, Cadillac Agency, ChftH- tor Ave. at 22nd. _ 1S8 1930 FORD . rumble seat coupe, low mileage, new rubber, snappy new patvitjob. Mechanically perfect. "Will take email car in trudo and give terms. Phono fnOl-W, 135 OKNTLK xaddlft horwi for lale or hire, flee Able Hunt. 900 California avenue. 184 IX>li LKAHi'X-NlccVt chicken, rabbit and ptifemi ranch at Brundane and 1* at wot, countr. Apply 1620 Q itreet. In Kern COIIX nnd rnllk>faUened hc-ji, 4 eentl Jk pound. Also flno rabbit hay. CO centt ft btl«. Frio deliver? of ton or more. Dairy Jiay, $9,00 a ton. Wildman Place, 1 mtlo i/outh, H-mtle weal. H-mllp louth'Woed Patch it or a. 180 CASH VATT) FOn CAHH. 210,1 I 1028 rontlao eoupe ; A-l shnpo and tires. Buy, $15R. Dodge 'flMtn; ttro now tr/ei. A-l. Only $70. rniEST roUI/rnY HANCH now b<*kln§ orderi for future dellrery for baby and itarted chicki. Kltneflt (trade Iledl, IU«'ki and I/eehorni at low- eit pontblo prloei. Place urders now fot- preferred date. All chick lold are from our own .Radio, Musical Instruincntg Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneoua ^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^u^^^^^^^j^^^f^^^B^^^F^^^t^^^to^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^^^^^9^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^f^^^Bf f ^** •>-WH>M rUHNIHUKl) AVAHTMKNT. TWO SCRKKN J-OItCHBS. »AS, WATRH AN1> OAlinAOB PAID. $1S PEE MONTH. 2014 B GUARANTEED radios, now and repossessed planoK. TJOW prices nnd term*. All contract* carried by us, Don C. Proston, Hotol Toselor Bldg. ,--.. v ._ 1t _ T _ „--- „ , .„ 15R I wANTIDD—Small cleanln to buy, a woort and COM ranro. In good condUlon. Writ* P. W. Musser, UuKontrlllow. 104 CLASSIFIED COLUMNS CLOIE It A. M The Cftllfornlan will not bo re- Bponslblo for errors )n ClaBslfted Advertisements taken over telephone unless correction Is mud A immediately after first Insertion. For Ren t-— Farm .Land OOINO BAST— For iftlo or rant 10 acr«i, C-room linuio, <fom«it(o well, Ida Af. Dtfli, lloute 8. not nn. n Radio, Musical Instruments and pressing business. -Phone 210 or 1156-J. 12-31-tf Stutlobdkcr, food condition, for tome- one to dlio (mil lurrow 20 acres ot vraln br fifteenth. Welchelt. ona mI10 wait, one ralle louth Panama. Legal Notices Professional Cards ^^—^^K^^K^b^^^^^^^^l^^^^—^^^^^^^^^k^^^^H^^b^^H^^ta^^h^K^^L^Ld r^^r^^r^^^^^^^^^^^f^^f^^^^^^^^^^^f^^f^^f^^^^^^^^p^^f^^^^^f^^f^^r JOHN W. CULLITON Pt'fcLIO ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS, 8YBTEM* Butt* 103, Proftnlotiil Building PJion* 4601 JACK PICKFORD CALLED BY DEATH HEARINGS BEGIN J\ •'v -1 '. ,. .• I V. •' ii. Actot-Brother of Mary and $500,000*000 Act Intended Lottie Succumbs * t . « in Paris NOTICE. OF ANNUAL MEETING f NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the stockholders of Bakeruf leld Mutual Building ami Loan Association will bo ho.ld In Its office at 1500 Nineteenth street, Bnkersfleld, Kern County, California, on January 11, 1083, at 7:30 P. M., for the purpose ,of electing a Hoard of Directors to servo for the ensuing year rind for the transaction of such other buftlncflK as may properly come before tho meeting;, HOWARD NICHOLS, Secretary. Deo. 30 to Jan. 10, inc. ANNUAL MKBTINQOFTHE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE BAKERSFIELD MASONIC TEMPLE ASSOCIATION. DR. BUZ AN Notice is hereby given thnt the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Bakersffold Masonic Temple Association will bo held In the Masonic Temple, 1920 Eighteenth Street, Bak- erafleld, County of Kern, State of California, on January 11, 1933, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing: a board of directors to servo for tho ensuing year and for the transac* tlon of such other business as may properly come before the mooting. ' WALTER MORTEtfSEN, Secretary. Bakorsfleld, Calif.. Dec. 28. 1932. Dec. 28 to Jan. 11, Inol. Gr«<1u*t« • pninopitAGToit raJnlwi 8 y i tern / Complete ElwlrothoTipy flertlca, Foot Ccrrcctlotit Hours, 10 to 12 », m.. 2 to 5. 7 to 8 p. m. noomt lll-lia-11,1 Morcu Building 1711 Chester Avenut Toltphotie BB16 . Lady Atl*ftd*nl NHMMM4|M> r Business Cards *~*-^~*-^-»^-*- -— —^—^- ^ -— . — — — .. — . * m • • •^^^^^•^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^*^^^I^*P^^^ SWEDISH MASSAGE CABINET S^TJATS IIEOUCINO Colonlc irrlffttlon • 1N8TITUTB 0^" HYDllOTH»RAFt 1812 V Stroat 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Phirto SOW •— . LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry Th»t Ii Our Slofin Ten Different SenlcM ind Zmic Odorless T)rr Cleaning CITIZENS LAUNDHt and 0 fltreati Phona 851 BOB WELCH RIDING ACADEMY County Puk Hotd. Thons 8718*B-11 Well-trained uddle horiei, 75 centi hour. Bpectnl rate for children until January 9, IS years inU under. 45 centi hour Honei bought and sold Our For Sale—Improved Property TELEPHONE 81 FOR CITY 0CRVIOK POn 8ALB for flrit raortn««, Or will rent, Ten-aera chlrhfn ruioh, cloto In. on buulo- tard. riTe-ronin hnuia. tiardWood floori. Water und ilfirl^H In houi». l*hon» 1C79-J. SpecialAnnoi^cements MASRAOE—Euctljptm, tU'ohol and oil rubs, by nune. 1823 Nlneternln flrett. 184 For Sale — Improved Farms FOR palming, 912.30 to 923; bocljr and fend*r work. Prlcei fight. Auto r«palrlnr Tronc Paint and lUpatr Shop, Ctllforut* and Baksr. m»n« 3G71-W. 1B9 E — A email farm, one-fourth west of Brunflage and Oak t. Phone 767-R. 135 For Exchang XVITOAM & BOOTH lU41o Sale now fn protrei|. redured, Ono KOOU electric let it $0.50. Othnri IH.50 and $2ittO. Fox Theater bulldtnv. 1'hong M34. - _ 184 For ^ Sale^FuriUture WALNUT-FINISH bedroom Bet, $22.50. Two-plcco living room not, $18.50, Seven-piece dlnlnp aet, $10. IVAN L. HAMM Phone rut _ ipo mh Bt. _ ics * ' * \ ^ For Sale — Miscellaneous FAMOUS DRAMATIST 100 TllAni/— 80 acrei unlmprwed, IJikor Or f «on, for; what hate you? Box 15, Arrtn, Calif. (CASH AND CAHUY ONLT) Lbs., Recteaned, Highest Grade o LOST— Comb In* tlon gold t^n and pencil. tnltUlt "D. H." Brturn to Guy Jones. 1511 Bl|lite«ntli JTOUND — Male police puppy, 4 or ft month I* well colored, black croii on till about 3 Inchei from botly. lUs narrow collar itudded with brace buttons, and small, plain brais band on collar. Friendly wJ(h children. Golden 8tat# Tenth and Union. Phone 3218. 13H acres, modern G-room houKo, up- to-date chit-hen IIOUIM to care for lOOOchlrkenn. Own purnplnc pltnt. Located rtfht on eOne of town. TraxI* for country or mountain ranch. JTowtrd Nichols. Tng., 1009 Nineteenth. 1 fl tf For Sate— Automobiles 300 LRS. HKN SCRATCH. $1.10. 100 ibs". reclennod wheat; $1.00.. 100 Ibs. lay rnanh (cotton bags), $1.35. 75 Ibs. ROLLED BARLEY, 60c. MANY MORR NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSPIELD QUAIN COMPANY Buker Street and Truxtun Avenue 10-28-tf LOST— Drown and whlta femal* puppy, with hir- n«n. Answers to name of Trtxl*. Call 613?. lUward. Personals PARTIES that took slUtr muikrac cott from Petcock Inn, Ntw Teui ere, are known. He turn iiunt and arold fcrrtit. 133 WANTED— Kimei men-women. 18-90, w1ihln« steady future torermnent Jobi. Start 1105.009175.00 month. Common education u in illy iuN fletanl. Full panlcutari. with iimplo reaching— FREE. Apply today. Addreii Box K-10, The Calif oral an. 1P31 Ford coupe, $325. 1031 Ford coach, $336. IflBO Pord coupo, $U85. 1929 Ford coupe, $175. 1929 Hubmobllo Coupe, $1!50. 1030 Essex ftport coupe, $275. 1929 Ford IH-ton truck. $195. 1927 Ford 1-ton truck, $50. MANY OTHERS 9 Over a period of 32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this insertion. We continue to sell feed for loss than any adver- tlned price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones. Iluslnoas le good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. Financial USED CAR LOT Sixteenth and Cheater Phono 118 (Opposite Courthouse) IDS OAK WOOD, flrit-claii quality. Very cheap. Phone IBU8. M«r»' Iro DnllTgry. _ 134 100 pounclu mush, in cloth hags. $1.35. 100 pounds Bcratch, Jl.lO. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, $1.20. QANN & ROSS, Olldale, Calif. . _____ _ 12-6-tf B A HO A IN on frcetef cues, icalei, cuh reititen, meat illcer, restaurant flxturei. Complcta. N»vf and uied. Nhowciio nafo. SOD Baker. 160 HORIZONTAL 1 Valise.' 6 Drove at hf£h speed. 10 Man or feoy. 14 Staple food In China. 15 Theater guide. ie At .this plac*.. 17 Toward sea. 18 Finely strati* fled rock. 19 Opposite* of aweather. 20 Madhouse. 22 Oorhart HaupUnann is a famous —dramatist? 24 Irony. 27 Dreads. 31 Female fowl. 32 Incited. 37 Monster. 38 Wales on the skin. 3 9 Edge of the roof. 40 Hough sports. 42 Beer. 43 Flat plate. 44 Boy. 46 Existed. 4 7 Feldspar. Answer to Prerlon* Piiztle Lover. 54 Secular. 55 Seventh note. 57Morindln dye. 68 Part'of ' church. 50 Species of Pier. 60 To elude. 62 Pieces out. 63 Obfl.ervefl. 64 Thin innersoles. 65 Tiny depres- . sion, • VKBTIOAL * 1 To seize. 2 To ascend. 3 Frosted as L cake. 4 Sound of & bell. D Depilatory* CTree of tough wood. 7 General von Schleicher is the new German —? « Snaky fish. 9 Lees. 10 To scorch. 11 Tiller. , 12 Region. 13 Type of hum* mef. 21 Onager. 23 Native peach. 25 Genus o£ ostriches. 26 To put up a poker stake. 27 Because. 28 Self. 29 Branch. 30 Facsimiles. 33 Thought logically. 34 Channel. 35 Night before 36Lair of a. beast. 41 Perched. 43 Tablet. 45 To restrain* 46 What prince recently visited Ireland for the first time? 47 Exclamation. , 48 Narrow way. 49 Morsel. 51 Garden 62 Level. 53 To slumber. 56 Yellow bugle. 67 To total. 61 Form or "a." tool. Immediate Service; No Red Tape FLOYD 0UNLAP 1623 Nineteenth Street Phone 391 158 $6.60 PER $100 FOR 1 YEAR (NO BROKERAGE— NO BONUS) Minimum Insurance at Board Kates Investigate and Be Convinced CONSUMERS CREDIT CO. A Reliable Coast-Wido Institution 6 Haberfelde Arcade Bldff. Phono 1053 _ 368 DO NOT delay building:. Can loan money for new home. Act quickly. "Write Box 623, The Cflltfornlnn. 186 PAPERING, painting and carpenter's work. Day or eontrirt. Very cheap (or cuh. Telephone 6330. Bhop. 110 Eiit Klghlh ttreet. 133 Help W TOCTfO mm 38-22, n«t, to Uko orders with m Miner. Muit b» unified with $18 per week at itirt. Bee Mr. Cnte, Southern hotel, between y-<:80 p. m. _ 136 Help W a n te d •— Femal e USED CARS FHOM A DEPENDABLE DEALER 1925 Butck Redan, $100. 1929 Ford 3-ttxlo truck. $350. 1930 Ford coupe, rumble seat, $100 down. 1981 De Soto sedan, $175 down. 1929 Dodge D. A. sedan, $125 down. 1931 De Soto R sedan, $125 down. BAKERSFIELD OAHAQE USED CAJI LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth at Q. Phone 228C 153 OH ANOEB— Largo iwect natcli. 11.23. Julco orangei. 00 renii. Double crito. DB- I'hona 3052- W. 130 WOOD— ] I em ember Teoplo'i Wood Yard. All klmU, delivered, honost meacuro, S2.RO per tier nnti up. neo Pacific street. Phona 83flfl. in PIANO for iale. Small size, In perfect condition. Will toll cheap, and giro terma to reipomlbl* party. For partlcQlara, write Georgo Hob In ion. 435 Washington itrtat. TortUnd. Oregon. ' 134 1929 Nanh 4-door sedan, now rub' ber, new paint, A-l shape, $295. Chrysler 62 sport coupe, $225. De Soto do luxe coupe. $450. 1020 Ford coupo, $185. If)30 Nash coupo, $335. 1931 Bulck "67* aednn, like new, $875. 1400 18th St. Phone 831. 15S WANTED— Threo fflrlH to work way through school. Phone 887-J tor np- polntment. _ 185 _._Hclp_ Wanted— Saleamen BAljESMAN wanted ai tollclwr from houie to houie. ner*r*n<*i required. Inquire 2325 1C street, \^fidncBday. 1 to Q p. m. —Cleaning, praiilnfe repairing, altering, ladies' ind men's garment!. FIrit-claM work. Low prlcw. 3430 L tlrttL Telephone 2710-W. 167 FOK RAUft—bars* houie at 80S Tyler itreet. Ward City. $850 cuh or $400 term*. Phone 8749-11-2. m. 0. Box 185A. Hakeraflfltd... 135 FOR WALE—Good baled alfalfa hay. Call E. SOUBR. Phone 2a58-W. 134 PFIEPFER & KNAPF'S WASHING MACHINE SERVICE Service on all makoH. Xow and uaed washers nt biff bargains. 1001 Nile*? street. Phone 4132-W. 158 1S29 Dodge de luxe aedan, 6 w. w., 192fl Hupmojblle Century 6 sedan, $350 1928 Bulck standard coupe, $235. 1927 Buick sedan, $145. TOP PRICES PAIt> FOR AUTOS Cheater at 24th Phone 5828 158 oak. $5.00 llor; llucalyptut, K.W tier; cotton wood. J3.25 tier: block, wood. I3.0Q tier; 12-Inch oak uucxl, (4.00 tier; cotton wood. 12.79 tier; block wood, $2.75 tier. 479 Washington Olldale. Phono 3282. 185 LADY'S damond rlnsr, very reason- uble. Good investment, write Box Tho California!!. BUl'l'LY of drugs tind doctors' Instruments for unit*, to ctoie eitato. Wrlta I*. K Hull, Mr* Farltuid. 189 Legal Notices .^b_^^.^^ b _^^_^^.^^ b _^B_^^.^^_^^.^^-^^L_^^_^^-^p^ ^F^^F^^F^^^^^F^^^^^^^^F^^F^^F^^^^W^^^P^^^^^FTI NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE WHEREAS, default has been made In thd payment of the indebtedness secured by, and In the performance of the covenants contained In, that certain Deed of Trust dated October 14, 1920, made, executed and delivered by JESSE HUFFMAN and ALMA C. HUFFMAN, his wife, aa Trustors, to ARTHUR S. CRITES and O. R. KAMPRATH, as Trustees, for SECURITY TRUST COMPANY, a corporation, Beneficiary, which Deed of Trust waa recorded In the office of the County Recorder of Kern County, State of California, on* November 3, 1926, in Book 126 of Official Records, at pago 417, et seq., Kern County Records: and WHEREAS, the lawful owner and holder of said Deed of Trust and the debt thereby secured has applied to nnd directed the Trustee under .said Deed of Trust In writing to execute the trust by said Deed of Trust cra- ated, and to mako sale pursuant thereto; nnd WHEREAS, Notice of Breach of the oblieationrt of tho Trustors has been recorded as Is provided for by law, and more than three months have elapsed since tho said recordatlon, and said Trustee deems It best to sell said premises and estate as a wholo now remaining subject to said Deed of Trust In order to fulfill tho purposes thereof. NOW, THTSREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Wednesday, tho 4th day of January, 1933, at tho hour of 10 o'clock a. m., thereof, at the front door of tho Kern County Courthouse, situated In tho City ot Bakersfleld, County of Kern, State of California, the CORPORATION OF AMERICA, a corporation, us Substituted Trustee, will, under and pursuant to the aforesaid Deed of Trust, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash in United States gold coin, the following described real property, mentioned In said Deed of Trust, situated In tho county of Kern, State of California, nnd more particularly described as follows, to-wit: All of tho South hnlf (S%) of Liots Thirty-one (31) and Thirty- two (32), in Section Twentythree (23), Township Twenty- eight (28) South, Range Twenty- five (25) East/Mount f>lablo Base and Meridian, in tho County of Kern, State of California, accord- Ing to "Sales Map of Lands of Kern County Land Company, In Section 23, T. 28 H., R. 25 E.. M. D. B. & M.. County of Kern, State of California," filed in the office of the County Recorder of Kern County, California, on February 11, 1013. Dated: San Francisco, California, December 7, 1032. CORPORATION OF AMERICA, a corporation, as trustee. By WAI. H. HARRISON, Vice-President. Dec. 13-20-27; Jan. 3. CLOCK FOR PILOTS LONDON, Jan. 3.—A huge clock for air pilots has been erected at Hoston Airport. The hands of tho clock are so large that the minute hand moves 9 inches in every 60 seconds. At noon and midnight the hands are pointed duo north. Thus tho clock serves aa a direction indicator as well as a tlme- plcco. .*- (Continued From Page One) j ^^ ^ Calif., in 1930 after an automobile elopement from Hollywood. Miss Mulhern was constantly at his bedside during: a lotigr illness moro than a year ago. IAS t February, she obtained an N interlocutory decree of divorce from him. , During hia long career in Hollywood, Plckford was often reported engafred to film beauties, including Bebe Daniels, now the wlfo of Bon Lyon. • Led Exciting Life Plckford's everyday life wag as exciting as his motion picture adventures and his threo marital experiences. He frequently was In trouble in trafflp and other courts, and once hadjhts automobile driving license revoked for reckless driving. A year or moro ago he -and his ' chauffeur wrecked an automobile returning to Hollywood from the desert resort at Pnlm Springs. Both were seriously Injured and spent some time in a hospital. During the past throe years Pickford had engaged in directorial and scenario work rather than acting, as his 'health had not been good. His last screen successes as an actor were in 1 "Brown of Harvard," "Exit Smiling,"' and "Gang War." Piokford was educated in St. Francis Military Academy, New York. v * V» Negro Attempts to to Alleviate Distress f Among Millions L I (Continued From Page One} "Resources are being used up month after month, and savings exhausted. Blllikopf eald the relief need in Philadelphia'had not yet reached Its •winter peak, and that he did not think 1 it would until March. In reply to a question by Senator Wheeler, Democrat, Mont., he said he saw no Improvement in employment. 400 Families Studied A. study'of 400 Philadelphia families in July, BMHkopf said, disclosed they were "bogged down in debt and retained only a vestige of credit." \ These 400 families, ho said; owed $41,000 in rent at that time.. '; ; "In my estimate," he continued, • "today In Philadelphia, there rtre 35,000 to 50,000 families who hive not paid their rent for from three .months to two years." H L ^ , He cited as an example of distress, one household that owed ?4G to the grocer, $112 to tho baker., $45 to a department store, $350 to relatives and $300 on a 6 per cent commercial loan. This family, ho said, was subsisting on a diet of bread, potatoes and spaghetti. Tho average weekly allowance for a destitute family of five, he said, is now a $6 food alownnce. He described this as "frightfully pitiful." Wreck Fast Train Farmers Establish (United Prcta Leased Wire) GREENWOOD, Miss., Jan. 3.—Eddie Lee Thompson, negro, became so enraged when he stubbed his too on the railroad track that he sought to wreck a Y. and M. V. passenger train in an attempt to gain revenge, he admitted. A ateol angle bar placed on the track caused much damage to th« under carriage of tho engine. Thompson nnd his companion, Charlie Lowlfl, wore arrcHtcd nnd" brought here to make his confession to police. The pair will be taken to Holmea county for trial. Swapping" Posts (United Pren teased Wire) SHAMROCK, Texas, Jan. 3. — Farmers' excha ngcs, or **swapplng osta," have been established in a alf dozen West Texas towns as a product of tho "depression." "Farm products, milk pails, plows, spoons, flour sifters and other articles are ^brought to ,the swapping posts by " farmers and householders. In the trading that follows there is Beldoih any money Involved, ' Farm- ores trade their surplus produce for necessities. 26 SUFFER VIOLENT DEATH IN STATE OVER 48-HOUR HOLIDAY' A", (United Press Leased UNUSUALLY small number of fatal traffic accidents ushered in the new year In California, and various kinds of accidents, suicides and murders claimed a toll of only 28 lives over the holiday week-end, compared with more than two-score deaths a week ago. Eight persons -were killed in automobile accidents. Tho most serious disaster of the week-end was the Vallejo Elks Club fire, which trapped and killed five members on New Years flay. The victims, George Swasey, 60, 'Edward Gearing, 64, Edward Fogarty, 45, Frank Wlggin, 46, find William Mitchell, were asleep in their rooms when flames destroyed the building. They had no opportunity to escape. Cause of the fire was not determined, but authorities believed lt^ started from a carelessly dropped clgaret or a short in electrical Christmas decorations. Four persons wore killed in accidents in the San Francisco bay region. They'were Mrs. Margaret Bcr- tocchl, 40, and Ray Tisconlnl, 27, of San Francisco; John Holland, 52, of Hayward, and Mrs. Elizabeth .McJCin- ney, 70, .of Oakland. Mrs. Antoinette Pulvlo, 75 and blind, fell from a second story window of her San Francisco hospe. E. E. Combs, 42, San Franciaco elevator manufacturer, killed himself after shooting and slightly wounding Mrs. Stejle Tracy, who refused his offer of marriage. .Honry Schmidt, 25, of Selma, was killed instantly when his automobile crashed head-on into a stopped street car in Fresno. Owen Jonea, 82, ranch employe, committed sulcldo by shooting himself In tho head with a small caliber rifle at a ranch near Sacramento. GASOLINE ALLEY No Key to the Mystery By KING WANTED— Pruning by day, hour or ,. contract. Phone 9-F-2. _ 185 Situations Wanted—Female LAUNDRY wanted. 10 pound I wot. SO centi; rcuih dry. 40; flit flntihed. 70; ail flntihed. 90; 5 etnts extra on ihlrtt. All work guarantied. Phone 2274. Cl4 Parlflc, 138 RELIABLE woman wants hour work, 35 centi an hour, or tare fur children, &0 cents ui even Ing. CaJI 431 Lnkt>. _ . 134 FAMILY LACNDHY. ll.SO a week. Every thing flnlahed. Call and dell re red, Itione 2364-11. 1613 Bliteenth itreet. _ Ifl5 For Rent — Rooms With Board bOOM ind board, 19.50 per week, room i, {ileutm surrounding!. Alio transient liinnen, 50 ctnts. ttenth itrr»t. Telephone 037. Comfortable parking. 2028 Nint- ROOM *nd boarif, fS i>er \seek. Horn* meal i. Koomi hauled. Hot water at all houri. Bbower uid tub bathi, I^arga puking ipioe. 710 Baker itr««t. Hiker Htr«et Hoomi. 133 ROOM and board, horati prT'/llecet, phony. Uood cooking. Free parking. Walking dlltance from town. 2225 Eighteenth itreet. vou HAVEN'T *e iwev HAVfiN'T, I ANSBODV COULD UMUOCK IT BUT WALT WAS WA*M. WA-S AFRAID HB'D ASK UMCL6 ME TH1NJKS THE SHACK IS HAUNTED. OF BOSS A KB VI A KE^f TO THAT PADLOCK POT OKI NOOR SHACK, HAVE IF ANiS OF US KIDS MS wo, OMCL6 WALT f HAD A KfiV. JIGGERS, THERE'S HAD DO6SNT THE WATCH )M. HIM. , U. S. p»t Off.; Copyright, 19U, by TSi Chicago Tribune. F. E. Combs, San Francisco sales-" mun, committed suicide at Sacramento by shooting himself. Margaret Stlnson, 35, Sacramento waitress, was found dead near the highway -In Yolo county of acute al- c'ohoHum. Mrs. Louise Chrlsto, 45, was found dead in a closet in a deserted house in Yolo county. Police admitted. she may have been murdered but expressed the possibility she may have gone into the house for shelter and died there. ' ' , Southern California ushered hi the new year with but three traffic deaths, the lightest toll in' years. Altogether 10 persons died of accident, etulc/de or violence over the holiday. Five ended thoir own lives, one wan burned to death and a negro convict was killed when he attempted to escape from officers. When his automobile overturned , after a blowout, Captain J. E. Baker, U. S. Army, retired, was killed 14 miles west of Blythe. Juliua Green, negro convict from Folsom prison, died of gunshot wounds • inflicted when he attempted to escape from a train. Charles AV. llyan, 55, Santa Ana, was killed by a hit run driver in Walnut. Park. A 2-year-old girl, Beverly Swallwell, of Wilmar, was killed when she darted into the driveway of her homo and was struck by her father's automobile. •* ' Herman Lowe, 04, who assertedly tried to end his life. 15 years ago In Oregon with it gun, was successful with poison, police reported. Illness accounted for tho suicide of Miss Barbara Blakely, of Qlendalo, police said. An unidentified man -about 48 years of ago shot himself to death as'he poised on the railing of a bridge. Ho fell, his body landing on the shore of a lalco^ below. Gilbert \Glassor, 17, high schooj. senior, Oceuimide, was burned to death when liquid wax he was spraying on u floor cume in contact with an open flamt) and exploded. -;, 111 health goaded William Waldheln* GS, Loa Angeles, to end his Hfo in Echo Park lake, police said. MrH. Nancy 1'rutsman Lung, CO, Loa Angeles, ended her life with poison because of financial losaes, according to police. THE BUNGLE FAMILY Ah, a Triangle, Possibly By HARRY J. TUTHILI fY, plebiiuit rooms, fuinnce-hetteU, adjoining bath, use of phon*. 1 tome-cooked uietlB. JUa- Bonabla rate. 2212 Eighteenth itrret. ..AND THIS, •OB, IS MY COUSIN KLEOPATRA OUNNCR. For Rent — Houses ^^_^^_^p^^^^_.^^_^^__^^ 1 _^fc_^^_^^ fc _^^^.^^__^fc_^fc_^^_^^__^^^_^— __^»_^^ 1 _^^ t _ ^^^^^^^^P^^^^r^r^r^^F^i^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^f^B^^i^^^^^^^^f^f^^ UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT Three-bedroom house, hardwood floors, double garage, water paid, $40. Two-bedroom home, hardwood floora, neat and clean, garage, Modern little home for 120. BHA.NUT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avunuo Phone 1298 ______ 13-28-tf FOR RENT— FurnlBhed. modern 6- room, $40. "Water paid. Phone 626. Henry Klatiler. 12-27- tf M SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU M166 GUNNER. PEGGY'S COUSIN. YOU LOOK ALIKE... SOME. PCGGY HAS TOLD ME SO MUCH ABOUT YOU, MR. GWJBBfcK, THAT I REALLY FEEL AS THOUGH I'VE KNOWN YOU..., OH SO LONG. AND THE NAMES... GRUBBER, AND GUNNER.. ARE SO MUCH ALIKE. YES THEY ARE. YOU OIPJLS AR.E SO. WELL, ALIKE. BUT YOUR. E?/E3 AF^E DAH.KEP, THAN PEGGY'S. T YOU SIT DOWN DID YOU SAY ANYTHING TO YOUR, PArXENTS YET BOB, ABOUT THE ENGAGEMENT? KEALLY, I FEEL sow or SILLY ASKING YOU/^X THAT SO "• OFTEN BUT.... ^^— l^—^— ^ - ^— ^^^^— ^— ^^^^ — ^^^f—r^^m-m^-^-^^— !• I I r^^^^^v^^^^v^B^-^-^ ^^— ^^^— I'VE ALREADY ARRANGED TO SPEAK TO THEM THIS EVENING. IN THE MEANWHILE, WHY NOT GO TOUT FOR A, RIDE? WE CAN TAKE MISS GUNNER WITH US...IR OF COURSE, YOU'D LIKE TO. ^ # st OH NO, I DON'T'] CARE TO RIDE NOW BOB. THERE'S SO MUCH I WANT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT. AS I SAID,. I FEEL SILLY TO BE ALWAYS ASKING ABOUT.., NOW PEGGN^ THAT'S ALL SETTLED. THIS EVENING SURE. YOU CAN DEPEND ON THAT. BY THE WAN WHAT'S YOUR, COUSIN NAME AGAIN?...HER. FIP.6T NAME tS KLEOPATP.A, ISN'T IT? AND THE LAST NAME Legal Notices 'W^*^%^^s^^^^ Bl ^^> H^^^^BMI NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT COMFOni'ABUS 2-rooio cotlmi (or two. 11.50 week; llghti. water fie*. Threo rallei eut Edison highway, llainbuw Herrlce Btttion. U5 ft. brautiful modern duplex. In r«- •Lrlcted re.ldential dlitrlct. JUnl, IM. Wat«r paid. SIP Qufnry itfcft. Phone 4143-J, 138 furnlihed coLUge. IVo $25 H montli Inquire ST-29 ^ *IVH g»rai:«. 134 m $$$$ "E • * * OH GUNNEfV. "•'•;v. : . •T* N. arr •t'l If •• 1 '••:.V>vvvyJ ^.••V'-. ; C' V-* .* \ *••. >•• f Office of the Clerk of the Board o Supervisors of the County of Horn" State of California. -i/ r< U AU . ^on-Couaentine Owners of the Hereli^af tcr Described Landtr, Take Notice: .i* That the report of viewers hereto- . fore appointed by the above-named Bourd to view and lay out proposed Uouuty Road No. 75S commencing at a point in the northwest quarter of. Section Eleven (U), Township Twentynine (29) South, Range Twenty-nine OJ») East, >I. D. M./from which point the northeast corner ;of Section Two (2) of said Township and Range, bears X. 20° 54' 30" 12,, n distance of 7208.47 feet, and running thence S. •IS* 'GO' 30" K M a distance of 153. SO feet, thence on anrt nlont; a clroulur curvo of 500 ft. radius, concave 1o the southwest, a rtidtanco of 380.59 feet, thence S. 0* 21' 30" W., a distance of 327,01 feet. thence on and along u circular curve of 1200 ft. radius, concave to tho northeast, a distance of 592.71 feet, thence S. Irp 56' 30" 15., a distance of 3821.41 feat, to Station "A," thenoo on and along a circular curve of 280/ ft, radius, roncave to the northeast, u distance of 407.49 feet to Intersect tho California Stato Highway. Also, beginning nt Station "A," and running thence S. 27° 66' 30" 'E3., a distance of 2.40 feet, thence on and nlfcjitf a ciroular curve of 226 ft, nidi UK? concave to the northwest a distance of 870.98 feet to intersect the California Stiito Highway, has been set down for hearing by -the said Board of Supervisors fct their rooms In the Count)*' Court House In the City of Bakersfield, said County and State for January Id, 1033, at 11 o'clock A. K., where any nnd all interested therein may apear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said road will pass over, through and upon lands owned by: "Estate of Louis Olceso. • , By order of tho Board of the County of Kern, fornlu, made December 27, 1932. . ... . F * K - SMITH. County Clerk and . ex-Officlo Clerk of the Board of Supervlsora. . Dec. 29 to Jan. <12, incl- of Supervisors State of CaH- * - I \ .'/ i-

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