The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 13
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TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BI,YTHEVTLI,B (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGB THIRTEEN DOES, TWO FAWNS, AW' ONG BUCK BI.ACICT WHY FCXX. WITH TRACKS WHEN THEY'RE RIGHT DRAT VOO, 3AKC,' 'itoOR COfOOOCT f OKAvV. OI.D BLUBBER JlVT S.T6P TWlS A-WA.V (P » "rOO VSlA^MA> GET 6EA.RD CA.UGVAT'~~ I'LL pt* a SO'S VOO'LL. SPEMD TH6 REST o' YER uFe YOU'RE CALLS FOR THOU6H MAM IM PUVSICAL \ze,'->~ Yoo'ME FLOOTED ELDER POT UP '/OOE <3UARD.' By Morgaretta Bruckei House Approves $500,000,000 for Agri Department WASHINGTON. June 15. (UP>— The House yesterday passed and sent to tile Senate a compromise bill to provide better than $500,- I 000.000 for (he Agriculture Dcpait-' Wfnt in the (iscal year starting July 1, The measure carried $545,000.000 when It was first passed by the '; House but the Senate lipped this to £$680,000.000. The compromise ver- '•fron just about split the difference. Before okaying the compromise measure the House voted to authorize »262,500,000 for the formulation and development of a 1949 agricultural conservation program. These funds would go lo farmers Jor following certain conservation I practices. Originally the house set a ceiling of »225,000,000 on the program but the Senate boosted it to J300000,- 000. . Unvld 1m *nrr *-vt~r rlkhijc rn out a || rlKhl- J'•»•!<•* rm lo fight ofT her iir«i>»lr. XXII F" UCy was different. Thunder, on two recorded occasions, has been heard a distance of i You Are Cordially *o Visrt The I Accessory Shop; * Feminine Apparel i Matwl Hogan Jessie Srlt« ! Hotel Nobl« BWg. | BlylH«vill«, Ark. Blytheville Glass Co. She would come home from work and make a listless effort to oal her supper, help with I lie dishes as usual, and .sit down with a book or her sewing. But her thoughts were not upon the book. She would drop the sewing in her lap and stare vacantly across the room at nothing in particular. Her gray-blue eyes mirrored alarm when Jessica asked her one evcnnitj, "What's wrong with you, Lucy?" "Wrong?" She tried to speak briskly, picked up her sewing, a dress she was rr king for BiMsy, and began to work with almost feverish activity. "What could be wrong?" she demanded. Mrs. Blake came in from the kitchen and sat down near them. She .said, "She's worn out waiting on Betsy. It isn't her place to lake so much responsibility. When I had children—" bucy spoke mildly but firmly. "When you had children the situation was entirely dillcrent. Mother. You had a husband in the home who could help you." Mrs, Blake paid "no attention to her daughter but went on to i j eulogize Genevieve instead. How " capable, such a good girl and so helpful. "1 really don't know hem 1 could have managed this pasi year without her," she observed and, although she did not look up Jessica felt her mother-in-law's hard eyes fastened accusing^ upon her. Finally, Mrs. Blake, receiving no response from Lucy, and nc evidence that her baiting wouk bring a retort from Jessica, got up and returned to the kitchen. • • • T UCY dropped her sewing as the J kitchen door closed behind her BW|. Hwj. M SoV Auto Glass Installed While You Wait k Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops We Also Do Caulking! Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner molher, "] wi^h Ccnevieve would 10! persist in coining here," she ;aicl. ''She upscli M oilier." She ;nii!cd faintly. "You have prob- ibly guessed thai Gcncvicve has vanted to marry Tom ever since hey went to Sunday school to- other. Mrs. Miles and Molher lad no olhor idea but thai Tom and Genevieve would many even- ually." "Maybe she siilL has hopes," remarked Jessica, tossing aside the paper. "Look—why docs your mother h.ile me, Lucy?" Lucy's work slid from her tap :o the floor. She stooped and Irieved it, removed her thimble and sluck her needle into her thread before she answered. "Mother's biUer." she said slowly. "She's always been like Hi;U—hating someone. I think she despised my father. He liked to laugh have fun. Mother taught us ihat pleasure was a sin. 1 grew up thinking of only one thing—what I must do or not do to go to heaven. Now, I wonder—" She broke ofT and her eyes shifted .way from Jessica's as she went on hastily. "I shouldn't say thai 1 try to do what is right." Jessica swung her chair aboul and caxight Lucy's slender fingers "You're too good, Lu," she said impulsively. "You should have a life of your own, marry, have i husband." The color flooded Lucy's deli cate skin. "I'll never marry," sh' said bitterly. "I'll live here wit, Mother until I'm pensioned. I'l be like those horrible old majd who become queer!" She coverec her face with her hands. She was crying. Lucy crying 1 . "You'll tie nothing of the kind, Jessica assured her. "You're swee and lovely, Lucy. All that stiff ness i£ a sham. You're a liul fraud, pretending you like to thin. of nothing but work. It woul do you good to leave this town am go away from your mother, Realb 1 mean it_ A change would d •onders (or yon. Buy some new lothcs—remember you're young— nd a boss who isn't a ilavc driver ke Hugh Linton." UCY dabbed at her eyes, bil her lips. "I don't know why I ,-ent lo pieces like that," $he snul polofit? Ik-ally. "Things haven't mie so smoothly at (he oflUc laie- I've been nervous and Hugh been impatient with me—" >he looked up startled. "1 mean Union. And I shouldn't crili- ize Mr. Linton. lie's been so gen- roiis to me always. . ."." Her voice railed oil and again her face vorkcd pitifully, "I'm n.slnimed >f myself, 1 ' she said angrily. don't icJl Mother, will 'OU?" "Of course not," anid Jessica. Hut you work Ion hard. Mo man houhl expect his secretary to pend her evenings bent over a ypcwriter." Shortly .afterward Mrs. Rlake e turned, flashing a suspicious i?] a nee nl Lucy. "Would you like o walk over to Gcnevievc's, -Uuy," she nsked, "rtnd sec if he cnn help me tomorrow evc- iing with my jelly? I've never iocn a girl so capable as Gcnn- vieve." She rambled on, bnt Jessica rose and said: "Want me (o go with i'Ou, Lu?" "Will you?" When they were outside together walking down the street, Jessica took Lucy's arm. She said, "I want to tell you something. Snme- ihing which may upset you, but I think you should know." Lucy said, "It's about David Gregory, i?nH il?" "He is in your office?" .:• "Yes. Of course, 1 seldom see him, for I'm in another office, but he has frequent conferences with Mr. Linlon." Lucy knew a David Jessica had never seen. Jessica thought of how little she knew of David except their meetings. She felt a stab of uneasiness. Once before she had been tricked by*ardor and infatuation. Was she weak and starved for afTection and consequently vulnerable when she had met David Gregory? (To Bfe Continued) :\> COM 1M* fey t*t Vft nrc u. k PAI. nrr. &-& FRKCKI.KS A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL06SER Inflation OKAY, so BEA SUSPECTS we Jl&OlED WITH THE CU% bAllOTS ! CANT P IT.' "It alwayj does me good to t«lk to you, Clem—you've usually got an ache that's much worse than mine!" I AW KT YEAH, £S TK »•> Die ritlSCILLA'S TOP Al Illustraled good <?f cooing A rind u tin ing VERMEEB VIC FLINT Outsmarted MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK BU1.5I1K--WUAT HAWHIEO TOME? MOWOM) I GET HEBE —AMD VOJ--? DON I' ME.' BACKIUCRE GAILANIKEB'S APARTMENT YOU WONT HEN KNOW /WE. t HAD TO SOCK YOU TO GET YOU Our OP THERE. KEEP DRIVING.' WHOEVER H6 15, HE'S BEEN OWE STEP AHCAD Of US AH THE WAY, AND WE DON'T WEN K>iOW WHAT HE IOOKS IIKC OR WHERE HE'S HE AMD. WASH TURRS Thill's Bv LESLIE TURNER A shock absorber which Is permitted to becorhe stiff or unoiled will cause an automobile to pull to the right or [eft. If you lived on the planet Jupiter, you might be able to see 11 mnons in the sky all at one time. Your hair grows from three- " eighths to three-fourths of (\n inch I in a month. NOW! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209'.i W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2172 Blytheville, Ark. Remember Rot brock's « for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 FOUNTAINS Everywhere! I - Political Announcements \f The Courier News h«i been «uthorlz«<5 to «nnoiince the follow- ' inp candidates, subject to the! Democratic pnnllrlM, j u ly n and August 10 ' COUNTI TREASURER Prank Whltworlh COUNTY COURT CI,«K Elizabeth Blytne FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppcn STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Autry H. K "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie 1 Speck F« County Jadt* "eland Green Fielder Peery Tor Circuit roiirt Ckrk Harvey Morris CONSTABLC (Chiskns»waba Township) J. Robert. Crossttno Arch Undtey K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Parts It's Not Too Lofe for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Strot Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blythevilie Curb Market 730 E: Main Phon« 973 I'M OWE »USV.CWTWl}\ TWIUCS. HR.CBOOMEl FRANKLVr' EASY. BUT WU W»S \ THO, 1 C^Mt TO StE \f VOU WONT JOtU THESE FKOMINEUT ] Rf CON5IPER. *>W AUOW HcKEE EfUL>TOR5 WrtO FLEW / INDUSTRIES TO STAR.T PKOMIdNO- OOWMTOSEtlHEIESr / MWTHEK «NeMTX>H » WUIt-S. Of Ml DEVICE FOR. STIMULATES 1 8RMU. ERHAK...&UT ALSO OWE MAN- K1MD MIGHT FLRGRAUTLV MISUSE TO IORE IHE REST or us ro DISTRACTION 'sOiMV DEAR SIR...IT WAS CONSIDERATION FOR I FELLOW WMJ THAT PROMPTED WE TO TAKE 1HM «TEP [ HIS OW« PR.OTECTIOM! 1 . suexcT is NOW closed 1 . TKSCHOIAR* , ARE GROW*J(J[ IMPATIENT FORJ IHE TEST, r- 1 6^tp ftfVM ThU KEJ) KYOKK Plain Words FRED HARMAN You GOT YOUR rsa-^v ^. PACK WHE* ioii THOUGHT \ THOSE. f-\w£ CI-MI-\S WER'i ^ K>JOVJ -TKET'it GOT a OLD T&l) VWT TO tVJV 'I 'SURE i ALI.KY OOP 1/illlc Nervous, Maybe? HAMLIN OHT-Y T'AO CK».P* J VE KiT WITH FAR... :«x<- ,\ss>j ^•vfeSa? l^n BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES Targcdy By EDGAR MARTIN POd.VOli

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