Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
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T: nSTCRlCAL I n >HlcA.KAll.gv SOCIWYv cmttfLTtrmTrirmemiif Commodity a Newspaper Hdsto SeH Its Advertisers.. jViqiUME XXXI. No. 35. .1 i-Ae REGISTER'S Citetddr Hon records open to ^mdZtcX iiupeetioifatxdny time. Th.- Weekly, KpKlmer. KitUbJiHhed l«B7. Till- lolw mily RrtiflMfr. ISiiUbU»he<l 1897. lOLA, K^., SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 3, 1927 The lola DaUy 1te«l«r<er. Established 18>7, Tbe- Weekly ReK&t«^, Ehtablisbed, im. SIX PAGES OF HEALTH IS BEHIND MOVE Chief; Engineer Declares Kaiisas^ard WiU Be <^]ad to Assist SPEAKS OF WATER Points) Out:%at lola Is Fari^tow Others in Jl^ater Supply : ThH ajtate-WarU ot health is oh- ihused over \he news that lola has (aken ai iforward step towardt Ini- MARKET FQR EARS IS BUUllSH AS MEN AND ' WOMEN TRY TO SELL Cliicago. Dec. 3. (Ar)-^The market for left ears was bull- today a.s a. dozen ybung wogTien and three men offered their port.'4ide aiiral appendage to thie unnamed New York and Chicag-o .society woman who advertised for one. Jay J. McCarthy, the attorney^ —'•— whose client has %soiiKbt y through ' the want ud columns to get an ear ' Miss Clarke said stie came to Clhicago -three months "ago trom Rockford, 111., to start a career and to replace one she lost in a motor earn money to buy herself pretty caraccident abroad, said that the dlothes. When she read the "per- offen of S2..';00 first made would bel^onal"' advertlsemc^nt yesterday doubled proviiled the transfer of [the ear from seller to buyer proved successful. One offer cstme from a young, mother who wanted $4,000 instead of • the ^ 0ffere.d $2,.W0. Pressing, bills ma<Ie her willing to make the sacrifice. Another offer came fmm it; 1., Mather, utilities commissioner, that tjieistaie board j^'health is ^^^ilad thai the «'jty commissioners • >mve Btaiited work w'htchwill prob- '» Ji'ily result 'In an improved water'fofr the city. Mr, Hoyce ppintwl out that last | vrar tola ranked lort^^ird among j •the .Stie.s of KausaVi water, irieaning -that 42 cities in the slate hat! bettor water: supiirj' than'l»Ui. Jle also pointed out tt.atonly thirteen citips OH: ^ which the stal> jveHi)M a 'record had i)oo"rer water iltaii lola. • ' At Iota's .Sen Iw. "The «tale. board of health is yt k^e wrvice of lola and any* assistance-we may be aide to give wjll " be civen willingiy." .\Ir. Boyce as- hfired Mr. .{Mather. City officials sail! today that <.'X- perts from the ensiu'eering tlrm of Jiurtia * .McIJonnell of ^vansas City however, she was jobless and with but money, ^eing dependent upon a woman friend for a living. ' One of the offers by men eame from a war vetefaii who explained that "nobody cares how I look !apyway.~- ; , |; McCarthy sali'he wduld.examlhe the left ears proffered, eliminating thouse he founjl unBt through di^T aiiil. .similarity. The final choice will lav 'made by the ^llent herself. | REMUS BELIEVED/ INSANE BY illLY IN BOOZE^mOE George Connor Beclares Mrs. Remus Wa$ Not Faithful Ciminnatl. Dec. H. ('.-VP• —fieorge Uemus's closest ally, tif- irge' Con- npr.H, today completed a < hronolog- Iciil narrative of the last two years of association with his . former I'hl-f in the liipgest boot eg syndl- HUTCHINSON MAN SLAYS WIFE AND THEN KILLS SELF NMEASURES Such Is (Assurance Given Today. by Senator Charles Curtis Russia Loses Fig^t Have Conference January* 10 :' THREE BILL^, >LAN SOVIET TO RETURN Irregrulars Have Privmisei Delegate Says Nation Is Farm Relief Will Be Considered •I oil Field Woricer^ Tries To Get Womaii to Drop Court Aciion. Wu ^ihinKton. Dec. n. (Al'i—As-i surances were given imlay by Sen-: aior Curtis of Kaiisa.». tlie Kepuli- iican leader, that tlier.> w.nilil be votes at the coming session on^^tliei three measures Western indepund-1 ent Republican sen ^ilors desire [ I acted ujion. The subjects tire farm relief hill; the bill dealing with" the i.-suahce of Injunctions by federal courts: i and a resolution for an investiga-! tjon into .American activities , In , ('entral and South America. .,, Centura. Switzerland. , iDec. 3 "While 1 cannot sjieak for the (AIM—The preparatory \ «llsarma't| Ite .iMiblican majority?" Senator Cur-.'"ent ci )nferenc «4. which! openedV lis-to<d the indepenilenls. -I ,an N'oveniber ?,». adjourned today aft- assure-you that personally wiili- er Soviet Kussirt had suffered a To Be Represented At Next Meet—^ Cpupva. Dec. .1. (.AP)—The liitprPHSlon • pi;evalled at Geneva tojiav that Great Britain stands firm In her decision not tit undertake any more bbliga' tions In relation to -European 4ieace. This Impresslont arose from the explanation of Ux>rd Cushendun. British delegate to tlie prfTiaratorv dlsiarmainent commission, to th^ Brni .oli newspa|)ec men that ^ritaln is- disiheltned to sign imy^more security pacts and is kllsarmed to the loAvesi possible point. AL SMITH SEES NO REASON LAW SHOULD NOTBE CONDEMNED Albany, N. Y., Dec. 3. (AP)—Governor'^u^ sees no reason why any citizen or group^of -citKens-shOtila be eondemned for«ing opposition tci-the-Eighteenth Amenclment and the Volstead Adt.. But tie is for enforcement of l^ws and he regards thb Volstead Act as part of New York State law notwithstanding' repeal of the state enforcement act .j BreaklBg the silence which has^ :— '•—? • tlon with which they •' are not in harmony." , ? Referring to the'mi^y times he characterized his attitiTde on matters of national importance since he has been prominently mentioned for- presiUent, the goreinidr last night tohi the Xew^ York State League ot Women Voters that he had not deviated 'in the slightest from Tils earlier opposition to the federal prohibition statutes.'-^' In maintaining. thatlopRosltidn he/declared, he was^not sh4wing a lack of respect for the law. but was merely exercising the right of American citizens, "to oppose any laws and any part of the constitu- WILL FLY 1,035MIIJES had taken the~oath tQ uphold the Statfr constitution he %ild: "There are parts of it that I l&ve opposed. But -1 baT§..prtnnise<l id .sustain it and I will susUin it."f Saying that he al^ys endeavored. £o uphold the laiCs of the nation^ even though in disagreement with them, the governor told t>f his having called in 1923 t x law eii- forcement conference of police officers to impress upon.^ them President Coblidge's desire t that their obligations be empha^zed. r_- BEACH, ON STAND TODAY, DENIES HE DOCTOR .•tie eX'pectcd in lola th^ lirsfof thi 'tc ^^l,. j -fi nncnverwj. by tj declara- / week to -starl nvork on a sur \e >i|„„„ ,,,, ,.,,^„r,ie,] Uonnis wbiiOj-wlll give: citizens of lo.a and • • the Htv <iinimisHoiner!= an idea as "'"^ "^''n "to tlic anV(,init..of money/ ne<-e.s .-,ary , Imogene Holmes Henius. to iiuprove ^hc water supply of the ; October H. S_s insane his wife, .here last liiitchlnson, Kas., Dec. n. (AP) — fliiy I-. .lohnson, 21. oil field worker, shot and killed his estranged wife. "Alary Jonnson, ilS.-late last night and two liours later ended his own life by shooting himself through the head. Johnson went to die home of Mrs. .lohnson's mother to seek a reconciliation with his: wile.' who "sued for divorce-early iii;the wVek charging^ non-support and asking for a court order against her hus- ;iut eoniiiiilMnp niyvicU' on iiie niai- tei.s covereii. by your l.-licr. I feel thai you in a UJiai vole uurii.;; llie liisi .•^t!<.-<ii ;u iil llie .Sexeliiieii^ vf.u^i oii llie .se questions. .<s I. i..i.r il the llcpii^ili- can inajoiily. I wni madly make det'e;it in sel^etloir of theidate for lliL'jii'Xl'meeting. ' { i • n'lissfa wanted the coiumission to meet again ou .lanuary ^10.\but tlH> cunnnissiou put the date offh uiiMI .\lnreli 1.'.. i .Hiii^sia. However, will ^uot boll every effort i.i se.ur • ediisidera- *'*'' MiKi'iMiaiiieiit ( tion and f nal vnie ou ibem when f"'' ">«' tlate of the they are eporieil iroin tli.- com- '".•''^•".ns ""l "C" inlitees ji. which tli .-y are r.i'er- Russian ileslre red." "Certainly we shall return to Ge- tiiy, by remodeliiig tht water pla^;; TlieV dealt widely with'aeeus.-i- band molesting-herl and' 'puUIng; in lu'W le.aebinery. . Earl .Kessinger Struck By Tourist Ciar, Injured Earll thei Ti -year-oli! son: of Mf. apd ' .Mrs. Fred Kessinger. Ill South Kentucky street, sutfered a broken cdllar bone anil minor bruises i yesterday when he was ~ -'truck bV a motor ear in Iront ot ifhe J I A. Griffith home, on ICast street. ! The car was diiiyen by a J ainst .Mrk e taken ; lion.s of infidelity agal Ueniu.«. and advantage ; Kemus under the sweeping power of attorney he gave his wife when he went to the Atlanta ' federal He <>rdered his jnife to accompany him to thc<ir r0onis at a rooming hoiiFC. As she attempted to esr rape be thru«t ^a revolver-through', the dofor opening and killed her in.-itaiiily. '.lohnson! made no at- mittees since Ilie chairman of j "hail always,attend meetings which committees, which arc to handle i P""*""'*"-' '""'"^ about ; dlsarnia- them. are senators prominently ''^'^ .disarmament Identified with the' independent I ""^'J^ '^"VwT'"i.' ,it. wing of. the party. ' ' l>»nted kitrlier. Also Denies Making Any Confession of the ^ Slaying :Tite/Uepublicaii ! leader Russia had battled to have, the SI boo] on the rear of a buggy and , jumped off' in front of the passing < .ar. He: was takea Itito tjie Grif- litb home for emergency trieatment. The driver of. the car is not held, til blame:for the acciiient. prohibition law'. Throughout the long testimony the name bf Franklin L..' Dodge, jr., of|LaQ8ing, Mich., foriner federal, department of justice agent who obtained the conviction, w'as conpected with that minutes of today's three hour court session when the witness was passed to the prosecution for cross e.\arainatibn. Walker K. Si\)bald. assistant prosecutor, immedi- ' ately drovg at Cvnnors and seemed' leluctant to halt at adjournment. Completion of the cross examination would require at all of Monday, said Prosecutor Charles P. Taft seconM. •'We, will make it e.xhaustive W.iV.FOk BIG BKUTHKRSl - The I^Mtributlon box of the Big BrcHhen? will b,-t, ppen next Mou' day. >Viiich mea^s that beginning, on that day and continuing until • ""^tr the assumption Remus will fbe daj- before Christmas conlribtl * " " "'-^ lions Will lie received fmni the generpuijiy disposed "for the purpose of s*eing fo it that every fam- , ily in, lola is •• remembered- on Christ tiias with a, Christmas basket inl-which sOm«^tbiiig wlli be found fsimllyl In th« for e-yery member oV ' the • coiirs • of the years not be a witness." said Mr. Taft Charles H. Elsfon. 'co-counsel with Remus wavered for the first trme from his positive assertion Remus w-buld follow Conn6rs as & ' '«I can't tell now." he said. "I am not In complete charge of'the case." Christmas bi -neractii.ns ^nf i6la have spt'lled d'own Into pretty wi-ll .«Ktatilif<bed lints. iTIie Klks makfi a specialty of s.einu in it thiit cliildr«fn of needy fainnies are siii^. ,piled wftii siToes and elotbliiu. Thi' - AKKoclnlcd Charities helps all tlul I tlni«' In every way sii >f :ir ns itsi funds ipermli. Tin- Big Hrothera, In-co-Oporafiqn with thi- Snlvallun ,i Arm.v.'tijiderlake lo supply a big ba.sjfet filled with "the makin 's" for it Wg Cliri .stmas dinner. Always ^yitb a iiii'at of Kiiine kind for the > children .of .the family. —^t—So—iceiitry ^Mtioris may be made - to the ttig Brotlu=fa-Fund with as' <(«rauce that there will' be po du- Wjilicatibn and that the~^money w^ill plie carefully and judicious!/ / ii°nd^d. This assurance can be given because the e.xpenditure will ; be iiJ the' hands of, the Big^Isters. i a groups of women' who bj;_long practice have learned exactly how; • to handle the big job. i ^ .AJid one needs not withhold his I ooi;iribution through fear that the / amtWint raised will be too much.! (' If iliere is a surplus it will be usetl, npon the ' recominendatlon and inveetigation of the teachers i in the city schools, to supply child- *^:ci» •with thiii ^s thejr ought to have " •but which they are unable to get unless It <omes to them from some <>utstde agency like this. ' So-T-the Contribution Box is Open! It will be found at the Register office as it has been for} the past, twenty years or so. Not a great amount from a few people. Juit a little from many is the • jehe Big- Brothers like to have this - Niox (llled.| And remember, nobody will call l^n you personally to »o, licit "a contribution. If your, heart Surgical Appliances Recovered by SipriflF Surgical appliances, stolen from Dr. .1. T. Held, were* returned to film today by metnhers of the shcr- Iffs force. One of Dr. Reld's grips was- stolen from' his car several weeks ago. Thp^ appliances i^eturn- ed to him w^e found by, 'a boy ten days ago and turned over to the sheriff, It is believed that the grip was /Stolen In the belief It contained dope. Things still missing are valued at about $.50. Ray Anderson Is Held For Forging Checks Ray Andersoi) of lola was arrested today on a charge of passing forged checks. He la heid in the county jail,' pending arraignment in Justice ^V'hltaker's court Riith Green Employed At Treasurer's Office .Ruth Green, .who.lives near Carlyle, is employed at the 'county treasurer's office to help -oi^t during the rush season. Tax; payments are keeping tbe treasurer's office busy at present and aUto license purchases are on the program .«!oon. a <ister-in-law. or ;four who were in the house. in' ehilc^ren-^on. hi'iids the committee la lo consider farm relief:" Senator ,4...-=...—... '"''^'-\' •'•^''''T'J*""^ commission meet penitentiary tor vJolaUon of the'tompt to harm his Imotber -in -Jaw. ,\m,^u.. Senator Mc.Vary "f Ore-; J^^-^^^ j^,^^^^^. • 'that I he ^ sooner the. i:onference , J- .iiM -Vs the b Iter" Count v/jn Hern- V two hbpr search participated j Xorris of .Vebraskn is chairuian^oi^.... .'. , -. -•«- i||„. cijninilltee I which wiJJ, handle the bill relating to injunctions, and I fJenaMr Borali i-of tditho. is chair- 'man of ti'ie eoinmittee befor.- which the fi 'itral anil Sontli by many sheriffs and other officers from over Kansas, here for pie Btate convention ^^of;.j^ft_.^KaiWM iPeace Officers' association, ended a.'bout 1 o'clock this morning when Johnson was found^dead In a rented car on a road leading butj of the city. It appeared that at first he had contemplated flight ;lnd then decided on suicide.' He had sent one bullet through a lung lind another into his brain. Annual Farm Bureau -Meeting Is Tuesday Assurance that Dr. J. S. Hughes, blo-chcmi^t of Ka&sas State Agricultural college, will be Ijere Tu es- day to speak on ".adequate Dht," at the annual meeting Sf the Kl- len -County , Farm Bureau, faas been received by Roy E. Gw'ln, county ; agent. The annual niqet- Ing will start at 10 o'clock In morning and wlll ^coritlnue throiJ. the day. Frank Blecha. dlstijict Farm Bureau agenf, Itl^o hai< notified the local Farm Bureau that he wllj be here fox-, the meeting basket: dinner at noon will be f of thev features of the day with reports by the county agent iind the county home de] onstration agenti Colder Weather Is ' Predicted for Stalte t\iiieri).-an resrj>liition woi:?d enmc i Imnii'diately upon reeeixing Senator Curtis" assuruKCs in the I'.-rui of a lett.-r. tlie imleiiendeiiis went.^ into conferene.?. Those ^atK -ndm^ wtre Senators Frarier and .\ve of •""•aiauif ui North Dakota: taFol'eiie "and .str>ir.:. Ilic: Getiiiaa tielegate. spp- poi teil'Ibis position but; with-less iiinLsteftc* and ma(lj><il; .ciear,, In euiisi-iiting to .\Jjrfeh • (15. which eventually v.iw-', selected, that was uiili llie uiiilerstauding that eKTv efi'ori u-oulil. be made'to complete tlie preliminary disarma- II.em work anil convoke the first iu.enialiiuial c. nieieueo on dis- iii I'J^.S. Germany. Count von Bernstorff Blaine of Wisconsin. RepubUcans'. • "Preed to the -March <Jate all and Shipstead. farmer-labor. Min- !'""''^ wi lingly because M Pa\il nesota. Itoncour. the French delegate^ . . _ , thought that a 192S conference was County Agent and Club : ! Ill ^'^S^.;:;' ^iTTllJ^^L ^S Representative Return;''"*' supponeff Mus.view. In dt-ciariiig adjournment. Pres- akng fa'm ttt- Topeka. Dec. 3. (AP)—Whhle tempera-tures were higher oi er Kansas this morning, the .rel ief promised lo he only temporary, said S.- D. Flora, meteorologist. Colder weather is predicted, for northwestern Kansas tonlght\and Is expected to reach the eastern section tomorrow. Some-snow or rain is a possibility In the eastern part of the state, where sk es were overcast this morning. IC Chanute Paving Now Is Opened to Pub With tbe exception, of a detti of only a few hundred feet. lolans can now drive -to "Chanute on| ^aved road. The strip from city limits of Chanute north to concrete which has been open jfor several months, was opened ( for travel today,.- It-will cut down the distance to Chanute about a iBiile. Girl Must Earn $1800 in Order \ To Weardhifm Hose, Is Verdict Chicago. Dec. 3. (AP>-fIt ha{s||14 a month for carfare: $1.80 for been determined scientifically ;it I telephone; $50 a year lor jdoctor. the I'niversity of Chicago, that iiidentist: $.=)S3 a year tpr clothijng: young woman ought to earn $I.80J) or more if she want? to wear chil|- fon hose and go to the, theatre,; A budget, prepared and lltusj tirated from advertising columns (if daily newspapers by Miss Kathei- Ine Bltint of. the home economic» detiartmeut.: shows exactly what eowld be done on $1 ,800 annuallj. It. assumes that such a girl c<^ul 1 ftnd "a girl to share a $75 apartJ- i/' t'4l.«f naiufally prompt you without-kitchenette; makln : - I doe.«i^,.:Just .""^'"^'^'> prompt yo,i i^^,.^,,^,,^ „f ^^^j jj-.gj, r- to,*iw., t^'e B 'Kx5 ™'"*'?""°°H>"nie }HidgeJlhennl |owB $3awee:: waUtyb-ur money, for board, 3^ cents a tjay tor Innch, $21.19 for cosmetics: $3.95 for Jewelry: $30 for vacation: $250 [for .savings; and $1 .7 ."i a week for. jrec- rcation. 'I for The clothing- budget allows 10 dresses, the most expensive "(Costing $20, and three coats, including a slicker. vtoUllIng $162. It would seem from the conference, however, that the saying "two can live as <J>€aipIy as .one."'has some truth in it. Tor the btidget, jib'ows how the wile bf a S.1itt0O a year man may feed her huf^aua for ^^ill cents a day. ' jRoy E. Gwin. county agent, and Hfirry '(Jrealhouse. rviiresentaUve of the Allen Coiihty 4-H clubs lo :the national club li;oiigress.iteturn- ed today from Chicago. Greathouse attended all of tht club sessions, wlille GwIn divided his time between 'several meetings. Monday and Tuesllay Gwin attended a meeting of 'the International Crop Improvement associaiion. I.,ater he attende iileni 'Ij.udon warned that disarm- auii'iit must be built not on dreams biii'oa h'ealities.. ' / I'rolests .Vre .Vade/ Prior to adjournment /it . was leariiej thai protests agi^nst dec- laratiops made by the Rtjsslan delegation to the concerning of the state of ^miaments thryughout the world Uiave been tiled/ by several delegations attendlh ^r the meeting I a meeting of' ^'resident Loudofi, opening to- the National County Agents assb-'i«««''">';^nno"n<^^*»i elation and various cTub confer-r'''''''P'^Kates hac^ called his at- ences. It was a very Interesting and instructive trip. GwIn said, and Kansas showed up well at the club congress. i Police Have Easy Time Finding Missing Carl It required only; fifteen minutes for local police to locate a car reported iitolen from Wte Dahl of jienilon; to what they described aft Inexactitude.s of flsures concerning the size of ^various armies and armamjentii cont^iiied In. the Rus sian statistical paper sutmiitted t< back tip the soviet projiosal for complete disarmament-and to provr that ii|-inamejits are vastly! la than b'pfore the war. Presjilenf LojjiUHr'aTso; remarked bat sQhje^ofThe delegates thought thar.sijme of the plTrases appearing Court Room, i .Mays I^anding. N. J.\ IJec, :{, (.iP)—WIIILs Beach, i elderly ' <-hlck™ ^ raiser, today took fh^ stahd in hjs trial for the mur^- (ier of Dr. A. William Lllllendahl. with which he and the doctor's' widow are charged. Beach, pale and iiervous. denied be had Jfny connection ' whatever wij.h'tlie killing of Dr. Lillendahl. .He denied he had ever marked any road maps with checks at the scene of the killing. Sach. marked maps were found in "Mrs. Lilliendahl's bag at the scene of the orimel ' ' - ' Beach, completely composed, as [.soon as he became, accustotned to the friendly qiiestionlng ofjils own counsel, said the guij Henry Pugh of Philadelphia had satd be lent Beach's son, Ray, was in'fact given to/the Beach youth and not lent to him. He bad no guns in his. bouse er- cept the three wnich detectives found after the killing, all ofw-^hich were said to have been very dusty, indicating they had not been fired for a Jong time. ''j , Beach told of first meeting Dr.- Lllliendahl about a year agoJ Friendship grew between-the two families, he said, and the doctor seemed pleased that Beach and jJtfTsrl^illlendahl found each others delegate-T"company, agreeable. He said his friendshfp with Sirs. Lllliendahl neverjuHisfS^any quarrels In either family. The state contends that this alleged intimacy- formed the motive for the crime. Beach told of going, to the Parker home near. Marcuis Hook, -Pa on September 27. He said he,left on October 5 because he: had read In the ^ap«rs that .the grand.Jury was'to'meet on teb sixth and he wanted to present himself as.soon as bio iwas wanted by "the proper authorities.' Beach.?flald that during the tlfne he was hiding at the Parker hobie his lawyer, Edison' Hedges, never knew where he was.. , "Did you ever in your , life," Hedges asked, "see Samuel Bark.*' "Nevej Jn my life until he barked in tlfe box here." Did won ever confessjoHttning Dr. Xlllfendahl?" "Neyeiv fS you in Baltimore between September 27 and October .5?" ' I wais not" SPECIAL SESSION FIGHT IS NOT AT END IN OKLAHOMA Leaders Now &y They Will Convene and Defy Couft OBJECTIVEON .1 >v Marine Commander Off With Mechanic Early Today > VirtuaUy All Will With No Chance To Land Be Miami. Pla., Dec.'3. fiVP)— The Key West naval rai^io station at 1:30 p. m. today |^announced It had received offlc-i ial'notification that Major E. H. Brainafil and his two enlisted United—States mairine i Savoijburg. The police discover- 1 . 'h''; Kusslaii docurnent "were ed that Dahl had forgotten where; |'»^ J'? ^Cifof' v^'th.-the league tus- he had parked the machine. ; toms '. Th s was an dlliislon to • • c-ertal ncrltical assertions^ made In Three Speeders Are ' ""^ Fined in Court .Here Three speeders were fined today In poll<;e coiirt bys Judge Ed D. Rotts wa.s fined f5j^.;ftrtssell Harry $10; and W^-Hrrfairvfeath- er $15. WEATH& and ROADS J HOPPINQ- f ^HRlS'TMAS' RUTI making out our Quistma* Uit, Weluna|heapo(«port. ' And now's [he time.lo ilad to buy • Anil oit the liUdowfiiliott. into special session^,. theistiite 'TBU^ prcme court ruled today ln_an-opin- ion written by CBierju4tlce Fred P. Branson.; ,5 ' • An extraordinary Session ha« been called for December: 6 by four anions flew over'Havana, Cuba. ar'STrSS a. m. today. Miami. Fla., Dec 3. «AP)-^MaJoV E. H. Brainard, commander of the United States marine corpaj aylar tlon forces. Ser^eanti M. T.jSh^ ard, pilot, and Corporal N. Mi Winchester. • mechanic, hopped offt at 6:22 o'clock (Eastern standard time) this D >orning on a non-stop "line^ of duty" fli.Eht- to Managu^ Nicaragua. They planned to dellv^ er their tri-niotored Fokker raoiio- plane to marine corps offit'eys tbcsre for serviee with the _,^nierican .t troops. - ' - - ' Piyinc condjlion-! were, announced OTcIahoraa City, Ohl4. (,\P)—The Oklahoma 5 legislature ^ .. has no Inherent rl?ht fo .call itself, "i)^^^*.!.!"-^©!' tbe flight when the_ .. ..-.r^nrr^ 1— .V.---...^--^rzrr^ plane left, the :-one runway afte lisTirp most of its 4 .0110 feet before 1,^ l-learing. 'High ceiling," good visi- billty and almost no A \ind had been ] reported prevailing over his rotlte b.v the tropical radio station mennbers of the house vf .represen- [xt-a. Honduras.: over- which point tatives, who claim they represent.;the major's calculations were to n majority of the mcmlj^rshlp. U-arry him''at. iahout 2 o'cloik thfe . The rullng'ot tlie co^rt does not jaiferiodn. affect the delerminatiop of session I leaders to convene, it was said by Tom Johnson, one of toiir leaders of the movement; Immediately after he was notified of the «lecision. "Absolutely," was Johnson's reply w^hen he -was a8ke (l if the ses- blghi court's adverse nilhigl Havana was his immediate Objective, his monoplane being due over tbe Cuban city in two hours after leaving Miami. -Major Brainard was at they controls when the hop.!ofr was maidie.- ston would meet In theiface. of thar—^'^ures had jal- lowed ten hours for the. jump .to So. far 'M.lawyeis.h 'eii jcan d,e=dMaBsynr8, which was routed soiiitb- Beach iVXHT FOR kA>SAS-rCi*n- :erally: nnsettled taiiight and .Sun- dn.v, iirnbahly with rain or show in past portion; warmer tonight In extrenie east portion; colder Sunday and, In northwest iMijrtJdti '^tonight. For lola and- VlcInlty^Unsetfled iontghi and Sunday probably \dtb rain or snow; warmei'. tonight; colder Spnday. . Teniperatu re—Highest yesterday 40 at /3 p. ni.: lowest last night 26 at 1 a.' m.; normal for today 37; deficiifBcy yesterday 4; excess since January l.xt, -339 degrees; this date last year^highest 65; lowest 42. Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at % a. m. today 0; total for this year to datei SL55; excess; since January Isi ISilW Inche.*. , Relative humidUy,-at 12 noon. ^^.^^ .^^.,„j3^ Caftlina! ..- _ -alholic arch- flatly denied the truth of prevlou^ testimony of a Vineland plow: nftn that Beach and Mrs. Lilllendsml had' been stumbled on in aii evening try-sl by the roadside. "There was never any Intimacy between Mrs.'XllIiendahl and me," Beat^.jsaid.f^ .Then the iPeggy Anderson letters \vero mentioned. ';i did write notes to Mrs. Lll­ liendahl under -the name of Peggy Anderson." Beach said. "They yf ^T& not exactly letters,-, just notes." Mrs. Lllliendahl also wrote notes to him. he- said, perhaps a dozen In all ;w.hich he destroj-ed; There were only about'a dozen "Peggy" letters, he said, although defense witnesses had said there were many morer-- (Cnntlnned'Qn Page 6, Xo. 1) _J - . termine. tfis is the first time in history that a state supreme court has ilefihltely ruled as to whether a legislature can convene'Itself np- un-jts own calL--—' _ •• The.sttpreme courthowever,'sus­ tained the district court of Oklahoma county in refining -to enjoin hrive members of the legislalure from flHng expense claims or Issuing suBpoenaes . in .connection with the session. H. W. Iliompson Back TojHo'me, Unharmed Mexico city, Dec. 3. (Ai>)—H. W. Thompson.. American mlhe manager, who was kldnappeil In I the State of'"^luuLtlan early'ihls week and . held tbr ransom ' of -'^about $2,500, has. been reIease<^~Bndbas returned^otneiinhurt. It TPSS stated at the ^American, embassy today. . Thompson,^ who Is the^manager of a mine at'Copala In the State of Guerrero, 'was kidnaped twenty bandits on -Tuesday, special dispatches from Mazatliln~s|4(ed.j^He was taken to the mountE|n »--afCer the bandits attack«d''fila komerand -money and-jarms. Mexlc&n^authorltle^ ordered th'at-the'bandlts'be pursuiid imme- -^^ately and the rescue of this American effected. ;^ coast «ca- at Jasper Old Is Stnfck By Bill Ledfoinl Car Jasper H. Old, 518 Senib State- street, was . badly::! J>FUisetf~;'Tast nighf'wben^^uck by a tfedge car driveff^y Bill Ledford of,|ola. Old was walking west on ti^ pavement, near the -smelter, vi^tte Ledford _was drivlng-4n the Jjame direction, coming frdm tl\C» direction of Gas City. ."The. >accldenl was sometime betweilen anT ^H o'clocl last, night: Endurance Flight.!^ Failure at ^risco San Pranclsco._ Dee. 3 ,'5 fAP}— The. tri-motored monoplaife Spirit war* to HanaTa, west to the ^Ip of Yucatan, down the Yucatan and across Honduras into ragua. > J . Radios to Help. The tropical radio statioii Hlaleah,' near here and thoTC on the route at Tela end Teguciagal- pa,^Honduras, i>Ianned to keejp coin- tact with the plane on its 1,0^^- inile voyage. It was also believed, that several ships would be plythg I ' the waters on and near the coursel ' The'onlyV known emergeiHiy fields on the route^werr at "Havana, Tela, Tegulciagalpa and a mdrihe fleld In northero Nicarargun^ . Major Brainard, who has Inslstr |cdjsince-his plans wcre^Tirst. «ui- nounced that the' fl'tght was "jusc another matter of nulitary neces-; slty" and ill no-Wise f on-any ploitation. waB_reUc*»t -oirt5eques|- tloBJ^f-fUfure benefit to aviation ' which might come from the flight.: .' "I can't say until the flight -Is done- I' have- made 5 observatfoiia^—^ along the roiite,'"'he told the Associated Press in at»wer to inquiry as to.whether of not he wilijmaSte recominendatlons to Washington^, regarding South and Central American aviation development. Sergeant^heiiatd.-speat-thenast\ Jjalf-honf 'befOre/the flight started in the pilots seat, nursing Ws mo- .\ tors He had air but to be dragged — from his seat' to pose alongside 'thgi-'' major and Corporal "Winchester for photographers. The piotors. were warming^Tor 40 minutes before the take-off. Rebel Chieftain Is Executed in Mexico Laerdo. Texas, Dec-. S. (AP)|— Geaer'al Francisco Bertanl. rebel chieftain capfured by federal trobps near Minatitlan. state pt Vei-a Criiz; was executed last nlght,- „f noiifrtrnia which stafteS at 8:55 according to a statement Issued By — o'clock because of a"tall;vflutter." ^^>-^ , Ornate Funerals Are Disapproved By Gardinal qfjGatholic Chiirch yesterday. 57 per centr 7 a. m day »1 per cent; ...barometer reduced to sea level. [30.11 iiiches. -Aoad ConjUtlons. Saliija. cloudy, roads "good; Manhattan] partly cloudy, roads goo^ Hutchinson.. clear, 4oads^ bodge City, partly cloudy, roads good: i Coffeyrlllc; clear, roads good; NyicMta, partly cloudy, roads goodf; - Pittsburg, clear, roads ood; "^Arkansas City, clear, road .8 !bod; -'Topeka,-cloudy, roads good; Emporia; partly cloudy, ,-roads Boston. iDee.. 3 tAP)—Ornate funeral.* have cf»ine under the dis- O'Connell. Koma 'blshopjjf-BOston. . -^Gaudy cas^etsr^arge^ftoral offerings^ and^ther trappings of mod- funera^- practice are too. of ten linked with neglected prayers and graves, the cardinal holds iii a, letter pnhUshed In the curreiit issue of the ^ot, official organ of th>i archdiocese. Tt is ta be read at ail masses tomori^ow. -."Some of our Cathollc^Tieople spend great sums, oftentimes entirely out:of proportion to their in- 1 mcnt of flowers. comes, on elabofate - caskMs and the profusion of flowers "s^d then bury thelr_ deceased only;-, to be quickly forgottenri^lillie theillowets-l-j decay and ^with thenMbBTp^mem-^ hrance ofj their dead." tfe letter sa .vs. .\ \{.. --;./- '"fhisAJ'onduct is nnchrfepan and a great departure'frora the »Impl<i ctJitomsTTioth of . o:d Christian times and of the Christla^i countries of our dayv "In Chrlstia^times coftliis were of simple wood regardleS!<E of the notorious Matthew Kimes bandit i [.fans of Oklahoma.. who escaped" social condition of the-deceased; the dead were clothed . in) simple garb and there was no le^bellish jRoy HarmoiTBelieyed , To Have Been in JopKn .Joplin. .Mo.^c. ;.T (APy^f^y, Hau-mori,. alleged member of^tlie; from jail -at Charles City, Iowa,"' .1" Thursday, was; here yesterday, pi^-' i imably on his "Way to Oklahoma. S^^E ^^^^of detectivesHHt^il i Huston-Gold Fraud ' , - Case Goes to Jury ^lankaw; Minn.^. Dec. 3.-(AP )l-^>-. Th? Huston-gold fi^aud trail InvolT- Ing charges of conspiracy against' / fivev former officers ot. the Sontb- (' ern'Mtnifewota-joint -'stock j land*? . : Iban^ was given to tbo-^Jorysfertly . 'after noon today. ""• - •> •• •'.

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