Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
Page 8
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COMING CHAMP idR Katiohal AssociaUoit of Professional Baseball Clubs. To Cionv^e MANY PROBLEJtfS UP Western League Question Is One of Big Ones I To Be Solved jDalias, Tex., Dec. 2. (AP)—Tho vanpiard of Auiei icj professional ' bkae4>all r<«>re8entativeB was Arriving In Dallas today for the ihree- d^y meeting of the national asso- Fight ex-perts are." tputinK Archie Bell as the nest • bantamweight champion, The title is more or les.s open sincp Charley "Phir' Uo.Aenliei-tt. finding that he was unable to -T-.•""""^ "••'_.""T"r Tb nialA the , weight, abdicated, ciatlon of professional . basebalV ^ ggij recently defeated Johnny '• clubs which i>^ins' December 6. •With interest stimulated by sev- :, eral problems which must be ironed ; out by the national board of arbitration, indications are^hat attendance win be from 800 to 1,000. : The first meeting of the national hoard of arbitration will ^e-held tomorrow. Secretary J. H. Karrell has^ notified its qiembera. On the board are .1. Cal Ewing. Oakland,. Cal.. J. q. Toola^^New York, J. D. Martin,"-Memphis, Tenn., J. Doak .Roberts, Dallu.v: \V. G. firanhani, -tiurjtiam, .N. G.; J. W. Jamison, Jr., Hagerstown. ,VId., and M. II. Sexton, Rock Island. 111., ex-offl»p member. 'At Hie sajne time 3f i^hi' AVt-sit-rn .lea full, jwsoiHiillou «: ropresentath'es the Anierl- id thfl (VnnnI Vacca, twice victorious over Fidel LaBarba. As Seen By C. A. CLIFT loai?H «*_wiri tni'it, i ,ettl;ig their lii- diwdual drtult proulems but ot tliu -*'ay befor «r the foJivonllon of ilii- iiuilonitl Dody UI-KIUH ul 1 p. ni., next Tdwduy; Thi\ I'lntt fUrto upon which tlui - liUlloiitiL hourd (if urliitrntlou will jiuNH Is thai of the TulHa H |id Otflu- homaClty ImKi -buil cliibH which iir- ' HiH 'kijig lo witlidraw,from the- Wcnt- wir Icugue ' uud i -nter the 'I'exwH bfiiguc'.' t/fflcriilH of-Wi« ojlfblt hiix** ^snld the SUCIOHH dT bonebuiV In their (llleii n^cHH-sltHtp-* the' Hwirclv-hi-nr- flilatious while utrii-ials of tlu- AN'estern league, represented by ^The Re^ster Itetils, with jttomlse, of becomlni; «Air of Ihe lastcKt Indeiiendent cnnrl ai;- creinitions lii tlilx section. ur«> >fekliiff-(;ainies with fust town Itnms In Allen and flurrouiid- latr roiintfes. Tennis' seeklnir iriimrK iire re<|Ui>sted to ftet In toiirh with Multrr .Muiidilu, mannir<tf, I<* <'iu'<' the loin ^liitl; ltpitl«ter. Thf \V <'Hl ('ri,i Ii'iiKiie inivitii pmni- I HIS I O I II' I KK i >li-iii.v of troiiliic ill tl>i< .N M II OIUI I biiKeliiili )iii*t>llnK iK 'Xl •vccj-k at iJtilliiH. Ti 'XJtH. 1»«U« <ieiir, IireHliiHlI of jllc iTiiiiit. riqlliiH If idkliihoniii ('((>' utici 'I 'II I HII U<<' per milled .to dill)) nut-of II HI IfliKK*;- Ihe WcHleni C I IN irtt will :i thing [if th<- - I OI^ENINGGAGE GAME BILLED HERE TONIGHT TowH Teamf Plays Humboldt ih First Sekan Struggle . { REGISTER HAS GAME "Devils" M^tCity Second Team In Preliminary To League Tilt Starting at s": 15 o4lock tonight | I against :th.- Humboldt town team 'the loli city team will open its iwiahon in iBf Sekan league on the* I local court at the'merchants' build! iiu; at the fairgrounds,' The pre- {tfniinary whl 8tart_,at 7 o'clock between the Regl.stef Devils and the * city secondp. ' The eiity team has been working out all iweek using scrimmage the 4 last two or thr.>e nights and so shouM be able to give Humboldt a good buttle t9night. Humboldt received a non-conference defeat at the hands of the Richmond town team recently, while the lola t^am hps not • played a game this Reason, i: Humboldt's opposition to lola will probably be the Wood's twins who starred on' the high school team of last- sea.son at the forward positions and who are playing with the town tinun this season. , ! The probiible stnrtinK lineup for j MAnJ IN BASKET .SCORES The.bas'ketballse^^on^a^bQut ready to open in this H ^tion of the Ktate an<i..ttie<Re^8ter ; hopes to carry wore complete baKketbai): 8c6^e», than in any previous Both {'11.;' teams in Allen qdunty ai^4 high .HchopI aggregations uie urged to use the sport page of the Register for stories of their games, advance. notices and requests for games. ; • ' If managers of the various teams in Allen county and .the surrounding territory if ^ill place scores fn the mail on the night^they play, the paper will carry the results the.following afternoon; . * Just slip in the box score and a few notes as to when and «R'hfire the game was played, along with' scores at the end of each period and any outstandingi. details of the gamp. The Register wants its sport page "up to the minute," Whether, or not it will be so depends on the managers of the various town teams and the (foaches of the high •school teams in the district. ' '•'>'. • Get your team some publicity by mailing in basketball dope tjD the Register o^ce. ^ WILL HtoiTS western ..-ugue. r ..,.„„».u .""riirac 'e'ln *^iU^ ^Vslt^u i'resldeiit Dale-near, have declared _ "t " '!^"{.^,s J ,ln]^ orcanlzrd. lu. a town situated near nnotiieh town hnvlnff ii^ leacue orgnni/ntion. If.Okln- hotna City and TuKn^n^e drop- |ie«l from flie clrcnil, the West- jprn leairne probnhly will he filad to take In Knn«as {'Ily. . The lola team in (lie Sekan Tiny Roebiicfi Is Fight Winner in Bout With Rich Kansas City; Dec. 2. (API—Tiny Roebuck, former Haskell Insti^te football player, \\a.n added the sdalp of "Walter Rich. Kansas City heajry- welght, to those accumulated .since he recently K-ft wrestling. to try the (Ight game. The prohiibie sinning iinPiip tori Roebuck weighing '247'^.pounds, the cliy tenni tonight Is Kee. right i ""tpoln""' It'fl> lu rounds here forward; Henderson, left forward; inight. HIch weighed ZUVi. I^'O Wax, Austrnlln. won H ten rotiiifl dt'cislon qwt Larry Capixi, KiUisnri City, wellerwelKhl. .Inck Sjiarr. • ('allforniu. 139 pounds, nut pointed Rusty Jones, Kansas city, in ten rounds. Junes uelKhcd l.'iG. •> ; lOI.A DAILY AB.STHACT <> * Issued from office of lola * <• J; Abstract Company •» •:• . « * • •:• « •> «.^«^« <>4 «• <> « <i <i Boxer Must Win Match or Jump Off Huge Bridge •Tulsa would be ruinous to their circuit. . , Althbugli 'Texas league magnates h«v:e officially welcoi^ed the Oklahoma cities, they have anUoiini c I a policy of "hands bfr' upti;i th<' matterTias been passed upon J;y the national board. "The Tfevas league will take ;he Closely associated with th> Tul-sa- Oklahoma City-Western league controversy is the aunounced intention of Kansas City. Kans.. representa- iS'es, to iand a 4)aseball berth for heir city in the AV^stem leagiie. Considera'ble interest centers in the announced intention of the 1 Americanr association to put an end to major league ownership of clubs J in that circuit on grounds of con-" fllctiag interests. "The major leagues are fast get•ting hold of niinor league clubs," • said President Thomas J. Hickey. "They use them for faims, and we : have concluded we do not want them." Rumors have it that further pressure ma>' he •brought to bear on the management of the St. lyouis ' Cardfnals to dispose of Its holdings in the Hou.'^ton club of the Texas league. At a meeting last summer, Texas' league officials went onfrec- ' ord as favoring siich disposal for Hubstantially the sumo reasons as those advanced by the American usHOclatloii. / Continissloncr KenesaW Mountu[ti Lnndls, who has made re«rrvatlons tor u parly of B 1)(, iiicludini; Mrs. l^ndis and Hecreiory Leslie O'Con- Mor. Is expected here Monday, Wll- herl lloblnson, president of tlu; 'Brooklyn nationals/John McOniw, pr(4ilflent of the NkW York nation- Ills, jind Connie Mat^^ki manager of the J Philadelphia Amerk'ans, liavc indiciiled they would arrive at the same time. . ^ Symnes, center; ' • Slay ton', lefiJ guard; K. Kiink. right guiird. (Vit- w«irtli and Uniier will he-the _r.>: serves tonight for the nintn gannv Irii Stocki'hninil, lunlor college I'Oiicli, will ri'feree tonlKhl's giinies, Paulino Uzi'udun Has Big Offer, for Fights Itaicelona. .Spnltj. Dec. •>. (API ! All iinniimi'd wealtliy spdrisniiin lias rrfeied .liHi.diio pcsi'iiis (roiigli- Jy $XB.000 to PniillMo Wzciidun. S panish .4l<'"^y^^'l'Kht. for three ^r,^— gilts ^twlth - KuropcaJi li'>:ivy- • liecefltrter 1, 1927. >^-eigIits. . The contract., if favor- pwd :\ble to the riglifeF73irill be sicncl 1 John W. Blssitt and wife Em- In San Sebastian Ivv the spoits-i ma. to l.aVern I). Wlimoth .N'i.ot man and rzciidiin's agi'nt. • 'SWV, 21-23-1'J, $1.0 (1, Davenportriowa, Dec. 2. (API- Red Uhlan. California middle weight, will be forced to Jutnp ;off the government bridge into the Mississippi river if he loses a; ten round b<)ut to Wolcott Langford, Chicago negro, here December 0, Toin Walsh, .Chicago, Uhlans man- ag^>r said today after Langford had boasted that Uhlan would be easy for him. : Sonte years ago Walsh made a liek threat when one of his boxers, Jock Malone, was to meet Jhnnny Wilson In Boston. Wilson bear Malone and the next morning sM-eral thousand persons saw Jock dive from thi» "highest bridge in Boston into the Charles river. , Pardclpntlon In ih<^ Olympic yuchllug regntin and In a challenge rnatch for the Scandinavian goUl cup, together with the Spanlph- Amerlran trans-Atlantic race, means that American yachts will be quite conspicuous In European waters next Summer. Loose Ends to be Gathered Together Today at Kansas City SCHEDULTPLANNED Kansas Will Msver All Implied Charges of Scouting Game St. Loufs, Dec. 2. "(AP)—The loose ends of the ^lissouri Valley conference were in a fair wa >Vofi being gathered here today, thai opening date of the two-day conference! of coaches, athletic dlrec-j tors aiid representatives of Valley schools who held a preliminary meeting at Kansas City yesterday. Schedules were to "be made up, the dipOomatic relations betweeh'^ the six seceding schools and the otliier. members of the former conference ironed out, and plenty of mher work faced the members' of th4 meeting. ' It is said, not loudly, that the; Big Six schools favor rescinding of the norscouting rule. It was also rumored that the schools, "left ciit on a )imb" may t^ike in Creigh- tdn and Mayquette thus forming another "six" in middle western sport. 1 Tho meeting looked today to D:-. Forrest C. Allen of Kansns to an- swer_JnipUcd charges which had been directed against Kansas In the matter ot scouting. .Unless Dr. Allen opens up, the meeting may enil peacefully tomorrow. BEEF Round steak. Steak for Swiss Steak or Roast ISclb. Nice Dressed Chickens 29c lb. - I Nut Oleo, lb. 20c Swift's PrMBium Ham, Whole or Half Ham 24c lb. 3f.&M. MARKET Meat That Yojt Can Eat —Wanted to Buy: rags at the Register. Clean white Hello Everybody It's time to tte thinking about that-Cljrlsthias present A few auggestloiis: [ i . • Overflonts ".Suits! Ties ; Hosiery Sweater t'oat.s TraTellni; Bags .MnfOers • Lumber Jacks, Etc. Tl^ KATPfEE 10c and aoc K ELLE Y 1 (K- and SOe Two Clubs Will Train In California in 1928 San ^-'ranclsco, Dec. 2. (AIM— Selection of .Monterey, Cal., as the l!i2S spring training quarters of the San Francisco. baseball club, and Hollister as' the practice grounds of Denver,* Western League, was announced today ty officials of the local club. The cities are nliout 50 miles apart, which will enable the two teams to engag.? in practice games. TODAY ONLY We suggest yon leave Frank .McCarthy's -^For*!. Bait' enough to see pur "Man Bait." ' A LOVELY WOMAN needs no "man bait'* to make her way through life—When men nibble, they should be sure they're right, then go ahead—Come and see- lonfr I aneaa— Ciome anu sec— You will be entranced. Tiny Roebuck, Kansas City heavyneislit. is still knocking them over, bnt he will have l4i meet much stift'er apposition lietorp he is recoirniiied as Ue- Jng> good. Last nlf^ be nut- pointed >Vnlter Itich, a nied- lorre lienvyneisht. (By the Associated Press) i NeW York—Tony Canzoneri, New Y'ork, defeated Iguacio Fernandex. Phi:ipplnes (Kit. Kid Francis, Italy, lutpolnted Arcbfe Bell, Brooklyn 110). i Kansas city - "Tiny" Roebuik. Indian, ontpoiiiKd Walker RIth. KanrtSK City (loi. I .eo Wax, Aiis- tnilla, defeated I «iriy Cappo, Kansas <:ily (101. Vfluker.s. ,V. V. -I'utsy Ruffalo, ,N'ewj York, and Fri'dille .Amlrrrioii. PIttshurgli. drew (lui. Bud Deiiip- Hby, YorkvIIIe. won on foul from Curl Duane, New Yorkrill). .McWeesport. Pa.—Willie Dnvles. Chnnlerol, defenled I^IIIH Carpen- tero, Dnyton. ().. (10). Juanlto Vnl- dt.i, Youngstown, ().. outpointed Eddie .Meyers, Dct.J-o'U. Mich., (S). Wllkesbarre, .Pa.pfom Kirby, of Bdsion, .defeati)'! ^AIIentowH Joe" tians. Wllkesliarre (19>. Chicago-Roleaux Saguero. Cuba, All but'two of the seVenleen Icn- and Chuck Biirns, San Antonio, nis players who ha>e held Vie sin- Tex., drew (10). lj )pe Tenerlo, Phll- gles championship of the United ipplncs. defeated Frankle Schaef- States have been native Amori- fer, Chicago (10). cans. Thp exceptions were! the I Des Moines, la.—Russie Leroy. late Huih L. Doherty, who was Fargo. X. D.. defeated Erwin Bige, Iwrn la (he British Isles, and Jean iOniah.n, Kfb.. (10). Harold (Acii biVSre Values iMt standout/ like a LiMhause / I Startling—Electrifying •ALMOSt UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE Bar$|93r-HSliields Clo. Co. ROARING BARGAINS!! Rene Lacoste ot France. Flying Yank Pluxle^ Des. ^lolnes. and Rdd Fi [St. Paul, drew 110 1. Tominy M. roon, Kansas City, won from Dutch, Kimball. Des Moines (10). Piuehluff. Ark.—Red ^Herring I'lica. .V. Y., knocked out Young Ceorgc. Kunsas pty (3). Polo 'enjoyeil the most success-^ ful soason in Jhe'history of the -•iprort In .America fast summer, and. the preparations now being nwde for indoor polo- indicate that this form ot the galloping game tmiy attain a / correspondingly high place. J —Wanted to Buy: Clean light colored rags at ihe Register. mSSSm lle'i crossed the ctintlne4t frox AUkatirCitT to Pandenft In jS« axyn. tbia "FWag Yank" wboae name U Dr. Jbhn J. Seller. .Seller war^i^nlng nine honra • day for i56 daya on U>e trip.'and wore out *«rea pain of Aon auklas Itis ; . Jonrner. : ' THIS OFFERING INCLUDES ALL OUR NEW 1927 AND 1928 MERCHANDISE. **ROBERTS WICKS'' "RICO ROCHESTER," STEIN- BLOCH" AND FRAT" SUITS, OVERCOATS AND TOP COATS AT A WHISPER OF THEIR FORMER PRICE. Seething With Savings DONT EVER EXPECT SUCH BARGAINS AGAIN The Selling of Our $20,000 Stock is Bringing Capacity Crowds! Thd Response is Overwhelming! It seems Alj Allen County Wants to Partake of Thiese Bargains! ^nd So Should Vou! Youif Dollars Never BJought So Muph —No—Not Even Before the Wdr! MAKE A DAY OF IT HERE TOMORROW! Please Bear With Us if Our 15 EJxtra Sales People is Insufficient to GiveYou Prompt Service. We'll Do Our Best EMEI^Y SHIRTS FAULTLESS NIGHTSHIRTS AND PAJAMAS PELTON BATH AND LOUNGING ROBES MALLORY AND KEITH HATS INTERWOVEN HOSE FINE SHOES AND OXFORDS OVERALLS I r KENNETH THOMSON/ . AMO _ DOUGLAS BURBANKSJ>( AOAPTM BY DOUCIAI lOOnr FROM TMC5T «Ot PlAV BV NORMAM HOUSTOM ADDED" Comedy ana Fox News R^l. SATrRDAY— CARL LAEM M LE 4r PRETTY ANKLES —make weaklings of the strongest men, but this girl's "man bait" was a carefully adjusted beauty spot (and' a smile— Don't miss this charming picture. £PIC OF THB AIR^ A aKiviRiM rICTURI ""^BARBARA KENT JACK PEMHICK, .MARCEUA OAIY £MOKy JOHNiO.y PROOUCTIOA/ A picture thai mtets ihe clatnnrouH demand for sLpcr | air thrillH created hn the dari)i(/ of Liudberffh^iChawi^'i hnlain nml.Burd! ' ' ' '\ ij .V tremendous drama of lightIhg planes anil fearless men in the World War. Studded with mighty thrills. Uoiiiancc and daring—hope 'and despair reach info your heart and till you wt'h the pulsating throb of lighting[at the front line of the air! • ' •' ABDF.n—(O-HKBY, XfiWS AM> SERIAL. I \ I . L. E. HORYJLLE, President F. (K BENSOX, Cashier,! A. W. BECK, Vice-President E. D. J. V^iD, Asst. Cashier : , HABKT SrilYELT, Asst. Cashier » lOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS ' ' , Capital Stock .... $50,000.00' Surplus ...................., .$43,000.bp THOS. 11. BOWLUS, President G. B. BOWLtS, CasUe^ AUenCotiMy StoMBoMk Established a Qn;arter of a Ceatnry Capital Stock .$r .30,00p.pcffi Surplus ........ 100,%().6(^ ^ Deposits ... l,000,OC^i(Mi^ ISTEKEST PAID Oiir TIME DEPOSITS Y • SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES,FOB B^T"

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