Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 4, 1961 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1961
Page 3
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her PTY YEARS AGO Bg items From the Filet e Volksblatt" Published in January IS, 1911 i Burscll has gone io Free- nois to work. ind Mrs. Christ Wintrlok Fbaby girl at their home ; week. Postvllle's iceman, August Hein,|nnd eleven bodsleds, his entire is engaged at present in fUliny his slock of these, ice house. The ice is IB indies in \ r \w annual report of St. Paul's thickness and of good, clear quail- j Lutheran church shows total ro- ty. ! ceipts for the past year of $1.- Mr. and Mrs. H. S. I.uhman and'flOS.8-1; disbursements $1,706.13 r. and Mrs. F. S. Burling will!counts receivable leave next week for California to' spend several months in balmy climate there. Mrs. Ed McNeil, Dan McNeil and ac$184.50; indebtedness $250.00; cash on hand $197.65. At the last meeting of the town council the license tee for the moving picture theatre was set at $25.00 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Interesting Items From the File* of the Fostville Herald of January 9, 1»36 Saturday Charley sold nine cutter John McNeil have gone to Chicago'per year or $3.00 per month. The to visit Ed McNeil who had to sub-'matter of hiring a night watchman mit to an emergency operation! has bcen 'eft up to the citizens, there while delivering a carload of: Contractor George Schroeder and hogs, jhis men are engaged in remodeling On February 1, Charles SonnUalb'the newly acquired Maennerchor will move his machinery business This society now has 130 into the former Knodt building. On \ members in good standing and the - • ~ ... building fund has a balance of $1,080.00. Charles H. Heubner is the secretary. The Postville Co-Operative Canning Company held its annual .meeting at the Turner Hall Satur! day afternoon and elected the fol- i lowing new officers: A. F. Marston president; George Harris, vice president; James McEwen, treasurer; B. C. Fleming, secretary; Frank Sebastian, P. J. Beuchcr, Arthur Behrens, John Krambeer, A. L. Meier and Sam Baily. Electric Wiring Is Our Business ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING iiSE WIRING . . • U ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 4-3725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4-3979 INIUIANCI WORLD'S: LARGEST) ttno mama COUPAKY Gary Houg m y™oBiiE m Waukon, Iowa MStlMKCECONPm Phone 56 8-3046 ...and hold^m above you. You don't expect a child to stand toe to toe with [a man. You lift a child ... . and hold him above you. You don't expect a child to understand fully what |is right and wrong. You don't expect a child to comprehend every [spiritual ideal. You don't expect a child to sense instinctively [the constant concern of God in his life. You lift a child ... you give him the opportunity tin his Church and in his Christian home to gam Imoral and religious insights. , And you hold him above you . . . dedicating your own time and strength to your Church so that you and your child can find together the spiritual foundation on which men should build their lives. «b"|4l USD. Kril»r Mr. Sirricr, Slmturg. V«. ^ THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church if the greafeit factor on tarlh lor iHc building of character and good ciliieniliip. It it a Morehouse of spiritual value*. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons svhv every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. Thcy are: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his motal and material support. Plan to go lo church regularly and rend your Bible daily. Book Chapter Vensra i [klLAMAKEE. CLAYTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. fASTEN OIL CO. Standard Oil Products JOOK'S SHELL SERVICE : Firestone Tires i |ALB MOTOR CO. Chevrolet — Buick — Olds [(ALL ROBERTS' SON Feed and Seed JiOME OIL CO. A complete D-X Service flYGRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION I NTERSTATE POWER CO. Postville, Iowa KRAMER'S Mi\ and Mrs. Harm Kramer URSON SINCLAIR SERVICE Goodyear Tires The home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ericksofi of Grand Meadow township was the scene on Sunday last of a huge and happy Stiver Wedding surprise on that worthy couple, the same having been carefully planned and neatly carried out by their children. The annual meeting of- the congregation of St. Paul's Lutheran church of this city was held at the church on Sunday morning last following the morning service. The following officers were elected:; President, John C. Weihe; vice president, F. W. Benjegerdes; treasurer, George J. Schroeder; secretary, Gustav Dietsch; deacons, W. R. Nordin and fLawrence Welzel; elders, William Kugel, J. F. Palas and William Baltz. About one hundred stockholders of the Luana Creamery Company assembled at the opera house in Luana Monday afternoon where the annual meeting was held and to learn that their creamery had one of the most prosperous years in its history. Following are the new officers, all re-elected: President,; Joe Walters; vice president, R. V. Pearson; secretary, Emmett Schutte: treasurer, C. B. Davenport. The Louis Schutte furniture store was surprised last week that it had won the 1935 Norge dealer contest in Iowa, having sold more refrigerators than any other dealer in towns under 3,000 in the state. A Burtleson of Kennebec, South Dakota, the new night agent at the Milwaukee station here went on the job last Saturday night. The stockholders of the Postville Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Company held their annual meeting in the basement of Turner Hall on Monday afternoon of this week, and a large and harmonious meeting it was, not far from 200 being present to participate in its deliberations. Officers elected were: President, Kenneth J. Kerr; vice president, William Baltz; secretary and treasurer, Carl G. Welzel. same effect. You can get variety by combining three plain walls with one patterned wall in a small room, but in general you should avoid vivid contrasts and large patterns in small rooms, Miss Keyes cautions. Wednesday, January 4, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD T- Large patterns tend to draw a room in. For a large room you might choose a large, but unobstru- sive, pattern if you wish the walls to look important and be the main decorative element. ed to children's rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Imported silk might be used in a bedroom or living room, and wood or imitation wood paneling would probably be used only in a recreation room. Select your wall paper carefully so your house will look coordinated, Miss Keyes suggests. Plain waQs or coordinated papers should b# used in adjoining rooms to avoid' pattern conflicts. Buy! Sell! Hire! Trade! HenK Lost! Found! Employment! You'H find it in the Herald Want Ads. WALLPAPER CAN ADD VARIETY TO YOUR HOME, SUI PROFESSOR SAYS Iowa City—New types of wallpaper and new ideas for using wallpaper are making it increasingly popular in home decoration, says Margaret Keyes, assistant professor of home economics at The State University of Iowa. Wallpaner is now available in many different styles and textures to fit almost any need and any room in your home. It can be! used to create a center of interest f in a room, or to conceal irregulari- j ties. It can add variety to your whole decorative scheme, Miss Keves says. The latest wallpaper textures are rarely all paper, but may be woven grass, imported silk, burlap, or even wood strips backed with paper. Many papers now are made of fabrics coated with a water- nroofing material, usually plastic. You can even get a children's paper which includes figures a child can cut out himself. WallDapers are also available in « variety of patterns . . . from stripes and more conventional designs to bold, brightly colored patterns. Matching fabrics, and in some cases matching tile, are now available with many papers. To receive full benefit from these designs and papers, you need to 'use them to the best advantage, Miss Keyes reminds. When se- j lecting wall papers, you should keep several points in mind. Small, allover patterns in soft colors against light backgrounds made a small room look larger. Plain papers and two-toned or fine pin-stripe papers can give the Bold, brightly colored patterns may be suitable for small rooms which you don't "live" in, such as a closet, hall or bathroom. These can also be effectively used in small amounts over or behind large pieces of furniture, to fill one side of a free-standing room divider, or perhaps over a cabinet or between bookshelves. These patterns are tiring to the eyes, however, and they should not be used on walls which you must see at long periods each, day, Miss Keyes advises. If you want to use a bold patterns in a bed room, for example, use it behind the bed. The patterns may be quite disturbing if you must face it when you are trying to sleep or when sick and trying to rest. You can purchase scenes complete one or two panels of p(aper to create a center of interest on a wall, in a hallway, or above a stairway. Used effectively, these scenes can give a feeling of space, but if you use too much, the wallpaper seems to be "coming in on you," Miss Keyes says. If you wish to make the ceiling of a room appear lower, you might paper three walls with horizontal stripes, leaving one wall plain. You can also run the ceiling paper part way down the wall, or can use a three-foot dado, topped with a narrow strip of molding, around the bottom of your walls with plain papered or painted walls above Allover patterns across the walls and ceiling can blend dormers into a room, and horizontal stripes can make a wall seem longer and the ceiling lower. Vertical stripes make a ceiling look higher or a wall look shorter. A patterned wall- per can "also disguise uneven plaster, jutting beams and low, sloping ceilings. Choose textures which are appropriate to a room's function, Miss Keyes advises. For example, washable plastics are particularly suit- WMmMmmMmWUmmmUMmimmMWmm • • •- We enjoy serving auto needs i The pleasure's not all yours when you enjoy our prompt, heads-up service. We share in it fully, knowing that pleasing our customers is the best way to build business. m • • CASTEN OIL COMPANY | PHONE 86 4-3414 POSTVILLE, IOWA fcamiBimiiiiiiBiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiBiiiB^ I GET OUR . . . 1 TRUCKLOAD PRICES I ON I Delivered Grain 1 I AND SAVE. Illlllllllllitllllt POSTVILLE FEED MILL I Elmer Ponsar, Prop. 1 Phone 86 .4.-7731 Postville | We Invite You To Inspect Our Fine Facilities. Get together for a relaxing game of skill! More people than ever are getting together to go bowling . . . it's such a satisfying combination of skill, relaxation and sociability. You will enjoy bowling too, at our modern, efficiently run lanes! Open Bowling, 2 Alleys Tues. and Fri. Nights HI-WAY LANES East on Highway 18 and 52 Postville, Iowa LOUIS SCHUTTE & SONS Furniture — Funeral Service V AND J CAFE and Dining Room MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Uae Chicks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs , POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures WILLMAN REAL ESTATE Lorenz Wiliman, Broker 1 I 1 I I I % o I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ARD OF HEARING the world's first H/GHFlOEUrY Hearing Aid .. ike'hew ZENITH : EXTENDED RANGE _ HEARING AID 9S»'/. wider frequency range bring* In eaunde never before reproduced through preeent eonven- tlonal hearing aide. • Vastly Improved the hearing of • out of t« wearers tatted—In actual teet among people who wear hearing aide. That's all that is required to convince niost anyone with a hearing loss that here is the closest thing to normal hearing—next to normal hearing itself. FARM LOAN SERVICE FULLY INSURED SALE NORTHEAST IOWA DIVISION AUCTION REASON and LOCATION — As 1 have decided to quit farming, l will sell at Public Auction on the farm located 4 miles North of Waterville, or 2 miles South of the Dalby church, or 10 miles East and 2 miles South of Waukon, the following: Wednesday. January 11 • u ca. 1 „„ n Starting at 12:00 p. m. Lunch Stand on Grounds 18 HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE Holstein Cows, to freshen by sale date Holstein Cows, recently fresh 2 Holstein Cows, to freshen Feb. 1 6 Holstein Cows, milking now, to freshen in spring (Health papers to be furnished with all cattle.) 3 Holstein Heifer Calves, Artificially sired Milking Shorthorn Heifer Calf, Artificially sired JD model B tractor w/ cult. Ford tractor, starter, lights Ford 2-14 plow Ford 7-foot mower JD planter w/fert. attach., 1960 with 3-point-hitch JD combine, 12-A motor and pickup attachment Dearborn 8-ft. grain drill JD 4-bar side delivery rake FARM MACHINERY JD hay conditioner, used two seasons JD 4-sec. offset drag with folding draw bar 3-sec, steel drag with folding draw bar McC-D. 7-ft. tandem disc 2-sec. spring tooth harrow David Bradley rubber tired wagon with box JD portable hammer mill, 10-inch PTO JD manure spreader, "H" Clipper fanning mill Cement mixer, elec. tank heater, elec. fencer, 40 bu. hog feeder, 100-gal. oil barrel, 300-gal. oil barrel, 4 chicken nests, some fountains. Surge Stainless Steel Seamless Units MILKING EQUIPMENT Star 7-Can Cooler, (used six months) Surge BB-2 Pump 10 Ten Gallon Cans ijjrTHii-- HAY — CORN — OATS 1000 Bales Hay I 400 Bales Straw I 200 Bushels Oats (Conditioned Alfalfa) 1000 Bushels Corn (All Feed more or less) t "LIVING'SOUND' r Hearing Aid* RITCHIE'S JEWELRY Between the Banks Prairie du Cu »w>. Wise OSCAR HOLDSON Dean & Eaton, Auctioneers Dean Ferris, Rep. Farm Loan Service, Inc. Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank, Waterville, Clerk Ca*K!»r FARM LOAN SERVICE, INC. Security State Bank Bldg., Madison, Wis. Telephone CHerry 9-6464 L CllXi <« * -m '

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