Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 31
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 31

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 31
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TWENTY-EIGHT, EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD,. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taktr Jacoby On Itruiye Clever Playing Ties Up Foe NORTH (I)) 13 4874 VAQ9 * A 54 *KJ107 VPEST EAST Afi A A 10 9 2 V1073 ¥864 »KQJ1073 *962 4863 + AQS SOUTH 4.KQJ53 VKJ82 »8 + 942 North-South rul. North East South West .1 * Pass 1 A 2 » Pass Pass 2 ¥ Pass 2 A Pass 4-A Pass Pass Pass Openmg lead—* K By OSWALD JACOBV Written for NBA Service There isn't a good name ir English for the end position in to day's hand. Some experts call il by the French name "en passant" borrowed from chess, since South •makes his trump "in 1 passing." Whatever name is used, the play is very fine. • West opened the king of diamonds, and declarer won dummy with the ace. At first glance South was very happy with his contract, although he had t had misgivings during the bidding. The .complications appeared later. At the second trick declarer led a trump from the dummy and won with the king in his. own hand. He got back to'dummy with the ace of hearts to 'lead another spade, and this time w6n N with the queen of spades in his owrt-hand. West's diamond discard was. a .disappointment. . '.", "• South next led a club and finessed dummy's jack. East won with the queen of clubs and returned a diamond to make South ruff. South led another club to knock'out tin ace, and Kast returned anolhet diamond lo make South ruff again Now South was down to tin blank jack of spades, and Knsi slill had the • ace-ten. How wa.s South to avoid Ihe loss of two trump tricks? The only hope was to cash al the side tricks and lead from dummy at the twelfth (rick. Hence South cashed the king anc queen of hearts, followed by the kinj of clubs. Kast bad lo follow suit to all of tliese plays, after which he was lefl with his two trumps. When dummy now led the last club, .here was no way for East lo shul out declarer's jack of spades. East could make only the ace of trumps, and South fulfilled his contract. Q—The bidding ha's been: North East South- West 1 Heart Pass '1 Spade Pass 1 N.T. Pass . ? You. Simih. hold: *A J 10832 VG2 »J 103 452 What do you do? A—Bid two spader This bid decs not show a hand with which you hope to reach game, but merely a hand that will play better at spades than at no-trump. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: 4AQ982 VQ765 *KU2 +2 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Juion Meeting Sel Members of Local 568, Iron Vorkers Union-(AKJj)', will meet Saturday at 8 p. in, at tiie Labor "emple nn South Liberty Street. The executive board will meet at p. m. Former Area Minister Will Give Mission Jiev. Carl Harman. formerly of Accident and now of Glen Ellyn Ill.< will (jive a mission festival at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday al 8 a. m. and 10:45 a. m. • Rev. Mr. Ilannan is a graduate of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. lie began his work in the Ministry in Hales Corners, Wis.. where he established Hales Cor- lers Lutheran Church which has ;ince grown to a large congrcga- ion. He also opened another mission congregation in a nearby city. A few years later he accepted a call to. his present charge. Grace Lutheran Church, Glen Ellyn. A •ear ago his congregation ccle- iraled his 25lh year in (he minis- ry. After his graduation from the eminary he married Miss Mildred iocmming of Milwaukee, Wis. Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Harman have wo sons and one daughter. Their ildest son graduated from Concor- lia Teachers College, Kiver Forest, 11., last June and is now teaching n Springfield, 111. Their daughter s attending Valparaiso University, 'alparaiso, Ind., and the younger :on is in high school. Rev. Mr. Harman is the co- tuthor of. a book, "The Vital Facts if Life." He and Mrs. Harman will visit datives in Accident, and a sister, Irs. Albert Kiiffner, Shades Lane", Rev. Mr. Harman will speak al ioth services on Sunday morning n the theme — "The Captive Vorld- and Its Deliverer." The ervice will be. in charge of the Mary II a worth** Mail Keillor 1 ! Nolc: Allc-r 32 ytar«' marriage, wife womlei-s whether lo leave tier uiilovliiK Mwboncl. DliAIt MAHY HA WORTH: I can't decide whether .lo insist upon separation from my husband — whose attitude is "You are stuck with me and you'll stay that way." Dnce when 1 said "Our marriage s a failure," he replied: "I don't see that; our home is paid for and we have money in the bank." And :ie would say nothing further. We have been married 32 years and have raised a daughter and win .sons. In recent years the children have given me spontaneous unsolicited advice (several times) o separate from dad. . . We had been married away first, he will advertise for a wife! He .has no friends and can't keep any. . . Is it dependency and financial considerations that hold us ..together? 'Jlc would object to divld; ing properly - or income, because we can live more economically together than, apart. U all comes down lo this: if two people arc unhappy together, and one doesn't want a separation, is the other, justified .in 'demanding I don't want to take .a step which would cause me guilt feelings later. ... I will appreciate your comment. • • — K. B. iaslor' of Trinity 1 Church, Rev. Wagner. G. •The General Sherman, big tree n,Sequoia National Park. Calif., s 115 feet in circumference and 173 feet iii height. CSMC Unit To Meet A meeting, of Lurana 'Veterans Unit, CSMC, will be held today at 8:30 p. m. at the home of Airs. Georgia DeArcangelis, 216 - Cumberland Street. . ' . . The capital city of India's Punjab is called Chandigarh for. Chandi, goddess of power. . " •ears and had our firsl child wl: first admitted to myself and Ray that 1 didn't love him. 1 h vanted'a home and children a ie was a Vgood" man who wanl me, so I -had' persuaded myself oved him, when actually I was ove with the idea of marriage. When I told him the truth he sa not a word about it, then or sine ind in fact seems unable lo d :uss anything pertaining to hum •elations. . . I suggested separation and off* 2d to support myself and the chi, ' he said 1 couldn't lake h rom Ihe home he provided; Ih ie would fight me through eve court in tiie land if need be. I couldn't desert her, so dccid to make the best of a bad situ tion. He seemed not to care that was unhappy. - His first wife Ie him—he had been much in lo with her, he once told me. Has A'o Friends; Can't Keep Any I. believe he was looking for mother and housekeeper when married me. He lias always callt me Mom and refers to me as "t wife." He once said: "All the is to marriage is, you keep hou For me and 1 work for you." The lias been''no intimacy' between for years. He has said if 1 pa iSiiitnble Case [hm \l'or BE Your Brother's Keeper Stop Accidents' HIGHEST OCTANE PERFORMANCE! You're building up to a new high in power when you put today's T^dol Flying -A- Ethyl in your,tank. You'll feel its quicker response to the starter, its .eager takeoff, its smoother purr on the highway. And when you team this great gasoline with new Veedol 10-30 Motor .Oil, the build-up is complete. You'll get Highest Octane Performance...greater gasoline mileage! Drive in today at your friendly Flying -A- Dealer's. TtDC WATVtt R. E. Jones — Distributor Hancock, Maryland P. 0. Box 236-Telephone: Orchard 8-6366 DEAR E. 'B.: this is a depressing picture of .masculine meanness in double harness. Obviously your husband has callously, even mockingly, evoked and enforced an atmosphere of hateful stress. You, say the- "frustrating, irritating" married situation is upsetting your health; your digestion is always disturbed.and doctors claim the cause is emotional. So the won dermcnt is. why have you stayei on. perennially, you do? Studying,the story, it seeSis tc me the only positive (or good) reason, for remaining .with Ray, all things considered, would be out of compassionate' concern for his welfare—because:he does feel helpless need ; of -a woman's care, even though he spitefully uses the opposite sex. ' . His manifest resentment of womankind includes his .own daugh- ter,-.wlibiii lie always belittled, you say-^-and who hates his bad manners' and-'cordially, dislikes him, in consequence. In all the years you've been liv- ng (if one'can call it living) with Ray, he has been a suitable candidate for' psychiatric help. As you've sensed, he hasn't wanted a innafide marriage partner—only a Mom-type housekeeper, who was Lo be punished insidiously, as a lymbol of the'sex who "done him wrong" in. his cradle days. Presumably he exercised the same compulsion in relation to his first wife, who properly refused lo pul up with it and left him. Man Has Cheated Himself And Wljp. Very likely your disposition towards him was, hopefully fond al he start of your marriage. But he, •mining true to form, made it im- lossible for ardent affection to lourish—so that eventually you do- :ided you never had loved him. He :lieated himself of your love, and :olossally cheated your nature as veil—then slyly let you plead ;uilty of shortchanging him. As to whether lo separate or not. hat is a question which you must lecide. Others can't serve you as irophet or conscience in the mat- To reach a constructive decision, p ou first muct achieve some real nsight into the nature of your al- achment to Ray. "Know the truth, nd the truth shall make you free" —the ancients said. Free, that is. lo do the rigl hing. My advice is to explore th lory firsthand with a specialis human relations. M. H. Mary Hau-orlh cmiimta throitph her column, not by mail or r*rional interview. Write to her In 'care of The Evening Times. islrtbuted by King Fei The English first used cotton t lake candlewicks. It'i fintiti Utility Bur ....Mjljlti Wctttrn Maryland Distributing Co, JAMES- r, IROWNING R«or 26-30 NoMh Gtiorgt Strut nbtil.nd, Md. rhon. PArkviiw 2-1050 YOBI r IIorosropr SEEKING NURSES — Here to interest qualified ' registered nurses for service in (he Air Force ,". Nurses'."Corps is" Capt. Frances ,Aragon, who is. in charge of that'procurement in this recruiting area. She will be at the Fort Cumberland Hotel tonight and at the Air Force recruiting station in the Cumberland Post Office tomor- ,row for* interviews Look In tlic section in uhtdi your With tiny comes tutcl Uiul what your outlook Is, euoidiniijo the Slavs. • • Fur Frlil*) 1 . October II. 1U35 MARCH'a to AI'KIL 20'<Aik'6)—Sonu friendly .rays illiujcr from'.ycslenlny uul tin- day' on tlie whule niuy be dull. You will have to gel inspiration and stimulus from within yourself to uchiuvc «atts- [actory results. .' * AI'IUU 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Your Venus' position stresses a nerd for c;iu- tion •-in' both family and business In- lercsts'— but no harmful worry or fear. Chin UP! We often sain mortvftrc happier .-when we have lo work harder for 'csuUs* , •• MAY. 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Mercury's . fine aspect of yesterday leave: some good rays thouRh they arc no quite as.blimiilatlng. You may have U study'more, think and plan harder to sain your objectives. Effort will win wanl. . JOKE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Unless L'vv undertakings nre "IniiiciMtivc. try lo finish things already • started. But no ask or proposition should lie shunted iside'just because U Is difficult or a challenge. THY. .JULY. 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Mildly friendly influences linger from yesterday but caution jnusl be stressed Jest you vicld to restlessness or over-confidence about methods, procedure. Take your lime with iww, unfamiliar matters. AUGUST'23 to SF.PTEMBliU 23 (Virgin-Similar indication* now to Oemlni and Leo.. If possible, finish incomnleti'd tasks before starting .new ones, unless tlic tatter arc imperative. Rest, too. SEPTEMBER 2^ to OCTOBER 23 (Libra)— You.are in the same boat with Taurus. How you mnnage,.hnw you react to orders, hew duties, etc. will greatly de- termine the harvest you reap tt the end of (he day. Try cheerfully. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER W<Scor. tilo>-Mars anil Saturn arc mildly favor- n hie but it may not be *n entirely ««iy day for bit: attainment or financial xalnt. it en n be a productive, fnirly profitable one, however, wilh YOUR help. 1 ? NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 3J (SaRlttarius)-A slow and perhapi tricky ?riod. lie watchful. Keen and don't de. ..iand loo much of yourself .or otheri. IJctter finish up present tn»ks', bcfort line new projects. DECEMBER 23 10 JANUARY 21 (Cap. rlrorn)—A fairly promising day, although difficult tasks and activities, will need,- vour full attention, perhaps more study! 'mil care than usual. But don't worry; 10 ihend will) faith and confidence. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUAHY 20 (Aquarius)—Your Uranus* position now warns of- pointless shifting in; plant or risking assets Just tor want of change. Heed this advice and you can have * iallsfnt'torv, pleasant day. FEBRUARY 21 to AIAKCH 20 (Pisces) -Strictly confidential matters should be handled carefully. Day can -yield" good returns throuch right procedure, • sound management. YOU HORN TODAY are amiable, fond of beauty and nature, innately Just, fair, charitable and kii\d.. You may have to guard against ftting to extremes. Control uoods and curb a tendency to over-s3n* silivepess. You have a fine sense of ' values, arc appreciative of the finer hinsss in We an ^ can accomplish'a great leal In trade, industry, art, teaching, in anvthinff you take up seriously as your ife's work or as an avocation. Dlrthdate; Dwiglit O. Eisenhower, IT. S. Prea.j Wm. 'enn, founder of Pennsylvania. (Copyright, 1935 ' Kind Features Syndicate. Ine.V ' SCHWA N B A C H ' S SELECTION: the largest VALUE: the greatest! There's no doubt about it, Schw,-ir7.enb.ach's has the Instate area's largest and finest selection of topcoats in every price range. Because of this vast selection yon can .choose a handsome coat (ty/eeds, coverts, gabardines) at a price that is best for your fall budget. Quality, style, color, fabric . . . you will get them all in Schwarzenbach's topcoats!" " ' *45 '55° '65 '79 I 5Q Tiie fabulous Irish Walker styled by Kuppenheimer. ,-- Handsome Clipper Craft OU tweeds . . . durable, colorful. Famous smarlly-styled Varsity Town Hunting Ridge . Tweeds. QQ Fashionable and luxurious royal and Venetian 'coverts. BUY ON DIVIDED PAYMENTS: In October ; Vb In. November !/3 In December

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