Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 10
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'BUY Btmi DC AMZ«' uoti JPAILT nttm-raoM. AXM. IOWA, THTHWDAY, JULY n, T— Work faa*I« TWO NEW DRIVERS PUT ON today. If you are milted or the work is not don$ properly please phone me at 2091 and we'll make a special pick up. In a *tek the service will be normal. Anjes Garbage co. Lew Cole. DRIVING NEW CHRYSLER 8E- dan to California. Leaving Aug. 1. Would like 2 or 8 passengers to share, expenses. Write Everett Pearson. Nevada^ ; I 4—«tt4y*d, LoM, F«m»d I LOST: PARK3R FOUNTAIN PEN. Owners signature on barrel. Reward. Student .Supply Store. •^^a^^ _ ; __ . jWANTTfiD: GENERAL HOtfftE *o.-k of all kinds. Qooc cltaa *«* guaranteed, noth uptown and fourth ward, 25c pir hour. Call 2034. HtfiLKLES AND HIS FRIENDS £7 Into the Mountains! By 81 x PULL r >**»* . S16WTS! /WC we»MOoco NAMV KAV§ OUCKSO t UKl THIS «ACK ) FLAMK . PLXTFOffM. y\ 00 TH ftOtXM* WANTJBD; POSITION AS CUBJIK or wttitres* u, ttor*, rfitalirani or soria fountain Bxp»rt*ne*. B*it of references. Call 2S8-W. S—A»ctJoii Stile* WANTED: COMPETENT 8T»- nographer wants full or part time work, 258-W. Work Wanted. Male YOUR CAR WASHED AND POlr iabed, (duco) 11.00. Call 1«7-W. AUCTION FRIDAY. 116 HYLAND street, 2 p. m. A large bin of furnUure .of most all kind, including kitchen, cabinet, beds, thairs, tables, ice box, book case, baby bed,. tools and dozens of articles aot lisiad. If you need an extra pie<;e of furniture don't fall to attend. Sflygcrjt Allen, auctioneers. 31—JTarni Machinery for FOR SALE: N8ARLT frEW CORN planter ana two cnltlvatSra. Phone 1\t i*tttt,!rr«clu for Sale 1 1931 RumbI»_« M t FORD ROADSTER FOR BALE: CORN, CABBAGE, tomatoes, carrots, beets, onion», spiBAch, pepper, dill. Jensws Gardens. Phone 1770. CH01CB 80RTBD CUCUMBEBS. Phone 24F6. ; $195 1829 Ford 1928 Whippet _ 1927 Oldimobile 1925 Maxwell .. Coach Sedan ^___ Coach Coach OPEN EVENINGS W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth—Dodgt—Oldsmoblle Phtnt 35—Am»» 414 Main St. 1926 Chrysler Coach $50 1930 Chevrolet Sedan with trunk. — Coach Sedan — Coupe Sedans —_Truck 1929 Chevrolet 3929 Hudson 1930 Pontlac 2—1926 Chevrolet 1931 International SPRAYED, HAND PICKED DUCH- ess apples f 1.25 .backet »4 mile south Ontario. FOR SALE: SPRATED, HAND picked, transparent, 4« Jb, bushel 63P3. DUCHESS APPLES. DELIVM11JD Phone 743-J. THRUST TlMt I CAME UP HUE. I CAME IN AN ~ G6f, IT WELL, f H THIS. LOOK XT ALL THE. SC6NERV YOU SEE FROM A TRAIN. HtV: WHAT HAPPENED? ??< £ \ ^caff5=rv>?» ^V* The Shore Wins! By Cowan M»MOlt>Wff AGUSTA, 11 iwi, .cowt Today's Markets by local PEACHES FOR CANNING. IdBlTH Fruit Store. •-,- • CALL466J Apartments and housM, close to college, clean neat, coayealent. prictd rlf bt Cnaa. Miller, 112 Haywood Art. PIANO FOR SALE, PHONE 1465-J. 75— For iate, Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers f'hone 395 5th £ Douglas LINCOLN SEDAN Very good, cheap '31 Buick coupe, like new. '28 Durant 75 sedan, reasonable. International pickup truck, new, big discount MAX DtflTCH'ATJTO IICH. Phone 1000 . 123 6th See These Used Car Bargains , Before You Boy! '29 Ford Sport Coupe $145 '29 Willys-Knight -Coach. $135 '25 Hudson Coach _^__j__i_j:f65' Mathison Motor Co. SEE THE NEW PLYMOUTH AT Cliff Roberson Garage Phona 34 15 Good Lawn and Porch Chairs 75c to $2 3 good used roll top and flat top desks _ |6J5 to $9.75 Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. Phone MS % . VERY BEAUTIFUL FOUR ROOM »Ft Beat location, Strio^ private. Furnished or unfurfiiibed. la- 4ulf« 705 Clark. . TWO FURNISHED APARTilENTfe /w}th garafes. 939-W. THREE ROOM APARTMENT. 622 Kellogg; DESIRABLE THREE ROOk APT •4—ftome. for K*M FOR SALE: COMPLETE CAMP trailer with portable Idtchen, stove, ice box, tent, beds, etc. Call 1275. FOR SALE: BEETfi FOR CAN- aing, $1.00 bushel, also rhubarb d dills. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. PARTLY MODERN", HOUSE Fourth ward, $15.. Phone ONE HOUSE AND TWO TURN- ished apartments. 1B84-W, APARTMENT. CLOWE CAMPUS. Phonb 953-J. - CHICAGO <ttE)—Livestock: ' • HOGS:, .li.OOd, Including- 4,$0 directs. Moatly 4 to lOc higher. 20 to 300 ibs., $4.S5@$4.75, lop $4.80 170 to 190 Ibs., |4.50@$4.75. Pig and light lights $3.25@$4.50. Pack Ing sows |S.75@$4.15. Light light 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice $l.S5@jf.50; light weight, 180 tc ZOO, Ibs., .toed and choice, «4.35@ f4.7$; nltidtiim, weight, 200 to 25C Ibs., good-fend choice, f4.70@j4.80 heavy weight. 250 to;356 H>s,, good and choice,-$4.60©$4.76; -packing »*»"s,'275 do 550 ibs,, medium »n< good |$.60tJ)j4;2$;- slaughter pigs 100 to 180- lb»., good and choice FORD "A" '29 FORDOR SEDAN. Good condition; roll top desk, guncamp, tennis racket -with drees. John Sharf. 926-J. »—W.m*d to JUAt, YOUNG COUPLfi WAA'TS TO rent 3 rdon» u|ifurnish4d apartment Jtbout Aug. 15. Close in. Reasonable. Writt 2649 Tribune. MAYTAG ELECTRIC WASHEP, complete Simmons single bed. John A. Day, 217 Ash. Phone 772. 7—Auto Repairs WE FIX THEM OR They Can't Be Fixed t Morrison's Garage 323 Llnct inway Phone 910 FOR SALE: "IDEAL" WATER softener. Phone 2476. FOR SALE: ACORN GAS RANGE Phont 1055-J. T»—Poultry for Sale WANTED: A 4 t»R 5 ROOM house Sept 1st, Nt, 4tb\ ward 2ffSfi >»PP Tribune. FOR SALE OR TRADE: TEN acre fruit and track land located in Marten county. Ha., close to good towa. Will sell reasonable or will consider trafie.<—Oliver F. Kellogg 913 Duff Ames. POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS White Rock fries .'.20c per ID. Young fat hens ...14e. '"• * Our poultry ,1s ru'lk fed, dresised and drawn in a sanitary manner. Woodland farms; Phone 435. WHITE ROCK PRI^S.'MILK FED I 2% to 4 pounds. No charge for dressing and delivery. Phone 371-J. IS—Beauty Serrice RINGLET CROQUIGNOLE PER- manents. 2.50. Allene's Beauty Shoppe, 822^ Main. Phone 427. 100—Wanted to Rent, WANTED: TO'MKA'r Jf'AKii. ISO indebtedness, -eVerythlng clear. Write C. W. care «f.Tribune. I PRODUCE CATTLE: 5,000, calves 2,500 Strictly good and choice fed steers and yearlings fully steady; Moderate grades predominating,- slow steady, not much beef in run. Bulk oi steers- of value t£ sell at ?5.50 @$6.50. Yearling heifers slow and WeairotHer filling. Classes mostly steady. Vealeri steady, largely at |5.25@$6:00 *{'th selects $6.50 and tetter. Slaughter cattle arid vealers: Ste v ers, 550 to 900 Ibs.. good arid choice, $5.50@$7.25; 900 to 1100 Ibs, good and choice. $5.50® ?7.26; ilOO to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, |5.75@«7.40; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good.and. choice, ^Jo(g!$7.40; 550 a to i860-IBs./ coinimpn 4nd me- f™.™ JB.|5p$5-7'5; Heifers, 550 to jBO.'IbAv'god^-aad choice, |5.?5@ $.4.25;' conitnofi : a'nd medium $'3.25ffi) '•fS.25.'/ Cows', ' good, |3.75<S)S4.75; (Summon aad medium.J2.75@S3.75; low cutter aid cutter, {1,75@$2,75. Bulls - (yearlings ei .luded) good ('beef) ^13,25@?4.00; cnfter. com- fnon anfi medium -" $2.75@$3.7S. Vealers, good and choice, §5.50@ 16.50; medium |5.00@|5.50; cul and common, |3.t5@'$5.00. Stocke and feeder cattle: fitters, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.50@ $5.75; common and medium $3.0C @?4-50. STEERS: 7,000. Fat lambs most ly steadr, but inbetween, and lowe grades under pressure. Throwouts 25c and more Jower. City birtchers and traders buying at $S.25@|8.35 bulk to packers at $8.00 downward Slaughter sheep and Inmbsr Lambs 80 Ibs. down, good and Choice $7.0< ""$8.35; common and medium $4.0< _J7.00; 90 to- 98 Ibs., good and choice, *L25@$2.75; 98 to 110 Ibs good and choice, $1.00@$1.75. CHICAGO OLE)—Grai» range: Open High Low Close WHEAT: , •May 113 115 110% 114% July 102 104 1QO 104 Sept 103^ 107 & 106% 107 Dec. 107% . 110% i06i4 110% CORN: May 72%- 73 70^4 72 July 56 57 551^ 57 Sept. 59 61% 60 Dec. 66% , 67% 65 66»4 OATS: ay, 53^,4 53% 51% 53^ uly 43% 43% 43% 43% 5ept 44% 45% 43% 45%' Dec. 49 4914 47H 49% RYE: May 94 95% 91 95 uly ' SI' >t- 82 84 79% 83 Dec. S6% 89% 85 88% BARLEY: ] y - 65% ept 65% 6S 65% 68 ~ ••• 70 73 70^4 7214 Famous Westerner MILK FED BARRED ROCK spring fries, ;% Ibs, 22c Ib dressed and delivered Phone 48F2 I 18—B«alaess Serrice Offered Furnaces Cleaned! Let us clean your furnace n with our new. Super Suction System. Guaranteed satisfaction at a low cost. Phone 662 A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop 119 E. Seventh 8*—Housekeeping Rooms FOR RENT: TWO FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping. 958-W. ' ' " W—Rooms WiUiont Board MODERN SLEEPING -ROOM. Board if desired. Phone 920. ROOM AND KITCHENETTE, $8. 1346-J. « Upholstering Refinishing Repairing Little Furniture Shop Phone 114—231% Main Plumbing — Heating arid Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEWFURNACEST Gen. furnace repair work Furnaces vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work F. A. Gould Phone 527-J 312 Maln st 80^—Apartmente, Flats TWO APARTMENTS, FURNISH- ed and unfurnished, frefchly decorated, private entrance. Ideal for adults. Phone 2403-J. CHICAGO OLE)—Prodiice;'-\ EGGS: Market unsettled, prices i unchanged; receipts 8,H4tcases; extra firsts 13i4JS)i3%; flrste i2% @13%; current receipts li@il%; dirties 9%.- " BUTTER: Market unsettled, prices % to l^c lower; reifipts 13,875 tubs; specials 21?i@22%; extra* 21%; iextra fi«ts J0%.@21; firsts 1'9'%'4B>$0%4;- secenaR 18@19; standards £L%. .' . ; '.'"?''1:* : POULTRY:^Market'steady; receipts 33 tfucks; fowls 10@I1; springers 11; leghorns S%; ducks 7@10;. geese 7@9; turkeys 10@11; roosters 7; le|hera b'roilers 11% @17. CHEESE: Twins, 13%@13%; Longhorns l<@14Vi. POTATOES: On track 263; ar v rivals 52; sfiipftents 272; market dull. FIVE ROOM FURNISHED. MOD- ern bungalow. Summei rates. 4 room modern house. , Write 2625 Tribune. TWO OR THREE ROOM MOD- ern apartment Refurnished and redecorated. 208 West Lincoln way. CHOICE FURNISHED 2 AND 3 room apartments. WelJ located. 520 Crawford. Phone 733-W. Answers to Test Questions APARTMENTS AND MODERN bungalow for rent Little Brotjj. era. 322 Main Pbone 198. C. E. SUCHER Paitits and Papers Contracting Phone 1482-J 7$6 Carroll AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE. Phone 2061. 27—U'ork Wanted. Female I NCED HIGH SCHOOL graduate wants house work. SOS4-W. ' FOR RENT: MODERN 5 ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Near college. Phone 1639-J. COOL FIRST FLOOR APART- 'ment. Private entrance. 302 Lincoln way. Below are th« answer* to the test questions printed on pig* o««, 1. James G. Elaine. 2. Hawaii,... 3. The letter "e." 4. Mexico 5. That is the former name of the Hawaiian Islaads. . • •• 6. By fermentation of alcoholic products. 7. Whales are mammals. 8. Ireland. 9. In 1E56? 10. Leader of a famous insurr«c- MgJLJiLKent, Ejngl^nd. in I- Woman in the picture iafoi .revolve "W Rowing iniple- ' nie'nt. t5 NoJsy. t7,W||i. helped this woman acfitere'farne? ISThe picturea • lady is the j. owriei of a : -T—. station? ^0 Southeast 22 Bone ^By-product of smoke. 26 To meditate JS Average. 29 Indian. « Chaos. S2 Toward. iSWtne vessel UTo u-ander 16 Foretoken. « A barbarian ' Answer to ' f Previous Puzzle 11 To sin. <2To bow 13 You and me. 4fcTo mak« lace. 47 Era. 45Morindln dye 49 Monkey 51 Narrow opening 55 Silkworm. 56 To respond to a stimulus. 5S Crowning tuft. 59 Stone. 61 Follows. 63 One .-over- solicitous! about hicety in Speech. 64 Rubbish. IS Panel with a sculptured rosette. VERTICAL 2 Neuter pronoun. 3*Not speaking. 4 Ages. 5 Half an em. <5 Ditch. 7 Low vulgar fellow. 3 Formally neat. 9 Deity. 10 June flower. 11 To woo. 12 Natural power. II What gospel doas the lady of the picture advocate? 18 To stir up. 19 Exterior. 21 What is the lady of the picture? 2a Portico. j 25 Upon. 127 Therefore. 28 Prayer's last word. 30 Roof's edge. 33 In the middle. 35 Market. 36 Indian .In Oklahoma. 38 A term often applied to a dishonest roan In political office. 40 She is the head of —— Temple? 44 To squander. 46 Seventh note. 47 Measure, 45 To ascend. 50 To relieve. 52 Street (abbr.). 53 Turf. 64 Above. 55 Poem. 57 Young bear. 60 Constellation. 62 Note in scale. 63 Italian river No. 2 corn 43c Ear corn 41c Oats Hogs ....' $4.00 Cream, sweet 24c Cream, sour 22c Eggs, No. 1 13c Eggs, No. 2 8c Heavy hens • , Sc Leghorn springs 7c Heavy springs ll-12c All roosters ., 4c _<*, New York Stocks Clbte Today NEW YORK-<EE> — Following are Thursday's closing bids OB the New York stock exchange: American Can 87 American Locomotive 27^4 American T. and T 125% American Tobacco B 85 Anaconda Atchisbn, T. & S: F .'." Bethlehem Steel 4314 C. & N. W. Com 11% Chrysler .2414 Corn Products .. .... . ..7S^i DpPont 72 General Electric 24% General Motdr^ 31 International Harvester .... .351/4 Montgomery Ward 22 N T ew York Central ,..'.'. 4414 Pennsylvania R. R ... 35% Sears-Roebuck , 31534 Standard Oil Of N. J 39 Studebaker .'..Ifi'i [J. S. Rubber .." 20% U. S. .Steel ' .....;..55 Westinghous- Electric 45 Standard Oil of Ind ...Vso\£ Cities Service .... -.3% —jfy. _• Poison Didn't Phase Martha ST. LOUIS OLE) - Martha, inane elephant at the municipal oo, had to be shot to death-after a. dose of poison, strong enough to ':ill 60 persons, failed to affest ;er. DBS MOINES <UJ») — The Iowa Warehousemen's association Thursday petitioned the state railway commission for a reduction of Iowa truck, rates. The petition was (filed by Charles Dragoun. Ames. The rates on loads exceeding 6,000 pounds and on trips of more than 105 miles have proved to be too high In proportion to other rates, the petition contends. The carriers last y-ar proposed the present uniform rates on household goods, which rates the commission accepted and these were the first uniform rates covering the entire state. Kidnaper Found Guilty; Jurors Recommend Death KANSAS CITY. (GUI—Walter H. McGte* was found guilty Thursday on charges of kidnaping Miss Mary McElroy, daughter of City Manager-H. F. McElroy. Jurors recommended death, the maximum, penalty for kidnaping under Missouri law. ON UNIVERSITY BOARD CHICAGO, OJJ>) — Election 'of James Henderson Douglas, jr., former fiscal assists nt secretary of he United States treasury, to the >oard of trustees of University of Chicago was announced Thursday. Douglas was born In Cedar Rap- ds. AMBS PLEDGES NBA CODE DRIVE SUPPORT (Continued from Page One) committee, there was open discussion of- general phases of the recovery act and of codes. A proposal was voiced for organization of a local consumers fagne which would generate Htev- rage to force local business louses to adhere to code practices | under threat of boycott This proposal did not meet with general approval of the group, however, and there was some sharp criticism of boycotting as a means of expresses popular sentiment. Groups Watch Members It also was explained the national recovery act provides penalties for code violations, and furthermore that the various commercial and industrial groups would exert great Influence, to "keep in line" members in. their different groups who might refuse to accept the .particular codes governing their businesses. Postmaster L. C. Tilden told the group that h« expected to receive not later than Thursday the blank forms of agreement under the blanket code whfch postmasters thruout the country are commissioned to distribute to all employers of labor. He said these forms would he distributed to all employers within the Ames postal territory at once, and that the distribution would be completed before Saturday, in accordance with his orders from Washington. Unemployment, in County Miss Helen Crawford, executive secretary of th« Social Service league, read a summary of unemployment in the county, showing the number of unemployed persons in each trade and profession who had applied for federal relief thru the league- during the past winter,and spring. She said that the highest number of unemployed persona seeking R. F. C. work relief at any one time was 456, of which a little more than one-third resided In Ames. She said this did not represent the entire unemployment problem by any- means, but Included only those who had applied for aid. ' After .the personaal of the executive committee was approved and the message to General Johnson ordered, the meeting adjourned. The Ames campaign now await* further instructions from Washington, and just as quickly as such instructions are received, the executive committee will take immediate steps to carry them out WE ARE 100% BEHIND PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S RECOVERY PLAN NICELY FURNISHED 8 ROOM apartment Suouner rates. 522 Burnett NEWLY DECORATED KITCHEN- ette apartment. $12, 475-W. APARTMENT, EITHER FLOOR THREE KOOM UNFURNISHED apartment. 622 Doi.jlas. Call 1809. PUBLICATION NOTICE TO Bl06|fts Bids will be reWve<f by G. H. Hostetter, RoUts t, Nevada, l6wa, Secretary of North Qr>at Cohioli, dated School for s<*ho«! bus drjver» for North Grant ConsoHdated School until August 8, 1>S8. G. H. Hostetter, Secretary Published In Ames pally T " ' Times July 25. 26, 27, 1883. READ THE WANTS Bonded! Even aqainst your own carelessness The Federal Tire Guarantee Bond protects you — even when the trouble results from such downright tire abuse as faulty brakes, under-inflation or wheels out of line. Think of it! Federal tires are so good that the maker guarantees your tire dollars. and all at NO EXTRA COST COVERS Cats [Bralces Uader>Inflation Blow-outs Wnecls oat of line 13-Plate Battery Guaranteed (Exchange) 29x4.40 as low as $3.45 $J.9S For Extra Service FEDERAL •• —• — Dahl Tire Shop 412 MAIN PHONE 560-W

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