The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 3, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 10
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B?"£*'r 10 THE , JANUARY 3, 1033 EDUCATIONAL* CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON ANIMALS' SUCK AS ctoOSARS, LYNX AND . EVEN BEABS, VERY OFTEN LOSE THEIR LNES AS A RESOLT OF AN ATTACK ON A LOWLY QUILLS LODGE IM THE ANIMALS AtoOTH SWE.U.IN6 rr TO A SIZE THAT MAKES EATING IMPOSSIBLE ,4^0 THE VICTIA\ STARVES TO DEATH. WMOUTH.ROCK CHICK© BLACK ONTIUTHEV LOSE THritt DOWN. THE COAT or FEATHERS IS RARRB0 WITH «5RAY- VIHITE AN0 SLOE- BLACK.. « INK n NU Mmncc, me. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "HI* mother worries about him, but I tell her he must be all right or he would write us for eome money." THE TINYMITES By HAL COGHRAN (BKAD THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) rrvOE bird that Coppy lassoed wan A mad at the Tlnymltea because It didn't like to have a piece of rope around Its neck. All of a sudden It 6-svooped high and Duncy shouted, "Me, oh roy! If this keeps up much longer our fine plane will be a wreck." Then Windy, who was drlvlne, said, "Oh, no! Here's where I use my head. I'll head the plnne down toward the earth and Jerk tho bird around. "The plane Is strong tnough, T guess, to pull us out of this fine mess. Don't worry, lads. I will not let the plane fall to tho ground." » « * The next thing that the Tlnies knew, wee Windy pulled a trick or two that quite surprised the funny bird, and It .began to Hhrlelt! Said Duncy "I have had enough! 1 do not llke v thls crazy stuff. When we whiz down it takes my breath and [ can hardly speak." Then Cnppy hud ti happy thought. Bald he. (Plttuni ky Klin) t was the one who caught " " will uuiu no. 4 nna niw wuv TV 41 v the bird with my long lasso. I let go of the rope. "The bird, Bra Bure. will fly away, unless it thinks thle all play. In just about a minute we'll oe safe and sound, I hope." • • » Ills plan worked out just as ho wished. The bird, when loose, just whirled and swished around a bit. Then off It went. The Tlnies cried, "Good by." Soon Scouty shouted, "Look below! ' 'unny let'.s I tec a place I'd like to go. A funny man'u down there. • Coino on, ' " drop out of th« sky." "Okay!" cried Windy. "Hang on tight and everything will bo all right. I Know just how to land the piano ao It will not upset." THE GUMPS sHUMOROUS OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS W/MT ! 1 HAlWT OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN HAVE IT YOUR, OVVN WAY, BUT I SAY YOLfRE WftONG: y ( SINCE YOU HAVE ANV CHUMP KNOWS S £ N&VEH BtEN TO TA'PIOCA IS A iC JAVA YOU KNOW KfcftNALTHAT SROVYS ) NOTH1N6 ABOUT ON A COB, UK.E COHNf-*-L'VE »T HUNTJREDS OF AAV UNCLfc MAT5 TWENTY ACItES LAIT3 ^ OUT IN THAT TAPlOtA, THE CULTIVATION OF TAPIOCA/ TAlF VOCA ON -BUSHESIN WO. U. ». PAT. OfT. B 1»39 BY IMM blnVKti INC. On Their Merry Way By SIDNEY SMITH LOT NO TMEY .SOME. » &ET ANY MONEY\ V*M4T TO MAKE >N»TH VIC MU«T BB VERY CARE FOU-DEAR- >NATCM EVERY PENNY — MR. QOAMN6T- > PORPOUEWY l>»t» NOT H/CT TRA«N \NE WO « ARRWE u» OR AT VVJHAT STATION I WAVE A REASON »»OR. NOT LETTING HIAA KNOW — OM.NO- VlKKE NOT A. BIT E't MOTMER , UU«T BEEN RECEIVED IT WA* 90 KIND OF HIM TO . yVOLUt AV4 TO STOP ANt> VISIT- BUY. WMAT THEY 0%B FOR MONEY f » VlMEN B)A\ LEFT TMEY A CHEAP ROOA\ BY WATCHINfr TNC PENNIES TMEY HAVE tlUST EKOIXS4 LEFT VrfllX THEY UVS \NMEN TMEY 6*T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . Look Out Willie By MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Westward Ho! ByBLOSSER FALLING CAUSEP UMCLE . HABBV TO DECIDE LEAVING AT 600PBVES HAVE BEEM AMP,' IT, UNCLE HARRY; 'BILLY BOVJLECS FHECkLES ARC OFP .'! DON'T Like BILLY NO-ALVWAVS GIVES ME TH' JITTERS ANOTHER SIX MOORS THIS VNILL BE A SKATIK1S ... BUT IW A FEVJ HOURS POMTOONS VWILL BE PICKUED AM7H TH' 8RIWE OF TROPIC SEAS... AVE...AYE THE NEWFANGLES (Moin'n Pop) Just in Fun! SUCAP, VOOP WNNEPS F ALWAVS L.OOK UKE /^ A MILLION T'ME. , SWEET HCAPT! WHAT'S THE WA5TTCP? V WAS ONUV A* A MATVW? OF FACT.m TAST6S DOESN'T IT LOOK GPAND *> CUT 1 COOKED EVERYTHING I XOU SI7ZLED ON THE UTTLE ELECTRIC / TMIS STEAK STOVE MOM'WPOP GIHt. J W ELECTRICITY HE FOP CMBI6TMAS WEU..TAWE \T BACK AND GIVE »T ANOTHEP SHOCK And then they landed, with a sigh. Tho man they'd seen was right nenr- Hohus it Brent bit net." iPT RIGHT CELLOPHANE \ . v

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