Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 30
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 30

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 30
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DUI PA-2-4MO for t WANT AD Tik« EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 •TWENTY-gEVEN J»—M«V Hit* Woiittf YOUNG MAN, mtn'l .-wear.,- Study foilllon.. Write Box '7J1-A. c/o'iTlmei Newi, giv. age, fxpetieawe. reference! iOVS,. white, in 14.'UP; work . altc: . * school «ixl Saturdays. Earn itbout 11.3 hr, Apply 3:39 to 3 l>, in.. Monday •' through Friday onlyi John Prultt. 2nd floor,. 1W s.' 8tr.allwood 81. • '. :• -: 4 HEN WITH CAB Neat Appearing T« Go. lii Builaeii for Thenilelvei -V Apply ' IK N.. Centre'St. , r : . 9-10-A. M. 31—Sitiiatioiii W*ntt<J EXPERIENCED , Personnel- - Technical, clerical, bookkeeping, lalei. Industrial nursing, household: Tri'StaU Employ ment, licensed. La.Vale, PA 4.1*2. MODEL Day Nursery, and child. Can m Center. Transportation furnished.\ChlId * ten 3 to «. Dial PA 2..4I16.- 32—Instruction! TRAIN FOU TODAY'S. . BEST PROFESSION . Our faat growing achool will accommo. 4aU a few. mort "Far-ieelng• atudenta Enroll today lor rail Claaae'i. TRI-STATE BEAUTY ACADEMY 114 VA. AVE. CUMBERLAND [>A-4.:iB|> 33—Muiieol Merchondite BKST BUY IN MUSIC FOR ANY K1RM MACNE-MUSIC, "PLANNED BY KUA ItUPPENTHAL'S, • 305 LIBERTY TRUST. •„ 34—Loit and Found Lost BHndle Boxer Dog . Phone PA 2-0580 . LOST- — . vlclnily Davidson St.,. ci purse containing . Community Chest money. Phone PA 2-2791. 35—Miscelloneom iEPTIC TANKS CIJSANED - Modem equipment. Bl-Stau DIapoflal Service. Writa or Phone Lonaconing 1IO-3-I401. Block Laying & Cemc? t Wort - PHONE PA-2-2699 GARLIT7. Home Improrement Co. Build- Ini Contractor. Johns-Manvllle Inselbrlc .Siding. Ftoofins. Block las-log. PA-4-02U. WELL DRILLING i3 m. exp. Modern steel equipment Pump Installations, Galvanized Cailog F. V. CARPENTER WEU DRILLING Co. P. 0. Box 352, Cumb. Ph. RE-8-9300. OUENTIN L. GRIFFEY • BUILDING CONTRACTOR EU.ErtSI.IE.' MD. PHONE PA-4-ZM2 REMODELING, Repairs, .New Building. Garases, Kooms Added. Attic*. Ctub Cellars. • FrarfK Burton, Building' Contractor. PA 2-4.B3. BUILDING AND -REMODELING Repairs of all kinds. ROLLINS CONSTRUCTION CO. RE1-»I1 ASPHALT PAVING. Driveways, sidewalks, parking areas. Power rolled. Free estimate. Phone PA MNJ. SMALL MOTOR REPAIRS AH makes Air-Cooled Motors 10 EAST STRKET DIAL PA 4-SW3 38—Moving, Storing AOENT MAYrLOWM CTANSIT CO. LOCAL. LONG DISTANCI MOVING KLAVUIUJ TRANSFER, CALL PA-4-OTO JOHN APPEL TRANSKH, LOCAL, LONG DISTANCE MOT1MO AGENT CHEW AN UNES. PHONE PA-H6H 47—Real btaU F«r Salt ; ' • Property '-" At 1153 Frederick Stv One house with, 3 bedrooms and modern garage apartment.. 187 (t, front. Apartment vacant Oct. 15th Write: E. Ai. Kirk, 105 Bellevuc Lane, Becklcy, VV. Va. Phdiie Beck- icy 9503. - * Upholsleruu. Drapery. Illp ranr k Dreaa. Fibrlci. afcrMis-M-Ordtr. CEO.. BRAGG, LaVALE. PH. PA-4-W11 4 ROOM brick house, 4 acres. ground. 15x50 chicken house. .Furnace, electric, water. 12 miles out Oldtown .Road SACpIKIC.E-6 room brick, 1 bedrooms, hardwood floors, lull basement, Venetian blinds, awnings. (11,500, . Call PA (-06(6 before 5. • FIVE HOOM BUNGALOW 15 Acres Ground Sprint. Gap, w. Va. Apply 37 Oak St. UPHOLSTERING 6 noOM house, part bath, hot- water furnace, nice let. fruit trees. Reduced 54(130. Corrfjativllle,' Md. W. O. Tetcr, PA 2-0278. Furmlt«r« Automebito • AUTO CONVERTIBLE TOPS : TRUCK SEATS TARPAULJNI HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNING* Gco. S. Warner. 1323 Va. AVI. PA-4-0774 FOR RENT or .Sale—4.000 . iq. ft. of Wareliouse Space locntcd near centrr of Cumberland on rail (Win*. Write: T.O Box 6, Cumberland, .Md. UPHOLSTERING John Troxcll, 222 Davidson SU PA-M991 5 ROO.M BUNGALOW llomewood Addition Apply Forrest Blley alter 3 p.m. LAVALE — 6 ROOM SEMI-BUNGALOW, BATH, FURNACE, CARACE. VERY OOOn LOT. OWNER SAYS SEIX FOR ON1.V $7,800. QPIB ANNAN, PA 2-773J MILES OUT, 7 ROOM FRAME. BATH. FURNACE, S ACRES. M.300. OPIE ANNAN, PA 2-7731. LOTS — n«nch home size or singles. Ga«, City water. Located upper LaVale. Dill PA 2.Q3H7. - "... WEST SIDE — 7 ROOM MODERN FRAME. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. VKRY -GOOD TERMS. OPIE ANNAN, PA 2-7733. Price. Reduced To $4,800 221 Oleason St.. Maplesklc, 6 rooms, hath, porches. lurnace. Lot loo x 242.' Acl ! Glen Watson. Phone PA 2-4040. MODERN 5 room brick. FrjlHldin Street. Finished attic. Tile .Bath,. Weather- stripped. Insulated. Garage.- Dial PA 4.1690. • . ,. . 312 Sprinxdale St., < bedroom sinile dwelling. Price JS.OOO. Terms. . Phone PA 2-6230. TO SETTLE ESTATE 543 Arnelt terrace two story, 6 rooms ind bath, brick anti sle dwellinn with enclosed sun porch, tir he»l with fias convcision burner. Apply: TRUST DEPT. ' .Liberty Trust Co. .. ROOr'INCJ.'. spoullni, sldln«,'' slits ' r pairs. Vlue ptlntlnK;. 3 .year* to p» Charles Atkinson, Phonel PA J-07H.. ROOFING. lIDlFfO,. PltlUu. ipwtlif. GtMril r», tCill Cumb. PA-i-MM, Hr^miiB . 71-B-*. rr-j. "- -'-- •ItllnierBiirkitt. tt'S HARD I* ftiesi what • property a uked car or any other used Item Is worth! but reading the want ads dally will .mako It easltr and mak« your v f uesxtl a : Ul . mort accurate. Read 'them and ust them (or your economic fceallh. • . 50—Upholst.ring Furniture Upholstering," Repairs Canvas (k Aluminum Awningi POSSELT 00 ,'.r» M< " 4 ' 131 Frederick St. 13 Vein IB City Phone. PA-2-1715 UPHOLSTERING Recovering and. retylu E. Brode Sii Greene PA-2-1190 51—Vacuum Gtaners VACUUM CLEANER Parti & Service PA-2-5070 1302 VA. AVE. Oiiplay CloidfM 1- VISIT LOANS HKXIC — the* COM to tel to HUM noit.M , timnW, ir, ex. to. IIIMIT IRUSl CO. elDO CUMIEllAND fA-1-0731 AM CONDITIONINO Carrier t""AIRCON» | ENGINEEIIN9 t SUPPLY CO. '. w're'or CARIIEt Dealer em CONCRETE • POWER • STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS TRENCHING PILE BROTHERS McMallcn H»y. Mare Information Call: PA-2-M84 or Z-S4S5 48—Roofing, .Spoirtiitf M«w 'Rooriaa. OBOUI. Ueui wort, ui trots. Roof 5 in. Elp. ALEX J. SOIVTE PA-2 6JM Roorrmj IPOITMNO IIDING I rein. to pay. Gumntced vjrk Andrew Witt. Phone CO-4-3667 - Koorma • spourwa. CUARAffTEED HOIUL .Lfnr.o rAinAU- PHONE tlEADEHS TRANSFER. IjOCAL UJNQ D13TAHCE AGEN1 NORTH VAN UKES 'PH. PA-t-3900 GRAPES TRANSFER local-Long Distance PA-2-21S3 Display ClaMifitd SSSSSSSSSm Open Monday Erej AUTO GLASS BENNETT Ts ? 0 7,','. r £" Local — Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 WM. MEDERS and Dsy or .N'irht . Pbooe 39—Painting, Faperhonginj 'APERHANGING outh End Wstlpaper Shop. 131 Va. Ar PAINTING and Pape-rnaoitnf. Exterio »nd interior rfpcoratinK. » Cresap S Comberlsnd. Plvone PA »-««, 40 —Pertonate Eu*ru claim a comtortable mattress Is Ina key to a food nliht's rest. Lei BS put the "comfort" back In that lumpr. bumpy mattress of yours. UaltreSKa ot all sites made to order. Cumberland Miltrcss Factory. Phone PA-M105, t Rcatjttn* — Cu»rante*d It Inroied, Lttliir Furrier*, Ajuiapollt, Wd., Aftnl Mr*. Brant, I'bone PA MSS7. Use your 1st jVotl. Charge Account BEERMAN 'AUTO, I-AUTI HS-1-1 |I. Htthtole |L (Jasl aseie Tilley It.) CA 44230 72° FTs tract Now 70* can have (hit ufci,*- (nodcrn heaUog syitem, whicfa indtxla tff fhertnoxial im rnvr roomL. Aod the ccsi is liule more—if 307—Chan central systems with ooiy ome tiKnuastat for the whole bomx Loot at thc» Ktvantagcs: FBtercd warm za, drculaied bj- sicam turbtnc- drhvn fanx No wing or electricity rKpiippd (of PMM or ttiuujustjts. Lcwr pressure Mcacn b carried to room units through small flexible copper tntxog. Heat can be turned down b nnuaed rooow and cfuickfy brought up again when wanted. Elimination of overheating meaiM fuel ecorwroy. Come in and ice SelecTcmp m actval oprration or telephone for Ace catalog. BENNETT'S The Gas and Electric Co. 119 N. Centre St. Phone PA 2-7900 "OLD AT <0, y, W?" MANJ Vou'ie traiyt Thou*and« ptppy Jil 70. Ottrex Tonic TibtcU j>*p HP bodici Uckios Iron. For rundown IdfHniJ muny men, wpmrn CJJl "oW, 5Dc jfft-icqu.ilnlfd lire only Oc. In Ciimbfrland, n»nd'l Cul Hit*: ftUa dnJKtUti fv.rywhrre. 41—professional Tri State Detective Nlfbt Witrtmin «nrj pjtrol Bervic XII ripr» Invtttifetion— 34 J-'nuri . , PhOM PA-MIS. 614 LIBERTY THUST IJRESSMAKINa — Alterations—Tailoring 111 Italtlmore SL Phone PA4-5753; BERIHA AVU SEARLES EYEGLASS REPAIRISG, Broken Uoses Replaced - Prescriptions Killed. Thoa. C llubhs, 59 Persblnt SL 43—Piono Tunlnf Piano Tuning and Repairing- Laurence Gri//i(.'i PA-2-1633 ROBERT W. MOnELAKO, ASPT, Tuni Repair* School. Church, and Hoi Pianos. FA-4-1MJ. U»ed pl>no«. 4tV—Radio, T-V Service Allegany AmusemeiitTV riclorr ttitherliid ttrttct Ocnulnt Jactttrj parti Sen-Ice dallr • a.m. to 11 p.m. Itnndny t p.m. to It p.m. PA 2-<7B3 rnTT We repair all sets 1V ,„„ A 'Adminn to 2 (Zenith). »-A I. Centre SU PA-J-7Z20 Alter 6 phone PA-H914. CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO. TV wnrleei on-all mikei— Giinrantfed. Nite-Sunday seiric* «vail»bl«. E'A-2-6191 Ct^^C. Fresh Country Medium c LUUO doz,49c, 3doz, * /i//l AfC /A nAlvltJ Swift Premium, Wilson's If/, HAMS Worrell's Lean Picnics -.. ||). 33c SAUSAGE Fre«h All Pork 3 |bs. $1.0.0 BEEF Chuck Roast Ib. 39C BEEF HEARTS. FRESH . . . Ib. 39c SALT FISH Tasty Lake Herring 4 IBs. 89c OYSTERSBulk-Home Made$AUERKRAUT GUARANTEED RADIO SERVICE fipecliliilni la home and auto radio- j DOLAN'S 11 N. George St. PA-4-M50; HAVE your TV "repaired *t home byj| (echDiclan ot 26 yri. eltctrotilc exp«T cncc. Reatonable prices. PA-4-17J8- 47—Real titote For Sol* KAVBURY.POLAND REALTY AGENCY II KEAL ESTATE BROKER1 PnONE PIEDMONT 6011 Lots acreage. City water, gas, improved roads. Bowling Green. Potomac Park. Small payment plan. Phone PA 4-1424. I 80 Acres 'land on' Patterson's CrccX I noad, belnc a. part o[ the Galloway I Farm. Price S2JOO. I 4 Rooms. Bath. Gasoline Station, | Crease Mack. Grocery Store cnmptetc. 100 It. fronting Route IS. Short Gap. 6 Rooms, bath, furnace. Rarage In I basemen!. Immediate possession. Cres- I .ptown , r..' «,S«o|| FLOYD P. GRACE .JjEALTOR- . . Dial RE 8-95321 B-6 Room house, bath, furnace, A-l con* I ditlon. Price itdnccd. City View Terrace. I 6 Room buncalow, furnace, water in I house, lar|e lot. Wiley Ford. I 4 Room biinsalow. bath, furnace, city I water and sewajte. VVlley Ford; l.arxe frame bulldlnft, yi rooms, suit-1 able (or apartment! or business. Easy | terms. Wllsy Kord. I 6 Room bouse, modern except heat.jj Good location. Rldieeley. J. S. HUTTON, Realtor • Hldteley, W. Va. .' - Thonc nE H7001| , Houa4—4 large* rooms Ic bath'. NIC. lot. Bircaln. U.900. •':. • PA 4-«793. I CAN'SEU. YOUR PROPERTYII OPIB ANNAN ?HONE PA.2-7733|| 47—Rtol titet* far $«!« WILL BIJY-4 bcilroom housi, UVale.ll West Side, Bowllnj Green. Wrllt lull I parllculari Box 734.A. c/o Tlinn-News.ll IAt,E ort Rent,'amull 4. room cottnge, I no hath, City. -$MO. 120 month rent. I PA.a.oaM, - " TM HAROI.D R. l%rFOHItl On'.~ Vorl«a4te Binktri-RMI Iititc-luunnei I ra* aWdford. Tt. rhtM 1141 T/i I El OIIP pill ' bur y' I kleitr ^/ 1% Contains 451 Coupon , Pudding counts lbs 1.00 VealChops 2Le , D ;. Mea(y 89c Oleo T " n Queen 5 lbs. 1.00 Milk 9 for 1.00 Ground Beef 3 , bl 1.00 Pork Chops 2L T, 1.00 Fresh Brains 5 , b , 1.00 Urd,^ 6 lb ,1.00 25 Ib. bag $2.09 i. No. 1 Large Of\ Ib. Bag ....-.„...:... O^ft Ron Haus Pepper S teaks Ts 79c Pure Block . Small Bone Tuna Minced . . Half Hill. . . Tart 3 «, 59c , t .'1.00 '1.00 cant Ameri. or Pimento 2 Ib loaf Green Beans 8H :r" 1.00 STRAWBERRY PRESERVES ... 3 16-01. $•( Pk 9 «. I Ir Sanborn OQ A ,WC Infant 2-2.o. iar, ^%FF|T% Corlinj'i, Duquein., C^ -*jj i^% ••%••_ r n Itxport, G«rm«n, T«eh,. - «^ M ' M - W mJfmmmmm m loh.,G«fiheri BOHIM o Mm** . W F&S ard Old Bohemian ^.^ c .« $2.98 -* SCOTCH SPECttL >,,,;«„., »M>. 11. N, Front St. D*it A WMk — a A. M. to Midnight Dl.l PA.a-3170 Diiplty Cl«it!fl««l S T O R M DOORS • WINDOWS - AWNINGS- JOHN E. SHARP t, CO. Ml N. Mecluiic Pk. PA-2-76M let youi old wotner moke lh« down payment Up To 24 Mcntkt 10 h* IniKt Tumi In l"ow« WOLFFurnifureCo. Ittltimor. SI. Diiploy Cta.iified STOP FIGURING . KACELLM SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY 3-TRACK "SENATOR" hufgedly coutructed of MST5 EXTRUDED aluminum. Includes (*» ftorm ucK one, screen geclion. Fingertip chaigt- over allow! maximum year 'round protection. Completely SELF STORING. ALSO • COMBINATION DOORS • JALOUSIES • PERMANENT AWNINGS APC METAL PRODUCTS Box 43, Oldtown Road Phone PA-4-1234 This Is It! The Bargains You've Been Dreaming About The Great End Of Model Clearance Sale AT THOMPSON BUICK We're sacrificing because we're loaded with fine trade-ins from our new car Sales Circus, Buy Now Save up to $200 By buying a'Used Car now you will get 12 months use before ?t's another year old. You get a car that will stand the hazards of winter driving and you save the maintenance expense on your present can • 1954 PONTIAC 2 Door Chieftian Deluxe Sedan—Radio & Heater— Hydramotic Drive—A Clean One.Owner Car-r-Low Mileage. WAS $1795 NOWS1595 1954 MERCURY Cuitom Two Door—A light Blue Beauty—On* Owner Car Hat Had Excellent Care. ( WAS $1795 NOW $1595 1954 CHEV. Bel-Air Station Wagon—The Beit Cherrolet Builds. Radio—Heater—T-Ton« Paint. Very Clean. Plenty Of Space With Three Sea... WAS$1895 NOW $1695 1953 BUICK Special "Hardtop"—T-Tone—Light .Top—Blue Body— Dyna-Flow,Tran$mijiion—White Wall Tires. A Real Buy. ;,'"/'" WAS$1S95 NOW $1445 1953 BUICK * Dr. Super Sedan—Dyna-Flow Tranimioion—Radio & Heater An3 Plenty, Of Other Accessories. The Previous Owner Gave This Car The Best Of Care. WAS SI795 NOW $1695 1953 MERCURY 4 Dr - Sel)an —Radio—Heater—Bock Up Lights— Direction Lights^-Two-Tone Point. A Lovely Car Priced Right. WAS $1495 NOW $1395 1952 PACKARD'** 0 ^ 011 ' Har<11 ' P—Two-Ton* Point—Fire Proof "Seat Covers—Ultramatie Drive—W.W. Tires. A Beauty On Wheels. WAS $1295 NOW $1195 1952 BUICK S"P er Hardtop—Radio—Heater—Dynaflow—rTri-Ton* Paint—White-Red-Black—A Nice Buy In A Hardtop. WAS $1195 NOW $1045 1951 BUICK .Roadmosfer Riveria Sedan—Radio & Heater—Dyna- flow Drive.'Paint And Interior Extra Clean. WAS $945 NOW $845 1951 BUICK Su P er S e<lan —R aiiio * Heater—Dynaflow Drive—Tinted Glass—Beautiful Two-Tone. WAS $945 NOW $845 1951 OLDSMOBILE Su P er 88 Sedan—Radio J. Heater— Hydra- mafic Trans.—Tires Like New—A Beautiful one-owner Two-Tone. WAS $945 NOW $845 1951 PLYMOUTH Belveder* Hardtop. A Lovely Two-Ton* Sports Model. Radio 8. Heater—One Owner. WAS $845 NOW $695 1951 NASH Romb'er Station Wagon—Radio t Heater—This Fin* Economical Family Car Is In The Bert Condition. WAS $545 NOW $445 1950 CADILLAC Sedan—Radio & Heater—Hydramatic Trans.— White Wall Tires—Extra Clean Inside And Out. WAS $1395 NOW $1195 1950 PACKARD 2 Door Sedan—Radio & Heater—Two-Ton* Point Perfect-Tire, Like New. . WAS $495 NOW $345 1950 FORD 2 Door V-8 Sedan—Radio 4 Heater—Two-Tone Paint. Clean Inside And Out. WAS $645 NOW $545 1950 PONTIAC 4 Door Chieftain—Radio SV Heater—Straight Shift Sedan—Paint Good—Clean Insid*—Good Mechanically. , WAS $645 NOW $495 1950'CHEVROLET—Convertible—Radio & Heater—New Paint. WAS $595 NOW $445 1Q4Q RIIICK Roodmbrter Sedan—Radio S. Heater—Dynaflow. 194? u,rv WAS $395 NOW $345 104Q MERCURY 2 Door Sedan—Radio & Heater—Custom Grill I?d cTntir.*;:,!. w".ei. : WAS $495 NOW $345 10AQ PONTIAC * Door Chi«ftion 8—Radio & Heater—Straight ShTf? WAS $395 NOW $345 1Q4Q LINCOLN Sedan—Rodio & Heater—Clean. 1949 LI WAS $445 NOW $295 ICWia MA CM 4-Docr Statesman—Radio * H*ot*r—Economical. 1949 NA»n WAS $295 NOW $95 THOMPSON BUICK USED CAR LOT 429 N. Mechanic Str««t PA 2-1424 It's pretty serious for a man to act like a fool, but it's much worsa when he isn't acting. CHU« It's hard to get o high school Student to stay home long enough to help his parents with his homework. . *NU» Why is tt so many aimless guys" tike to room the woods with o gun?-> display Classified fxcaroiing — Trtnching — Grading Wi An Equipped To Do r"our Jot Vfitli MO Heat o/ £quipra«<it, Crpim, KM>, rrificMn* ^•clilflts. Dvsm, CwnprisMrs *insl trills, Ivditt Lsiastws, Tratfor-Tralbrs or Hflavy HavRng, Trvcki, srfc. OPSOI1 FIU GROUND IOAD MATH1AL taughmon Contracting, Inc. TEIEPHONI I-A-J-43I8 NAVACO Door Hoods and Awnings In Stock $Af AC Frs* Dttivtry. From » • •*!• IDEAL WINDOW DIAMONDS S«« ov w IK) ion ot Colucnbra D 1 * m o n d i with •xcluiiv* "Guardian Ang«!" proltctloo CCI I 'C JEWELRY STOtI OCLIp O 57 t**ln 9 St (Next to Post O//ic«) JalousieSformDoors Aluminum Storm Doors ft Windows Weathtrstripping PA2-4067 TRI-STATE ALUMINUM DOOI AND WINDOW SUPPLY ^r ^iltj^^tVtVvVv WHITACRE'S CVMBKKLAND MATTA'O Sol.. ,nJ Ss-vic. RA-2-2790 31 N. Mechonie SI. ' NOW! Peg-Board* Hook Rack is here! Pots wolh to work. Ideal (or Vitchen, dasal, sewing room, utility room, gatose, workshop. 20"x23" hordboard ponel, painted white wilh ptTforationi 1" apart. Complete wilh hooks, stabilizers and handy spring clips that are easily inletv changeable. Easy to install with special fasteners for easy mount' ing on any type wall , •Hea. T.M. U.S. Pal. Off. J.B. Sutler Mfg. Co., Inc. The South Cumberland • Planing Mill Company 31 Queen St. PA 2-2600, 2-2601 LOANS LOANS UP TO $1500 ; Coih You •JKsive $100.00 JOO.OO 300.00 Coih You $ 508.00 740.32 1032.00 30 MonlklY $ 6.72 13.44 20.16 7s Monthly Poymsnii $25.00 36.00 50.00 PHONE TODAY! FAMILY fINANCE COKPORATION 40 North Mtchanic Strtnl Telephone: PA 4-MOtt

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