Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
Page 6
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! • ! . • . .. . .; • - • - > ITHE IOTA DAILY REGISTF". FRIDAY EVEKmO. DECfeSIBER 2.1927. ThP Slory Thiis Far' CALDW'ELL.. Kas.v In 1880 was a wicked fow town.'<loKe to tlie •border of th-c ^liidlyi! tiTvltury. |Therc GOnDOS. % 1.UAAK. l.ili-r 'to be widely kiiowii ns I'AWNKK BILU. was waiting on table in a .restnurant, whfn's.UiK C'ltAK!. foreinan of the b^ir K nin<h in tho C^ierokeo Slrirr, r:tnu- lo towji and quarreled In thf rcsliiiiriint Witii TO.M iHEXTOX. Smarting under tiit- quarrel, Benton later that i.iciil picked a fight in a pbkor Kamc witii JEFr" HARRJSON^ professional Rambler •who had come to' Caldwell with his small son, TONV. and • shot h!m. • • \ • After tho kiliinj; JJcnton rode away and Ciuis I'fik Tony llarri.- so» under his wing. ' COI.ONKL nvVS .MOOKIJ; for-, mcr Virfjinici and' Civil War vpt- ^ran. ownpr of tho H;ir K brand, Wei'conies thi.' orplianetl lioy to his rancli. » • » C}IAPTi;il 1\'. Craig o;i'_'no<l tlv M;iik'! ;ind tiro'-, ducftd a faded <•!!%(•!'>;•'•• "As te :ji-j porary adilijnistrator "^r .ieff liar- <, •Tison's estate—whii-li y.))] !n;il.: on | ' uninvited and willii>ilt ;!iit•:<;:•-, lly—I exaniinc'.I Uu- dr;-i'iiisiMl'« personal effects, [i I 'd 'cn'l ^v<•Il wlmti' •was in ihi3 letter I wonliln't <'f : read it. i ' "It's"a secret ria satisfied to let remain witii Ih.^ adininislialor," feaid Titus Moort _ •Tni TnsisliiiK <>"• IclliiiK ynii — and • ijnhodv else. .Ipff Ilarrfson's wife.left hini 11 yeiirs . JBO inid run away with anoiinT in:'n., Tliis note is iier parting wor .l." ( . "iJoos tl-.o l )oy li'itiwt" • '.Tlic boy liiiiiUs his. IUC M KT is tlead'. Says slie ijied in ChicafiD Wjien he was' two yeals oil. -Il does ")eat all.wlial nn:'ea.s(inal!le j crittc.'s women are . . . i'm bcvjpinK 3'our par.loji. colnne; 1 didn 't meaii any (iivresp.'ct Ui .\!!s. .Mocre. I'll'" , , , ,l, . ,, bo derued if I ever cot niarrii-' 1 arrested a .smali band of settlers the start: ho woiiifin ;. if I'ayne curt'i inia "ine ilVy wiiii ii iiinVi" '''"^ iu"'!>'l''d the Country and was tired, tire hi::i further wit': Jeff Harrison "d .iwn t'l." take up ''''y^'n 'i'^"' ""'"'h to the Kan- nu-aninBless ciuesliolM. with ols.. I ^nie did ad- ^-'^ "sHiariied Hum. i'teseudy .'ayno Sr-oke. -.Wlmli niire thai man" he siKiif ! jThtie was i:o real penally- attached sid.' i.( the fence ari- .vou on?- 1 The coli.nel •'•••i>Mled ani l^ioiiKht''*''-'"""'' .iii -a.-i ,ion. an .l the solilieis suppose you're one of the n-any his hand di ) on the la .ble. siK-!-^'!""' """'v^'avid Pa.vne ai.d'iMs Mifyins an end lo the conversation. ! ^f^"'"' ''^ , ''"''"J]''' ".My wile and .laiiulaV,;- lie said ' ' - ' "••'^ .suit : lisi less. As he spoke he eyed tin briefly, '•.vijl In- i-niiiin. Kansas City next v.cek. ,1 'ni buying; DAVID PAYNK. '••'ATHER OR OKLAIIOAjlA." Cordon UlUe. People call me BiU on ajccount of my ndddle name. J'ni fimi' Illinois and my foik.s live ;n.ear Wt-llington." I'ayne looketl liim (ner keon'.y. Then, apparently !;a:iified, "Well. U doesn 't make much dlffcVenco who lyifiWF my plans. I'm uoi -on- ieali)K< a:iyth:n".. You're yrmnB. „ yji!'.'" t •I'uitit; on I'O." ••Well. thi.'-. is a -youns man'rf fi-^"-' WIiv don't you sot in it?" "I've got to earn ft living. I fig- iir.! ;;)> ^yfl.^a.Ilu-.^ are in it al- reaf<lv. if thr.t meri 'is. snytlilng." , "It docs." I'ayne rortc fvopi his *oh;-.i-.-. •'D-'i 'i -/-c .su rilsc;! iV yon hear .rrsKy .roon th:;l Dav" F\tyn-? ha.^ !•)'.' .) i«n out jf th^ territory." "Yo-.i'i,- ;;c.l!r.: in auy«ay—in f.tut: of ilic proclamation'.'" "I Kdd \>>u ou-c I'm net worry- in.:? ovi: tiie projlaHiation. This is the scirond one. Tlic lir .-.t didn't stop u^. did it'! It'll take more ^lau proclamation to keep us out." ; I -'Areu't you afraid Uic soldiers 9iight shoot you'.'" Lir .ic veninred. i 'Vrhe governmeiit'.s on their side." K' DavUI Payne Inunhc!. "That's one thinu. younj; man the soiilicrs ivill l)e (larcful not to do. I)a'Midj I'aync dead ini.:;h; ilo nii<..' liariu • o (he Kiiver::mcn( .ihaii ' David P.iyne alive. . All the cause iiee-Is lis-a niarfy;-. I'm not ffKariUK the .•;overninetil is Koiiij; lo donate cji<ic." lie wa'.ACd out. a smile playing on his lip:;, I.lllie watched move down the .street. Tlieie was souicihin;: abciit the man, soinctiiiu^; ciiinpc 1- lin:;. Il- fell a sudden .--iir-e of ^'icsiii;: In follow him. Why not (iitow n his. lot Willi David I'ayne'.s anil see what came of tl-ls ili<lii to open >;.; a new <-()nntry to civilization'? -Siirfjl.v. !;<-> wouldn'l starve dcin;; it. Tiiere'il be ways of work- ins, earnins somelhinp. ll-_> Jiusercd a little loimer it th • re.-tauraut.' Then he dlvccii-.-i his jStejis toward the iioHtoll;.! and :i turning {Hiint in hi.'t life. ITO I5K CONTINCKUl MEGILL CHAPEL (Mrs. Garrett Tasc.lie.) Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bennett and baby called on Mr. and Mrs. .Mark Ben-son Tuesdny evening. ' , .Mr. and Mrs. ' Clarence Moore and baby spent Sunday evening wiiU .Mr. and I.Mrs. Ulen Barnett anil Mrs. Barnett. .Mrs. Barnetfs mother, ^Irs. JCI- llnger. returned to her home in Chuuute yesterday afteri severak days visit with Mrs. Banirtl. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Tas.he and baby Hpeiit Sunday with Mrs. Tasclii'.s' nlKler and family, .^ir.^. Joe Kaufman. .Mr. ;;yid .Mrs. Vv'alter Cu'.lavaii and family spent Sumby with ?dr. and -Mrs. Dcri Doyle and funuly. • .Mr. undi .MrK. Will Be.-i.-aa and children called Sunday af :ernoon on Mr. and -.Mrs. .'Wart Ilenxou; Mrs. Zeilg(<r and .Mrs. Haipij Burnett spenl Friday afternaau with Mrs. Barnett and Mrs. Glen Barnett. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. C)lliixn and .Mr. and Mrs; Oren Coiiiron SK-'UI Thursday with .\lr.' and .Mrs. Frank Seivors. Mrs. Anderson and daiigbtsr inik! Thanksgiving dinner with .Mr. and ' .Mrs. Dewey. Mrs. Lathrum called on .M.-s. DeWcy Saturday morning. ' -Mr. and Mrs. Klmer .\laihews and ' daughter tonk dinner with .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Tasche Thwrsda.v. wh:) took Thaukssiviiii; dinner with Mr. and .Mrs. .Mart nensDii were: .Mr. and .Mi.s. Will Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Taylor, Margaret and' Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kaufman and Goldie called at Garrett Tasche-'s, Monday ^v^ening. T Mrs. Bollby and Mrs. Harris of! Humboldt, spent Sunday afternooiij with Mrs. Taylor and Marga;-et. Mr. and .Mrs. W:ill T;:s-he and cbildrett and Mr. and .Mrs. Geo. Wilkerson v.-c-r.t to Chanuie Sunday to see Jcck WiikersDU wlij has just letiirncd from th.'i hospital. .Mr. and .Mrs. Dutch R .iu. h called Friday evenlnK on .Mr. and .M.s. Cardi; Tasche and baby. . .Mr. ami .Mrs. C.H). V.i.k^r.'on took ThankFRiviiip dinner with Mr. and .Mrs. Hoyde Sian-r. .Mrs. ItithardiHin c";; :r i: :.! Welda spent from T::u:.-?.i".y till Sunday! with Mr. and -Vlrs; lipwey , Mr. and .Mrs. .Mart Benton spent j Suniiay" evening ai Will-Benson's. . Mr. an .-i Mrs. r;iwey spent S.nn- day in lola vi.sitiag their 'daughter Airs. L. p. Baker. i ' .Mrs. BJ n. Clever and .son e;.J!ied at Oarrett Tr.s'.hc's Wertnrjiday afi- ernoon. By Rolterta Lee Q. Should a wonu-n ofl'ei- her hand when' rhe is intioiluce:!'? A. It siRnifies- fri 'Midiine^s when she does so. y. When pas.MUs the t M a second holpins. v.liat is done jbakea served at Jnnquets' given in honqr of queens, presidents and world-nc tables; that capture first prizes at county and state fairs arc leavened with Cahunet. You-can-make and serve the same kind of cakes right in your own home by using the same superior leavtmer. One trud toUl prove it. DOUBLI AeTlltC iUlCES Benson and childVen and .Air. uniL^ with the knif' and iovk'! isecond offense mi^-lit. if the of-i ll..oni-i s aiv fools." Hi ife-udci- were i.ronshi ti lilal. i e.-iiill 1 list less. As lie spoke h< ., „.„ ,. „:i.i a Ihousan.l-.liMlar line but ,In r.-j ^:.ll shaker, r'n.und which lu- .was '"Iwas no wav -..f soll-ctinK the tin. ;r, cleu:hinj; and uuclenclnnK his ;ust. In the next chupter <;«>rd-.»n resriies mi lud^iin and lia>> u fiitht (Ml bis h:in<ls. -.1 the iaJ! i a hundred yearirnss Colonel"lf''"'l"l!-ch Cbivinston. ,1 warn .vou to tak^''''-'\='>""'"j.'''"'- ; some of lUe I H.VS and vMr ..vei- -iMdr'""'^ "" '.' •get Ibeni. You'd l>--;ier';;el slailtd' -^i 'be line, .•iiriioi In a eoupli- of dav-.": < . IH-al ::>l.-uyf: w-f- I "I'll stej I ,..morrow. 1 bin:; ' IT j <"''• I b« icM-iorv take Tuny ainn;,'. If 'i.- ain't ha<i:lle-! I'ayn<'s ii:- ;:. I'.'.y.'- -v. .sore, aip! slmu him how lo ri!li'i'" •'''<• oi C M- -^.W herd. It'll he a H.o^ilay (|r!.r. iri i\-'a;'ii^':rl"a a i::-^:i; ail ,of .'in uiile.-^ " I'lire K. (:'sl,.!i/.:i..< iiioney, li-) "Vou'ie wiiiii'j; i'nr i-nleni-i" .o J'oii win. r .'.lu'; know tlie iiividi. ia(ls. bill I Ciin 'l see the ji.iirii 'i -ns i >f ieiiiiii; a f i. w cattlemen .... ''i'b at the ev !iei ;se ol tlioii- t;v Hivi-I ,^'ai'ds wl.o uji- lookin.; for homes." .''<• iliorji i J '.i .vne's esV-H iiKlsled as he.turned iiin !e ;i! ..I'b 'iii till 111;- seriinis-taeed youth. ';liie iritlii- ' "'as oii .'r iiinre i'ayne llie evan- < altienieu ! '•^'•'''t- v .jlli a riiiiverl belijre bilii. Ui-re .liloa; lo .Mr.-. Garrett Tasche auil baby. .Mi-, and .Mrs. Ray Woif aud son took supper witii .Mr. and .Mr.s. (ius Willi' Sunday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Peck and cliiliiren t-Kik- dinner with .Mr. nnd Mrs. Starkey tiuuday. Afternoon callers were: .Mr. and .Mrs. D.-an Bennett and baby of Chanuie. Mr. and -Mrs. (!us Wolf, N'r. aiil Mrs. "Irwin Slierrill and Mr. a.iid Mr.-v Charles Wok" ami i hllrlr. ! took ThanksglviiiK (l-iunr;- wi 'b and .Mrs. Lee Wolf and Mrs. Will Benson nrir ctiifdrei: and Mrs. Doyle culled o-i .Mrs. (;:;r- reft Tastke and baby .\.'<;:iday a.^t- crnoon. .Mr.s. Vaughn and Mr's. I-ar-'on and ctlildren of I'et^olia.r , spent Wednesday with .Mrs. Shaw. .Mr., and -Mrs. Shaw spe:it Suu^ day with their niece in lola. Mr,' anil Mrs. Fred Churchill and children and .Mrs. Holland of Kansas' City and Mrsl Duncau and Mrs, Erick'son of Chanute look s!i:e A. They are placed side acro.s's the plate. ! Q. V."iien ^ woman miki s a social call, should she remove her wraps? A. So. . SALES 2 ^4 TIMES THOSE OF A OTHER BRAND He we:it out. whij;tli;.K. -Tony." I'•"-'• ^'''^uTi he called, ''you're Ruin.n io lie insyiihe Idiiil t^r.o.Mi from wv- oil. V.'e'v'- ti .iii^ io i i,!e j ni":'" a-iil. •:(>! • ove:- ne;ir Turkey ("r .-i -k toiuori mv 1 1"--i .''aila,.-. in ciiiii ;• piopa- and v, i''ij.-k Ii.-- .' .-jf y-:- iwnlisj :i /-i-t: "r ••-!- i .ilre. 1 lin!;s. .Meaiitime. you can \v.a'i !i | •^i^":'-:-".--^Ir' ;!i !y l!i>- v, (>rd "r-on;!:- the boys liuildini; fen-e an.l s(<'ie:s." a-^ a.jV'ii'v! l<i David r.ivii"' •R-haf pointers you .c :!;i ai-.k u;'. j I" llcv.-'l-. (-•epl i:::') Fence ••i)uil(|i-? aia-: such liiu- o.-i''-.' o. ;.'v,-.ia: y . <il bo-liir Kansas: cupations is what m;i!ces the lite n;i''nl; i'ayne v.e .: r.nhi town \:, town a cow hand .so ronjamic . . . i'.oy ; •\\icbiia; A-kaiisas City. Ilunn-- you sure make nie:p."oad ilie way | v-.'i. Caldwci*—stirritiK nii senti- you sit that pony." ' iinent an.) inila:uii;it ibo liearts of « * * jtlie liissaii-^fi.-d. In Ca'dwell. Gooioii I.iliie jiaiised i lie rod,- into Caldwell the day outside the I'i;; U-nfalo saloon to | Pr-'.ideiit Hay-s' pr.i, lainatioi! was read fhe proclaiua'tioii that had; p.irii-il aivi siopiiid l'o\- diinur in. . been tacked up bofide the door. It |t!::' '. cMi.iaat where Cordnn I.illie ' •^'•'"^'"'^ ' ''uiCKasa ws, •was a warning te ;aiiy aud all wiio:v.,is .vurkiiii;. .r .;;i .-;!!:j|i To li.ive.' K'ad lo bear il. You Htated i-Ve i for settle-hcmaii side of Cie case pretty aliliiii villi his!*^''"^'- There's a le-.;al .'.ile, too. and ill-.' cov -"niii"iil kr.'.us I'm ri'ibi. i ;iit v .dii'! (to aiiyiliiti^ JI.!KH.I it. "That Sand lown the.-e." point- iir,' southward, "w.-! ; set aside, -is yoa know, I'c;- a numbe;- ..f IiM '.ian irliies. Liaay oii v.Iioni ceticd their laiuis ill oti;'.'!-; ••iati>s to li ;eli ,o\- (•ruiiu tit ill uiiiru tor a ^'iiarauJv ib:it th"y wpri>| to be lorcverj :n(dest:'cl and uiidisiu! bed in un- iho 1 I .illie reroKiiized bim iiiiiiiediale- Iv a,- lie liroiilicd w.ealily jln(i:,,n ierrilor.v and neve;- coni'ined ;wit!iin the. borders of a slaf.' Th-? i .i^'ov.-in::ienl ma.'.e s»pa-.-ate i.-f:itle.; iv.ith ti :e (iiffori'iit tribes: the .l-'iv" Choclaws. .'-'eiiiiiKdos. Creeks and 'cherokees: the Pawnees, piiapaws. Coma:ii-Ius. O'-aces -the whidc .•^lioolin;; malcli of liiein. The strjp was turned 'liver lo tlie Cheroltees as an.oitllet (r 1,1.., I- 1,-1 -indr""' '"""ting j-'rouiui — 12.11110 v.-m-,ve'l bis soft l.i.k h..t • „ „.„.p ,„i,„,. „f land. Today they've .liopaed it .to .''''V'r',;. ;-i ' sot about as puuh use.for all that chair, ll'.s hair, dark and waving.'- - . -.. land to hunt on as -well, you know might be (onti'mpliiting an invasion . .of the-Imiiaii ten iiory with iiiUjiU Iv as lie (ii -(>,-.)ied w.eaiily into !tO settle Iherei 'i— "I. Riilbei f-ird 1'.. cliai;. The man I KH I the fa-e "I Hayes, president | of the Ciiiled i poot and the <'yes of .-i dreamer. States . . . lio adfiioni.'-h and warn all -such pci-sons pre;)ariiiR to move or settle :ipoa any <it the land of said territory." • • Iwas wet with perspiration, liorcioii i: , , , . -That was the gist of il. There i,ii;i.. note,!, as fbouKb fiom lou-4 the. hi, fa!o hxive been . >-Es more, and the youth skimmed'or harl :idin:;. o , cied with the coming ol the rail- throuph the fornia-l. stilled I Af;cr fte iiad e.-l-n. and lay back ''"'.'I,' ., . , oIoKyand'tiurn'-d awav .with an'l-\- in liisriiair. reiaxed, the voulli sum- ''1" >'i«; «";'l> I »» aimhm Clamatlon of rtisiri.-sl. ? i M-mci ip c,m:aue to speak to bim. =!' f'^'- -'JttiouKh the { lierokec:-; "Foolishness:" b.- .exclaimed. l-Youi-eMlavid Piivne. a'en't voii/|'""" "be sinp, but only tli- .•*Fo(dishu<-ss fM-.c ;.waiill .-e one or Will Ibis pHM-laniatifin eieaii that |'"'"-'^ "*'''V " Uie other. Tliai: uind down .IbeiC'.- von will stav oaC" i"'.,..''^'" ":"ikin;,- aboui those Iw..^ rubJiic- domain. If cnn;::i"vs bad' ' Aud Payne's f -.ce was Rriili be!"'." •" ••''!^, ]}ir '''"'^r 'any ^Pi'"'. 'bey'.l opc ^.^ii aa and .-.nsw-.-i-d. •The jinMlainalion 1''•'•••.''••:>•••;••''''•' '''^[ ^ provide.i,of:r;ror i ;i 'm :5an.| oi -ii ; - -inVans iiotbin-.;. K.xacilv ,„.| hi!,;;."'"'"'':•""'•'••">•, ""'!"'• <""»';'«',- Th- zenr win. I inrii liie Ia;td to sf-n..-1 I.illi,-. ae!-usi<im'-(i bv now to ti.o^'''^""""'-'' '•"'''••I " '•ack l> .cc lo.- use." r-tiiRb sp-e.b ..f lb., fi -oiitier. was ':'"."'l ';'"'-.f''': ."" "-f He -strode aiiKrilv do \M. .Hi.- a-little siirprisi-.l at the Kcnile ""iuins -lad fvec ,dnH -:i. I ' jBlreel and tuiii.-d II. at the ie^jlaur^ nvidulalion of. the iiian's vui. e. M.. :<"Uld lell a bin.; slo; y. >r J _'ant'. Several weeks liefore. some stood sibiiitly by, boiiiini; that ! soldiers csiiwn in ihe terrttorv io<r| Payne would talR. lie bad mad-s AFT^ER PLANE CRAStf IN HILLS wanfeil Jo. about how the •'i'<"k:' and iseminoles didn't -^-el aloiiK lo- j-'i-tber. but I won't Anyway, the Civil War oiillawei! tbil wonl f rei -d- iM "ii and the itiier liidlaiis .-int well lak'-ii la:-"' id. . V H f.'ir as I know. ;!ier" isn't .-.ii Indian in'l)ki.'ili!iiiia fill sp.akiii'.; now of- that Iwb million a- res and not the wlioli? ieiritory, aitboii'.'.li there's ^loeu b bill In coti;;nss ;;very year for the be t seven or cifM. advocalMiK nair.- iiiir iiie ^v!lo^e Siisii.ess OkbiJioma." lie paused, niid ill th<- iulijivai bana: d bis ti:-; down nil the tiible- •It's'public ipiiiiiiin and open io pvi?- •mplioe. But ii a man .:;oes down there with the intention of setiliiiu, ihe Ivildipis run Jiim^<mt. Funny." be added bitterly, Vthat the -oldiers are to hu.^y running poor i)en,-i|.' out they rrfii 't see the cattlemen;" What.";\aiikpd UHie. "are you g6- ing to do iibout it?" "Auythiuj; 1 can. For one thiii5. •say. are you sure vou 'rc not look- I inz. for information to give to some- j one else?" I Tiie youth reddened. "I wouldn't, have an.N' reason to. -My iiame's i SOUTH MAPLE GRQVE Lavera ^'roisailt spent •'^KivlisK v.ith bom.- lolks. r.K .............. . Mrs. .\iberl I.,assmau ami son, I'm hopiii.', I ^'f- and .Mrs. Ira Barber. .Mis. Fos- miT;-h aboiii) "'r and .Mr. aud'.Mrs. Clyde Sharp aiid i -Iiililrcn -of Hutchinson, weip- vIsitiiiK at the Clark Wllaur home Wednesday. UawreiK-c lies of liiiinboldt .•;;iei -.l tin- wrek -i ;nil wit'.i Irvlii and Eveieil .Martin. .Mr. und .Mrs. fb-ury S;iviii>; and .Mr. and .Mrs. .\ll»r; Froiik and faniily spent Sunday at KdSay- iucrs's ill Humboldt. Cliiford .M.lrtiu of Kansas City, aijd Isaac .Martin speii! Friday •vitii .M;-. a:n.' .Vrs. Will .Martin. , .\lr. and .Mrs. (Jeiirge .Mdniyre 'and ftiniily were Suuda.v dinner i SUfcsts of Mr. aud .Mis. Karl Thomir- • son. ' Tillie .Martin sjieut the' week* cud at hoifh<. Mr. aud .Mrs. F. I,. Sweariugeu ate Thauksgiviug dinii.r al the T. W. Weber home in lola. Idoyd Tlioinpsoii spent Sunday afternocm with Orville CToisaijt. .Mr. and Mrs. C. 1). Ciinniuitiinm .-.pen! Sunday eveiiinii at Barn- I hart's. ' > ' y\T. and Mrs. Kenneth Sharp and family were .Sunday evening visitors a! F. O. Mn.Millin's. Mr. aud .Mr.s. -Will Martin and lam-lly>spent ThiinksRiviiig at Ki- :n;'r .Martin's. Mrs. C. W. Temid." and son of Oklahoma, and Mr. and Mrs. Tcm- pie s;i<-iit one dav last week with .Mr. and Mr.'. F. "o. McMillin. : .M.-. :iud Mrs. Will .Martin and-1 Tillie • w>-,. visilin;; relatives in li)!a .Siiiiiliiy afleruoon. ' .Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. .'Vb-Iiilyre and f;"ni'l\ .-leii' Snnd^n- evening wiiji .Mr. .-Iml Mrs. I-'. I.. .*<weariiiK<-n. M'- aiiil .Mrs. (lark 'vVI.Iiiir s|:ei;t 'l'h:iiik''5ivi''i; with .Mr. anri .Mr.;. Frank Gib;on. Mr. and Mrs. I,c!-tcr Cation wer." visitiuR at tlcorc" Meliityre'|- T;-iirsd.iy '-veiilne. f .Mr. :•!:(! .Mrs. Mo.-; I'iii,'li : p.-at .Su:idav afterirn.ii ;it F. I,. -Swear- iiiL-en'.s. , .Mr. ard '!r-. C. I). Ciinuiuglrim i.nd fHiiiily ver- !<iiiiiiay dinner 511".-ts at llie W. S. Cunningham boiiij,' in lliimb'ddt. ; .Mr. and Mis.'F. O. M' .MilPn sp-iit Siiiidi-.'.- ariern <>"i: * witli Mr aii.t \\r-. ll.irry .Myiiutt aud family. When you are sufTerjng with rheti- mntism so you ra.n hardly get around just try Red I'eppcr Riilv'and you will have tie quii-kest relitf knon-n. Nothing has such concent riitetl. penetrating heat red pepper.*. -In-^ slant relief. Jiwt as '.soiui ns you apply Red Pepper Rub you feeljthc tingling heat. In three minutes it warms the sore S|K>t through and through. Frees the bloinl circulation, breaks up the rcnge.stion—and the ol-j rlipiini.itism torture is gone. Rowle-s Red Pepper Rub, niadf from red peppers, costs little at .iny drug store. Get a jar at once. I'se it for lumbago, neuritis, backache, stiff neck, sore muscles, colds in chest. Almost instant relief awaits you. Be sure to get the genuine, w-ith the name Rowlc$ on each package. Children of Prc'School Age Need • Vitamins The child of pre-schbol age needs special nourishment lip btiild a strong body in preparation, for the strenuous days of instruction that are ahead. Many mothers have been gratiBed at seeing their frail, under> nourished children become vigorous arid strong through i the consistent, regular use of emulsified cod-liver oU.\ The milKons of easily-digested, vitamin-rich, mist-Eke globu^ ol emulsifted cod-liver oil that are in every bottle of Sbott's Elmulsion, aie the spurce of its great power lo nourish the body ^ndbuildheialth. If you would assure your child ths utmost vitanun-benefit from cod- \[ livor oil ~ give it in its emulsified form, as in • ' 'Ihcre (-;in willioiit Roiid ma;. .Seals. , lie no health. cnod (b '-'-r Biiv Chri'-;- >cw Lornllnn. lllf< E. MaiHsoii. Y\rt' _ Uoor E>i!«t ot BroWn'ti Prug Storp. IMmno i:l p/Ltica£^.\ FQltYiS .1 HONEY -TAR COMPOUND ARONCHITIS At bed^e rub the tb At bed^e rub the throat and chest thoron^bly with— ^ Tv-n tinit^ Sfn't- arml'.-Jvfators, R! R- Emory and Hvilliam'D. Zoll- , w VAIPOBUB EWHYIJOTTBY ROFH/SlfVl'S | Bn-M Coughs andAllAges Safe and . Reliable Children like it. Mother? endorse it. All ^users re'pom- mend it. nstruments Ldst Call! We have a few good Piano values to offer Saturday. Also used PhonograpKs will be sold at low prices. OUR FLOORS ARE CLEARED some good Look out for our new Christmas sltick which w 11 go on. sale in a few days.

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