Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 21, 1974 · Page 12
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 12

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1974
Page 12
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NfWS*Ht3RALb, PMi*mk City, ria., Friday* June 21,1W4. ^-. T JOW (UPI) -4. Unlike WtAkbt' uhd Pj»*M Nlxdn, whtt Is fachlg frequently. ftnOTplWhnieM threat, Goh* Recently he suffered an rfii •iP arty General Secretary Attack t>f lnfluenza.but a visitor LJ8|la I. Brezhnev approaches toho saw him afterward said he wreE|hlrd summit meeting at fflwnrtaele of his power. LPfPojltburo reshuffle lit April,, unist Leader- Irezh n&y^ iiid takes sleeping (Jills running gesture as If about to An avid sports and automo-, Communist party lnf ; »3l\and commissar. His service,,, in ltWatBr ^An ^.wlwteletJn^ned waWlltfcl eliminated 1 those who .^npnt emerge as troublesome t^JiJtes, • :.. >,-'>• Mm *b& at 6?, he is younger and ^mgre vigorous than either of the •Td&rP-'- ^ whom he |iwrtrtilnally has shared Soviet ™ spelfiiershlp for nearly 10 yeiars - ; drcurastances., I \JjJrettiter Alexel N. Kosygln and • On a platform who saW'hlm afterward said he appeared to be in the best of health, •, A man of rugged features, with bushy eyebrows and iron- gray hair, Brezhnev rose to .ipower after an early career as a metallurgical engineer and land-use expert. The personality he projects seems to vary with place and jump in the swimming pool. Nixon, with a laugh, drew him back. During a meeting with U.S. businessmen, Brezhnev noticed aides nervously looking at their watches. He dumbfounded the audience by suddenly pulling out his cigarette lighter and setting a piece of paper on fire. "If only I could burn up protocol like that," he said. spbrts bile fan, Brezhnev gave security men a scare during his 1973 West German visit by suddenly jumping into a Mercedes that' Chancellor Willy Brandt had given him and racing off. He was annoyed when a sentry at the hotel gate cut short his joy ride. V Born Dec. 19, 1906, in the • Ukraine, Brezhnev Is the son of a metalworker. He joined the party ., learned his politics' ^uh.der •Stalin. V - > \ He moved qnlckly through party ranks thinned by the dictator's purges anduveintually. came to the attention of Nlklta S. Khrushchev, then conducting his own purge of" the Ukrainian party old guaM. Du f i ng World War II, KhrusHchev took him te/'the front lines to serve as a*poTilical> iblaml td fall ort him- uniform provided hini with his form*?'^ self aiM)®."* • ' many high-level military con- thebatfnte#s^,' .'• ^ * * fer**h**^fkl his 'wife; Vic ' nectlohs and a first-hand Ufttike knowledge of defense matters, tagohiited, Sblne' iUm fellow ' ahd'thjr%"gr^dchlfdren. He'ls Brezhnev reached the upper PolitbutVmefnbees byfmllng to foH&wMMiteri ana\otteH seeks ranks as Khrushchev's protege consult thefy on ^mporpM ^fiefhiqiiri'n.mwds during-, his by 196Q, assuming the largely declsUond, eBrertltwrflperafes w^«iS.#ie''»wei^ Ori? 1 official ceremonial post of Supreme like a chairmanofthe'tfoard*rfh>Voty$aph ' released. Soviet president. His exact role He. .Mml-^.-j^^&fa^&gmf'*-' in Khrushchev's ouster In 1964, failure with v otKfirtf. i - — "Is unclear, v •• diplomat remarked}; 4 Tt ., According to some accounts, any. backfire -later."^ tioesn'^ > fbtM*AipeirJgral suWer's U.S. trip i <5!« m >er Aiexei N . Kosygin and on a platform \;Pr«ildent Nikolai V.Podgorny. television, he projects f>]As a result, Brezhnev has His. voice is deep and t , One possible threat to.J8rezh- ney's hold on power is his health, but there is uncertainty about that. or on poorly. T __.. r resonant aliened his leadership In: the but his' delivery has a marked last year and a half with greater Ukrainian Inflection. : Authority than has been evident'* s W less formal surroundings, before. He is the spokesman for/he is charming, easy-going, •] hearty all important poHcy ^hteftaihingandhas'aneyefor ; decisions and is preeminent in pretty; girls, He'bearhugs and , the Soviet press. embraces* visitors with rib- 'CfUahjng'enthusiasm. * He Ms vain, -'hates to be photographed in his rimless r st*etael& and has facial lines !*r&3ed* from offifcial photo- He admits to having suffered : gMjpHs. far from a mod at least one heart attack.There : <drlfaer, he is nevertheless well- are rumors he suffers from ah ' cut Whls appearance, unspecified liver ailment and'- DuHng his visit to the United that last summer he underwent ^ast year, he turned throat surgery to soothe his wioWman and joker; He caused raspy voice. He is a heavy: -tniichf laughter at a San Clemen- smoker, a prodigiously"* h'aW^ reception when he made a Young Politician Has To#gh Job BONN —The toughest job in West Germany's new cabinet has gone to one of Europe's toughest young politicians. Hans Apel, the new finance minister In Chancellor Helmut Schmidt's cabinet; is only 42. v But he has already made himself a name in Brussels, where he has been serving as'West Germany's number two representative on the Council of Ministers, as a man who says loudly and crudely what.he thinks. His victims —with Britain's Sir Alec Douglas-Home first on the list —think him insolent and destructive. His compatriots, who have never yet heard a 'German postwar statesman slap down the foreigners so boldly, think he is a minor hero.' Chancellor Schmidt, who gave Hans Apel his own : job when he took over the government leadership from Willy Brandt, has already stated that financial policy will be the central concern of the cabinet. While inflation persists,. West Germany is experiencing <a sharp growth aar ^he result of the energy crisis and the central government at Bonn is facing an exceptionally heavy budget deficit. Schmidt warned in outlining his program that "realism and sobriety" would be the rule; government spending Willhaye to be cut sharply back aittr credit throttled down to a (parsimonious trickle. Apel is very much a "Schmidt •nan." Like Schmidt; he staled economics under Karl Schiller who two years ago, . as economics .minister under Brandt, stormed out of the cabinet in protest against "extravagance" and -plans to float the Mark. It was a conservative education; both men are well to the right of the. Social Democrat party. Helmut Schmidt persuaded Hans Apel to run for parliament in 1965, andlie soon made himself a name as a rough, quick-minded debater. His years that Hans Apel has made rhimself a national reputation, rn December 1972, when Willy Brandt formed his second government, he was appointed state secretary for European affairs in the foreign ministry. -\, This took him to Brussels, where he acted as lieutenant to Walter Scheel, the foreign minister, in the Council of Ministers. It was not long before Apel became notorious there as an Iconoclast. All the impatience he had displayed towards Bonn 'bureaucracy was now concentrated on the ponderous mechanisms of the Common Market. "The Council of Ministers," he once complained, "takes decisions like the Congress of Vienna. The foreign ministers 'roll up with their retinues, talk for hours on end, and finally Vtake unanimous decisions on matters so petty that they make you laugh." His own ^moment of glory came in 'December last year, daring the great row over ..-Britain's insistence on more r hioneyfor the regional development fund.' . He toldithe British that West Germany was not a blood donor fbr'-the- weaker brethren, and that it: was monstrous to spend the money produced by hundreds' of thousands of German : workers to subsidize foreign : economic incompetence. V 'This famous scene, described as "the worst of all AngloGer- man quarrels," expressed what millions .of West Germans thought; the fact that one of "them had actually said it ' seeme 'd to mark a milestone in ;history ":V Hans Apel' does not suffer from the guilt and weak nerves wtiieh have plagued older German <* politicians. He was 13 when the Hitler war ended. -As minister of finance, his problem will be interference from above, as least as much as ' the economic problems of the Federal Republic. Helmut Schmidt has made it obvious,that he intends to play scorn for the bureaucracy and- in active role in finance policy sloth of parliamentary machl^ pother gentleman breathing nery made him both enemies 'flown Apefs neck will be Man- and admirers. He became a ^feetf-.Schuler, who was Sch- deputy whip for the .Soda! jfaft deputy (n the finance Democrats and secretary far , ministry and now heads the the Socialist : group in the Chancellery. • Apel's first strug- European Parliament. gle will' be to make himself But it is only in the last two masterin his own house. $20 Check Causes Fuss and TALLAHASSEE. (UPI) Edwin F. Moungerjthe manin- charge of investing millions of dollars of idle state funds, overdrew his personal bank account by $20 and had the'bad fortune^ to cash the check with the state' agency run by one of his bosses. State treasurer-insurance commissioner Tom O'Malley' has asked the governor's office. tOjinvestigate. "t don't know' what's going on, it bugs me," Mounger said af terO'Malley called'the June 5 overdraft to the attention of the governor. "Anyone can make a mistake in hls^checking account," he added. "I made the mistake of keeping two checkbooks and I blew it." Mounger has been head of the State Board of Administration since Feb. 6,1973pbrought here from Virginia where he was a well-respected banker. • < The board is compose'd, #. Gov. Reubin Askew, O'Ma)(ey,f'ct0an^ee^tie comptroller Fred Dickin- ;-8on. Its main duty is to invest nljbhey f he state does not need immediately to pay its bills in securities that will bring interest; ' Mounger wrote a personal efceek for $20 and cashed it at tlie cashier's window of the treasurer's office in the capitol. It came back marked "insufficient funds." i O'Malley sought the investigation by the governor, •apparently because of the sensitive nature of Mounger's job which pays $35,000 a year. Mounger turned over to the governor a copy of his bank statement an,d awaited developments. • "I am very upset about this," he said. 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