Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
Page 5
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ONTHE For Political Dope Keep . An Bye on Washington Date Lines (Special politlcial letter to The IWglster by A. L'S^ultz;) Topekaj Kanfi.. JNOV . 30.—It Is a rotten /week. ', '. Sitting aronnd fTopeka. gnawio^ over "l %ank8givlng bones and trying to be happy with everyone in Washington. Is just ais exciting-as & trip to the big lot the day after the circus* moves. 4lni06i anything ^at starts ri^ht .soon Is bound to.have its origin in the national capital. Writ|pg politics around the state hous^ for another ten days iSj just as thrilling as being postmastep at Pauline on a day when there is a wagon load of mail order catalogs hnd nary a ' post card. Seema aa though eVeryone who is going to do anything real "soon is in' Washington, on his way to Washington "or coming hom»'. If this column had been real alert, might; have bc^ii iKJdSible to have sneaked up to the boss a few ilays agro and suggested an assignment to* Washington. Surely someone ought to ,be there to watcji life plays.; Mcmhors of the Kansas deU-ga- . tion havo .been «Jl;>plng Hway lo .\ Washington for a month. Tlie .state's presldeutlal SfrjntjJt Ctiirles Citrtis—ban bei-n in t(i<' t-iipiial sine .Sf'ptHuibcf, S<-nu((it Ciil^licr Ii >f,t two w <<«-kR ago. All «>l ihifilioiiHf iiH-mlMTH ari'.(b<'r<'; D«vi> .M\ilva«n iH tliirn-. tiovornor Puul- t-n look ;(i di-ligiii)«n from along k' b.'itiKit <anil w'nt to VVJIHII iHKfon. Honiiior ,Capper's papers galhored a si-lifrt group of frirm- «>r«, chartor<'lia staiidard sleeping ' car and staijied to Washington. Wlthi ilw oxi i'p_iIoii (if ilK- hn- itrori»> j'ouri, tliV iifflci- hcli; and a bar*' hnnilrii cundi.latrs for gov- frnor and sfattc.rcd state-offices, thrre is no one at home to keep ijp inti-rest in j;nrely d'omestic problems. ' —— » It will, be a good Idea to watch the Washington date lines during tl\p next couple of weeks. Quite iilcely a good deal of newji with a /Kansas slant will come from that point. , ' j^ry^'-^-^.- , THE JOEA' DAILY REGISTER.FRIDAY KTOny6; DRCiaiBER^' . - •.:-t^ IMfiPidTURE 1^ COUNTRY HAS BEEN WAiriNci FOR. PAGE FIVE Out of Washington this winter . will come a-considerable bit of nfws regarding Senator Curtis..He is due for a lot of play as the logical second choice bf the convention when the favorites are worn down and can't register ja winning punch. Republican IcadeiJK in his home Ktate have been going the limit to insure a delegation that not only will work for Curtis, but will be of the type of Curtis men who didn't'si^'ing on the ljan<i wagon - when the parade was - half way down Main street. NEWSNOTES OF GAS CITY Orifanbe Loyal IVmiterance leirlon and Aax-liary—•'Old Fatihionea ^ .Hiilhet" »t farlyle Friday ' Mirht. JVrsonaL*. Kdiior's,Xoie: The Register's^ Gas reporter: is Mrs. A. F. Hoiten. If "A . Register Reader" who kindly sent in a bifnch of news items will hereafter pass this 'news to Mrs. Hoiten ii' would avoid duplicatiod and would be miich appreciated by the Register as well as by Mrs. Hoiten.—The EditorJ Here is the new Ford! aytomobiJe. This piclm-e\srpublication has been awaited by the whole United States ever .since Heiiry Poi-d announced, last May, that he was clo.sing down his,to prepare- for a new model.' Since "that time there haivt been rumor.s about the newcai" and here, is the photd of it, to end them all. The new car bears not the re.sertiblance to the old piodel T—the time honored "Lizde." Note the higher hood, the more graceful mud guards, the long winddws and the general air of smartness—all qualities that the old model never tried to adopt. This picture wai' tfiken in downtown Detroit when the new model wt^s being tested by a prominent Ford e.xecutive. WHAT THE DRIVER WILL SEE The Kansas delegation in Washington went east with a determj- r/ij ;itioh to l>oost the Curtis stock. It tttB so'rt of iKiosting, too, that will leave no doubt as to the sincerity of folk.s at home. Dave'Mulvane's trijj to Washington isn't exactly an idle jauut. On the Republican national comniitte* Dave Mulvane ranks about! as does Charley Curtis in the United States senate. The fact that .M"'- vano arrived in Washington i. ;i days' ahead of the meeting of the Inailonal committee might not mean anything. But quite;likely it doei*. Tliis picture of tlie wheel, dash board jind instalments of the new Ford sliows how radically the new piod el differs from the old. Note the horn aud light control fin th'' center of thei'wheel, with' spark and gas control below; thf liand geal- s^liift lever, with foot thrott < ar.d starter on the floor; the gasoline gauge, dasi light, atnmeter and .speedometer grouped together on the dash; choke petcock at tlie right, and the clutch anil brake pedals replacing the old three-p.'da! sy.steiu. a fine i-omplimeiit to a very vvorUiv Kan .'ias Democrat, la addition to which it may wi .rry the daylights out of some of the Smith and Reed Itoys without really doing Mr. i Avers an.v (onsiderablo , ultimate good. " ' joe Mercer, state l:vp-tock sanitary comniish.-n-i .mil a.iklng btjc among llie >-»w nn n i<f Kansas, is The national comijiiittee will fix a convention • date and seSei t a convention city. Thi Ir <ull «:;i announce aI>po^!io ^lIn'•ut of <leU- pates and the conitnitice will .define Ilie regijlnr • fcifiin! «ni(i ''r«. Hut a lot of Dilier hln .^^ntsK not | ••ntirely removed from the iiriiier of consloering precidciiil.'il (i.ifs- bllltles will have aiieiition. And Kansas and Kansans won 't be entirely out -of (hcMC delllierallons. cither. ' ' To \VafiliiftBton this week went Covernor iP'aiilj^n ind a score or niocp of. people who will tell con- gre^ional,'obmmittees about the need of spending some of Mr. Mel- Ion's savings on flood eohtrol in Kansas. They took to the eapital figures .showing that high wa'ers In this state did fifteen million dollars damage this year. They will' seek a slice of any federal appiropriatibn for hiirncssinK of flooiJf waters. In this.'of <onrsj. jBeyj will' be Incked by their Iwine ^late delegation.^. I I MORE ^HOPPINC , M whil-? the llWaslii:';: < ;i 'ovi;- •-• He has \i;t:f>!i (ii 'i; 1 1' 'V ,I:I:M.1I<II let- I r; ui:s w.'i;ii. they! riMily tliirk ali MI; 'llill^^•., The | ' oil' f.'iiiii; (•(•tici riiiriR "Mi. ji Mr. | ] .Alerri.r want.- an i .Mir* .-.'iiiin I ilif riioi.-^iKp. Ita .-il'ifiil an ! :iiii'd ihoii 'ili \\< 1 .Mr .M;:n;:r IM i-oil«e!itii'i; ti> Ii'Tiii;! liis liaine In bi-' ui ^i-d in 11 liniiied Sort, of way. .\iiil in 'the discussion M comprij- mlses. .loe Mvreor is well near the (op of the list. Sow. before the exilnmn is eramj ined. it nilKht lie alright to fake lip the real prohlem of the d.i.v. Who droppeil that m;>nkey wrench In the K. 1'. football machine, anyway? Goverfjor Paulen will encounter no difficulty in maintaining a batting average, with congress equal to one made when his own' state legislature was in session. .The governor pointed out the need of flood- control legislation' !n his message- to th • I--^-- legislature, hut. seemed to • lo •> --^''^ of the idea •when he got ^h-ck *o his office. Anyway the lecislatnre wont mer-' rily along wi- •".! f ;i.. .fk.* started on .t1><'> r'miy? s ^^iniis; before the niemb?r.s .got Imin^'. Senator Capper's pi-ize, hand ALU MEN , ARC CRCAfeo' EquAu eu-r iSoh^ or 'CM Cfef MARRIED./ for month. SI; neither tardy nor abcsnt. l.^'. They are: Harold Clemens, Elwin Dick, Allen Coop, Cuy Clemens. Avery Dick. Willis Dick. Myrtle Piatt, Ava Brewer, Catherine Knox. Evelyn Klotzhach, Pauline Wing. Ruth Knox, Mar- gucrito Klotzhach, Luella Wing, Hattle Brewer; flag_salutes, 20. Fred Roush recefved highest ! average in spelling. Which was 100. TiioU recelxing »S and 9a were: Hattie Brewor, .Myrtle Piatt, Emma • l{o»i:h. Earnest Roush, Luelia jWing. I Now pupils enrolled this month I are Hazel .Mitchell and Eileen 1 Mitchell. Oreat interest is being* shown In the-"Kansas Traveling Library" consisting of 50 Iwoks, which was recelvdd this month. Parents and guardians are urged to vi.<lt school when at all possible. .Mrs. . Hardin Llneback. teacher. i JEDDO (.Mrs. J. Strubhart.) J Mr. and Mrs. Will and family and I-ois .An,n Weath.spent Sunday a week ago at ihe Henry Hess iliome. -.Mrs. I. M. impl I .St and .Miss Her•Iha Cleipe'ns .spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Anna Lash. Jeddo F'arm Hureau club met for par- OAKLAND (liuella Montgomery.^ iV jolly good program and pie i supper will be given at Oakland lia Strubhart and -Ann j schoolhouse on Wednesday 'e\-e- ly with relatives near | njug, Decemljer 7. Kemember the date and plan to cat pie with us. Music by the Oakland orchestra, teachoTs: Miss Hattie Burrows, ^^ss J .uella .Montgomery. . / Kd Siiiner called on .lohn Dic- .Mr. and .^'ir .s. .lohn Tl 'cni ;»s «in werejtrich Snbday.afternoon, shopping In HuniI .K )Idt S:ilnrdr.y. i Lew ^s il'uck 'ett took dinner Tiies- Ciitlierine Knox fvas abseiii 1 day wilh.Mr. and .Mrs. Alvin Woods school the first of tin-, wei'k on ac- j in Humboldt. .vtiiinl of y .siikiu -ss. ' Mr.s. Liira Burrows received such •leddo 's; ho»l, ripiiri for third I an interesting letter from Mis* family spei l Sunday at enta! nyruTp home. .MIS . Alvi spent Sundj tTianiite. .Mr. and ^ .Mrs. Hugo Strubhart spent Thaijksgiving day at the .Strubhart home.' .Mr, and .Mrs. Homer Lash ami ' • (.Mrs. A. P. Hoiten.) Everybody please remember the chf^-ken supper and bazaar at the -schoolhouse Saturday at . T :30 given by the Ladies' Aid Society. . JiFr. and-Mrs. Charlie Eastwood were Sup4ay'afternoon callers at the home oif Mr. and -Mrs. Eli Eastwood. 1 The peoide who gave the play, "Old Fashibhed Moiher," are planning,on gh-ing it sit Cariyle next Tuesday night. .Mr. Heijricks from Oklahoma arrived for a visit with his mother. Grandma Henricks and sister and family, .Mri Jim .McGrew. Grandmii' Hargrave. who spent some time at Trinidad, Colo., arrived homo Saturday. -Mr. and Mrs. Stov? Chezem of HepJer were dinner guests Wednesday at the home of the latler's lirother and wife. .Mr. 'ami -Mrs. O. Pope. .Mr. and .Mrs. Stevo Chezem of Hophir. Kansa.s. arc here visitlpg at the home of their son and wiV>., .Ur. and ".Mrs. L. K. Chezem. .Mr. ami .Mrs. Sherman Dicker- bear irom Beiilah and to know she is leijiijiK njurh Improviid and gaining in health rapidly. Mi'i andr Mrs. Cbas. ,Cullen and fuiniiy sifent Thanksgiving with .Mr .'/lid .Mrs. Ceo. Baker and fani- , lly. JUiy Baker enjoyed the day i '^^n are enjoying, a visit from their with ihome. folks and returned in t Altierl DickeiAiin. of St. Louis, the vvi 'iiing to bin work at .Mr. .Ilm Haninrs. .Ml* and .*lfs. Wni. Piickftl on- 1 W'T '" Tmsday evening callers at tcrtaiiied .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank .Mc- "'e honi- of .\Ir and .Mrs. Eli Ells Farreii. jr.. and son. Ke,nt, and -^'r ^orth ami . MIS .Maynard I'uekoit and sou. -^'r- ""d .Mrs. Sherman Dicker Eiiueiie, at dinner Thank.sgiving. ; were Sunday dinner guests at Mr and .Mrs. Floriau Slranghop- j 'he home- of the hitter's brother er of .-\cres. Kuiis., are visiting .\(r.! ""d wite, Mr. aud Mrs. t)r. t^hris- and .Mrs. Win. Stranghoner and '"!a. family. ' Mr .and .Mrs. Eilwin Keiley -of Henry I'al.string visited Oaklanii!'"aWyle were Sunday \\s\tQTii at l!;e .school .Monday afternoon. ' i home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Several from this disiiict attended the football games at Humboldt,;- Frank Thomas Erase, who spent Thanksgiving at the Kelley home, LaHarpe on Tliauksfeiving 1 rtlnrned home with them. i' \ .Mrs. Pearl Tompkins of Io!a lola or da.v, ' ! -Mrs. Pearl Tompkins of lola vis- Miss .Mania Sfjuiro. who is at- I 'i'ed Tuesday with .Mrs. Fred Tomp- tending Kansas CniversUy at; kins and Grandma Tompkins. Lawrence, spent Thanksgiving v.-i-! Services at the AI. E. rhurch cation with honfe folks, .Mr^ Jjohn Squire' and family. 7' The "Kitchen Kablnct Orches- Sunday. Preaching at !>:4- T ; Sunday school at 11:00 a. ni.: Epworth I^caguc at 7 p. m.,-leader .Mrs. Lestra" will bo presented by thirty' lie Heeding. This is consecration ladies of tlie I'resb.vterian church i night ami everybody is asked to HumlKJldt on Thursday evening. [ ccme prepared to pay his dues. December 1. at the Oakland school- ' Sunday school at the Church of house. , • i tiod at 9:-l ."i a. m.. preaching at 11 Miss Luella Montgomery spent i o'tlock; preachin- ."gain at 7:30 Thai\ksKiving vacation with her P- m. are welcome, mother, Mrs. A. I. .Montgomer.v at . The Lo.ral Temperance Legion LaHarpe. • wwX auxiliary of the W. C. T. I'. Mrs. Carter Wright visited Tues-i was organized in the. Gas City day with ber niece. Mrs. Lpo Eik- 1 school Wednesday affernoon by an, in HumlKildt. , \ -Mrs. Edward Russell, who also The Cottage (irove readies' Aid ! gave the children some .stories audi will meet Thursday afternoon with ' son.iis. .Mrs. . Virginia Dickerson, -Mrs. Lura Burrows. ' president «f the local union, ap- Wo ,are pleased to know that pointed .Mrs. Giffin as superintend- Frank McFarren, who formerly lent of the L; T. L. and Mrs. Dick- lived in this district, has bought I crson will assist her in the work, the Star Cafe in Humboldt. Mrs. | The children were ver>' enthusi- Lura Burrows. Miss Hattie Bnr- j astic and enjoyed the rtieeting very rows and Luella Montgomery jinuciK .Mrs. Giffin conducted the mjoyed a most delicious supper! election, the following officers be- there Tuesday and helped Mr. and | ing elected: K «n ;nest Fairweather, Mrs. McFarren celebrato their ; president; .Mabel Peres.'secretary; opening day. Clinton Stroiid. treasurer. an all-day tneeting at'the home of ^,nont!i endiiii: .Vovenilier i:.. 1);<27: JBcnlih Palstring who is In the Mrs-. L.vle Wing last Weilncsda.v. i .\u,„ber euro lied, boys IS; jjirls! slate sanitorinm at Newion kv-.iw The entine time was spent on Christmas work. Twelve ladies and fiv.e children were present. \ X\i-. aiid Mrs. George Klotzhach nt^il family spent Thursday evening at tJie L,i*ie Wing home. Mr. and Mrs; Toin Byrum spent ! Thanksgiving day at the C.iri ti.son I home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Byrum'spent "ksfriving day al the Carl Ol-, \ son home. I Mr. and Mr-. H. 11. neni"nl. Guy. 1 :umber enrolled, lio.vs IS; girls M. total .12; per cent atiendancu slate sanitorinm at .Newton. Kaijs. Oakland fri<*nds, are all so glad to picked farmers were offered tol Harold ami i;iern .«il.<n; S ih'nlav Washington this week a.«? major'ex- iiiblts of what crop growers can riook like. The farmer crowd thait went to Washington ab.iard a. special Pullman was in direct con- fra.sf' to the original idea of sending 'farmer delegations to Washington that might b" mi.staken for stragglers from Coxy's army. While congress is gefUng under ,way the* Democrat contingent in KaMas that doesn't want .Ilm Reed; S Al Smith—and maybe doesn't MOW .just who it does want—fwlll do some favorite-son boosflng. Congressman WIH Ayers .of Wichita Is to hare a comlnj^-out party staged 'by hfs friends. The njbve is to launch a campaign for an Ayers delegation to the Bourbon conrention next year. It will be night and Sunday with re atives near I'rbana. .Miss .Marguerite, EIrod of Thays: .nit fr-^m Friday night until | Sunday night with Bertha and Dorothy Clemens. Fred Flottman and daughter. Emma, of Channte:' Miss Margaret Flottman of Eurekl: Clvd,. Brv.ijit of Kansas City; anil Harold Flo't- man'of Dodge City, spent Sa:nr Hay aftern <M )n with Mr. and Mrs. ' H.- H. r 'ii 'm""s and famiiy.,- .Mr .ind 'i--- .\ • V. Th 'rlr '.soR { spent S.ittir-i • , . •\ir. | .-Mid Mrs. Elmer T! •unis •.•"J (am- 1 lly. I Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Hes.s and I' family were Sunday dinner guests Ht the Walter Hess home iii Humboldt Mr. and Mrs. Loren ^pgers and K (lift that \ always pleases aud one which no one> else can give—yoiu- photog-aph. Have it taken now, vhih' there in yet time. ' GIBSON'S PHOTOGRAPHS L/V^ FOREVER Your Nose ' Will Tell You When yoa ponr IxMlmg urater on Sttngite-Jell that this new gelatine dessert i% really a new day product It's steaming, appetizing fragrance will prove the full-strength flavor of the fresh sun-ripened fruit Sun- lite givea all the fruit's distinctive flavor. Its gratifying sweetness and pleasing tang. Your family will never know '"^iv delicious a gelatine, dessert can he until you serve Sunlit'e. Your grocer has it—or can get it foryon—in Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry or Mint flavors. Try the ° new popular Mint Saver, obtainable i >r in Sunlite. If» greoi. atKl the fre«h mint leaf flavor ii deUcioui. Sunllte-Jiell The Gelatine Dessert -with full strength fruit flavors FREE Dessert MoU* —to UMTS of , SuDlHa-JelL Maar •tylea to chaoaa from. Write for mtw ma»trBta<t Mold 08tr. Laam how to ret tbenJrM. Sunlite Dnsert Co. Waukesha. His. BLACK (JRAMTE .MARKEB.S This is but one of the many type.s- of memorials we design car%-e and erect. We make monuments of every description from our own designs or from one that you may suggest. The stones, we use insure the me-, mortal everlasting and: our workmanship is artistic aiid appropriate. Von will be satisfied witli our' service and terms. 801 SOUTH ^rst m the Douqh-7Ac/i in the Oven VUso Rner Texture a/»/Lara <Br * Volume 7 /1 \bur Baking^. Use less than higher priced biaiids Same Mce^/Over 35 Years 25 ounces for 254 Mitlions of Pounds Used By Our Government Gives New Satisfaction Satisfaction such as you Ve never known before! It *'knock^ out that knocks- develops a surplus of silent power. Fill up the tank with Red Crown Ethyl and watch theengine come to life. Oyer hills without shifting gears. Smooth at | top speed or a^ slow crawlJ Quick on the get-away—speedy on the pick-up. Flexible! Obedient! / ^ Powerful! Red Cro-wn Ethyl is worth the extra cost! At cmy Standard Oil Service Station and . at most garages Standard OO Compiany (Indiana) If r JOLA, KANSAS i • •t «737

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