The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 3, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 8
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-.^V'y'-^r wt *^ J ^ ' - : '^ ( ''' '" "' r - ''' ' T'/** .'*•:•, '! >-;>'«^*" .; «'V fV*y. * * \ i ' v r ' t * *•' ) . < f . \ . t i * . I ' ,*.*.!» 33 FILM'THEAeS "SILVER POLI^R" LEE TRACY IN LIVELY ROLE Again Wednesday thfe 'Greater January "A Successful CtilumUy" Is 1 Booked Tor Wednesday; Splendid Ctisl 'X new tiuorge Aril** picture Is always tin event of Imiiorlimrp to the rfiOtlovi plt-Uirv public iiiul "A Successful Cnliinilty," hlx latest Wnrner Brothers triumph oppnlni? Wednesday HX the. T?ex tVieiitov, promises to ox- <-pll tilt of Its excellent predecessors in popularity. -. ThVstory dctils with an American family of sreat wealth: u Kreat financier, his younB and lovely wife and his two Brown t-lilldrcn. nil. of whom Owl tlieinsulvoM so busy with thn Ofsi.suri'H juicl Untie 1 -: liniinscd upon thorn by their money und position tliut no time I* left for the,i.MiJoyment 67 real family life. "In tin lUlcmpl t" vcmody this unhappy H'timllon tho fnthcr announces smUl"Ml.v that he is ruliieil. A mussing (ind far'-mai'lilng conipllcatlnns which hp lltl'o expects, roHult tnir.iuilliitely The delight frl cnmcdy unfolds aK'ilnsI "the must luxurious spttlnpTH ever dc- v.iscd for n picture »f this type. T 1 Is presented with a cast sn excellen that every bii pnrt IH played by ar actor or ::ctrcs« uf conHldorablo note "The .Ulonde Captlvn" also Is 01 the bill. ^ « ^ — FRAMED BUCK STOLEN KATT'rrTKVn.iMC. K. <•'•. -fan. :i. I \. V.)—While ['•iiyeUevtlle slept bur- Kliird entered the office of the Pnro- Urm theater, worlsed for a couple of hours and departed. 'A check-Up revealed one lone dollar was missing, tt lisd been hanging In a frame on tho wall, given the place of honor because it was the first the theater took In it-hen .It opened five yours ago, M»««ela<cd I' Leaned SISATTtiM, Jttn. II.—The Pacific NorlltwcMt Theaters, Inc.; operating Sit tlipntors In .the- Pacific •northwest, ias gono Into' voluntary receivership, iYanic ti. Nnwiniin, manager, an- lovwced hern todfty. Ho said the organization wws tin- iblo to pay lift blllN and ooiiHlderetl voluntary rocelvor«hlp would he for tlio boat Intel-eats of all concerned. Tho petition for receivership' was filed lit Federal Judge. V. Joremlah STetorer's crourt SHturdity and No\v- man, und Don L. Graham, Seattle-ftt- ornoy itnd eou'tiHol for the corporation 1 , wore named receivers. Newman placed a $0,000,000 valuation on tho firm's properties.' •. , •• LEE TRACY AND LUPE VELEZ IN "THE HALF.NAKBD TRUTH." T WO lil'g features, "The Half; Nulled Truth" and "Xo More Orchids." open at. tho Vox theater tomorrow. A lively -comedy-drama, that exposes the ballyhoo racket and which Is alive with personality, "Tho Half-Naked Truth" parallels somo of the renl- llfe exploits of tho late Harry Relch- enbnch, generally conceded to have bean the most spectacular press agent I-troadway over knew. T>ee Tracy plays the rolo of the press tvgent. t,upe Velea plays opposite-him as tho girl who became famous through hlgh- preasuri! publicity. It WHS nelche'nbach who conceived the Idea of having a lion brought In n trunk to a hotel room occupied by a Mr. T. H. Hann. After this -«tory "broke" It wns revealed that "T. U. /ann" was none other than Tarzan, which tit that time was the tale of a silent motion picture about to open on Broadway. ; " Ho also had tanbark placed on the streets outside the house being occupied by Mrs. Pat Campbell, noted actress. , There wan a great hullabaloo about that. , Tho excuse was Urn Mrs. Campbell's sensitive ears could not stand the nolso of the 'rumbling traffic. The publicity which accrued from that stunt went Into reums. Supporting Tracy and Mlsa Vclez In "The Ttalf-Nalced Truth" are 13u- gene Pallette. Frank Morgan, Shirley Chambers, Mary Mason and Robert McKenzle. Gregory T,a Cava directed. "No More OrehldK," Carole IiOin- bard's second Columbia picture, has Waller Connolly, L,oulso dosser Halo and I,yle Talbot featured In tho cast, Thd story, by Grace Perkins, was adapted for the screen by Keeno Thompson, Gertrude Piircell wrote tho screen plan. Walter Lang directed the production, which also Includes In a hand-picked cast—A,llen Vincent Huthelma Stevens, C. Aubrey Smith, Arthur Houseman, Willlam V. Mong, Charles Hills Mails, Jameson Thomas and Ed I>e .Saint. THE SMART-CRACKER WHO COULD SELL A TWO-PANTS SUIT TO GANDHI TRACY LUPE VELEZ TWO BIG FEATURES Starting Tomorrow NO AS AN ASSOCIATE FEATURE HENDS TODAY— CLEARANCE OF SHOES AND SLIPPERS! 1- TWO BIG FEATURES OPENING AT CALIFORNIA WEDNESDAY EDWARD Q. ROBINSON AND BEBE DANIELS IN "SILVER DOLLAR' T IB13RTY-magazine gives IBdward.G. A-* Robinson's latest picture, "Silver Dollar," which, opens tomorrow nlglit at the Nile theater, a four-star rating. The review, says, "The i-emarkable and, as It turns out, highly .fortunate cast- Ing of Kdward G. Tloblnson as a west-, ern prospector provides him with one of the best roles of his screen career." As Yates Martin, Mr. Robinson's character, is based upon tho rich and picturesque career of Haw Tabor, a Colorado pioneer whoso touch turned everything to silver. Tabor rode to fabulous wealth with the Leadvlllo silver strike, bought his way Into the United States Senate for a term.of 80 days, discarded his wife of hardpan days In favor of ah ornate blonde, badgered an American president Into attending the wedding, built great hotels and theatars In.Colorado to glorify his luck, and sank to poverty when America, under McKlnley, definitely adopted the gold standard. Silver plunged In value, and Tabor died Broken-hearted In 1809. In Mr. Robinson's competent handj .the Tabor counterpart,.Yates. Martin, becomes a -curiously, fascinating character, reckless, extravagant, flambuoy ant, a simple man dazzled by his own luclt. In poverty, forgotten' by. tho people he, had befriended, .Martin dies upon the deserted stage of the great Denver opera house he had erected for his beloved state., "Silver Dollar"'ls an engrossing picture of boom mining days, when our land was rugged and adventurous, hard living and hard playing. Mr. Robinson's performance Is one ot genuine hlstrldnlc stature and he-.gets effective aid fronvBebe Daniels as his bride of silver-king days and from Alleen MacMahon • as the discarded wife. • "STILL" BLAST FATAL TACOMA, Jan. 3. (A. P.)—Kmll Smiley, 36, died today from injuries received In an explosion at his homo, last week. Police said the explosion was in a liquor still, for the operation of which Smiley had been arrested several times. Alan Dlnehart, Mae Clarke and Nell Hamilton In "Ai the Devil ,>' ' Command!," a Columbia Picture EVENINGS, BALCONY STARTING TOMORROW TWO BIG FEATURES Neil Hamilton, Mae Clarke Alan Dinehart * i CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 1HOO 15c "THE GAMBLING SEX" With ftUTH HALL • GRANT WITHER! ENDS TODAY "Red Oust" JEAN HARLOW "THAT'S MY BOY" Rlehird Crtmwell M AE CLARKE," who plays the feminine lead in Columbia's dramatic picture, "As tho .lievll Commands," starting tomorrow, at tho California lenter, never trusts her memory for lythlng Important. Her maid, who with her on and off the set, carries number of slips .of paper pinned to er dress. Whenever Mae thinks of nythlng that she should do, she calls o her maid, who Immediately writes t on a slip of paper and "files" ' It. Fuo looks the notes'over at noon, or t the close of the day's work and hen takes tho necessary notion. "As tho Devi! Commands," a dra- natlc picture dealing with a lawyer's fforts to commit tho perfect crime, nd then to fasten the guilt on his Iviil .In love, thus getting him out of he way legally, features Alan Dlne- mrt and Nell Hamilton as the-male irinclpiils. Tho story was conceived >y Keeno Thompson and adapted for lie screen by Jo Swcrllng: It was directed by Hoy AVI HI am Nelll, who nado "That's My Boy," "The Men- \,ce," "Fifty Fathoms Deep" and other films. The other feature In "The Gambling Sex," starring Huth Hall and Grant Withers, with a stellar supporting "Ued Butt," starring Jean Hurlo\\ md Clark Gtible, ends Its run today nlonu with "That'll My Boy," will illchard Cromwell. VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to' 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time. 15c LAST TIMES TODAY First Showing in Bakersficld "Pride of the Legion" With the Famous Police Dog Rill-Tin-Tin, Jr. and an All.Star Cast! Comedy, News and Cartoon RIALTO 3 U 6 p. ».. lie; Atttr 6. l»l, Mt LAST TIMES TODAY TWO BIG FEATURES WHEELER and WOOLSEY In "Hold 'em Jail" With Edna Mae Oliver, Rosooe At*« and Edgar Kennedy And Edw. 6. Robinson in a Gripping Drama of the Sea "TIGER SHARK" News and Cartoon OPEN 12-11 P. M. REX Any Silt <• 5 I. •. 15c 300 SeAts, Any Time.. .15c LAST TIMES TODAY Hurold Lloyd in "Movie Crazy" Come and Laugh 1 V TONIGHT BARGAIN DANCE 25c All Evening Ladles Always Free COCONUT GROVE I, . BALLROOM . W •'• - i Tomorrow und Thursday TWO BIG FEATURES Amazing Romance "THE BLONDE CAPTIVE" and George Arllis In "A SUCCESSFUL CALAMITY" TONIGHT 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K, 6—CBS programs to 7:30. 7:30—Chundu. the Magician. 7:46—Myrt and Marge. 8—"Globe Headlines/' 8:15—CBS program. 8:30—Stanley Smith Orchestra. 8:45—CBS programs to 9:10. 8:16—"Unknown Hands." 9:80—Don Clark's Music.' 9:46r-Harold Stern Orchestra. 10—News Items and Blsqulci: Band. 10:1G—Te4 Kio-Rlto's Orchestra. 10:40—Stanley Smith's Orchestra. 11:20—Dancing With tho Stars. 286.5 M.—KNX—1080 K. . . 6:13—-Bill, Mac arid'Jimmy. , . 6:30—SI and Elmer. ' » • 0:46—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Wittanabe and Honorable Archie. 7:1G—Musical program. 8—American T^eglpn program. 8:30—KNX Orchestra.' g ; 45—Oolden Memories, 9—News. 9:1B—Dance Band. 9:30—Concert. 10—KNX. Dance Bund. 10:30—Organ and Marlon Mans- 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. t- KERN—1200 K. G RANAD 818 Kentucky Street Ttlklni Pletuni Cviry Day A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, Children Alwayt 10c 15o LAST TIMES TODAY TWO BIG FEATURES EDMUND LOWE Victor McL'afllen, Richard Arlen "GUILTY AS HELL" and a Great Melodrama "THIS SPORTING AGK" Alao News and Comedy BEBCH-NUTS sensational new drama of the SOUTH SEAS • A gripping story « BROADWAY ALL-STAR CAST . ADVENTURE • ROMANCE • TRAVEL • A THRILL A MlNUTB . DONT MISS IT! K H J 9:15 to 9:30 Tonight IVItV TUISOAV AND f«IPAT 0—Tom 'Howard' and George Shel- Ion, Chesterfield. B:15—Threudtt of Hupplnews. 6:80—'Cullforulu, IMelodles. 7—TlioBo McCurty pM*. 7:l&—Keyboard Varlatlett, •• ' 7:30—Kd. C. Hill. •' 7:45—Myrt. und 'Marge. 8:15—To be. unnoiinced. 8:30—(jovernor Itolph'.H official ad Ures.s to ^hi« IjOElalutui-c. 9:161— HflUordlngH. 9:UO—Hurold .Stern oivueblru. 10—A.H-rei|U.o8t .hour, 10:40—Ted Flo Itlto's orehoMtru. 11—Duiicliib' with the Start). 468.S .-r^FI— 640 K. 0- Ileleuo llundln, Truthful 'lYouper. 6:15— l j nclftc Coant" Advertising AB- .souliUlou speakiT. 6:30— NBC-KOO progruinu to 8;45. g : 45 — Orchestra, mixed qiuirtet and cast in Tapestries of kite. 9:SO— NBC-KC1O progra into 10:16. 10:15— Phil Harris' Orchestra. 10:46 — Jay WhldJen's OruhestrH. : 11 — Phil Harris' Orchestra'. 11:80 to 12 midnight— Jay Whidden's Orchestra. - • « » NO FIREBUGS HERE . i NACHES, Wash., Jun. 3. (A. P.)— Fire Chief George Huettner wants to know what town 1ms a -better f*ro record for 1932 than NuchOB. Hit) job hau become monotonous, he says, because of the Inactivity. Not a single blaze waa reported for all of 193!!, and tho last ono was in Augunt. 1931, when a warehouse buraod. Nuches has u. population of about 600. PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Curries SHEET MUSIC Franklin Blast Co. I We Replace Window, Skylight and Auto Ql«§* Showcases Repaired , GET OUR PRICES 1404 Eighteenth Street ' Phone "844 '*•'& f Mr $2, $2.50 VALUES Velvet-Suede Mules —i-1— Smart styles, tor the young Daniel Green , Hat , ln 'J, nc ° m £!wS mSdern Velvet ribbon or os- size range. Black, blue, orchid trlch trim. Not all sizes. • ""'' '""">• REGULAR $2:45 'Women's House Slippers and rose. at '£95 49 REGULAR $1.25 Misses' and Children's Slippers Daniel Owen^ l ln*"flne .brown Of the better kind, some Buede; leather. Opera style, cozy warm also red or blue kid leathers, lined. Not all sizes. REG. $3.50 VALUES Men's Fine . Slippers . REGULAR IjS&S REGULAR $3.50, Men's Work Sfioes Extra Special Soft elk skin uppers, glaltttoe, Select any style sport oxford, composition soles andi.rubber pump or eyelet tie, selling reg- beels. In ail sizes. ''• ular at $3.50 to $4.00. at TOMORROW STARTS AND VAST CAST INCLUDING BEBE DANIELS ALINE MacMAHON Shows 7 and 9 4 STARS In LIBERTY MAGAZINE A New Note In Motion Pictures . . . Climaxing with Spectacular Drama! The great Robinson superb as an Incredible adventurer who lived -to beg In the city he built — whole achievements towered like, the Rockie* — whose sins were the scandal of an age! , • { LAST DAY . , JOAN BLONDELL In "Central Park" REGULAR $1.00 Women's Felts - Famous Blum line. HHow or Brown or gray, with .ribbon Everett patterns, brown or trim, .padded soles, and heels. , gray. Padded soles. Also with leather soles. ^ : REGULAR $l!00 Men's Felts *1.95 REGULAR $2.45, $2.95 Boys' Oxfords Black or brown, with calf uppers, leather or composition soles; 1 to 6. REGULAR $3.95 " , j Men's Oxfords : A. group ot both black , or brown, square or rounding toes. All slaes In the lot. . . " *2 95 , A;B'99' ALL BIG VALUES Another Special Any women's black or brown suede pump or oxford, In our stock, regardless of former price. VALUES TO $3.00 Girls' Oxfords A large group for growing girls, black or browp; some r sizes missing, 3 to 8. at *2.95 REGULAR $5 AND $6 Vitality Footwear Discontinued lines of women's Vitality shoes. Here is the big opportunity of 1933. REGULAR $1.75, $2 High Lace Shoes— Children's and misses' black or brown calf, patent, smoke elk, or. tan «Uoes up to size 2, misses. January Clearance —on the Second Floor— . Entire Stock of Winter Season COATS—DRESSES —at Redlick's— «...,.

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