The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPT. 14,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN FREESOIL,.—A large crowd, including eight Townsend club members from Fountain, together with Mrs. Ralph Baushke an** tilt- jf-orc jja^e acnooi band and Mr. and Mrs. James Rozell and G. H. Young of Walhalla, attended the FireejsoU Townsend club meeting held Tuesday evening at the Freesoil hall. The meeting opened according to the usual ceremony and Fred Coon read a financial report. Mr. Young announced a district rally to be held at Ludington Sunday Sept. 24. The Ford Lake band, accompanied by Mrs. BausnK-e. entertained bi p:ay<ig "How Do You Do," "Sweet By and By" and "Polly Wolly Doodle." Mr. Young, who had been invited to address the meeting, announced activities across the state, the -death of two prominent Townsendites there, read the Townsend Creed, spoke of the number of workers in the Thumb district, told of the recent rally held at Midland and urged all who possibly could, to attend the district rally at Ludington and said, "Townsendites are fighting no one. We are fighting simply for the Townsend plan, which I believe will be adopted before the end of 1940. I believe every business man would benefit from the plan." Mr. Voting read some excerpts from George Shaw's "Just Think" column of the Pigeon Progress, read oxccrpts from the book "The am Family," read "The Doctor's rayer" and an Edgar Guest poem, "Only the Very Few" and invited the Freesoil club to attend the Walhalla club meeting Wednesday evening. Ben Brunkc of Fountain said, "Will the Townsend plan work?" and told an apt story about an old man who had never seen a train. Mr. Brunke invited Ahe Free- soil club to Fountain Friday evening, Sept. 22. Eddy, Claire and Lee Tyler and Maxim- Bfiiesoh entertained with several deligiitful musical numbers and the Ford Lake school band played "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." The meeting closed with the Townsend pledge. Mr. and Mrs. John Brunke and daughter, Dolores, attended fu- Lake Michigan Beaches Popular, Report Shows L,aKe Michigan beaches, both in Ludington and at the State park were, as usual, popular places this summer. Total attendance was over 115,000 for a two-month period from June 5 to Sept. 4, according to figures released recently by the district WPA recreational department. This figure includes just the attendance within the supervised areas, George O. Kribs, district recreational leader, said. Fourth ward beach is included in the Ludington total. The Lake Michigan beach in Ludington alone drew just short of 100,000 persons. Of this number 65,682 were swimmers and 33,535 were in the play group. This latter group was composed mainly of young children who played on the beach oti/i ,,,-„,] *u_ „! i • <-ii UULV uina isunuuei wuie vvus- and used the playground equip- Jev osborn, Bruce Klnney. Gold- up of children under 16. According to the figures, Fourth ward beach outdrew the Ludington State park beach, total attendance at the former, as compiled, showing 9,274 against 6,847 for the latter. A majority of the swimmers at Fourth ward beach were imder 16, while at the State park the largest number came in the 16 to 25 group. With attendance for all local beaches as high as it is, it is estimated the total is less than last season. Safety Record Lifeguards at the three teaches added to their notable record this sum !er. During the two-month per duty assisted guards persons on The WPA recreational guards duty this sumjner were Wes- ment. Age of Swimmers The report shows ,000 swimmers were under 16 years of age, 20,000 were between 16 and 25 and 13,000 were over 25. These figures are kept throughout the summer by guards on duty. In the play group about 75 en Benson, Harry Nelson, Roy Kiytqn, Bob Carlson, Waldon Shangle, Carlton Jacobsen and Michael Sadler. NYA guards who served this summer were Marian Kribs and Earl Barton. All guards on duty were qualified Red Cross life savers. The first-aid group at the I percent of the total was made beaches, composed of ed to their Wednesday, spending a home in Saginaw Sept. 6, after few days at the Joseph Sanders and Kenneth Rathburn homes. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schreck of Walhalla and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wilde of Detroit were guests Monday afternoon at the William Schreck home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles DcGer- gus called Saturday evening at the A. L. Hackert home west of town. Lavcrnc Smith returned to his home in Custer Salurday evening after spending a week with his aunt, Mrs. Orval Sanders, and family, at Spring Lake. Mrs. Elizabeth Popp of Lud- f ington spent last week at the I hqme of her daughter, Mrs. J. i Elsie | Johnson, Doris Shoffner and Mrs. Anna Ereon treated 254 accidents this summer, most of them of a minor nature. About half of these were for cut hands, toes and feet. CROTCH-GUARD SPORTS AND SHORTS SOLD BY Lunde and Sheldon "The Store for Dad & Lad" of Custer will for Lansing C. McMaster. Donna Smith leave Sept. 18 _ „ where she will write her examination for a beauty operator, (having attended the LaMar Beauty school at Muskegon ncral .sen-ices for their niece and I during the past several months, cousin. Miss -Ruth Hughes, at Miss Ann O'Connors. R. N.. Fountain Sunday afternoon Miss Ann O'Connors, and brother, Leo, of R. N., Grand William Kowafcik, who lost his Rapids, were callers Sunday laitft barn and contents early evening at the home of Mr. Tuesday morning by fire, had I and Mrs. William Schreck. Mr. also, lost one of his best cows a few days previous to the fire. Mr. and Mrs. Percy LaBree and daughter of Midland and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hagstrom of Flint, who came Monday to attend funeral services for their mother, Mrs. Minnie Hagstrom, •gtdtnftl' Tuesday;" Mr. arttTMrs.' and Mr?. William Ludington were Miller of overnight guests at the Schreck home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Reene and daughter were last week-end guests at the Fred McCormick home at Fountain. • • Arthur WelsY"who r htf.<r spent Eiiri; HaKKtrom of Flint, who ar-! the summer with relatives at rived Sunday afternoon, and Miss j Clare, returned to Custer in Annabel Hagstrom of Midland, I time to begin the school term, who came Monday, remained j Miss Gladys Green is a guest until Wednesday. Lee wart Boynlon Mr. and Mrs. of Midland came and returned Tuesday. Custer of her sister, Mrs. Grace Cowell, at her home in Ludington Mrs. Charles Green and son, Leonard, were guests Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cowell in Ludington. Miss Doris Blanchctte of St.). Mr - and Mrs. Roy La.slcy Isnacc Is visiting her parents, I nave . moved into the apart- Dr. tinci Mrs. V. J. Blanchette. i'ncnt at the McKcnzic home Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Nelson and i"**" 1 , 1 * vacated by the Wood- family have moved to Detroit. | beck family, who left last week Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers of foi _ Str , ln8 ; vIML '? k , c Springfield. Ore., are guests this... Frank Whitaker of ^Crystal week of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Walters. Charles Reader drove to Grand Rapids Sunday, taking Walter Reader, who attends Davenport- is spending a few days I ' • S t <; p i ii t o a Irimkfiil of comfort. . . . for sporl- timc niid work- time. With HANKS C r o t c h - G u n r (I Sports, your legs arc stripped for action in golf, tennisniiilolhcrsports. You're iirolecled, too . . . with the penile allilelic support of the IIANKSKMT Crotch-Gunrd. At the waist, a Luslex bum! follows every •win); of your club or racket . . . and keeps in place. See your HANKS Dealer today. And pick up some HANKS Undershirts, too. I*. H. Haiicg Knitting Company, Winston-Salcm, N. C. HANES SPORTS CROTCH-GUARD **T'\JW\>I& (shown above) 35 c and5O c HANES SHIRTS AND SHORTS 35 C , 3 for *1 EXTJM QUAUJY. SOc EACH with his daughter, Mrs. David Beadle, and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Middleton and R. C. Middleton of Grand jniTUVIV.-! , WIIU ilttvMUIS J-/U VLTIIUUI L- T-> •-! II , McLaughlin institute back to his ' Ra P>ds were last week-end — or k i guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mrs. Eugene Cowell and baby w ' n K and . daughter. Sally • • • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hoffman COME HERE FOR daughter of Ludington spent Wednesday night, Sept. 6, with their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thatcher of of Round lake, accompanied by Mrs. Uri Miller of Custer, were in Manistee Sunday where they attended a lecture at the Chris- Muskegon spent last week-end tlan Science church, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. V. J. Blanchette. Miss Margaret Chisholm is visiting friends in Saginaw this week. Bobby Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Miller of South Custer,. fell recently and dislocated his arm. He was takeii to Paulina Stearns hospital by Dr. V. J. Blanchette where he was x- rayed. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shively of Muskegon spent Sunday at the .home of their uncle and aunt, %lr. and Mrs. Fred Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gold and children of Grand Rapids recently visited at the Ben Johnson and Earl Johnson homes. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith spent Sunday at the Lawrence Lewis home in Manistee. Miss Catherine Mallison spent last week-end at the E. Lyons home at Carr Settlement. Lloyd Janowiak and daughter, Dorothy, and father, Ernest Janowiak, of Manistee, spent Sunday evening at the Guy Sears home.' Don Schultz, who attends Davenport-McLaughlin Business institute in Grand Rapids, spent last week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McMastej. Mrs. Emma Hanna and son, Robert, of Kalamazoo, arrived Sunday to make their home in Custer. They, with Mr. and Mrs, Irwin Moore and daughter, Joyce, formerly of Ludington, will occupy the property they recently purchased from A. J. Smith of Scottville, and until recently occupied by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McMullen. John McKenzie accompanied Mason Ditlowe of Carr Settlement to Kalamazoo Monday where they are spending a few days. Mrs. Everette Fagar and sons, John and Everette Jr., return- THE TOGGERY K. L. ASHBACKER & SONS ALWAYS From first to last in every way you can depend upon the quality of CAVALIER COAL Gives plenty of heat in a hurry — holds the fire over long periods. Clean, dependable coal for all kinds of weather. -for sale by- Dan Soli and Co. PHONE South end of Washington Ave. bridge. PHONE 721 "Once Coaled by us—Never Cold Again" 721 HACK SAW HAMMER STEEL BLADES HANDLE TAPE *ft J f^ •'/loC Oc Reg. Sc ea. 10 in. it cff ,,i ;u . jo c . Sc- Reg. 29c. Auto- length. Tungsten iccled, polished matic recoil. 6 ft. steel blade. Save I white hickory. flexible steel. FRICTION TAPE 7c Save 3c a roll during this sale, Big 4-ounce roll. PARTS CABINET 77c Reg. 98c. A handy box. 4 removable) drawers. MOUSE TRAPS SALE! PLIERS Reg. 3c ea. Steel spring operates at any touch. 6-lnch combination. Drop-forged tempered steel, MAIL BOX 57 e Reg. 8!)c. Rugged galvanized steel. Standard sire. SOCKET > WRENCH SET 77c ll-pleee,12 point carbon steel sock- eta. Clip holder. WEATHER STRIP 7c Reg. lOc. 20 ft lengths, M inch width. Buy «••"". J Complete S^i^ctions of All Typ^s af Hardw€irc: - : Reductions to 50% > MONTGOMERY WARD 5 ANNUAL FALL HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Handy copper plated steel household oiler. STOVE PIPE WIRE 5c 19 ga. flexible annealed wire. SO-ft. coil. Save I CARPET TACKS 5c Sterilized, blued finish, Igths. %, ;•*, H or %-in- The greatest Hardware Sale this town has ever seen! Assortments are complete, but at these cut prices, they'll sell like hot-cakes. MECHANICS' TOOLS iw SCREWDRIVER 7e Reg. 12c. 6 inch steel blade. Tempered, hardened. ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 37c Cut from SOc. 8* size. Tool steel, polished jaws. .'¥?••"« SALE! 8-INCH FILE 8c Reducedfrom 12 c. Standard quality. Single cut RUST.PROO PADLOCK 4Oc S-disc tumbler cylinder. File- proof! Two keys! ECLIPSE SOLDER 55c Made from virgin metals. Flows freely. Strongl TOOL BOX $1.15 26-ga.steel.15-ln. long. Green finish. Lock & key. Wire Lawn Rake NEVER BEFORE SUCH A LOW PRICE! Less than half Wards low regular price of 49c. A handy rake for leaves and grass. 16 wire teeth, made from the highest grade spring steel. Built to give long satisfactory service. Buy several at this low price during this great Hardware Sale! SALE I RATCHET HAND SAW BRACE 6»c 58c 26" x 8 pt. Spe- Reg. 79c. Forged cial analysis saw steel chuck, 10* steel. Tempered I sweep. Buy nowl SALE I HAMMER 23c Strong and well- balanced I Tempered Steel. • I .V •"<!••!•, DOOR BUMPER Choice of bronze, brass or nickel finish. Buy nowl 25c Rust-resisting cadmium plated finish! 100 Asst 77c Reg. i .25.3^2 lb. single bit. Drop- forged steelhead. WIRING SUPPLIES HACK aAW FRAME * 19c PIPE WRENCH 44c Shock-proof, un- Cut from S9c. 10*, breakable,pistol drop-forged steel. griphan'dlfe.Savel' "Harddh'id tefeth. FOLDING RULE 15o Steel joints. Select maple. 6-ft Outsia'd'in'arking.' BUILDERS' HARDWAfcE DUPLEX RECEPTACLE TOGGLE SWITCH Reg. lOc. Brown bakelite finish. U.L. approved, j Reg. lOc. Single pole.brownbake- lite. U.L. listed. SWITCH PLATE 4c Save 50% during this sale. Modern brown bakelite. 50-lb. Customer-Limit Lowest price in Wards history! Regularly 4^c per lb. And made in AMERICA! Wards offer our regular stock of first grade selected nails, not seconds or mixed nails. All have sharp points with molded uniform heads. Why Pay More? Dull bronze finish. Fluted crystal glass knobs. RECEPTACLE PLATE 4c Reg. 8c. Brown bakelite. Streamlined design. 2OC pr. Dull brass finish. Loose pin. 3H * 3& With screws. NIGHT LATCH 69c Pits door ^s 2J4-in. thick, keys Included- KITCHEN LIGHT Reg. 1.05. Gives a glareless light. Snow-white fin. Cut from 1.29. 2-light, basket jt weave design. | f 3-Cell Flashlight Reduced to almost one-half of Wards regular low price of 90c! Highly polished solid coppor case, the best conductor of electricity . . . less drain on cells. Always in focus! 1200-ft. beam at the click of a switch. Includes batteries and bulb! There will be an early sellout. Hurry in! Hog. 55c. In dull brass or antique copper finish. SASH CORD 19o Reg. 35c. Hard braid cotton cord. 50 ft. length. Dull brass finish. W o r k easily. Screws included. BATH BRACKET 77c Keg. !!8c. Beautiful snow-white gl.i/ecl porcelain. FUSE PLUG 5c Keep extras handy 1 A 'I -glass shockproof fuse. DOUBLE SOCKET 10e Brown bakelitel Underwriters approval. 2-outlets. SASH LIFT 5e Dull brass finish on cast iron. 4-in. long.With screws. DOOR BUTTS 30c Dull bronze finish. Loose pin. 3>4 x 3> " Size. CARRIAGE BOLTS 38c Ass't'd U to ,, diam., Igths. 1>. to 5". Pkg. of 50. 14 II. P. Motor A brand-new, 2-year guaranteed motor for" less than the usual price of a second hand motor. Split-phase type for washing machines and light wood working tools. With cord. Sleeve bearings. Wool yarn lubrication. Ironing Cord Set Save 8c on a cord set during Wards great Hardware Sale! APPROVED BY UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC.! Replace those old worn-out appliance cords and eliminate fire danger and electricity loss. 6-ft. of No. 18 wire. Strong heat resisting bakelite plug. No switch. 5OO ft. Customer Limit RUBBER COVERED WIRE Save on Underwriters Approved K 14 wire. WEATHERPROOF WIRE Reg. 1.65 per 100' 1 Size jK 8100 ft. coils. 1.38 WARD

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