Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 7
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TOLA. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER; THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 5. 1933. PAGE SEVEN lEWS' OF MORAN targe Crowd Present for Christmas Canliiia Directed by Mrs. J Ernest C. Wilson.' : 'MIS. G. H. Ford.) - : MOUAJX. (Plas.. Jan. S.-rThe presentation of the Christmas cantata, "Thfj sciivaiion of Israel," was made Sunday cvcninJT by the chorus choir ~6f trio, Met lodis't Episcopal church. A large crowd was in attendance nnd rvr:-j-bccly greatly, enjoyed; this . fine musiical 'treat. Mrs. Ernest: C. 'W'ilson directed the chorus and %irs. Lc'i; Churchill' played the ac- THE NEWFAiNGLES (Mom'n Pop) By Cowan ^GLY-CAS WORTHY OF ITS PRAISE" Bowels Regulated, Apetitc Restored, ? Dizziness Ended; Now' Sleeps 1 Good, Feels Fine. ' '•Gly-Cr.s' ncUon is mild yet very ciTectivc.-. .said Mr. G. W.. Salesbury, 519 East. 20th'St., Okmulgee, Ckia. 'ilhad been badly consti- pati'd, appetiie -failed me, severe NOT FOB POOP- LITTLE AMV-SI^ELL PROBABLV &ET A FtME SFAMKING.' •MR. O. W. SALESBURY, pain in iTiv ^•lu-.sL con.siantly. Diz- i.iii&ss v,;:'s alwuy.'; distressing, sjjent many' :->.'--i!;'s:; ni^;hts. But no more, sinrjc I iurv;; \iL\-n inking Gly-Cas iny Ji .eriliii is .imijrovcd h} every way. I^fy : bo-.v(.:s iirc regulated, appetite rt '-'Upn".!, ::r..:l am really feeling myself ariain. Gly-Cas Is wonderful, it -does not cu'iup or nauseate and gives ,1ust the i^..-.Hlts wanted and is really a wo.'Thy medicine." — Tlic elTicacy of Gly-Cas is such as to igivc -leiief thai borders on the rnipculoiLS, in many of the most ^liibborn of rheumatism, stomach, ividnev. bowel, blood trou- , bles. G'iy-C'i<; i-; Fo '.d I:y Scarborough Bra'^i-Crr'j Ida. and by .all lea'dihg dm- .store.s in surrounding lo\i-n,s. companiment during the practice but was unable to be present Sunday evening aad her place at the piano: was'taken by Miss M. Lucelia Harris supervisor of music in our city schools. Clarence Kester. rural mail carrier on route 2 has been ill with influenza since last 'Wednesday and confined to his room. Cal Hart substitute carrier is on duty during Mr. Kester"s illness. Miss Lena Damold of tiie higl .••chool faculty is ill of influenza ai her home in Kansas City and i^ not expected to return here for hei school work before 'Wednesday. Mrs Earl Green is substituting for her. Mr. A. M. Smith reports his sister Mrs. frank 'W^rcoff in a. very serious condition at St. Margaret's hos4 pitai. Kansas City, following a para-' lytic stroke last Friday. Mrs. Wy-I coff has many friends'here who arei sorry to learn of her illness. Mrsj Emmerson of Ottawa is remaining in the city to be near her sister and to keep the family informed of anyj cJiange that occurs. D. D. Smith made a business trip to Kansas City Friday. Mrs. Sarah Umphrey. president of the Ladles" Aid of the Methodist Episcopal church announces the annual meeting of the society Thurs -i To Those Who Can Write: If you have' desire for and feeling of ability to w+ite stories, feature articles, essays, editorials, poems, etc.. with merit and wish to market your "stuff" in a wholesale way. with reasonable profit, j"ou need to get into a Press Syndicate. You are invited to write. JUDGE JOEL E. SMITH .SHIRKMERE HOTEL WICHIT.A, - - K.4NSAS Nev,' and Lower Prices On SUPPLIES RM r,; .sK.vr, MOTOR OIL : TO I'tr C:-nl paralfin Base. "':C!;i:ice of !i-lu. medium or :he:n;-. ,. i Ga 'liHi AOc ••6 GaUoiis S1.79 BR.^Ki; LININGS '75 Per Cent Discount Fnrd A. 2 front wheels. .SOc Fcrd A. 2 rear whels .....80c Fo-ti A.^. 1 rear wheels .S1.98 :C'hev. T:i.'ti-,S. rear set ....89c Chev. ll'iS-!), front set ....69c J<;'h('v. l.T^!). rear set .....$1.26 .(P'.ev. Jfl3t)-:;:J, compete ..$1.58 1' ..-i ;Uh. p ;T foot 16c ..l''i-i!uh. niT foot 22"ic it^-inih. p'-r foot 25c '1' I -inch, PIT. foot ......27!ic ,4XTI FREEZE '.\!"i-1i(iV. ISS proof, gill. ....59c CilyicrinC, Uaclialor, cal. S1.39 l>JS'I()N' KINGS .Icir Any Car 1 ConiDri'ssion .Set ...$1.20 :.l (vl. O^! Control Set ...S1.56 V, <••!, (•.;.i.iipr;-s.>.ion Set ..$1.80 it; rw. Oil.c.Dtrol Set ...$2.34 hIGHT KULBS ••111. :ui Mid GU Watt ir 5 lUilbs 10c FNi'li ll.i!;lit Bulbs, any size 9c '(nil I,:uiii) Aulo Bulbs ....6c ;:i (. |). .sinirU- or Double i'lii- ' AUIO 13c. 'A'?. 1. p. Single or Double fr.r Atito . 16c : BM i; Hi;.^/. B.ATTERIES 1. 'I p.n- Cent New Materials. Gu -i-.,.!".:-.". d one year. Ex- prices. .r;; i'lale ... ;.. ..$3.89 Pia(r .......$4.89 r. I'lali- $6.i9 ,1?, V. DodRe $7.85 1)KV BATTERIES 'Flash I.^g^ht Cells 5c ^^Tekpl'.oi'if Colls 25c 'l.") V. K-.ulio B. regular .....89c •ih V. n:-(l!.) B heavv duty $1.39 VARTS FORD T Sl.OO Oil Lines, complete ..49c Timor and Roller -. .35c .Transmission Band Lining ' !!!!."> ail dearlier; set ....39c iTransms.siOn Band Lining •,. lf(?(i-Ti set :.. .45c Valves, 'standard or ovcr- size, each lie Spindle-Bolts, each ......13c Spindle Bolt Bushings "c Kin? and Pinion Gears , Per set ...$2.50 •Front Spring Perch ' R or L . .. . 48c Starter Ui-ive. Exch. S1.25 L'niversal Joint' ...$1.49 : Coil Points, pair 9c Top Hose, each 8c Bctiom Hose, each 5c Hose r'anip, each 5c Axle Shaft Roller Bearing 75c Roller IScarin's^ Sleeve ....lac Fiber i-ij!enti Timing : Gear . .$2.65 .I»AKTS FORD A Fan asscml.v with pulley .98c .Crank Siiaft Pnlley 49c ' T'nivcrs;i!| .loint Si.75 \Vatrr Pump Shaft >r .AssepiJ>ly ^ 49c Doer HSndl^-, plain 67c Poor IKnrlie, loekinsr ...Sl.lJi : Starter Sprhigs 34c Piston Pins, any oyersize .26c MufHer Complete S2.69 Generator Brushes, each ...8c Distributor Body 39c Starter Switch 28c Top Radiator Hose 13c Spindle Bolts, R or L 59c Spindle Bushings, ea 6c Valves, each 26c Head Gasket 29c RADIATORS You Savej One-Half. Ford T 1924-7 Hex. .... .55.95 Ford T 1924-7 1 Tubiilar ..$6.95 Chevrolet 1926, Honeyc. .S8.35 Chevrolet Honeyc. $8.55 Chevrolet 1928 Honeyc. .$8.69 Chverolet 1929-30, Hon. ,$9.70 Ford A 1928-29 iTubolar S8.95 For^ A 193()-3i Tubular $10.75 PARTS CHEVROLET Vaves, any yearj ea 19c vValve Springs, U or 6, ea. ..4c Bell Housing, pleasure ..$1.31 Bell Housing, truck ....$1:39 Pistons 1926-i7 complete with pins, each S1.33 Starlcr Switch^ 4 or 6 ... .38c Generator ciit^out, ea. . . ..58c Ignition Wiresi, complete . set 49c Timing Gear (silent) I 4 cylinder $2.05 hriming Gear (silent) i 6 cylinder S2.65 Spring Shackle Bolts, ea. . 12c Spring Shacfcle Bushings ..8c Hub Caps 1926-8, ea 12c Hub Caps, G cyl. ea .25c Hub Caps (wire wheels) ..45c CONNECTING RODS Exchange Prices Fort T, each 4.9c Ford A, each .84c Chev. 4 or 6 cyl. ea 84c Poptiac, each S1.75 Whippett, each S1.61 Essex, each S1.23 Fordson, each $1.74 GENERATORS Factory guarantee^d. Take off your old one. slip this one on. Exchange prices—i Ford T .....J...S2;75 Ford A, long type; S3.98 Ford A, powerhouse .$5.68 Che\Toet, 4 or 6 $3.98 CLOSE OUTS Fort T Radiator covers ...25c Ford T Hood Covers 25c Fort T door pockets 10c Harness Oil, gallon can ..49c FLOOR MATS Ford T, all rubber 39c Ford A, all rubber 88c Small Universal, all rubber 88c Large Universal, all rubber 98c Small Felt Back, nniv. ...98c Large Felt Back. univ. ..S1.19 Felt Underniat, univ 49c FAN BELTS Foi-d T 19c Ford A .39c Che\Tolet, 4 or 6 ..: 39c Dodge 4, . .; 28c Ponttac ...: 59c Pb-moulh .59c 150 OthoTs BATTERY CABLES Ground, any car 18c Ford T. positive ..39c ; Chev. 4, armoured 45c fchev. 6, positive 38c Ford A, Long 37c AMDREWS «c S0BI 12 S. WASHINGTON—lOL* day afternoon in the C. I. jC. class rooms of the d^Urch. A social hour with refreshments will follow the regular election of officers for the Qoming year. J. D. Land, Kansas City, came Friday and was accompanied home by Mr. Land's mother, Mrs. A, C. Best who will visit.with them and her other! daughter Mrs. A. L. I)an- ow and family for a few days before returning home. Miss Elizabeth Davis who. spent llie Christmas vacation here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.. E. D. Davis, and other relatives and friends returned Friday to her srl'.col work in Kaiisas City,: < Mr. Marshall SpawT, ' who was called here last Thursday by the death of his mother, Mrs. J; M Spawr. left here Smiday evening for his home, Palestine, Texas. •Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bardwell and tiieir daughter Mrs. Bessie" 'Wycoff and Audrey Wycoff, Bronson, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bardwell and cliildren were Sunday dinner guests of tncir daughter and sister, Mrs. R P. Browh pnd family. Mr; J. H. Seber who has been ill the past -several days is Improving, but is not yet able to lehve the house. I Mrs. Emma Keith was an overnight guest Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl Shively and assisted in the care of . her grandson Jimmj- Shively. who has been very ill. Rev. Fi:ed Gresham. pastor of the Christian church, who had almost recovered from a recent attack, of influenza, suffered a relapse the last' of the week and is again confined to his bed. Miss Wilabeth Harris who sisent tiie holiday season here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Harris, and other relatives, returned to heir school work near Lane, Kas., Sunday. Mrs. U, H. Epperson who has been ill and- Under the care of the family physician the past few days, is now improving. Mr. jand Mrs. Claud MjTes and little son Gleeford, were New Year's day guests of Mr. Myres's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Will MjTes. northwest of town: The pastors of the local churches have arranged a religious campaign to continue as union services End Serious Coughs 'With Creomulsion Don't let them get a suangle hold. Fight germs quickly. Creomulsion combines Uie 7 Lest helps known to modem science. Powcrf lil but harmless. Pleasant to tale. No narcotics. Your druggist will refund your money if any cou^ or cold no matter how long standing is not relieved by Creomulsion. ' (adv.) HORIZOXTAIi IWho was the last U. S. president to die in office? 3\Vh^ Is the profession of Mrs. Franklin . Roosevelt? 13 Imbecile.: 14 One In cards. 16 Artless. 17 To wander about. 18 To concede. 20 To fall In "drops. 21 Native metal. 22 Hazard. 24 Measure of . cloth. 25 Masculine pronoun. ' 26 Climbing plant. 27 To vex. 29 South America fabbr.). > 30 Persian money. 31 The alter song. 33 BanaL 34 Pocketbook. 35 Congressmen's Answer to Previous I^uzzle aaaa'iiasilagiganag) iiHa @a MfBBiaBffl!! Ha naa, iffHoIaa® f n® mm- HsnasgiB sag I KS. asg :Hao gES clerks. • 38 Cost. 41 To wash. 42Undersized cattle. 44FethinIne pronoun. 46 Leasing. 48 Cat's foot. 50 Side bones be lowHhe waist. 52 To lift up. 53 Caterpillar hair. 54 Stranger. ; 56 Golf device. 57 Perforated. 55 Death. 59 To reject. VERTICAL 1 Emijeror of ' Japan. 2 To ilove g,reatly. 3 Tb rend ; asunder. 4 Female deer, 5 Neuter pronoun. • 6 To store. TRight of holding property. S Varient "a." 9 Vulgar fellow. 10 To employ, ai Misfortunes. 12 Supplanted. 15 Eussy. 18 The cheek. 19 Journey. 22 Sour liquid. 23 Running away and marrying. 26EssentiaL 2SThat which Is educed. 30 TO: .submerge. 32 Before. 36 Always. 37 TJ. S. upper House. 38 Forced up , with a lever. 39 Magic. 40 To beguile. 43 Thin metal plate,. 44 Herring. 45 Narrative ' poem. 47 To bind- 48 Fairy. 49 To walk through water. 51 To observe. 53 Sun. 55 North Amer- • ica. 57 Before Christ. New York, Jan. 5. . (AP)—The stock market tried rather feebly to extend yesterday's advances today, but the best it could do was to retain Its gains." The market closed narrowly irregular. Transfers approximated 1,100,000 shares. Wall Street was stunned by the news of the death of former President Coolidge, and rail shares dipped sUghtly for a moment, inasmuch as Wall Street had been looking for a solution of the carrier problem from the commission which Mr. Coolidge headed. The can stocks were firm, both American and Continental closing nearly a point higher. Other Isolated firm spots were Westinghouse Electric and Columbian Carbon, up about a point. V. S. Steel preferred gttined a major fraction, while the common lost as much, 'in the" rails. New York Central, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific closed with small fractional" losses. Union Pacific lost ••^i of a point, and American Telephone nearly as much. Lorillard turned heavy loslne of a point, as did Dupont. High Low Close Cities Serv 3 2ri 2'=',; SO of Ind 22!.i 21% 21'', Amn Can 59'j 57'.s 58-<« Amn T&T lOSV 't 106';:S 107Vi; Amn Tob B 60' N 59-).i 60 • Anaconda 8'i 8 8 Atchison ....... 43 41'^: 41--1 Auburn 55 ".i- 53'i 53-'; Beth Steel ..... 16'.i 15'.i 15^:, Case J I 45'i 43r, .' 44'.s Chrysler 17 Vi 16''i le -'i Con Gas 61 60'''. 60"s Con Oil S 'i 5-',« Drug Inc 37-'.; 36>-,' 36H DuPont 39"i 38 N 38':u Gen Elec ...... 15'^s 15'- 15 -'i Gen Motors .... 14' t 13T.s n'k Mont Ward .... 14f, 13'L- ISvi Packard 2b. 2 'j6 2% Penney J C .... 26 25 ',s 25'', Phillips Petr ... 5'^ 5 -S ^i Radio ;6 5'-i 5''<i Std Brands ISF ; 15Vi 15'i SO of NJ 31U 31 31 Tex Corp 14 13"i 13% U S Steel 30's 28-.^ 2914 Westingh E .... 30% 29U ZQVs No. 3 45-45'4; No. 2 red 41-41 Vj; No. 3 nom 39%-46.: Close: May 40'-;;; July 40'.4. i Corn: 18 cars; up white, nom 22%-23U 22'4-22%; No. 2 yelloiv 23'--; No. 3, nom 22%-23Vi: No. 2 mixed, nom 22Vi-23; No. 3, nom 21%-22'.',. Close: May 24'5: July 25-'i. Oats: 12 cars;, michanged; No. 2 white, nom l'7-18!i; No. 3. nom 15!::17. Milo maize, nom 49 ]' Kafir, nom 40-45. : Rye. nom 32-32'.i. Barley, nom 21'i-24. jl to V -j; No. 2 No. 3, nom 54. Kansas City Livestock Close. Hogs; Closed slow to packers, mostly 10-15 lower than Wednesday's average on'wiiichts above 230 lbs.; late sales desirable 230-300 lbs., S2.G0-85: go6d and choice, 250-290 lbs., S2.60-85; 290-350 Cattle: Good 961 $5.85. Sheep: Lambs closlr.„ ihigher: top fed woolbd lambs to tliippers $5.70; numerous fed lots and t)etter grade nati,ve& to packers and shippers $5.40-6(); lambs, good and choice. 90 Ibs.i down. 35.25-70; good and choice, 90-98 lbs., $5.00-60. lbs., $2.40-65. lb. yearlings !g active, 10-20 Skin Troubles If iinyone has the itch now, says a famous doctor, it's because he would i-athci' have It than bother to end it. For nothing could be more sltriple than, the modem home treatment with Emerald Oil, that acts instantly to give relief. 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Dr. Edwards, a well-known phy- Kdan in Ghio, perfected a vegetable compound as ia silbstitute for calomel to act on the liver and bowels, which he jave to his patients for years. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are gentle in thelriaction yet always efifec- tiv^e. They help bring about that natural buoyancy which all shojild enjoy by toninc up the liyer and clearing the Systeni of impiirities. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are knownbytheiroHvecolor.l5c,,30c,60c. Rev. J. R. WUliams of the Methodist Episcopal church, and Rev. N. A. Peck of the Presbyterian church will alternate In giving the evening sermons. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Fowler and daughter Bethena, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Brown and Erschel, and Mr. and Mrs. Duke Myres and Cpleen were New Year's dinner guests of their daughter and sister, Mrs. John HUl and Mr. Hill, Colony. In the evening MS", and Mrs. Duke.Myres were guests of Mr. Myres's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Will Myres, northwest 0^ town. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burrell visited Monday In Bronson ' with their daughter Mrs. A. L. Anderson and Mr. Anderson. Dee Mitchell and family, Cha- nutc, yislted here Sunday at the L. D. Mitchell and A. M. Shilth' homes. Annapolis, Md.—Tlie Maryland house of delegates Ls economical. Delegate Jonathan Sleeman, from Allegheny county, offered prayer at the opening session. Formerly a clergyman was paid $5, for his, services. LOCAL PKODUCE.. Eggs, firsts Eggs, seconds ...; Eggs, thirds Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. 1 -. Hens, No. 2 No. 1 Springs, IV2 lbs., up .. No. 2 Springs dapons: over 9 lbs Capons'; over £ lbs Capons; over 7 Jbs. Capons, under 7 lbs Slips Biittcrfflt. lb. . , Stags, lb. L Cocks Geese, lb Guineas, each [ White Ducks, lb Colored Ducks, jib Hides, per lb. Mixed Corn, bii Yellow corn, bu — Wlieat. bu. •• Knifir Corn ...25c ....22c , ...17c ...22c 8c 5c ,....6c ,....4c ...11c ... 9c ...7c ...6c 4c ...19c ....4c ....3c ....S(j ...10c ....4C ....36 ....Ic ...loc ... 10:-: ...25(3 ...14o Kansas City Livestock. City, Jan. 5. (API-U. S. D. A.—Hogs 4 .500; 320 direct; steady to 10 lower than Wednesday's a\'erage: top'$3 .05 on choice 180-200 lbs.; good and choice 140-160 lbs., $2.80-$3 .0ef 160-220 lbs., $2.85-$3 .05; 22U-250 lbs., $2.80-83.00; 250-290 lbs., S2 .70-$2 .90; 290-350 lbs., $2 .40-32.70; packing sows 275-350 lb.s. $i:75-$2.25; Stock pigs $2 .50 -$2.8o. Cattle 2,000; calves 300;: light weight steers and yearlings :stead>\ to strong; otlier classes wer^ little changed; good 996-lb, steers $5 .35; some held higher; steers, good and choice 550-900 lbs., $4 .75 -$6 .75; 900- IICO lbs., S4.25-$6 .75; 1100-1300-lbs.. $3.85-.$6.25; 1300 -1500' lbs., $3.85- S5 .75; common and medium $2 :75$4.75; heifers, good and choice, $4.25- S6.00; cows, good, $2 .25 -$3.00; cutter $1.25-$1.7o: vealers. milk fed. medium to choice $2 .50 -$6.00; stocker and feeder steers. $3.75-$5 .75. Sheep 4 ,900 ; a few .opening sales I lambs strong to lOc higher; sheep and yearlings steady: top fed lambs to shippers $5.60; lambs, good and choice.! 90 lbs. down $5.25-$5.60; good and choice, 9$-98 lbs., $5.00-S5.50; ewes, good and choice 90-150 lbs., $1.2a-$2.00. SOIV^ DANDY BUYS IN 1 "30 Ford Coupe 1 '29 Chrysler 65 Coupe .1 '29 Ford Roadster 1 1 '29 Chrysler 65 Sedan 1 Plymouth '30, 4-door Sedan R0SSAR6UCKLE a^Ql CHRYSI,EB-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale PONTIAG - BUICKi GOOD -WILL USED CARa SHELLY MOTOR CO. | Authorized Buick-Pontlao 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 FORDSON TRACTOR and plows. McCarthy Motor Co. Dodge SALES AND SERVICE Plymo; Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR C6. \: P li o n e 3 0 1—Trade—Terms Repairing—Garages BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Idettl Garage. i , FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities BAKERY EQUIPMENT-^Consisting i of revolving oven, mixer, wrappln? machine, show cases, etc., a bar- ^in._Iqla LandCo. ~ LIVE STOCK 1 ' 20 bogs. Cats, Other Petsl WANTED—Female canaries, j Bird supplies for sale. Mrs. S. B. Agee. Giis. Kas. i : i 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to 1 freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West, Street road.; j mare i 2700. FOR SALE—Extra good pair mules. 6 years old, weigh ., well broke. Ira Norton, Mildred,! Kansas. ANNOUNCEMENTS Kansas City Produce, Kansas City,: Mo.. Jan. 5 (AP). Butter'fat 12-i7c. Other jjroduce unchanged. I Kansas City Ila.v. City, Jan. 5. (APt—Hay. 14 cars, unchanged. Kansas j City Grain. Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 5 (AP). Wheat: :77 cars. Unchanged to ^ic up. No. 2 dark hard riom: 41%.- 5V .i; No. 3, 47; No. 2 hard 42-46; Personals OLE! MAGAZINES and books wanted! When moving or cleaning house give them to the lola Public Library. -Phone 140J5 or 382 and wp will eet them Strayed, Los^, Found NOTICE-^Blank policies of the National Security Fire i Insurance : Company having disappeared from the agency of I. E. LIneback of LaHarpe, Katisas, their use is unauthorized and property owners are hereby, warned' against their acceptance'as follows: I^re Policies inimbers 505026 to 505050 Inc., Torniido iioUcles numbers 20976 to 21000 inclusive, dwelllng'fird policies numbers 801977 to 802000 Inclusive, combined dwelling policies nunibers 603130 to 603150 Inclusive, grain certificates numbers 9241 to 9250 inclus-Ive, automobile policies numbers 15326 to 15350 Inclusive. Also Agerlts Commission of Authority. National Security Fire Insurance Company. AUTOMOTIVE REGISTERED JERSEY BULL, No. I 338884, Golden Fern, Champion, j sired by imported Ferns iNoble 1 Champion, damed by Bulah St,ock- i well, is for service at Glenri Led- • ford farm, 1 mi. east and north of jLajHarpe^ 6 mi.; 22 Poultry and Supplies I FOR SALE—Purebred Bronze turkeys. Ellen Hoyle, Elsmorej Kds.i NEWTOWN INCUBATOR—1875 ca-' paclty, good hatcher, good shapie. Cheap for quick sale. Term.sL Trij- beys. West Gas. : ! -:'' MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sal« I BATTERIES — Guaranteed, i $4.fl5i Ideal Garage. CRATING for sale, cheap. W. H. Wood Fine Furnitm-e, 202 iSoulh Jefferson. Phone 190. GOOD HICKORY AXE HANDLES, 10c. 15c. 25c. Shannon Hardware. • Phone 29. I , MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal.j $2.ia Ideal Garage. Phono 174. I 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertllirars ALFALFA and prairie hay for .sale | C. R. Banta, East Lawn. Phone 975F2. ; i :• 1 WOOD— $1.50 per rank, green Dr dry, delivered any time. Phone 88. Brmvnje's. . • : _ 28 Household Goods Automobiles For Sale HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. OUT OUR W AY By Williams DON'T GET UP NIGHTS Physic the Bladder With ; Juniper ©11. Drive out the Impurities and excess acids that cause irritation, burning and frequent desire. Juniper oil Is pleasant to take in the form of BUKETS. the bladder physic, als6 containing buchu leaves, etc. 'Works on the bladder similar to castor oil, on the bowels. Get a 25c box froni' any drug store. After four day? If not relieved of "getting tip nights" , go back and get yojur money. If you j are bothered with' backache or lefe ; pains caused from bladder disorders I you are bound to feel better after this cleansing and you get' your regular sleep. Sold by Brown's Drug Store, Palace Drug Store. I They've Stood the Test of Time Established 1906 Williams Monument Work.s 301 So. Wash.; lola, Kas. If yon will take 666 Liquid or Tablets and" place 666 Salve in nostrils every morning until March 1, 1933. and yon get sick dotliig Ibe time, your Dnigrgist will return your mon- eL Send as your Testimonial. BARGAIN LIST—16 gauge shotgull, like new* $5: 22x36 plate i glas^s, $1.75; lard press, $5; battery ra.- dio. So; table phonograph, $2; conp "\ solo phonogi'aphs, $3.50. records, 5c each; typewriter desks,; $2.50; barrel butter churn, j $3.50. like new; Vac washing machine atid, " wringer, $5; electric washer, mo-' tor good. $12.50; _.5mall airtight • heater. $1. Store packed. See tiis for bargains. Hennigcn's Furniture; Store, west Madison. 7 ! CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulatoi-s.i wood and combination heatel-s.' Trade in old. Curtis', 10 N. jWaah.! FURNITURE consisting of stoveaj rugs, dresser.^, cabinet, bed,: table J _di.slies^pther articles. 609 S.lStateJ 29 Machinery and Tools PLOWS—Several good used i sulkyi ahd: gang plows, priced to sellj Allen Coiinty Implement Co.. . ' ROOMS FOR RENT 34 rtments and Fiats R6al Estate For Rent i' 37 Houses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, good locatlonli See G. E..Peps. 36 Farms and Land For Rent 15 ACRES SUBURBAN—Gas City. Allen County Investment Co.. 520 _^^_Washi]ngton,_Iola. Phone 90L Real Estate For Sale 43 To Exchange—Real Estite . FOR SALE OR TRADE — 6-ro6m, modern cottage and btislness building, goMl location; prefer- a farm. John Reuther. HALF. SECTION stock farm near Yates Center to trade for smaller Jarm or acreage near lola. Phone 1050, I : IMPRO'VED 20 ACRES—Close lola and'^house in lola, clear, to trade tor farm. Acldree= Box 73, (iareof ueglster. M

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