The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 6, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1894
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M OBNINQ tMrtae.ll •. m,; eveolng §emoe, 7 p, m.; Junior Kpworth League, 8 p, m.j Ipworlh League, 0 p. m.. Sunday Behoof 12;1« p. m,; Prajrer Meeting, Thursday Evening, 7:30 p. in. BBV. W B. THOMI-SON, Faitor DB. WM. HbMPBBir. Superintendent Uarroll Font-Office. VitUo at the office aloce as fclown: olng east: 2:40 and 7:30 o'clock p. m. HagweHt: 1:30 p. m. and 7:30 o'clock p. ri. nee open on Sunday from 9 to 10 a. m. and 18 to 4 p.m. STAB ROUTKa, , Carmel and Kent nor, dully except Sundai parts 12 m., anlves at«:80 p. in. 'Mile, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Depart _. -0. arrives 12 m. .-Coon Baplds. Carrollton, Wtlley.-TuMday, /Thursday. Saturday, arrlvea 12m. departs 1 p. m. ••.. 1 •t. I •e. t Me. 7 fc* O. & N. W . Time uwra. PAIUHen TB4WI WMT. Omland limited .............. 10 16 a. m. Omaha Kipreii ................ 4 aoa. n. theory of our law (but justice should be tempered with mercy in some oases end nnusiilly severe in others simply because the crime waa committed against certain. classes. The judge in passing sentence spoke as follows: In the oaee of the State vs. Slnhl- njillar this motion for a new trial I think will have to be overruled. This matter has been tried before two juries on substantially the same evidence, as I understand it, and so far ns the question of guilt is concerned it seems to me that that should be considered pretty thoroughly established! now, and that granting a new trial for any alleged technicality would probably result in another conviction. The principal question upon which a new trial is desired is that of the allusion of counsel to the fact that H. E. Hart, wbo was indicted jointly with this defendant, and who bad been tried, con- vioted and sentenced, was not called as a witness in behalf of this defendant. I have considered the arguments which have been presented on that question and I am inclined to the opinion that the objection is not good. Saturday was the time that was fixed for pronouncing judgment upon the verdict. Mr. Stuhlmiller have yon anything now to say why judgment should not be pronounced upon this verdict? Here followed pleas-for leniency in tbe sentence by defendant's counsel. By the court:—Now in reference to tbe suggestion that tbe father and mother of this defendant should be taken into consideration in fixing this judgment I can only say as counsel have already said, "that the crime of the children are frequently tbe heaviest harden to the parents," but, as has been well said "that cannot be taken into account." Now on the question of there being a doubt about this man's guilt: I have no doubt in my own mind on that subject. While this evidence is, to a great extent, circumstantial, yet il seems to me that it points unerringly to the guilt of this man; and tbe fact that two juries have, upon substantially the same evidence, reached the same conclusion, is satisfactory evidence to my mind that we ought to treat this case here aa though there were no doubt whatever about hie guilt. MADELINE V. POLLARD. JUDGE JKHEIIIAH WILSON. W. C. P. HUKCKlNlUDdE. BEX BUTXEUWORTH. THE POLLARD-BREOKINRI&GE CAS'E. Pictures of four of the principal actors in the oelobratod breach of promise case ue given above. Mr. Butterworth is Mr. Breckinridga's leading counsel and Judge WtUon u Miss Pollard's principal lawyer. riage to Miss Elliott. Previous to time he had enjoyed good health, but shortly afterward was attacked with hem orb age of the lungs. Since then his health has rapidly failed. Two weeks ago he was out riding for a short time, but since has been confined to bis bed. AN OLD TRICK. this The same gentlemen will purchase a few good four year olds. They will buy in Carroll Friday and Saturday of next week. We have found them honorable men in our extended dealings with them.—Jefferson Bee. Ho. PaolOo Kxprem ............... 160 p. m, Carroll Ex press ............... 9 10 p. m. fwUrht ......................... s 23 p. a. MMMeaa THiun mun. Overland limited ............. 9 BO p. m. Obloago liprtM .............. 11 so p. m. Denver Limited ( arrlveiS 00 p. m. •ramvr uiuuwu ...... j leavei 8 10 p. IB. Me. I AMwtlel»preM....{«»i' e «»» 8 «P : j» : Ha 14._BterllnH_P«Menger I 40 a.m. Re. M freight, Wett Side to Boone.. 9 16 a. •. MOOZ OIH AMD HOtlLLB BBAMi Arrives rbprtM 766 p. m i ..116 p. m .6 38 p. B AUDOaOM MBAMOM. ,._ 30 p • ,7 30p • •<!••.! J. 12.,CltKAOKH, Agent O. M. * Bt. P. B'7. ruuMeia TBAIMI AT MAIMIM ntAiMi eoiae BA»T, sfFs 1 OOa' • loop. • ru«. :::::;;::: »S: ISO p. m. J jUO u m KM ».' m! taAiai eouie WMI t:43t.m. .. 7:10 .10*0*. • ilgut 10:60 p. u. TtokeUfetMleMtlieomee. Also •>• books. Information addieti, W. W, BiwoauHiuei, A|Ml. SENTENCEl). THB BAUK SKNTHNOH riMITBMTUHY FOli TUB HE VKAU8 I'OII •XBAUrNQ UOCI0. Tbr«« jr«*ra IB a long time to Mm in !!• pMitoaliarjr for lite orime for wbiob th«(l«ta>d»i>l bM bMU ooDviotod and io <Wnpftriax>o wilb otbor sentence* wuiob i '!»«• b**B imposed it (• uouiually tevere. HiWUM WM ooovioUd of burglwy, bfok* jail Ivioe Mid pat tbe oouuty to , |bj) nptww of wading Io 1'euw tor him < jM4 PCNBM ont of tb« round up wilb • 'fy mouIN, •euteuo». Tbera waa uo qwnUon of bis gulll, but in tbe OMO of ; (jMobtolller tber* ww not « loiuliUii ol ; tvUwuw to dtraolljr impliMto bim with |b« wlm* »ud tbe oonvlotlou WBB bawd partly «n<} •imply upou olrgumaUnlial > «fidffOOi> '1'be f*oi Ibe judge refers to Now, in regard to tbe suggestion that tbe sentence should be made light, I bave this to say: That it appears to me from Ibia evidence that this man, in this style and species of depredations upon the public was a leader, and the parly wbo was indicted with him, Mr. Hart, was bis hired man; he baa been convicted and baa been sentenced to tbe penitep- tiary for one year, and if tbe hired man goes for one year it seems to me that Ibe employer ought to go for a longer term. Then again, all over thia district, Ibis species of depredations upon tbe farmers baa been increasing. This stealing of bogs is a orime that baa been increasing and multiplying; it is so hard to detect a party on amount of tbe trouble about identifying tbe property taken that il seems to me now there ought to be an example made of one who, il appears to me, is a leader, that will bave a tmidenoy to deter otber parties from going iuto Ibis olass of business. Punishments are indicted as well for the purpose of reforming as from deterring others from committing orime, and it seems to me that this is u very good case for imposing a sentence that will bave a tendency to deter others from engaging in Ibis business. Tbe limit, under tbe statute, is five years. I bave thought considerably of this matter, and it seems to me tbat under all tbe circumstances surrounding the case there ought uot to be a less punishment inflicted than imprisonment for three years, and tbe judgment of the court will be tbat this defendant be imprisoned in tbe slate penitentiary at Anamoaa for a term of three years aud tbe bond on appeal will he used at THET WOBKBD THE CONFIDENCE GAME DDT GAME TO GRIEF. A. Fisher, of Breda, a blaoksmith of thai city and a former resident of this town, was here attending tbe Duewel- Powletzki wedding Monday and in the evening about 11 o'clock dropped into Todd & McAllister's lunch room. While seated at the counter Fred Bunting and Joe Judge approached him and in a few minutes bad bim interested in tbe old look trick. One of tbe pair bet tbe otber 820 tbat be could cot unfasten tbe little look which bad been aocidently picked up from tbe floor. It waa then banded to Mr. Fieber who experienced no trouble in opening il. The look waa then returned. Tbe other party who was one of the "boys" bad no money and INCREASED RATES. The board of railroad commissioners Is being flooded with letters from Iowa shippers protesting against a new rule of the Western freight association, which, applies to a number of. Iowa roads, and under which the minimum charge for a freight haul is placed at 50 cents. At present the minimum charge is 25 cents and it cannot bo raised in Iowa without the consent on the commissioners. It is claimed by Iowa shippers and especially grocer jobbers, that the raising of the minimum rate would work a great and unnecessary hardship. The commissioners have the matter under consideration. The North Western road is in tho pool and tho new rule would work a hardshaip to our local shippers. It it to be hoped that tho commissioners will withhold their consent. NOTICE. All parties owina; me must call and settle either by cash or note. WM. TnownniDOE. For Sale. Two young'.Short Uorti bulls subject o registration. H. Q. STEVENS. Notice. My land office ia now over the first door sooth of the postofUce. P. M. GOTHBIB. FOR SALE. A well improved farm adjoining the rily limits of Breda. A eoirl bnrn 00x30 a two story house 20x30, irood granarie 20x30 and otber good out buildings. THOMAS Bunsw. Breda, Ia. WANTED. To buT some potatoes at MoLngun Schumacher's. as usual, asked tbe stranger to loan bim twenty dollars as be waa sure Io win it. Mr. Fieber thought it a sure thing for bis money to make the bet with and feeling kindly disposed toward bim loaned the twenty dollars. Of course tbe looks during tbis time had been changed and a solid one substituted in its place wbioh could not be opened. The man lost bia money but Tuesday tbe parties were called before tbe mayor wbo bad il refunded and fined them ten dollars apiece and coats besides. Mayor Parsons says this ia the second offense of Jhis kind and if it ever happens again tbe guilty parties will not escape so easily and Ibe mayor will keep bis word too. This kind of business is a regular confidence game and ia if possible worse Iban bog stealing wbiob appears to be one of the wont criminal charges known to our local criminal courts. Ibt ortwe waii oowuitted agaiuil • Mttaio oliw ihould uot operute agaluat |b» del«Bd»uli for in th« eyes of Ibe l»w ijj rjinim of people are eutiUed to the oniidwaliou aud it ia not tbe I •1,000. PlHR. Saturday evening about 10 o'clock, H. If. Duncan quietly passed away. The patient bad been very low during the day, and as night cane on gradually grew weaker until dissolution occurred. The remains were shipped to New Harmony, Indians, Monday for interment. His fatbsr-in-law,Jobn B. Elliott, was in lha city during the pact week aud took charge of tbe rsmaius and aoootu- pauied Mrs, Puucau to her home. The deoeateu wus a number of the urm of Duncan & Uproul of thia city, having located here about a year ago— nine mouths sinos he was united in mar- WlLL SUOOBED. The Y. M. 0. A. met Monday evening but was unable to complete llbe permanent organization as some of Ibe ouia- mittees were unable to submit their final reports. The date was again postponed until next Monday evening when it is quite certain tbat everything will be in readiness. Tbe oummillee appointed to solicit subscriptions from the business men report about $600 already subscribed which, in addition to Ibe 9500 from membership fees start tbs association i with $1,000 with which Io furnish their rooms. Those who bave the preliminary work in charge feel greatly encouraged for they eee their way clear in organizing and sustaining the association to a creditable way. Judge Simpson Of the suuorlor court writes: From mental exhaustion, my nervous system became shuttered, find I was utterly unable to sloop nights. Sulphur Bitters cured me, and my sleep Is now sound, sweet, and refreshing. 3 SUBSCRIPTIONS TO i'DULIC LIBRARY. The following subscriptions have not been previously reported: The World's Fair club at tbe last meeting, March,1808, voted all funds remaining in their treasury tu tho Clio club, for tho library. Received of Mrs. A. U. Quint, treasurer, f7,?;>, George Maze $5, Mrs. A. L. Wright f5, C. D. Boyuton $5.50. U. R. Woodriuj; gave a table, IK. E. Sturges and E, N. Merchant each a lamp, aud E. C. Conkliug a five gallon can of keroseur. ANNUAL MEETING. At tbe Annual meeting of tbe mem here of the Presbyterian ohuroh Tuesday tbe following officers were elected: D. MAHTIN, ~] A. W. PATTHUSON, I WM. TKOWUHIDOM, j* Trustees. J. A. MoNiuztij, I H. O. STKVBNB, J A.M.BBNTON, } E , d J. W. DOilTKA, ( *•*"""•" WM. LYNOM, Secretary and Treasurer. J. B. GUIFWTH, Secretary of the Seae- ioo. For Bale. As I have routed my farm and havesovoral head of horses which 1 will sell at bar- Kulus. 1 will sell two of my well known stallions, Uoyal Phallas, Doolus Logan or Ranger Logan. Four work horses, one mare six years of cheap mares BRECKINfllDGE'S STORY ENDED. Wllnon Una Begun tho Crons Examination of tho Ccilonol. WASHINGTON, April 3.—Great oicpec tations kave heen focussed upon the cross-examination of Colonel W. C. P Breckinridge by ex-Congressman Jere Bluck, particularly here in Washington where tho abilities of both men are appreciated. The expectations began to be realized after the noon recess Monday when the colonel was delivered over into tlio hands of his opponents. He had tolc his story of the intrigue with Madeline Pollard through the morning, entering many and reiterating denials of various Statements made by her, alleging his own version of tho interviews with the Washington chief of police, aud on the relations between himsulf and the plaintiff. He had been testifying for nearly two court days when his direct testimony was finished, and although Mr. Wilson plied him with questions all the ifteriioon, the cross-examination seemed to have been but just begun. It had been expected the colonel would be requested to reconcile his position as a churchman and a moralist with his course of conduct and this expectation wus not a misguided one, for the examination took that direction from the start. The first time the defendant has showed marked embarrassment during tho trial was when an envelope was handed him with the request that be read the direction and tho contents, which he did reluctantly, because it wus an invitation sent to Miss Pollard in February, 1893, requesting tho honor of her presence at a reception given in honor of Hon. W. C. P. Breckinridge at tho Norwood iiistituta, and tho Norwood institute is tho most exclusive and fashionable seminary for young ladies in Washington, patronized by the first families of Virginia and tho south. With embarrassing presumption Wilson clung to tho thought that tho same standard of morality should be demanded of men aa from women. Finally at tho close of the day, having secured the statement ho had written no letters to Madeline Pollard in 1880, Mr. Wilson sprung something very much like it trap by dropping into u Hue of questioning which indicates that he has in reserve testimony to show that tho member from Kentucky dictated underground letters through u typowritist at tho eapi- tol. Then for tho first time the defendant seemed to lose his temper aud made most struuuoiiM do.iuHla. ONION PACIFIC WAGE HEARING, flcneml One of these coupons sml Ten cents will entitle yon to Pnrt 7 of this charming series of views. WHOLE NO. 888. "^^"""""'"'^^^•^^^•'••^^••^••^••••^••i^i^i^i^iM Lucar, a mob of people out of work pil- Inged the bakeries. Riots have occurred at El Cia In the province of Seville. The municipal authorities of the place appeased the mob by issuing tt.OOO bread tickets. A mob of 8,000 people at Tarifa went to the town hall and demanded work in a most threatening manner. The authorities in all the districts where distress is moat severely felt are doing their utmost to relieve the suffers. Think Treaty n Failure. LONDON, April H,—A special dispatch from Berlin says that the reports ol fighting in Samoa havo caused much ex- citoioi-ut among colonial enthusiasts. Tho Samoa treaty ia by them and many others regarded as a failure. The Colonial society hiw adopted a resolution in favor of an exclusively German government ia the islands. Fatal Boiler Explosion. BAIIDOUHSVILLE, Ky., April 3.—In a boiler explosion in Monroe county, neat Touipkinsville, Alexander Hitter, tha owner of the mill, and two others named Fowler, were instantly killed; others ar« badly injured. A Jury Composed of Women. Such an announcement may seem 8trance but H U n fact. The jury waa an Immense ono too, and tho trial has lasted for many years. We refer to the trial of Dr. Piorce's Favorite Prescription. As to Its merits, there lifts been a unanimous verdict rendered In Its favor. Indeed It would be Impossible to get together any r.umber of ladles who havo given It a trial who could come to any other conclusion. It cures ulcenitlons. displacements, tomoves the tendency to cancerous affections and corrects »ll unnatural discharges. To those about to become mothers, It is alreal boon, for It lessens the pains and perils of childbirth, promotes HID secretion of an abundance of nourishment 'or the child and shortens the.period of confinement. Tho value of the horse of the present dny depends either on his being able to afford man a certain amount of physical pleasure or to render him a pecuniary service.. « The Spring Medicine. "All run down" from the weakontig effects of warm weather, you need a good tonic and blood pnrillor like Hood's Sarsaparilla. Do> not put off taking It: Numerous little ailments f neglected, will soon break up the system. Takellood'i Sarsnpurilla now, to expel dlsoaao and give yon strength ami appetitu. Hood's pills are tho boat family cathartic and iTcr medicine. Harmless, reliable, sure. • As much hate can sometimes be put nto a word as can be fired out of k musket. Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke your Life Away B the truthful, startling title of a little book hat tolls all about No-to-buothb wonderful. larmless guaranteed tobacco habit cure. The) cost Is trifling aud the man who wants to quit i "".V^^P'J? 0 Physical oy financial risk la •Ing "No-To Bao," SC M b y i. W. Hatton. '?°°a. "H Bto i e °!. by mB " froe - •<!**••, 'he Sterling Ueuiody Co., Indiana Mineral prings, lad. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. years old. one oht with fold, uuo span RUKUJUTISM ctiitsu IN A IUv.-"My«tlo Cure" for Hhtmmittliiiii uml Neun»l(jl», rttdloally euro* In out) tu thrao dum. lu notion upou th« BHWiu In miiarkublB unU ur*t«rlou«. It n- uio von at outio tho gaunt) uuu (lie UUtwse lunuoOI- ttlel* UUttuueueii. The lint done greatly twueUta 75 oU. gold by J. W. Huttou druggUt Carroll. QOUSKS WAMTHU. Messrs. Pelahunt aud Campbell, the Uostuu horse buyers, have already sbi pped eight cur loads of horses from JeftVeou to the eastern markets and will wake a sort of final <rouud up' in this city on Friday aud Saturday of uext week, April 0 ,uud 7. Farmers having good horses that the desire to sell, should not miss this opportunity to turu their surplus stock iuto cash, at a good price. ami Huvuntl young rouUstoru, ft I no a wagon snd Imrmss.s. The abuvu property will bo sold tu suit imrolwsor, A. Uucius, __Carroll Iowa. PiSTDBB. The undersigned will lake in cattle to pasture for the Reason on tbe Wm. Oil ley farm one aud oue-hsl( miles west of town. Good ruuuiug water in pasture. Will furnish suit aud take care of cattle, but will not be responsible for accidents should any occur. W. J. UOHLEY, WANTKD. An KUtiyu ugoul in ouch uouuty lu the Uuilod Built)*, to solicit lubacriptiuus for thu Twieo-a-Woek Republic. A hhorul commission will ho puhl to hustlers. M- dross, Buporlntoudunt circulation, Thu Republic. 8t. Louts. Mo. For Sale. I offer uiy farm situated lu section 9, Washington township, (or sals. For further particulars address 38-tini EIIN Arcadia, Cturoll Oouuty, Iowa. For Salu. Bocoud huud com auullur six holu with tou Uorso imwur all cotuplolu at a low price aud liberal luriua. DUNCAN & Bi-uoui,, Ulokliuou on tlio Stand. Cliulrnmn Vruumii't llaulitl. OMAHA, April 8.—The bearing of the Union Pacific wage schedule controversy was continued Monday with General Manager Dickinson on tho stand. Re recited the history 'of the strikes on the road. He referred to the Gallagher circular, issued in 161)I, in which the management of tho road was notified that il it did uot comply with the demands ol tho men the whole system would be tied up. He contended that the management had boon compelled by those strikes aud throats to pay higher wages than was just. Thou Chairman Vromau of tho engineers took tho stand again and denied that tho company had paid thoscalo under duress. Ho sworo that the Gallagher circular won issued without tho knowledge of tho men, and that it mot with their disapproval. Chairman Olark, of the conductors, won the next witness. He presented a tabulated statemout to •how that the Union Pacific paid It wages than the average paid by all the other wads In the country. Judge Cald well propounded to Mr. Clark the same questions iu rogwnl to striking that ho asked Mr. Vruiimn Saturday. Mr. Clark waa positive that the oouduutora would abide by the decision of tho court and that in no case would they strike. Mill Uitlluu VaUlly Wuumled* GUTHUIK. O. T., April H.—A dispatch to United Status Marshal Nix states that Deputy Ututetl States Marshal Carr met Bill Dultou and several of hu gang ueur Sacred Heart mission iu tho Pottuwato- mlo reservation ami n pitched battlo with Winohtutorti ami revolvers ensued Dill Dultou and one of his men named. Georgu Thoru were fatally wounded, but tho others esoniMitl, Deputy Marthai Carr also rocolvod tlungerou* wounds. It wus thought the Dultoiu were preparing for a raid on the banks at Tocunueh and Purccll. Hill Dultou is the oUltwt of tho notorious Dultou brothers, ami is said tohuvo boon a tiiom- bur of the California legislature. TvrrlbU I>l*lr«*» In Amlulu»U. MADRID, April 8.—The dUtrosw iu thu province of Audulusia. ia acute. At BAH Agricultural Motel. The exclusive wheat holt is receding. There is as much difference betweea arieties of potatoes as in breeds of cows. The hush Lima is regarded as one of tho best of tjie dwarf Lima beans. A new potato is introduced under the name "Groat Divide." Two new sorts of onions are offered— extra early Golden Seal and extra early Red Seal, varieties adapted to autumn or spring planting in any cliniato. The census statistics show that the average price of a mule is |7 more than the average price of u horse. The French wo making their best quality of cider by the diffusion or soaking process. Instead of crushing uad grinding tho apples, they are sliced aud soaked in different wutors, the juice being thus washed out. This gives a purer cider, because, in crushing, other matters besides tho pure juice are forced out. With ordinary farm or stable manure it will generally pay to use some potash for cord. Ono hundred »ud twenty-five to 150 pounds of muriate of potash baa KJvon profitable results. INFLUENZA, Or Ln Urliipe. though ouoaslouully epU ui>init>, U always nioro or Ions provalont. Thu licst iviiH'ily fur tills complaint la Ayor'8 ('hurry 1'oi-torul, "l.ait BprhiK. I WHS lukt-n down with I.u (irl|i|ie. At liimta I wti.s ooni|>loluly pros- truloil, autl no illllk'iill wus my luvalhllig Him my In vast *i>tmu«l us it routined In an Iron iMtfii. 1 |>riH!iirtul n Uuttlo ul Ay«r'e Cherry (velum), uml no souuvr hail 1 UPKUII tiiklim U than roller tollovvi'il. 1 voiild Iiotlio- lleve that theelU'el \voulillu>!ii> rapid ami (ho ouu»iuei>!ii|ih<ui. lib truly u wonuVrful med> lomu."~W. 11. \VIU.IAMH. Crook City, 8.0. AVER'S Cherry Pectoral Prompt to not, sure to our«

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