Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 26
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 26

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 26
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Dial• PA-2'4600 for t iWANT' AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 TWENTY-THREE Reverse Strateg^ Oti Saturday ..'„', . . :i '"','< <; >° •'•-•'' ?"!t s ' ; i . ','..' •: •.. ( ...••- ' .'• .', ' ','.- ' V'"ty fkii AiKKioUd PiVii V " ' '. .....U.West .Virgimaland -Virginia ;Tech,"' regarded as! the iwb" : top''fdotball:/'teams, in/ the Southern Conference, probably will' reverse previous strategy when they battle ' ' ' ~ "'" eagiie foes Saturday. West Virginia, ranked No. 10 In he nation, expects to abandon some of its passing against'William (Continued from'Page 22) distant shores of near Capitol City Yes, .what.else but a clean.sweep for our'Queen City teams over the opposition from far-flung shores, Allegahy • 13, Montgornery-BIair '«. : Two is.,company, and three Us a crowdy.r -But ..LaSalle's Explorers will hot" prove .this to be true when Keyser tries to.regain its winning habit here .this Friday! Forit will be. a .happy. weekend for-our city stalwarts. Keyser will be befuddled by the": Explorers, despite being favored.-•; Hoople, as if I-need fell you, is always , for^the 'underdog (wonder if his unsuccessful tactics with'. Martha : , Have anything "to; do with this sudden confession?). Har- rumph, Read LaSalle 19, Kejnjer 14.. ^,,--'-';., • .',.• Explanation v At'List .You. may wonder what sent : amiss with professors-Wolfgang McGinty and Manchester ZIobolny to cause \me to lose confidence in them (well, we had though -he might -get around to. it- sooner or later). To begin with, their football forecasts began to appear a bit fuzzy, not supported by indisputable fact such as 1 use in my calculations. I investigated (at the Owls' Club?). ; '.. .-. --' Just imagine my -astonishment when 1 heard they were being touted by. .Fenimore "Hot Horse" Duffy, whom they met-at- Beimont during a recent excursion into the realm of the.running horse. Duffy had influenced them'to such'an extent they changed many of their predictions, became confused and finally wound up in a' hopeless tangle. • •_.' • • : • .-Thus I have undertaken unto myself the task and intend to continue ; the selections without help for the rest of the season. Today Is the first all-Hoople forecast and I hope you like it. Due to my lengthy .(is he kidding?) and necessary tirade on former associates "I must limit this week's selections. Go on now and arm yourself with Hoople ammunition: Fort Dill 7. H.Bdler 0. ' is. Monti-omtrr-BUlf i 1..J.U. 19. 11 : Rldfflcr 2*. P«t«r»burt 7 . MoorftlRld ID. FiutUln 11 . Hi.II It. Romixj « P.noni 13. ghlnnilon 13 Soolhern 31. Terrs AIU I . Norther* 21. Southern "n»" 4 : .I COLLEGIATE Shepn.d zl. r.tomst Stale 11 : M.rjljmd 5s. North rsrelln. 0 ; ;-- ! Wtit VIrflnU-23, wml.m-Marj I VP1 IS. Richmond II ' ' • .. • Nolr. D>ree 30. Mlrhl(.n SUU 11 Tts.s A-M «. TCU II ' N.TJ W. Peon Sul. U , Coli.'l. 11. rrinccloa 7 Cotttrnbl. 10. U.rTsrd U Till it. Comet! 7 Pitt 21. Kes-ralk. 7 . Indbn. !0, VIlUnoT. 7 • . llltnoll £1, MtoneteU 11 I'ordut II. low. 7 Oklfthom. 31, 7 », K.nsss 5ut» 7 .Mlc-hlun II, Northw?itrrn 0 !>uk. 11. Ohio SUt. I:. ' Al«b»m. II. TrnneslV* 15 Toss SH. Ark>n».i IS Auburn 19. Georfl. Tcfh U na^lor to. n'.ihlnstoii II Hflrld. H.' L.S-ti.'7 ' . .Mill. SUte 20. Kralnckr U Tul.n« II, ?)IUlltslppl 7 Foil. Mrlhodlil 30. Rice II OretoP t& C.ilr«rub. II ' C.C.L.A. in, Sl.nlord II . Mj.Urt. II. DU1 £•• » Liiconia Tops Card WHEELING, W. Va.-The $1.500 Laconia Purse, a mile and one- sixteenth test for three-year-olds and upward, will highlight Saturday's nine-race program at Wheeling Downs. Bonnets Retain City Dux Lead Mary at Morgantown,,iW. Va.-, •• * • nd concentrate, on its ground* Blanking Southern Bar, '3-0, ame to a'greater extent.- Passes while runnerup Pyrofax Gassers ave played important . roles in lountairicer victories over Rich- Bonnets held on to their two-game lohd, Wake Forest' 1 and • Virginia [ilitary. .'••-••.-' Gobblers Will Pass Yesterday, Virginia Tech indicat lead in'the Ladies City Bowling League. Owls Nest, white washed Capitals, 3-0; Racey & Lynn won over Queen City,. 2-1, and Chicken 1 it'expects'to-pass more against Roost blanked Shermans, 3-0, in ichmond at Blacksburg, Va.'Billy '••""•• ranwell and-Jimmy Lugar have other matches. Kay • Leighty of Racey i Lynn' took top honors.with a and 487 set while other- team lead& Mary Coach Jack e rs .were Mary Ellen'Helm, Blue reeman- announced Doug Henley Bonnets, 184-406; Doris Kotchen- )een passing frequently in prac- ce. 1 ' • William rill start at fullback against West reuther, Southern; 125-351; Georgia P e f; CC1 Daly still is'suspended in New rginia;.-Brown Oliver,' another Myers, Queen City, 155-425; Mary llback, quit the-squad to devote Mo'on, Chicken Roost, 131-346; Mae H_ time' to his studies. Injured Smith, Shermans, 138-362; Alice an-inquiry'into International Boxing Guild .'(managers) affairs- by alfback Charlie Sidwell and fresh. quarterback .Tom Secules ill be at. full strength for the ame. ••.'.' Richmond reserves' Jim Beck, a enter,. and . Fred Wilt,' a tackle, ill get'their first, starting assigd- ents against' Tech. Beck ,rc- aces Dick Eaton. Wilt replaces xaptain Erik Christensen,. who as been shifted to end.;- ' Generals 'Look Better' Coach Bill Chipley of Washington Lee, preparing; for Davidson Sat-; day. reported "looked uch improved since last Satur- ly" when, it lost a 24-7'opening rap to Centre. Davidson staged a lengthy kick- g drill. A. shakeup of starting signrhents may result from yes- rday's-pass ; defense scrimmage. Dave .Sochniowicb.: The Citadel's jured fullback, participated in esterday's scrimmage. However, is still doubtful whether he will ay in Saturday night's game with urman at The Citadel. Furmatl closed out contact work ith a scrimmage labeled by oaches the "most satisfactory" of e season; • Sturm At QB George Washington's starting uarterback at Pennsylvania-Sat- rday will be veteran Bob Sturm, ho has not started once this sea- Sophomore Ray Looney has een doing the quarterbacking, but urm's performance in last eek's 28-0 loss to Florida earned; m the starting assignment. Guard Carl Lebourdais of Virnia Military took part in all drills esterday for the first time in ree weeks and likely will start aturday when the Keydets try to in Virginia's homecoming at larlottcsville. Va. Wertz, Pyrofax, 177-471; Mary LITTLE SPORT By ROUMII Vince Martinez Ends Feud fyitl Manager Duly were. winning a 3-0 forfeit. Blue Vince Martinez "and.-manager Bill pin League, as .a : . result .of : this more Orioles, announced today the Daly have buried the hatchet after w ^, ks Action. .. -,•,«,.„.. °?"1 ™ ...J?":* Tul "'"u g .if!^" Daly a family . feud' that prompted ah investigation of an .alleged ; "boycott", of the '.Pajerspn, N.J., boxer by the managers', guild! . Under ; terms of the. new.'five- Baptist.a 2-1 setback.- year private contract., the.mana- ' • ' • — ger's share of 33.1-3 percent will Uie. star; of the week, with a. 225 Its past highest grade minor league be;split between Daly (23 1-3 per game and 540 set,. while Fred Hartley, Capitals, 124-351. Standings: w. L. Blue Bonnets .14 1 Shermans Pyrotax Gas .12 3 Southern Bar . 6 9 Owls Nest ....10 5 Queen City lacey fc Lynn 10 5 Capitals ...Chicken Roost 87.. Lions Keep Pace [n Frpstburg Loop .Lions Club kept its lead 'rostburg Commercial T e n p League at five games over runner- up DAV .by blanking Recreation, STO, last night. The Vets kept pace )y'shutting out last-place Eagles, also by 3-0. Joe Colossimo paced the Lions with a 209-557 total while "Chuck" Grace. Methodist, Zion f Reforrhed and Central Methodist are, 'tied for NEW. YORK 'Wi '— Welterweight first place in' the : City Church. Duck- Central took.two-from'.St. Luke's ers next season with Vancouver oiit Centre .Street Methodist and in the Pacific Coast League. Trinity. Methodist ..handed .'.Grace cent), and . 'air. Owls, 152422; Margaret the New York State Athletic Commission. Howeve'r, he says he is willing to appear at any-time wheri- by Chairman •' Julius ever asked Helfand. In the meantime, Daly is/taking aim on the welterweight title held ijy Carmen Basilio "of" Canastota, N.Y., with an offer of a $75,000 Trinity guarantee for a Basilio-Martinez match in Los Angeles next sum- 1 Three Clubs Tied For Church Lead 7,ion, blanked -Grace Methodist. Lutheran,.St.-John's Lutheran shut 'It--will be the first agreement by the American League club with Lambert .Bliiem of Central' was a • top grade minor league team. and .Anthony Martinez (10 Hamilton of St. John's posted 198- nt), the fighter's' father. • -• 521 for funne'rup honors. .' Other top. pin spillers were Dan York state for failure : to testify at Langer, 203 and Herb Sarver.,'465, and Harry Rodehhauser, 360, St. Luke's;. Bill .Clark, 135-393, Grace Baptist, arid Phil Reuschel, 151385, Trinity. Standings: W'l' Meth. .8 4 Centre St. Central McLh. 8 -I. St. John's .. S ^ SI. Luke's .. 6 6 Grace Bapt. Conch Has Solution mer. Basilio is defending hisl De- Tq Long Losing Skein If Basilio in the championship against Tony inpin Marco at Boston' Nov. 30..If Ba loses, the offer stands for DeMarco. Kallrr high for Recreation! Kendall Twigg a 541 set for Eagles : MOREHEAD. Ky. ^ (INS) Coach Wilbur. (Shorty) Jamerson of Morehead State College, whose with a 207-533. Larry Shaner's football teams have lost 27 straight 236-607 helped the DAV r set a high games in two and a half seasons, game and set of 1041-2886 while has decided to do something about Tim Johnson had a 214 game and the situation. He quit. Baltimore Signs Work Agreement With Vancouver BALTIMORE — The Balti- meht on exchange of baseball play- which will replace Oakland,-Calif.. connection was San Antonio in the Class AA"Texas League. Jack Dunn, assistant general manager of the Orioles, said that under the one-year agreement be- Zion; Walter Hull, .191-450,. Grace tween .Baltimore and Vancouver Methodist; George. Eyler, 164-479, Centre Street; Charles • Smith, 171 "The.Orioles agree to furnish players to Vancouver with the number of'such'players varying according to the prevailing situation. "fii return, Baltimore will have the right to .select- certain players w from the Vancouver roster at the 6 s end of the season." . s 6 . t a . 1 10 Coaches Decide Football T^ Not Good For Scoutiiig Teams EAST LANSINiV'Mich;-'W—Television fans se« only about half of a football game. ' That's according'to the'coaches—the fellows who make a living out of football. : ; : .;.'.••"•'•: The subject of football television - : • ~ '. \ ' ~ • came up at a get-together between been changed from ji a.m. Satur- newsmen and Michigan State football coaches. . Scribes Needle Coaches The newsmen were needling the day-.'at' Penn Avenue Field to a.m. Tho Rockets-Penn Avenue Bears clash in the High School "A" Division at Constitution Park coaches because two members of Saturday has been postponed.- the Spartan staff were spotted]' ivatching Notre Dame play Miami on big screen TV last Friday night in Detroit. Big Ten rules hold that scouts can only watch an opponent three times during any one season. So how about watching the opponents on television, -the MSU coaches were asked. "I don't know of any rule against Day In Sports (Continued from Page 22) all the way without losing this season,". Rogers continued. "Aw, nuts. My team could beat yours any day in the week and etc." See, even with the coach of a school thoroughly whipped by both team? 'giving his eye-witness account the argument goes on. Some-' times you just can't never tell. watching an opponent on TV," said Coach Duffy Daugherty. "I don't think there's anything unethical about it or against the rule." Then Daughterly went on to elaborate. TV Game 'Misleading' "Watching a game on TV is very misleading." Daugherty said. "You don't see the secondary and you don't see the defense. You don't see the blocking..The camera just follows the ball." And it was agreed that the TV camera tries to follow the ball but doesn't always succeed. The concensus was that TV is interesting !6 watch but not of much use to the note-taking coach trying to do a thorough scouting job on his opponent. Walsh To Defend Pentathlon Title BURBANK, Calif. tf> - Slella Walsh, now in her 26th year of competition, is en route to defend her National AAU women's pentathlon championship at Morristown, N.J., Saturday. Miss Walsh left via United'Air Lines last night.. The former Cleveland athlete will represent the Knickerbocker Club o! North Hollywood, Calif. She will be bidding for her- sixth 1 consecutive women's five-event title. ; She recently won the South Pacific AAU pentathlon with 2,012 points, more than she scored in the national competition last year. Changes Announced For Rec Touch Tilts The game between Johnson Heights and Penn Avenue of the Grade School Southern Division in the City Rec Football League has FIRST Wh«r« You Sav» On f Men's end Boys' Wear ... in CUMBERLAND F l •• choice in gas and oi Let Esso Research bring out the best in. your car, with quality products you get at the Esso Sign. ights Last Night By Tlit Associated Press MIAMI, Hi. — Ralph (Tticr) Jonu. Yonkrrs, N. Y-. .outpointed Al . Superior.-Wls., ID. .-• * «.„'. FAIL HATS Htw Itrlll & colon M.n'l Army I No<Tf' 51, [. OXFORDS, Block i Bra*™ ... $3.95 .$6.95 n'l SLACKS colon to chooi. M.n". Anny l« '-t onlr $6.95 THE HUB ARMY-NAVY SALES CO. 11 N. C.nrr. 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