Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 11, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 6
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SIX IRONWOOD OAltY GlOBf, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, MAY 11, IMS. Former Ford Co. President Will Speak at Tech HOUGHTON — John Dykstra, former president, of Ford Motor Company and a member of the Board of Directors, will be the principal speaker here May 25 at the 13th Annual Honors Con-. vocation of Michigan Technological University. The convocation is scheduled; at 10 a.m. in Tech's Sherman- Gymnasium. Approximately 300, Michigan Tech students and two; faculty members will be honored. An honorary Doctor of . Laws degree will be conferred | $300 stipend.*The winner is sel- JOHN DYKSTRA on Dykstra. Also to be honored is the recipient of the Clair M. Donovan Outstanding Service Award, i ected each year from facu 11 y members of both the Houghton and Sault Ste. Marie campuses Nominations are made by senior j Ann Landers . , . AncwArc. Your Problems. Dear Ann Landers: You print- almost clipped that car when you ed a letter from a teen-ag e r named Billy who complai n e d passed it." I answered, "I was driving w h i c h recognizes distinct i ve: stu dents and faculty members service to the University by any; anci tne flnal selection is made individual, whether connected'^, a comm ittee. Previous win- with Michigan Tech or not. ^ ers are ineligible for a second] Faculty honors will include the awarc j 1964-65 Distinguished Tea c h e r. Tr Qf .nitv R P qmrrh riratinn Award and the Faculty Research J£™£* "^ £J ar S that his mother drove him nuts when you were in diapers." He with her back seat driving j didn't say anything then but I am a mother of three teen- j when we got home he yelled for agers and would like to regis-1 half an hour about how I had ter the identical comp 1 a i n t insulted him in front of his Since my children learned to i friends. He didn't feel that he drive I haven't had a minute's | had insulted me with his crack peace behind the wheel. ; about my needing new glasses. The other clay my son and two j I hope you will give parents of his friends were walk i n g a break and print this letter, home from school. I saw them Ann. Several of my friends are and asked if they wanted a ride ! having the same problem with The minute they got in the car their highschoolers. Thank you. my son started to criticize my —ON THE DEFENSIVE driving. I ignored the first few i digs, and then he said, "Ma, I Dear On: It's strange t h a t think you need new glasses. You j m ost children think their par- J jents know everything, until they i get to be about 12 years old. i Then, suddenly, their pare n t s ! don't know anything. This phase : usually lasts six to seven years At about age 20, children be- Mrs. Middaugh Award Winner JUST LOOKING— Michele Ann Portwood, who was recently named Miss American Indian, The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. ; ture, feel your pulse and give Many of my readers complain ' you the comfort of his sympa- tnat most doctors no Ion g e i thetic presence in addition to a make house calls. We should few pills to relieve your pain examine some of the reasons for this Today's doctor believes that j if you are not too sick to get ' to hls office ' he ca " serve yOU T ran Illustrate one asoect bv ' « lfl« J «Ill tn "nnmi mill* better there tlla " in recalling a call to "come quick- 1v nloncA hiirrv" tn nttpnri n ffirl . n»t nn n ° me ' a rriv P should "° 11 are t00 SICK - J 011 SHOU1Q be bundled up and taken to the hospital either in the family car or ^ ambulance. This often save * time for both doctor and few Patient and results in a more speedy and accurate diagnosis coach had already applied « pressure bandage, which was more e " ectiv * treatment. We doctors may have lost ej» »*• *vMi*Mat \f h*«a**u«AK^. TT***V*«*<»U; - ... fine, but the playing field was no j some of the suave bedside man- place to sew up a wound weiner of the "good old days," but took the girl to my office where j as patients you have gained a everything was at hand. In this j ' better chance for a speedy recovery. Q—Some of my friends say that BHT added to foods to preserve freshness, has been found to cause various ills. Is that true? A—Butylated hydroxy-toluene is a preservative that is used in foods and other products. It may cause an allergic type of skin eruption but, when it is used within the limits prescribed by the Food and Drug Administra tlon, it is harmless. To Receive Award DETROIT (AP)—Detroit station WWJ-TV will receive one of 21 National Mass Media Brotherhood Awards May 31 from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. The award was to be giver for preeminence in a panel series. my trip to the patient ac-; will be a special guest at the In- j complished "nothing. The girl ternational Beauty Congress in j should have been taken to a Long Beach, Calif., Aug 4-14, but she won't compete for the title. A sociology major at the GRADUATE... hospital emergency room or toi my office without delay. Your doctory today can make! ONTONAGON - Mrs. Ci sSnts to be honored at the jjnuaj* ^VeTeThlac'ut- convocation will be the valedic- f, Ca VVe selection is made byte torian and salutatorlan of the : ^:.™ e _ .^ecUon i^maw o> tnc gin to have a somewhat im- '• year-old beauty, who carries the Max; provec i opinion of their parents j Indian name Natanahase, can't s the Bv tne time children marrv and ! compete because her tribe won't University of Wyoming, the 20- i a much more accurate diagnosis Middaugh was selected as the g y tne y me children marry and ! compete of your condition and can apply i much more effective treatm e n t: _ _ than was the case 20 years ago. . Eagles Mother of the year at j have youngsters of their "o w n allow her to appear in a bathing ! This is in part the result of a the meeting of .the Eagles Aux-j perhaps their parents aren't so suit. Faculty Research Committee. lliary held at the Eagles Hall. (j unifc/ after all. Dear Readers: Well, I've done Officers were also elected for: the ensuing year. They were ! J9G5 .senior class and the two * T""'' "l^^T ~;7"""T n ... i president, Mrs. Helen again. This time, I not only highest lanking individuals in the The Donovan awaid was, inau-j ^ v^ Mrs M O l-! alienated a whole industry but other classes. guiated ast yeai undc the cnaplain , Mrs . Lorne stick- I've trompecl on the toes of my Also, those on the Dean's List sponsoishipof t he_ Mic h i g a n Jer . secret Mrs Doro t h ; ev er-loving' brother-in-law, a Ne- for the 1983-84 academic year. Tec Chaptei of Blue Key Na• Aub treasurer. Mrs. Arthur i braska jeweler, out of Omaha, those receiving class honors -up-; ^"' 1 ] ri H ° noh1nnFt ! ant ? 1 "Sl £' S |Beck; conductess. Mrs. Hen r y He writes: per 5 per cent of their class i, named in honoi of Clan Dono- Thon ' n insiri ' Bllard Mr ' y , s r> * , , . T T.I 11 r^f r* I-OM/-I T3 nrvirlc irir>n rvrnci ' A JlUIilpoUIl, II131 lie gUrilU, IV1I o. - M v< new members or honorary and ™V nf ™ w.?^ Kosey; outside guard, Dear Ann Landers: What do: that a rural mail box inspection professional organizations, mem aeni 01 ^nt wnceiL -van £ cl ° cl , Mrs. Reino Tarvas; trustees.; you mean telling that 22-year-, will be conducted in the area bers of social orgamzatio n s Co. As, a student at Micmt a n; M] . s Jess[e K illoran, M r s. i old boy whose girl friend wasn't. ' on Wednesday, May 19. whlnh htivfi an nvprnii prariP Tech Donovan seived as Blue; charles MUes and Mrs Josepn sure she wanted to be engaged. -The physical condition and ap- to, "take the ring back to tlv; pearance or the mail box will be . A . _- ;-„ thn nvtrnnwotini-i The next meeting will be held jeweler for a refund." taken into consideration," said pients of Air Force and Ar m y the oiganizauon. . Monday evening. June 7, with in- A 22-year-old boy is old i Holmes. "A form will be placed ROTC special honors and This year's Honors Convoca- sta iiation of officers. A 6:30 pot enough to know what he is do- in the box with instructions on Mo/7 Boxes to Be Inspected BRUCE CROSSING — Postmaster Albert E. Holmes of Bruce Crossing has announced j variety of tests that cannot be (made at your home. Although! ' there are still a few instances I in which a house call may be j jstified, they are not nearly soj common as they were in thei days when all your doctor could I , do was to take your tempera-' to the light, airy hair styles—the kind • we feature regularly at Mayme's (Got your appointment for graduation yet?) AYME'S HI-STYLE SALON Across from Bennett floors Dial 932-1601 M which have an overall grade .,,,»,,, ca point average at least 0.06 above Key president, and has si nee; the all-university average, reci- served as national president of - - •> • fi awards and recipients of schol- tion speaker was president of arships, fellowships and other Ford Motor Co. from 1961. until special individual awards. his retirement from the com• The Distinguished Teacher pany in April 1063. He has been Award includes a citation and a a member of the Board since! • 1958. : Dykstra joined Ford as a general production assistant to the vice president of manufacturing ' in 1947, and a year later became • general manager of the former I General Manufacturing Division. |He was elected a vice president in 1950, Manufacturing Group vice president in 1957 and vice i p r e s i d e n t—manufactur i n g ; in 1958. He held the latter post ; until his election as comp a ny •president. I For 13 years prior to joining j Ford, Dykstra was associat e d ! with the Oldsmobile Division of General Motors. He held the post of manufacturing mana g e r at the time he joined Ford. luck supper will precede the ing. A reliable jeweler will; work that should be clone. If no meeting. stand back of his merchandise, work is necessary, you will re- and give the customer a refund iceive a commendation." 1945 Graduafina Class i or exchange if the goods are; "when making repairs to the i m w . uuu *" m ». N - 1UM 'faulty, but no jeweler in his mail box be sure to use white IS Planning KeUnion 'right mind would sell an engage-- paint on the box and post and ONTONAGON—The 1945 grad-jment ring with the provision that j red paint on the flag. Make sure uating class of the Ontonag o n j the buyer can bring it back j the post is sturdy and fir m 1 y High School is planning a re- for a refund if the roma nee, p i a nted in the ground. The union for July 3. Members have been contacted and response has been very good. Further plans will be made by the local committee composed of Doris Spolarich, Ruth Arkelin, Shi r 1 e y Spotton. Jack Hawley, El a i n e CAPTURE IT ALL! From the first ray of light. This one d*y is alive. This one day is so full, Vou should capture it all. For the photographic record ol your wedding, the services of a qualified professional photographer are essential. Call us today, won't you? .<.». Pone 932-3800 doesn't go well. mail box should be level and McKie, Bill Born, Gene Farley, ' changed his mind? Would you advise a woman to | firmly attached to the post, return a gown to a shop if shei "The approach to the mail became ill and was unable to D ox should be well graded and attend the party? Could you get j free of obstacles. Print your a real estate company to refund j name on the box so the rural option money if the Alvin Daniels, Tom Crote a ti, I am protesting against your Virginia Szaroletta and Donald advice in behalf of approxlmate- buyer carrier can read it as he ; proaches," said Holmes. ap- Roehm. Woman's Club to Have Meet Tonight ONTONAGON— A meeting of criminate against me on ly 25,000 fellow retail jewelers I J9 Q/Jf/PV • in this country who are probab- •* • • •« f **iiwjr | ly as unhappy with your acl- i vice as I am. I hope you will ! print this letter and not dis- the Head of Post ONTONAGON—John R. Bail- A native of The Netherlands,! ""AT 1 *"""-? me «ing 01 ;VnnnVi7tr^Tnm n^PHtivp b7 «? was elected commander of vfcst.™ ant. his nori-nit. start. »s the Ontonagon Woman's Clubjiipundsthatlamaielative bt-| ., th _ olol]ris Pnst . Vpi . MODERN PORTRAIT STUDIO I Dykstra got his Detroit start as i an apprentice diemaker in 1914 while taking mechanical engineering courses at Cass Technical | School. After army service during World War I he returned to Detroit in 1919 to resume the die- maker's trade at a concern later purchased by the Hudson Motor Car Co. He helped organize Hudson's body plant operations and became plant manager for sheet metal and body fabrication assembly. IRONWOOD "Studio of Prize Winning Portraiture" will be held this evening at 8 at i cause I am a daily reader as; Clouds Post, Vet- the high school. The program will be presented by the fine arts department. Hostesses will well-YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW erans of Foreign Wars, at a re-: DAVE B cent meeting. Other officers elected include i Dear Dave: Twenty-five thou- j senior vice commander, R. J.' . H * 7 £»*• 1 /*\ -t^V^ Ct I J_SCI VV. AKVV^llliJAlVI— VilUV-t tJ>»Vi » iVJ V. ^SV/11111JM11UI*1, A V . \J • ^hn^o M«!!Lv wri e H y r. - ne ' isand apologies to you and all Bailey, junior vice commander. ^ ?^S^f y ;«H«,i,,Vn S ^|the other retail jewelers. I James Zartner: quartermaster, Tom Lockhart and William Rosemurgy. goofed. ! Robert Hebert; post advocate, I should have told the young Donald McDonald; chaplain man that: m He should noi: • Donald Miles; sergeant, Stan- have "surprised" a high school • ley Plowski, trustee for three girl with an egnagement r i n g;' years, Edwin Bailey. and 121 He should hang on to thoi The new officers will assume ring until he meets a girl who I their duties June 27. The next is at least as eager to accept' meeting will be held May 12 at the ring as he is to give it to 8 at the Post Home. various shapes, depending on • at Paul's Supper Club at Silver! her. Twenty lashes with a gold i whether it is used as a boundary ' City. A 7 p.m. dinner will be: watch chain for Granny Annie. The date palm is perhaps the I track mark or burial ground. i served. ; <r A * ; oldest cultivated tree known to Ann Landers will be glad to i history. help you with your probl ems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Copyright. 1965, Field Enterprises, Inc. Ontonagon Briefs | The Kindergarten Mot hers i Club will close its club year with A cairn is a pile of stones of' a banquet Wednesday evening "-"ENTRY BLANK...HI-LEX FAMOUS LANDMARKS CONTEST'-^ FREE GROCERIES Plus other valuable Rifts Correctly identify the states in which 6 of these landmarks are located: Mesibi Iron Mine State Capital Bulldinf Ml. Hushmer* ThfOflls This Is No Mkt! PMk This Is No TMl I* No. This Is No This It Ho- Sc«Ht Huff T»h> Is No This It No. MmkiyeCoff This Is No Select the correct numbers from this list: 1. Wyoming 2. North Dakota 3. Minnesota 4. Colorado 5. South Dakota 6. Wisconsin 7. Nebraska 8. Iowa 1200 PRIZES! Win a Hi-lex Cash Grocery Certificate ... redeemable at your favorite store for -free food! .S300 Cash Certificates .$200 Cash Certificates .$100 Cash Certificates ~50 Cash Certificates 125 Cash Certificates .15 Cash Certificates ..J10 Cash Certificates 1 thru 10 Prizes. 11 thru 20 Prizes. 21 thru 30 Prizes. 31 thru 50 Prizes. 51 thru 70 Prizes. 71 thru 110 Prizes. Ill thru 240 Prizes. ...... . .. 241 thru 1000 Prizes $5 Cash Certificates 1001 thru 1200 Prizes 1000 point Coupons redeemable for value We merchandise In the Hi-Lex Premium Catalog. O I have identified six of the famous Northwest Landmarks pictured above. Complete this sentence in 25 words or less: Hi-lex is my best bleach buy because: ** (Us« additional sheet if necessary) I purchase Hi-lex front. (Grocer name) (Grocer aMrwt) I MAIL TO: I Hi-Ltx Famous Landmarks Contest, Box 9166 St. p^ul, Minnesota 55177 Your Best Bleach Buy! Name_ Address. City_ .Zip Code. State_ OFFICIAL RULIS: 1. Idtntily «ii Icndmifki. *nd COmpM* llw »«nl«*c»in aSword»orl»5» M*H t«*4^i«>l thevflft till. fcntniasrnu&t b« postmarked by M*v30, 4nd received toy June 4 ( J9&5. Cnte* *t often esyav wt&h. Me>1 each entry &eper«tely. 7. tntrj«3 Judn4 en correctness at Urjdtruik Identifeatjan enr) orifinelity end ettnctt «f UvtulM h* temeletin» JuJfea- 4«Mfi>n*MMil. EntrlW^feeme the fceperty Ne elternet*. prliee |weni*4. 3. Contest It open to Miyene except enieleyees (enrf their fa 3. Contest It open to Miyene except familiei) •! tHe.HHen Ca.. tt* «*>»rti»l bei« end e<efit«fljiMatoiroia*«Ji*lle«. C •ndhinl l cept enieleyees Ca.. tt* «*>»rti»lni Mencr. b Contest (enrf t rok.r.. |et> e<**r at. Club Federation to Have Buffet Supper ONTONAGON—The Houghton- Ontonagon Federation of Women's Clubs will hold a past president's buffet s u p p er meeting May 12 at 6:30 at the home of Mrs. Raymond H i 11- mer at Painesdale. Members of the nominating committee w i u meet the same evening at the Hillmer residence with Mrs. j. J. Burke as chairman. FREE PAINT with purchase of ROCKER PANELS All Cars A QC From *f • / J AUTOMOTIVE ON-THE-CORNER Mansfield and Ayer Sit. Dial 932-0900 WE CAN OFFER BIGGER TRADE-INS Because of *LOWER OVERHEAD *NEWER STOCK Being a new store, we NEED Trade-Ins on Appliances, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen Furniture! Our Allowances Are Bigger Sendek Furniture Co. Bessemer, Michigan Ph. 667-3)41 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS Until 8 P.M. Othtr fvenings by Appointment CREDIT AVAILABLE PROVEN! You'll have more of your g pattern on your wedding day IF YOU REGISTER YOUR PATTERN NOW At least 9 week* before your wedding ... list tht pattern and placet of your choice with ut. Friends and relatives will know exactly what to select for you. this modern Use our f sensible way. Choose your sterling silver today—start with a tingle teaspoon' for a* little as $6.25. Dawn Mist Grande Baroque One Flite Up Over Old Location New RANGE JEWELERS STERLING By All Known Manufacturer! COAST TO COAST STORES •FISHING I .... v. 22-Pc. Bamboo FISHING OUTFIT Includes 3*pc. 9' bamboo pole with plastic minow, 5 hooks, 5 sinkers, fish stringer, sealer, line and booklet. (SN2590-3) Johnson Cc nt u r y SPINNING REEL 66-Pc. Complete SPIN CASTING OUTFIT 99 JW5F «-"' ^9 ,/, Includes 2-pc. 5';' gloss rod, Squire pushbutton reel, line, plug, 6 famous lures, 50 Ktrby hooks, tcaler, stringer, Jisgor- ger, live bait box, fishing manual. (SN2594-9) SclcctQ.diol drag odjuttment, right or left hand retreivt. No. 6 man of i lament line. (SN3KO-1 ) Zcbco "404" SPIN CAST REEL Meovy duly contuuction with «dju»»or>lo drag. Inlcrchangeblt • peal, thumb c--'"it »nd 15 |fe. lest lii.a. (SHjr'iMi Fishermen's Special CHEST-HI WADERS SO 99 8 COAST-TO-COAST 777 SERIES BY EACH TRUE TEMPER S' CASTING ROD (SN2057-9) 2-PC. 5* SPIN CAJT ROD (SN2157-B) 2.PC. 6Yi' SPINNING ROD (SN2257-7) 2-PC. «' FLY ROD (SN23S7-6) Solid glass shafts, green finish dark green while windings. 70 Quart MINOW BUCKET Immitation Rapala THE FIN-PALA 77 U'/t x 41} x 4 Inch Singlt Tray TACKLE BOX r blgck tliyene Iroy. Dtp»nr)ciriU snep to ten. Keep* i^ .- ,-, c-V- (SVOOM-o) ' F I o oter" 2-pc. golvoniitd con- s'cuction. Dylite punctut«.proof float, lasts indillnittly. (SV0209.0! )3!i x 6 x 6'i Inch 2-Troy TACKLE BOX 2'lmy »te«l lacltl* be* *iih Miop catch. Rich green finish. Protects your (lining equipment, (SV0093-9) COAST-TO-COAST STORES AUORA/SUFFOLK ST. IRONWOOD 93M710

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