Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
Page 3
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f • • • - ^' ••7, - >r-: i;' TO TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY feVENING, D 2,1927.1 PAGE THRii FouK F#^C M3 NENT^ T le Board of "HcRt'iitf of the Star? UnlvVrsUy and otlier State i-clifols, -yw Y. .MorKo^, chalrmun, C. (i. I, Rltfger. ('. W. Spencer.^ "M. t'liicsnt '{'.11(1 .Mrs. JameH S. I'atJick. stoppwl In lola, a few infn itcs • ycfllerday .aftc,rnoon and paid the RtsRfster ^ ofHce a vLsif. The/ -were a.rcontpanle<( by President Brandcnburs. of the Pitts- hurj Teachers fcoUege, and were on ithel • way- by automobile from PittibUTB to Lawrence. . ' t <iry Htor r. ni •veni imie! i;; o .1 The Moran unit of the Women'B Karm Bureau'la nt«id>^iB color anil (leHlKii as applied to dresx accei- ?ori<;i» *t -i meetltv; Uils^ afteteoon at the PrPHbytet Ian c'hurcti In Moran. ' VSPC onr line of Blectrlc Por- -i.colators.'Waffle Iroqs and Toast-' -Ners. K. C Klectric and Pliimb.'Co. Phone us your oiders for:good standard grade Coal, moderate pric's. ta the lola .hiiili .t Coal Co. Ilio le- 317. I , Tl c relpn of terror among the (|uails after ten hectic days, is at an,«nd and the Imnnit' little birds.] hav» nothing to IK;, afraid. of. for sui^her year—excopt hiwks and skui k.s .-inii doRS and snakes and sniajl boys. PIi\mb. In anaihen part of toni'sht's^Res- Ictcc will )M! found ihe ainiounce- •' mcnt of the' opening of the Peo' pie's Cafb, on the north side of the square, u^mor.row ni?ht, between the hours S and 10 o'^jock. The cafe is now owned by E. John-: I>mion stmt ion and Sale. t^aturrtay. Dercmber :;. a fac- ri'prosentative Wil; be a't our l::!il to 5:vi't art as^Johnsbns Cafe. ' WBI . Penn -J-.». cent S— X Good Cigar • .Mtes Lena Opborao,.of p21 South Thiril street, has returned froui AVic-bita tv here she visited her unci'! i and annt. ll!. .md Mrs. Lon Sickle, for a few days. (I 7:.'!i; to 'J:i)<^ ; .'demfinstrafiiiK jtlH- many con- t;n'-e.<: of Wostinzlionsp .Appli- We invite y(ju pailicularly iniile the line ToiMorn popped :|ir ILXCCI Klriirli Cornpopper. l.NKS KLKCT.nic WOHKS H Ka-.! .larksoji—Plume 132 .' c xan radii turm! Mr:;. Klla .Mitiiivui. wl'o Avciit to the S. n. A. Uoi-pilal in Topeka for an i^tir>ratio:i , \va< uiivir^'ed af.tor illation, lo t;ke cour<i' of nj ircaiiiKiils. trcathu-;its Ir a:^.l rr. ^v.;e iias will t .ikc r<!- llie ijAi.sKiN nii;\iKJ; Monui, Knn*u« : M.\IJv'l'irK!"f»lM) . In • "Mv Hi.vr,«.iici.r T'lf^rsilay, fridaj :ind Hafi^rday IV.i ,Kxtt:i ial! : Card 1)1" Thnnli <i. - We wish ttl thank cur nqiith- Ijors and friends for their k'.U'liies.; dnriuR ttiv .sickness and death .r>i our wife and "mother: aKso for the bei^u'iful flowers.—Ailhnr Scoti. M.tiy ScotL ..MNs Pauline Kranklin left ,i6day for Atchison.'lsnns.. for a vitlir. Win. Prim—.'i cpiils—.\ i.'ood 'Cltrar .Mr.s. K. (• Dix :ind tliiMren. Nor- nuia Afui Hhirley. of JIH) NoHh .Jt'ffcT'^oii ;tv< w< .o tJarnett lioiiav lo ijii-it ilnir si.stiir and .•Hint, j .Urs. (!. \i. l{!»a<h. I —.Sp(>ei»l ^fllud»y llinner, noon i.-niH e^enlntf. f'"!'. Kelley Hotel. n'lior^ •12 liv wii.s got <.( tilt! - :it ! .1. ('. I.itir^'il was sitowlne friends toi'ay an ear of'uiiusiiallv fine corn wliich Krov.n on th<! ! . • ,11 'iiLir" iriu lo 1-:.. fallur-lii' its convictions. Its editor can Speak out with a voice like a trttmpet when he hai^ anything im- pohant to say. and he can fight nice a tiger. But. his judgment Isl so! well balanced and his attitudej is'M. fair, even toward those Witii whom he does' not agree, tliat he Is universally loved and res;)ecte»i.j The Regrster recently moved into its new building which Is filled with nodet^n machinery for efficient conduct • of business. !llr. Scott*s son, Angela C, ts buainess manager—«nd Th« Register looks good for another thirty highly piospirous, years., and then .«ome. All of which is pleasing to thcf Kansas newspaper ifanxiiy. whiclk holds up the Register as a model of what a'?ipa!i towntlaily ought to be. The !neW8papers( of Kansas have heed: most generous in their comments upon the Houi ^e Warmitfg and Ariniveri;afy recently cetebi;iated by the Register and'some of ihe pieces that liave appear^ in other papers are reprinted hei-e «n the .theory that home folkW ^-ould like to know what other foik.s •^think of \xs. . ' \ • ' ' From the .Miami Repi blican: «r Refreshing It Is when real merit is ' properly rewarded. On« of jhe out^ standing cases in Kansas .{4' in the prosperity of the lola Regisjtcr, the iap6r of Charles P. ^dtt. Recently the ^{egiater moved Inio a new building, one of the I best eiqulpped and Toost conveniently arranged publlsbiag houses In Kaktsas. The high standing of Chailes K. Scott as a citizen la always evidenced in. hl.s new^aper. Thus, the lola Register' is t paper > of ataiiinchest chara«|lei'.i in Kansas, Charles F. Scott. 4 Kan'san born and reared, has always stood for clean methods, tlon^stiy and consistently fie has upheld his ideals. Never a faddist, he has been a sturdy advocate of sound doctrine;. As a good citizen generally. Charles F. Scott Ijas giyiin ohtslanding service to his native state. H's indiv^idual character has ^Iways .been reflected In • his newspaper.; So, today the lola Register, as a newspaper, is just'lika Charlie SJott Is, as a man—clean, subsranliatl. and rightly inclined. 'Miami county people, who learned' to admp-e Charlke Scott, because he has >net the tefet and never faltered, are happy that his neifspaper is bringing Aim all j [the happiijess thai tharlie Scditt deserves. ^ the resiiJenti !of Ithe county.. The iliiriy yearfe of the Register as a (iiily pkper ha via saeii, the iinfoldinir of ii< cd.'br and publlsh- I'r as r. state.-aaii* In 1.S9T he had not yet gone tla He was. X y.ourK businisg nan whose great- isr a'.complishnu ut had been an appointment to the' board .of regents of thv! state.univarsity. Since thpu he has spelt flvis terms .as reprt.seQtative! at large and later rrpre.-ieatatiVe of the Sacoutf Dii- trii'i ill Congress, He has been a I delegate from, ifiet President of the i United Stated! Ato institute ot a;j . beep publi(f!ty j ir.:bl!caii natio was sant to load of food a L FronJ the .\rk City Traveler: The Ida Rbgisier celebrated Its 3Uth anniversary as a daily newspaper Saturday, by holding open house at Its fine new home, recently <tonn)Ieted. } .\o papt-r In the "^tate has a fln- iT I radii ion ijiaii has The lola Reg istt-r. Ill ,'—1.') year.-* he upiier yhoios tesllfy to the craracter of the battle at the foluin-,'•1>"!''<» Scott becanu* j irart j e .Mine. Kiie.^'oio. At Ihe top in the auo that Hcrv»-d a.s a rallying ! f-'VMer of The Ucgiittfr. then a. Thi: ;.aw.c.... Moore, of t>t.awa. T^u^iBi.;-^i;,:!'^^^^^ ii^^i^fii..^jl ^wue^"ai^^ii^oT he -^L"7 ;:;:'*:.,:,^"';.ri „.::;ei..''^id iekr had ei^-hleen nnv< of corn and 1 ,.,,|,,^. ,„ j„< kn from the strikers crashed thiougl. th.-, windshield of ihet-nily puMiiatlou. uid today he < "'"" "nni aijd welshed t.wo and an.- iialfi i.'.mnUj^],„„„i„d ih.' three troopers sho\i-n l.elo\J.. • Lei: lo rlKlir. the: i^:ill editor ami publl.-her. and is iM|' -^n. r.-i..,. Inliir. .! Irooier.M are: >iani Lee. K. W. Muricll and Hun.M Woodman, i < I'arge of the paper. | . ^. . " |\i It;.. iMMlo.u is one of Ihe tank.-, of the (olonido .\alioual Cuard be ng : I '-'ii tharalone !.s not part(<'ular-; ^ro^l the Ulfhlta Bea.on: L., ' a; r.» - u.lne r.:.dy to he'.p ke. p iJ^ peace, , l- MKi.»icant iSom« editors have , ^aiurday the l-da K. si-.. . ...i.- L-l l.iiKtliy re;<!n!s| t.) their credit, bui brated Us thirdeth a.s - ' ' . [ ' I::ilp el.-:e. Theiv have forgolten iff'a. daily iie'.vfpaper, and wekomed i >Pi!i,h 01 Kred Kramer. I Etnnrn niTHlTfrn .1... ' r.! _.. From the Herington'Sun: .A special 30th birthday edition of the lola Register. Saturday, tells of its new home, of its job ^nd pres^ room eqaipsftent and of itir growtit during the wast thirty years under the ownershlQ of Charles F. Scott. From a country weekly of a vertjj limited circulation some forty-five !| yeara ago,, also owned by Scott, it has grown steadily in btisine$s. influence and earning capacity. .As a business institution, it i.i a^ credit to lola. As a paper it is a; iorfie for sane and consrruLtivej policies and politics in iCia:;sas and; in the nation out of al! proiMrtioii'_ to the size of the town or the e:-' tent of Its edition.'*. If Is iji a c »ii- siderable! degl-ee in llie <>i with the Spriiigfielii l.Matis.i Kepubiii'::n. ag,)_ j or the .Man-hister. tlOriKiand.> riuariiian by rea.'»oii • of the fairness 'ami' ability «hown iji lis nii- boiame the ! '"'•'"I coiuninx. llen-'n liopinp It may pro.s;>er liiiriy mure yeur.s under rlie .-am.-- ni.tnuKenu-ni aijil L (i-.VIler.-lii; n\]irc,\r- 1 fa:-ni.>i for 1 rei;V i>ec i;:-. .^^inUlowei- Loanj ik i!rodl)*-Ck. tlie ralf'ii.t inati,'Conipaiiy. lob. ICan.siis. • . thai one man briuiRht i".i . . . • . ' biiniii'.'.s innrtiiiiK.' He j Homer Drelicr look a load <A' ai'ii LTi <.iii;> api" cr- and .so .st<i;-k lo rlie ,K;i!i-:;is <":iy markets; lot ijf liiil oat of ll.ilii end- l;,^t Iiii:li!. 1 . )raiisaetiiiii- fur hi,-' I'll II. iini ol ; — ( hicKcii ^ llinner .'Sumiaj Ha/iuir I ( -siliiiol )lol^.•e S ituv.iay. jer V.y l-.-ulU-s' .Ain. .I'hick- l >Pi!l,!i 01 Kred Kramer. Fred Kr.imer. aK^d C;» years, d^ed hi.s hnir.'. 12" West riiljipb ^ll ; .-M-tet. !;i.-t evening at 6 o'cloejc. )ij I The funeral servicj' will be held at ; ft. .loliu's Catholic church in the I niornini? at ;i o"( lock, conducted by NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT l>'"-cii.»)er ... i.y i..-iiaes .AMI.,! On siiljiiei- ;it r.lM. I'rice ZL'tC. Mrs. H. Y.w:uni and (!aui;liier. Ida Ifev. 1-r. Power.s. Burial will , (haniii^r ,„• (omni^ipp Klecfs om-ij,ai)er ganpr he was able to get • -auces. of Colony, nere bu.-'iness I take place in Highland Cemetery, j Third Vum 'iet of II, II. i ini„ ilu ^S -ha'mpior.ship Wight in the; Fra vi.sitors in lola today. I Tile Farm aiteriK Kwini;.! ce .=so: i cii".-'Oi! eouin V CasKiii-uiiji-oi Uie Women'< Jtuv:!!! '".viil tneet ucnorrow loa at lite h 'line ul .\1rs. Tom s-..utlieast. of Io!a. Color il'da iyu as applied to dress ac-j. s >vil.l be tlii.' huujeet dis- — Dependable Lump Coal track. .$3 .50 per toil oUJ ear. $6.4.') per ton deli\eie.l while <m track, .liink it Coal Co. Phone :ii7. [ '—If yon want to buy or build, j on i'''i>" or suburban property. The. lola by .Mi's. P':ire;:-» Syverml .'na ;:i.ime ''ieiiionsf u-ion au'ut.'a: A. riuilding * I^an .Association will make you a loan, low interest rate. Hiiniboidt. Kan.. Dee. 1 - Mrs. ,1 , ..„,.,„t T,„. RogKter The pamr . ^"^^'>^PK'«'Pr nuHUi^g, g, evenlUK l>arty for rifUe noise fo- snin An lola man reniea.b.-rs when l,e .'^ corner of ^nuare. njember.< of the Clove,- I.eaf'Club' TO ns the finest thing al o trap onails by the covey j . 77. , 'and their husbuiids on Tuesday editor of The lo'a P.e'-N'er is -Ia <awh' l-rp;"!^ goo'i as e>«r.: . c.vei,jng at_ the Flinf.s. This U Justifact tliat he has never feaii-d boy on =-ile el-e Tbeiv have forgotten trr'a. daily newrpaper. and wekomed l.r^ \viiU the res: of the. its friend-s at . a r.ceptioM :n its wo-'d Hut not -o with Cliarlf.'; F ; new home, occupied si.^re last Scott.' He ha.- remained young.^in . -Apiil. The Itegister lia:- bewi a his anniversary edition of Satur-• ' ally .,„ce IM... has been under Ida-, •i.e reminds hi., readehs jocu-: the mauagemeut of Charles }•. ila 'lV that though "he is, prett.vj icoti since Ivx-. fifteen .ve.::s oi inearlv dean' of tin-^ „e«-s-; that time a.s a wtekly paper. ; • - ~-• lola has b-it!! fnrttinatL'. du.tni these thirty vears. in iinvhi? a S. LycenntC-oupe A,.- ; i las- Ka:,s:is i^lUoriai .off L.tirna- i a:^;"^::"',,,. ^'i';:! ,.nrs_Tm;sday. ; me,,.. ^^^^ .^^ ...Ilior ; .erests of t;u. , omtniinity (Francis Culver.. ' 1 play, is no, the only young '^"^^ : fi:^%^„„: "^^tw mil ^'1;; Z^. and has lived in the .=-.ini-i eou:i*;. life. He probable knov.s JOlIt till' to - quote his vary- busy, man man!" And th happy newspaper!. N'oveniber Wcather .f ' According to the Monthly Meter- oiogical iiumihary sent out by the U. S. Weather .Uitrcau Statidn at lola the highest teir.pera'ture dur-V ing.the month of . .November just closed was 7S. oh the first, and the lowv.«tt wa>i 21 Urn tlie :iOth,— the highest on thie iifst day of the month and the lowest on the'last.' Tiie mean was which is a little higher than Usual, the normal for Xoveraber being 4-l.i lie^r.-cs. .-4 t The total prceipitalion = for the ri^ul'tur.e. He has month was l.S.s incjies. wi.h snow//,hi direjctor of a Rer falL'of .4 of an inch. Tlie normal' hal l .-ampaign.; He j rainfall for .N'ovember is 1.45 in- Igiujn with 3; ship-! ches. so the past nicath W-as just id ; clothing iq 1915. He has traveb d jmore extensively priobably than aijy other Kaiisau. Hir lias been tor- several deca'des. iwp pewspapeT. "d —and a very happy Register is at very I about the average. Nearly all I of the month's precipitation occurred ally other Kansin .J on one day. the 14th. when the "rainfall was 1.5S inches. There were three clear days, 9 pahly clorudy and, IS cloudy. ; There were li killing frosts during the month. ! all his personally more than two-thirds of Yqu Will Enjoy , Bismark b.y Emil Ludwig I Napoleon by Emil Ludwig Trader Hour by Howard Lewis Mother India by Katherine Mayo Revolili in the Desert by T. fi. Lawrience ; What Can A Man Bdieve by Bruce Barton Transition by Will Durant The Evans Store That was when he was a the farm and there Dei-. *t. Mr^. N irth ^'^'^"i'-: . pven-ng at tne flints. 1 nis i.s just fact tliat he has never feared to: ,. . , .. „. . ..^„^^.the.iirst of a series of evening par-! put s' into his paper. ' '^•''^,.-'v''i:;Viv:d o X ro'-- .r^-^n L«af;wiien there Is some que..tion of; • - I ,1: JlT .i ^L " 'A^^^^ 'importance which we Kansas; Aolice -M. \V. ^''''^1ioo,r:k';:Su :^l^^^^^ T- ,,, ^^J^'^^Xrli^lToS^ffi Mr.andMrs.T,A. UaHsbach re, ^„ews,Kiper men find rather dls-^ W. I). KI.DKR. V. C. iMni. Penn-.. reuls-.V (iood Ik -nr:, Ke>ser. and other friends over the ,3,^ „,g,„ f^om PInej ,resslnglv deep or confusing, we ^ . i •— jw-eKenn. IJluff. .-Vrkaiisas. where they have jjave a habit of turning to the edi-, Lena ThoniiL-oii, ci 60:;; (iiild Letlennir. ' ' " ' " ' ' - . - . . . (i)hii.. street, entered the .S. i --The ne;;i -ler .lees all kindt —S|iec -iiil Siirtduy dinner H. A. llospital in Toptka No\x'in-i ^old lelferinsr al moderrite pri.e.-^. ; liiind Hotel. «.>. Hoiir«, ber 2;-.. (iver fo itv Uen4fit As.-^oi iation. 110m lola.' liave r hospital 101- u surjiical .opevatioii.; In bnyin!.' le:ither for Christ- j ty mei!il>ers of tl:e Secur-iUias ?ifis. keep us iij mind. „ J pnrt ^•''''''"S their, son: Glen Ralls- torlal column of The lola Regi.-iier; IJ.r. !;o .see "what Chartev S^ott has- to' ] T. The Kitchen Kablnet Orchestra | say about it." And usually we find 1 ceiM-il iri-atinent in Topeka. TIM-: ni '.MC i,s ror<li:.!ly lii- vii' i| IIJ aMenil Uie l ';ik-. :\l(jin.(ir(;i! .s-'i-rvlii- lo lie bebl in Ihi !o«!--e rrioiiis .it :i p. 11:,, Siiiil.iv, Itee.'iniier r iJ-ltA.NK .M.C.XUTHV, jvxalleii Hillei'. at the i MIS. I!. Lowniatl !-.e:iirnod ye:^I tirday from .Madl-on. Kaiis.. where; i fhe was called a week ai;o by Ihc » « • ' -ilhie-s of hi-r sisti-r. .Mrs. John Il'icrai: / She r.ports hir .sis.ter inuih improved. a 4:azoo orche.-^tia composed of the;,here a lucid e.\po.sitlon of'the mat-P ladies of the "re.sbyterian church.' jgr. .1 .N'. Wil.'on. who was stricken ^i -^Kf'paslf 'Ve^'^fcrdat Th^ ^""^ entenainment Thursday | some newspaper men regard u l .r laho. Ti .xas vesterrtar .Oakland nchool. ,he,r vocation as a trade, .some as -uueral service %ylll be hel.1 fv^^,,,,,. „f ,„,,,„ Manhattan. Kansas Monday J^ftei*;«„rcbe%tia presented ,the xam.' en- nvon at •• o. lock Mr. Wilson \..,^ui\umvi,t that wa.s prexented • ainilv lola many >•"«"- 4 1 wo weeks ago. ;..avlnc her- t«o ye.nis ago to live . -rhe .seven momher.s of the Chuin- •••Tli- .| Infill V. ,1 .lb. , 11. Kt . I.M ;li (II i"': ii'tVe iie-i •.,( il„ U| . "I il'fti't ter . xaiii III in wet wiiji U a| (Niristiuaj. W':' know l:;ikery Products .are f.ood. Hut ) l-iave >oii Trie I : • Hi- ? VA.N 11'Ml/Kit 's. 1 hi., li • w le I' IHii lie 'il'lr'l l-'illM' ! iii" II liilo I<. il<lli;; (HI.. (OD- .N 'l AiMirl. t«o ye.nis ago to live III \I;,nluitl:in to iie n..'ar his <'hll-. „f rflnimeice executive iom- ,• . ' inlttee met last night and elected {the tollowing olllcers; I 'reslilent .<;)iM lal for .^'aliinlay: j Oei^ge Mo«iii: vlre-prenldent, C. A i- aiifi Ilrlitle. ioell). !!r (4iki ; H. creiary-tieaHlfrei. .1 ' A llow.irdoi firdv Shop. j l^gi?!.. The oilier ineiii.berH of the IKIHH are. ('., II. Stiepiinl, C. A Dr. .1, T. It 'll. Hurgery uiid | Hf |yholdH. Dr. .1. A I'ampbell am' ,S r.iv. riioi Me II' ar r : o'All. I !i<! ,il I , |.| .1 |;| .,1 ^ill itln-l- iHi'- ixrilMpI'.- Ill i I-"- % I'l .U'f'- pdilt tl (iiili.'r !', i ffoe AiU.ui .1!' I'Viii'loil Mil iiji|ii'<i for I he pel I ll'iiii Hit iiintiiliie 111 ..ri 'l •'if'er hi, liilifildj (,-|,,lll , .liiV- I ! I .ilJl; 1111(1 • 'llili 1 .ibl- pinpiilv iJi'tiM I .A. > . iw -.1 111 !- Ar); lie .,f limil lii'i-filic. • III" -,. ! "Ill •,, ;„,y. than ihai^^ •••• I'enn lenN -.\ lioiid Mirnr p«i,irr(i in ti;,.- llitisici-V- , ' — i .tr C 'll. Idei IvLuiK... wli i .iind'rweiil 1 liMntoid iii 'iTiilloM .it 'ihtj .lolUl- • II li '.-i.iiiil In CIMIIIII" I.I«' •V'- I 'iiiL-. i:< r 'jiori 'd a;. 'I'dlig vi ry III'" ly. .y Itikyh .l.lls. Flint. The tlilrd member o: lliijiibold''t lyi 1 iitii courMi; will be >ti'*li 'I'lie-diiy IIIKIII. Ilii'einber >'< .11 the lii;;|i .<cb(*o|. iMKllloi'iliin. Tli'' • •alUrlaliimeiil will be preM.iifed by KOIM II .M. .Maiiliivr. chi'racter li' - lineaior. .Mr. Maiilove conii-s blgli- ly rei'oiniiiended and will give The I a business, .scnie as a game, but : Charles F. Siotf—although be might deny It if y<ui were to | hlm-^regards It as a profession. .\t least, he puts Into It qualill '.H worthy of a profes.-ilon. And ,so The Traveler takes this occukion lo extend coMKratuIatlon.s. felicitations, or whai you will, to ; the loin Ue(;l»ier and It- cilltor.; wbff In "pretty nearly dean of the K .iliHrtu newspaper ganj;." ' ,on A. hoiicliis leiiuloh i- In" Kinpuria .over the jfpmt. pace it .s sjireaij. : ffw i !a>s on business, well, arranced and well written. . ' „ , . • and everVbo (iy who read the pa-. i'^'zaar and 1-ood .=:ale in per inusti have felt ap if he just \ ,i,r of dr;.rn'!ah|eLnmp Coal <-.'i;vr. entertaining program. ^acK at S.'i.-'i" per Ion off car, ' " ' •" p r Ion delivcriil while on; t-aik. lola .Iiink & Coal Co Phone "IT. Firs' door north Katy depot, i MIST night. I prise to paper." ;l}•eInen^ nir- !o . iola Thursday took brains anal enwr- !jet ont that sort of a |A ' iimpiinii^nt the man- Iceply appreciates. F. I» •Specia; cases . i-:ie Office • Ph;: attention siven Dis- if Colon a.'nl Kectiim. tro-Pliysiotherapy lola State Bank Bldg. nes—147 and 7')o .Mr. Jol: inston Re i visitor iu ' morniu-.^. that woil; tow-n on t tection woi . Clark .lac< llime tlier 61: th'? hill the town overflow f -orcek so t 'water tha Work, it "l'(>. of: TJiai'l b» Fc- railroa company \gmoimt to. of the asj Perfect Ifakery Bid:;.. N'. .fefferson. in- Catholic la'Iie.--. Saturday. —Dr. Lucy pidson. Chiropractor. .Vorthrup Bldg. Phone 326., - Number 1 (Continued from Page One) the security eoniraittee when .M. Lonz-n. the small son of Mr. and -^larkovitch. Jusoslavian repr.scn- A.e Martin, of .Si-last Buchaii-,'ativ*., citw^the case of Albau^^^^^ a" . is rfci«.>rted quite ill. .Mr. an 'i .Mi^. W. A. Wilson.- of ^ _ Chilliiotlie. .Mo., arc visiting in Ih-' '^!' is Vfc '><.'rted"<itiite 'ilT. ' ' 'proving thai the existing 'iCtigue of Iti 'i 'ij' o!'.."Nir.V.'iison's sister. .Mrs. j "• ' _ ^ j nations system of guarantees was I.. C.ritti -.n and family -Ilein? ileiiion>lr!iH«n. Salunlay,'absolutely Inadequate. - Iieeember X Coiim ont aiid saiuple! i'-' Varkovitch recalled that Al -Pie sv.:„.,.r a:,l pro-rran " | neluT .|n:illtt prodiifto. A. W. An- i tKnian.lndependent^ his b.en soils. I.E.\^ ELF.- 3L D. « Crescent Valley school Wednesday j ,,pr..„„_ phone iai I firner Setoihl emnly'su-iianteed by the great risht. l)e.-. Toteher. l.Otta A. Yowell.i.,^,, lJ„f„|n. powers'and that Albania, AS a mem- liber of the lec.gue alio, was like- • ; -Mrs. F. D. .Adamson and daucth- - i ter. Fea. of Woodward. Oklahoma. • ! '.veer visitors in lola today en• i route to their-home from Oakwood. • I Kansas where they had been to at- \ frjenj^. »itend the funeral of their mother' -Dr. A. r$. Tw ...dc'.I. Ost^fiath'.',^-is'- Sis'anteed territorial integ- Ncw Clob..-Bli's. Phone 131.- ' ! ritV. vet Albania folt that her na- |tlonal .security was so feeble that .Mrs. Elmer Hoke, of Savonbnrg.' "'^he believe.! it rmpcraUvc to have , and gran'iniother. Mr.s. Redmond, of the Burl- i Jeffers. Mrs. Adamson was a. business j lived in Allen count.^. the Register office this j .Mr. Redhiond re[>ortrt ha.; ;U last boeun in his ; le project o. pro- ! Amanda formerly j -kC'l out tor f'he'city by by. For years, every has been a hca\-y dew iide north ot Uurlinston lias ber-n flooded "-jy (he from Rock creek which flows under the main street, it is •proposed now to iwuien and straighten- th.- cliaiiiie[ of this lat it Avill, •anv .-)if .-ill is -ikrly I,, -fall, n'h'- T <fiiniule.l. will tost w!ii<;!i TL'"..<i«'J will be IE city, anproj.imafcly by the Katy and Sani.< is an -l the Sijcddrd^oil Ed the- balance by individual prdperty owners. Asscss- Jlnent>i opijInBt HCine citizens will as much as 9& per cent '5''tiiei valuation bl the 'property tj) be projected. Don't forget your Christmas Sealjk is si .T ?nding a few days here with Avcoxusf to Bpecial a-Iiances with I Italy.'' j ,App:jrently:. 4leclared M. Marko. —Chi. ken dinner, "like hqme-j »i'ch. neither Albania nor Italy {cooked." every Sunday and Thurs-^^P'"'"'''lo"^'^ P™'^^"o" srufficient. ir::;y at Lewmans Cafe'. li He add>d that .Iugo:<lavla only ; desired to ccptinre friciidlj. rela- —Dr. Moutsomery. Chiropractor, ji'ons with Alhani.i. Iola Laundry Bldg. Phone 13S. J , ,„ , . ,, Queen Mary Pumell fo .Nuss Ainifa Smith will lead the 1 ^ •! j lir-xt r> > ' -A. C-irislian Endeavor service, at the |t>e CiXlled U ith ISenjamill First Christian church next Sundfy > FrJim the KIDora'lo Tlm<-»: Tlie lAla Ri-glnler wa.i :iii yearn old ^nl- lO-day and I'H jiubll.'her. Ch»rle."» f. Scott. Invli(li| the communliy to B»>tise at the new.spuper'.'i building that . evening.. The occasion was further celebrated with a. H-page spe< ial edition of The llegUter. largely filled with Information coriceriiiBK this Inter- oi'ting and suci-esyful Kansix neW.s- paper. It i;; n'oled that buslne?.s institutions of< Iola- took space in! this edition to praise The Register- as an asset to the community—and the entire aniiil-ersary was a noteworthy one. The Register was published for fift»en years as a weekly before it became a dally. I'nder Mr. Scott's diret-tion. it has been one of the strting new.spapers of Kansaf. Chatley Scotj is a cultured gentler man with a charmiug literary style. Every page of The Register, and especially the editorial department,, is well and entertainingly written. The Register has the courage of 25 NEW COATS ' $29.75 lo 839.75 Values $21.50 .Sniiirt Hhawl Collaro. .Jidinuy (ulliiri, t;iiuriiiil<>i>d lliilnito, ii'l W 'Mil fcbric*.. 25 New FROCKS SI 9.75 fo $22.50 Values ^14.95 >. miU' hi nui Crrpe'Sutlu. ViN lull, 4 :<*<<rire(ti'j niMulerfiil tallies. 11 Sht et CiiJil evening. .AH those, who have iiot been attending are asked to. be present. W'm. Penn—.'» cenl*—.1 Vooi I'lgar —We pay fJ'J on Full ^ald and l'i»'tallment Stock.- The best iuvcst- incnl, the bcsd method lo save. SfiriMity Rid?, ii Loan AtiMriatlon. Iola, Kan>ia$. .Veiv Berry. Mich.. Dti :;. t.VPi Queen Mary Purnell ;>ro!»ab;-y •-.vlll • be forced iiyo exile with King Benjamin Purnell. In the final carrying out of the ileeree of Circuit \ Judge Louis H. Fcad. who hean! i chc .state's dissolution -i;it i sa'inst; the House of David i:oion.\ .Mra. E. If. Qumn of 31» N'orffc Jefferson avjenne, reetlved word ol the death thUimornlag of beil titter. "^llas Mae Norton, at the Wesley hpspital In Wichita." The! funeral service will be held Si^day Ir/i D. Sncll. of 525 So ill li, Kenj tucky street', is "reported jQtu'.c i!! I cl inflammatep- rhtumalKm. '- MAGAZINE SUB^SCRlFnONS Leave your order with UK for subscriptions to all magazines for yourself or for a.friend. A gift .which brings Santa each month. rccelvfd. Vcnis-j. fvsJrella. Plush. Dovtiiicrc, with beautiful shav.I ccllar-s of Wcif, Fox and Squirrel. We bouuht these couls al specfal price concession ^nablinj,' us to sell them at a great saving In jprice. ' COTTON BLANKETS $1.98 Ijirre Uonljle Blanket COTTON i BLANKETS $2.50 Nashua Plaid B IL ANKETS ;3.98 Mi/:- 72x-0, Double ; Si/ej KxSH, Port Woo' I Slibp Early f of Clilif istmai PRACTICAL GIFTS .SILK CHEMLI.E ROBKS V.\yi\ (OKDt ROT ROBE^ mPOKTKI* FILIPINO t;OH >S ; Sn .\RT TRKNCH COATS FA ?{C V SILK SLIP.S BEilTim. 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