The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 30, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SENTINEL Is the only newspaper In Car- fcoll county that la printed all at home and It eon- Bins more local and county news than any other two papers In this county. POWERS & COLCLO, Props. FKIDAT, MARCH 30, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. How dear to our heart la Cash on subscription, When the generous subs crlber Pres ents It to view; But the man who don't pay— We refrain from description For. perhaps, gentle reader, That man might be you. "Midway Types." Visit Moore's shoe store. Onion sets at Ihe green house. •"Midway Types,"ourgreatCQUponoffer. Sunday was the coldest Easter we ever I'sperienced. This is the last week of the winter term of school. Those desiring old newspapers can be supplied at this office. Tested garden seeds in bulk at the green Jiouse East Fifth street. . John Lanimers.of Breda, was a pleasant caller at this office Monday. J. J. Kussell, of Jefferson, was in the city Friday on legal business. Diseases of. the eye, ear, throat and Boee. Dr. G. L. Wright, Carroll. Mrs. Martin and daughter left for Atlantic Tuesday for a short visit. Miss Lena Oppenhoiiner, of Jnfferson , is visiting at Ihe home of M. Simon. Money to loan on real estate at 0 per rant. C. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa, Mrs. A. T. Bennett, of Manning, was a nity visitor Thursday for a short time. Next Tuesday will be the annual election of officers of the Presbyterian sliurch. Call on Mtthooey and Cavanaugh for latest styles ia spring millinery. Prices reasonable. Tbe butcher shop, the first door south of TUB SENTINEL office, has again opened for business. Will Orchard, of Ihe Glidden Graphic, was transacting business at the court louse Saturday. Farmers call and see the large aeeprt- neat of farm and buggy harness at Martin -& Clovis'. 0. H. Hoeft. Ho is not at all pleased with the mulct bill and says it practically destroys all previous legislation. 'Midway Types" is tho title of TUB SENTINEL'S portfolio of views of the Midway Plaisauce. Read the advertisement elsewhere. There was great rejoicing in Wall street Thursday when the news flew across the land tbat President Cleveland had vetoed the silver bill. It you want the disc barrow that received the highest award nt the World's fair buy it of Duncan & Sproul, west side of court house square. E. S. Bycrly, of this city, has moved to Dedham, He was a former resilient of that place and after spending the winter here hns concluded lo relurn. Messrs. J. and O. Woodward have moved Ibeir household goods to this city and are now occupying ihe residence lately vacated by G. U. Jones. I. N. Griffith, J. "W. Hatton, D. H. Park, C. L. Wattles and V. Hinrichs attended a meeting of the Commandary at Jefferson Monday evening. For sale or rent—A blacksmith and wagon shop with tools, wcU located in Carroll, Iowa. For particulars call on or write W. R. Lee, Carroll, Iowa. John Heitboff of Teinplelon was a caller Tuesday. He has-been living in Nebraska for tbe past eight years but has returned to Carroll county to stay. Ed Signal, one of the leading farmers ,uf Warren township^was a pleasrnt caller at this office Tuesday. Mrs. Chas. • Bucknam returned Uoine Thursday after a several days' visit with Her folks at Manning. ClerU Kennebeck issued a license Tuesday to Thos. D. Lean uod Miss Orlana Daily, both of Coon Rapids. Representative flaselton was in the icily Monday for a short time, having fooen al homo over Sunday. The Easter services at the M. K. church an the evening by the Sunday school was very interesting aud entertaining. ilc-nry Flcnker and J. A. Bchmictt, of llalbui, were in the city Thursday traus- •cting business at tho court house. Kd Gurst and the witnesses in the Bpickler case who drove across tho coun- arv Monday, had a very cold ride. Licenses were granted Friday to JOB. JBicrl and Miss Katie Btanglo and to 0. A. Brunning and Miss Maggie SSolgel. Engineer Hodge, of Chicago, was in the city Friday looking over tho yards about the depot contemplating a change. The Y. M. C. A, held a mooting at the 'Presbyterian church Monday evening preparatory to organizing next Monday. Our prices on flour are right, suits everybody, give it « trial and you will come back to tbe Yellow front for more. The fire laddies who wont to Glidilon .uti a IIul car say that it was one of tho coolest ridcH they have taken for flomo time. iJarnobt Duryou, tho day operator at tiie depot, sprained one of bin tinkles quite badly several days ago und 1s still compiled to uso crutches. Little "Hun" made his pleuThurBduy before tbe court aud gavo some blroug wagons why Btuhltulller should not bo granted a now trial. Templetou was woll represented ut eourt Thursday, about half of the town •UeinK hero its witnesses lu the case of .Eoirnoiia vs. Wilson. Coon Rapids wua woll represented court Monday, a largo uuiubi"-' witnesses having boon culled ou Stickler burglary cudo. Mrs. J. K. tlrlllUh uud Mrs. J. L. Burner left for ludlttiiolu Monday tu attend lUo funorul of tuoir slster,Mm. lU-<- wooJ, who died Buuduy. 'Representation Roggo, of Bcott county was in tuo cily over Buuduy tho guest Henry Mittleinan has been confined to his bed for a long time with lung trouble. He la repotted as being gradually failing and is now very much emaciated. Mr. Seyler of the firm of Seyler & Schumacher, dealers in hardware al Ternpleton, was in the city Tuesday and favoied us wilh a pleasanl call. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were used exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. O. C. Johnson, of Nebraska, is in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. W. L. Culbert son and family. Mr. Johnson was a resident of this city for a number of years. B. G. Taylor and family left for tlieir home in Council Bluffs Wednesday, Mrs. Taylor and children have been visilinc with Mr. and Mrs. Niswongerforlhe past three weeks. The room now in use for the post- office is the best ever used for that purpose in the city. It is largo and well lighted, two essentials which are highly necessary in a postofflce. Jonas Nichols has boon very low with diptheria, but it is now thought ho has passed the crisis of the disease. For a day or two past itlooked as it the chances were against his recovery. Merchant wants you to call at bis store and see bow few goods yon can buy for five dollars. Leave your sacks aud baskets at borne, but put a •'— U1 " *"" on your sled or wagon, Kompkcr & Coohdge expect to move the ladles, choir under the leadership of Sister Gustina. In the evening the met. assisted in chanting the psalms and hymns at vespers. , Rev. ,1. B. Neu delivered an appropriate masterly sermon during high mass. Mrs. Philip Beechel, living five miles northeast of town died Friday night of a complication of diseases, resulting from childbirth. The baby is living and doing nicely. The funeral took place Won day afternoon nt 3 o'clock, at tbe Mnthodist church. « Geo. Selzer heard of his flue blooded hunting dog which had been taken to moville. His brother wont there and returned Wednesday evening with the dog. Mr. Selzcr is highly pleased over the find, for tht dog was a valuable animal, Easter services were held in all tho churches of our cily and notwithstanding the severe cold nil of the exercises were well attended The churches wore heauti fullv decorated with lilies and cut flowers and presented a very attractive appearance. The school board adopted rules at its meeting last Monday. One of Ihe rules applies to '.he time of hiring the teachers According to the new rules ibc, superin - lendenl will be hired next Tuesday evening and the other toa-jkers 'it least a mouth before the closts of 1ho spring term. The Herald in a poetical strain says that "Hungerforcl is a mean Republican that the Democrats cannot tie to." If it, had only added "nor any one else wilh safety" lucre would have beeu far more Iruth lhan poetry in the statement. For if Bro. Hungerford'i? anything he is unreliable. The oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Nichols died Saturday from diphtheria and was buried Sunday. Tbe patient suffered greatly from the disease for several days and was compelled to succumb at last. Medical aid proved of no avail. Mr. Nichols was also attacked with the same disease but is getting along nicely. A call has been issued by tLo council for a special ejection to decide whelheror &ONT ACCEPT IMITATIONS. THE P.tOOTER & GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. double box tlieir grocery store across the street the Urst of next week. They will occupy the Wright buildiug, Urel door west of vYeth- erill & Guam's hardware store. J. K. Griffith returned Wcdaesday from Indianola. where ho hut been called to attended the funerul of his', sister, Mrs. Hestwood. Mre. Barger will remain with tho family for a short time. It will aoon be spring weather end you will need good footwear, not the block now owned and used as a park by the town shall besold lo theGlid- den Educational society and college stock accepted in payment therefor. The elec lion will take place March 30.—Glidderi Graphic. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill outs BO figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole you on the street and beg you to trade with UB, we don't want your trade,. We do,but think you are wise enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MEHOHANT. The Carroll green house under tho management of Hies & Bon has built up a profitable business and not only supplies the home market with (lowers and plants, but does a large outride trade. The firm is getting up a circular and those in need of anything from a green house will do well to send for a circular which will give full particulars with prices inclnded. The April Century makes a new departure in printing a story told wholly in pictures. The artist Is Andre C»staigiie, whoso World.'s fair pictures and oilier drawings for The Century are well known. The subject is the course of tha emigrant "From the Old World to the New," and the scenes represented aru typical experiences, "in the fieldH of Old Europe," "Hard Times," "On the Deep," The Land of Promise," etc. Marie Heath and her company was greeted at Music hall Friday evening by ercise the veto power and thereby protect the credit of the country which they claim this bill would destroy. Dr. Wright performed a very rare and lifflcult opur.itinn at the hospital VVednes- .lay upon a Mr. Hellinglintiser, flora, llal- tmr. It tins » nstoiitiding medicnl term, hut in plaiu English it consisted of unite- ing Hie gall bladder and small intestine and making a uew opening between the two, the old one being closed from old adhesions. ,The connection wns made with the Murphy button, ouo of tbe most ingenious little inventions known to the medical profession. The doctor informs us that on January 1st last there hnd only been seventeen operations of Ibis iiind performed to the knowledge ot the profession, and thnt this one is probably the first in Iowa. The patient is getting along ns well as could be expected and the operation promises to b" a successful one, Tim Moslems, like th« Jaws, were commanded not to make Images of anything in heaven or in earth, Mid Afoliammed added, " therefore, if ye must make images, make of imiges of things which have no souls, such as trees or plants." His Sunnite followess have never transgressed this rule, and tlieir friezes and capitals and paneling are either in geometrical put- terns, or are ornamented with symmet-ri cally twined boughs and leaves. The Hindu, on the other hand, never loses an opportunity of Introducing gods, ele,phants,tif$ers, horses,and birds—anything living that he can think of except tlsh; for (Uli have no souls, aud Uw b«llev- er in tho transmigration of the spirit eats lish. with impunity, though he would die rallicrthan ent beef, and has religious scruples with game.—Marion Crawford, in The Century for April. E. V. Robinson has been busy for some time past putting on the new wall paper at Uurku's hotel, nod uo wonder, for there was 1,500 rolls of it. This immense lot of paper was furnished by the old reliable, J. W. Ballon, and so large ishisstock and BO extensive are the styles that he carries that it is practically unimpaired; in fact, he can show you the largest and finest slock of wall paper ever brought to Carroll county. Hatton carries tbe celebrated Birge's goods, and when you buy wall paper of him you know you are getting reliable gooda. goods that cm be cDpenrt- ed upon to be best the market affords. Halton has been supplying Carroll county wilft wall paper for a good many years and he can truthfully say that he THE NOKTUWBSTBB'N WlLIi HUN A MAVi AND EXPRESS, Boone News, If all ni; us do nok fail tbe people along the !i.-.e of the Northwestern will have uo oc?4sion to feel smnll when they meet paopV-) living along the lins of the 0. IJ. & Q. '»ith it* fast mail facilities. For sorna the American Express company IUUM been talking o£ putting on a faat train :>stween Ohioago and the" Missouri riv-r and now express offioials givii it out l.h it next Sunday will sao the inauguration of the new eoheme. The train -vill leave Ohioas;o at 3:00 m. and will overtake No. 7 at Ames, thus getting into BDOUS at 11:45 a. m. Prom B )Oi" west the time of No. 7 will be slnrteue.i m"iking considerable faster time from here to the Bluffs. Tue traiu will leavs Oaioapjo after tbe arrival of tbe fast express from tbe east aud will make a ran over the Northwestern at a rate ot almost 40 miles an honr. 'the train will be a great convenience to Boonn people. It will bring the Chicago morning papers to ns before uoon and will also bring NHW York and otter eastern letters which now arrive at 6:00 p. m. This will give to merchants one business day advantage ia their eastern correspondence over the present arrangement. There will be no corresponding fast train east, there being no special demand for fast service east. was never better prepared limn now to give his customers bargains in wall paper. An examination of his stock will convince ihe most skeptical that his goods will more lhan bear him out in this claim. T. K. Anthony, Ex-Postmaster of Promise City, I own says: "1 bought one bottle of _."Mystle It did took." DUNCAN & SPROUL West s!de of Court House Square. Will continue tlieir policy of handling only standard and thoroughly tested FARM MACHINERY AND VEHICLES. as this is a time wbem tnouey should not be wasted in worthless goods, you will flud it best to take a little time oud look at Moore's lice before you buy. The county treasurer's oflica was » busy placeThusday the room was crowded with people who were wailing their turn to pay tho first installment for this year. After Saturday tbwo will bo a penalty added lo all uolimiueiUs. The HuralUwlitorls inaebted to the press brethren ior many kind notices re- tolvud of late. Ho only wlfihm ho was UewTrvlnB ot all the Koocl tU UM tlw fellows have had to nay.-Oarroll Herald. IVe, too; hut alas, poor John, it's evidently u plain case of misplaced con- lidunco. Prof. McKwen, tho great mind reader, will give caturittiumouts at Music hall April 0 aud 7. Uo will give a street ttiBl April (J, under tho direction of a a large audience. Tbe play was not whal one would cull highly moral or olhical, hul il furnished amusement for the audience just Ihe same as if the girls had been good lookers and their chestnuts not quite so ancient. It was simply a variety show and nothing was omitted which adds to the attractions of such performances. Miss Ella Todd has received het spring and guuimei 1 stock of millinery and fancy (joods and will have the annual spring opening next Wednesday aud Thursday, April 4 and C. Miss Todd's knowledge of the wonls of Carroll people and her splendid taste in the selection of all the latest and most fashionable novelties is well known to the ladies of this city, and therefore uo one who desires to have tho latest thing in the way of a spring but or bonnet will make u selection before call- Cure," for' Rheumatism and two doses ot me more good ttiitn any medicine I ever Sold by J. W. Hatton drufcebt Carroll. EDCOATOUS. Midland Teacher ia the name of anew educational journal published in this city under the direction of County Superintendent J. J. MoMaboa. The paper ie edited by an able corps of tbe leading educators of the county. This is the first educational paper ever published in this county aud it is to be hoped that Superintendent MoMabon will make a success of the paper, for it is something greatly demanded by the educators of tbe county. All ot the articles appearing in tbe fitat issue were contributed by the eduoatoru if this county, Ibus making it purely a local paper adapted to tbe practical wants of tbe schools and should receive tbe hearty support of all teachers aud others interested in' educational affairs. Kline's FITS— -AH 'I' 8 stopped free uy reat norvo restorer. No Ills afte l>r. great norvo restorer. No Ills after n use. MarvulouBtiures. Treatise nndM irljl bottlofrootoillimBOB, Bond to Ur. Klmo, 031 Arch St. l'lillii..l'a. ForauleUy nil druggists; cull on yours. Todd and examining her committee city, Tho Boulh of tho business men of our Bide club will give un ut of the of entertainment at their club room Wednesday evening April 4. "The Woveu Web" is tho u»mo of the pluv which will be presented. It is «• beautiful four act drama, tho plot being laid during the ux- citiiigscunoof the civil \vur. Uana Heed 1ms been seriously ill »i»co our lust iasuu, ut ouo time bib condition being critical. Ills many friends will be glud to loani, however, that he IB improving and ia thought to \>u out of danger.— Coon Huplds KiilerprlBii. , faster day wus observed again ub usual in u solemn milliner iu HH. 1'eter Hid Paul's church. During the masses Ciu singing was excellently rendered by ing ou Miss stock. President Cleveland iu vetoing the Bloud seigniorage bill stood true to bin convictions, lie is opposed lo the white metal aud so long as ho remains president there will ho but little ehow for it in the United States, It is strange, of all tho thousands of petitions suut to him while the hill was waiting bisection, comparatively few If any were from the friends of silver, but Iho opponents to the measuie Hooded the president with letters and petitions pleading him to ex- Nuw Tiun OAKD. A new time curd will go into effect on the Chicago and Northwestern railroad next Sunday. There will be ouly a few changes of any importance at this place. The arrival of the fast mail traiu from tbe east, which will be No. 7 west from Ames, which will arrive here at about 2 o'clock. Tbe Oarroll aud Sterling pas- eenger traiu will leave at 6:40 a. m., aud will run on to Ohioago uot stopping at Sterling aa now aud will arrive at im destination at 7:20, tbue giving us a day train all the way from here to Chicago. Ou making its returu tbe traiu will be ruu from Sterling to thin point the eame UB uow uud on the eumo eohodule. By this arrangement passengers 'can leave tbie city ai 5:40 and arrive iu Dea Moiuee at 0:10 a, m. The Houlbwestern train will leave 15 mioutea earlier aud Ib* crew* will run from here to Kirkmsn ioite»d of from here to Andabou. Manning will get a round house under thin change and WE CAN'T AI,L SBB ALIKE. The other day a friend of ours called at our olllce und we invited him ialo Ibe work room to sec what kind of a shop wo had. It happened lo be a busy day with us aud all the presses and tho folder were in motion irnd we felt quite proud as we explained ihe mysteries of a print ehop to him. You can well imagine our surprise when he looked out of the buck door and saw a Jersey cow which was browsing around ID the back yard. For no sooner had the image of the "brindle cow, with a bushy tail," stamped its imprint upon hi« retina thau all thoughls of the greatest civili/.er of the day—tho printing press—and the busy hurry of Hying wheels and tbe click, click, click of tho folder performing its wnrk wilh almost human intelligence were eradicated from his mind as completely aud surrounded which tho flocks were feeding. Ho could hardly express his admiration for tho Jersey in which we could flee no special attraction in comparison to a printing office, but no doubt we admired poor bossy jual as much as he did tho printing office. Pimples on. Tbe Paeacarod. Sulphur Hitters will euro Uin worm oaso of skin disease;.from a common imnplu on thu fueolo that uw'fal dUoaso scro- lulu, His the bust modteluotu use In ull cusos of HUCI'I stubborn nnil duep-BOUtod dtsenso. Uo not delay; use Sulphur Jllllors uud drlvo tliu humor from your blood. * WANTED. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twicc-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will bo paid to hustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. IT Is UNJUST. Outside upiuiou appears to be ttr the "uiubt" 1«<V is » inskeaniH and v prove unsatisfactory io ihe saloon n and the public. The Oinalia Bae sa; iVseumiug that; this meaeurn will beoo! a it»w its operation i will be watched wi interest, not only by the people of Iowa, but oC tbe oouutr.v g»u«raUy. It has beeu urged against it tiiiit it is impraolio- able, but this can only t>» determined by its iipplioatiou. It Una nla» been,said of it that it ia iu oouiliot with, the state constitution, and doubtless this point will be promptly tested. A; any rate it iu mpaf'- festly a makeshift, leaving the liquor qnwfind still an issue iu politics to be foiiglit over, and falls short of what was , expeoted from (he republicans and what they should have hnd the ojurige to do." The low ia not ojly a makeshift but it is evidently uu unjust one for there can ba no good raason why the uity council at Boone should bave^fdll power to give lioausa to whicK will pioteot them from tiou, whan the council of Carroll can only 'do BO after a pelitou has beeu filed with the county auditor signed by 65 per cent of all the voters of Oarroll county. Why is this distinction made? Do not our people POBBOBB equal rights) with other eities who may have a few more citizens within their limits? Are we not equally competent to determine . whether we want saloons or not, with- ' out asking permission of the whole oounty HS are jnr more favred cities? What will sujb towns as Willey. Boselle aud Mt. Ourmel do. for by this law there . is no way possible for them to be pro; teotfld from the operation of the present law ? The city of Bnoue hue the right to grant perfect protection to saloon men while Oarroll must Ret permission from all of Carroll county, and Mt, Oarmel muet remain an outlaw or go out of the business. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Dii. B. C. KRT-LEY, CJJarroll, ia. Tame Pasture. I have large tamo pasture near Glidden and'Carroll, on which I wish lo pasture stock for tho season. Will furnish pasture, salt and water, and exercise general care over stock, but will not be re- spouible for loss by duath or otherwise. Apply io myself or U. C. Stevens. A. W. PATTBHSON. For Sale. \ Owing to ray rem'/vivl from tbe ol'.fj ' I wish to eellmv resilience property fl tbe oornttr ot First uud Maple atreSf' Also, sii room housP, with lot, on Olar: street, two blocks soiitb of the railroad| Also, a vacant lot on Walnut street. %. For terms and priona apply to F. W.KlUUBB, as effectually as if he were by the everlasting kills upon 2109 Douglas street I also have two mares for sale. wtll Omaha, Neb, bred driving For Sale. A.S 1 have rented my fat m and haveaoveral head of horses which 1 will' sell at bargains. L will Hiill two of my well known stallions, lioyal Phallus, Doclus Logan or Hunger Loi:«n. Kour work horses, one gelding 8 yearn old, ouo mare six years old with fold, one span of cheap mares and several young roadstorx, alno a wagon and harness. The above property will be sold to suit purchaser. A- Domus, Carroll Iowa. A well imprjved farm adjoining the city liaills of Breda. A good barn 00x80, a two story house 20x30, good granaries 20x30 and olhor good out buildings. THOMAS Uau.Ns, Breda, (a. Notice-Proof or Will. BUto ot Iowa, CUrrolli county, as—District court, la vacation. To Hll whom It may cono-n-n: Notice In lieroby given, that HII instrument In wrllliiK mil-porting to bo the la»t will uod testl- tueiit ot Robert afiilloy dooetiae*!, was tut* 4t| produced, opened and read by the und<r> Blimtjil.uiid tint I have fixed Saturday th* Hlli tluy of April, 1891. as Ilia day for hoartug proof lu relation thereto, u WltnuKs my olllol.'il slgiuilura.wJtMtta* seal of »ttlu ouurt lion'to ulUxeil^Mitl lith day of "aroli. 18111. •* J. W, KKNNKBKOJC. •/I -at Olork Ulslrtol Court. SKA I. tbe orew will Kirkaiau. utuy there instead ot ut Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair, D*PRICE'S taking 'owder The only 1'ure Cream of Tartar l>owdw.— No <\mmoiila;Ni> Alum. Used iu Millions of Homes—40 Yfi»rs the Standard Tbe undersigned will take iu cattle (o pasture for the season ou Ibe Wrn. Qllley farm oue aud one-halt miles west of town, Qood running water iu pasture. Will furnish salt uud take care of cattle, but will not be responsible for accidents should any occur. W. J. Bounty. For 8al«, Becoud hand coru shelter six hole with ten homo power ull complete at u low price uud llberul terms. DUNCAN & Bi-itom,. For Bale. I offer my farm situated iu section 3, Washington township, for sule. For further particulars address 88-Om EIINWST PUAHBIU, Aroadiu, Carroll Oouuly, low*. Notice-Proof of Will. <( Stuto of Iowa, Cm-roll county, •«•• District court lu vacation. To all whom It niity oonoern: Nolleu U Imroliy given, that uu Instrument In writing purportfiiK to bu tliu last will and tvstiiiuonlof Kllssabnth Holiwitllor, deoewed, WUH thin duv produced, opoiicil and road by th» uiidnnUiied, and thitt 1 have (Uad a»turd«y tliu inh day of April 1WU, UH tho duy (or henr- log in out lu ivlatlon thurulo. Wltuuss uw olUnlal »lnu»laio,wllhUi« ueul of B«lil uourt horeto nfllXBdi (ml Clerk District Oourl. -•! All purlins owliiK inn uiuul call aud sut- tlo uithur by oabh or note. WM. TMOWIIUIUOB. For Bale, Two young Hluiii Horn bulla o registration. H- C Notice-Proof of Will. State of Iowa, Carroll county, court, lu vkuatlon. To ull whom H may concern: Nutluo Is liuroby given, Unit uu Instrument lu uuriiortlug to bu the lust will uud twit- of tlitry H, Ourilor ilBooaswl, this duy uruductHl, uuuncd und reudi bi the under- ilunod. uml that Fhavo flxed Baturday, tt* IflU day qf April, Itftjl, us Hit day lor Uoiirlmt i>rou( l» ruUitUm tlvutuw. WltiiKHB my olllulal slHimture. wltb tho f-->~~^ suul of buld court liur^lo uiuxudi tbli \ blUI.. Nouoo. My luud otUoe ie uow over door oouth ot the postoffloe. V. M, the Ural t!7 m ciuutt. ° "W«H r (Viuiiu-y. siiil ut4f«. l ul' uatuti-tn. ELECTRIC TCLEPMONE HnUiiiilrjuht, ItitlOv'uUll liiwt hi uuu lu u v.viti iioluklwr.. l-'iiiy lUKiru uiu! «bo'""«lm'l i)J <-uu ki> imi u|i'V/i ir out u! orijiir. no niimlrliui, 1»«' i. WurruuUxl. A uiw«y wuVvr, '. Htrrlion « Co., Olvrk 10, Colin w«aiu> » Mlftas lUKtruuiuuU, uo W)", Ooin|>lul«, f

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