Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 24
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 24

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 24
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'bal/.'.PA-2-46i(»0:ifor'.-« WANT" EVENING TIMES, j CUMBEfll/AND,! MP*; THURSDAY^ OCTOBER 13, 1955 Surprise, Elaxor Now's the tiinpi. \serve a cold supper for the club, meeting '•• or- the : television.r.par.ty;;':'A'| potato salad with a surprise flavor is just (he thing to intriguo;guests.,:'...i '.'„ The' secret' in-'this good salad' Is raiy apple. Select good rod eating apples from the : new'.supply com, ing tOj' Iron)"the-or. chords, ... ' r: i'. . Core, but do not pare. Cut in small cubes. See how easy to make & good salad in this recipe below: ' APPLE POTATO SALAD . ' : ,6 tablespoons yellow prepared •mustard' 3 tablespoons evaporated milk :3 tablespoons sugar ' ..: ' 3 tablespoons vinegar . !i teaspoon salt' 4 cups cubed, 'cold boiled ppia- /j'toes • „'••' 1; medium onion, finely chopped 1 cup sliced celery /.. .. . 2 cups diced, unparod red apples •Combine.- first'"five .ingredients; . beat until light and fluffy. Combine meat potatoes.' onion, ; celery and apples; add.mustard dressing immediately; toss until, thoroughly 'mixed.; • •: Serve on crisp <sala'd greens. Wakes six'gehcrbusjservihgs..''' . ? By' ? CECaY B&OWNSTONE ; Associated Pre«« Food Editor VARY THE HAMBURGER MEAL ;•'•• You' can, arid 'still Have' it quick and easy for summer eating.,Give the meat patties fillings of cheese olive's,'bniohs; nuts Wrap them in, iacoh.jS.erve them, with a sauce There arc so jtiany ways to show off hamburgers' good points' Want to cook the hamburgers in .lie backyard? Put them in a skil- et.'over (tie outdoor fire; as soon as they are.browned, dump in an 8-ounce 'can 'Of' meatless .tomato sauce;—;the kind that is designed for 'spaghetti. Add a small onion cut into rings and a quarter of- a cup. of. pickle slices.. Finish cook, ng the hamburgers in the savory sauce, then'ladle onto buns toasted over the grill.'. .. .' For; a porch buffet, wrap. the lamburgers round ...with'; bacon. Serve between.rolls \\ith pickles green olives, a big salad Have a casserole ready to. round out the , one made, with'Swiss cheese, jrcad,- deviled ham, white sauce, eggs 'and parsley. Here's the re cipe:- - ; •<"••-. . •Swiss Cheese and Hani Fondue Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter Can A Hamburger Be? IN EVERY 6IANT SIZE BLUE DETERGENT SURER SUDS MOK MTEKfNT Kl MOUK than any limilorry packaged, brand. * . ... for !ht Cleaneit, Whitctl Wa»i>.Tw'v» E Sctn ... and without a bluing 1 . BUY A 80* TOO**! BACON-WRAPPED HAMBURGERS Kith, good-lasting fondue. dr. margarine, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon.salt, 114 cups.milk, 1 cup grated processed Swiss cheese, 2 eggs (separated), 3 slices eiy riched'bread, Vt cup deviled ham, 2 tablespoons minced parsley. Method: Melt butter . over low leat in 'a medium-sized'saucepan. . . r Blend in flour and salt. Add milk mothers are ^no doubt anxious; to all at.once and cook and stir constantly until thickened and bubbly. Tasty Recipes For Children Now that school has started, you serve appetizing, nourishing meals sianuy umii IUICKCIKU ana ououiy. to kee P y° ur children .fit foK the Stir in cheese until it melts. Beat °"sy school months. ahead. Here egg'yolks slightly; gradually stir "> a r . M 'P e ..*at I.-am-'sure ml! in sauce. Spread one side of each Pl^se: Serve' this delicious dish bread slice with deviled ham; cut"* dinner.soon: slices into ii-inch cubes. Add bread cubes arid parsley to sauce. Beat egg whites ' until stiff; fold into cheese mixture. Pour into a 1- quart casserole. Place casserole 1 cup coarsely crumbled potato in, a pan of hot-water and'bake chips,' 2. eggs, 2 tbsp. chopped in a slow. (325 degrees) oven ioun Serve at once.- Makes 6 serv ings. ' Utnin—-Onion Rings Frying onion rings to go with charcoal-broiled steak? Peel large Spanish onions and slice them about a quarter-inch, thick. Separate the rings and dip them into milk, then into flour seasoned with salt before frying until golden >rown. The rings will need to be ried from five to seven minutes at 365 degrees. OLEO Yellow Quarters $j.OO SMOKED BACON ENDS Slbs. Raisin Pie Uses Orange Filling A generous quantity of raisins, cither light or dark, combine per fectl} With » creamy orange filling to make this raisin pie. Folks will .show more-Uian-uiual Interest in this flavor/combination: Make this pie in the morning when it's cool. It will be just right for serving 1 as: dessert or * shack later in the evening. Baliln Pie 3 cup's light or dark raisins; 1 cup orange juice , t ;aspoon grated orange rind 1 cup water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 cup sugar 'A teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 3 tablespoons cdrhstarch Pastry for double • (9-inch) crust Rinse and drain raisins. Combine with remaining filling .ingredients and stir to blend. Bring to boil and cook arid stir until thickened, 3 or 4'minutes. •Pour into pastry-lined pie. pan and cover with top pastry. Bake in very hot oven (450 degrees F.) 25 to 30 minutes. Cool before cutting. Makes 1 (9-tach) pie; Chicken Loaf With Potato Chips Two cups 'diced cooked chicken, 1 cup .milk, ?A cup bread crumbs. 1 onion, 2 tbsp. chopped parsley, % cUp chopped celery. Mix all ingredients' together well and bake in 375° oven for 45 minutes. Serves 4 generously." Use no salt. Another excellent recipe that will make your children "go for lore" is: t . ' Potato 'Chip .And Kidney Bean Casserole One Ib. ground beef, 1 'onion,' \ can tomato soup, 1 can kidney beans, salt and pepper to. taste, crumbled potato.chips. Brown onion. Add meat. and brown. Add tomato soup and .kidney beans. Mix thoroughly. Place in casserole and lop with crumb : led potato, chips. Bake in oven 350". for 20 minutes. Nulritiou* Cream Soup When you'serve u cream »oup to your family uw a cup of milk for each portion when 'you pre- Basic Recipe Given For Potato Salad A'good, basic recipe for potato salad can be a lifesaver. Here's a fa'vofite. ' To 3 cups of cubed potatoes, add k cup of fine-chopped onion. Make a French dressing of 6 tablespoons oil, 3 of vinegar, a teaspoon of dry mustard, salt, pepper and a touch of garlic powder, if you like. : .. 'Marinate potatoes and onions in this for an hour or more. Drain. Add: chopped pickles; olives, or drained capers, . and toss- with mayonnaise. Serve chilled. . *'..* * * ••*'•.* .'Excluitvvly Y*ur« in Iv«ry U«f Of 42 NORTH CENTRE And don't forget, if you pack school lunches be sure to include a package of potato chips. Potato chips go so well with all sandwiches; and add that "certain something" to an otherwise ordinary lunch. THEY ARE . ilGGEST BEEF VALUES e Tri-State Area . . . and we're NOT braggin.' Mince chives and mix with butter; place a 'dollop of the mixture over each portion of.broiled steak as you serve it. Makes a wonderful sauce as it mixes with the meat juices. The steak should be broiled so it'Is. rare or medium-rare. BIG BOY BREAD On Sale At Your Local Independent Grocer A Product «f MdntYras' Bakery pare the wup. This way, you will ' .'it Is esilmnt ' Smells fresher. and that's not ALL- b* Including gcnorous''»mounU of Sherman, big;. || rp\T •<" yaliuiblc^iiutrlenti! !n-yoif tamlly's Nstionai 1 ParQJlH J[' : \^ ,. > tigTeams 600,120 board I evision fana sec •the fellows who from .11 a.m. Satur- 'Avenue' Field to 9 Rockets-Penn Avenue in the High School at Constitution Park been postponed.' foYO To Defend thlon Title Calif. in - Stella in her 26th year of s en.route to defend AAU women's pen- mpionship at Morris- Saturday. left via United'Air light., Cleveland athlete will Knickerbocker Club 'ood,. Calif. She will her'sixth' consecu- ive-event title.. won the South Pa- j^thlon with . 2,012 •'•' in she. scored • in itition last year. How can Mrs. Filbert's make this promise? It takes a woman to zip her margarine onto your table so jost it tastes fresher than even most expensive spreads! Milder, sweeter—naturally! It's a,woman's recipe, made of freshest ingredients—and DO other spread reaches you jaster! You get. 4 times as much sunshine vitamin D as in the high-priced spread, plus 15,000 units of vitamin A in every pound. Tonight, try Mrs. Filbert's jrcsh-tasting, smooth-spreading margarine.-Only a woman could make it taste so good!' , .. • Here's Mrs. Filbert's offer! Taste Mrs; Filbert's Margarine — then the expensive spread. If you don't • agree Mrs. Filbert's is every bit aj mild, sweet and fresh, write-tell why; enclose Spread-Smoother panel from your carton. Mrs. Filbert's pays you 60s!.! One offer ' to a family; offer ends in 2 jnonths. Mf>. M. V. Fllb.rl MRS. FILBERTS aluminum foil STEAK GOOD YOUNG TENDER BEEF Ib. OF COURSE, MV IEB IS Old E/port N STEAK GOOD TENDER EXTRA TRIM Ib. 49cl IT'S CHUCK ROAST Good Tender Center Cuts, No Neck Cuts Ib. 29c BEEF Fresh Lean None Better at This Low Price Ib. 5lb.'100 BEER! CLUB STEAK , 39c BONELESS ROLLED RUMP ROAST <b 55c HAMS SHANK END ...... Ib. BliTT END ...... 53c WHOLE ........ Ib. 49e HOME MADE' BOLOGNA MINCED Ib. S9c NAM 3..S1.00 !SH PICNIC HAMS Ib. LARD 6ib.98c Veal STEAK , b 69c Veal Shld. Chops 39c SAUSJiGE COUNTRY STYLE • : '•'•''."••: Mb. PICNIC HAMS IAT t Old *' tXport ... soys Gerald B. "Bud" Young 45 Boone St., Cumberland Secretary, L.O.O. Moose, Cumberland Lodge "I don't judge beer by the fancy package it comes in: Or the claims that are said abput it. Nothing sways my opinion but my own taste. Everything t want in a beer, I find in Old Export. And it's been that way for years. I guess you'd desi cribe it as a dependable beer. You know you're getting the same fine flavor in every bottle you buy. It's ALL beer ;;: real beer everytimei" .. There's nothing secret or mysterious -about brewing a great beer such as Old Export. You start with everything that should go into « great-beer. Then you brew it with a skill (the most important ingredient) and patience you've learned over the years. Sixty-six to be exact. The end result —and always the same—Is t real beer that gives rfuil mean sure of satisfaction. We call it "ALL" beer. ALL (61), adj.—meant . everything. . . ALl-beer— means beer that has everything H takes to make it a real .beer. Nothing left out or substituted for. Syn. Old Export ftflfl FRYERS FRISH ^ 2Vi le 3Vi Ib. FULL DRISSID; ». ITS ALL BEER-ALL-WAYS!

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