The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 14, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 5
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f", •t THURSDAY, SEPT. 14, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN^ ;PAGE FIVEU--i SCOTTVILLE News From Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANft BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Home, 126-F-14.) Begin Scottville Post Office FETEO HT Members of the Royal Neighbor organization of Custer enjoyed a delightful time Tuesday afternoon when they drove to the home of Mrs. Jay Hazard of Amber, as a complete surprise to Mrs. Hazard. The afternoon was spent in visiting and recalling many happy times. During the afternoon ice cream, cake and coffee were served under the direction of Mrs. David Falconer and Mrs. Frank Comstock, assisted by Mrs. Harry Pappe. Those present were Mesdames W. J. Emerson, Little, Uri Miller, Frank Comstock and F. Jones, all of Custer, Mrs. Arthur Peterson and Mrs. David Falconer of < Scottville and Mrs. Otto Pappe and Mrs. Harry Pappe of Amber. A number who had planned to go were unable to do so because of illness. 419 SwIentsTAre Enrolled Monday The total enrollment at Scottville school this year on Monday morning, Sept. 11, was 419 students, with 189 in the grades and 230 in high school. The number of students in each class is as follows: Senior 33, Junior 47, Sophomore 50, Freshman 73, Eighth 27, Seventh 28, Sixth 22, Fifth 27, Fourth 29, Third 16, Second 22^ First 20 und Kindergarten 25. Scottville Locals Recent guests at the Charles K. Hansen home were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wiley of Blanchard. Mrs. Wiley wa.s formerly Dora Bailey of "Ludington. As other Mr. and Mrs. Hansen also pertained Mrs. Erne Taylor, Mrs. Jay Cooper and Mrs. M. W. Chinnery. The ladies were all schoolmates at Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. Chesley McFarland entertained Sunday at dinner having as their guests, Mr. and Mrs.-Don McFarland and Mr. and Mrs. Harry McFarland and children of Fountain. Two Are Honored at Surprise Party Mrs. Frank Dickey planned a •pleasing event Tuesday evening honoring the birthday anniversary of her son, Earl Dickey, and for Mrs. Frank Barclay who also celebrated her anniversary on that day. Mr. and Mrs. Dickey and family spent the evening at the Barclay home and later Mrs. Dickey served homemade ice cream and two cakes. The event was a complete surprise for Mrs. Barclay, who received a number of nice gifts. George Shaffer, 71, passed away at his home in Eden township Wednesday night following an illness for some time. He had been a resident of the community for many years. Mrs. Shaffer preceded him in death six years ago and survivors are several children. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon at the Stephens funeral home with burial being made in Center Riverton cemetery. LaSalle School Ronald Raymond Helminiak, infant son born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Helminiak, was baptized Sunday, Sept. 10, at St. Joseph's church in Manistee. The godparents were Mrs. Frank MASON-OCEANA Cow Testing Report By BURRELL LYDIC (Official Tester) Improve- Following is a report of Mason-Oceana Dairy Herd ment association for the month of August, 1939: PRODUCTION SUMMARY No. herds tested, 26; total cows, 369; cows dry, 30; percent dry, 8.1; Ass'n av. milk per cow, 695.0; Ass'n av. fat per cow, 29.91; No. of 50 Ib. cows, 28; percent of 50 Ib. cows, 7.6; separators used, 19; No. tested, 19; No. over .05 percent, 2; loss in dollars, $1.69; No. weighing milk, 6; market price 100 Ibs. milk, $1.60 for 4.0%; mar- ret price 1 Ib. B.F., 26c. SIRE INFORMATION No. bulls purchased, 1; breed, RG. FEED INFORMATION Grain ration balance, 19; No. pasturing alfalfa, 12; No pas- iring sudan, 1; No. feeding grain on pasture, 23; feed price per jn: Corn and cob meal, $20; cornmeal, $22 to $25- rye $16 to $20' ats, $20; S.B.O.M., $30 to $34; C.S. meal, 41%, $31 HERD INFORMATION Fresh heifers entered, 4; calves born, bulls 8 .eifers, 4; calves vealed, bulls, 6 ' TWO HIGHEST COWS IN EACH CLASS—BUTTERFAT BASIS Under Three Years Owner of cow Breed Lbs. milk Pet George Felt & Son G.G. 1277 D arker Bros R.J. 377 Under Four Years Carl Schwass P.B.G. 1094 Parker Bros G.J. 1209 Under Five Years Carl Hansen G.G. 1073 Nells Hansen & Sons G.H. 1433 Mature Class Over Five Years Parker Bros G.J. 1079 "arl Schwass G.G. 1426 calves born, fat 4.3 5.5 5.5 4.4 5.3 3.8 Lbs fat 54.9 48.2 60.2 53.2 56.9 54.6 6.8 4.3 TWO HIGH HERDS, EACH GROUP—BUTTERFAT Small Herd, Eight Cows or Less Average No. cows Breed > Lbs. milk 73.4 61.3 BASIS Owner of herd \. J. Willemen 8 R.H. A. J. Langfeldt 8 R. & G.G. Medium Herd, 9-16 Cows David K. Smith 12 G.G. Elon Colburn & Son 10 R.G. Large Herd, 17 or More Cows Parker Bros 32 R. & G.J. Hansen & Sons 17 R. & G H 50 POUND COWS 976.3 710.9 872.5 656.2 873.4 1020.2 Average Lbs. fat 31.80 31.68 40.00 31.16 39.88 37.44 —Photo by Harry Pittaret. Ground was broken at Scottville this week for a new postoffice building. The building will be the property of George M. Mack who will lease it to the federal government. Location of the new building will be immediately north of Scottville bakery building. Jwrter of cow Name of cow Parker Bros Daisy Carl Schwass Kate Carl Hansen Star Carl Schwass Babe I David K. Smith ..Brindle Jr. jr Carl Hansen Lucy f Parker Bros Tootsle i Nells 'Hansen & Sons .. Tulip I Nells Hansen & Sons Trixie \ Parker Bros. ......... Linda | George Felt & Son .. Carmin '' tfells Hansen &t Sons ... Rose I >>avid K. Smith ....'.. Queen Carl Hansen Stella Curl Hansen Mattie Diivld K. Smith .... *• Slabjside Parker Bros Bess Richard Schober Owl George Felt' &, Son ... Connie David K. Smith Firey A. J. Langf<fldt Mist George Felt & 891; ,,. Na^ncy Carl Hansen Ginger i arker Bros Jeannette arker Bros. Rose arker Bros! Sue arl Hansen Annie •arl Schwa$s ... Pansy Belle Breed Lbs. Milk Pet. fat Lbs. fat G.J. G.G. G.G. R.G. G.G. G.G. R.J. G.H. G.H. R.J. G.G. G.H. G.G. G.G. G.J. G.G. 'R.J. R.J. G.G. G.G. R.G. G.G. G.G. R.J. G.J. Q.G. R.G. R.J; 1079 1426 1646 1094 1057 1073 1116 1832 1296 1411 1277 1438 1101 1454; 1209 958 1383 1187 949 1259 983 1341 1271 1209 1271 1144 605 1QQI 6.8 4.3 3.7 5.5 5.6 5.3 5.1 3.1 4.3 3.9 4.3 3.8 4.9 3,7 4.4 5.5 3.8 4.4 5.5 4.1 5.2 3.8 73.4 61.3 60.9 60.2 59.2 56.9 56.9 56.8 55.7 55.0 54.9 54.6 53.9 53.8 53.2 52.7 52.6 52.2 52.2 51.6 51.1 51.0 Szymanski and John Barch. Iris Callesen has entered the Freshman class at Manistee high school. Miss Rose Cachura is making an extended visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Treml. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oelke and family of Petoskey and Mr. and Mrs. James Maske of Grand Rapids were recent weekend guests at the Quade home. Two Are Honored at Birthday Party CUSTER.—Mrs. Mabel McKenzie and J. E. Quinn of Ludington, who celebrated their birthday anniversaries Monday, were guests of honor Sunday at a surprise party which included members of the Saxton family. It has been the custom for several years for Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. Quinn to celebrate their birthdays and this year Mrs. McKenzie invited the Quinn family for Sunday dinner. As they were about to begin dinner the entire group came bringing well-filled baskets for a bountiful dinner which included some lovely birthday cakes. Both Mr. Quinn and Mrs. McKenzie received lovely gifts in remembrance of the day. Present were Mr. and Mrs. J.- C. Quinn, daughter, Marjorie, and sons, John and McKay; Mrs. Art Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Saxton, daughter, Virginia, and—.sons, -Wajme and Billie; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Conklin and oon, Bill; Nancy Moline of Ludington, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Saxton, Mr. and Mrs. o. J. Saxton, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Reinoehl, William Saxton Sr., Mrs. William Duggan and daughter, Joyce; Joan and Barbara Saxton of South Custer, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Cameron and daughter, Patty, of Scottville; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lasley and daughter, Judith- Arthur Adcock. John McKenzie and Mrs. McKenzie, all of Custer. William Bacon of South Custer and Fred Smith of Custer motored to Northport Saturday where they spent the day with A. L. Richter on a deep sea fishing trip. The Richters were former residents of Custer when Mr. Richter was superintendent of schools a.t this place. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Reene were guests Sunday at the Dewey Reene home east of Custer. They also spent some time at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Ernest Johnson in Ludington. Guests at the A. L. Hackert home Tuesday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Hackert and Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Hackert of San Diego, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. George Brandenburg and Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Brandenburg of Brethren were callers Sunday afternoon at the Dewey Brandenburg home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tower and son, Bernard, were callers Sunday at the Edward Milligan home in Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. George Woodhead and son, Charles, visited Sunday afternoon with A. C. Marrison at the Marrison home in Riverton. Don Shultz was a dinner guest at the Dewey Brandenburg home Sunday. j William and Charles Weeks I and their sister, Mrs. Uri Mil- jler,. spent last Saturday in I Grand Rapids. ' Mrs. R. C. Middleton and son, Douglas, of Grand Rapids, were guests last week of Mr and Mrs. Howard Wing and daughter, Sally, at their home in Custer. Edna Tyndall of Carr Settlement returned to her home Saturday after spending the I past six weeks at the David Beadle home. Bride-to-Be Is Honored by Friends REEK SCHOOL.—A pleasant occasion, honoring Miss Lorn etta Hemmer who will be a •bride in the near- future, was held at the home of Mrs. Pearl Petre in Ludington recently when Miss Barbara Petre and Miss Mary Alice Hemmer entertained a group from the 1939 graduating class of St. Simon's school, of which the honoree was a member, and other friends. Bunco and contests were enjoyed during the evening and at its close a lovely luncheon was served. The honored guest was presented with many lovely gifts. Those present at the affair included the Misses ^Maxine Wagner, Virginia Dutch, Adele Wadel, Margaret Ann Rogers, Ruth Ruby and Betty Ruba and Mrs. Cyril Hemmer. Invited guests who were unable to attend were the" Misses Dorothy Wallace, Rosemary Bradl, Jane Hinds, Dolores Campbell and Virginia Sekula. Visitors at the Peter Jankoviak home Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. John Mikula, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey "Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Toczynski and son, David Mr. and Mrs. Joe Baczynski and sons and August Wioskowski, all of Manistee. Saturday Special Ladies' fancy, Priced to $2 Wool Knit SWEATERS Beno w's Department Store Men's and Boys' Wool Knit SWEATERS SCOTTVILLE 28 days or. 4.0 4.2 4.0 4.4 8.3 5.0 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.3 50.3 50.1 AUCTION SALE Thursday, Sept. 21st / \ Sale to start at 10:00 A. M. ! Location: 7 Miles North of Branch. 7 Miles South of Big Bass Lake in Lake County. Owing to HI health, I have found it n,ecessajry to quit farming and everything will be sold including: 2 Horses. 6 Cows. 1 Bull. flower. H[ay J/oader. Plows. Drags. Buzz Rig. Cream Separator. Tree Sprayer. Cultivators. Platform Scales. Many qther things too numerous to mention. < CHAiS. SPULLER, Auctioneer. G. W. PAINTER, ; Sl^IITH and BRADFORD, Clerks. Prop. Life-Long Resident of Free- soil (Passes Away Saturday at Midland FREESOIL. — Impressive funeral services were'held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 12, at the Freesoil Latter Day Saint church for Mrs. Minnie Hagstrom who passed away at 3 p. m. Saturday, Sept. 9, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Percy LaBree of Midland. Elder Allen Schruer of Gaylord officiated and masses of floral tribute gave evidence of the love and esteem in which Mrs. Hagstrom was held. The body lay in state at the church for the half hour preceding the services. Elder J. E. Bennett opened the service with an invocation and Mrs. J. E. Bennett and Bernard Tubbs, accompanied by Mrs. Clifford Tubbs, sang "Take It to the Lord in Prayer" and "Abide with Me!" Elder Schruer quietly brought a message of comfort to the family and friends assembled, pointing to them the home of the future by references from the Bible concerning the resurrection and life after death. He spoke feelingly of Mrs. Hagstrom whom he had known since her girlhood and of her personality and her ability as a mother. John Brunke, Edward Crawford, Walter Davis, Laurence Tobey, Henry Grinnell and William Tubbs acted a§ pallbearers and interment was made in the family plot at Maple Grove cemetery. Relatives attending from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hagstrom and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hagstrom, all of Flint; Mr. and Mrs. Percy LaBree and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leewart Boynton and Miss Annabel Hagstrom, all of Midland; Mrs. Floy Stephens of Ludington, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Stephens of Scottville, Mr. and Mrs/Herman Beyer of Victory, Mrs. Alpha Powers of Portland, Ore., and friends from Midland, Saginaw, Victory and other points, besides many from Freesoil. Minnie Hukill was born in January, 1876, in the community known as Sauble Settlement and she attended Darr school. Later she was united in marriage to Amel Hagstrom of Freesoil village and became the mother of two sons and three daughters. When a young woman she became a member of the Latter Day Saint church. Mrs. Hagstrom enjoyed music, good sermons and lectures. She •was patient and kind and made many friends, all of whom will say, "She was a good woman." She was a good mother also. Her husband preceded her in death in 1927. Mrs. Hagstrom's health began to fail more than a year ago, but she bravely kept on at her work and responsibilities long after she was unfit for them. She went to Flint a few weeks ago and later to her daughter's home in Midland. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and relatives who sincerely regret her passing. A woman, Sillaida Troizgaia, is engineer of the special train ridden by Stalin, Russian dictator, when he makes a railroad journey. School Buses Begin Daily Task L'..'... —Photo by Harry Plttnrd. Scottville high school's to new buses this week began daily trips throughout neighboring rural districts picking up students for the high school. On the first trfp Monday morning, 78 students were transported by the buses, bringing Scottville enrollment, especially in the Freshman class, to a new high FROM SOUR GLOOM TO HAPPY ZOOM FOR MOST OF US What makes us constipated, all fagged «UC> and full of sour, bilious, graveyard, gloalxtf i? f*. It's frequently because we haven't enough ;> £ of Nature's laxative juice flowing. thrqugl* ;,",-••* I our bowels. i • Pv T , fcV. 7,A' j For that natural laxative Juice helps to • | (five glory to our morning duty. It also help* to work off greasy foods which are so bard to digest and carry off. When you are constipated or feel full of bilious gloom, wake up your precious natural laxative juice with Carter's Little': Liver Pills. Then most of. us find ourselves all changed from sour, graveyard gloom to -,! r happy, merry zoom. '• ':•.•'' -<•••-. But. rememher that Carter's Little Lives ,,,«! Pills doubled the flow 1 of the natural laxative' juice in some people. Therefore, be sure you., .', Ret the genuine tested Carter's Little Liver PilU— 10# and 26#. • i . i .. i - • " »'•'». 'm m North Riverton Mr. and Mrs, Enos and son, Warren, and Mrs. Enos' mother, Mrs. Rose Engle, all of Chicago, have returned after visiting relatives in Mason county for the past month. While here they were houseguests of Mrs. Engle's sisters, Mrs. Jacob Kief and Mrs. William J. Thurow, both of Riverton, and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Ohse of Weldon Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice LaBar, Miss Kathryn Grund and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lundquist were Tuesday dinner guests, Sept. 5, of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lundquist of Scottville route. Miss Grund, who has been a guest of Mr. and Mrs. LaBar and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lundquist, for the past three weeks, returned to her home in Detroit Wednesday morning, Sept. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lundquist recently entertained for Mr. Lundquist's mother, Mrs. Emma Lundquist, and his grandmother, Mrs. Lyons, 'of Hart. Mrs. Amy Inman of Pere Marquette and Mrs. Ora Callihan of San Gabriel, Calif., were recent evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice LaBar. Mrs. Callihan and Mrs. LaBar are friends since childhood. Mrs. Callihan, . who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Cole, plans to return to San Gabriel the last of this month. Recent visitors at the Gustav Heidemann home included Rev. Lester A. Ruegsegger, Mrs Maurice LaBar and Mr. and Mrs. H. Maurice Butler. Mrs. Paulina Paap has returned home after spending 10 days at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Paap, of Scottville. During that time Mr. and Mrs. Paap and daughter, Donna Jean, motored to New. York and attended the World's fair. Miss Patricia Burgess of Detroit, who has been a houseguest of her aunt, Mrs. Ella Paap, during the summer, returned Monday, Sept. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Myers and daughter and Mrs. Myers' aunt all of Detroit, visited many old friends of Mr. Myers during their week-end visit in Ludington While here they were guests at the Hotel Stearns. Mr. Myers is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs Carl Myers, Mason county pioneers, and made many friends and acquaintances during his boyhood here. Birch Lee Fraidenburgh of Detroit, nephew of Mrs. James j ottr 1 \ ROASTS 1 * •* any size piece, Ib. j SIDE 10 PORK 1Z Fresh, lean Round Sugar-cured Smoked PICNICS Ib. SOAP 3 bars Comb, lc extra. CHIPSO l?e. box waste basket) lc extra. BONELESS POiRK HAM ROAST ..< ... Ib. 23c PURE LARD,, ... z Ibs. 19c SLICED BACON, ....... Vz Ib. 9i/ a c SLICED CANADIAN BACON, 1/2 Ib. 15c PET or CARNATION MILK, ... 4 tall cans 25c RICH WHIP or CAROLENE, ... 4 tall cans Zlc VIKING COFFEE, • ••• 3 Ib. bag 39c BLISS COFFEE ... Ib. 23c FINE GRANULATED SUGAR 10 Ibs. 61c 100 Ib. bag $5.90 BALL or KERR JAR COVERS doz. 19c KERR LIDS, doz. 9c JAR RUBBERS, 3 doz. lOc FRUIT JARS, doz. qts. , aoz. qis. U'JC •• doz. pts. 59c I; SHURFINE WHEAT TEMPTIEIS ..... pkg. 5c '• SHURFINE H- CORNFLAKES, 3 pkgs. 25c £ PRIM TOILET TISSUE, 5 .............. 4 rolls 15c JC CHLORITE, ...qt. bttl 15c ^ FELS NAPTHA SOAP ...... 10 bars 41c CK1SCO, .. CHICKENS, fresh dressed 3 Ib. can 47c . Ib. 19c VEAL STEAK, Ib. 21c SLICED SMOKED HAM, ' center cuts ...... Ib. 31o LEAN HAMBURGER, ..........;.... 2 l>s. 27c ;! MARKET BASKET Cor. Wash. & Dowland St. Plenty of Parking Space. Pleiness, returned Sunday, Sept. 10, after enjoying the summer at the Pleiness home. Mr. and Mrs. Max Rahn have purchased the Joseph Tilden farm of 40 acres, formerly known as the Otto Dittmer farm. Mr. Tilden has owned and operated the farm for the past 13 years. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ger- , bers and Mrs. James Pleiness | were Wednesday evening guests, | Sept. 6, of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Rupnpw and sons, Howard and Marvin, of Custer route. Mrs. Carl Thurow and daughters, Karleen and Edith, have returned home after spending a week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bedker in Scottville. Center Riverton Friends hope for the speedy recovery of Hugh Hannah, who is a patient at Paulina Stearns hospital. The Scottville bus made the first trip Monday morning taking 24 of Center Riverton's pupils to Scottville school. Donald Harmon, Virginia Gerbers and Elaine Wyant are attending Ludington high school. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannah and Mr. and Mrs. William Hannah of Ludington called on Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hannah Sunday evening, Sept. 10. Johnny Faltinek went to Muskegon Wednesday, Sept. 6, to resume his work at the Campbell-Wyant foundry after a layoff of several months. Miss Ruth Schwass was a guest of Miss Buelah Cory of Wiley Sunday, Sept. 10. Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwass and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schwass and son, Phillip, were entertained at .dinner Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Abe Gamertsfelder home-in • West•Riverborr. "•••'•• •> Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harley, Mrs. Alice Welsh and Pete Eastman were luncheon and Sunday evening guests, Sept. 10, of Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harley, Mrs. Alice Welsh and Pete Eastman enjoyed a motor trip through Mason county Sunday, Sept. 10. A co-operative lunch was served enroute. STAR Scottville "AIR CONDITIONED" TONIGHT AND FRIDAY :A; RICHARD DIX GAIL PATRICK-EDWARD ELLIS JOAN FONTAINE —Added Attractions^*' v "LIFE OF SEABISCPIT" ; Cartoon, Educational and Chapter No. 11 Dare DevUs "Shows *' Admission 25c and 10(5. COMING SATURDAY lt Gene Autrey and' Smiley Burnette in ••'•'.>'>>•'; "Mountain Rhythm"; —And— ..'•-,.. "Stunt Pilot" , ..*. USE Michigan Made ....U'

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